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Author Topic: Mia Gets What She Deserves  (Read 8837 times)
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« on: February 01, 2014, 11:04:26 PM »

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. Any similarities to real people, places or situations is purely coincidental and not intended!

This story is based on the character of Mia Jones, from the popular Canadian television series “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. She was portrayed by the incredibly beautiful young actress, Nina Dobrev.


A story by Vile8r

 Mia Jones was just blown away! Toronto Fashion Week probably wasn’t as prestigious or glamorous as New York or Paris, but for the 18 year-old aspiring model, it had been huge! Still a relative newcomer, Mia had been a big hit. Over the past few days, she had been introduced to people from several big modelling agencies and had been offered contracts to work for them. Pretty heady stuff for a high school girl who hadn’t even graduated yet. Barely a year ago, her main concern was getting on the cheerleading squad at her high school. Now she was hob-nobbing and flirting with the movers and shakers of the international fashion scene!

 To think she could soon be living in Rome or Milan or Paris and working as an international fashion model! It was the kind of thing most young girls only dreamt about. For her, it was becoming reality.
 It was almost as if she had been born to be a model. Mia was a natural beauty with long dark hair and a slender voluptuous figure. She was a tad on the short side for a model, at only 5 feet, six and a half inches, but as one modelling scout told her, that was what high heels were made for. Her perfectly proportioned face had full red lips and high cheek bones. Mia was, quite frankly, absolutely gorgeous. Seeing her magnificent curves, you could be forgiven for thinking she was much older.

 So she was not surprised that she was drawing a lot of attention at the big party her modelling agency, Elite 2000, was throwing at the Toronto Hyatt Regency hotel. They had booked the ballroom on the top floor of the posh hotel in downtown Toronto. The drinks were flowing, the music was booming and beautiful people were everywhere.
 Mia smiled as she walked through the crowd. Men of all ages and even a few women were craning their necks to catch a look at the sexy young thing parading around in her 3-inch black heels. And why the hell not?
 This dress kills Mia thought to herself as she made her way around the room. If guys weren’t noticing her tonight, well that was their problem. It was made of a purple, satiny material. The hem came to just above mid-thigh, wonderfully showing off her perfect legs. It was sleeveless and backless with two straps coming up and tying off behind her neck. The front of the dress formed a plunging “V“, exposing her exquisite cleavage.

 Mia took another sip of the vodka and Coke from the glass she was holding. Damn, it was starting to taste pretty good! She had lost count of how many she had already consumed since she arrived at the party several hours ago. Mia wasn’t normally a heavy drinker, but tonight she was in the mood to PAR-TAY! The effects of the vodka were starting to hit her pretty good.
 She was approached by a very attractive blonde male. It was Darin Kenton, a male model who worked at the same agency as Mia. He was 19, just a year older than her. Mia knew he had the major hots for her but she wasn’t particularly interested in him.
“Hey Mia baby!” he said. “You rocked that runway today!”

 “Thanks, Darin,” she said, having to yell a bit to be heard over the music. “You looked pretty good too.”
He motioned to the dance floor at the center of the large room.
“You wanna dance?” he asked.
 Mia nodded and they headed out to the crowded dance floor. She began to seductively move and sway her hips to the music. The lights played across her beautiful face and her tight dress. She couldn’t help but notice that Darin was spending more time staring at her cleavage than anything else.
 Mia turned so her back was to him and gyrated her hips letting her ass rub across his crotch. She smiled to herself as she felt the hard bulge in his pants.
Oh, you boys are too easy to turn on!

 Darin placed his hands on her hips as he swayed in time with her. He leaned down, pressing his body tightly against her, and kissed her on the neck. Whispering in her ear he said, “Come on, Mia. Let’s go back to my room for a bit. I know you want it as bad as I do.”
Mia turned back towards him and whispered in his ear.
“Sorry, not interested.”
With that she pushed him away and walked off the dance floor. It wasn’t the first time tonight Darin had hit on her and she knew it wouldn’t be the last either. Actually a lot of guys had hit on her that night and she had politely declined them all.

 A couple of the older girls with the agency had warned Mia when she first started modelling. They told her that being so young and attractive, she was going to be a prime target for lots of guys in the modelling business who had less than honourable intentions. She would make an excellent conquest for a lecherous agent or photographer or clothing company exec. Some old enough to be her father!
 Mia wasn’t too worried. She figured she could handle herself all right. That being said, however, she wasn’t about to jump in the sack with just any Tom, Dick, or Harry. Mia was very selective about the men she went to bed with. She wasn’t totally averse to the idea of fucking someone if she knew that person could help further her career. But if they wanted in her panties just so they could put another notch in their headboard, absolutely not!

 Mia Jones was an opportunist. She knew she had a body many males desired. She was well aware of the power she held over men with that body. With the proper amount of flirting and showing off, she could get most anything she wanted. But if she was gonna give it up, especially to a man many years older than herself, she would be ensuring she was getting something in return.
 Darin Kenton was not in a position to be useful to her. Mia knew what he wanted was just the old “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am”! She had no desire to be groped and slobbered on by some drunken horny teen model just so he could brag to his friends tomorrow that he banged Mia Jones.
 Mia would go to bed with someone tonight. That she was sure of. But it would be a person of her choosing and under her conditions.
 In the meantime, she was going to have some fun!
 As the night wore on, Mia drank more vodka and had more dances. It was an incredible high to be such a center of attention. She didn’t want the night to end.

 At one end of the ballroom was a flight of stairs that led up to a large balcony. Running off from the balcony was a corridor that led to several smaller private rooms. The party carried on in these rooms but in a more intimate fashion. People went there to snort coke, make out, or just relax on the large plush couches and chairs.
 Darin Kenton came walking into one of the rooms and plopped down on a couch. He looked at the two older men sitting across from him. They were just finishing a marijuana joint between them.

 One of the men was a well-known Toronto fashion photographer, Jan Berger. He was 26 years old and had emigrated from Sweden when he was 18. With his blonde hair and handsome Scandinavian features he had a reputation for being very popular with the young women.
 The other man was Paul Wells. He was an agent from New York and had come up to Toronto Fashion Week to check out the newest crop of Canadian talent. He was 28 years old.
“Fuck, what a little ball-buster!” he spat.
“Who?” asked Jan. He spoke with a heavy European accent.
“Oh, that Mia Jones,” Darin replied. “She’s out on the dance floor just being a total cock-tease! I’ve tried to hit on her like about 3 times tonight and I’ve been shot down every time. I’m getting frustrated!”

 “Oh yes, the little Mia Jones! Fucking diva-in-training,” sneered Jan.
 Jan Berger knew Mia all too well. Over the past few months, he had done a series of photo shoots with her. Mia liked to argue a lot and she had a terrible attitude as far as Jan was concerned. She knew she was pretty and really let it go to her head.
 Jan considered himself a very professional photographer. He had worked with some very big-name models in the fashion industry. Mia was still a mere amateur in his view and had no right to treat people the way she did.
“Yes, I agree, Darin,” he said. “She is a major ball-buster. Little bitch really thinks she’s someone. That girl needs a good attitude adjustment!
“My cock up her ass would work!” Darin said with a grin.

The men all laughed and high-fived each other. Another man standing nearby joined in. He was a tall, thin Frenchman by the name of Michel Audette. The 25 year-old was a very well-known photographer from Paris. He knew Jan quite well.
“I hear you do not appreciate this Mia girl, non? I know who you speak of. I have met her too. Very sexy girl!”
 “She might be sexy but she is also a stuck-up cunt,” Jan sneered.
“In Paris we have a way to deal with women like that,” Michel explained. “We fuck them senseless!”
The men all laughed.
“Hey that ain’t just a Paris thing,” said Paul with a heavy New York accent. “We do that in New York too!”

Standing not too far from the group of men was three young female models chatting in a corner of the room. One, a tall blonde girl named Hope, walked over to Darin.
“I couldn’t help but hear you talking about Mia Jones. You said she shot you down?”
 “Fuckin’ right she did,” replied Darin.
“What a bitch!” said Hope.
“That girl is bad news,” piped up one of the other girls, a busty 20 year-old brunette by the name of Parker. She was wearing an incredibly short pink mini-dress. “You should hear how she got her first modelling job. She fucked Tom Blake, the guy who owns T-Bombz clothing line. MY boyfriend at the time! I hate that little slut!”

Darin looked at Parker with amazement.
“You mean to tell me she would fuck someone who is like 5 years older than she is, but she won’t fuck me?”
 “Mia Jones would fuck her father if it helped her get ahead!” snapped the third model, a girl named Blake.
“So you girls all know her?’ asked Jan.
“Unfortunately, yes,” replied Hope.
“ Well, all I know is I’d like to bang that bitch good,“ Darin said. “Man, she’s got a body! I‘ve been trying to tap that for ages. She likes to tease but every time I think I‘m getting close…BANG! She slams the door!”

“You guys wanna have some fun with her?” asked Parker. “Teach her a lesson?”
 “Sure,” Jan said.
“Well, give me a few minutes and I’ll see what I can do,” said Parker.
 She turned and left the room.



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I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2014, 03:22:07 PM »

YYesssss another story from vil8er  Cheesy
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« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2014, 04:09:56 PM »

It was getting quite late and the party was winding down. People were leaving and the ballroom was starting to clear out. But a few die-hards were keeping the party going. Mia was one of them. She was standing near the bar chatting with a fellow who worked for a fashion magazine.
 His name was Mason Hedwick, an assistant editor with a local Toronto magazine. He was about 24-25, and very good-looking. Mia had thought to herself that he might not be a bad guy to go home with, but she hadn’t made up her mind yet. He told her he wanted to do a profile on Mia, you know, the hometown-girl-makes-it-big kind of story. Mia knew that Mason had a reputation for doing many of his interviews in the bedroom. But she wanted to make him work for it. She wasn’t going to be an easy mark.

 She spotted Parker walking up to her. Mia knew Parker and had done some shoots with her. She had no idea, ironically, that Parker had been going out with Tom Blake when Mia slept with him. Even though it had really pissed off Parker at the time, she had never said anything to Mia about it. She just knew she would get her payback someday. And tonight looked like the time!
“Hi Mia, how are things?” she asked.
“Hi Parker! Haven’t seen you around much tonight,’ Mia slurred.
“I’ve been upstairs,” the brunette explained. “Hey, you wanna come up there too? Hope and Blake want to see you. And we met some really cool European guys. You have to meet them!”

 “Are they hot?” asked Mia. She giggled like a schoolgirl.
“Of course they’re hot!” replied Parker. “We wouldn’t be talking to them if they weren’t. You gonna come or not?”
 “Yeah, I’ll come and check them out,” Mia said with a coy smile. She turned to the guy she had been talking to.
“Don’t go away, I’ll be right back,” she cooed, running her tongue across her lips and giving him a nice smile. Mason smiled back and as she walked away with Parker, adjusted his pants to hide his raging erection. He had turned rock-hard while chatting with the sultry 18 year-old. God, he wanted to fuck her so bad!

 Mason loved Fashion Week. It was always a great opportunity to check out the new crop of up-and-coming talent in the modelling biz. He had been told about Mia Jones a few months before by a talent scout.
“The next Cindy Crawford or Tyra Banks!“ he was told. “And she’s just a high school student!“
But Mason didn’t care how old she was. All he knew was, she had a body and a face that could start a war. And he wanted to nail her! He decided to follow the two girls. Mia wasn’t getting away.

 The two girls climbed the stairs up to the private rooms. Mia excused herself first and went to the washroom. After doing her business and touching up her makeup, she rejoined Parker outside in the hallway. They walked down to a room at the far end of the hallway. As Mia entered the room she noticed Darin Kenton and Jan Berger sitting on a couple of the couches. There were three other men in the room she did not recognize.
“Oh brother,” she thought, “Not those two! Jan Berger is a major jerk! Well, I’ll just ignore them.”

She and Parker were greeted by the other two girls. They showered Mia with congratulatory compliments. She knew they were just putting on an act. She did not get along well with either Hope or Blake and knew they could both be back-stabbing bitches.
 The modelling business was cut-throat and you didn’t make friends easily with other models. They were a very insecure bunch.
“So girls, where are these hot European guys Parker said you had?” asked Mia.

“Oh, they left already, “ said Hope with a wave of her hand. “They were kind of zeroes anyway. You wouldn’t have liked them.”
 “Darn,” Mia slurred. “And I left a hot guy downstairs to come up here?”
 “What hot guy?” asked Blake.
 Parker spoke up. “She was hitting on Mason Hedwick!”
 “Oooh, Mason Hedwick!” said Hope. “I’m impressed! He is a major hottie. I hear he is an awesome fuck! You better not let him slip away, Mia.”

Mia didn’t know, but Hope spoke from experience. The 19 year-old blonde had hooked up with Mason several months before.
“I thought he was engaged,” said Blake.
“That wouldn’t stop Mason,” replied Hope. “He is a major male slut!”
Mia gave a devious grin. “Don’t worry, girls. If he has a fiancee, I can make him forget all about her!”
Parker gave Mia a playful slap on the arm. “Oh, you are nasty, Mia!”
Not to mention a man-stealing uber-slut too, Parker thought to herself.

 Mia was just going to turn to leave, when she heard Darin call her name.
“Hey Mia, come here?”
She turned and walked over to the couch where he was sitting. She rolled her eyes as she asked him what he wanted.
“I just wanted to say that dress you’re wearing tonight looks awesome on you. However, it would look more awesome on the floor of my hotel room. You know, my offer from earlier still stands”
Mia gave him a patronizing smirk. She leaned down and gave him a little peck on the cheek.

“And my answer still stands too, Darin. If you were the last man on Earth, I’d turn lesbian! And that pickup line? Come on, that is soooo 1980’s! I expect better from you.”
Darin sat back on the couch, a look of humiliation on his face. As Mia spun on her heels to leave, she suddenly jumped and squealed in shock. Two hands grabbed her from behind, digging into her firm ass. Mia automatically spun around to see it was Jan Berger.
Without even a thought, her right hand lashed out catching Jan across the face. Her long fingernails raked his left cheek, drawing a bit of blood.
“Owwww, you cunt!“ exclaimed Jan.

 He stood up and slapped her back. The sound was loud in the room. Pain exploded in Mia’s head and she staggered backwards, the left side of her face feeling like it was on fire. Her ankle twisted and she fell onto the floor, landing hard on her back.
 Her brain in an alcoholic haze and still half-dazed from the slap, she sensed that several people were standing around her.
 She heard Jan Berger say something.
“Time this little diva learned some lessons about how to treat men!”
Mia also heard Darin call out to the other girls. “Hey, watch the door!”

A couple sets of hands seized Mia by the arms and began hauling her to her feet. She wobbled unsteadily, realizing the heel on one of her shoes was broken off. Then she was roughly thrown down on her back onto a couch. The air left her lungs in a loud “OOOOFFFFFFF!”
As her vision began to clear and her bearings returned, she felt the couch being pulled away from the wall. Someone was untying the straps of her dress behind her neck. A hand gripped the front of her dress and yanked it down, exposing her black push-up bra.
 The same hands began to tear her dress open down the middle, the thin fabric tearing easily. She could feel cool air across her flat stomach.
 As her mind cleared, it registered what was going on. She was going to be gang-raped! She screamed out.

She received another slap to the face. She didn’t know from who. She just heard more voices. She looked down and saw two men pulling the shoes off her feet. Her arms were being held down above her head. Jan was straddling her thighs and he was the one ripping her dress. She screamed as he tugged and pulled at it, yanking it away from her body, revealing her nakedness.
“What a rockin’ body!” Darin exclaimed. “Gonna have fun fucking that!”
 “Oh yes,” said Jan as he leaned down and ran his tongue across Mia’s cheek. “We are gonna show her what happens to little cock teases in the modelling business!”

His hands went to the clasp on the front of her bra and he yanked it open. Her beautiful round tits shook and quivered as she tried to twist and squirm out from under him. Jan moved down her body and hooked his fingers in her black lace thong.
 RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP!” They were violently torn from her waist and tossed on the floor. Her tight shaved pussy was open to the world. She had left just a small strip of dark pubic hair above her vagina.
 Mia screamed loudly as Jan forced two fingers inside her.

“ A nice tight cunt you have Mia,” Jan sneered as his fingers pushed and probed at her insides. “Time to get a cock inside there!”
He got off Mia and began to unbuckle his pants. He let them fall to the floor. His eight-inch erection pushed through his underwear. One of the two men who had pulled her shoes off moved around so he was standing behind the couch. It was Paul Wells, the talent scout out of New York.
 This was nothing new to him. He had been to several “coming-out” parties in New York over the years. He chuckled to himself. This Mia was going to be a good one! So young and so pretty!
 Mia’s long tanned legs flailed and kicked. Paul grabbed her left leg and pinned her thigh against the back of the couch, holding it firmly with both hands. Another man grabbed her right leg and stretched it out.

He was Neil Moore, a 26 year-old sales exec with a major cosmetics firm. He was recently divorced. The prospect of getting to fuck a young, tight 18 year-old like the girl on the couch was very exciting to him.
 Darin continued holding her arms down above her head as she fought and struggled to break loose. She looked over at Hope, Blake and Parker. They were standing by the door with amused looks on their faces.
“You’re on your own, bitch, “ snapped Parker. “You like fucking older guys? Well have fun! Didn’t hear you screaming when you fucked Tom Blake….MY boyfriend!”

 “Oh God, I’m sorry Parker! I never knew! “ Mia sobbed. “That was all a horrible mistake! He used me!”
 “Yeah, well I don’t think it broke your heart too much,” said Parker sarcastically. “Like I said, have fun!”
 “Stuck-up cunt! You deserve this!” said Hope.
 Mia looked up and noticed that Mason was also in the room. He had come in as she was being stripped. He looked down at her nude body, his eyes filled with animal lust. Holy crap, he thought. This girl is spectacular!

“Still trying to decide if I’m going to get the privilege of fucking Mia Jones?” he sneered. “Looks like your mind has been made up for you!”
Jan climbed on the couch as Paul and Neil kept Mia’s legs pulled apart, exposing her beautiful pink pussy lips. He spit in his hand and rubbed it across the head of his cock. Putting his hands on her hips he rammed his cock inside her. He grunted with pleasure as he felt his stiff shaft drive up inside Mia, her cunt walls gripping him. Mia arched her back and screamed.

Jan pulled back and rammed into her again and again, lifting her ass off the couch with each savage thrust. Her warm cunt felt awesome around his dick. Digging his knees into the couch, Jan began vigorously raping Mia.
He had fantasized about this for a while. From the very first time he had met Mia in the studio he had wondered what it would be like to have his cock buried inside her. Now he was finding out!
“Toodle-oo, Mia,” said Parker. “Looks to me like you’re in your favourite position. Don’t go too hard on her guys.”
The three girls left the room, giggling as they closed the door behind them. Michel, the Frenchman from Paris, ran over and locked the door.

I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2014, 01:34:42 AM »

Nina dobrev gangrape, exactly what the world needs more of!  (I know, it's her charcter, but as far as I'm concerned it's Nina) 

And wow, talk about suspense!  You're killing me with the wait to see what happens next.  Although I gotta admit, for whatever reason it feels strangely derivative of something.  For the life of me, I can't put my finger on what.  Wink

(Seriously though, very hot story, and I love having her SO casually offered up to be gangraped by a group of her fellow sluts.  It somehow really amps up the degradation factor.)

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« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2014, 03:33:42 PM »

Mia could not believe what was happening. Parker had set her up. Mia had had no idea when she slept with Tom Blake that Parker was seeing him. She had actually felt a little used by the whole situation.
 She had wanted to get the T-Bombz job so bad she had went to Tom’s apartment and well, basically seduced him. He hadn’t put up much of a protest. Then again, she thought, if any red-blooded 25 year-old male saw a 17 year-old hottie looking as good as she did that night, at their front door, they wouldn’t put up much of a protest either! It had been an awesome night. Mia had been a little nervous at first, but once she warmed up, she had given Tom the night of his life!
 But what pissed her off later, was that he told her she had had the job already. So really, her sleeping with Tom had been totally unnecessary. He had gotten a night of wild sex with a horny teenage model for nothing! Mia had felt very cheapened by the whole affair.

 But it was too late. The girls were gone. And now Mia knew she was in a heap of shit. These men were not going to let her go until they had gotten what they were looking for! She turned her head to the side so she didn’t have to look at Jan Berger. He was grunting loudly as he pounded in and out, his body slapping against her.
 Tears streamed down Mia’s face as her sexy body writhed and bucked. Paul kept her leg pinned against the back of the couch. He revelled in the feel of her soft, silky skin.

 Jan speeded up his fucking as he prepared to cum. His lifted her ass right off the couch as he gave one last big thrust and felt his balls release inside her. He let out a loud satisfied moan.
“OHHHHH GOD, NOOOOO!” Mia screamed as she felt the warm, wet sensation of cum shooting inside her.
 Jan pulled out and spit at her at the same time.
“That felt good, you fucking diva bitch! Been waiting to do that for a while!”
Mia tried to break loose but the men held her down firmly on the couch. Jan walked around and took hold of her arms.
“Go for it, man,” he said to Darin.

 Darin looked down at Mia with savage lust as he pulled his pants down and released his raging nine-inch cock.
 Mia’s eyes grew big. She shook her head.
“Oh please, please, Darin! Don’t do this!” she pleaded.
“Shut up bitch!” he sneered. “You had a chance to spend the night with me and we could have made hot sexy love. But no, you gotta be a stuck-up cunt so now I’m just gonna fuck you like a cheap whore!”

He positioned himself between her thighs. His cock head was at the entrance to her pussy. The powerful muscles in his back and thighs flexed as he jammed his hips forward, impaling Mia.
“Fucking cunt!” he growled as he felt the thick shaft of his cock spread her apart. The elastic walls of her pussy closed around him tightly. Mia’s body was drove down into the couch as Darin began to relentlessly fuck her with long powerful strokes.
 Mia’s eyes rolled back and she let out a painful scream.
Darin just grinned.

“Don’t like being fucked like a slut?”
He leaned down and began to suck and lick on Mia’s tits as they bounced up and down. He slid his hands underneath her and dug his fingers into her ass cheeks. Mia sobbed hysterically as Darin’s cock drove up into her. He was very hard and brutal.
 Darin grunted and panted heavily as his thick cock pounded her. Her pussy walls were wrapped tightly around his shaft, milking and pulling on him. Darin felt his balls reach the boiling point.
“AAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Mia wailed as she felt Darin cum. He held himself inside her as his cock spasmed, a thick stream of cum spurting from the head. Darin bent down and clamped his mouth onto hers as he slid his tongue into her mouth.
 He pulled out and got up off the couch.

“Ohhhh, you were everything I figured you’d be, Mia.” Darin looked over his shoulder. Michel had already pulled his pants off, waiting his turn.
“Guess she’s all yours, Michel!”
 “Tres excellent!” Michel exclaimed. He was stroking his eight-inch cock, getting it to full hardness.
 He climbed onto the couch, wedging his skinny body between Mia’s long legs.
“You are very beautiful, Mia,” he said to her as his hands slid across her taut, firm stomach and up over her tits. “But beautiful women still need to be fucked!”

He was inside her in a single savage thrust. His thickly-veined shaft drove into her like a piston. Spittle flew from his lips.
“Uhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhh!” he yelled out. Michel had fucked many models over the years and he had to admit, the younger ones were always the best!
 He pressed his body tightly to her and worked his cock in short rapid strokes. He kissed and licked her beautiful face, enjoying the taste of her salty tears.
“Oh my lovely Mia,” he whispered to her. “So sexy! So beautiful! I do hope you come to Paris. We could make love like this all the time!”
 “Get off me, you pig!” Mia spat. “This isn’t making love! You are raping me!”

 “Ahhhh, but there is such a fine line between passionate sex and rape,” Michel said. “At first you do not want it, but then your body begins to tell you to just accept it!”
 “Fuck off, you sick prick!” Mia shrieked.
 She bit down hard on Michel’s cheek with her teeth. Michel pulled back, his face full of rage.
“Feisty cunt!” he yelled. “You’ll pay for that!” He slapped Mia hard across the face, raising a large welt on her cheek. She squealed in pain. He told Paul and Neil to let go of her legs. Grabbing behind her knees, he pushed them back so her knees were almost on either side of her head. Repositioning himself, he drove deep into Mia’s cunt, his body slapping hard against her.

“Uhhhhhhhh…….uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh…..uuuuuhhhhhhhh……uuuuhhhhhhhh! STOP! STOP!” Mia moaned painfully as her body shook from the pounding she was receiving. Michel was a merciless machine as he fucked her powerfully and deeply.
“Give it to ‘er good, Michel!” yelled Jan as he held Mia’s arms down above her head.
 Michel shuddered as he emptied a load of cum into Mia. Her pussy muscles clamped down involuntarily around him, squeezing and gripping him. Michel finally slipped out of her, his face drenched with sweat. A pool of cum oozed out of Mia’s cunt.
 Mason was pulling down his pants, exposing a large nine-inch erection. Mia tried to hold her legs together as she saw him climbing onto the couch. She shook her head side to side.

 “Just shut up!” snarled Mason. “It’s what you’ve been looking for all night.”
Paul and Neil grabbed her legs and pulled them apart, Paul pinning her left leg against the couch again. Mason pushed the head of his cock inside Mia and held it there for a few seconds. Then he gave a big thrust and drove in balls deep.
“OWWWAAAIIIIEEEEEEE!” squealed Mia as she arched her back.

 Mason pulled back and drove in again, eliciting another pain-filled squeal. He repeated this for about 5 minutes, pulling out, holding it for a few seconds, then driving back in hard. The air was forced out of Mia’s lungs with each savage stroke.
“FWAP……..FWAP…..FWAP!” His legs made a slapping sound against her thighs and he grunted loudly with exertion.
Mia couldn’t scream or cry anymore. She just looked up at the ceiling, letting out agonized gasps.
“Fuck, Mia, you have one spectacular cunt!” said Mason. “So young and tight!”
 “G-get off m-me!” whimpered Mia.

 Mason simply resumed his brutal pounding of Mia’s pussy. His thick fuckmeat slid snugly in and out of her with each thrust. He began to speed up his rhythm and Mia knew he was getting ready to cum.
 Mason shot a powerful torrent of cum into the struggling girl. He kept on ramming in and out even as the cum spurted from his dick. Mason collapsed on top of Mia, his hands roaming and caressing her body.

 Mason laughed as he got up off her. He buttoned his pants up and went around behind the couch to take Paul’s place holding Mia’s leg.
“Fuck this bitch hard, Paul!” he sneered.
 Paul was already pulling down his pants as he prepared to mount Mia. He sported a thickly-veined seven and a half inch erection. He lay on top of Mia, fondling and sucking on her tits. He reached underneath himself and guided his cock up to her pussy lips.
“UUUUNNNGGGHHHHHH!” he grunted as he drove into her.

 Paul began a hard, brutal fuck of Mia. He had no patience for these young divas who thought they were God’s gift to the world just because they had been blessed with beauty and nice body. He dealt with them a lot in his work and most of the time after dealing with the spoiled brats, this was exactly what he wanted to do to them. Just throw a good fuck into them on a couch!
 His balls slapped against Mia’s silky legs as he drove his hard cock in and out of her. Her firm, tanned body squirmed underneath him. Paul dragged his tongue across her sweet nipples and bit them with his teeth, making her squeal and cry in pain.
 After a good 5 minutes of riding the hottie, Paul came inside her. His dick jerked and spasmed, sending gobs of sperm up her fuck tunnel. He pulled out, his cock making a slurping noise.

 Neil let go of Mia’s leg and started pulling down his pants. He didn’t think it would ever get around to his turn. His cock was so fucking hard watching the other men fuck this brunette hottie. He didn’t know who Mia Jones was and ,frankly, didn’t care. Neil just wanted to fuck some young cunt!
 In a flash he was on the couch and between Mia’s thighs. He plunged his cock into her, penetrating her effortlessly. She was very wet from the previous fucks she had received. Neil closed his eyes and grabbed Mia by the hips as he started pounding her. Heaven! This girl was heaven!
 He was vaguely aware of her crying and bawling underneath him. That didn’t bother Neil. It just made him want to fuck her even harder. Neil dug his knees into the couch as he tried to push in deeper. He looked down, his heart pounding as he saw his cock completely buried in the teen girl, her cunt stretched tight around him.

 Neil finally came, driving up hard into Mia. He grinned as he saw her tits shake and bounce. Her whole body glistened with sweat. Neil slipped out of her and got up off the couch. The other men finally let go of her.
“You’re all assholes!” screamed Mia. “Fucking assholes!”
 “Assholes? You’re gonna call us assholes? Maybe we ought to fuck you up yours!” said Jan.
“Get away from me!” shrieked Mia as she tried to get up off the couch. “Don’t even think of touching me again, Berger! You’re in a lot of shit!”
Jan backhanded her across the face and knocked her backwards onto the couch.

“You are such a little bitch, Mia! You think you can just cock-tease your way to the top in this business. Well the only way you get ahead in modelling is to put out. And you are definitely going to do that for us.”
He grabbed one of Mia’s arms and pulled her up so her upper body was bent over the back of the couch. Neil grabbed her other arm and they held her there. Paul and Mason grabbed her long legs and pulled them wide apart.
“ Darin, pop her ass!” said Jan, nodding to Darin.
“Damn straight I will,” said Darin, grinning ear to ear.

 Mia was trying to look over her shoulder, her long dark hair covering her face. Her eyes were wide with panic.
Mia’s heart pounded. It had been bad enough being gang-raped. But now the thought of being brutally sodomized truly scared her.
 Darin grabbed her luscious round ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Mia tried frantically to squirm and twist away. Her body was held tight against the back of the couch.
“AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Mia screamed as she felt Darin force a finger inside her anus.
 He forced his right index finger inside her and then a second finger. He began to work them back and forth. Mia clenched her face in pain.
“You got a nice ass, Mia,” said Darin. “Been watching you shake it around all night.”

 “DARIN! PLEASE! DON’T DO THIS!” Mia pleaded tearfully.
 Darin had pulled his pants down while fingering Mia’s ass. His large cock stood at attention. He pulled his fingers out of Mia’s ass and immediately jammed the head of his cock between her ass cheeks. He gripped her by the hips and began pushing in.
 Mia let out a loud piercing scream and her whole body went rigid. Jan and Neil had to hold her arms tight to keep her from breaking loose. Darin clamped a hand over her mouth as he pushed deeper, her ass slowly giving way to his thick shaft.
“MMMPPPHHHHH!….MMMMPPPHHHHH!…MMMMPPPHHHHHH!” Mia squealed as Darin’s cock invaded her most private of spots. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Mia had never endured such pain in her life.

 Darin held himself inside her for a minute or so, just relishing in the sensation of extreme tightness. He was about halfway inside her. He pulled back so his cock was almost out and then plunged in again.
 Mia threw her head back and she screamed again. “MMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!”
She tugged and pulled, the tendons standing out on her forearms. But Darin had her pressed tight against the back of the couch as he began to give her a severe ass-pounding.
Again and again, he drove his nine-inch fuckmeat up into Mia’s tight ass.
 She fought like a tiger but that only intensified the experience for Darin. Every time she tried to twist and squirm, it caused her ass to clamp down tighter on his cock.

“Yeah baby!” Darin yelled. “That’s it!”
It didn’t take Darin long before he was ready to cum. He blew a large load into Mia’s bowels, thrusting and ramming his hips against the squealing girl. He pulled his hand away from her mouth.
“S-STOP! PLEASE! STOP!” Mia cried.
 Darin’s cock was streaked with blood and slime as he pulled out of Mia.
“Who’s next?” he hollered.
 Michel was right there, pulling his pants down. He eyed up Mia’s ass with a hungry look.

“It would be my pleasure,” he said. “But I want her down here for this.” He pointed at a large wooden coffee table in the centre of the room. It stood about 2 feet high by 3 feet wide and was about 5 feet long.
 Mia was pulled off the couch and dragged over to the table. Jan and Neil still had hold of her arms and they laid her down on the table with her ass just hanging over one end. Mia still had lots of fight left in her and she twisted and struggled as the men held her down on the sturdy table.
 Michel pushed her thighs up against the table and spread her ass cheeks wide apart. Kneeling behind her, he began to force his erect cock into her tight anus.

“AAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Mia screamed in intense agony.
“Shut her up!” ordered Jan.
“All right! Don’t mind if I do,” smirked Mason. He saw Mia’s ripped panties on the floor. Wadding them into a ball, he stuffed them in her mouth.
 Behind her Michel forced his meat into her ravaged ass an inch at a time. She felt like she was being ripped in half. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her buttocks as Michel proceeded to pump his granite-hard cock in and out of Mia.

 Michel was very accustomed to anal sex. For some reason French girls were much more open about such things. That’s why it was always nice to break in a new girl who had never done it before. Michel worked his hips as his thick shaft spread Mia wide apart.
He must have fucked her ass for a good five minutes, although to Mia, it seemed like an eternity. Michel’s cock went rigid and she felt her insides being coated with thick white goo as he came in her ass.
 A feeling of helplessness and humiliation came over her. She realized that as far as these men were concerned, she was not a beautiful girl, but just a repository for their cum. She had never felt so worthless in all her life.

 Michel pulled out of her ass and was replaced by Paul. She felt him enter and her body shuddered with revulsion. Mia found Paul Wells very unattractive. As far as she was concerned he was boorish and creepy. She had heard a few stories about him and his fondness for young teen models. Now she was finding out the stories were all true.
 Paul grunted like a pig as he shoved himself inside Mia’s poop-chute. God! She was so tight! He pumped and thrusted into her, slobber flying from his mouth. He stopped for a minute, just enjoying his cock being inside the gorgeous teen’s ass, then started up again.

“Come on Paul! Fuck ‘er good!” yelled Mason.
“Yeah! Drill that ass!” said Jan.
 Cheered on by the others, Paul picked up his tempo until he felt ready to cum. Hunched over Mia on the coffee table, Paul gave a loud groan as he emptied his nuts. He held himself inside her for a little while as he caught his breath.
“Whoa! That was good!” he panted as he stood up.
 Jan pushed him out of the way as he prepared to mount Mia’s ass. He had pulled his belt out of his pants and now held it, doubled up, in his left hand. He seized Mia around the hips and pushed his cock into her butthole.

 Mia was past screaming anymore and just let out an agonized moan as she felt another cock spread her apart and drive up inside her. Her legs felt raw where they pressed against the edge of the coffee table. Slobber ran out of her mouth from around the panties still jammed in her mouth. The men had let go of her arms. They figured she was in no shape to get away now.
 As Jan penetrated her ass tunnel he lifted up his hand with the belt. He brought the belt down hard on her right ass cheek. SWAAACCCKKKKK!
“MMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH!” Mia screamed and her whole body jumped. At the same time Jan plowed his cock the rest of the way into her.
 SSSWWAAACCKKKK! SWWAAAACCKKKKK! He gave her two more hard ones as he pumped into her. Every time her body lifted, Jan would ram his cock into her. Tears streamed down Mia’s face.

“This is for every time you’ve been a bitch to me,” snarled Jan as he gave Mia another lash with the belt. He noticed he was leaving dark red welts across her ass. Jan didn’t give a shit.
 He ass-fucked Mia viciously, grinning every time he smacked her ass with the belt.
“OOOOWWWWWWW! STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!” wailed Mia. She had lost count of how many times Jan had hit her with the belt but she was sure it was more than ten. Her ass cheeks were on fire!
 Jan gave her one last hard lash with the belt, making it really crack across her ass cheek. Mia cried out in pain.
Jan pulled out and let his cock spurt its load across Mia’s ass and lower back. Mia could feel the slimy stuff running down her ass. Jan looked down at Mia’s bright red buttocks. He used a handful of her hair to wipe himself clean.

 Neil Moore took in the sight of the slender, voluptuous teenage girl stretched out on top of the coffee table and gagged with her own panties. It was really hot! He looked over at one of the oversized armchairs nearby and had an idea. He wanted to ass-rape Mia in a slightly different position. He grabbed her by the arm and picked her up off the table. Neil pulled the slobber-soaked panties out of her mouth.
“What are you gonna do?’ asked Darin.
“You’ll see,” said Neil.
 He sat down in a chair and pulled Mia onto his lap with her back to him. He already had his pants off and his seven and a half inch cock was rock-hard. He began to push up into her ass as he held her tightly around the waist. Mia tried to twist and squirm but it was no use. She had no strength left to fight back. She felt Neil clamp his hands onto her tits and, using them like handles, he began to force her body up and down on his cock.

 Neil was loving the feeling of Mia’s tight, firm body pressed back against him and his hard rod driving into her ass.
“Ohhhh yeah, baby!” he moaned. “Gonna fuck that little ass good!”
Neil let go of Mia’s tits and wrapped his hands around her arms. He pulled her arms back as he arched his back and drove up into her harder. The feeling of her ass gripping his cock was incredible. With a couple more hard thrusts, Neil blasted inside her ass. He felt thick ropes of his cum plastering the inside of her ass-chute.
 He lifted Mia off him and let her fall on the floor. Mason walked over and pulled her to her feet. Her legs were weak and he had to hold her up.

“Pl-please M-Mason. Let me g-g-go,” she whimpered, her voice barely a whisper.
“Fuck that!” he said. “It’s my turn in your ass!”
Mason pushed her down onto her stomach on the couch. He pushed her legs apart and grabbed a big handful of her hair. Yanking her head back, he forced himself inside her, sliding in effortlessly now that her ass was well lubed up.
“GGGGUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!” Mia grunted in pain.

 Mason slammed his nine-inch fuckmeat deep into her in one thrust. Then he began hammering away with hard, brutal strokes. The other men gathered around and cheered him on. That was even more degrading to Mia. The fact that these men were treating the whole thing like some kind of sporting event. She was just their toy as far as they were concerned.
 But little did she know it was about to get worse. Darin had had a chance to regenerate and now he wanted his cock back in Mia. And he knew exactly where too. Darin stood beside the couch, looking down at the beautiful Mia and stroking his cock.
“You’re gonna clean my dick off now Mia,” he said with a sick smile. “Sure hope you like the taste of your ass!”


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« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2014, 09:52:21 PM »

“No, no, no! I won‘t do that!” she protested feebly.
“Like you have a say!” said Darin.
 Mia had her mouth forced open before she had a chance to protest and Darin pushed himself inside her. He tasted terrible and Mia retched.
“Suck it bitch!” he snarled.
 Darin was very thick and Mia struggled to accommodate him in her mouth. Mia had performed oral sex many times but never had she had a cock jammed in her mouth in this way. Mia gagged and choked and fought back the urge to vomit.
 Mason continued to slam in and out of her ass. He was increasing his tempo as he prepared to blow a load.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” he sighed as he felt the sweet release of his cum into Mia’s depths. He pulled out with a big smile.
“You got a nice ass, Mia,” Mason said.
Darin was in heaven as he slowly fucked her mouth. He had two big handfuls of her lustrous hair, pulling her head back and forth on him. He could feel her moist tongue sliding along the underside of his dick.
Mia fought to catch her breath as the giant cock assaulted her mouth. Darin thrust his hips into her face as he came, a torrent of semen shooting into her throat. Mia was forced to swallow it all.

 Darin pulled out slowly from her mouth.
“That was good!” he said. “Hey guys, Mia just said she’d clean all our dicks for us!”
 “Well then I’m next,” said Jan excitedly.
 He pulled Mia off the couch and made her kneel in front of him.
 Mia looked up at his hard cock, jutting out in front of him. She shook her head vigorously.
“N-n-no, I c-can’t do this,” she feebly protested.

“Just shut up and get my dick in your mouth,” snarled Jan.
 He had his cock in one hand and with the other he grabbed Mia’s long dark hair and pulled her head back. She tried to say something but was cut off as he fed his cock between her red lips. He watched it push into Mia’s mouth. Slowly, Jan forced his cock to the back of Mia’s throat, feeling her throat muscles clamp down on him.

 Mia suddenly felt something behind her. She tried to look over her shoulder to see what was happening. It was Michel! He was kneeling behind Mia and his hands were on her hips. With a sharp thrust, he drove his cock inside her pussy from behind. Mia’s body was rocked as Michel began to hammer away.

 Jan held her by the hair as he jammed her mouth onto his cock. He pulled back and drove in again, watching his saliva-coated dick spread apart her lips. His hips moved back and forth as he fucked her mouth. It was wonderful! Nothing better, Jan thought, than having a hot girl’s mouth on the end of your dick! He began to speed up. He was going to cum. He let out a loud grunt as his load blasted down her gullet.

 Meanwhile, Michel humped away at Mia from behind. He had enjoyed fucking her the first time, this second time was even better! Her cunt was so warm and tight, even after having six cocks in it. His body slapped against her loudly as his cock pistoned in and out.
 Tears ran down Mia’s cheeks as Jan pulled his cock out of her mouth. She tried to spit and cough to get his taste out of her but it was no use. She looked up and saw Paul walking towards her.
“Oh God,” she thought. The idea of having him in her mouth made her feel even sicker. As he pushed himself between her lips, she let her tongue run along the underside of his cock. He let out a satisfied groan. But Mia wasn’t doing this for Paul’s enjoyment. She just hoped maybe she could get him to cum quick and be out of her mouth.

 Her mouth closed around him tightly as he pushed in farther. It felt sooooo good! Paul looked down at Mia’s head bobbing up and down on him. He arched his back and wrapped his fingers in her hair.
 Michel came hard in Mia as he pulled her back against him. He drove his cock deep into her as he spurted another load. He pulled out, wiping his slimy dick across Mia’s ass as he did so.
 With Mia working her mouth and tongue along his shaft, it didn’t take long for Paul to feel the pressure building in his balls. He pressed in deeper, his cock hitting the back of her mouth. Her face turned red as she fought for air. Paul felt his cock give a jerk as gobs of cum shot into Mia’s throat.
“MMMMMPPPPACCCCKKKKKKK!” Mia made a loud gagging sound as she fought to swallow more cum. She felt sick as the warm sticky liquid slid down her esophagus.

 Mason and Neil were next to maul the poor girl. Mason rubbed his cock across her lips.
“Okay Mia, I want you to lick it real nice. I wanna feel that tongue all over my dick,” he said to her.
 Neil just knelt behind her and ploughed his cock into her. He began fucking her rough and hard with short powerful thrusts. He reached under her and fondled and mauled her tits.
 Mia ran her tongue along and around Mason’s thick veined shaft. She opened her mouth and Mason sucked in his breath as her lips tightened around him. Pushing on the back of her head, her mouth engulfed him, sliding along his shaft. Her head bobbed up and down, her mouth making wet sounds as she coated his cock with saliva.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yesssssss!” Mason said as he watched the hot beauty sucking his cock. She put just the head of his dick inside her mouth and flicked her tongue around it in small circles. Mason’s knees almost buckled.
“Ohhhhhh girl! That is sooooo fuckin’ good!”

Mia ran her tongue along the shaft slowly, then slipped her mouth over the head. Holding onto Mason’s hips, Mia slid her lips slowly along the shaft. She felt the tip bump against the back of her throat.
 Mason held her hair out of her face as she moved her head back and forth, her lips clamped tightly around him. Mason rocked his hips as he watched the pretty 18 year-old suck his cock. She did it slowly and methodically. Mason could feel himself losing control. He wanted to cum.
 He grabbed the back of Mia’s head and held her mouth onto his cock. His thighs slapped against her face.
Mia made gagging and gurgling sounds as Mason’s cock pushed into her throat and cut off her air. She tried to pull back but it was too late. Mia felt his cock twitch and shoot it’s load of hot jizz into her stomach.

 Neil was giving her a cunt a good going-over as he pounded in and out relentlessly. Sweat dripped off him and onto Mia’s back. His sweaty, sticky stomach pressed against her as he bucked his hips.
“Holyyyyy fuucccckkkk!” he yelled out as his cock spewed out a long string of cum into her tight depths.
Mason and Neil pulled out of Mia. She collapsed on the floor, her chest heaving. Her entire body ached. She looked up at the men gathered around her, her eyes red and puffy. Her hair was a tangled mess hanging over her face.
 Michel pulled her up to her knees. He sat on the couch and pressed her face down into his crotch.
“Come on Mia. Let’s see what that mouth feels like on my cock.”
Mia was like a robot. She didn’t care anymore. Hopefully, the men would tire out soon and leave her be. She opened her mouth and let Michel push her head down onto him.
His swollen head pressed against the roof of her mouth. Slowly she began to work her mouth up and down on him. Michel sighed and sunk down farther into the couch cushions.

Jan felt his cock begin to stir as he watched Mia sucking on Michel’s cock. He decided he needed his cock inside the girl one more time. He knelt down behind her and he rubbed the head of his cock across her pussy lips. He felt her body tense. His hands kneaded and massaged her ass cheeks. He let the tip of his dick just penetrate inside her pussy.
 He moved his cock around in little circles. Mia felt him behind her and braced herself for another assault on her pussy. But she wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

 Jan suddenly pulled his cock away from her pussy and in one savage thrust, rammed into her ass. It felt like a white-hot spear driving into her. Mia tried to pull her mouth off Michel to scream but he held her tightly.
“MMMMPPPPHHHHHHHHH!…….MMMMMMPPPHHHHH!” she squealed from around Michel’s shaft.
 Jan dug his hands into Mia’s hips as he pulled back and plunged his cock into her tight shitter. He began a hard fucking of her ass.

 Michel kept Mia’s mouth on him. He pushed his hips up forcing his fuckrod farther into her, feeling it bump against her throat. Mia’s saliva coated tongue slid back and forth on his shaft. Slobber ran from the corners of her mouth. Her jaws ached as she struggled to accommodate his thickness.
 Each time Jan thrust into her ass, her mouth tightened on Michel. He would let out a little gasp of pleasure. He felt himself slowly building up to an orgasm. He grabbed Mia by the hair and pulled her off his cock just as he was ready to spurt. A thick spray of white goo hit her in the face, coating her cheeks and lips.
 Michel laughed as he looked at her. “Look boys! A bit of face lotion for our little Mia!”
 “Right on!” whooped Darin.

 Jan kept up his vicious pounding of Mia’s ass. He too could feel his balls swelling and getting ready to shoot a load. Seeing what Michel did to Mia’s face gave him an idea. He also pulled out at the point of orgasm and spewed cum across the back of her legs and her ass. Jan slapped her across her ass as he stood up. He looked down at her red swollen anus.
“Yeah, you’re gonna be walking funny for a few days,” he chuckled.
 Neil was hard again and ready for some more action. He sat down on the couch where Michel had been sitting.
“All right, Mia,” he said. “My turn for some mouth action. Get to work.”

Mia looked up at him wearily. She didn’t know if she could handle another dick in her mouth. Her jaw muscles ached horribly. But she knew Neil was the only one she hadn’t sucked yet so he would be the last one.
 Mia wrapped her lips around him and began bobbing up and down. She was going to try and make him cum as fast as she could. She cupped his balls and massaged them.
“Ohhhhhh!” he moaned, running his hands through her hair. He pumped his hips, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked on him vigorously.

 You might think I’m doing this for your enjoyment but I’m just trying to get you out of my mouth, Mia smirked.
 Just then, she felt hands around her hips again. It was Paul! Mia closed her eyes in revulsion as she felt him press his cock inside her yet again. He began thumping away, making small grunting noises. Mia’s body shook with each rough thrust.
 Neil had a string of slobber on his chin as he looked down at the luscious dark-haired girl with her lips wrapped around his cock. Her slender fingers massaged his balls and he knew he couldn’t hang on any longer. He arched his back and let out a loud groan as his cock flooded Mia’s mouth with more cum. She gulped and swallowed noisily.

 Paul reached under her and squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples between his fingers. He pulled down hard on them like a farmer milking a cow. Mia squealed in pain.
Paul leaned down and ran his tongue along Mia’s cheek. “Ahhhh what a sweet little slut,” he murmured in her ear. “You should come work in New York, Mia. You and me could have a great time!”
Mia felt like spitting at him but she just blocked him out. She endured his assault, impatiently waiting for him to finish. Soon she felt the familiar wet warmth inside her as Paul came. He let out a couple loud grunts as he collapsed on top of her. He held himself inside her for a little while until he slipped out.

 The men stood around her, buckling their pants back up and straightening their clothes. Except for Darin. He walked up to Mia and grabbed her by the shoulder. He flipped her around and pushed her onto the floor on her back.
“N-no! Please! No m-more”, begged Mia, tears running down her face.
“Mia, why don’t you just shut the fuck up?” sneered Darin. “I just can’t let you go when I’ve got you here like this without having a bit of fun with those gorgeous titties!”
He straddled her waist, his hard cock sticking out. He pressed his shaft between her tits, squeezing them around him tightly. Then he began sliding his cock back and forth.
“All right!” said Jan. “A good tittie-fuck!”

The other men gathered around as they watched Darin furiously stroke his dick between Mia’s boobs. The look of humiliation on her face was priceless. This was extremely degrading to her.
 Darin panted and grunted, sweat running down his face. He looked down to see Mia’s tits shaking and quivering around his thick shaft. Suddenly thick gobs of cum spewed forth, coating Mia’s upper chest and her chin. Darin grinned as he continued to stroke his cock shooting cum on her tits. He milked himself dry before he finally stood up.
 Mia looked down at the mess on her chest and tits. Tears continued to stream down her cheeks.
 Jan kneeled down beside her.

“Now Mia, you know that nothing will be said about this, right?”
Mia looked at him, unbelieving. Slowly she nodded her head.
“Because you know the mess this could cause if the police became involved. We don’t want that, you don’t that! You still want to be a model don’t you?” he asked.
“Y-y-yes,” she whispered.
“Then you’ll be a smart girl and keep your mouth shut! You’re not the first one this has happened to. And really it was all your fault, acting like such a little slut and everything. I have some very powerful friends in the modelling business and if you want to become a world-class model, you will not say anything to anybody! Got me?”
Mia nodded her head. Jan gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

“Good! I’m glad you understand. Oh, and I think I speak for everyone here by saying, it was a really fun time!”
He stood up and looked at the other men in the room. “Come on guys, let’s go to the bar. I could use a drink!”
They walked out of the room and back down the stairs to the party. Jan and Darin saw Hope, Parker and Blake approach them.
“So,” said Hope. “Where’s Mia? You guys wear her out?” All three girls giggled like schoolgirls.
“Let’s just say that the next time you see Mia, I think she will have a rather improved attitude,” Jan smirked.
“And she might walk a little funny!” said Darin.
 They all enjoyed a good laugh as they headed towards the bar.


 Estelle Hunter walked up the stairs to the private rooms. The party was over and she was checking all the rooms to make sure no stragglers were left. The 35 year-old woman was the director of public relations for Elite 2000 modelling agency. As such she had been in charge of organizing the night’s festivities at the Toronto Hyatt Regency.
 Now she was assisting to clean up after everyone had left. She was also checking for any damage done to the rooms. Elite 2000 would be held responsible for all damages caused during the party.

 It was she who found Mia curled up on the couch. The teen girl had tried to wrap the remnants of her torn dress around her naked, abused body. As soon as Estelle walked in the room, she could tell what had happened. She saw the bruises all over Mia’s body, the vacant stare on her face, as well as the streaks of dried cum on her thighs, chest and face. The room smelled heavily of sex.
“Oh my God!” Estelle exclaimed to Mia. She stripped off her suit jacket and wrapped it around Mia.
“Th-they r-raped me!” Mia bawled, barely perceptible.
“I can see what happened,” said Estelle. “Good Lord! Every year one of you young girls has to get herself in trouble. I saw you earlier tonight, Mia. You were very drunk! Judging from the way I saw you acting on the dance floor, I‘m thinking you might have asked for this!”
 “It w-w-wasn’t my f-fault,’ cried Mia.

“Oh yes, I know. You models are so innocent all the time. Let’s just get you back to your hotel room and get you cleaned up before anybody else sees you. Elite 2000 does not need this kind of publicity! You’d think you young girls would learn but you never do.”
She helped Mia to her feet and out the door. They took a side door out of the banquet room so they wouldn’t run into any of the cleaning staff. Estelle took her to an elevator and back to her hotel room.


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Another great story by Vile8er! Thank you, sir!
Though I agree, when I read it, I don't see Mia raped - I see Nina Dobrev getting it hard!
And that is a wonderful picture to imagine!


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It remind me on croatian model, Mia Mohoric


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I loved this!  And very good choice picking Mia!  I used to love wathing her on Degrassi! You are my favorite writer on here :)
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Ditto!! Excellent story as always. Nothing hotter than a cock tease  getting put in her place

"I don't believe in destiny, or the guiding hand of fate. I don't believe in forever, or love as a mystical state. I don't believe in the stars or the planets, or angels watching from above. But I believe there's a ghost of a chance we can find someone to love and make it last"  Rush  Ghost of a chance.

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Nicely done.

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 aol_tittyfuck Just my luck. Another one! Thank you

Being Happy, doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections
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love the pic dawnamber

"I don't believe in destiny, or the guiding hand of fate. I don't believe in forever, or love as a mystical state. I don't believe in the stars or the planets, or angels watching from above. But I believe there's a ghost of a chance we can find someone to love and make it last"  Rush  Ghost of a chance.

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Oh wow that's hot
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