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Bamboo Nightclub
« on: June 03, 2017, 04:51:34 PM »
The following is a complete work of fiction. I do not condone the events following. Any similarities between storylines and characters to real life and entirely coincidental and unknown to me.

Kieron has always believed that skin is tinted by one of three colours. Pink, like her lips as she sipped her drink, her eyes darting around the room. Yellow, like the straw that sucked the clear liquid up and into her throat. Or white, like the small slip of thigh that could be seen peeking out from between the top of her sock and the hem of her skirt.

He watched as her eyes locked on a short, brunette girl that made her way to the table. The girl sat and began to make conversation with the blonde he had been watching. Both girls were no more than 25 years old, and both were quite pretty. The blonde, however, was considerately more delectable.
His eyes scanned her tall, slim body, taking in her long blonde hair, sharply defined features and light blue eyes. Her dress was red, sparkly and short, accentuating her large cleavage and slim waist. Black knee high socks climbed up her long, slender legs, and black stilettos rested on the bar across the bottom of her seat. His decision was made before he stood and approached her.

"May I buy you a drink, love?" he smiled, his voice low and husky. Aged 27, he knew he was rather attractive. He stood at 6'2, and his frame was muscular and defined. Dark blue eyes and short black hair were his favourite features, alongside his charming smile.

"Despite how gentle and weak we may look, sir, we can buy our own drinks." the brunette retorted, and he almost rolled his eyes.

"Of course, I'm simply offering a kindness. No more." he smiled again, looking pointedly at the blonde. Much to his surprise, she scoffed.

"Very smooth. And original, too. We won't participate in your patriarchal-style advances, thank you very much. If you weren't such a dim-witted male, I'd probably have invited you to join us." The brunette snapped at him, and he furrowed his eyebrows angrily.

“Maybe you should leave us alone, loser.” The blonde added.

So she's that type, hm? He thought.

"Buzz off, now!" the dark-haired girl snarled, and he calmly stalked off. He could hear them laughing as he retreated, and his decision stood firmly. He would not be going home alone tonight.

It took a short while, but eventually the two girls went off to dance, leaving their drinks unattended. Cautiously, he headed towards the bar situated just beside their table. He ordered a vodka, and it came in a small glass, which he poured into the blonde’s cup. She had been drinking lemonade, so the vodka slipped in unnoticed. Of course, this would not be enough to sedate the girl, so he added a tiny dose of Ativan to the concoction. Not enough to completely pacify her, but enough to make her drowsy. All he had to do now was wait.

Laughing, the girl sat back at her seat. Dawn and her friend Charlotte had been dancing, as she called it. It had, however, been more along the lines of dry humping random men.

"You should get a proper drink!" Charlotte giggled, and Dawn rolled her eyes. She had always been, what she considered, the more sensible friend, and she wasn't a fan of drinking. It ended up with girls in stupid situations, she believed. Sipping the drink she believed to be no more than lemonade, she concluded that she would go home after she finished it. Charlotte's boyfriend was here, so Dawn knew she could leave her friend in safe hands. She checked her watch, seeing it was already 2am.

"Let me buy you a proper drink!" Charlotte pushed.

"No, I'm good. I'm just going to quickly finish this and go. It’s late." Dawn shook her head, lifting the drink and chugging it back. She coughed as it burned her throat, then furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"That was mine, right?" she asked, hiccuping, and Charlotte nodded. "Didn't taste like...lemon. Oh well." she smiled, standing up and hiccuping again. "Where's my coat?"

"You didn't bring one, silly! Bu-bye!" Charlotte laughed, kissing her cheek then twirling off toward her boyfriend. Charlotte knew her friend would be leaving soon. Dawn gave Nick, Charlotte's lover, a quick wave, then headed toward the exit.

"Woah." she mumbled as my head rushed and she stumbled outside. "I must be sick or something."

Suddenly, a hand clasped over her mouth and she staggered to the ground. Kieron had grabbed her, and she had stumbled in her shoes. Harshly, he yanked her to her feet. Throwing a quick glance toward the door, he began to drag her off. She screamed against his hand, but his van was waiting at the end of the alley and he knew he would get there undisturbed. He flung the doors open and pushed her in, following quickly behind. She cowered in the corner and he thoroughly bolted and locked the door. Whimpering, Dawn realised there was no escape. Kieron turned and grinned, eyeing her up and down. "You should've just accepted my drink." he smirked, picking up some rope off the floor.

"I-I'm sorry. W-we are going for a drink n-now?" she asked hopefully, and Kieron laughed.

"I'm afraid," he began, grabbing her wrists and tying them in front of her chest with the rope, "your chance has gone. But, dear, we can still get to know each other."

"No. No. I'd like to leave, ac-actually.." she whispered, but she couldn't make her body co-operate. In fact, she felt as though she were about to nod off!

"Don't worry too much about the drink, sweetheart. I got you one anyway. I hope you like vodka. Do you have anxiety?" he asked, but his words didn't make sense to her. "The drug I have to you is generally used to calm nerves, bunny. So calm down. I don't mind having to gag you, but I feel as though you will mind."

He attached the rope binding her wrists to a metal pole that ran across the top of the van and pulled it tight, before climbing into the driver’s seat. Dawn was positioned on her knees, with her arms raised uncomfortably above her head. Of course, she struggled, but it was to no avail. Kieron drove for what felt like hours, but he eventually reached his bunker. The small log cabin was situated a good few miles off the side of the road, and was Kieron's favourite place to get away. Smiling to himself, he turned off the engine and got out. Dawn grew even more afraid, but her body was refusing to co-operate when she tried to pull her hands free. The doors swung open.

"Come, little one. I simply can't wait to show you your room!" he winked, untying her hands and yanking her out of the van. Her disorientated body slumped to the ground, so he lifted her over his shoulder and slammed the van doors shut. He carried her over the threshold of his getaway.
In the first room of the cabin was a small kitchen, and a living room with a large sofa, and television and a fireplace. A large brown door lead into a corridor, with two doors leading off. Through one door was a large king sized bed and a bookshelf, and through the other was a staircase. It was the latter that Kieron took his girl through.

At the bottom of the stairs, was a basement. The basement had whitewashed walls and an unpainted floor, with a small mattress in the corner of the room. Scattered across the roof were poles, and across the floor there were rings. Kieron decided not to let his girl rest, but he wanted the drug to wear off first, so he would wait a little.

He tied her wrists to a pole above her, leaving her so she could only just stand. She was well and truly stretched out. Kieron planned to tie her feet, but he wanted her awake first, so he went upstairs.

Only a few minutes later, she awoke in ice cold water. Kieron had thrown a bucket at her.

"Good morning Kitten! Glad to see your pretty little eyes. Tell me, Kitten, do you have a name?" he asked, moving close to her.

"D-Dawn." she whispered, her voice hoarse. Kieron licked his lips and nodded, placing his left index finger on her right cheek.

"Do you have a boyfriend? Don't you lie to me, now."

"N-no.. I came with my friend Ch-Charlotte to the cl-club.."

"And how old are you?"

"I-I'm 19." she muttered, and Kieron withdrew his hand.

"19? Really? You wouldn't lie to me, would you, Dawn?" he questioned, a mischievous look filling his eyes.

"Y-Yes. I-I mean no! I-I am ni-ninete-teen." she stammered, and Kieron grinned. She looked older than she was.

"Delightful. Two more questions; are you a virgin, and do you have a cellphone on you?"

"Y-yes, I-I'm n-not a prude, I- just haven't found th-the right guy! A-and y-yes, my sock.." she trailed off, and Kieron couldn't help the sharp laugh. He wrapped one hand around her creamy thigh and lifted it so the heel balanced on his leg; he trusted that she wouldn't stab him, purely because she was afraid of him. Slowly, he peeled the sock down until he found her iPhone.

'Hey, found a guy n am going back to his. Hot!! Will text you details, might not be home for a few days ;) xx '

He tapped out the message and sent it to the contact titled 'Charlotte'. That ought to clear up any risks for now. He decided that he had waited long enough, so he unclipped her shoe and removed it, then slid the sock all the way off. He dropped her leg, then repeated the process with the other leg.
Dawn watched fearfully as he withdrew a knife from his belt, inhaling as he brought it closer to her. A small shriek escaped her lips as he hooked it under the collar of her dress and pulled hard, yanking it down and cutting the dress right open. He harshly tugged it off her body.

Pleased, he looked her near-naked body up and down. She wore a laced, red, strapless bra and matching thong and garter. She looked just as edible as he had imagined. Sighing, he pulled the hair clips from her head, allowing her long blonde hair to tumble over her shoulders. He flicked it behind her so he could admire his new possession.

After a moment of looking, he used the knife to slide open her bra, and her tits came swinging to life. He estimated that she was a size 36B or C - perfect!

"Wh-what are you g-going to do with me?" she asked him.

"Don't play dumb, Dawn, you know exactly what I want. Now, I'm going to tie your feet to the floor, then place clamps over your legs so you are kneeling, but raised. Your hands will be cuffed behind your back; I want you alive, of course, Dawn, angel. Have you sucked cock before?" he questioned as he did as he had told. Large blue eyes looked up and him as she nodded her head. Of course, Dawn had realised by now that this man was going to rape her, but she was struggling to come to terms with the fact that she couldn't do anything about it. She was, in fact, looking for an escape.
Kieron began removing his own clothes, exposing his 8 inch cock to the girl. A huge intake of breath could be heard as Dawn registered that it would soon be in her mouth.

"Don't you dare make me...I won't! Fuck you, you bastard!" she spat at him, and Kieron laughed.

"Oh baby, you will, don't worry! But first, sweetheart, you're going to squeeze some juice out of me. My balls fucking ache, after you spent hours teasing me tonight. So, open wide, Kitten." he grabbed her face harshly with one hand, and pinched her nose with the other. Soon, she was forced to open wide to gasp in some air, and he thrust into her mouth.

Sticking to his plan, he thrust in and out ever so slightly, making sure he didn't hurt her. "Breathe through your nose...there's a good girl....come on honey put a little work in....use your cheeks...mmmm..oh fuck you're good at this!" his moans failed to cease as she did as he asked, working her mouth. It didn't take long for Kieron to reach climax, so he grabbed the back of her head and thrust deep into her throat. She gagged and spluttered as he came, leaving her no option but to desperately swallow his seed. Dawn swallowed at least nine times before he was done; he held his cock in her throat until it softened, then he pulled it out.

"You really are a good girl, aren't you! Now, I'm going to reward you!" he beamed, walking over to a bag in the corner and withdrawing a deep red collar with his name engraved on the side. A small ring was located on the back of it, allowing him to thread the rope through it. He fasted in around her neck, then attached it to the ceiling so she was stuck in a kneeling position. Then, he untied, spread, and retied her legs. Dawn assumed he would fuck her now, but Kieron had other plans. Grinning up at her, he bent down to place a kiss on her stomach. He trailed kisses down all the way to her neatly shaven pussy, then he ran a finger down her slit. The contact was new to Dawn, so she began to grow wet almost instantly. A tongue ran over her clitoris, then darted inside of her. Dawn couldn't help the huge moans that escaped her trembling body and Kieron began to lap at her juices. She felt herself grow warm, and her stomach tensed. And then she came undone into his mouth, moaning loudly as she did so. Kieron happily licked up every drop, leaving his tongue coated in her. Dawn felt the shame of having come for this bastard, and began to sob. Wanting her to taste herself, Kieron began to kiss her like he was her lover. During the kiss, he untied her legs and wrapped them around his waist, before tangling his fingers in her hair. He remembered that her arms were tied behind her back, so he untied them. As he felt her kissing him back, he knew that he had won her trust. Although it was misplaced, it would make for a good show.

Dawn was lost in the passions of the kiss, as she had not been kissed like this before. She had taken boyfriends in her past, but her shyness always got in the way, and she wasn’t the sort of girl who easily put out. Today was her first ever sexual encounter, and her mind was in a haze. She found herself lusting after he captor, forgetting that he had taken her against her will.

Kieron stood up, with the girl still around his waist, and unchained her from the ceiling, then carried her to the side of the room. He rechained her neck to the ceiling, but this time with more slack. Pressing her up against the wall, one hand left her hair to go to his length. Pleased, he found that he was already erect again, so he guided himself to her entrance. That same hand began to stroke her clit, keeping her in the mood, as he gently forced the tip in. She didn’t resist him. Be it due to the drugs, or the alcohol, or the lust, or a combination of them all, Dawn simply forgot that she wasn’t supposed to enjoy this. His caring attitude confused her. He placed both hands on the wall, and harshly thrust into her, forcing his full length in straight away. Despite her obvious state of arousal, he still felt the hymen tear slightly in order to accommodate him. Of course, the girl shrieked with pain when he did this, and she was clearly out of the moment.

"I'm sorry baby, angel cake, I didn't mean to hurt you, are you okay? Do you want me to take it out? I'm so, so sorry." he murmured, placing a light kiss on her neck. Dawn found herself thinking he actually cared for her. The romantic in her began considering the idea that he, perhaps, loved her, and so she did not react in the way she should have.

She didn't reply to his question due to the fact that he had pressed his lips against hers. She did, however, kiss him back, so he slowly slid her down the wall until he was sat on the mattress, with his back against the wall. Dawn was so aroused, and so grateful for his kindness, that she began to grind on his dick. Although she wasn't sure what she was doing, she actually began to ride him. Her hands wrapped around his dick, gyrating herself around him, giving him immeasurable pleasure. Kieron moaned in synchronization with her, and his fingers began to caress and play with her nipples. The two were panting in pleasure, letting out soft moans. After a short five minutes of her riding him, Kieron came straight into her womb, then let his dick soften.

"Oh, you desperate slut!" he laughed, shoving her off him and standing up.

"Wh-what? D-did I just... n-no! Oh-oh my g-god no!" she began to sob hysterically, and Kieron just laughed, grabbing her thigh with one hand and her face with the other.

"You just fucked my brains out, whore, and you fucking loved it. All it took was a few kisses and a nice name and you were begging me for it! You're a filthy little slut, so how the fuck were you still a virgin? Don't worry, whore, I'll fuck you all the time, let's just hope it's enough to satisfy you, you lusty bitch!" he laughed, slamming a kiss onto her face then letting her go and walking off, leaving her in a sobbing heap on the mattress.

Kieron was a rather sadistic boy; he made sure to leave his mark on every girl he picked up. He knew now that Dawn wouldn't be able to live with herself knowing that she had, more than willingly, given up her virginity to a stranger. A stranger who had already raped her mouth. However, his games weren't all psychological. He knew that, as of yet, he couldn't truly be convicted of vaginal rape, because she had willingly fucked him. Although he loved the psychological effect of making her his lover, he adored hearing his women scream, and he knew just what to do. He released her chain from the ceiling.

Grabbing her hair, he yanked her off the mattress and dragged her back into the centre of the room. He cuffed her wrists to the floor, then her ankles, so she was face down ass up.

"I know what a bitch like you needs!" Kieron laughed, and Dawn began to panic as she felt his cock pressing against her tiny pink asshole.

"No! Not there! Please! It's too big please! I've never done that! You can't!" she screamed, "No! Don't do this to me please!"

Dawn attempted to twist and writhe away from him as Kieron began to penetrate her ass, driving deeper and deeper with each thrust. She tried to pull out of her restraints to fight him, to make him stop, but it was to no avail. The agony was excruciating as Kieron pushed himself further into her bowels. Dawn knew that she would not let herself be tricked again; this man was a sadist.

"God no! Please take it out! I can't do this, I won't survive it! I'll fuck you again please! N-ugh! NoO! Ugh! No more!" she begged as she felt him tearing into her, slamming in balls-deep. She could feel his balls slapping into her as he relentlessly sodomised her. Kieron grinned, pounding in and out of her.
"Oh, how I do like to hear the sluts beg!" he remarked with a laugh. Dawn continued to scream.


Kieron continued driving into Dawn as his dick swelled with his growing excitement. He could feel the warm wetness of her blood from her torn and battered bowels, but he continued savagely ramming his cock in and out of her, synonymous with her screams. As a matter of fact, as her desperate pleas for release increased, as did his viciousness and pace. He began groaning as he neared climax, causing her to groan, almost in relief. Her relief was cut short when he forced his dick even further into her, gripping her waist and holding it there, as he emptied his sack into her bowels. Finally, he pulled out of her ravaged asshole, and her head dropped to the ground in exhaustion.

"How was that for you, little whore? Is your sex drive satisfied?" he taunted her, walking around to her face. The chain was looped through her collar once more, and he reached up and tied it to the ceiling so she was forced to look at him.

“Plea-please…” she whimpered, clearly defeated. Kieron only laughed.

“I’ll be back later, baby angel cake.” He teased, leaving her in the position and heading upstairs. He decided to head out to buy his new bitch some things, like a leash. The collar really suited her, after all.

In town, he came across a small pet store, and decided to humour himself. He had already bought her some water and snacks, so he figured he could amuse himself. Inside, he picked up a retractable leash, a red dog bowl and some dog treats. Approaching the cash register to pay, he noted there was a story on the news. He politely paid the cashier, but kept his eyes on the news.

This is Dawn Ryan, a young girl missing from downtown Miami. She was last seen at Bamboo Nightclub with her friend, Charlotte Hawkins, where they had an encounter with a man described as tall, with dark hair and muscular build. Further details to be confirmed. This is currently being treated as a missing person.

Kieron realised that they had figured it out much sooner than they had hoped, as he had only had the girl for a few hours. He decided to head back immediately, fearing his van would be identified. Shortly, he was safely at the cabin, his van hidden behind the trees. If someone were to come by, they’d have no idea she was there. He headed straight downstairs to see his Dawn.

“Darling,” he chirped in a sing-song voice, “You should see what Daddy has brought you!” She hadn’t moved from where he left her, but this time her eyes were closed and her hair was matted to her forehead. He rolled his eyes, but decided to play caring for a while. He walked over and undid her binds, gently placing her on the mattress. Her eyes opened slowly.

“Please…” she croaked, her voice hoarse.

“No worries, my darling, I’m not going to hurt you. I brought you some things.” He smiled, opening the bag. He showed her the leash, then hung it on a nail in the wall. He took out the bowl and put it by her mattress, then took out two bottles of water. “Are you thirsty?” he asked, and she nodded slowly. “Do you want to make your daddy happy?” he asked, and she nodded again, even slower. He tipped the bottles into the bowl, a sick smile playing on his lips. “Drink.”

She crawled over to the bowls and began lapping at the drink, clearly having caught on quickly. “Oh, you are a good girl, aren’t you Dawn?” he commented, petting her on the head. “They figured out that you’re gone.” He added, thoughtlessly, curious to see her reaction. She stopped drinking.
She started to think about freedom. Charlotte had realised she was gone, they were looking for her. Soon, they would find her. She just had to make sure she was alive when they did, which meant she had to do as this man asked.

“What shall we do about that?” he asked, teasing. Dawn continued lapping at the water, considering a response. She could suggest her release her, or she could pretend she wanted to stay. She wasn’t quite sure what kind of psychopath, or sociopath, he was. She was hoping the latter, so he would feel some kind of remorse.

“You could let me go. I could tell everyone I hooked up with someone, and that it was all fine. I mean, this was half-consensual.” She suggests, bravely, letting Kieron in on her plan. She had underestimated her captor, failing to realise that he was the most precise, thoughtful rapist. Everything he did was carried out with a strict plan of action.

“I’ll miss you, too much, darling. Come here.” He cooed, pulling her onto his lap and stroking her hair. He took a hairbrush out of the bag and began to softly brush her hair, untangling the knots. He liked running his hands through a girls hair before pulling it, after all.


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Re: Bamboo Nightclub
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I see you waste no time making yourself known, bbycakes. Nice story and welcome aboard.
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Re: Bamboo Nightclub
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Excellent job! Kieron is an evil bastard, for sure! I like him.
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Re: Bamboo Nightclub
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Indeed, a well written story.  Has all the fave elements.  Great work!

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Re: Bamboo Nightclub
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Damn great beginning bbycakes can't wait for future parts to see just how evil Kieron gets