Author Topic: Mandy and I go on a Date (m/f, 1st)  (Read 3169 times)

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Mandy and I go on a Date (m/f, 1st)
« on: June 01, 2017, 09:10:25 PM »
Rape is a heinous crime and I do not endorse it in any way.  This is purely a creation of my sick mind.

I'd never wanted to be a rapist, but she was so beautiful, I just had to have her.  I[/color][/color]'d been gearing up to this for weeks, trying to gain the courage.  Mandy was a shy girl, an older friend of my sister's, but I managed to strike up a relationship with her, and - eventually - after a lot of coaxing - I got her to on a date with me.  At 25, she was at the height of her beauty.  She had soft luscious skin, bouncing soft tits, gorgeous curved hips and ass and a cute little waist.  I knew she wasn't the type to have sex on the first date, so I wasn't even going to bother to try to persuade her.  She was into vintage vinyl and I told her I had a stack of LPs from the '80s; Duran Duran and the like; she loved all that New Romantic stuff.  In fact, she was old-fashioned in so many ways, quiet, reserved and lady-like, but that just turned me on even more.  I knew she'd be a virgin and that I'd be the first cock to come inside of her.  She'd be nice and tight for me, that's for sure.  I got her back to my flat to look at my records.  She didn't want a drink, only a cup of tea and I nearly pissed myself laughing as I made it; she was so QUAINT!

I slipped in the Rohypnol and tried not to watch her too closely as she drank.  The drug hit her nearly straight away and she went nearly comatose.  I undressed her carefully, admiring her pretty panties and bra, and gazing at her large tits.  I was nearly drooling and I was as hard as granite.  I placed her on the bed and tied her hands behind her so they were supporting her hips and she was angled upwards.  I parted her legs and bent them, tying each shin to each thigh.  She was now completely open to me.  I rubbed her unshaven pussy and she groaned slightly, twisting in her stupor.  I slipped out of my jeans and top so I was completely nude, smiling as I viewed as my 10" cock standing at attention.  But I wanted her awake.  I stuffed a hanky in her mouth, got a glass of water and threw it in her face.  She came to with a start and immediately grasped the situation.  She started to shriek behind her gag and buck her body.

"Calm down, calm down," I crooned, stroking her body.  "Relax.  You're beautiful and I'm going to fuck you, so lie back and enjoy it."

"MMMggggghhhhh! GGGRRRRHHHHH!"

"Mandy, calm down."  I mounted her like a rutting stallion would a mare.  God, I wanted her!   She struggled and screamed.  I pinned her down with my weight and positioned myself at her entrance.  I began to push.  I met resistance because she was so dry.  I used spit and this time I slowly slid in until I met her hymen.  I felt a spurt of warm blood on my cockhead and drove myself all the way in, uncurling myself within her, until I knocked against her cervix.  I strained my butt and hips and now I was in her balls-deep.  She - was - so - fucking - TIGHT!  I luxuriated in her warmth, her cunt gripping me like a fist, and I took pleasure in the knowledge that I was the first man to make love to her.  She was so tiny and I was so huge I was frightened I'd split her apart.  It's like I was wearing her like a glove.  Still, she'd get used it, and even get to like it after a while.  I was firmly of the opinion that women were there to be fucked.  If they didn't give their consent then it was our right to take it by force.  We have our needs, after all.

I began to fuck her hard, my balls slapping against her arse and her tits jiggling with every thrust.  

"UUUggghhh!    Uuuuggghhh!" she grunted as I pumped hard between her thighs.  It was so beautiful I wondered why I'd never raped before.  I knew one thing, she certainly wouldn't be my last.  I planned to have any woman I pleased in future and too fucking bad if they didn't like it.  With each lunge I'd draw back until I was almost out and then drive in again as hard as I could with all ten inches of my love tool.  I could feel her cunt stretching and straining to accommodate me.  I was certain she'd never be as tight again.  I was really opening her up.  I squeezed and sucked on her squishy tits, then fucked her kneeling up, drawing up her butt to a fantastic angle, my fingers up her arse.  She eventually gave up struggling.  There was really no point because she could barely move an inch.  I paused, and remaining inside of her, I untied her legs and put them on my shoulders, bending them back so they were each side of her head.  For five minutes I made love to her, pumping as mercilessly and persistently as a piston in a factory machine.  I never let up for a moment.  She was bleeding quite heavily now; it was quite possible I'd damaged her insides, but to be frank, I didn't care.  Her muscles clenched and unclenched, rippling around my erect cock and squeezing my throbbing cockhead until I thought I'd go mad.

"You know, you should be grateful," I panted, straining between her legs.  "I find you irresistible - you should be flattered."  I opened her legs as wide as I could because I knew I was close now.  My balls grew hot and my prick started to throb.  Just a little longer.  I roared as I emptied my balls into her, then collapsed onto her, sweating, trembling, satisfied with the perfect fuck.  

"MMMMMMGGGGGHHHHH!"  she bellowed.

She was trying to be sick and I was frightened she was going to choke.  I went to remove her gag.  "You scream and I'll rape you with my fist."  I clenched my hand and held it in front of her face.  She watched me with frightened eyes.  "Understand."

"MMggrrhh," she groaned, nodding.  I took off her gag and she threw up on the floor.

"Don't worry," I said, good-naturedly.  Nothing could annoy me now.  How could it when she'd given me her perfect body?

"Water," she gasped.  "Give me water - my throat's burning!"

I got her a glass and tipped it to her lips.  She gulped ferociously and then spluttered.

"Careful," I laughed.

"Why?"  she murmured.  "Why?"

"I'd have thought that was obvious.  I wanted to fuck you.  You're pretty hot, you know.  I had to pop your cherry."

I let her go, then.  I had other women to rape now after all.  I wanted virgins and she was no good to me now.  I had no qualms of conscience of using her and then discarding her like a snotty tissue.  She was distraught, trembling and sobbing as if her heart would break.  She'd wet herself and I cleaned up her slit and legs.  I didn't mind the piss and vomit.  A nice girl like her was bound to react like this.  I decided that I hadn't wanted her to enjoy it, after all.  I wanted her to struggle and scream - it made it all the more delicious.  I helped her dress and sent her on her way.  Now I knew that all us men were cavemen at heart.


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Re: Mandy and I go on a Date (m/f, 1st)
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2017, 09:25:59 PM »
Nicely done!  Even rapists has to have a first time.  Well written story. Very enjoyable.

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Re: Mandy and I go on a Date (m/f, 1st)
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2017, 11:02:02 AM »
Oh, somehow I missed this one. I also like the take on it being his first rape. I hope you'll join us again, enigma60.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Re: Mandy and I go on a Date (m/f, 1st)
« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2017, 12:14:51 PM »
A perfect sum up- A virgin rapes a virgin, two cherries torn by one act!. Want to read more continuing adventures into virgin land by him! Great first post enigma60 earns you a merit!