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KILLER DIAMONDS (FM/f tort,snuff, nc)
« on: June 09, 2017, 05:52:12 AM »

The officer licked his lips again and reached for a glass of sparkling cold water standing at the corner of his desk. His long black fingers grabbed the glass and whilst he raised it to his mouth and drank in small gulps he gained some time for both inspecting the woman sitting in front of him and measuring the words she spoke. He wasn’t fascinated that the daughter of the General paid him a visit; Colonel Samatar preferred things simple and most of his life he did her best to avoid any unnecessary attention.

The woman facing him was undeniably beautiful; she was probably the prettiest creature who had ever entered the office of the Sharif Military Prison’s commander. Tall and slim like those models and singers of the Americans and like them she wasn’t covering her body but showing off the chocolate skin of her face, neck and arms. She wore moderately numerous but undoubtedly ultra-expensive jewels; all of them having at least one huge diamond embedded in them; the crystal gems were shining brightly just like her very long metallic silver fingernails. He heard that she was studying somewhere in Europe and the local traditions meant little for her but she was the daughter of the General after all; no one could ever judge her unless was fool enough to drag the General’s fury upon himself.

He still had his own secret opinion of course and did his best to cover the lust and despise in his eyes while returning the woman’s gaze. As slutty and alien in mind and appearance the woman was as wicked based on the request she proposed for Samatar. He one more time considered what was heard and made his decision.

“Your request is definitely unusual and results in significant deviance from our standard procedures. May I ask why you wish to apply such special methodology for this case?” He asked and sipped in some more water; the air as usual was searing hot and the old AC hardly could refresh it even in this relatively small room. The funding of the prison wasn’t exactly sufficient but in a country torn apart by a bloody Civil War this was likely a normal situation.

The rest of the army was under the General’s control, over 20 years now, and this large armed force was effectively protecting the country’s most desired inner territories where most of the diamond minds were located. No wonder that the diamonds on the General’s daughter’s body could fund this prison for years.

Samatar knew a lot about the ethnic cleansing taking place in the hills; genocide was a better expression and he also participated in it a few years back in time when he was leading a platoon following the General’s commands. He saw things and while admittedly actually liked quite a few of them but this woman still surprised him.

Samatar was the commander of a prison where thousands of convicted men and women were held in captivity, mostly so called “traitors”, political and war prisoners filled the small, dim, hot and stinking cells whilst roughing them up was just as important daily routine of the prison staff as the practically everyday executions usually taken place in the central prison yard.

They did not have fix methods for executing the condemned prisoners but instead could choose from a rather long list of possible ways including many which were used to through history. Many prisoners could see the executions from the windows of their quarters and somehow the stories about the terrible deaths quickly made their way through everyone; this helped a lot to intimidate the inmates of the overcrowded prison and keep them on low profile. This system was his own invention so Colonel Samatar wasn’t exactly a squeamish person, but the recently proposed, and in reality mandatory “request” was still slightly limit-pushing.

“We have a captured American spy, a white woman.” The dark skinned whorish beauty began to talk, her voice was deep and caressing, the kind what was good to hear. “Her journalist camouflage did not protect her from being detected so she cannot collect and leak more information of us anymore. But she did it for a while and brought severe harm upon our nation. With the aid of some other traitors in the army she travelled into the mining region, got to know exact locations of our forced and may have even forwarded this information to our enemies. She is American but as our wise judicature ascertained the information was intended for our enemies at the Northern Federation. This woman spat into our face, she came to weaken us and help our enemies to defeat us. We must make an example.” The girl explained, her voice stayed calm and mesmerizing, almost kind all along. She was extremely convincing.

Samatar, however, knew the truth. The captured American was indeed a journalist and arrived not even to report about social or warfare topics; she came to write about diamonds. For her greatest misfortune the General’s daughter met her in a party in the only 5 stars hotel in the capital and for some reason decided not to let her leaving the country anymore. Rumours told this pretty woman was a lesbian and word also spread about she was just that much sadistic too who took pleasure mostly from watching other fancied females in pain and terror; Samatar felt safe for being an ugly, older man right there.

The journalist was arrested a few days later and she quickly went through all steps of jurisdiction. Only two weeks after lawsuit started the final judgment was decided. The court, entirely controlled by the General and his family, sentenced the woman to death.

Samatar took a deep breath and lit a cigarette, white smoke rose towards the low ceiling, making the room’s air even denser and throat scratching.
“Just let me understand this clearly. You wish to make an example of her so want to change her execution method from the gallows to boiling alive? Isn’t that a bit… you know… old fashioned?”

“She is our enemy, Colonel. A rotten whore who came to ruin our order. No death can be slow enough for her, but a simple hanging is definitely not want we want to see. Hanging is far too common and said to be even fetishized by many; and we don’t want that any of your inmates happen to like to see her death struggles. We want this be exceptional, brutal and horrible. So, what you say, what will be the bitch’s fate?”

Samatar was deeply impressed. The beautiful woman all the time was speaking like they were having casual small talk about the weather; her voice remained smooth and in fact charming. The way of how insensate she was also made her a rather unique specimen with clear psychopath traits, but the funny part was how directly she referred to the unfortunate captive as bitch and whore. In fact, despite the significant difference between the colours of their skin, she was just as slutty as the journalist. Naked shoulders, fancy jewels, makeup and long and painted nails; it was remarkable how the Colonel’s daughter measured using double standards. May Allah punish her when her time will come.

“I arrange the paperwork. The prisoner attacked the guards and killed her roommate. No time for another trial so as the commander of this facility I decided to declare a more severe sentence upon her. Now tell me the details, how exactly you wish this being carried out?”


Danielle Konianski thousand times regretted she ever signed up for this corporate posting. She was working for a journal published mostly for the rich and an authentic article series about the extraction, refinery and initial selling of the precious diamond stones was supposed to be interesting enough to send a dedicated journalist into one of the African countries where most diamond mines located. She planned to stay for around 2 months, travel and see the extraction sites, map the entire process and feeding her company with exciting details about this rather unique supply chain. She stayed in the far best hotel of the place for the first weeks and planned to discover the exit point of the diamond first before going deeper into the process but finally she never made out from her arrival city. At least not by her own will.

The local people were in general simple, ugly and by her standards rather animalistic; Danielle was a uptown girl who indeed loved adventures and was pointful enough to solve most problems on her own but she was also a bit naive though educated and highly sophisticated. In a Muslim country full of black people where women had to hide not only their bodies but even their lineaments she felt extremely strange but she was sure to handle these few months without complications. She managed to meet many local and also expat business men concerned in diamond business just as she submerged into the social life of the native higher class; weird but from contact establishment perspective fruitful parties and dinners were spent one after the another. She even met some family members of the local number one; a nice and friendly black girl who studied in Europe spent an hour once with her chatting about diamonds and jewels.

And then everything went wrong.

One night masked men broke into her hotel room; she was cuffed, hooded and taken away despite her most resolute protests. She was struggled harshly so after a while they knocked her out and when she regained her consciousness she found herself in an isolated and small cell, wearing nothing but a pajama like piece of cloth. Horrible days followed. She was given food, foul and little but enough to live, she was dragged in front of a ridiculous court where old black men with ugly moustache accused her with absurd charges. Spying, smuggling and even drug trafficking were linked to her really law-abiding person. They denied any contact with her employer, family or country representatives. She was hardly let to say anything in front of the court and no advocate protecting her version was present. She found all this extremely hilarious but also deeply frustrating so most of time was sobbing in the solitude of her cell, but the yesterday trial was the most horrible experience of her life. She could still hear the broken English words of the judge as he spoke the words.

“Danielle Konianksi. The court has found you guilty. According to our law I sentence you to death by the gallows. Your sentence is to be carried out as soon as the facility prepared.”

The guards dragged out her screaming and cursing from the room and let her alone in her call since then. She had no idea how long time the facility needed for that “preparation”, but still hoped with all her heart that this whole stuff was just a sick joke.


Danielle was standing naked at the gate. She could hardly walk, felt like being in a weird nightmare. Huge guards wearing uniforms and rifles flanked her; ugly black men drooled watching her naked body. She was a really luscious brunette, 1.7 meters tall and hardly 55 kilograms; she was an obsessed runner and at home visited the gym two more times a week. Her long lean legs were like never ending, her hip was nicely rounded with really firm and geometrically ideal buttocks. Two fair sized and absolutely natural, apple shaped breasts rounded above her nice flat abdomen. Her neck was slender and her pretty head with medium short blonde hair was also just beautiful; her lineaments were elegant with thin nose, high cheeks and pale lips. They removed everything she had, the dress, her jewels and even her piercing from her navel; the only unnatural adornment was the French tipped lacquer on her long fingernails and the blue polish on her long, finger like toes.

The gate opened and she was tossed forward. Like a sleep-walker she staggered between the men as they arrived to the yard under the hot sunshine. The yard was as long as a football-pitch but half in width and was surrounded from all four sides by grey block buildings. She saw many other, dozens or maybe a hundred other soldiers standing at the wall on both sides as her guards pushed her along the middle of the yard. Faces could be seen from almost every window around, peeking eyes gazed at her through the bars built into the windows’ frame.

In the centre of the yard she saw a crane standing. It was mounted on a dirty yellow construction machine and a long chain was hanging from its tip. Her mind was dizzy and the terror of knowing she was to be killed soon confused her extremely but she was still wondering; were them hang her by that? Couldn’t they at least carpenter a proper gallows pole? Then she saw it. A few meters ahead from the crane there was a huge glass cylinder, like a giant test tube, at least two meters in height and another two in width. Huge piles of woods were placed beneath this strange device aligned in planned order densely stuffed with yellow straw. Oh my, what’s going on?

She wanted to stop but her guards simply grabbed her elbows and dragged the heavily sobbing woman towards the crane where another bunch of black, widely grinning men awaited them. Without further ceremony her arms were twisted backwards so Danielle was forced to bend forward, then they simply cuffed iron manacles around her wrists which were hanging from the end of chain suspended from the crane.

“What are you doing to me, you fucking animals! What is this?” Danielle screamed, her voice deeply filled with fear and horror.


She got hoarse screaming and temporary grew silent but her heart was beating with insane pace and her eyes were wide open in the most horrible stomach churning terror. The fire was lit fifteen minutes ago and the transparent liquid in the glass cauldron beneath her was hellish hot; the air trembled heavily above its surface and she felt the unbearable heat on her feet and legs. Despite the boiling hotness no bubbles could be seen neither steam rose; it had to be oil not water! She was hanging there with twisted arms all along, her upper limbs went totally numb for now, she was facing downwards never tearing her gaze away from that silent looking and still so destructing substance.

“Please please please, not like this… just not like this!” she whined in fear and her pitiful voice immediately switched back to terrorized shrieks as the chain holding her suddenly began to descend. The crane came alive. Scorching heat bit into her soles, Danielle curled her toes and desperately wicked out with both legs making her slightly swing and hurting her shoulders. Her legs slowly approached the surface of the heated oil and the woman began to scream like never before; the ascending waves of the hot air immediately attacked her nerve endings and triggered horrible pain. She did the only thing she could do and pulled her legs up then stretched them out in front of her as high as she could; it was like she was dancing in mid-air a particularly lewd ballet performance. Her lanky figure was shaking but nothing helped, the oil got closer and once her legs moved away the heat directly attacked her exposed crotch, her naked and neatly trimmed pussy and shapely buttocks.

The descending stopped with her lower region just half a meter above the hell and the American beauty was roaring now in insane frenzy as her pussy was being cooked by the high temperature air; her pretty mound and protruding petal like labia were quickly turning to angry red, the soldiers standing nearby could see how the tips of her brown pubic hairs glowed, how the silky little fluffs curled and burned away in small puffs of smoke. Either the heat or the powerful shaking made her pussy lips open, a strong jet of yellow pee erupted from her slit, the watery urine splashed against the dense surface of the oil, violently steamed and immediately ejected spraying around, some drops of her own superheated piss landed on her ass and thighs.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Hoooooot! Heeeeelp!” Danielle shrieked in the most guttural and horrible tone. Her legs gave up and suddenly fell into the hot oil. Like inferno hit the Earth, the soft flesh submerged into the liquid, immediately hundreds of huge drops bounced into every direction heavily covering her figure almost up to her breasts. Danielle couldn’t scream, she gaped silently with agony contorted face, visibly bit heavily onto her tongue as blood poured from her mouth. She tried to raise her legs back again but the oil already started its vicious work; every spots of her legs and feet got red in a second, yellowish cloud of melting body fat and red cloud from exploding blood vessels diffused in the water like oil.

Suddenly the crane moved forward and pulled the girl out of the oil, high enough to prevent further burning. Danielle was gazing down with glassy eyes, not even tears could escape due to the extreme pain; she was whining on high pitched sharp voice while her legs, from upper thigh down were angry red and thousands of blisters were forming everywhere like many bubbles filled with yellowish liquid. Drops of oil dripped from her blackened wiggling; the blue lacquer blackened and smoked.

“Kill mheeee… just kill meeee!” she begged and heaved but the easy death wasn’t granted. The crane got in motion again and she was submerged into the oil again, this time until the surface almost reached her navel. The inhuman screams and silent gaping periods repeated again with the permanent maddened convulsions; the bulging areas of her elbows and shoulders clearly indicated that she dislocated all those joints. The audience could see how her entire lower body turned darker and darker red then on more and more spots black. The condemned woman shrieked and bit her tongue finally totally off; the tiny piece of bloody flesh fell into the cauldron and quickly cooked to nothing.

Then she was pulled up again and let to “rest” for long minutes. The sadistic dipping went on for another four times, each occasion letting her sink deeper and deeper until her breasts were also turned into fast-cooked knots of scorched meat, at this stage the flesh began to disconnect from her feet and lower legs, white bones appeared here and there. Danielle wasn’t screaming anymore but she was very much alive; few knew but most suspected that in her last meal she was given some extreme stimulants to prevent her from fainting during her torture execution.

Danielle Konianksi died during her seventh dipping when she was submerged neck deep; her young heart finally gave up the futile fight. Her crazy shaking suddenly stopped and her agony contorted head simply fell forward, her face buried into the oil. The death sentence of the spy was successfully carried out.


Colonel Samatar finished at least an entire box of cigarettes in the last one hour. He got serious headache and even felt sick; he was a tough soldier who saw many things, but the just witnessed act in its pure cruelty proved to be almost too much. Almost. His head hurt mostly because in general he disliked screaming and shouting and felt sick because the stench of the cooked flesh found its way into his office.

It was inevitable, since the windows were widely open all along; it was her wish. The beautiful woman was still standing there, in front of the open window and was still staring down the prison yard where the guards were trying to snuff the fire so they can cool the glass cauldron and move it away with the remnants of the white woman.

The General’s daughter, like an especially pretty statue had been standing there from the very beginning of the execution, she hardly moved, did not say a single word. She had long boots on with moderately high heels and this together with the worn long black trousers successfully highlighted her shapely ass. She was a real bitch but it wasn’t her dress or adorning diamonds and western nails what made the Colonel believing that.

She was holding that small black box between her fingers with some buttons and switches on it; it was the remote device what controlled the for now dead journalist’s chain. Long silver nailed fingers were playing with the controls throughout the execution process like she was just switching channels on a TV. Aside this she wasn’t moving neither speaking, her free hand never got close to her crotch neither she was panting, but Samatar had no doubts about that the woman experienced orgasms multiple times purely by just watching and in a wicked way controlling the death struggles and agony of the journalist.

Her body periodically shook, almost invisibly trembled, her upper thighs rubbed against each other but just slightly, and her red lips parted from time to time so she licked along them with that pointy tongue.

The Colonel shivered. He heard many rumours about the General’s family, but this case deeply deepened his certitude. The secret of long life was to never cross the General’s ways. Or his family’s. These people were not normal. And still they ruled a large region of a country with over two millions of inhabitants. They were the final and absolute authority here. Samatar silently prayed for never being the one who has to face their justice.

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Re: KILLER DIAMONDS (FM/f tort,snuff, nc)
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Nice  >:D

very well done Mandy  ;D

Thank you  8)
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Re: KILLER DIAMONDS (FM/f tort,snuff, nc)
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Another hot story ...
Really enjoy reading what your ladies are doing  to their victims and how you describe all the scenes...
More please

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Re: KILLER DIAMONDS (FM/f tort,snuff, nc)
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That was amazing!  I loved it!

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Re: KILLER DIAMONDS (FM/f tort,snuff, nc)
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Wow Mandy! You have one sick, twisted imagination! And please take that as a compliment!  >:D I loved the story!
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Re: KILLER DIAMONDS (FM/f tort,snuff, nc)
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Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked it :P This death was a bit too quick for my taste but poor Danielle still experienced a cute little demo of hell  ::)

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Re: KILLER DIAMONDS (FM/f tort,snuff, nc)
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Another amazing story. Completely sick in the best possible way.

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Re: KILLER DIAMONDS (FM/f tort,snuff, nc)
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Outrageous, disgusting and delicious, the way I like them.  Thanks for posting!