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Author Topic: To Capture a Frogwoman - Part One A (this completes THIS chapter)  (Read 682 times)

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« on: January 10, 2017, 10:34:02 AM »

Terry's bedroom August 14, 2012 10:30 PM

Hand in hand the two female lovers glided into the master bedroom. Now at the foot of the bed the two lesbians stood in front of each other and drank in each others hot beauty. The air was electric with passion and lesbian desire, gently the women edged closer toward each other their hands wrapping around the other's waist. Tena couldn't contain her desire and now held her lover's lips close to hers.  Deep moist, passionate kisses began to flow freely, as their serpent-like tongues merged, slid and slithered up and over the others.
The officer trembled as she felt her lover cupping her pendulous full breasts and heartily began to suck and swallow as much of the lusheous left mammary gland as Terry could.

Gentle moans of a quickening tempest began to slowly fill the lovely women's mouths and seething desires were quenched with slow deep kisses, gentle smiles.  Tena gasped for she was now in unbridled extasy.  Now both were were fully nude and in each others hands they silkily glided over to the huge inviting bed to continue their explorations of joy and lust.  Reaching the bed, they climbed up onto it on all fours, crawling to the head of the bed.  They now wrapped the other in their arms, and kissed deeply, savagely, hungrily.
“Terry you kiss like a pro, you're such an artist, and the best fucking lover I've been able to catch in a long time”

“Sorry Tena” (Terry whispered to her consort) “I bet to differ, for it was I who caught you, and believe you me I ain't letting go of you – EVER, understand?!”
Tena was a little concerned when she heard this but she let it pass.  Quickly and without warning Terry dominantly push Tena against the soft bed and ordered her new girlfriend, to spread her legs so that she could rape her with Terry's tongue.  The young woman cooperated.  Soon Tena again moaned for her lovers tongue which was like the tip of a serpent, giving her cunt the pleasuring sensations that the young woman so desperately needed to have.  She could hear Terry sucking and slurping at her womanly petals, and soon sensations of joyful sexual lust flooded her brain.  Electric currents of eros stimulated nerve endings which shot into her brain, causing the officer to gasp and bite her lip gently
Terry was a skilled assaulter and she stormed the barricade of the young woman's labial entrances, seething and sliding in, using her fingers to encircle the tiny bud of her clitoris, as she savoured the little pearl slowly and very gently..  The sensations forced Tena to wrap her strong legs tightly around her new girlfriend, bringing her closer and closer to her vulva.  Terry liked her head being trapped between the others thighs, and did not resist for a moment.

Terry drank in the cunt aromas that flowed out of the young women still feminine, and douched, but enough muskiness to make her smell warm and inviting.  She surfaced from her muff dive and eager came to the other lips and kissed the deeply.  Their hot, moist tongues again merged in the dance of lesbian mating joy.  Slightly she finished by gently biting and holding Tena's lower lip in between her teeth.  Now she went on to conquer the exquisite monds of her glorious breasts, her areolas and her rubbery soft nipples.
The young navy officer rolled her eyes, bite her lip and licked her lower lip as eros zones came to life and Terry's skilled tongue and teeth went to work savaging the other woman's mamaries.  She could take no more and quickly Tena rose and got into a sitting position in front of the deadly Scuba Goddess.  Now she was the agressor, the asserter of of lust .  She kissed Terry, and savoured the huge casabas that she sported.  Her warm mouth hungrily devoured the lusheous tit flesh of the former navy Frogwoman.
“OOOHHHH my little disciple (Terry hissed) you are skilled aren't you”

The other woman nodded and both now kissed and merged lips and tongues yet again in a symphony of hot steamy passion.  They rubbed their lovely breasts together with nipples touching nipples and Tena grabbing Terry's brass nipple-ring in her teeth and gently tugging at it.  This caused a gasp from the Frogwoman, with only minor discomfort.

“ I meant it Terry R-A-P-E ME!  Please make me YOUR WHORE, your SLUT, your BITCH.  I WANT TO BE YOUR BITCH TERRY – BRAND ME AS YOUR WHORE!”

Tena screamed savagely and gently Terry took the young woman's cheek in her hand.  She now warned the young woman that there would be a price to pay for getting involved with the likes of her new lover.  She was generous, she was loving, and fiercely protective, but in turn she demanded a lot from her lovers, both male and female, and she would take nothing less.  The younger woman nodded, and as she did so, Terry warned her, that if she wanted to be “Branded” that she better grit her teeth and told her close.  She told Tena to close her eyes and bring Terry close to her body which she did.

She felt a warm kiss, gentle licking of her left breast.  In seconds a bloodcurdling scream filled the room as Terry, who had taken as much of the other woman's tit flesh in her mouth, had now savagely bit hungrily down of the soft pliant mammary with all the force she could muster.  Tena gasped and was relieved when the bit force eased off.  In shock she saw that she was well and truly “branded” by the other Hot Lesbian.  Tena looked in horror and the major hicky love vampire bite which Terry marked her with.

Now ever more surprising was what followed, Terry savagely slapped her hard across the face and just as quickly and passionately, brought her close to her face and deeply kissed her and craddled her gently in her arms, as the other woman's eyes started to well up.

“Darling, W-W-Why did you do that, I-I-I want to give myself to you”
“SHHHHHHH, my lover, my precious gift (Terry cooed), YOU DO belong to me now, as I do to YOU lover. You are, MY LOVER, MY WHORE, MY SLUT, MY PLAYTHING – MY PAWN!”  Do you understand that I will now need key bits of information on an NCO who ruined my life?  Will you be willing to help me with these?”

“O-O-Okay, but what will you need, and when?”

“That will be answered sooooon enough my darling, but now I have to make up my evil act to you. (She took a very big diamond ring from a black velvet box on the night table.  Gently she opened it and placed it on Tena's wedding finger)

“The wedding ring was once going to be given to MY daughter as her wedding present, when she got back from Afghanistan.”

Terry now broke down and wept profusely, Tena still in shock took the other woman and gingerly held her close to the others breast.  Terry shuddered and quaked deeply.  She tried to tell the story, what parts of it she could, were horrendous.  Her daughter's convoy was shot up pretty bad on a routine patrol. and so was the armoured ambulance that her daughter was the lead medic in.  When it got hit by an RPG, the crew scrambled to get the wounded out and transfer them to another vehicle.  They were hopelessly outnumbered and all of them were cut down, but the worst was not that Terry's daughter had been killed, they were unable to retrieve her body right away.

When a heavier column did go back days later.   They found their bodies had been propped up on wooden boards.  Some had been beheaded.  As Terry tried to recount tears filled her eyes, and angrily she hung onto to her lover's gentle touch and she continued.  Her body had been stripped of everything except her pants and boots, yet to show their utter contempt toward female warriors they didn't have the decency to do up her pants.  There was a sign hanging from her neck.  She'd been informed by her daughter's CO, that the word was scrawled out in Arabic  on the same kind of wood that the other defiled soldiers had been nailed to.  The closest English word that this translated to was  “CUNT”.  The stone-cold deadly Frogwoman, now cried and sobbed horrendously.  Terry did everything for years and years to bury this horrific memory, and KEEP it locked deep in the vaults of her psyche, but finally all the pain, loss and anger came coursing out in torrents of sadness and grief.  The young officer was well aware of the savage brutality of these subhuman criminals, but this story left her crying too.  Tena kissed her gently, comforted her with all the skill of one woman could to another.

      “Darling, please look at me, (the other whispered, as softly as a butterflies wings).  You ARE NOT ALONE!  If you want me I will be here for however long you wish to be my lover – and one day maybe something “more”. Look I can sort of understand why you hate this woman.   I may not agree with whatever it is that you are plotting against her but whatever intel, I can give you, that doesn't discredit the service - and won't land me in front of a firing squad, I'll do my best to get it for you - Love you!"

Terry kissed her deeply as she wiped the tears from her eyes and promised she would never, ever raise her hand against her.  Tena then continued to heal Terry with her body, with slow gentle waves of love.  Gradually the women took turns mounting each other, as Terry's pain was now replaced by exquisite extasy and lesbian bliss.  Bodies quacked and shuddered, undulating in volcanic plateau and seething passionate release.  The moist petals of their labias kissed and rubbed together, mouths fed on breasts and nipples again, and again in a fevered sea of lovemaking nirvana.  Screams of electric bliss and commitment, were met with deep seething kisses, gentle strokes . Energy was expended violently and continuously, but even their stamina could not stop exhaustion.  Darkness embraced their eyes and a deep heavy and healing sleep took both the lovers. When Terry awoke, she was relieved to see that her new lover's were  still wrapped around  her body.  Terry was truly never more happy than she was now, and barring the ugliness that she felt toward Jena, Terry vowed to never cause Tena any of that same kind of grief.
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« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2017, 05:48:25 PM »

Hot story! loved the hickey on the breast :)  Perfect way to end the chapter too.   Kudos.

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