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She cringes upon seeing me enter, the grimace settling on her face as if I was Satan himself invading her guarded space. My lips stretch into all the more sinister, perverse intentions written all over as I near her. I begin to remove my armour placing its heavy weight upon my shoulders, tensing the muscles that ache from the days work. "Slave, run me my bath." She struggles to comply, the ugly snarl on her face challenged by the slow arch of my brow. She does so with an ease that would be thought as otherwise as her ridged form retrieves the buckets of water before dumping it into the tub. I use this opportunity to run my gaze down her welcoming backside, the sheer white nightgown she wears showcasing the outlines of her silhouette with buttocks large and willing to part and hips wide enough for my calloused hands to latch onto. My tongue traces between my seams and I can hear myself exhale deeply. "Undress me." Her jaw tenses, yet she knows to not resist, small fingers sprawling against my sides to lift up my tunic, revealing a battle wounded chest and I force her to run her fingers up along every curve and crevice my muscles boast. I can see the dangerous plotting brew behind the bright hues that lead into her mind as she purposefully avoids my gaze. She'd not dare, her previous attempts dealt with whippings to her backside till its sore and bloody. She tugs down my pants, huffing out when she meets not an innocent bystander, but a glaring figure that almost hit her chin.

"Your bath awaits, Master." She loathes calling me that. She'll receive a handful on that burning cheek of hers if she does not.



I cock my brow. "Strip."

The corners of her mouth twist downwards, the struggle in her to retort significant, yet one look at me and she's pulling down the straps of her gown, the material easily slipping down her shoulders and her entire gown cascades down and pools around her feet. She's bare underneath, her curves for my eyes to ravish. She was a small little thing when I first snatched her from inside her castle's walls. I never fancied my women small, feeding her generously during her stay. Now her breasts were large enough to cup, the small buds on each of them risen in response to the looming cold inside the room. Lazily, I reach out and tug against one, hearing the hiss that ensues and I chuckle. "You see, I've dealt an endless day, sacrificing the times I deserved to rest..." I pity myself with a tut, amusement flaring in my pupils from the mock look of sympathy she gives me. My thumb pressed onto her chin, running across her tensed jaw. "Slave, rid me of my ailments." She reacts mechanically, beginning to lower herself down onto her knees. My large hands grasps at her shoulders, tutting. "Have I become too predictable?" She frowns at me, her head tilting ever so slightly. It's because that's all I've taught her from the time she first entered my castle, and for that I'll take the blame. Her naivety shows even when she remains so defiant. I smile more, letting her confused stare linger a moment longer before my fist clutches onto her long tresses and tugs her head back. I kiss her with my mouth open, parting her pursed lips with the intrusion of my tongue before biting down onto her plush tiers until I taste copper. She whimpers, squirming against my hold as I twist her around and pin her to the stone wall, using my weight to crush hers. She continues to writhe from discomfort. My intentions for her lead astray, ditching the usual purposes she serves when I'm in need to vent. Warfare's not been too kind to me, and I'm looking for an excuse to release my frustrations. One of my hand pins her against the wall, wrapped around her nape while the other rake down her back before seizing an ample buttock. A firm slap against it send ripples down to her thighs. She muffles her huff and so I do it again, a loose slap that rings through the entire room. She utters a cry, and so I smack her two more times before thrusting my fingers into her heat which quickly clenches hard against the intrusion. They opened her up, squeezing against her cunt's folds. She tries to pull away, but my hands clutch on her neck tighten, turning her breaths winded enough until she stops resisting.

My cock sits between her clefts, but I pay it no mind as I watch her expression respond to my finger's violation. I clench my teeth, curling my fingers right into her walls until they're prodding her cushions. "Tell me, Slave, how does it feel?" She grits her teeth and so I grit mine in return and smack against her ass several times more without kindness. "Won't talk, hmm?" I give into my frustrations before dragging her by holding onto her hair and dump her into the scalding hot water that I know she takes pride in heating up enough to turn my skin flush. She screams, her knees hitting the bottom of the tub, but I don't listen, kicking off my pants I then kneel down inside the tub with her. My hands ball up into fists before pushing into her arched back, moulding it like putty until she's bowed into submission. "Your bastard father will forever be in my debt for taking his precious daughter from the filth that stains his castle walls. Don't you think, Slave?" My frustrations momentary settle only to gloat at her face turning wan. "Besides, your mother must be delighted to know her daughter is serving her King oh so well. It's a shame that you can't speak to the dead." My lips curl into a menacing grin as I witness a teardrop roll down her cheek before it joins the water. All the while I'm still fingering into her clenched cunt, mingling it with water that sloshes like waves against my hands force. Once my cock begins to whine, it replaces my fingers quickly, burying my full length into her walls' excitement before bringing my cunt-kissed fingers to her mouth, shoving past her lips. Her muffled whine vibrates against them as her lips purses around each soaked digit. "Clean away the filth, Slave." Her tongue reluctantly made languid licks over my calloused tips, and when she'd stop I would thrust my fingers into her mouth until she gags around them. The suckling cannot mask the hail of thrusts raining down into her cunt. The pressure in my loins poured into each stroke that my lording appetite intensified. I leaned over her, using my fingers to press against her lips to expose her gums and teeth as if she were a show horse beneath the crushing weight of scrutiny. I traced the smooth surface of her ivories before releasing her from my hold entirely, sitting back onto my knees. Pulling her up onto all fours, I reposition her and continue my strokes.

A hard smack on her buttock, I demand. "Fuck me back, Slave." Her stubbornness at times endearing, however does not do her any good right now. The refusal makes me cup the back of her head, shoving her head into the water. The struggle is no battle against my strength. I count down from twenty before releasing her head and she gasps for air as she thrusts her head out from the water.

"W-Wait!" Her breath hitches, sputtering coughs and I ease on her before witnessing the response. She scrambles up onto her knees and begins to jut out her ass against him, sliding her walls over his length again and again. I bring down my the palm of my hand on her backside and she yelps, whimpering because she's still crying.

"Do not test me, Slave." Upon the scolding, she hastens herself until her ass is smacking into my hips. My jaw slackens, laboured breaths growing jagged as she's forced to take conquest for his pleasure into her own hands. My soaked mane hid my features as my head hung low, watching her pussy swallow my throbbing cock entirely with each push and then reluctantly set it free when she'd pull away. I grab fistfuls of her ass, spreading her cheeks and revealing the shameless pink petals, gushing with each displacement of her juices. I spat into her folds to make even more of a mess, delighting in the wet sounds it made.

The fierce hammering of my hips into hers soon awaken, unyielding as I loom over her, mercilessly pressing my fists into her back to keep it arched. All rhythm was lost, surrendering to the unforgiving drive of lust that melted away my frustrations, driving me to become careless with her form. I snatched her hair up into my fists instead, yanking her up from the tub, using my lust for flesh as my teeth pierced into her neck until the familiar warm taste poured into the hollow of her mouth. She was malleable beneath my weight, most of it coming from the defeated drive from my continuous seize on her. I ignored that she hadn't came, and if she had she'd rather hold her breath and be close to passing out then admit it. I was a selfish King, concerned about my own release and pushed myself off the edge, soon after quivering against my own orgasm, paramount in pleasure.

I let her weight drop down, removing myself away from her cowered body. My eyes run down the ashamed ball she'd become and I scoff a laugh. "The water's gone dirty, Slave. Empty it." Taking the towel folded and waiting for me, I dry myself, retiring to my room afterwards. All my ailments were relieved, venting satiated, and muscles laxed. I can still her her sniffles and it makes me sleep content.

Reasons for it sounding so abrupt was because it's taken from a fanfiction I've been writing, hence the lack of context. Hope ya'll enjoyed!

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Re: Slave
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Nicely done!  Good read. Thanks for posting

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Re: Slave
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I enjoyed. Feel free to continue gracing us.
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Re: Slave
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If that only a part then i say post the entire story. Want to read it and more from you So please don't be Stubborn about posting!

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Re: Slave
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Very nice.  I too, hope there is more coming.  Looking forward to seeing more of your work,