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Author Topic: The ATF Agent's Ordeal  (Read 2606 times)

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« on: January 10, 2017, 08:26:32 AM »

Agent Jean Rice  had been in plenty of deadly situations, in her day, but none quite as dangerous as this.  As she gazed at her underwater pressure gauge, she noticed that she had only about 15 minutes of air left, before she would have to surface and or  abandon her mission. Trouble is, Jean wasn't that kind of woman.  When the agency approached her to go under deep cover to locate and shut down an illegal “Cryo-meth” lab as well as the white slaver shop, she knew she was in for some vile and depraved action.  She had remember when she was younger the agency had her posing as a high class hotel hooker, that was tough enough, but this mission – well she had real doubts about.

Sure she could handle danger and she could deal with difficult situations, but running out of air, underneath an Taiwanese supply ship, was not how she wanted to leave this world.   Her  agency needed to get all the information they could on the white slaver ring and the Cryo-meth facility that was operating on this vessel, but what they didn't mention to her was that she would get no official help form the Level 1's or M5.  This sucked the major big one, and considering they hadn't even given her all the bells and whistle gadgets that would have been wonderful to do the job, she was pretty much “On her own”.  Lucky for Jean the ship was moored for now, which made it easy to plant the limpit homing device underneath the hull.  This part of the mission done, she made a controlled, but quick swim to the surface.  Checking her compass she had to swim a few yards  toward the rear of the vessel.  On the surface she got her bearings and noticed the the ship's gantry ladder which she silently swam over to, being constantly on guard for armed sentries and trip alarms.  She had no BCD so she had to bob up and down in the water, while she removed  her black dive fins and hooking them to her weightbelt.   The sexy Frogwoman  now grabbed the first rung of the ladder and started the perilous forty foot climb up the rear of the massive ship.

Agent Jean was an amazing looking fuck of a woman.  She had the chiselled body of an athelete and the sex skills of a Class A Slut Queen.  Her climb was nerve wracking,  but she finally got to the top. Quickly she stopped and listened for approaching guards and maybe sentry dogs.  Luck was really with her so far, as there were no signs of any males or dogs - bonus.  

Thank fuck for small mercies she thought, as she used the giant shipping containers to give her the needed cover to conceal her from spotlights and roving patrols.  Quickly she removed her single dive tank, and then used a large waterproof tarp to conceal it from prying eyes.  Jean played it safe and  left her fins and mask on in case she'd have to make a quick dive off the ship.  The containers made excellent cover but she still had to run the length of a football field to get to the crews quarters and engine room area.  

The run wasn't the problem – getting caught would be, and her smoking hot looks would then be a curse for her.  Now her heart beat faster and she tried not to image getting caught, but part of her was imagining the dangerous thrill if she was.

“Oh fuck, I wonder how many guys are on this MFng ship?". Intel stupidly told me 20, but judging by the look of the superstructure it might be more like 100 or MORE!  More than 100 men, she thought – fuck my cunt would really be pounded senseless if I did get caught”  

The gorgeous Frogwoman Slut, licked the cherry chapstick from her lips, and she now had a lucid dream about being slammed against one of the cargo contrainers – of being surround by brutally angry men, with seething rage and lust toward women.  In her lucid fantasy, she imagined rough, powerful hands holding her in place as she heard the sound of her wetsuit - slowly - being unzipped as men grabbed for her ripe tits and savagely squeezed, grobbed and savagely bit and kissed them.  She shook her head and tried to get the exciting and depraved fantasy out of her skull.  Still thought..

She finished whispering to herself and secretly hoped that she would be caught and gang raped brutally.  A smile of sheer lust filled her mind and the fantasy warmed her shivering bare legs, because like on most underwater scuba missions Jean wanted men to see and be transfixed by  her gorgeous legs – this was like a distraction, and it had saved her on plenty of situations where the men were less good looking.   Taking a look from her hiding spot, she saw that she still had to run a dozen yards to get to the superstructure.  We no one in sight she ran wildly and finally made it to the hatch.  It was slightly ajar, and she stopped to listen if there were any men nearby.  Jean was going in blind to find a needle in a haystack, first the 120 Gig memory stick and proof that the ship was also operating as a white slaver ship.  Taking a big risk she opened the door.  STILL no one in sight!  She now took another gamble, running to the stairs and stopped immediately. She listened for movement: again,  no sounds of men or footsteps – perfect.  Quickly she scurried down the metal steps luckily her wet suit boots cushioned most of the sound.  Now another corridor, and finally she saw another open door, hopefully this would be the one.  She remembered from other missions where she was nothing but a Fuck Toy for a bunch of officers, that the Captain's cabin was up near the bridge.

She crouched down, but couldn't see anything through the narrow slit of the hatch.  No voices, could be heard, that was  a plus.  Jean couldn't risk getting spotted in the corridor, and took the chance of opening the hatch quickly and hiding behind the heavy metal door.  As she crouched in the darkness of the cabin, she got the uneasy feeling that she had been made.  

Sure enough as the though escaped her mind, she suddenly felt her whole body being yanked upward as a powerful force had grabbed her by the weightbelt and used this against her and  just as quickly her head was slammed violently into the heavy bulkhead door twice in rapid succession. The wetsuit's rubber hood cushioned the blow somewhat but not enough for her liking.   Waves of pain and nausea simultaneously attacked her brain, and in the darkness she could her an angry male  voice demanding that the other occupants switch on the lights.  As the cabin lights suddenly and blindingly came on, her smoking hot body was violently spun around, and a large beefy hand began to chock her.

“HMMMMMM looky what we got boys, now are you a scuba cunt or a scuba cock”

said a deep Jamaican voice. Jean didn't speak.

Judging by those pretty cock-sucker lips, those gorgeous swimmer's legs and the massive tits underneath your wetsuit – I'm guessing “Scuba W-H-O-R-E”.  

The man spat the phrase out, and whispered the last word, which agent Jean had heard many times in her life, being sure to enunciate the “W” so that she knew exactly what they thought of her.   The one word summed up, what she was to them, and probably to every man on the crew.  Slut,  Whore, Cunt, Fuck-Toy, Fuck Meat, Prostie, Bitch, Twat, Love Doll, Fuck-Doll, Cum Dumpster, Semen Demon, Fuck Bag.  She could see it in their eyes, and even her tight rubber wet suit left nothing to their perverse desires and lusts.  Her heart was beating a mile a minute, and she was afraid they could even smell the fear in her pheromones.  Still dazed  she felt another hand reaching for her wetsuit hood and pulling it roughly from her head, where her hair and a short braided ponytail now were exposed to their hungering desires.  The silent man smiled.
She swallowed audibly, and as she did the men got up close into her personal space and began to take long wiffs of her womanly scents.  The two bigger, uglier oafs smiled, and one had already taken the liberty of pinning her arms behind her back, violently and tightly securing her slender wrists with hand-cuffs.  The two brutes ran their disgusting tongues in long vile strokes from her chin to her earlobes. They grinned at each other and silently mouthed the word “Mermaid”. To which they both laughed sickeningly at.

The short fat Asian, man in the same cabin, got on his knees and easily forced her powerful legs open.  As he did so,  he then  brought his nostrils very close to the crotch piece of her rubber wet suit, and drank in her rutting femine, cuntal scent.  “Delicious” he whispered to himself as he now began to chew at the rubber fabric with his teeth, while simultaneously, gently running his index finger of his right hand, along the edges of the beaver-patch where the rubber stopped and her waxed pelvis started.

“MMMM BBBBBB Barnabus, what say we “unwrap” the little mermaid and make her happy”

The Fat, sleazy Asian said in a disgusting, grotesque voice.

“Think not Wally, this diver whore is for the captain's interrogation and amusement:  But that doesn't mean that the three of us can't all get  in on a little deep-throat action from this gorgeous bitch, does it now?”  

He questioned them and the two other dispicable men began to get out of their jockey shorts and bring their slowly inflating serpents close to her face.  Jean did everything in her power not to offend these perverts, but their stench was vile.  She though any minute she'd hurl, so she bit her lip, and used her “Trapped female victim” voice.  She pleaded with them, begged them not to humiliate her in this fashion.


Angrily, the Darker man stopped, ordered his mates to hold their prisoner, on her knees. The men both nodded.   Quickly the larger oaf, walked over to his bunk, reached underneath the mattress of the top bed and pulled out something shiny, black and metallic.  Just as quickly he came back, cocked the action of the weapon and rammed the business end of his pistol into the soft flesh of her Jean's jaw.  He glowered at her, and whispered, vile epitets to her warning her that if she didn't start behaving like a compliant, cooperative whore, they would break her neck right there in the cabin, cut the wetsuit from her gorgeous body, and keep raping her dead flesh, till the heat ran out of her, and then they would do it again, and again, until they all got their fill of Fuck Meat!
Stonily he glared and the young, hot female ATF agent and asked her if he'd made himself clear to her.

 Sheepishly the gorgeous Brunette nodded her compliance.  With her wrists, now hand-cuffed behind her back, he again went right up to her and warned her that if she even entertained a single though about biting down on any of their dongs, that they would take the dive knife strapped to her upper right thigh and swiftly slit her throat.  Once again  the men got VERY, VERY close to her mouth and demanded she open wide.  Slowly, again trying not to concentrate on their disgusting smells, she began allowing each of the now bloated dongs to enter her warm moist mouth.  Growls of male lust, and pleasure filled the small room.  Eyes rolled upwards in their sockets and they licked their lips, savoring the amazing fellatio skills of the hot Scub Twat, that was now, on her knees, worshipping their stiff serpents with her beautiful, young and very  skilled mouth, tongue and lips.

 The Asian said that it was a shame that she was a damned Fed, cause with her whore talents she would have been better at  being a hooker.  The men laugh viciously.   She used long lusheous strokes on their blood-filled members and felt as they each used their big powerful hands to hold her head, in place  Up and down they bobbed her head and controlled exactly the kind of speed, or intensity of the blow job they wanted.  Periodically they would roughly que her, by “more tongue” “more suction” slower, faster etc.  If she spent too much time on one man's dong, she received a hard slap.  She tried working feverishly, going from penis to penis, so that she could bring them all off quickly and then they could take her to the captain, whom she hoped was a civil and decent guy.  

They used her hair to guide where her head was to go next.  Soon their offensive odour wasn't as bad and she sucked each of them hard, changing the level of suction she was using.  It seemed like endless minutes had gone by, and she had no idea how long she'd been giving head, but these brutes had a lot of stamina.  The only way she knew if she was succeeding was as the intensity of their pelvic thrusts increased.  The Darker bull had had the longest cock, and soon he was at the point of plateau.  Wildly now, like a crazed bull he violently slammed into the back of Jean's hot, inviting throat.  He could feel his balls, priming to explode their hot semen into her inviting mouth, and now she eagerly complied with their writing lusts.  

The big Jamaican dong-monster tried to clench his PC muscles more, tried to grit his teeth,  but to no avail.  Involuntary body movements cannot be stopped, and when he realized that the inevitable was coming, he smiled savagely as his thick, waxy fluid, came slamming out of the tiny tubules of his testicles with angry volcanic fury.  Before he came he angrily grabbed her head, and held it over his exploding cock.  With vice like fingers digging into her throat, he ordered the captured Scuba Bitch not to move or breath.  She tried breathing through her nostrils, but his grip was like a mad vice, and instantly Jean could feel the hot, salty male essence of CUM shoot down her throat.  He demanded that the young ATF babe now drink every drop of his waxy sap.  He warned her he would cheerfully kill her if she failed and to this she agreed and her whole head nodded up and down to let him know,  Just that.  Hungrily, greedily the “Whore” inside Jean drank the precious spurtings of hot fluid.  Feverishly she went from dong to dong, to make sure that each man got his fill of her exquisite mouth. She may not have liked what was going on, but she was still a woman and believed strongly that every man deserved an amazing blow job.

She knew that soon she would have to go before a captain, on whom she had no intel, a man who just as cheerfully slit her throat and throw her overboard for the sharks.  She had to think, had to figure out another way out of this trap.  The men wanted her cunt, it was obvious to her, they were disgusting, but they were still men and she was going to treat them as such.  On her knees before them she used her mouth as their cunt toy.  It was not long now and the groans of release now started to come more freely.

The big mans cock juice was very thick and salty, but the other two were not as memorable to the young woman.  Soon they too reached climax and ejaculated all over her face and wet suit.  They quickly undid the hand-cuffs and began to kiss her.  She was passed from man to man like a party favour. Their rough unshaven faces scratched her delicate features.  All the sex was driving her wild and now she too wanted her share of a good fuck.  She wimpered and pleaded with the strong brutes to take her.  She studied rape in university and college, and she realized that this was the perfect gang rape ration.  3 powerful (though ugly) bulls with 3 reasonably good cocks, and one skilled slut, with an equal number of hot, inviting fuck holes to satisfy 3, plundering, raping penises.

They told her that she would next be passed to the captain so he could whore with her.   She then begged them to each eat her cunt out.  She angrily and feverishly ordered them to unclasp the rubber beaver-patch of her dive jacket.  Hungrily they too complied with her wishes, they spread her magnificent, fit thighs, soon the small piece of rubber fell backward near her hot, tight ass.  Unfortunately only two men could savage her cunt, at a time and now she felt the electricity of her cunt being lite on fire as skilled male tongues devoured her pre-cum fluid as it dripped out of her love tunnel.  She grabbed each of their heads and wildly slammed their faces into her vulva and her feminine slit.

Jean bucked and writhed savagely as the men kissed her thighs and left deep hickies on them as well.  She growled savagely like a Tigress in heat, and switched up her tongue toys often every couple of minutes.  She now confided in their skilled though, not so handsome lovers, that she was in fact on a mission.  A very important mission.  They were now beginning to have serious doubts about turning their hot little fuck prize over to a bunch of ungrateful officers, whom they knew would likely not share her again, and they wanted no part of this, of being denied sex with this amazing Whore Goddess.

Jean was a skilled lover, but she also knew how to sway men.  She'd always been skilled at that, so when the big Jamaican, “Barnabus” asked her what she needed, she licked her lips and said, that the her agency had gotten wind of intel that many women were being captured and sold into slavery, but also that large shipments of crated automatic weapons were being ripped off, from key U.N. Units then being diverted to scheduled countries and then sold on the black market.  If that was the case, none of the crews were getting their share of women or kick-backs from the arms sales. They periodically removed their tongues from her lovely cunt flower, to pass the information to her, then just as eagerly returned their tongues to continue licking the delicious salty skin folds and make savage cunnilingus to the ever eager ATF women.  

They whispered to her that she was probably going to need to get into the captains quarters to get the large memory stick. Barring that it would be directly on his person, in a uniform pocket or someplace like that.  He told her that none of the three here were fans of Captain Brice.  He was dangerous, and didn't take care about his men.  Jean now knew what she needed to do.  She knew there were 3 other massive cargo ships, full of eager, frustrated and horny stallions all of who wanted – and needed to get their rocks off.  Quickly the hot young Frogwomen's mind went outside of the box and and lept  into the next phase of her plan.

The Delicious, Fit woman, now went into “Slut-mode”  Standing up in front of them, she demanded to know how much liberty they all had, and if there was any way they could drug the senior officers, and get the memory stick.  The three knew their were others who were good pick-pockets, one or two who could brew up some knock-out gas, that was odorless and invisible.  Good she cooed to herself.  Standing up, she got into the middle of the room and asked if the mattresses could be moved off the bunks and onto the floors.

Instantly devilish smiles formed on the faces of the men and Jean cast a face of pure mirth and evil.

“Boys, boys, I REALLY need your help, and uh if you do this for me...”

 (Jean coily spread her lightly muscled legs, so that they could get a really good look at her inviting snatch, and racing stripe pubes that were directly on top of it – next she skillfully removed her cumbersome weightbelt and tossed it onto the top mattress with only a slight “ding” could be  heard from the impact of the lead weights)

“. . . then I would be VERY, VERY grateful.  See guys I have NEEDS, and they don't go away” and they are like an annoying itch   (as she spoke she slowly unzipped the heavy zipper of her vintage wetsuit).  I need LOTS, AND LOTS of men, doesn't matter as long as they can be rough with me and give my dirty little cunt the pounding it needs than all the better.  As she got to the last rung in the zipper, she opened the rubber dive top, and out tumbled her secret weapons, her exquisite full, ripe, delicious, juicy,  tits!.

She hefted them like the master promoter she was.  Bringing them to her lips she greedily licked her nipples and aerolas saying:

“So boys, am I GOOD enough to eat?  Am I 'SLUT' enough for you guys!?  Am I “WHORE” enough for you COCK MONSTERS?!  See it's like this boys, I crave sex, I crave and WORSHIP COCK!  Cock is my drug of choice.  I'm nothing but a gang fuck addict!  I'm a depraved slut who enjoys being pinned against a walls by rough hands.  I revel in my big tits being roughly slapped and struck by a man's hand, having men bit down hard on my titties and brand me as their fuck-toy, their PET, their Live Action Cunt Figure.   I love drowning in men and their hot, NASTY goo.

Yes boys I love it when you scream vile obscenities in my ears, and bite down hard on the sweet rubbery candy that are my nipples.  Oh Barnabus there is something you failed to tell me,  isn't there.  I know for a FACT, that there are at least FOUR massive cargo ships, each carrying an ample supply of my favourite food – COCK! There is “The Gigantor” the  “ The Leviathan”, “The Iron Stallion” and lastly “The Whale-Shark”.  Get me that memory stick, and the means to knock out your stupid petty officers, and ALL the vile depraved rapings, gang rapings and bondage to satisfy my hungering soul for at least 3 months, and I will return to each of your ships as their  “Ships Whore”.  Shackle me in the engine room naked – I'd cheerfully welcome that fate.

The men couldn't take anymore.  Their DONGS were once again FULL to bursting with fresh blood, and deep inside their balls, new batches of CUM was being brewed ready to quench Jean's seething lust.  She opened her arms as her hard looking lovers, now gave the hot diver the raping she deserved and wanted.  Once again her wrists were cuffed behind her and Barnabus fittingly put a dog collar around the hot woman's neck.  Jean licked her lips and demanded that her quivering holes be satisfied,  No sooner had her order been heard, she bit down hard as the silent (and the ugliest male in the group), wildly grabbed the small ponytail at the back of her head and savagely yanked her head backward, while simultaneously,  driving his stiff rod deep into her tight, narrow rectum.

The Asian scooched underneath, the gorgous cock slut of a woman and within seconds Jeans heat and raw lust were coating Wally's nice sized cock in her womanly oils of pleasure.  Wallys strong, course hands now hung onto the young Scuba Slut's smooth creamy hips .  He enjoyed the velvet gripe of her cunt cavern and it brought more of the Asian into her awaiting love hole.  Jean moaned and quacked, and Barnabus' stiff cock cannon was was again driving his meat deep into Jean's compliant, eager whore mouth.  They changed positions frequently to enjoy the ride that was Jean's perfect body.  

Men sucked on her tits and branded her with deep bites to her lusheous mammary flesh. They did brand her as their animal: Their Cunt, Their Whore, Their Eager, Wonderful, Precious Fuck-Toy.  And the most important thing about toys is, to treat them with adoration and love, and to use them over and over.  The steady rhythm of bucking, writhing, pummeling Penises, and hips and pussy, made their own sweet symphony of hunger and lust.  Slow low growls, were followed by intense wild slamming and sobbing moans of unbridled unquenchable release and dong and cuntal juices freely flowed from all of them. She was covered and baptized in their cum and lust and the men felt Jean's cunt, squirt copious streams of her feminine cum onto their faces and hips and penises.  Over and over they came and re-fucked and re-raped their prize and she like the amzing skilled whore, she was did everything humanly possible to safisfy her brutish male bulls, but in the end exhaustion took them all, and Jean remembered darkness washing over her.

When Jean came to, she had no idea how many hours the four of them had been fucking and cumming.  When she saw a note scrawled on a piece of paper, pinned to the bed.  It warned Jean to stay hidden, till the men returned.  Cleverly she got underneath the lower bunk and stayed there. As the door opened, Jean kept still, till she heard it was Wally who said that the gas was now in small cylinders with timers that would go off in the officers ward room, at approximately 7:00 pm (their supper)

There would be no sentries on duty as all the men were eager to get back at the Captain for his dishonesty.  It turns out that the intel about women being kidnapped could not be proven, so Jean had to declare part of her mission, a flop.  As the two talked Barnabus came in and passed off what looked like the memory stick.  Wow she thought.  She put it in a small ziplock back and placed it inside the zippered special pocket of her wet suit.  Thank fuck that was done, now came the big thing – the officers.  The plan was that once they were unconscious they would be stripped secured in the beds in sick bay and heavily sedated.  

The MO was going to give them a far fetched story that they'd all contracted radiation sickness from contaminated vodka from supplies in Chernobyl.  This would put them out of commission for at least a month, which was fine since it would take that long for the ships to get overhauled and back out to see.

Jean then demanded that Barnabus tell her about the plans for her “other fee” (which was a boon to both parties).  As he was about to tell her, the door swung open, but Jean did not have any time to hide.  The tall younger chap who stepped in saw Jean with nothing but a towel wrapped around her body, and he demanded to Wally that he wanted to see what the “Bitch”  looked like.  The tall kid didn't wait for an answer from the Asian.  Angrily he grabbed her towel and wretched it from her lithe body.  He said something in Russian and before any of them could translate,  he grabbed the gorgeous slut and threw her naked over his shoulder.  Dropping his towel off with Jean demanding he tell her where the fuck they were going – all the kid said in his worst Russian was “Shuwr”.

The other males went quickly after them because they didn't want the jig to be up too quickly or for the officers to get wind of an illegal woman on board.  They followed Yuri for quite some time, till he got to another hatch, which led to the engineers' shower room.  It was hot and steamy, and the sound of water misting caused steam to be heavy and thick in the the fairly big room.  He plunked Jean onto the hot wet floor and in seconds out of the mist dozens of other men where coming toward the kneeling woman.  Yuri re-appeared with what looked like a shower pillow, just as Jean was now surrounded by another group of well hung cock monsters.  She couldn't believe her amazing luck: captured then forced to fellatio a bunch of ugly guys, then fucked senseless for hours, and then managing to influence one of the men to turn sides and get her key information which she now had.

She noticed that while a lot of the men looked like they were from the Med, others looked harder as though they were Russian or East European.  She thanked Yuri for the pillow and figured it was for her knees, because judging by the number of bulls in the pen, she was going to be doing a lot more milking.  Eagerly she motioned the men to encircle her.  Jean was a slut who could get things done, the dongs she was now milking were easily in the nine inch range so things were looking up, even if the UGH factor was still in play.

She knew how to milk cock.  She would take a nice hanging fruit, suck and savor it and gently biting and licking each of the men's hairy love eggs, all the while she bounced her tits up and down so that the men waiting to sucking could suck on her massive tits.  Hands explored her and probed her rectum while other men scootched under her cunt and began giving her cunnilingus.  With both her hands milking the bulls and her mouth sucking and savoring the salty male essence of cum and pre-cum, moans of male lust filled the steamy room.  She lost count of how many she brought to climate but her reward was being decorated with spent ejaculate, all over her tits and face.  Jean craved penises and did'nt want her violations to end.  Not now – Not EVER!

Without warning another brute of an ogre now grabbed her and like a rag doll flung her over his shoulder.  She was carried into another area of  the steam room, where no less than 60 men were enjoying the heat, near the back of this was a small, square swimming pool, going over to this, he threw her into the hot inviting water.  It was a feeding frenzy and before she could protest, men forced her head underwater and stared angrily at her,  seconds past and Jean tried to push them off her, to surface.  As Jean came close to passing out they pushed her head to the surface, barely giving her time to catch her breath.  They repeated this over and over for almost twenty times till Jean was physically unable to fight these men off, and collapsed onto the hard cedar floor of the steam room mini pool area..

Someone else was now slapping her hard on the face and demanding she wake up.  Jean was brought back with the horrendous smell of amonia salts and almost hurled from the over stimulation.  Barely conscious now she was carried into another room of the steam bath area and in the middle of the room a metal contraption with bars, chains, shackles and wrist restraint,  S&M furniture was awaiting her.

“So you want to be gang raped and gang fucked that's perfect WHORE, we're glad to accommodate you, but mark my words you dirty little slut, you mouth off or beg us to stop at any time during this when were enjoying your cunt, and  we'll fucking kill understand little Slut?!.  Jean told them she would be their complaint whore and take whatever they dished out for her.

Seconds later, multiple pairs of hands were forcing her to the floor where her hands were now secured by mens' knees resting on her wrists.  Now the men watched slowly masturbating their stiff cocks, some of the men squatted near her others formed a line.  The screams of mens' anger and lusts filled the room, they egged each other on, as one after another after another, multiple stiff men forced her legs apart, rammed their cocks deep and angrily into her craving, squirting flesh. Her screams met theirs in extasy.

 For hours she was again used as a CUM DUMBSTER WHORE..  She felt their lust, their frustration and anger at her being a woman.  They both loved and hated her for being the amazing Whore Goddess she was.  Each of the men was now doing his best to ejaculate deep inside her cunt, hoping that in time the hot Frogwoman whore would be impregnated.

Now Jean was warned again to accommodate and cooperate and be a compliant whore. Each of the men demanded that Jean wrap her gorgeous legs around the small of their backs and each time Jean heard their anger and rage as they came, and shot cum into her.  The gang raping went on for hours sometimes she would be hand-cuffed to a pillar where men angrily rode her. They slapped her, kissed her bit her.  At one point a bunch of men forced her to put on her diving gear again, they took her to the shower room where no less than forty men encircled her wet suited form and peed on her.  She was then dragged away before she could think and then forced to shower.  No sooner did the men towel her off, she was then blind folded and taken to the very room where the S&M restraining furniture was.

She was carried over to the device and again secured to the exciting and scary contraption.  Hands shackled, legs shackled and a ring-gag forced into her mouth.  Men took pictures and videos and now began to either drift to another part of the ship or join in on the rape party of the captured diver woman.  There were now two separate and distinct lines of men one line for her cunt, the other for her ass.  Nothing but jeers and wolf whistles could be heard.  From both ends men would approach her restrained for and grab hold of her as they slowly at first began to fuck her, as minutes turned into half hours a buzzer sounded and the next men in the rape relays would have their go on her.  They whispered dirty nasty things to her. They asked if she was having fun and they would slap or bite, or lick or grab her tits.  

Some men treated her decent but one mane drove his knee into her pelvis, just to watch her buckle over from excruciating pain .  Hours went by, yet the men, powerful, nude, many hung well, kept coming and cumming.  An endless parade of flesh and cum and sex filled her eyes and her brain, her cunt and ass were on overload, and sometimes she just passed out.  The sound of the buzzer went by, she could feel exhaustion set in and pain.  Streams of cum leaked out of both her hot tight love holes.  At one lucid session when she was still shackled to the floor, she heard whipped cream being sprayed all over her body, and the feeling of multiple tongues, licking this off, and gently or roughly biting her exquiste Whore's flesh.

Jean lost track of how many men came inside her.  When she finally passed out from exhaustion, the smelling salts were once again administered to her, and groggily she again came to.  Again she was on her back ,this time with a dirty mattress underneath her, she was position this time around, so that her legs were drawn up, but these were unshackledso that she was able to tightly wrap her lovers and ravagers with her powerful legs.  She was a Champion Slut but she begged for water, one of the men angrily walked over to her and bit her savage on her left tit and told her to shut her mouth  or they'd throw her over board.  As it was she now felt a pin prick her upper right arm, and saw a man giving her a muscle relaxant and a sedative.  Seconds later the powerful drug took effect and she passed out again.

When she came to she felt a mans lips kissing her savagely and biting her lip gently, in dazed confusion Jean's tongue merged with the males seething serpentile tongue and deep loveless kisses of hunger and throbbing gang rape joy filled her fevered brain.  He whispered to her that she was the most amazing FUCK TOY any of the ships had had in ages.  She could see another line of nude men forming and day turned into night, and the next day.  She was still their Cum Dumpster Whore Queen.  As she woke up again another man was feasting on her cunt and driving her mad with desire and lust.  Seconds later when she opened her eyes again she was surrounded by hairy nude legs and this time her hands were tied behind her back, and she noticed that she'd been covered in Cum and pee.

She felt her limp body being carried to the shower where two men held her up and washed her. Roughly toweling her off, she was again sedated, but when she woke up, it was different, because now she woke up was a nice hotel suite ,  Beside her bed table was the memory stick and beside this was a big envelope.  Curiously she opened it to see two bundled stacks of tattered money, and dozens of small pieces of paper with men's names and their phone numbers written on these.  Shaking off the grogginess, she looked at her right arm.  On it was a number written in grease paint, 3000 in quotation marks.  Holy shit, she though to herself, as she tried to get out of the soft bed, only to fall forward as her legs gave out from underneath her.

The whole mission was a blur and it wasn't until she looked at her body that she saw, just how banged up her cunt, ass and mouth and boobs were.  There were slightly visible marks of hickies and finger marks and bruising around the corners of her lips, as she looked at her cuntal lips she saw obvious bruising there too.  In the same grease pencil, and written  between her thighs were written numerous signatures, XXOOs and one major message

“You are the most amazing WHORE in the world” thanks for giving us the chance to gang fuck you sensless. XXOO
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Awesome read.  That girl knows how to get the mission done.

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