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Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
« on: June 05, 2017, 08:07:49 PM »
Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Prelude: In the 13th century an Italian named Dante wrote the infamous “Divine Comedy” in which he described 9 levels of hell, each level being worse than the previous.  This fantasy is formed on that premise.

Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust


Alice, sixteen years old with blonde hair and blue eyes,  never saw the hole. Now she was plummeting downward with seemingly no end in sight. Engulfed in pitch darkness with only the sound of her own screams, she fell and fell until inexplicably her descent began to slow and her feet were once again on solid ground….somewhere.

“Hello!  Can anyone help me?” the terrified girl cried into the darkness.  An all consuming silence surrounded her.  She shivered and crossed her arms for comfort, daring not to move as the sound of her own heart beating against her chest was heard.

A clicking sound in the distance alerted her.  Footsteps!  They were coming towards her.   They were both welcomed and feared as Alice peered into the blackness, straining her eyes to see who it was.  The steps grew louder, and closer.  Two glowing red dots were seen, then the full body came into view.  Alice screamed again.

Standing before her was the most grotesque entity she had ever seen.  A creature of some sort with a long, pointed beak-like face.  There was no mouth or nose that she could detect, just those eerie glowing red eyes on each side.

Alice noted the silvery color of its skin, and the fact that the creature was wrapped in some sort of a tattered garment that left its entire upper torso uncovered.  It was also clutching a staff of in its left hand.

“So, another human has entered the portal,” the bellowing voice of the creature spoke, startling Alice. “Clumsy lot you mortals are. Always stumbling about, entering where you are not invited!”

“But…where am I? Alice spoke inquisitively. “What is this place?”

‘Lust Alice. You have entered the realm of lust. In this Abysmal land every form of dark desire, every forbidden fantasy, every taboo thought, lives out its macabre existence, and since you have chosen to enter it, willingly or otherwise, you must now experience it or you can never return to your world.”

“Experience what? I…don’t understand.  Why can’t I just go home?” Alice whimpered.

“Your freedom requires a price young Alice.  That price is your innocence.  Until it is lost and the darkness of lust awakened within you, you will be forever imprisoned here.  The path that leads back to your world is through nine levels of lust.  You must experience all of them!”

“Nine levels?  Please..I don’t understand any of this,” Alice pleaded as the creature turned and waved his staff for Alice to follow.

The creature bellowed again, it’s voice deep and dismal. “I am your guide, Alice. Let us begin your journey.

Level one:   Masturbation and exhibitionism

Trekking through the darkness, Alice followed the creature, The tattered cloth of its garments blowing eerily as it walked, yet no breeze was felt.   Suddenly the creature stopped and beckoned Alice to come stand beside it.

She felt its hand shove her forward.  Suddenly there was a sound.  Voices. Alice could hear voices.  It sounded like they were in a large hall or something.  Then the darkness in front of her began rescinding.  As it dispelled she could see rows and rows of people sitting in chairs.  They were young people like herself. Boys and girls near her age.  Then a new and horrible sensation over took Alice.

She was stark naked!

She was standing on stage in front of them naked as the day she was born.  As a light illuminated her nude body she could hear the audience begin to laugh.  She wanted to run, but some force was holding her there in the light.   The laughter grew louder as if someone was turning up the volume in a sound system.

Alice instinctively tried to cover herself, but every time she moved her arms, a shock went through her body.  The shock only subsided when she laid her arms at her side.  From behind the creature shoved a cold metal chair that struck Alice against her legs, forcing her to sit in it.

“Now my dear Alice. It is time for your solo presentation.  To advance to the next level you must spread your legs and pleasure yourself to the delight of the audience.  If you refuse, you will imprisoned in this darkness forever!

Her lips quivered as she listened to the demented sounds of the students yelling and screaming for more. 

“Spread your legs slut!”  “Show us your pussy” “Make yourself cum whore” they shouted.

As if things were not bad enough another sight greeted poor Alice’s eyes.  She was projected onto a large screen.  A camera somewhere was zooming in on her crotch, giving the students a close up view of her sex.

“Do it Alice! do it now!” the voice of the creature cried in her ear along with the noise and din of the lust filled students.

Alice wept as she slowly parted her legs. There it was on the screen. Her pussy!  Everyone was seeing it.   With trembling hands she began rubbing the bare slit.  With every crude scream from the crowed before her, Alice rubbed harder.  The first stirrings of arousal were now felt.  Her juices were flowing.  The monitor showed the glistening pubes of her sex as her hand whizzed over it.

Lost in the building lust, her thumb began to torment her clit as the crowd yelled wildly.  Her head leaned back, her legs trembled, and her body shook as the orgasm racked her body.   

As the orgasm slowly subsided, Alice regained her composure.   All went dark again, but she was still aware of her nakedness as the creature once again took the lead and beckoned her to follow.  Placing her hands over her crotch as best she could, Alice followed sheepishly behind it.

“Where are my clothes?” Alice whimpered as she prodded behind it.

“Clothes are forbidden from this point forward,” The creature growled.

Level Two:  Cock sucking glory

The darkness suddenly gave way to the image of a door looming just ahead.  The creature opened it and shoved Alice through.  She heard the sound of the door locking.  She looked behind her to see the creature standing guard at it.

As light slowly illuminated the room Alice gasped.  On each side of the wall were six round holes.  A man’s cock dangled through each hole.

Alice stared in disbelief.  There were small ones, big ones, black ones, white ones.  Twelve cocks dangling through the open holes.

“You are to service each one orally Alice,” The creature’s dreadful voice bellowed. “You must bring each to orgasm.”

“Suck them you mean?” I…have never done such a thing.  I….I..have to put their vile members into my mouth?” Alice inquired.

“YES!! all of them. And all must be brought to orgasm before you can advance to the next level,”  The creature thundered.  “Stop waisting time and get to it!”

Alice kneeled hesitantly before the first cock.  It was fat with bloated veins running down each side of the shaft.  She took a deep breath and cupped the cock in her hands while slowly pulling it to her mouth.  The head tasted salty and she did her best to ignore the instinct to gag.

“If your teeth come in contact with their flesh you will be required to start all over!” The creature thundered.

As she ran her tongue around the bulbous head she felt the shaft hardening and growing stiffer.  With both hands around the shaft she sucked and sucked until finally she felt the hot blasts of cum striking the back of her throat.

Alice gagged, made choking sounds, and nearly threw up as the contents oozed down her throat. Some even dribbled down her chin.

She scurried to the next one.  It was uncircumcised and she found it difficult at first to locate the head.  Repeating the process, Alice haplessly bobbed back and forth on the engorged member until it spasmed and shot its load into her mouth.  The cum dribbled down the sides of her mouth as she leaned back and tried to wipe it before being reprimanded by the creature for stalling.

The next cock was black and long. It dangled downward towards the floor in a menacing way.   Alice sheepishly grasped her hands around it, amazed at its girth, and lifted the head towards her mouth.  She could barely fit the monster dick inside her tiny mouth, but finally managed.

Gurgling and gulping, Alice struggled with the black cock as it finally came to life, stretching her mouth further than it had ever been stretched.   The effort drained her and she finally leaned back to catch her breath.  The cock erupted and shot jets of thick white cum that landed in her hair and oozed down over her eyes, burning them as she frantically tried to clean them.

The next cock had the balls sticking through the hole as well, resting on the lower part of the hole.  Alice stared at the bloated sacks before resuming the task of getting him off.   She worked on the smaller cock until she felt it spasm and the white cum began to oozed down the shaft, coating the balls.

On and on it went until Alice had drained all twelve cocks of their seed.  Her face was covered in dried, sticky cum, her hair matted and the taste of semen laid heavy on her tongue. 

The creature forced Alice to her feet and once again, they were on their way through the darkness.

“Can I wash off please?” Alice asked sheepishly as she followed the creature rubbing the dry cum on her face.

“Nooo!”  Silence!” was his only remark.

Level Three:  It’s all about the butt

It happened suddenly.  Alice found herself prostrate on a floor, her hands pulled back behind her knees and locked at the wrists.  Her head was near the floor and her ass sticking upward.

“What’s going on?” she screamed as she tried desperately to move her hands against the device that locked them in place.

The sound of her dreadful guide’s laughter was heard. It seemed to be all around her.

She could hear movement behind her, but unable to see who, or what it was.  Suddenly her body tensed. She could feel the head of a cock pressing against her anus.

“Nooooooo! she screamed at the impending violation.  “Not there. No, you can’t”

The cock continued to press against her hole prying its way slowly inside as she screamed and wept.  The tiny sphincter muscles held for only a few moments and then it was inside her asshole, stretching it painfully.

Her face was distorted from pain, her tears flowing steadily down her face as the dreadful anal assault continued. The cock pummeled her tender asshole until it filled it with hot semen, which oozed out of her anus when he pulled out.

The burning sensation had barely eased up when another cock rammed into her sore hole and began sawing back and forth as Alice screamed and pleaded for him to stop.

Jack hammering her tender asshole, the cock continued until it too spewed its load inside her.   Alice would endure two more violations in the ass before the bonds fell from her wrists. Through the strands of hair covering her eyes she could see her guide standing before her. 

“Get up, it is time to go!” his voice thundered.

Her asshole was raw and sore and she found it difficult to move at first as the creature, oblivious to her pain, began the trek to the next level.

Level Four:  Forced Lesbian Sex

With every step,  Alice could feel the burning pain in her tender ass.  She could also feel the sticky cum that had dried between her legs.  That, along with the dried cum on her face and hair made her feel miserable and dirty.

Suddenly another door appeared and as before the creature opened it and forced Alice through the opening.  The second she entered the room everything changed.   The room was brightly lit and Alice found herself tied spread eagle to a very large bed. 

The bed had no linen of any kind, instead it was covered with a sheet of plastic that creaked every time Alice moved.   The creature took his place by the window and the door opened again.  This time two females entered the room.  She had no idea who they were or where they came from but both were naked.

One, a bleach blonde with a full figure, and wearing black leather boots made her way to the foot of the bed and leaned forward.

Alice gasped as she felt the tongue of another female on her pussy. “Nooo. Stop…please..I’m not that way,” Alice protested.

A second girl with long, black hair and more slender, but curvy build climbed on the bed and straddled Alice’s face.  Grinning as she looked down at Alice, the girl spoke:

“Ready to eat some pussy”

The girl lowered her bald pussy to Alice’s reluctant lips and began rubbing herself against them. “Lick my pussy whore, do it good!”

Alice had no will of her own.  In her mind she knew she did not want this, but her body had no will to fight or protest.  She found herself licking the girl’s pussy, lapping at it with her tongue as if she had eaten pussy all her life.

Her hips bucked up and down as the girl between her legs slowly worked Alice towards an approaching orgasm.

The girl’s demon-like tongue felt like nothing she had ever experienced.  It tormented her clit, even her still sore asshole.

The musty aroma of the pussy at her face, diverted her attention back to it.  The girl was getting wet and Alice could hear her lustful moans as she gyrated her cunt over Alice’s mouth.

The crazy threesome continued wildly until all three girls came at almost the same time.  Alice felt the hot discharge of the girl on her face, and felt her own pussy gushing shamelessly as she came and came against the skilled tongue of the blonde between her legs.

Alice had barely recovered when both females stood between her legs grinning at each other.  The black haired girl made a fist with her right hand and pressed it against Alice’s damp pussy.

“Nooooo!” Alice screamed as the girl forced her fist inside Alice.  Inch by inch the girl buried her hand deeper inside Alice’s womb, turning and twisting it as Alice screamed and wept.

“Make the bitch cum again,” The blonde girl was heard to say, her voice demon-like, almost hissing.

Alice could feel the girl’s fist inside her, filling her insides in a lewd manner.   The blonde then took her fingers and began to tease and taunt Alice’s erect clit as the girl fisted her crudely.

“Stop…please stop!” Alice wailed as the fist twisted and turned inside her until Alice erupted in another powerful orgasm.

 She had barely came to her senses when she saw the blonde lowering her ass towards her mouth. “Lick my asshole cunt!” the girl demanded.

Before Alice could react the dank and musty asshole of the girl was pressed against her mouth and Alice reluctantly began reaming it with her tongue.

The black haired girl was next, rubbing her puckered hole roughly over Alice’s mouth.  When the two girls rose to their feet, Alice soon found the reason for the plastic.

Both girls spread the lips of their pussies and began soaking Alice in their hot piss as they laughed maniacally.  Alice screamed and writhed against her bonds until everything was suddenly dark again and she was once again standing behind the creature, her body reeking from the smell of cum and piss.

“Please, you have to let me bathe,” Alice begged.

“Silence!” the creature barked as he led poor Alice through the darkness once again.

Level Five:  Incest

The fifth door that opened was more bizarre than all the others.  Alice gazed down at the floor at the figure of a nude teen aged boy lying on a blanket.   She then froze and gasped as she realized the boy was her eighteen year old brother Tommy.

Through some sorcery or some kind of twisted magic, her brother had been transported here, or at least it appeared that way.

Alice twisted her head to gaze at the creature standing in a nearby corner.  “ Not my own brother!” she wailed.

A force was drawing Alice, making her walk towards him.  She wanted to run, to flee.  All the other things that had happened to her was awful enough, but fucking her own brother was unthinkable and depraved.

Alice couldn’t believe it as she lowered herself, completely against her own will, down onto his body in a 69 position.  Almost at once, she could feel his tongue lapping at her pussy, and could feel his nose as it was pressed against her asshole.

She trembled as she leaned forward and wrapped his nine inch cock in both her hands and brung it to her mouth.  An uneasy feeling formed in the pit of her stomach, guilt tormented her mind, at the realization that she was sucking her brother’s cock.

Her head bobbed up and down, her mouth made slurping noises,  as Tommy ate her pussy out feverishly.  She was growing wetter and hornier.  The lust continued to build until she found herself facing him, riding his cock as he plowed her with it.

Her hands rested on his chest as they fucked each other wildly until Tommy’s body tensed and she felt the blasts of hot cum shoot into her pussy.

Not content with just one round, Tommy forced Alice to her knees and fucked her doggy style for what seemed like hours until he came inside her again, then, almost instantly, he simply vanished and all went dark again.

Level Six:  bestiality

 Aching, tired, and reeling from the incestuous orgy before, Alice drudged on behind the creature  till she suddenly found herself on her hands and knees unable to move.

Something was behind her.  She could hear panting. It wasn’t human.  She then heard a chain clanging across the floor as it approached her from behind.  The next instant Alice was aware of two heavy paws on her back.

She squealed in a blood curdling scream as she felt the animal’s cock press against her entrance.  The beast’s hot breath could be felt on her back as it pummeled her pussy.  She wanted to throw up.  The very thought of being fucked by an animal was repugnant and vile, yet she could feel it burying its cock into her as if it was a man and she was totally helpless to prevent it, or anything else from happening to her.

Her body moved back and forth as the beast pummeled her from behind.  Tears of shame streamed down her face as the degrading act continued until finally she felt it release its seed into her.

 The paws left her back and the beast pulled out.  As she collapsed onto her side she watched through tear-dimmed eyes as a black dane strutted proudly away dragging its chain with it.  Seeing the dog, Alice wailed in shame and humiliation before all went black again.

“Haven’t I been through enough?”  She sobbed to her guide.

“No!” it spit back angrily. “You must experience every level.  We have three to go!”

Level Seven:  gang banged

The creature had no sooner spoken than Alice found herself in yet another room.  The room was eery and cast in a reddish hue.  From each corner came four male-like forms. They had bodies like humans but their ears were pointed, and each had a pair of rams horns growing on their head with strands of darkish red hair and eyes that glowed green.   They danced around the room, their large cocks semi-erect and imposing.

“What are these things?” Alice screamed to the guide.

“They are incubi dear Alice. You humans are so determined to relegate what you do not know or understand to mythology or legend, but as you can see, they are clearly real.  Demons Alice.  Sex demons who have but one purpose, to seduce and rape human females.

“Noooooo!”  Alice screamed.

Alice suddenly felt their heavy hands on her, dragging her to the center of the room as she screamed and yelled for help, only to hear demented laughter fill the room.  Their strong, masculine bodies were ripped and toned, and she was no match for their inhuman strength.

She felt the cold, unforgiving floor on her back.  Some force was holding her down. She was unable to move, unable to resist, as the four male demons surrounded her.  Their cocks were now fully hard as they gazed down upon her.  Their icy stares sent shivers through her body.

In a split second they were on her.  Two held her hands down to the floor while one held her head tightly in its grasp.  A demon crawled between her legs and she felt its engorged cock slam into her with an agonizing pain.

The cock was hot and she could feel the heat of it inside her as the demonic incubus sawed in and out of her with deep, penetrating thrusts.

As the demon ravished her pussy, she felt her mouth pried open and a large cock was stuffed inside.  The taste was like nothing she had ever experienced.  A sulfur-like taste formed on her tongue as the cock face-fucked her mercilessly.

Alice felt her body being rolled onto its side as the two cocks continued to assail her.  A third cock was now felt pressing against her still sore anus.  She couldn’t scream, couldn’t resist. All she could do was lie there and feel her two holes being stuffed.  She could feel both of their monster cocks moving inside her as they double penetrated her furiously.

Her body was racked in pain.  The incubus in her ass felt like he was ripping it apart, and the one in her pussy was pounding her with such force that it made her entire body move back and forth along the hard floor.

The cock in her mouth spewed its load inside her.  The cum was thick and filled her mouth entirely.   The second it was withdrawn from her mouth, the fourth cock plunged inside and she was forced to begin sucking again as she made gurgling noises while seeking desperately to avoid chocking.

In a symphony of demented lust, each cock remaining in her,  began erupting sending a massive load of cum into every hole.  The cum oozed from her pussy as well as her gaping asshole.  It oozed from her mouth, covering her face in a slick sheen before the demons rose and vanished out of sight.

Sore and aching,  Alice could barely rise to her feet.  “I…I can’t go on. I can’t take any more,” She pleaded to the creature guiding her.

“You must! and you will,” the creature growled as Alice strolled weakly behind it.

Level eight:  BDSM

Feeling the overwhelming sensation to sleep, Alice seemingly dozed off.   When she came too, she felt her arms aching.  As she tried to move them it became apparent that they were being held.

She turned her head to the right and then to the left.  Both hands were stretched out wide above her head and held secure by heavy chains from the ceiling and attached to cuffs around her wrists.

A spreader bar locked around each ankle had her legs spread wide as well.  The room she was in was dark and cold even though a pot of hot coals lay glowing orange a few feet away.

From the darkness of the room two Lilith-demons approached.  Their appearance was ghastly and Alice tried to scream, but nothing came out.  Horns sprouted out on their heads. Their hair was long and stringy, and they had cold, piercing eyes that glowed orange.  Their skin was pale white and their bodies beautifully shaped.

Each picked up a leather flogger and began to whip her naked body front and back.   Alice screamed and wailed as the fiery pain assaulted her.  They struck her breasts, legs, back, ass, and even struck her between the legs and across her sensitive sex.

“Stop!!…please stop!” Alice pleaded through painful cries as the two demented females gleefully lashed her body, leaving a trail of angry red stripes that criss-crossed one another until Alice lost consciousness and passed out.

When she came too, Alice was in a horrible position.  She was on her back with her arms pulled behind her head.  Her legs had been pulled back by her head as well and a heavy iron bar locked them in place, preventing any movement.

As Alice watched helplessly the two demons held a large black dildo in each of their hands.  She screamed and pleaded as one shoved the head of one into her pussy and began fucking her with it.  The other shoved one into Alice’s ass and slowly forced it inside.

The demons were cruel in their savage rape of her abused holes as she screamed and begged them to stop.  They tormented her until once again Alice passed out from the pain.

Level Nine:  Dancing with the Devil.

When Alice came to she was lying on the floor, her body surrounded by burning candles.   On the ceiling above her a large pentagram glowed a scarlet red.  She tried to move her arms and legs but was unable to do so.

The creature that had been her guide stood above her looking down. “This is where I leave you Alice,” it spoke and then simply vanished as if into thin air.

Alice again tried to rise but entire body seemed to be paralyzed.  The intense pain she felt from all the previous abuses was now a dull throbbing sensation.  Her body seemed to glisten from some sort of oil or liquid.

Footsteps were heard on the floor approaching her.  Slow, methodic footsteps.   Alice shrieked in horror as one of the most terrifying sights she had ever seen stood towering above her.  The being had a goats head with a pentagram between its eyes.  From the neck down it resembled a human, its body muscular and toned.

As Alice trailed her eyes down the being’s taunt stomach to his groin, a long, thick cock came into view.

“Alice, I’ve been waiting for you,”  his voice boomed. “It’s time to give the Devil his due.”

Alice screamed as his body lowered itself atop of hers.  The overpowering scent of burning surfer filled her nostrils as she felt the enormous cock press against her opening.  It burned hot inside her, much hotter then the the incubus before.

With maddening, powerful thrusts the prince of darkness ravaged her cunt ferociously, his demented laughter echoing off the walls.  She felt his hot breath against her skin.  Her body was enflamed, her nipples hard, and her pussy gushing in its wetness as she pummeled her.

Deeper and harder he went, striking her cervix, sending maddening sensations throughout her body.  Twenty minutes, thirty minutes, one hour he fucked her.  Her body was drenched in sweat as he growled in a monstrous voice while pumping his demonic seed into her.  The room spun, Alice grew dizzy and then everything went black. 


She awoke in her own bed. She stared at her familiar ceiling and glanced excitedly around her room.  Thinking it to be only a horrible dream she cast off her blankets and then gasped at what she saw.

She was naked.  Not a shred of clothing. The insides of her legs were covered with blotches of dry blood.  The scent of her stale sex rose to greet her.  Both her ass and her pussy ached with a burning sensation.

She slumped into her pillow and wept before slowly throwing a robe on and sheepishly heading for the shower.  In the hallway her brother, Tommy passed her.  She froze, wandering what he would say, but instead he was chatting on his cell phone and paid her no attention.

She sighed as the hot water cascaded down upon her body and she began the tedious process of cleansing herself thoroughly, vowing never to speak a word of this to anyone.

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2017, 08:27:24 PM »
What a great story idea! The Inferno. I wonder what other classics can be perverted for the modern age.
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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2017, 08:29:32 PM »
What a great story idea! The Inferno. I wonder what other classics can be perverted for the modern age.

Thanks!  I am sure we can corrupt many original ideas :)

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2017, 10:29:15 PM »
Bravo, Darklord!!! A most excellent perversion of an already wicked allegory. What should be our take-away?

SGH is right. What other classics can your devious mind twist for us?

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2017, 10:30:33 PM »
Bravo, Darklord!!! A most excellent perversion of an already wicked allegory. What should be our take-away?

SGH is right. What other classics can your devious mind twist for us?
Maybe Alice can chase a rabbit down another hole.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2017, 10:53:19 PM »
Bravo, Darklord!!! A most excellent perversion of an already wicked allegory. What should be our take-away?

SGH is right. What other classics can your devious mind twist for us?

Ha ha, thanks all.  Maybe I should tackle Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" next.  You know give it a modern spin complete with BDSM

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
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Bravo, Darklord!!! A most excellent perversion of an already wicked allegory. What should be our take-away?

SGH is right. What other classics can your devious mind twist for us?

Ha ha, thanks all.  Maybe I should tackle Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" next.  You know give it a modern spin complete with BDSM

I vaguely remember Taming of the Shrew. It would get a lot shorter in our community:

Her: Yap yap yap
Him: That's it! (gets handcuffs, gag, whip. Applications follow.)


Her: Master, may I get you a sandwich before I put clothes on today?
Him: That would be good, slave. And don't forget your collar.
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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
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I like your condensed version :)

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
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Taming of the Shrew is practically made for a BDSM treatment. For a real challenge, try A Midsummer Night's Dream or A Comedy of Errors.

Of course, I know less and less about each of these. I'm not really a Shakespeare fan. But I recall Richard Burton slinging a busty Liz Taylor over his shoulder, and that's good enough for me.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
« Reply #9 on: June 07, 2017, 04:35:55 AM »
That's about my extent of Shakespeare knowledge too actually.

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
« Reply #10 on: July 08, 2019, 06:10:38 PM »
Just read this, and wow, it's brilliant.   Commenting now since it was posted before I joined.
Comments inspire more frequent story posts... just sayin'...

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
« Reply #11 on: July 21, 2019, 11:46:43 PM »
How did I ever miss this???? I thought I had read ALL of your stories, darklord! This is brilliant and truly original!
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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
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Agreed a truly masterful tale of horror that gave me goosebumps
Well done. Can’t believe I missed it too. Merit earned definitely

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Re: Alice And The Nine Levels Of Lust
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Thanks all. I had forgotten this one lol