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Harm's Way Vol. 9 ©
« on: April 15, 2017, 07:38:35 PM »

Volume  9
(A Special Thanks To My Editor-In-Chief: Archon1980)

   “Roll Over.”   
   “Good Girl.”

   This was Roxy’s life for the next two and a half weeks, learning all the new positions Ms. Ro- her mommy spent many meticulous hours teaching…well beating into her.

   The lock on the door became her wakeup call, having become a much lighter sleeper as the penalty for not being in the ‘up’ position when mommy arrives is 10 lashes with the cane. The dirt that was caked on thick, marked with streaks where the tears trailed cutting a path to her chin.  **CLICK CLICK**

   Roxy stirred. Was that the lock? She wasn’t entirely sure but as the door to the room opened, she scrambled from her cage to the middle of the room. Checking her form, knees wide, chin up, chest pushed forward.  She trembled in fear, but the sounds of sneakers on the floor confused her, it had been nearly a month since Roxy had laid eyes on anyone other than her captor.

   There was a gasp of shock as Candace saw what had become of Roxy.  Candace herself went through the process of letting go of her old life and ‘adjusting’ to the expectations her Mistress had placed on her.  However, at no time was she ever left in this condition… Candace’s eyes trailed up and down the girl she once recognized. Roxy isn’t sure exactly what the rules of behavior are as it pertains to anyone other than Ms….Mommy. “Oh my gah-” Candace said covering her mouth, the condition of Roxy was almost scary she had no idea her Mistress was capable of this.  Val was out of town for what was going on the third day, the trip came rather unexpectedly, and while Candace knew, or at least suspected that Roxy was staying at Val’s residence, she never suspected...this.  She’d received a list of things and specific instructions earlier in the day. She was to buy a bucket, soap, sponges, shampoo, a white T-shirt, a brush, snacks and flip flops.  As far as Candace knew these were all things that Val had intended to use on her or even possibly Madame Tourville, who was becoming a recurring pain in the ass.  It wasn’t until later then a key arrived with instructions that Candace realized these things were for Roxy…or what was left of her.

   Val’s instructions were simple, find her, clean her, feed her, clothe her, leave her.  There wasn’t much room for interpretation, but as Candace watched young Roxy statuesque and unwavering on her knees she made her way to the girl.  “Roxy?” Candace said sitting the bucket and all its contents on the ground next to her. “Roxanne?”

   Candace’s words garnered no response, as for weeks, Roxy was taught only to respond to Pet Cho (if Mommy was in a good mood),  and fuckhole (if she was not).  While Roxy certainly recognized her own name, she had to fight back tears as she wasn’t sure if this was just another in a long line of tests that Val had put her through; each more confusing than the last but the punishments all the same: beatings, sodomy or having Val thrust what Roxy was forced to refer to as Mommy’s perfect cock, down her throat.  None of the options were all that appealing, although Roxy had learned how to survive each.

   The beatings required a vacant mind, she would simply allow her thoughts to drift between focus forcing strikes to her back, chest, legs, ass or worse her privates.  She’d do her best to push the pain away and get back to drifting.  Her cries did nothing but spur more abuse.  However at some point, even her façade would break and the sobs of pain could no longer be avoided.  Sodomy however required focus, Roxy found that the more she struggled the more pain she had to endure, in her quiet moments in the dark, she would practice relaxing her asshole, in preparation for things being repeatedly rammed inside of it.  The most damage however was always done when Mommy was inside her mouth.  Once there Val would frequently thrust as far as she could, and Roxy, usually with her hands, and sometimes body bound , would have no recourse.  Multiple times she'd passed out, puked on herself or both.  Roxy began to dread the mornings, as that was when Mommy loved to put it in her mouth.  Passing out was the worst, as it left Roxy even less personal time, as by the time she would come to, Mommy would already be back for “lunch.”

   Lunch was another bowl of what Roxy had come to know as slop, if she was lucky, there would be none of Mommy’s cream in it…she usually wasn’t lucky, but learned to choke it down all the same.  Dinners were special, in the since that there was usually a meat and veggie, and Mommy would spend the bulk of evening (if she was in a good mood) tending to any new cuts, or bruises, and gingerly petting Roxy.  If Roxy had been especially good she would be allowed to stand and eat, but those times were rare as she was still yet to make it through a proper sodomy without crying.

   “ROXANNE XI CHO!” Candace shouted, snapping Roxy from her thoughts.  Her full name seemed to do the trick.  Roxy finally broke, silent tears running down her cheeks. Before she collapsed to the floor sobbing, Candace rushed to her side, “Roxy –it-” Candace stops herself, a platitude like ‘its going to be okay’ feels so hollow, mostly because it is given the girl in front of her. Candace isn’t exactly sure what the protocol is for a situation like this, she'd found herself under Val’s thumb partially out of stupidity and partially out of curiosity.  Sure, she’d bitten off remarkably more than she could chew but she was also content, and always sexually satiated, she’d hoped one day to be more to Val than a warm place to empty her balls between class periods but, as she took stock of Roxy, she began to wonder if that side of Val could even exist.  Now Candace had made a brash decision before but what came out of her mouth next surprised both of them. “Let’s go.”

   Roxy shakes her head stubbornly “No, no, no, no, no, no, noooo.” She replies scampering back toward her cage. “Mommy will know, Mommy will find out. I’m a good girl, yes, I’m a very good girl.” Her hands now wrapped around the bars of the cage that she has put between herself and Candace.

   Candace watched in disbelief.  Roxy, the sweet girl she knew, that she assumed Val would maybe molest, but never anything this extreme especially so soon. She wasn’t sure how to gain Roxy’s trust but she had to try. Kneeling down next to the cage she smiled, at Roxy though as her mind begins to piece together the girl’s timeline Candace begins to realize its entirely possible that Val had orchestrated all of this from the very beginning.

   “Are you hungry Roxanne?”  Candace asked to a blank stare.

   “Not Roxanne,” she softly whines. “Never Roxanne, o-only Pet-Cho”

   “O-okay, P-pet-Cho, would you umm… would you like some food?” She watched Roxy intently.  She quietly nodded.  Candace scrambled back to the bucket she'd left bringing back chocolate covered pretzels, “Here, here ya go.” She says as she hands the small bag through the bars. Roxy took it and quickly opened it, stuffing multiple pretzels into her mouth at once.  “W-when was the last time you ate?”

   Roxy shrugged as she stuffed the rest of the preztels into her mouth, literally devouring everything but the bag from her tiny cage. She handed the empty bag back through the bars with a smile, it was the first one she’d been able to flash in almost a month.  “Would it be okay if, if we um got you clean?” Candace asked. Roxy thought about it, its been almost two weeks since Mommy ‘cleaned’ her, which consisted of dumping a bucket of soapy water followed by frigid cold water on top of Roxy, and leaving the room.  It wasn’t her favorite activity but she nodded anyway, as the grime on her arms and legs had began to build up.  Roxy nods, and Candace smiles, “Okay lets get you clean.” The next hour was spent cleaning the thick and extensive layer of grit from Roxy, underneath it all her soft beauty began to come back.  As Candace placed clothes on her for the first time in weeks Roxy started to actually relax, a tender “Thank you,” each time Candace did any little thing for her.

   It took some coaxing but after Roxy was as dressed as she could be in a white T-shirt that barely covered her rear and white flip flops, Candace was finally able to convince Roxy that they had to go.  Although, admittedly, Candace herself didn’t quite have a plan for where they would go, who they could tell or really what to do next but she knew she couldn’t let Roxy spend another moment here.  She helped Roxy to her feet and guided her across the room, since the day she'd arrived, she’d never made it more than half way to the door, usually a chain, leash or Val herself kept the very idea of escape half a world away. But as her hand touched the heavy steel door, she allowed herself to believe for the first time in awhile, that she may actually get to be free.

   “Okay, we’re going to go to my car.  I’m going to take you to…to the police, I guess,” Candace stammered, knowing this meant she will end up having to probably pay for her part in this entire mess.  It doesn’t matter, she thought to herself, she had to make this right, she unlocked the door, opening it wide.  “Let’s go before-

   Val’s hand gripped Candace’s throat.  At the very sight of Val, Roxy scrambled back to her cage terrified of any possible ramifications.  In no time flat, Val had marched a struggling Candace to the wall opposite the door.  Candace’s hands pry at Val’s fingers but her grip is firm, absolute. “After everything I’ve done for you, everything I’ve given you. This is how you thank me?” Val snarled.  Roxy had seen her this mad only once before, and the beating she suffered for it she still hasn’t forgotten. Candace can only gag and sputter out a few sounds as Val squeezed tighter, the lack of air sending her to her knees.  “It’s my fault really, I assumed you could be trusted with something this simple.”  Val dragged Candace by her throat to the toy wall, with one hand active and Candace slowly fading.  Val pins Candace to the wall slapping a pair of handcuffs on her wrists.  “You will pay for this. But first.” Her attention turns to Roxy, “First you.”

   Roxy’s eyes were big, filled with fear.  If she could hide she would've. If she could run away, she would've.  But neither was possible, all she could do was huddle in her cage.  As Val released Candace, she drops to the ground. Her skirt falls around her waist revealing the chastity belt Val had left her in from the night before. Val  made her way to the cage, Roxy pleaded as the sounds of Val’s heels get closer.

   “Mommy, please I didn’t want to go I SWEAR!” Roxy whimpered.  “I- I, She – she said that you wanted me to go, and and, and…I’m so sorry I don’t want to run away.” Roxy pointed from her cage at Candace who is still recovering and gasping for air. “She wanted to take me but I didn’t want to go.”

   “Shhhhhh-shhhhh, it’s okay my pet.” Val replied. Somewhat to the surprise of Roxy, she used 'pet', not 'fuckhole' or 'cumpuppet', just 'pet'.  Val gently ushered Roxy from her cage standing her up, again to Roxy’s bemusement.  “You have been nothing but a perfect little Pet for me, which is why today you get a big reward.  Val watched as the tear-streaked face turns from sour to joyous.  The thought that she wouldn’t suffer a beating for Candace’s actions were cause for jubilation.  Val pulled her pet into a warm embrace; it is the most affection Roxy had ever received from Val. She lingered there in her arms, it felt nice, almost enough to counteract the violence, rape and abuse she’d suffered for weeks.  Val hands slide to Roxy’s beautiful cheeks “I love you Pet.” She softly says.

   “What!?” Candace shrieks.  Val never breaks eye contact with Roxy.  “YOU CAN’T LOVE HER!” She screamed, working her way to her knees.  “She’s done nothing, I’ve done EVERYTHING.” Candace gasps and shakes her head, “EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER ASKED!” she shouted as she looks at Roxy receiving the affection that she’s been trying to acquire  for years.

   “Everything except this,” Val said, still looking deep into Roxy’s eyes, Roxy was putty in her hands.   After weeks of breaking her down, watching her psyche try desperately to cling onto any small ray of hope and watching all of that melt away when she found out she was loved, Val knew she could literally do anything to her Pet and she’d be loyal forever. “Let me show you your reward.”  Val helped Roxy up guiding her by the hand, the same hands that were usually the source of torment for Roxy now felt soft and tender. Val makes her way with Roxy to the exit of the room. Unlocking the door she looks back at Candace, “You’ll want to see this too.” She says as the exited leaving the door for wide for Candace to follow.  With some effort Candace finally makes her way to her feet and scampers out, hands still bound behind her back.

   As Val leads, Roxy’s eyes adjusted to light, brighter than the dim bulbs of the previous room. Her free hand covered her face until the light, normalized, as her hand comes down, she see a beautiful room, bright pink walls, a bed an actual bed Roxy thought to herself.  The dresser had been painted pink and white, a big beautiful mirror, and an armoire filled with pink, white and purple clothes that looked like they would maybe fit someone a bit smaller than herself, but as this was the first time she’d even seen clothes that could be for her she decided not to mention it.  Tears filled her eyes as she scurried from one spot in the room to the next, this was unquestionably an upgrade from her previous living condition.  However as Candace made her way in her face drops in horror.  While this was perfection in Roxy’s eyes, Candace recognized it as a carbon copy (in different colors because she hates pink,) of the room she’d been assigned by Val years ago after all of this started.

   Candace walked in and Val watched, both girls, teary eyed with so much to say but not sure how to say it walk through the room experiencing wildly different emotions.  “You can’t.” Is all Candace managed to get out of her mouth as Val closed and locked the door placing the key in her bra.

   “I have,” she replied before turning her attention to Roxy, “Come here little Pet.” She says softly. Roxy scampered over with no hesitation, Val planted a long passionate kiss on her forehead, “Are you happy with your surprise?” Val asks.

   “Yes Mommy,” Roxy said grinning from ear to ear.
   “That’s excellent my sweet Pet.  Mommy wants to be happy too, do you know what would make Mommy happy?” Val asked.  Roxy shook her head 'no'.  “Let’s see if you can figure it out.” Val says looking over at Candace who is watching appaled by the situation. “Up.” Val says softly.

   Roxy never hesitated, remembering all her training and not wanting to lose this new room she quickly got to her knees, opened her mouth wide, eyes straight ahead.  Her back bowed pressing her budding nipples to attention at the front of her T-shirt that was already hugging every inch of her body.  Her knees parted, giving Val total access in whatever way she desired.  “Good little pet,' Val said.  Val’s hands reach down lifting her skirt which Candace had noticed was beginning to lift on its own already.  Tucking it into her waistband, she placed both hands on Roxy’s head, watching her little eyes cross as they followed the head of Val’s cock until it landed between her lips.  She knew to open as wide as she could otherwise her teeth would touch which would mean 10 extra lashes the next day.  Her little tongue slides out just touching Val’s balls as the head of Val’s cock presses its way down her throat.  The soft whimpers Candace was making as she watched aligned perfectly with the harsh gagging sounds Roxy was emitting.  Val took a few long strokes smiling horribly at Candace who just shakes her head looking away.

   “I loved you,” Candace said softly, “Why are you doing this?” she whimpered unable to wipe the tears that were streaming down her face.

   Val grunted as she gripped the little head in front of her pelvis tightly taking four hard strokes.  Roxy never flinches as her gag reflex is triggered, chocolate colored spit flies from her mouth as she fights to avoid puking on Mommy, as that would lead to another 20 extra lashes tomorrow.  Roxy’s hands never moved from her lap as Val’s aggression picks up.  “You see,” she says addressing Candace, “This is what obedience looks like,” She again pushes to the back of Roxy’s throat, the young girl never fought it and simply accepts that fact that she can’t breathe.  Her body begins to spasm as Val pulls out she gasped for air, tears rolling down her face but never shying away.  “This right here!” Val say as she leaned down kissing her Pet on the forehead again.  “Not all of your incessant crying, or begging, this is love you stupid cunt.”

   “That’s control, not love you’ve brainwashed her.” Candace shouted, stepping toward Val aggressively, forgetting she had no way of defending herself. Val responds with a quick shot to Candace’s exposed ribs, sending her crashing across the bed.

   “What a wonderful idea Candace,” Val says pulling a dazed Roxy up as well, laying her across the bed.  Traditionally Roxy knew this position meant Val would be sticking it in her bum.  It was sure to be painful, but Roxy began trying to relax her little hole as much as possible right away. However Val had other ideas.  “You see Candace, love is giving me your everything, every last inch of you. I was saving this for something special but, why not today? Right?”  Val smiles as her right hand pushes down on Candace’s back as she lays next to Roxy, both of her little sluts at her mercy.  “Pet-Cho, do you love Mommy?”

   Roxy nodded, still trying to prep herself.

   “Mommy wants to hear you say it, look at Candace and tell her you love Mommy.” Candace looked over as Roxy makes eye contact.

   “I love Mommy very much,” Roxy said blankly as though her mind wasn’t really aware of what she’s doing.

   “Do you love Mommy enough to give her your virginity?” The words truly meant nothing to Roxy but Candace realized what’s about to happen even if the young girl next to her doesn’t.  But before she can protest Roxy replies-
   “Yes Mommy,” she says staring at Candace the whole time.

   “Good,” Val says with a smile, one hand still holding Candace to the twin bed with the pink and white blanket, her other hand guiding her cock. She kicks Roxy’s legs wide and Candace watches the expression of the vacant, naïve girl changed as she grits her teeth, Val’s cock already lubricated from a thorough facefucking very little effort is required as she pops the head into Roxy who lays motionless.

   Candace silently cried as she heard Roxy begin to moan in pained“Oh Candace good news, this is her hymen, Roxy tell Candace what this is.” Val commanded.

   “This is my hy-UGHHH” Roxy moaned as Val slams with all her might ripping through Roxy’s maidenhead. It felt like all the air was just sucked from the room.  This wasn’t where Val normally put her cock, Roxy thought, this hurt different, new, all over again like the fist time it was terrible but Roxy knew the punishment for trying to remove Val’s cock before she was done would be an additional 50 lashes tomorrow.  So there she lay her insides feeling like they are mangled by Val’s cock once again.

   “Correction, that was her hymen.”  Val enjoyed the soft moans of pain through gritted teeth as she hardly required hands to fuck Roxy.  Val had waited for such a long time to take her Pet’s tight little cherry, and she wasn’t disappointed.  She couldn’t be sure if the perfection of tightness came from all of Roxy’s wincing and gritting trying her level best not to disappoint or if it was just the most magical place on earth but either way, she truly didn’t care.   “Pet, tell Candace that you little pussy is the best thing I’ve ever felt.”

   “C-can-owww.” Roxy’s did well keeping herself silent as Mommy didn’t like a lot of screaming, however once given permission to speak, the pain she was silently stuffing down quickly became audible.  “Candace, Mommy sa-ahhhh-says-“ The pain becomes dizzying for a moment as Val places her full length inside hitting Roxy’s cervix in the process.  “Mommy says my p-pussy is the tightest thing everrrrr-oooohh ugh.”
   Val hadn’t been home for 3 days, which normally wouldn’t be an issue but the conference she would be attending had kept her busy basically 24/7.  There was barely time for lunch much less to sneak away to run one out, so after three days of frustration she expected to come home to a cleaned slave she could be and sodomize and finish by filling her little tummy with loads of cum.  However Candace ruined all that.  Regardless, the issue still remained that Val was ready to explode as soon as she walked in the door, making Roxy's sublime little box both a gift and a curse.  As she had intended for this to last a little longer.

   Her more primal side took over; one hand gripped tightly to Roxy’s hips to aid in each visceral thrust, the other hand was 3 fingers deep in Candace’s ass.  Val intended to get a manicure tomorrow so she felt no remorse about digging her nails into Candace’s more tender spot especially given her recent loss of trust.

   As the two girls moaned helplessly in concert, it was all just too much for Val, ripping her hand out from Candace she grips Roxy’s hips –


   She screamed as she impales a now squealing Roxy 5 times in sync with each word just before painting her ravaged hole white. Val’s body is rigid and still as he cock spasms sending more and more of herself into Roxy. The room is silent.  Candace breaks it with her desperate whimpers.  Something would eventually have to be done about her.  However, this moment, these few second left of post orgasm high, were perfect. 

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Re: Harm's Way Vol. 9 ©
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Bubbles, thanks so much for this story. So hot. I am rock hard, thanks to you. I love your work.

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Re: Harm's Way Vol. 9 ©
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Bubbles, thanks so much for this story. So hot. I am rock hard, thanks to you. I love your work.

My pleasure, working on #10 now
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Re: Harm's Way Vol. 9 ©
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OH Yeah!  That is HOT!!
It's what they're FOR! 
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