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Grendel's Tales
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Grendel's Tales
The stories I have written

Long Works ... in small bites.
All of these are or will be novel length but posted in small digestible bits ... most of them are incomplete, yet, but also none of them has been abandoned.  All of this work will be in the extreme section.  Both How I Snuffed Your Mother and Masochistic Princess of Mars are complete ... the latter has not been totally posted here.

A Masochistic Princess of Mars  A line by line rewrite/extension of the classic Princess of Mars by ERB which is now in the public domain.  John Carter and Dejah Thoris are both quite different in this than the original.  MF, Mf, FF, Ff, sn, tor, inc, alien, best.

Four Sigma  The story of a man on his dream vacation.  First person.  In addition to the usual themes this one also has some mind control in it.  Again some W/S for dominance sake and racial epithets.  This bastard is the nastiest of my protagonists so if you don't like it rough this is not for you.   OTOH it does start sort of slow ... so you might try the first one and see if you like the bastard.

An Affair to Die For  This is co-written by bedeyes and so contains more truly consensual sexual violence than is usual.  Written first person with multiple POV.  Includes adultery, incest, rape, slavery, torture, and murder ... and, as I implied, more romance, and consensual and semi-consensual snuffs than are usual in my work.  It takes place in the Sigma Partnership universe but farther into the future.  Oh, and it is currently a work in progress ... but enjoyable none the less I hope.

How I Snuffed Your Mother  Written with bedeyes.  My/our first Club Murgatroyd story, probably not the last.  This one finishes at nine updates!  MF, Mf, FF, mF, mf, Incest, BDSM, SC and C snuff, hanging, other asphyxia, impaling, drowning, electrocution, beheading, poison.

Albert Dandler University: The World of Harmony Gardner  This contains two stories "Harmony Gardner and the Very Long Day"  and "Harmony Gardner on the Deathly Gallows"  The first has only part 1 done.  The second is complete except for the last 4 epilogues.  It is pretty much what you think it is, written in the 3rd person with knowledge of characters thoughts.  And these are definitely NOT the characters or universe of a very rich author who is much more talented than I.  Contains magic, snuff, sex (all variations save M/M) , D/s, torture, body modification, incest, and again some water sports.  The functional misogyny in  this one in particular is mitigated by the guys' (well everyone but Don ... but he is an ass) understanding of how awesome the ladies are and like Le Affair it actually contains some romantic elements.

Snuff Sex Survivor, Season Six - A Changing World (2069) Story by Grendel   Snuff Sex Survivor is be a long multi-chapter tale that will contain sex (all possible variations, type, numbers, gender, and orientation or at least that's what I'm shooting for), BDSM and torture (whipping, tit and nipple torture for sure also other stuff yet undetermined), rape and gang rape, and snuff (NC, SC and C female and some male as well, unusual for me), sexual slavery (only C so far, but we'll see), misogyny (by only SOME of the male characters this time, again unusual for me, and I'm not sure it will work) and incest (tons and tons in multiple variations) ... eventually also some bestiality just for fun.

Short Works
What it says ... again I think everything I post here will probably wind up in the extreme section.

A Serious Error Two versions: Both very rough, NC, rape, preg, viol, w/s, snuff -- one version ends in hanging and the other in getting beaten to death with a baseball bat

Olympic Dreams A tale of the 2012 Olympics in London.  This story is essentially a consensual hanging but in the build up there are other types of asphyxia carried to unconsciousness, one true NC scene, and mentions of semi-consensual and non-consensual sex and death.  MF, S&M, CON, SC, NC, SN

Shenna Does Porn A very brutal tale of torture and snuff written for cookinwithshenna.  In fact its probably the most brutal thing I have written to date.  Still, I enjoyed writing it and she likes it and that is what counts.  Con/Semi-con, EXTREME torture, brutal degrading sex, W/S, brain fucking, cunt torture.  There is also some mention of under age sex in the context of Shenna's past and of victims who's deaths are not explicitly shown. 

Dawn is in Bed  A relatively straightforward tale of the making of a snuff flick in the Club Murgatroyd universe.  It is the subject that makes it hot.  Rape and torture of course, also asphyxia ... strangling, hanging, choking.

BDSM Blind Date Surpise  A sort of love story in the Club Murgatroyd universe ... consensual, incest, under age sex, BDSM, humiliation, inter racial, torture, snuff, canibalism ... I am not sure whether to call it romance or love at first sight which is not quite the same thing.

Epiphany: A Changing World Story 2065 MF Mf mf mg sn rp tor nc sc c inc?  A young man takes advantage of his college summer break to visit the family of his HS sweetheart and clean up some loose ends ... so to speak.  Asphyxia (manual, bagging, hogtie) and lots of knife work of various flavors.     

A Snuffmas Carol: A Changed World Story 2143 Written with bedeyes.  MF, Mf, Mg, FF, Ff, Fg, mF, Inc, inter, uateen, w/s, tor, rough.  A young woman is taught the value of consensual snuff in a single night by visiting spirits.  Incest, w/s, cons, preggo, brutal, tit torture, asphyxia, saw, decapitation, neck breaking, stabbing, electrocution, poison.  Very, VERY rough!!       

Second Degree Gang Activity: A Changed World Story: 2261 Special authorized double appearance by jennyisrons.  A girl, her mother and many of her sisters are brutally executed because they did not realize that the eldest two daughters had become criminals and thus did not turn them in.  Snuff, Rape, torture, brutality, mutilation, humiliation, misogyny, degradation, bestiality, incest, sex with under age females, water sports.  I think that is everything ....     

The Citizen Wakes: Changed World, Mon 5 Aug 2402 MF Mf Mg Ff Fg FF sn tor uateen  An older man frozen in death wakes to a new young body ... a totally different world than the one he 'died' in.

The Citizen Feels Death: Changed World, Tue 6 - Fri 9 Aug 2402 MF Mf Mg Ffg sn uateen NC  The Citizen continues to learn about his new world, plans his near term future, and as preparation for becoming a full Citizen gets to feel ... and enjoy a tween cunt dying while impaled on his cock.
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