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Author Topic: Bella's Great Ape Rape  (Read 1149 times)

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« on: January 06, 2017, 06:57:24 AM »

Bella slipped, her feet flying from under her. Her ample bottom hit the cement floor, and the tray piled high with juicy steaks flipped and deposited its moist load all over her. She sat up ruefully, peeling the wet meat from her T-shirt, which was now soaked and stained in beefy juices.
"Bella, you stupid bitch, what do you think you're doing?" snarled Richard, her new boss.
"I'm sorry, sir," fussed Bella, piling the falled meats onto the tray as she knelt on the floor, dripping with animal blood. Bella loved animals, which is why she had taken the job at the zoo, but she hadn't expected to be covered in raw flesh like this. Bella was a vegetarian.
Richard enjoyed watching Bella on her knees. The uniform he made her wear, tight shorts and a tight, scoop-necked T-shirt, showed off the voluptuous brunette's curves to great advantage. And now that shirt was clinging to her upper slopes in the most enticing way. And he enjoyed seeing her flustered like this.
"Hurry up, you useless bimbo. Get Leo his lunch before he gets grumpy." It was great fun to abuse this pathetic slut, he thought. Bella was so grateful for the job she would put up with seemingly anything. Richard was determined to test what he could get away with doing to her...
Bella finally got the steaks back on the platter and got to her feet, carrying the heavy mound before her.
"Through that door," said Richard. He unlocked it and Bella proceeded into the empty cage next to Leo's.
Leo, of course, was an African lion. He was pretty old and sleepy most of the time, but still big and strong. Nobody ever went into his cage: the system was to leave his food in whichever cage he wasn't using, then open the gate between them.
Leo roared enthusiastically when he got a whiff of his lunch. Even through the bars, his powerful feline smell and the deep rumble of his voice gave Bella a sense of his power. She laid his tray down and went to the levers by the door. She had been shown how one would open her door so she could exit the cage, while the other opened the gate between Leo's cage and this one. You didn't want to get them mixed up.
Bella got them mixed up. Maybe Richard hadn't explained it very clearly. Maybe he had been too busy looking down Bella's top at her luscious jugs, or maybe he'd deliberately pointed to the wrong lever for a laugh. After all, Leo was pretty old and wouldn't be likely to hurt Bella. He'd just scare her, which would be funny.
Bella certainly was scared when she saw the gate open, saw that there was now nothing between her and this great predator of the Serengeti, now eyeing her with sleepy interest. She quickly grabbed the other lever and pulled. It wouldn't move. Richard had never bothered to explain that when the gate between the cages was open, the exit door was automatically locked: after all, you didn't want the wild jungle beast escaping.
Leo got up very slowly and wandered towards the gate, while Bella stupidly tugged at the wrong lever again and again. "Stupid Bella, stupid!" she cursed herself in an anxious whisper, having realized that she had pulled the wrong lever, but too dumb to realize she was STILL pulling the wrong lever.
Leo entered the cage with her just as Bella realized her mistake and tried the other lever. The gate slammed down behind Leo, locking him in with her. Leo sniffed his meat. Bella was just reaching for the next lever to open the exit when Leo sniffed her.
Bella squealed and backed away into the far corner. Leo apparently had liked what he smelled, and followed her. Here was something that smelled like lunch, but moved about. Very interesting...
Bella pressed herself against the bars and tried to scream.
"eep" was all that came out.
Leo nosed up to her and opened his vast, stinking mouth. A foot-length of wet, rubbery tongue extruded and wiped its way up Bella's meat-stained T-shirt. Leo licked his lips. Tasty. He licked Bella again. Her T-shirt was dragged up her stomach by his rough, sandpaper tongue, which dragged over her breasts, bouncing them out of they bra-cups. Bella whimpered some more. Leo licked again, his tongue hauling her shirt up over her head. Enjoying himself by now, Leo kept licking, as Bella lost her bra (a but chewy, Leo found) and got her head and arms tangled in her shirt.
"Look at the funny lady! She's got her ta-tas out, daddy!"
"That's right, honey. Let daddy just take a photo on his phone..."
Bella managed to get her head extracted and saw there was quite a crowd gathering.
"Help me..." she croaked, but the audience just kept taking photos and filming.
Leo licked her T-shirt right off and ate it.
Bella tried to crawl away, but Leo stopped her by clapping a huge, lazy paw down on her butt. Massive talons pierced the denim. Leo was sleepy.
As carefully as she could, Bella unzipped her shorts and started to wiggle out of them, cursing the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties. Leo was soon snoring.
Completely naked apart from her socks and trainers, Bella wriggled free of her clothing onto the dirty, cold cement. The crowd cheered. "Ssshhh!" hushed Bella. Not daring to stand, she crawled to the door, pulled the lever and exited, her public giving a rousing cheer to the sight of her bare ass, pussy lips peeking between her thighs, as she vanished from view.
"What the fuck?" asked Richard, as Bella flopped naked onto the floor, trembling in terror.
"I-I-I-I screwed up..." she sobbed.
Richard kicked her in the butt with one jackbooted foot. "Get up, you stupid slut."
Bella stood, supremely uncomfortable, trying to cover her big tits and shaved pussy with her hands.
"Hands at your sides." Bella had no choice but to obey.
"WHAT THE FUCK???" screamed Richard right in her face. "You go out and flash your titties in the lion's cage??? With families with kids around??? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, YOU STUPID CUNT?" Bella started sobbing so he gave her a good slap in the face to stop the hysterics. That felt good, so he slapped her a couple more times.
"Go bend over that chair," he said, taking off his belt.
"B-but-" began Bella, so he slapped her again. Bella bent over, sobbing softly. Her large but not overlarge bottom made a delicious target, even stained with dirt and bits of straw.
"Tell me you deserve this," snarled Richard, winding his belt around his fist a couple of times.
"I d-deserve this..."
"Because you're a stupid slut of a cunt."
"I deserve this b-because I'm a stupid slut of a c-cunt."
WHACK! Whether Bella deserved it or not is for history to judge, but she certainly got it, fifteen times, hard. It would have only been six, but the silly girl lost count several times, which meant naturally Richard had to start all over again. This seemed to make him cross, so that he beat her even harder...
Half an hour later, Bella had stopped sniffling more or less and was cleaning up in the aquarium as instructed. Her whipped ass attracted a lot of interest and amusement from the customers, since her new shorts were too small and tight to cover all of her buttocks, and the belt-marks continued well down her curvy thighs anyway. Her lack of a bra also attracted attention: Richard had provided a new short and shorts, cost to be deducted from Bella's salary, but naturally the zoo did not provide underwear. Bella's big, natural D-cup breasts swayed as she moved, her large nipples standing out through the thin fabric, made embarrassingly erect by the cool temperature.
Occasionally the bolder guests would pinch or slap Bella's tempting ass as she bent to wipe a fish tank's base, and one old gentleman ever tweaked her nipple after asking for directions. Bella was cold, sore and humiliated. But hey, things can always get worse.
"The octopus tank is encrusted with slime," said Richard. "Paul gets tetchy if his tank isn't clean." In fact, the staff all hated this job, so it was usually given to a newcomer as a kind of rite of passage. Richard threw a wet cloth at Bella, hitting her smack on the tits. She caught it, noting unhappily that her shirt was now even more figure-hugging and translucent, a membrane clinging to every curve of her ripe tits.
Richard strode up to her now and stroked her still-red, nicely slapped cheeks. "Here's what you do, bimbo. You get in the tank, and wipe the inside thoroughly. Keep your fucking shorts on this time. Think you can manage that, slut?" He grabbed a handful of her dark hair and yanked her head back, simultaneously grabbing one of those puffy nipples and giving it a damn good twist.
"OW! yes, sir. I c-can m-manage, sir."
"Good," said Richard, continuing to roll her rosebud between finger and thumb. "Because you may think you know what the punishment for screwing up is, but I can assure you. that little spanking you just had was NOTHING compared to what you'll get if I catch you making an obscene display of that slut body again."
He gave her titty a playful flick and stalked off. God, my cock is hard, he thought. But he made it a rule: make the girls suffer all day, but only rape them at the end of the day. By then, he was really ready to give them hell.
Bella sighed and climbed a short stepladder up to the top of the octopus tank. Paul was coiled in one corner, a bulbous blob the size of a human torso, wrapped in his tentacles and apparently asleep.
Bella slipped off her trainers and socks and then lowered a toe into the brackish water. Yikes, it was freezing! Paul didn't move. Oh well, nothing for it. She lowered in her foot, shuddering, then her ankle, her calf, knee, thigh. This was agony.
Then Bella, clumsy girl that she was, slipped. With a colossal SPLASH that sent dirty water slopping over the sides of the tank, she fell in, her bottom landing on the tip of a tentacle. Paul awoke, rather cross, but Bella was unaware of this, struggling to get her head above the surface of the water. She finally managed it, spitting out filthy water, choking and spluttering. Her hair was a sodden mess, plastered over her face and neck, and her T-shirt, she noticed with horror, was now practically invisible, a second skin which concealed nothing of her upper body. That must be why the customers were gather in a crowd, laughing and pointing and filming her with their phones. Mostly adult male customers.
Bella was focussing on this current humiliation when she felt a slimy something creeping up her shin. Through the refraction of the water she couldn't see much, but the feeling was pretty unmistakable. She moved towards the edge of the tank, and felt another tentacle grip her ankle. She started to heave her way out of the water, and something caught the waistline of her shorts.
"Hey, stop that, Paul. Nice octopus,, good octopus. OOOH! Naughty octopus!" The squishy thing on her calf was now winding up her hapely leg, its tip tickling her inner thigh.
A tentacle broke the surface of the water and snaked around her ribs, causing her to fear a boa constrictor-style crushing, but Paul was intent on subduing, not injuring. Bella reached down to prise that intrusive tendril which was trying to worm itse way into her shorts through the left, leg-hole, and this gave everyone a  nice view of her cleavage.
"Yeek!" Paul thrust a tentacle down her T-shirt, encircling one luscious breast and sinking his suction cups into it.
RRRRIP! The T-shirt tore as Bella struggled, and now her big sopping tits flopped free. A cheer from the crowd.
"Stop! Oh Somebody help me, somebmmmfff..." Bella stopped protesting as a tentacle wrapped round her head and pushed its tip between her lips. It tased salty and slimy. Bella bit down, but it was tough like calamari and Paul seemed to feel no discomfort. Bella, on the other heand felt like she was being orally raped. She gagged as the disgusting thing pushed to the back of her throat. "Uck-uck-ugh..." she managed. The crowd just laughed.
Two tentacles were now wrapped around her breasts, squeezing hard, the tips of the tentacles playing with the tips of the tits: circling and flicking. A suction cup closed over one aereola, sucking eagerly as if milking it. This was rather sore.
RRRRRIP! The remains of Bella's shirt were torn off completely and thrown to the crowd, where they vanished, a souvenir of a memorable zoo trip. Then, though her shorts were very tight, Bella felt them being pulled down in a series of hard tugs, until suddenly they were sliding down her ankles and Bella found herself forcibly bent over the side of the tank, the glass edge digging painfully into her soft stomach.
WHAP! A fleshy tentacle slapped against Bella's tender bottom. her body wriggled delicious, so Paul knew he was on to something good. WHAP! WHAP! Harder and harder.
Tentacles grasped Bella's arms and folded them behind her back, pinning her in position and incidentlally arching her back and making her breasts stick out delsightfully.
Another tentacle tickled Bella between her thighs, the tip sliding slimily up and down the slit of her pussy. Bella squirmed in horrified discomfort, so Paul kept slapping her ass and tickling her cunt.
Guests crowded around Bella where her upper half hung outside the tank. She looked at them, trying to beg for help with her eyes, as her mouth was stuffed full of bulbous octopus meat. But the guests just chuckled and took turns squeezing or pinching the breats that wasn't being suckled by a tentacle sucker. Bella's tears just seemed to amuse them.
Then Paul pulled Bella back, and to her dismay she felt the tips of two tentacles inserted between her labia, and the naughty octopus spread her cunt lips open for all to see. Every camera-phone flashed, except the ones that were filming the whole thing in glorious live action.
Having displayed the helpless girl to her audience, Paul then bent her over again so he could spank her some more and the audience could grope her some more.
Ulp! The tentacle stroking Bella's pussy got bolder and actually started pushing IN! Bella couldn't believe she was being publicly raped by a marine animal, her entire body on display and her helpless to do anything about it. Inch after inch of revolting cephalopod forced its way inside her snatch, violating her without malice, merely out of curiosity and playfulness. But unfortunately for Bella, all her outraged struggling was exciting to Paul, so the more distress he caused her, the more fun it was for him. WHAP! WHAP! WHAPWHAPWHAP! The bare-bottom spanking continued all through the rape, and Bella's poor bum was already SO sore!
Paul was six inches deep in Bella's reluctant cunt when he started in on her butthole. Now, Bella had been anally raped numerous times in her life (her ass was so delicious it would have been seriously remiss of any self-respecting rapist to spare it a good reaming), but her sphincter always returned to its virginal tightness, so Bella always suffered just as if her ass-cherry were being forcibly popped for the first time.
This time, the slippery member forcing its way in past her clenching muscles was at least nicely lubricated, but it had a couple of qualities that made it probably Bella's least-favourite thing to be raped by so far. Firstly, the suction cups made it very rough and knobbly, adding hugely to the poor girl's discomfort. And secondly, it got progressively thicker. The tip was already a bit wider than the average bell-end, making her eyes bulge as it forced entry. After a couple of inches had been crammed into her poop-chute, she was taking a thickness equivalent to her wrist. A few inches more and her ring was stretched painfully taut around something as wide as her upper arm.
The same applied to the limb raping her succulent cunt, and it was now ten inches deep, squirming and twisting inside her poor pussy, so at the point of penetration it was as thick as Richard's muscular bicep. The two tentacles began to pulse in and out in rhythm, raping Bella as thoroughly as she had ever experienced, while other tentacles gripped her ankles, spreading her legs wide, massaged her tits, and thrashed her ass-cheeks, churning the water in the tank into a frenzied foam.
It was when a suction-cup located her clitoris that poor Bella realised all was lost. Possibly Paul had discovered this trick by chance on a previous victim, but he seemed to know exactly what he was doing, grabbing and worrying at the little organ until it was erect and tender. Bella found herself moaning through the length of mollusc flesh in her throat. This was terrible! Not only was she being raped by a sea monster in front of an appreciative audience, she was being stimulated to the point of getting quite flustered! If this kept on, she might even... oh dear!
Anyone familiar with Bella's bad luck might guess that Richard would walk in just as Bella was reaching an embarassingly loud orgasm. But that would be stretching coincidence too far. What in fact happened was that Paul kept tormenting Bella's throbbing clit and raping her mouth, cunt and ass until she was on her fourth colossal, nerve-shattering climax, and that's when Richard walked in.
"Jesus Christ!" he exclaimed at the sight of the writhing, panting whore, three tentacles buried deep in her fuck-holes, shagging the living dayligns out of her. "Get out of that tank, you disgusting bitch!" He rapped on the glass and Paul instantly retreated into a corner, releasing his bedraggled victim and leaving her high and not quite dry, on the verge of another powerful orgasm that now would never come.
Richard climbed the stepladder, knotted his fist in Bella's soaking hair and dragged over the edge of the tank, letting her flop wetly into the hands of the crowd, who took the opportunity to squeeze, pinch, probe and poke all her tender and formerly private parts until Richard descended the ladder and faced her. Then they simply held her arms while Richard screamed in her face for five minutes, calling her every name under the sun and forcing him to agree with him.
(hard slap on tits)
"Yes... sob... I'm a f-filthy b-bimbo c-cunt."
"You're a stupid, disgusting, animal-fucking pig."
"I'm a st-stupid, d-d-d-"
(hard slap on tits)
"OW! - disgusting, animal-f-fucking p-pig. Sob!"
"Right, bend her over."
This thrashing was worse than the previous one for several reasons. This time, there was a large and enthusiastic audience. This time, Bella's ass was already tender from her previous beating and the tentacle-slapping she'd endured all through the recent rape. And Richard took pleasure in whipping her ass harder than before. Plus, of course, Bella was so distraught that she couldn't count the strokes, especially when they came fast, so this time she got twenty-six in total.
But that wasn't enough for Richard. he had the zoo visitors turn her and hold her arms so he could give her six hard ones across the tits, then he invited volunteers to have a go. Although each customer only got one shot each, Bella ended up with a matching number of strokes across her throbbing nipples.
"Good, let that be a lesson to you, cunt," said Richard, and sunk his fist into her stomach. Bella doubled up, gasping. "Wow, nice one," declared a customer, and the rest joined him in applause as Richard grabbed Bella's hair and marched the sobbing, whip-marked bimbo from the aquarium, her red-raw tits and ass jiggling beautifully with every step.
It was a very sore Bella who found herself cleaning up in the monkey house later that day...
Bella was now barefoot, as her sneakers and socks had been stolen while Paul was tentacle-raping her in the aquarium. She had been provided with new shorts and T-shirt, with the warning that this was positively the last set she would get. And she'd been put to work sweeping up chimpanzee poop, still softly sobbing to herself, sore all over and feeling both throughly degraded and that it was all somehow her own stupid fault.
Squelch! "Oh... POO!" pouted Bella. She had stepped in chimp poop, and the fresh muck had squished through between her toes. Having her sneakers would have been so much nicer. She tried to wipe the crap off in the straw, and heard what sounded suspiciously like chimpanzee laughter.
Ricky and Joey really were cute, she thought. Adult male chimps. She knew they were supposed to be stronger than a human, and in a way the most dangerous animals at the zoo, because they were so smart and unpredictable. But they just looked so fuzzy and funny and adorable.
Messy, though. Bella scraped most of the poop from the sole of her foot and resumed heaping the dirty straw into a bin bag. Then a sudden shriek from Ricky made her look up.
SPLAT! as she did so, a fresh ape-poop hit her right in the face. Bella's mouth had been slightly open, and the poo splashed everywhere, and so she was now wiping her face and spitting out disgusting much from her mouth, and chimpanzee laughter filled the cage.
The noxiousness was so great that Bella had no choice but to pull up her T-shirt and use it to wipe her face, to keep the dripping mess out of her eyes.
SPLAT! A second poop hit Bella right between her ample jugs, which she had just inadvertently exposed. A great brown blob slowly oozed down between her melons, reaching her navel and leaving a slimy slug trail of shit. Joey, who had produced this projectile, seemed to find it particularly amusing.
Now human laughter filtered in from outside: a number of customers had witnessed the embarrassing incident, and Bella tugged her T-shirt back down to cover her breasts, flushing with shame.
"Right!" she said, grabbing the hose-pipe and turning it on at the tap. She sprayed a jet of water at the two apes, who immediately jumped around, yelping. Bella followed them with the water, soaking them, enjoying her revenge. Ricky jumped up into his climbing frame, while Joey cowered in a corner, receiving the jet right on his chest.
"Ha! That's teach you, you dirty thing!" shouted Bella - except suddenly the hose was no longer in her hands. Ricky had swung overhead, landed silently behind her, and now jerked the tubing from her grasp.
"Eek!" squealed Bella as an icy blast of water shot up her butt. She instinctively spun around, and got the water right on her tits, then in her face. "Glub!" The public was laughing again.
Bella backed away, spluttering, hands trying to cover her chest, which was now covered only by a sodden membrane (again), her nipples thrusting through the material as if it wasn't there. Joey took this opportunity to approach Bella from behind and WHOOSH! - tug her shorts down. Bella had been left with no underwear, so the crowd got a delightful view of her bare ass and pussy. What's more, Bella was still trying to back away from the hose-spray, so now she tripped on her shorts and fell into Joey's hairy arms, his rough, leathery hands reaching around to cup her breasts.
"Aaaahh! Get your filthy hands off me, you damned dirty ape!" cried Bella, unconsciously quoting Planet of the Apes. She struggled to get free, but Joey was unbelievably strong, and her writhing just made him dig his fingers into her tits with savage force. Now Ricky hurried over on his knuckles and grabbed Bella's ankles, so the apes lifted her off the ground between them and spread her out in mid-air. Bella saw cameras flashing out the corner of her eye, and called for help, but she had no real expectation that anyone would tear themselves away from this interesting spectacle to call a zookeeper.
RRRRIP! Bella's T-shirt was shredded and she was fully nude, being tossed back and forth between two playful chimpanzees. More than playful, though: Bella couldn't help notice that both Ricky and Joey were now sporting respectably-sized chimp hard-ons. This was awful! Leo had just liked the taste of Bella's shirt. Paul had just been playing. But these apes were consciously rapey!
Ricky slung Bella at Joey, who caught her by the waist, letting her face plunge into his sweaty crotch, his pink penis slapping her in the cheek. Bella clenched her lips as the monkey-dick prodded at her mouth. Then Joey flipped her so her ass was in his face, and his huge rough tough was lapping between her legs, dragging its vast, gammon-like sirface over her pussy lips.
"Noooo" cried Bella - and Joey took the opportunity to shove his cock in her mouth. She gagged as he bobbed her up and down, fucking to the back of her throat while continuing to slobber all over her defenceless cunt.
Cameras flashed. A crowd was gathering. "Glub! Please, get - gluck! - help!" choked Bella as her mouth was raped, but the viewers just laughed. "I can't wait to upload this!" remarked one.
Ricky now became jealous, and knuckle-walked over to get his share of the pretty pussy. Seizing Bella's ankles, he spread her legs into the splits formation, causing her to scream in pain onto Joey's cock. Then Ricky rammed his barbed, twisted cock into her vulnerable twat, and the apes commenced full-on raping Bella at both ends.
SLAP! SLAP! Rough, leathery hands smacked at Bella's quivering cheeks, reddening her already sore ass. Another pair of hands clawed and pinched at her large breasts, twisting the nipples 180. Bella's screams and sobs just made the enforced blow-job she was giving Joey all the more enjoyable for him.
The public was really enjoying the show too, as the chimps took turns raping Bella's cunt and mouth, roughly swinging her around and dangling her by the ankles so they could each have maximum access and assault her as they wished. They pressed their big purple bottoms into Bella's face, made her suck their huge pendulous balls, and ended by spunking in her pussy and mouth before pulling out and spraying the rest of their voluminous loads in her face and over her ass.
Bella, bruised and dazed, started crawling for the exit. "Disgusting slut!" remarked one member of her audience, as the cum oozed from her sore cunt. She found her keys where they lay and started unlocking the door.
Suddenly the apes were upon her again, unlocking the door and pushing her through it. Beyond the door was the zookeeper's room, and also doors to other cages. The zookeeper door could only be opened from the other side after the all-clear was given, but the chimps figured out they could open an adjoining cage, so they did, and shoved Bella through it. As a parting gift, Ricky took a big stinky handful of his freshly-laid faeces and smeared it all in Bella's face, making sure a good chunk of it got pushed into her mouth.
Half-blinded by apeshit, Bella wandered into the cage, not knowing where she was. When two huge hands seized her by the hips and lifted her effortlessly into the air, she got a vague idea. CLANG! Her head bashed the top of the cage. She rubbed the shit from her face and saw a vast, pouchy orange face staring up at her. "Dr. Zaius," the zoo's senior orangutan!
And then the ape was plonking Bella down in his lap, his huge orange-furred dick plunging right into her poor asshole. Bella sank down on the monstrous thing, bigger than any human cock, taking it by force deep into her ass, to shocked to even scream. And then Zaius, firmly gripping his little fuckdoll by the hips, began bouncing her merrily up and down on his shaft, so that sometimes only the bulbous bell-end, the size of an apple, was stretching her butt-hole, and sometimes the whole thing was buried so deep in her, she felt like she could feel that cockhead at the back of her throat.
Dr. Zaius raped Bella's ass continuously for three hours, cumming several times but never slackening the pace. All performed without lube, unless ape-semen counts as lube (it doesn't: more sticky than slippery). The audience who had enjoyed the chimp-fucking so much stayed for more of the same, and during her marathon anal violation, Bella was still throat-raped by the two chimps from time to time, and also further pelted with their poop.
Richard eventually came by with the trank gun and shot needles into Zaius, Ricky, Joey, and finally into Bella's aching butt-cheek.
She awoke hanging from her wrists in a concrete enclosure. There was a barred window, and members of the public were staring at her through it, aiming phones and cameras.
"So, you're awake, cunt?" said Richard, slapping his sjambok against his thigh-boot. One whack from that hippopotamus-hide whip could equal all the pain Bella had suffered so far that day. But Richard would not be satisfied with one blow. Fifty would be more like it.
Bella had become the new human exhibit. And "Punishment Time at the Zoo" was to become a popular twice-daily attraction.

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Nice- Bella and Carrie have a lot in common.

Writing for the pleasure of others derives no pleasure at all.

Full story list here

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Yes, I really should differentiate them more!

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THANKS THIS MADE Kat want to work in a zoo.
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