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Author Topic: Hot wife rape story  (Read 254340 times)
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« on: August 27, 2007, 03:21:38 AM »

Written by a friend.  He asked that it be deleted and reposted without his name.

Here is another story of my wifes rape.  Gang Rape and anal.  Thanks Emily for the help as always.   

What can I say, my marriage was coming to an end.  My wife of ten years and I have been at each others throat for some time.  She has had fantasies of fucking other men, while I have had fantasies of other men raping my beautiful wife.  We both know of each others fantasies, and for the longest time we acted each others fantasies out.  I had always wanted to have anal sex with my wife, but she considered this disgusting, and refused me this special moment. Thing started to get out of hand with our sexual fantasy, and we both became mad at each other.  This was part of the reason I think things started going bad.  It has been a month since we last slept together, which lead me to believe she had been getting fucked by another man.

Today is her birthday, and traditionally we go out to dinner, and then to a bar.  I always planned for her birthday, and she always planned for mine.  We had decided to go ahead with the plans, even though we were talking divorce.  It was m job to plan where we were eating, and then which bar we would visit.  I was planning on fucking my wife tonight, so I knew I would need to get her drunk.

She was getting ready, and I just watched her undress in the bathroom. I am obsessed with her panties, and watching her take her pretty white panties off that she had worn last night got me hard.  I admired her beautiful tanned body, her hairless pussy, and her tight little ass.  She has sexy natural titts, size 34b, GOD I wanted her so bad.  I wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck the shit out of her.  She got into the shower and the water was running, I had already showered and was ready for the evening.  I walked into the bathroom, and grabbed her dirty white panties, I smelled them and the aroma was strong.  Her pussy smells so good, I just wanted to beat off in those panties, but I figured they might come in handy later on that evening. I placed them into my pants pocket.

She got out of the shower, and I walked up behind her and wrapped my hands around her, grabbing both titts, and rubbing my dick up against her ass.  I have always done this to her, and normally this was returned with a little love of her own.  But not since our fighting, and tonight was no different.

She said, "Let me go, don't think your getting any tonight."  She was cold as ever, and I knew that this was the end of our marriage.  I walked out as she got dressed, and I went out to the garage.  I started thinking about how to fuck her one more time, should I put something in her drink, should I just get drunk, and rape her when we get home and blame it on the alcohol.    Fuck no, that bitch deserves a good old rape, by a stranger and with me watching or joining in.  I was hard about the thought of planning how to get my wife rapped.. When she walked out into the garage.  I could not help but stare at how beautiful she was, she had on a short denim jean skirt, that showed off her tanned legs so nicely.  She had on a pair of sandals, and her toes looked so sexy, I could suck on them right now.  She was wearing a purple low cut tank top sweater that showed a lot of her cleavage.  She had her hair down, and it is shoulder length.  She has brown hair, and brown eyes, but she wears colored contact lens, and tonight she had green eyes.  I opened the door for her and she bent down, of course teasing me and allowed me to see her purple thong.  I was so hard, I walked up behind her and pressed my dick into her ass, and grabbed her hips.

She pushed back and said. "Your going to miss this aren't you."

I replied, "Yes, are you sure we can't make love tonight?"

She gave me a dirty look, and said, "No way."

I was pissed and I was going to have her one way or another.

Dinner was nice, I took her to a fancy Italian restaurant, but she was still cold, and we had very little conversation.  We both had a few drinks with dinner, and just sat their looking at each other.

She then said, "Lets go to the bar and get this over with."

We left, I drove us to the bar, this was not the nice social dance club type bar that we normally go to.  I decided to get what I wanted out of this.  I pulled up to the bar, and it was called Cellars.  She looked at me and said, "You got to be kidding me."

I told her, "Give it a chance, I heard it is a good bar."  Really I heard it was a rough bar, bikers and red necks. A place women did not go, and a place a man would never take his wife to.  We walked in and all eyes went to my beautiful wife.  She was so uncomfterable, she looked at me and said, "Lets go, Please lets go."  She was begging to leave, I knew this was going to be good.

I said, "Lets just have a drink and then we will leave."  I spotted two rough looking guys sitting near and empty table.  They looked as if they might have just gotten out of prison.  I purposely sat next to them.  They eyes were glued onto my wife?s body and her legs.  I made her sit facing them, and when she sat down, I think they might have seen up her skirt.  My dick was so hard.  I knew the men in her want to rape her.  She was the only female in the entire bar, and she was so scared.  All her trust was in me, the man she wants to be divorced from.  I could over hear the two men's conversation, which luckily she couldn't.  I overheard the one guy, who was bald and had a beard, and was covered in tattoos say to his buddy:

"Man I would love to rape that little piece of ass."

The other guy, who was fat, with long hair and a beard said,  "Hell yeah, man I bet I could make her scream."

Just then the bald guy got up and said he had to piss.  I looked at my scared wife, and said I got to pee, I'll be right back.

She looked at me and said, "Hurry!"  With a look of fear.

Once inside the bathroom, I found the bald guy standing at the urinal.  I looked at him and he looked up at me.

I then said, "So you want to rape my wife?"

Bald Guy, "Man, we are just talking shit dude.  Your wife is hot that is all. We did not mean nothing by it?"

I said, "I said don't be a pussy now, you already said you want to rape her?"

Bald Guy, "Fuck you man,"

I said, "Wait, I want to know do you really want to rape her." As I throw him her dirty white panties that I had taken from the bathroom floor.

Bald Guy, "What is this?"

I said, "They are hers, and I want to know if your serious about what you said."

He looked at me with a puzzled look as he lifted the crotch of her panties to his nose.

Bald Guy, "Are these really hers?"

I said, "Yes, she wore them last night and today before she showered. Keep them, now do you really want to rape her?"

Bald Guy: Smelling the panties again "Man, if your wife taste as good as she smells, I would love to rape her, but I don?t want to go to jail. Been there already.  Besides what do you have in mind?"

I told him about everything, I told him I wanted her raped hard, but not in the ass, that was mine for the taking. I told him that she would never go to the police, and besides she has acted out rape scenes with me before, and she even once agreed to let me have a friend rape her.  But that was all before the divorce stuff started.

Bald Guy, "Yes, but if I am doing this, it is my way and how I want it."

I agreed he told me to drive down Grove Lane, a 10 mile stretch of groves. It was very dark no street lights, and no one ever drove down this road.  He wanted me to act like my car broke down around the 5 mile mark.  He wanted me to talk her into staying with the car, as I would go get help.  Him and his friend would pull up behind our car and drag her out and rape her in the groves.  I could walk into the groves and watch as they raped her.  They would drive their truck into the groves and rape her in the head lights of the truck.

I was so excited that I agreed with out really thinking about what could happen.

I walked back out to where she was sitting, she was so scared, and said I want to go.  What took you so long.  I told her dinner did not sit well and we could leave.  I grabbed my cell phone with out her knowing about it and turned it off.  I already knew she did not bring hers, it was still on the kitchen table when we left.

We got in and we left this crappy bar, I told her sorry about that bar it was shitty, and she laughed and agreed. She said, when I was in the bathroom, the men would not leave her alone.  She said she was so scared.  I asked her if she was wet, knowing all those men in the bar wanted to rape her.  She just said, "I am lucky that none of them tried it."  With that I passed the 5 mile mark, and I turned off the key with out her noticing. The vehicle came to a quick stop.  I got out in opened the hood, I unconnected a few wires, and new the vehicle would not start now, I got back in and tried starting the vehicle and it would not turn over. I acted like I was pissed.

She asked me if I had my phone, which I told her no, did you bring yours.  She said no.  I was pissed again and started yelling fuck.  I told her look, you stay here with the car, and I will go get help.  It will take me about an hour its over 5 miles to a closest phone.  She said I ain't walking 5 miles, I'll wait here.

I gave her a kiss and walked off.  When I was out of site, from her I back tracked through the groves.  I heard a big truck pull up and I could make out two guys getting out of the truck.  I then saw my wife get out, and she told them that the car broke down and her husband went to get help.  The bald guy said we can help, but it will cost you.  I saw him unzip his pants, and I heard my wife say get the fuck away from me, as the big fat guy backhanded my wife as hard as he could.  She just fell to the ground and her skirt flew up showing her beautiful ass.

She started crying and was trying to crawl, when I heard the bald guy ask her:

"You ever been raped by two men before?"  The fat guy grabbed her hair as I could tell she was crying hard now.  I thought I could see a little blood from the corner of her mouth were she was hit.  The fat guy picked her up like a sack of potates and walked deep into the groves with her.  The bald guy drove the truck behind them, with the head lights on.  I could see everything now as the headlights were so bright.  I followed them deeper into the groves.  Once there, the bald guy got out and grabbed her arms as she was lying face up in the dirt.  The fat guy ripped her sweater open like it was a piece of paper, and then he tore off her bra with one swipe.  I could see her lying in the dirt, with no top on, her breast were in the open for all to see, and her nipples were rock hard from the cool night air.  She was crying so hard, I could see the rise and fall of her chest.  She looked so fucking hot in the headlights.  The bald guy just held her arms as the fat guy sucked on her titts. He then tore off her skirt and pulled down her thong.  He smelled her thong and said damn it smells like them other panties as he layed down and started eating her out.  Just then the bald guy still holding her hands took out the white panties and held them to her face.

"Are these yours?"  She looked at them and she knew they were hers, and she thought these guys broke into her house and had planned this rape. GOD where was her husband, she needed him now.

The bald guy then said: "Your husband gave these to us and told us to rape you, but he was going to rape your ass tonight with us."  Just then another truck drove up and three more guys got out.

"Well well boys what do we have here.  That is one fucking beautiful women."  We all raping her?"

Bald Guy, "Yep, her husband gave her up, he said we could rape her pussy, but he got her ass.  I don't think so, something this beautiful, I think we all are raping that virgin ass together boys, and her husband better not come out of he is dead."

I just sat up next to a tree, what have I done, as I watch my wife being held down complete naked.  The bald guy held her down with her arms above head, the fat guy got undressed.  I could see his dick in the headlights, and he was much larger then I was.  He got down in between her legs and I got so excited as I knew he was about to enter my wife dry. Oh how I wanted this, I wanted to see her raped for so long and it was about to happen I just sat back and pulled out my own dick, which was harder then ever before. With that he rammed it into her.  I watched as she fought and her beautiful legs kicked as he gave it to her.  She screamed and cried it almost sounded like a wild animal was being slaughtered. He raped her harder then I had ever fucked her, I could tell this guy knew how to inflict pain and was a pro.  He raped her for a long time, she finially just layed there and took it, she still cried, but she was no longer fighting it.  If you could on see her in the head lights, her tanned legs spread wide with this fat ass guy raping my wife and his tongue all over her breast as his buddy holds her hands and arms tight above her head as the other guys cheered and drank beer.

After a while I could tell he was coming in her, I also knew she was not on the pill as I was forced to wear a condom last time I did fuck her.  He pulled out and the bald guy let go of her arms.  Her hands went right to her sore pussy.  The bald guy got undressed and moved her hands and he entered her abused pussy.

This time no one held her arms she just put her hands over her face and cried as her next rapist took over.  I was loving it, this was the hottest thing I had ever seen.  A part of me was sick to my stomach, but my dick and thoughts were so excited.  The bitch deserved this, she was getting broken in.  I stoped beating off, because I wanted to save it for what I knew was going to happen soon.

The bald guy did not last long, I figured her hot ass crying body was more then he could handle and he came inside of her as well.

I heard her beg "NO MORE, PLEASE NO MORE."  With that she was once turned over face down into the dirt one guy took each arm and stretched her out wide then two guys grabbed each leg and pulled wide apart.

Her ass looked so fucking hot in the headlights I knew it was about to happen.  I was so pissed it was not me taking it. But I wanted her to feel this pain and humiliation. If she would have only had anal sex with me like I wanted.

A different guy from the second truck started to get undress, I heard the fat guy say,

"Show this bitch and her dumb ass husband who is watching how you took care of the guys in prison."

With that he bent down near her ass, I moved around quitely to the front were I could see her face.  Her eyes were wide, and she knew what was about to happen. He spit on his hand and rubbed his cock with it, and bent down and whispered in her ear.

"Here comes your first ass fucking and its an anal rape baby."

As he drove his dick deep into her ass, she screamed and tears rolled down her face.  He laughed and said,

"We got blood guys as he drove into her deeper, she cried and screamed as her anal cherry was taken.  My dick was out and I was beating  off with his rhythm.  OH how I came as he raped my beautiful wife's ass for what seemed like hours.  She almost looked dead after a while.

After they all used her and fucked her in ever hole, they got into the trucks and left.  I ran out and checked her, she was lying there crying. Thank god she was alive.

I looked at her beautiful red, bloody ass hole, and knew I had to.  I got naked and gently stuck my dick into her ass. I had anal sex with my wife finally after all these years.  I whispered in her ear it will be ok now as I laughed and continued to fuck my wifes ass.

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« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2007, 08:11:26 PM »

A very hot story!  Thanks for the post Emily and the author.
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