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Author Topic: Adventures On the Casting Couch: Jenna's Audition : Chapter II  (Read 5950 times)
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« on: July 28, 2013, 12:19:36 PM »

Jenna stepped out of the cab onto the sidewalk in front of a large office building in downtown Los Angeles. She looked at the address. This was the place!

  The office of Starfish Productions was on the 20th floor and that was where she was supposed to meet Mr. Monty Rivers. She was quite excited for this. Since “Blossom” had ended seven years previously, Jenna had kept quite busy with some TV movies and guest appearances on other shows. She had been on such shows as “Chicago Hope”; “Unhappily Ever After”; and “7th Heaven”, just to name a few. She had also done some voice-over work on a couple animated shows.
  She remembered quite fondly her days on the set of “Blossom”. Even though she sometimes resented being second banana to Mayim Bialik, the star of the show, it was a good experience. The show she was currently doing, “The Parkers”, wasn’t quite the success “Blossom” had been, but Jenna still felt it was a good show. However, again she was cast as just a “sidekick”.
   Jenna felt she had been in the business long enough now to where she should be getting some top billing. This new movie sounded perfect, well according to what her agent had told her anyways.
  Jenna was familiar with this Monty Rivers’ work. She liked his TV sitcom, “My Daughter Is Dating The Quarterback”, about an overprotective father who found out his very attractive teenage daughter had become the love interest of the high school quarterback. Jenna found it to be very funny although it had only lasted 3 seasons.
   She had also went out and rented all three of the “Vengeance On Two Wheels” movies and watched them. They were a little excessively violent, but this guy seemed like someone she could work with. And he wanted to give her a lead role in this new movie which was even better!.

It had been a long time since she had had the opportunity to audition for a feature film. And it might be kind of fun doing something a little more “on the edge”!

   If this movie panned out and did good, Jenna hoped it could get her more work in feature films. That was where the big money could be made! Monty had told her she would be playing a prostitute. Jenna had never done a role like that, but she figured she could pull it off. She had just played a stripper in a movie called “Truth Be Told”.
  In that movie, she’d had a scene where she tried to seduce a cop in a strip club. She had even had a line where she offered to give him a blowjob. So Jenna knew she could handle a role as a prostitute.
  Monty also told her there would likely be at least two sex scenes involving her character, one at the beginning of the movie, when she is with a client and one later between her and the male cop as she becomes his love interest. Jenna figured she would be cool with that too.
  She had never had to do any nudity in a movie yet, although she had been dressed pretty skimpily when she played the stripper. Jenna had always made it well known to her agent that she wouldn’t do nudity either! Monty had told her the sex scenes in his movie would be handled very tastefully and there would be no explicit nudity in them. If need be, he would use a body double for Jenna. She was happy with that.
  The 25 year-old actress was dressed very sexy in a leather mini-skirt with a slit up the side that showed off quite a bit of thigh. She also wore a tight-fitting blue top that hugged her 36D breasts and was sort of off-the-shoulder. Jenna also wore blue sandals with 3-inch heels. It was the way Monty had asked her to dress. He said he wanted her in character for her audition.

  She paid the taxi driver and smirked to herself as he drove away. The pervy bastard had been checking her out the whole time she sat in the back. Oh well, she was used to it in Hollywood.
   The petite woman had been blessed with an exceptional body from a very early age and had grown very accustomed at being ogled and leered at.
Jenna was only 5 ft. tall and weighed around 118 lb. She had long brunette hair and brown eyes. Her body could best be described as curvy. Dangerously curvy! Jenna knew her best asset was, well, her ass! When she was younger, she had been a little self-conscious about it, but as she got older, she realized it wasn’t a part of her body to be embarrassed about. Indeed, it was a part to be shown off and she knew for a lot of men, it was the first thing they noticed when they met her.
  She spent a lot of time in the gym working out and making sure she kept her body tight and firm. A person who didn’t know her, would never know she was 25. She still had the fresh-faced look of an 18 year-old.
As Jenna rode the elevator up to the 20th floor, she thought about when she had first met Monty Rivers. He had been an annoying know-it-all intern on the set of “Blossom”. He had asked her for dates several times and she had turned him down every time. Like most guys, she knew the only thing he was interested in was seeing her panties lying on his bedroom floor.
  She figured he had probably grown up since then. She sure hoped he had anyways.

  Jenna stepped out of the elevator and walked towards the offices of Starfish Productions.  As usual, she produced a few neck-snapping stares from some guys in the hallway. She approached the receptionist’s desk, introduced herself, and informed her she was there to see Monty Rivers.

The very attractive, blonde girl at the front desk looked up at Jenna and smiled.

“Oh hello, Miss Von Oy! Mr. Rivers said he was expecting you.”

She picked up the receiver for the speaker phone and pressed a button. “Mr. Rivers? Jenna Von Oy is here to see you.”

“Okay,” came the reply at the other end. “Thank you, Candace. Send her right in. And hold all my calls. I‘ll be busy for a while.”

The receptionist directed Jenna down to Monty’s office down the hallway. Jenna stepped inside the spacious office. There was a huge window along one wall. Monty sat at a large glass topped desk in front of the window. He stood up as Jenna entered the room.
   He held out his hand to her and she gave him a firm handshake.

“Well, Jenna Von Oy! Very nice to meet you!” Monty stood back and admired her. “You’re looking really good Jenna! I love the skirt.”

“Thank you, Mr. Rivers,” Jenna replied. “It’s nice to meet you too. I wasn’t sure what to wear when you said to dress sexy but I figured, well, a skirt always works!”

“Yes it does,” smiled Monty. “Very classy.”

And it’s going to look even better when it’s off you!
He motioned to Jenna to have a seat on the large leather couch that sat to the left of his desk. She sat down, crossing her legs, the left one over her right. The slit of her skirt allowed Monty a great view of her left thigh. He asked if she would like a refreshment of some kind. Jenna asked for just a glass of water with a slice of lemon.

  Monty went over to his wet bar and got a tall glass of cold water for Jenna. He set it on the coffee table in front of the couch. He perched on the edge of his desk facing Jenna.
Jenna couldn’t help but notice Monty was actually a very handsome man. He stood about 5’ 10”, close to a foot taller than Jenna. He looked to be in very good shape and had a nice tanned complexion. He had dark hair and a goatee. His hairline was just beginning to recede a little.

  “You know Jenna, you might not remember, but I met you a long time ago on the set of “Blossom”, said Monty. “I was working as a studio intern, fresh out of film school.”

Jenna gave him a coy smile.

“I do remember, actually,” she replied. “I’ve grown up a bit since then.”

Oh, indeed you have, thought Monty.

“Well, I’m very glad your agent recommended you to me,” he said. “I’m looking for a girl who can put a lot of sexiness and sassy toughness into this role. You know, a woman who can kick ass on the bad guys and still be very feminine and sensuous in the bedroom. You definitely look that part, Jenna!”

“I’m going to give it my best try,” Jenna said, blushing a little.

Monty picked up a script off the desk.
“I trust you brought the script with you that I sent to your agent?”

“Yes, I did,” said Jenna, reaching into her bag and pulling it out.

“Turn to page 3 and we’ll read that scene first,” said Monty. “You and your pimp are in his apartment and he’s telling you he thinks someone is trying to kill him.”

Jenna and Monty spent the next hour as she read various pieces for him out of the script. They finally stopped and took a breather.

“Good job, Jenna. I’m thinking you will be great for this part,” said Monty. “And you certainly have the right look for it. It’s almost like this script was written just for you!”

The two of them turned as the door suddenly opened. Four men walked in. Monty looked at the clock.

“Oh shit, is it that time already?” He turned back to Jenna. “I forgot I was going golfing this afternoon. These are my friends. They were coming by to pick me up. I’ll have to give Candace heck! She was supposed to tell me when they got here.”

“Oh, not a problem,” said Jenna as she began to get up off the couch.

“No, no, no!” said Monty waving his hand at Jenna. “You don’t have to leave. We’ll finish the audition first.”

He turned to the men who had come to stand over by the desk beside him.

“Guys, allow me to introduce you to Ms. Jenna Von Oy. Jenna these are my friends, Allen, Lane, Matt, and this is Arnie,” he said, pointing each one out to her.

Jenna stood and shook hands with each one.

“Wow, I have been a fan of yours for years,” said Lane. “Never thought I’d get to meet ‘Six Lemeure’ in person!” he chuckled.

“You rocked in that last movie you just did!” gushed Arnie.

“ ‘Truth Be Told’ ?” asked Jenna. “But it’s not even in stores yet! How’d you see it?”

“I showed the boys an advance copy,” explained Monty.

“Ahhh, okay.” said Jenna.

“If you don’t mind, the boys are just gonna hang out here in the office until we’re done,” said Monty. “They won’t disturb us.”

“Uhhh, okay. That’s fine!” Jenna shrugged. It seemed a little unusual to her, but she figured, what the hell?

The guys gathered over by the pool table Monty had set up by the wet bar as Monty continued interviewing Jenna.

“So I think we’ve done enough reading now,” said Monty. “You’ve obviously done your homework, Jenna. I gotta say, you nailed it!”

“Thank you,” Jenna smiled.

“This is gonna be a top-notch production,” Monty continued. “I mean, the stuff you’ve done in the past, there was “Blossom” , of course.”

“And that  TV movie you were in with Candace Cameron, where you were a date rape victim, ummm, “She Cried No”, and that other one, “Dying To Belong“. And then all the guest appearances you’ve done on other shows. They weren’t bad and they’ve given you some good acting experience. But face it, they were all second-rate parts. You never had top billing in any of them! You know , in “Blossom”, I was always of the opinion the show should have been called, “Six”! I think far more people watched the show to see you and Joey Lawrence, than to see Mayim Bialik!”

“Well, I don’t know, Mayim was a good actress,” said Jenna, defending her old co-star, although secretly she knew Monty was kind of right.  She and Mayim had gotten in a big fight one time when Jenna had suggested she got more fan mail than Mayim.

“It doesn’t matter about being a good actress!” said Monty. “On TV, you want someone who looks good. And you had that look! Mayim didn’t!”
 “That new movie you just did, “Truth Be Told”, again, it was a good film and was well-done, but they vastly under-utilized you. They gave you a bit part. The way you looked in that movie, they should have had a much bigger part for you!”

“I’m glad you feel that way,” said Jenna. “I do really, really want to get a lead in a feature film. By the way, who are you planning to cast for the step-sister part, you know, the female cop?”

“Well, two people I’m in talks with right now are Christine Lakin and Danielle Harris. You know them?”

“Know them? Of course!” replied Jenna. “Danielle and I are good friends. I’d love a chance to work with her. And Christine is a good actress too. I love all the stuff she’s done!”
“If things go right, maybe you will get a chance to work with one of them then!” said Monty with a smile. “But I’m telling you, this film I’m doing is gonna help your career big-time! You’re gonna have top billing! And that means more money, of course, for you! How much, well, we’ll hash that out with your agent.”

“Wow, thanks!” said Jenna with excitement. “Are you giving me the part then?”

“Yes, the part is yours, Jenna!” said Monty. He nodded at his friends over by the pool table to stop and come over closer. They began walking over, unnoticed to Jenna. They knew some shit was about to happen.

“Yeah, the part is yours. But first you gotta do one little favour for me. Well, actually, us!” said Monty as he stepped closer to Jenna.

Jenna looked over her shoulder and suddenly noticed the other four men had came to stand behind the couch. She looked at Monty with a confused look.

“I-I don’t get what you’re talking about,” she said as she began to get up from the couch. The tension in the room had suddenly jumped up a notch.

“What I’m talking about, is that if you want the part in my movie, you’re gonna let us have some fun with that sweet body of yours! You’re gonna let me fuck you. And not just me, but my friends too!”

The expression on Jenna’s face was priceless as the colour drained from her cheeks.

“Absolutely fucking NOT!” she blurted. “I do NOT fuck directors to get work! I have never done that and I NEVER will!”

“Oh, Jenna, don’t lie to me!” said Monty. “All you Hollywood bitches give it up eventually.”
“Well I DON’T!” she spat angrily. “I am NOT that kind of actress!”

This was why  Monty’s friends had showed up, Jenna suddenly realized. The bastards were planning to gang-rape her! She had heard rumours of shit like this happening in the past, but never imagined she would be involved in such a situation herself!
“Come on Jenna,” said Monty calmly. “You know you need this job.”

“I do NOT need this job,” said Jenna defiantly. “I’ll be fine without it!”

“You will, huh?” said Monty with a smirk. “Think about it. You’re 25 now. The “teenage” roles are gonna start drying up. You need to get some feature films under your belt if you want some staying power in Hollywood.”
“I’m doing just fine with TV work!” Jenna retorted.

“Are you?” Monty commented sarcastically. “That show you’re on,”The Parkers”,  is a piece of crap. If you think you can maintain a career doing shit like that, well I think you’re going to find out you’re sadly mistaken. If you don’t take this part, you might not get another one.”

Jenna stood with her hands on her hips.
“Are you threatening me, Rivers?”

“I’m just telling you how it’s gonna be. If the word was to get out that you’re “hard” to work with, well, it might be a little tough to find work. So, what’s it going to be? Let me and my friends fuck you, or have to give it up to the next guy you want to get a job from?”

“I am not fucking ANYBODY!” Jenna spat. “I’m not fucking you….and I sure as hell ain’t fucking THEM!” Jenna pointed at Monty’s friends.

Allen stepped forward. “Now what the hell is wrong us? You too good to fuck a bunch of just regular guys?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Jenna back-pedalled. “I just meant….I just don’t go around doing random guys!”

“I think you’re being pretty ungrateful to Monty,” said Matt. “He’s gonna give you top billing in a movie and you can’t even show him some appreciation?”

“It is not the way I work!” snapped Jenna. “If this is the way I have to get the part, I don’t want it! Mr. Monty Rivers, you can stuff your movie up your ass!“ She grabbed her bag and began to walk toward the door.

Lane was the closest guy to her and he moved to block her path. He was about the same height as Monty and towered over Jenna by a good foot.

“Monty was pretty nice to you, Jenna! He asked you nice and now you just treated him, and us, like shit. So I guess maybe we’ll just have to take what we want!”
Lane looked over his shoulder and saw Monty give him a little nod. He reached out to grab Jenna but she dodged his hand. She tried to get around him but he was able to block her.

“Get the hell out of my way!” she demanded. “I’m getting out of here!”

She didn’t see Matt and Arnie come up behind her until it was too late. They each grabbed one of her arms and she dropped her bag. They pulled her back towards them. She fought and tried to kick at them.

“Get her on the couch!” Monty ordered. “We’re gonna do this bitch!”

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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2013, 04:29:45 PM »

Nice start! Somewhat touched by friends who share...

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« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2013, 12:00:45 AM »

Can't wait to read what happens to her.  I'll admit, I had absolutely no idea who she was, but once I looked her up I VERY MUCH liked what I saw.  It didn't hurt that some of the first results when searching her name show her being a good little slut.  On her knees, or even on all fours, wearing nothing but blue underwear and a pair of heels.  Just the perfect position to show off that body.  Dangerously curvy is right.  I think you're taking some dramatic license with her tits, but damn what an ass.  Both her ass and thighs manage to look meaty and toned at the same time.

She's perfectly designed to entertain a group of guys by being casually gangraped.  I mean, it's not like any hot girl is poorly suited for that role, but she is (or was, when the story was set) perfectly built for it.  With all those tight, meaty curves packed into such an otherwise small package, it's like her body is all sex.  No wasted space, just pure meaty fucktoy, in a package conveniently sized for a group of guys to pass around.  Even her face seems to really fit the role of gangbang slut.  Very pretty, well designed to get guys hard, but definitely not super-glamorous.  Or to put it another way, not the kind of face Hollywood typically uses for the leading roles.  The kind of face Hollywood uses to fill out the eyecandy as the best friend or something, which seems just right for a slut who a director and his buddies are going to turn into a party favor.

Oh, and I just love the setup.  She's a hot piece of fuckmeat, they want to use her, so they do (well, they haven't yet, but I think it's safe to assume).  Simple, but perfect.  They know that a hot Hollywood starlet like Jenna is basically a toy, meant to earn her keep with her body.  They get that it's no big deal to turn her hot body into their afternoon's entertainment, whether she understands her real role or not.

Again, I can't wait to read what happens.
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« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2013, 10:45:43 AM »


Monty laughed. “And how the hell do you plan on doing that? You ain’t getting out of this office and I also must tell you, it is very soundproof! I had it made that way. Screaming isn’t going to help you!”

He walked over to his desk and pressed a button. Large blinds came down over the windows.

In the meantime, the four guys had wrestled Jenna to the couch and pulled her down onto it. Monty was there in a flash to help strip her clothes off.

“Be careful you guys, try not to rip her clothes too much.”

With that said, Monty grabbed the clasps on the side of her leather skirt and yanked them apart. Jenna’s skirt had already started riding up her smooth thighs as she kicked and struggled. Monty grabbed one side of her skirt and peeled it off her.

“AAAAIIIIEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOOO!” Jenna sobbed, tears running down her face.

“Fuck! What a body!” exclaimed Lane. “Can’t wait to fuck you hard!”

Jenna was wearing a white lace thong. Monty ripped it off her in one hard tug.

 While he was relieving her of her skirt and panties, Lane had pulled her shoes off her feet. Arnie and Allen had each grabbed a side of her shirt and pulled it up over her heaving tits. They continued tugging it over her head and off her arms. Matt had a hold of both her wrists and held her arms above her head.
Monty undid the front clasp on her matching white bra . The mens’ eyes all lit up with excitement as her large tits fell free from the confines of the bra.

“Holy shit! Nice fun bags!” said Arnie.

“I wanna fuck those!” said Matt.

The men all took turns reaching in and squeezing and playing with them.

“Roll her over, I wanna take a look at that sweet ass!” said Monty.

“NOOOO……NOOOOOOOO!” Jenna protested as Arnie and Matt grabbed her and flipped her roughly onto her stomach. Monty dug both his hands into her ass cheeks and squeezed hard.


“Fuck, never thought I’d see that ass in the flesh!” said Allen.

“That pooper is a work of art!” said Lane. “There should be a big picture of it put up right beside the “Hollywood” sign!”
Monty got a weird smile on his face, like a wolf plotting to eat a lamb.
“I wanted to nail her pussy, but I just got a cool idea!” he said. “Let’s do her ass first!”

“Shit yeah!” Lane beamed.

“Fuckin’ right I wanna do her ass!” said Allen. “I love ass fucking!”

“Get her over to the desk then, “ Monty ordered.

“NNNNOOOOOOO……NNNNNOOOOOOO…..NNNOOOOO! LET ME GO! ALL OF YOU ASSHOLES WILL BE IN SHIT IF YOU DON’T LET ME GO!” Jenna fought and kicked as she was hauled up from the couch by Arnie and Matt and dragged over to the huge glass-topped desk. Monty kicked his chair out of the way.

“Right here, guys!” he said. Jenna was pushed face down on the desk, her tits mashed against the glass. Arnie and Matt held her arms down. Monty reached into a drawer of his desk and pulled out a tube of K-Y jelly.

“What the hell?” laughed Allen. “You keep a tube of K-Y in your desk?”

Monty grinned. “I need it from time to time. It’s handy to keep some around.”

He dropped his pants, exposing his thick rock-hard cock. Jenna was still screaming and bawling. The men had to struggle to hold her as she tried to break loose from them.
“She’s a wild one!” said Lane.

“That’ll make it more fun!” said Arnie.

Monty squeezed some of the lube jelly on two fingers and jammed them between her beautiful round ass cheeks and into her puckered rosebud. Jenna squealed in pain and surprise.

Monty worked his fingers back and forth getting the jelly worked into her ass good. He pulled his fingers out and then smeared some jelly all over his shaft.

“She is fucking tight, boys!” Monty announced.

“Pl-please, don’t do this……I-I beg you! I’ve never done this before!” Jenna pleaded.

“What the fuck, Jenna?” asked Monty. “You mean to tell me all those rumours about you and Joey Lawrence on the set weren’t true?“

“Th-they w-were true! But he-he n-never did stuff like that.”

“That limp-dick Lawrence never nailed that ass? What kind of homo was he?” asked Lane.

“Well, looks like I’ll be the first to venture into new territory down the ol’ dirt road then! You know, you sure like to show off that ass of yours, Jenna. You shake it all over the place, wear tight jeans and stuff. I can‘t believe you‘ve never let someone tap it yet! I‘d say it‘s long overdue.” Monty gloated. “I’ll have to let Joey know what he missed out on!”

Monty pulled Jenna’s ass cheeks open and kicked her legs wide apart. Her upper thighs were pressed tightly against the edge of the desk as Monty pushed the head of his cock through her sphincter.

He pulled back a little, then pushed in again, wiggling his hips to help his cock push in deeper. She was so damn tight!

“OOOOWWWWAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!” Jenna screamed loudly. “STOPPPPPPPPPPP……you’re hurting meeeeeee!”

Her screams were loud in the room as Monty pushed in deeper. He dug his hands into her ass cheeks. He had fucked a lot of hotties in the ass over the years, but NEVER had he came across a girl with butt cheeks as firm and toned as Jenna’s. He didn’t know what kind of exercise regimen she was on to get them like that, but it was certainly working!

“OOOOOOWWWWWAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Jenna screamed again as Monty hit bottom. He held himself inside her, enjoying the incredible pressure her tight shitpipe exerted on his cock.

Slowly, he began to work back and forth, building up a slow rhythm. Sweat ran down Monty’s face.

“Fuck, she must be pretty tight!” said Allen.

“Oh….uhhhh…..shit! You…..wouldn’t…..uhhhhh…..believe…..it!” groaned Monty.

Jenna let out painful grunts as his fuck rod slid in and out of her. Each new thrust elicited stabs of pain through her entire body. Jenna had never felt such intense pain in her life. She could not believe this was happening to her!

She had stopped struggling. It was no use. The petite woman was easily held down on the desktop by Arnie and Matt. They all cheered on Monty as he began hammering her ass harder.

Monty couldn’t really believe he was doing this. He had lusted for Jenna Von Oy’s ass from the first time he had ever seen her on the set of “Blossom”. He never imagined in his wildest dreams, that some day he would be buried balls deep in it.

The tightness was too much and after about 10 minutes, Monty decided he had to cum. He sped up his thrusts, grunting and panting as he pounded into the young actress’ ass.

“OHHHHHH…….YYYYEAAAAHHHHHHH!” he yelled as his balls dumped a large load into Jenna’s bowels.

Jenna let out a yowl of despair, feeling the warm wetness of his sperm fouling her insides. The only comfort she could take was that he wasn’t going to get her pregnant cumming in her turd-box.

Monty pulled out, his cock streaked with blood and cum.
“This bitch’s ass is primo!” he exclaimed.
Allen was already dropping his pants in preparation to take his turn on Jenna.
He was around the same height and weight as Monty, but had short blonde hair.

 “Have fun!” said Monty as he watched Allen line himself up at Jenna’s ass entrance.

Allen grabbed hold of Jenna’s firm cheeks as he jabbed his hard cock into her. She let out an “OOMMPPPHHHH!” sound as he drove the air out of her lungs. Once again she had a cock invading her most private parts. Allen wasted no time in pulling back and hammering into her again.

Allen had not had a lot of anal sex in his lifetime. Normally, it wasn’t something he did a lot. But fucking this sweet Hollywood starlet up the wazoo, was a whole different experience. He could feel her ass tunnel wrap itself around him, conforming to every little bump and wrinkle on his shaft.

Allen was a pumping, fucking machine as he plowed in and out of Jenna Von Oy. His body made a loud slapping sound against the back of Jenna’s toned thighs.

It wasn’t long before he too was releasing wads of baby batter into the young woman’s guts. Her ass was like a milking machine, squeezing and pulling on his shaft. He came hard.

He had to regain his balance as he pulled out of her. His legs were weak and he stumbled a bit.

“Whoa! That girl is awesome!” he whooped. “Who’s next?”

Lane jumped in, pulling his shorts down to reveal a very thick, turgid fuck weapon.

“Man this is gonna be awesome!”  he said as he forced his way inside the bawling girl.

Lane was very thick and it took a bit of work to push his swollen shaft into Jenna’s ass tunnel. Jenna cried out in pain. It felt like she was being ripped in half as he pushed in a few inches, pulled back, and pushed in a few inches again.
 Slowly, he continued doing that until he was shoved all the way in, his balls tight against her ass cheeks. He held himself inside her, her ass gripping and squeezing him.

“Hol-eeeeee shit! This is great!” yelled Lane. “This is the best ass I’ve ever been in!”

Lane was around 5’ 11” and dark-haired with a muscular physique. With his handsome good looks, he never suffered from a lack of attention from the female gender. Of course, with his line of work, he spent time around a lot of hot women. And it paid off.
  Allen, Matt, and Arnie were actually kind of jealous of him at times. Lane was a real charmer with the women, and when they went out, he was always ending up with some knockout babe. And he seemed to do it quite effortlessly too.

  One thing Lane liked to do with his women, was have anal sex. He was an ass-man! To now be buried in the exquisite ass of Jenna Von Oy, was beyond heavenly. He decided now that he was inside her, he would make sure she remembered him.

Lane pulled back, and grabbing a handful of Jenna’s hair, propelled himself into her.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!”  Jenna squealed as the thick pole ripped at her insides.

The desk shook with the force of his thrusts as Lane proceeded to give the hardest ass-fuck he had ever given to a girl. His eyes were closed in intense concentration as his cock hammered her mercilessly.

“Wow! He’s a fucking machine!” laughed Arnie.

“Don’t break my fuckin’ desk!” said Monty good-heartedly. “That thing cost me ten grand!”

Lane heard him and smiled to himself. For the opportunity to ass-fuck Jenna, he’d gladly fork over ten grand to pay for a broken desk. It would be worth every penny!

Jenna tried to catch her breath as her body was shoved across the top of the desk. Her tits rubbed and chafed against the glass. As Lane kept up his savage rhythm, he reached down and found Jenna’s pussy. Roughly, he shoved two, then three fingers inside her.

All right! He was now ass fucking Jenna Von Oy AND fingerfucking her too!

His fingers began to slide in and out of her effortlessly as she loosened up.

“Fucking cunt is getting wet!” laughed Lane.
He gave a couple big thrusts just before he came in her shitter. He sighed as he felt thick ropes of his jizz coat her insides. Lane waited a minute before he pulled out. It felt too good inside her to stop.

Lane took Arnie’s spot, holding Jenna’s arm.
“Go on, dude! It’s your turn. Hammer some ass!”

Arnie didn’t need to be told twice. He dropped his shorts and underwear, exposing his raging cock. Arnie was the shortest of the bunch, standing only 5’ 7” and about 170 lb. He had sandy brown hair and a goatee similar to Monty’s. He wasn’t really muscular like Lane, but he kept himself in good shape.

Arnie had been 19 when he first remembered watching “Blossom”. Even though Jenna was only 15 at that time, he still recalled being very taken with the hot little actress and could confess that he had had more than one or two masturbation fantasies about her. But no more masturbation now! He was doing her for real!

Arnie let out a loud grunt as he felt his cock sink into her warm depths. He didn’t want to tell the guys, he was an anal virgin! This was the first time he had ever fucked a girl in that particular orifice. He had told his friends in the past, he had done it, but it was a bunch of bullshit. This was his first ass!

Arnie couldn’t believe the sensation of tightness. It seemed like the head of his dick would be crushed as Jenna’s ass pipe closed around him. He began to roughly fuck her, slapping against her legs.

“Yeah! Yeah! Fucking bitch feels good!” he said as his cock sawed back and forth. He looked down to watch her ass stretched tight around him. Wow, her ass felt so great! He leaned into it as he sought to ram his cock into her as deeply as he could.
Jenna gasped and whimpered in pain. Her ass was on fire. She didn’t know if she could take much more. Her eyes were sore from crying, yet tears continued to run down her cheeks. Listening to the way the men talked about her, she had never felt so useless in her life. They didn’t see her as a real person. Just some hole to stick their dicks in!
Arnie pressed his body hard against her, his hands on her shoulders as he pulled her back on his rod. He was pumping faster and faster and he knew it was just a matter of seconds before he shot his load.
A dribble of slobber ran down his chin as his mouth hung open. His dick gave one….two….three….four hard jerks as his semen blasted into Jenna’s gopher hole. He collapsed on top of her as he caught his breath. Arnie couldn’t recall ever cumming so hard in his life.

  He high-fived with Monty, Lane and Allen as he slipped out of her. Her ass was gaping wide open, cum oozing out of her and dribbling down the backs of her thighs.

“Fuckin’ slut’s ass looks like a train tunnel!” laughed Monty.

“Well, it’s still nice and tight!” said Arnie.

He took over from Matt, holding Jenna down. Matt was whipping down his pants, eagerly awaiting for his turn to finally arrive. Matt was the tallest of the group, at 5’ 11” and around 180 lb. Matt had blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. As was mentioned before, he was your typical California beach-bum type.
  Life was a big party for Matt, and he was the first to admit, had Monty not hired him as a flunkie, he’d be chronically unemployed. He spent four years in college and never graduated with anything. It was hard to concentrate on studies when he spent most of his time either drunk or getting fucked.
  Matt was a spoiled only child and his parents never made him look for work. It was at the urging of his father, that Monty gave Matt a job. He screwed up most of the work that Monty gave him to do, but at least it kept him occupied.

Matt’s muscular hips flexed as he drove his swollen shaft into Jenna’s dirt chute. If there was one thing Matt did excel at, it was fucking! He’d had lots of practice over the years and could boast of bedding many hot women. However, even Matt had to confess, he had never had a Hollywood actress! Until now!

“UHHHH……UHHHHH….UHHHHHH! Gonna fuck you raw!” Matt said as he began rutting in Jenna’s ass. He gave her a couple hard slaps on the cheeks as his cock pistoned in and out.

“You have got a million dollar ass, girlie!” he yelled. “Just made for fucking!”
Jenna grimaced as his cock pounded her insides. She was detesting all these men, but for some reason, Matt seemed the most repulsive. Jenna could tell he was just one of those guys who treated women so shitty.

Jenna’s thighs ached where she was being slammed against the edge of the desk. Matt had a handful of her hair and was pulling her head back as he drove his hips into her. Her shitter was on fire, the pain was intense. Jenna prayed that he would just cum already and be done.

She finally got her wish. Matt pulled out at the last minute and sprayed thick gobs of spooge all over Jenna’s lower back. How disgusting! But Jenna was relieved to know they were all finished.

Matt stepped back from Jenna and the others finally let her arms go. Jenna, her legs like pieces of jelly, collapsed on the floor beside the desk. She ached horribly.

“If I need a new place to park my car, I’ll know where to look,” joked Matt.

“Yep! Reamed that ass good!” said Allen.

“Y-you’re all dis-disgusting!” spat Jenna.  “I want my clothes b-back. I’m l-leaving now!”

“You ain’t going nowhere, Miss Von Oy,” sneered Monty as he walked up to her. He had fetched some cold beers from his bar and now handed them out to the men. To Jenna, he gave a bottle of cold water.

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« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2013, 10:51:21 AM »

“We’re keeping you here for a while. We’ll say when you’re done!”

The men stood around drinking their beers and catching their breaths. Looking at the nude form of Jenna sitting on the floor, they began to get hard again.

“You boys want another go?” asked Monty.

“Shit yeah!” exclaimed Arnie.

“Oh, for sure!” Lane chimed in.

“Now we nailed her ass, what should we do next?” asked Monty.

“Well, I know her cunt would probably be pretty nice,” said Allen. “Let's go for a round in her cunny."

“I fuckin’ near wanked myself raw  when she was a teenager thinking about tapping that pussy!” laughed Matt.

“Exactly,” said Monty, with a smirk.

“NOOOOO! PLEASE!” Jenna begged, trying to get up on her knees. “If-if you insist on doing more, I’ll suck you! I really will! I’ll suck you Monty, and your friends. Just no fucking!”

Monty let out a loud laugh. “Well, we got a response from you, huh Jenna? I’m sorry to say, it is not a democracy inside my office. You don’t get a say!”

“Yes!” said Arnie. “Let’s do her cunt!”

“Okay, cunt it is!” said Monty. “But I think we’re gonna play a little game this time.”

“Get her over to the couch!“ he ordered.

 Matt grabbed Jenna by the hair and began to pull her over to the big leather couch beside his desk.

“OWWWW!“ Jenna yowled. “Fucking let go!“

“Okay then, bitch!“ Matt scowled. “Get over to the couch yourself. But I wanna see you crawl like a dog!“

Jenna got up on her hands and knees and began crawling over to the couch. Matt slapped her on the ass as she went past him.

“Yeah, that’s a good puppy!“
Monty had went to his desk and grabbed a couple sheets of paper. He ripped each sheet into five small pieces and wrote something on each piece. Then he laid five of the pieces of paper face down on the desk in a little pile and laid the other five face down in another pile.

“What the hell are you doing?’ asked Lane.

“This is our little game,” explained Monty. “I will pick one piece of paper from this pile here. These have our names on and whoever I pick gets to do Jenna first. I will then pick a paper from this bunch and it will say what position that person is going to do Jenna in!”

“Ohhhh, this is gonna be fun!” yelled Arnie.

Jenna was sitting on the couch, her legs pulled up to her chest, and listening to the sick bastards. It disgusted her the way they were turning this all into a big game. Like a bunch of 7th graders playing Spin-the-Bottle!

She knew there was no escape. The door was locked and they were on the 20th floor. She was going to be forced to endure whatever demented games these men forced her to participate in.

Monty picked up the first piece of paper and read the name on it.
“Arnie! Looks like you’re number one!”

“All right!” Arnie whooped, pumping his fist in the air.

Monty selected a paper from the other pile.
“On her back”, it read.

“All right,” said Monty. “So you’re gonna fuck her on her back. You figure out how you wanna do it.”

Arnie was already at the couch and grabbed Jenna, pushing her onto her back. He pushed her legs back so her knees were up by her chest, with both her pussy easily accessible. He held her wrists down above her head as he positioned himself at her pussy and pushed in.


Arnie was rough and brutal as he began to pump in and out, driving his cock into her dry fuck tunnel as deeply as he could. Jenna’s eyes rolled back in her head, as once again her body was racked with pain.

“Ohhhh shit! You feel even better the second time!” Arnie moaned with pleasure as he banged away at the pretty brunette.

Jenna wasn’t sure what hurt more, her sore ass, or her legs pushed back against her chest, crushing her tits. With her body almost bent in half, Arnie was able to get maximum penetration into her tight hole.

It took him nearly 15 minutes of vigorous fucking before he finally came again. He let out a loud groan as his balls dumped their load of white goo into Jenna’s womb. The other men stood around and clapped.

“Way to go, Arnie! What a machine!” said Allen as he slapped Arnie on the back.

“Holy shit! What a workout!” panted Arnie as he climbed off Jenna. “I need a beer!”

Monty had picked two more pieces of paper off the desk and he now read them.

“Okay! Lane is next and he is going to do Jenna with her on her knees.”

Lane positioned her on the couch so her ass was up in the air, supported on her knees. Jenna’s head laid on the couch cushions. Lane stood with one foot still on the floor and one on the couch as he stabbed his thick cock into Jenna’s swollen pussy entrance. He wrapped his hands around her hips as he began to pump in and out.

  Jenna squealed and whimpered as her body was shaken back and forth. Lane had a huge smile on his face as he enjoyed the feel of her tight vagina wrapped around his prick.

SLAP!……SLAP!……SLAP! His body smacked against Jenna.

“S-s-stop! Please! You-re t-too r-r-rough! You’re h-hurting m-me!” Jenna sobbed.

“Awww, the baby is sore!” said Arnie.

“ I figured a whore like you, Jenna, would be used to being fucked hard!” said Monty.

“Fuck the whore!….Fuck the whore!…..Fuck the whore!” Allen and Matt began to chant.

Jenna buried her face in the couch cushion, trying to block out the crude oafs. She’d never been treated like this in her life!

Lane was finally finished and spurted a large wad of dick batter up her pussy. Jenna breathed a sigh of relief as his thick shaft slipped free of her, but she knew it was short-lived. There was still three of them left to take turns on her. She slumped down onto her stomach on the couch.

Monty picked two more pieces of paper.
“Well, whaddya know? It’s me this time!” he whooped.

He looked at the other piece of paper.

“And I get to do Jenna on her knees, against the back of the couch!”

Monty walked over to the couch and grabbed Jenna by the hair. He pulled her up.
“Assume the position!” he sneered.

He turned her so she was on her knees with her stomach pressed against the back of the couch. Jenna barely protested as Monty pushed her legs apart and began to jam his cock into her from behind.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jenna gasped as another cock drove up into her body. She gripped the back of the couch with her hands.

Monty began humping Jenna hard, slamming her against the couch.

“That’s right, sweet cheeks! Hang on tight!” said Monty.

He grabbed her wrists and held her arms out to her sides as he thrust into her.

“Oh shit….oh shit……oh shit!” Monty kept repeating as he felt Jenna’s sweet cunt wrap around him.

He hadn’t done this to a girl in a long time. The last one had been some 20 year-old blonde bimbo named Cassie, that he met in a club about  six months ago. She was an aspiring actress ( just like all the rest of them). He told her he could get her a role in one of his films.
  She came to his office for an interview and Monty had put the moves on her. To his surprise…..she said yes!

Monty could tell he wasn’t the first Hollywood producer she had put out for. She was a real little slut and she had loved it! That was why it was even more exciting to be fucking Jenna Von Oy now. She wasn’t enjoying it! And for some reason that just made it so much more fun!

Monty had his body pressed hard against Jenna as his hips thrust back and forth, driving his cock in and out between her gorgeous thighs. His face was next to hers and he breathed in the scent of her perfume.

“Fuck, girl! I love your body!” he said.

“Sh-shut up, M-Monty! And-and get off m-me!” Jenna sobbed.

“Ohhhh, you like it!” sneered Monty.

He picked up his tempo and began pumping faster. He was taking a bit longer to cum this time, but he didn’t mind. The longer he got to spend in this lovely tight hole, the better!

His prick began to twitch and he soon felt the satisfying rush of semen up his swollen shaft. Monty gripped Jenna tightly by the hips as he slammed himself balls deep into her and released his load. His cock gave several hard spurts as he painted her insides with white goo.

Monty collapsed against Jenna. She could feel the heat of his body.

After a few seconds, Monty slipped out of her and stood up.

“You hammered her good!” said Arnie. “Thought you were gonna bust the couch!”

“I was trying!” laughed Monty.

Allen walked over to the desk and drew another name. There was only two left.

“Matt!” he announced. “You’re next!”

“All right!” said Matt. “How am I doing her?”

Allen picked a piece of paper from the other pile.
“Ummmm, it says here she will ride you in reverse cowgirl!”

“Ohhhhh, awesome!” said Matt, giving a thumbs-up.

Jenna grimaced as she heard that. These guys were just looking to totally humiliate her in any way they could!

Matt plopped down on the couch beside her. He slapped her on the ass.
“Okay, darlin’! Get on top of me!”

Jenna was still kneeling against the back of the couch, trying to recuperate from the pounding she had just received from Monty. Sighing painfully, she swung herself around and straddled Matt’s lap with her back to him.

Matt held his Johnson with one hand while Jenna positioned herself over top of him. He guided her back onto his turgid rod as she settled herself down onto him.

Jenna let out a small squeal as his shaft pushed inside her. She placed her hands on his knees to brace herself as she attempted to slide down slowly on him. But Matt was having none of that. He wrapped his hands around her hips and pulled her down hard.


Matt’s thick pole drove into her viciously. Even though Jenna was getting more accustomed to him, Matt’s overly thick shaft still caused her pain as it stretched the walls of her vagina wide open.

“Now ride me!” he ordered.

Her face in a grimace of pain, Jenna began moving herself up and down on him. Matt held her by the hips.

“Yeah, yeah!” Matt moaned.

Had someone told him 7 or 8 years ago, that someday the hot actress that played Six on the TV show “Blossom”, would be riding him with his cock up her cunt, he would have told them they were nuts! But now here he was! Matt was promising to himself that he would never doubt anything that anybody ever said to him again. Seeing his cock slipping in and out of Jenna’s tight hole was enough proof to him to know that dreams could come true!
He wrapped his hands around her and squeezed and played with her tits. She continued to bounce up and down on his cock, letting out gasps of pain each time his dick drove into her.

“Look at the bitch!” Allen smirked. “She rides cock like a pro!”

“All these Hollywood whores are good at riding cock,” said Lane.

“Yeah, I’ll agree with that,” said Monty as he took a sip of beer.

Jenna tried to block out the ignorant and crude comments the men were making. She knew there a lot of sexist pigs involved in the entertainment industry and she had ran into a few of them during her years in the business. But never had she imagined she would be caught in a situation like this, where she was being basically gang-raped!

The worst part of it was, Jenna knew she wouldn’t be able to tell anybody. Well, she could, but it would be her word against four of them. There would be a messy court trial and lots and lots of media publicity. Her reputation would be dragged through the mud by defense attorneys and she would be looked at as a troublemaker by other people in the business. Her career would be destroyed!

It was a sad, sad reality of Hollywood, but if she went to the police, she’d be the one made to look like the bad guy! Jenna was all too aware of the code of silence and if she wanted to continue working as an actress, she knew she’d have to keep her mouth shut.
  Monty and his guys would not be stupid enough to physically beat her or hurt her. They would rape her, but they’d do it in such a way as to not leave much obvious physical evidence. It was how these pigs operated. And at least she was on birth control so they couldn't get her pregnant, but God only knew what kind of diseases she could pick up from these animals.

Matt pulled her back against him and held her hips as he thrust up into her. Each movement of his cock inside her was heaven and he was getting ready to cum.

“Uhhhh….uhhhhh….uhhhhhh…..get….ready…..uhhhhhh! Gonna…..cum…..baby!”

Matt squeezed her large brown nipples hard as his pole gave a couple jerks inside her and a torrent of warm jizz sprayed into her. Matt let go of her and she slipped off his lap onto the floor. A long string of cum dangled out of her pussy and dripped down her thigh.

“Sonuvabitch!” whooped Matt. “That was THE best fuck I’ve ever had!”

Monty picked up the last two pieces of paper on the desk.
“Well, we pretty well know who’s left,” he chuckled. “That’s you, Allen. And you are gonna do her kinda how I did her. But this time she’ll be on her knees on the floor, with her against the couch.”

“Okay, that sounds like fun to me,” said Allen. He had stroked his cock to full hardness and was ready for action.

Jenna was already on the floor, leaning against the couch and trying to catch her breath. Allen turned her around so she was facing the couch on her knees. She laid her head down on the cushions as he pushed her legs apart. He laughed as he looked down at her gaping swollen pussy.

“Damn Jenna, I could almost dive in there head first and swim back out again!”

Just do it and screw the juvenile comments! thought Jenna.

“Fuck ‘er good!” yelled Lane.

“Yeah, you da man!” said Arnie.

Allen plunged himself inside Jenna’s fuck canyon without delay. He groaned with pleasure as he bottomed out. He pulled back and began pumping her with powerful strokes. Her thighs slapped against the couch.

“Yeeee-haaaawwww!” he whooped, giving her ass cheeks a solid slap.

Allen put on a good show as he fucked and humped away on Jenna. The muscles in his hips stood out as he jack hammered her cunt with punishing thrusts. Jenna buried her face in the couch, her hands digging in to brace herself as her body was violently rocked back and forth. Tears ran down her cheeks. She was vaguely aware of the other men standing in a semi-circle around Allen, watching as he ravaged her.

“10...9.…8.…7.…6.…5.…4.…..3.……2.….BLASTOFF!” Allen yelled out as he came hard in her. His thick shaft spasmed and throbbed inside her fuck tunnel as he felt a stream of cum shoot into her.

“Woo-hoo!” said Monty as he gave Allen a high-five. “That was one good fuckin’!”

“Thanks,” said Allen as he pulled out and climbed to his feet. Sweat was pouring down his face in spite of the air conditioning in the room. “Oh man, I wanted to nail her good!”

“Well, you did!” exclaimed Matt.

Jenna collapsed on the floor, the cum running out of her like a river.

“You know Jenna, I’m gonna deduct the cost of getting my carpet cleaned from your pay,” Monty chuckled.
“Yeah, the bitch is leaking all over the place!” laughed Arnie.

“If you'd just been fucked like we did to her, you’d leak too,” said Lane.

Jenna felt sick to her stomach as she listened to the men laughing at the stupid jokes. What animals!

The men were guzzling down cold beers and taking a rest. Monty sat down behind his desk and the others were sitting on the couch or in the recliners.

“Are you…..are you….d-d-done now?” Jenna finally managed to say in a weak voice.
“I don’t know,” said Monty. “Are we done guys?”

“Shit, no!” replied Matt. “I can go another round! I’m fucking Jenna Von Oy and I’m making the best of it!”

“My afternoon is open,” chuckled Lane.

“Ha ha, I was hoping to hear that,” said Monty. “I guess you’ll be staying a little longer then, Jenna.”

“No, pl-please! Just let me go!” she begged. But she knew her pleas were falling on deaf ears.
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WOW!  Very hot story so far.  Also, unlike Jenna, I LOVE that they made her rape into a little game.  Just so casually degrading the way they act like turning Jenna's hot ass into their cumdump is no big deal.  Or at least only a big deal in terms of how much pleasure they get from her.  Enjoying Jenna's hot body is appropriately treated like a very big deal, but the fact that they're forcibly taking her and using her like she's just a piece of fuckmeat is treated like a routine thing.  Again, I'm loving it so far, and I can't wait to read what happens to her next.
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« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2013, 02:50:06 PM »

So good to see another story from one of my favorite writers!  Can't wait for more!

« Reply #7 on: July 31, 2013, 10:06:10 AM »

Damn babe! Amazing as always!!! Tongue
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So good to see another story from one of my favorite writers!  Can't wait for more!
Thank you Plaything.

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Damn babe! Amazing as always!!! Tongue
And thank you Jen-babe! Always appreciate your comments.

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Monty stood up.

“So guys, I got a proposal. I’m thinking if we go another round, we do her ass again!”

“Again?” asked Allen.

“Hey, we got the hottest ass in Hollywood here,” said Arnie. “I think we should definitely plow it again!”

“I’m with you,” said Matt.

“Hey, I just got an idea!” said Lane, snapping his fingers. “Monty, you know that one scene in the second “Vengeance On Two Wheels” movie?“

“ “Blood On The Rocks”?” asked Monty.

“Yeah that one,” said Lane. “Remember there’s that part where a drug gang busts into the sheriff’s house and then they shoot his wife and they rape his daughter?”
“Oh, yeah! They throw her up against the wall face first and two guys hold her while the gang leader bangs her!” said Monty. “That was a pretty intense scene!”

“That was like the hottest scene!” said Matt. “That chick who played the daughter was pretty sweet!”

“Yeah, Lacey Porter was her name,” said Monty. “She was only 19 when we did that movie. I heard she started dating some porn producer and she’s doing porn now.”
“Anyway, let’s do Jenna like that!” said Matt.

“Hey, that’d be fun!” Arnie agreed.

Monty shrugged his shoulders. “Sure, sounds good to me.”

Jenna was up off the couch, staggering as her legs struggled to support her.

“N-no! I’m not letting y-you guys d-do that!” she whimpered.

“Oh, and you really look like you’re in a condition to fight us off, huh?” Monty smirked.

Matt and Lane grabbed her arms and pulled her over to the wall beside the couch. She tried to dig her feet in but she was just too weak. They shoved her face first against the wall and held her arms out to her sides.

“NOOOOOO! DON’T DO THIS!” Jenna managed to yell.

“You’ve got it all wrong,” said Monty as he kicked her legs apart. “The line in the movie was, ‘Noooo! Daddy! Help me!’ And then the drug gang leader said ,’Shut up! I’m your daddy now!’ Then he gave it to her good. Just like I’m gonna do!”

Before Jenna could respond, Monty spread her ass cheeks and drove himself inside her. Because Jenna was nearly a foot shorter than Monty, he had to bend down to properly get his cock into her. He lifted her up so her feet were right off the floor. The weight of his body kept her pinned against the wall.

Her ass was still exquisitely tight! Not as tight as it had been earlier but still tight enough to make him groan in pleasure. His cock drove in and out.

“All right! Yeah! It just looks the part in that movie!” Matt whooped.

“Except the chick in the movie didn’t have quite as nice of an ass,” quipped Arnie.

It took about ten minutes of vigorous fucking before Monty finally felt himself ready to cum. Jenna’s legs banged against the wall and her arms hurt from Matt and Lane holding them. She silently breathed a sigh of relief as she felt the familiar warmness of Monty’s spunk shooting into her.

“Ahhhhh, yeah!” said Monty as he pulled out of her. “That ass never ceases to amaze me.”

Arnie was ready to go next. He guided himself up to Jenna’s abused pooper. Lifting her by the waist, he impaled her on his hard shaft. He pressed her against the wall as he shoved himself deep into her. He put a hand on the back of her head and held her there as he pounded in and out of her bruised cheeks.

Spittle flew from his mouth as his cock sawed back and forth. Jenna’s tortured anus stretched around his girth. It was to the point now where it didn’t even hurt that much, her body had become numbed to the pain. Jenna knew it still hurt, her brain was just blocking it out.

Arnie’s hands dug into her hips as he held her up to the wall. He slammed into her over……and over…..and over! His knees buckled as, finally, he spurted a thick load into her bowels. It felt sooooo good!

Reluctantly, he pulled out. He loved the warm tightness of her shit-chute, but he knew the others were awaiting their turns too. Allen was standing by, ready to assault Jenna’s butt once more.

Kicking Jenna’s legs apart again, Allen teased her by just rubbing the head of his cock up and down the crack of her ass.

“You know what’s coming, don’t you Jenna? Another cock in that beautiful ass of yours! Tell me you want it!”

“F-fuck y-you, Allen!” Jenna spat.

“Goddammit, still got some feistiness in you,” Allen snarled.

He stabbed his fuck rod into her ass, listening to her sharp gasp of pain.

“Yeah! Gonna pound your ass!” he said.

Allen began a series of brutal, punishing strokes. His body slapped against her, making a loud noise in the room and her legs made a THUD….THUD…THUD sound as they banged on the wall.

He must have fucked her ass for close to fifteen minutes when, much to Jenna’s pleasure, he finally came, shooting gooey ropes of jizz into her shitter. He slapped her on the ass as he pulled out. Allen licked the side of her face.

“You’re the best, Jenna,” he said.

Jenna didn’t respond. She just closed her eyes and prayed it would all be over soon.

Allen and Arnie took hold of Jenna’s arms so Matt and Lane could take their turns.
“I’m going next!” Matt said right away.

He took up his position behind Jenna. His ran his hands up along her sides and cupped her ass cheeks. God, he couldn’t get over what an angelic body this woman had! So toned, so firm!

Matt’s muscular arms wrapped around her waist and he pushed his hips forward, feeling the head of his dick pop inside her ass entrance. He plowed forward, his cock drilling into her for the third time. Matt commenced a brutal hammering fuck of Jenna’s ass.

She winced in pain as her tits were mashed against the wall. Slobber ran from her mouth and down her chin. Her body was just one big ache! Matt was relentless, his big cock stretching and pushing at the walls of her ass tunnel. His balls slapped against her as his meat piston worked its way in and out.
   Matt let out a loud whoop as his dick went rigid inside Jenna. As her ass clamped down on him, milking the swollen shaft, spurts of hot semen were ejected into her.

“FUCK!” Matt yelled. “I am in love with you, girl!”

He held himself inside her until his cock stopped twitching. Then he slowly slipped out, her ass making a farting noise. More cum oozed out of her saturated hole. Her ass entrance was no longer a tight little rosebud but a red gaping maw.

Lane didn’t care, though. He knew it would still be a good fuck as he stepped in behind her. He lifted her by the hips and pushed in slowly, watching as his schlong disappeared inside her inch by inch. When he reached bottom, he pulled back about halfway and then slammed in hard.


“Well, it’s good to see you still have some life left in you,” said Monty.
Lane continued to fuck Jenna with hard punishing strokes in her ass. He envisioned the movie scene in his head, where the young blonde girl was raped by the sadistic gang. Lane had always felt it was one of Monty’s best.
  Thinking about it made Lane even harder, his dick becoming like a steel rod driving in and out of Jenna. She whimpered and moaned as Lane slammed her against the wall.  
  Lane took a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. He pounded his hips against her toned body. It took him about 10 minutes of hard fucking before he was able to cum.

“Yeah!” he groaned. “Can never get tired of cumming in that ass of yours, Jenna!”

He arched his back and pumped more white dick batter into Jenna’s overloaded bowels. Lane pulled out, his dick glistening with cum and Jenna’s ass juices.

“Right on!” said Arnie as he and Allen let go of Jenna’s arms and she slid down the wall. She laid in a heap on the floor, trying to catch her breath.

“Wow! That was intense!” exclaimed Matt. “We fucked her raw!”

“Well, there’s more to come, boys,“ said Monty. He took a big swig of cold beer. “Any of you wonder how good little Jenna is at sucking cock?”

“Hmmmm, I’ll bet she’s pretty good,” said Allen.

“All our cocks are dirty after fucking the bitch in her ass. I don’t want a dirty cock,” said Lane.
“Then I guess Jenna better clean them,” said Monty.

Allen, Arnie, Matt, and Lane all lined up along the back of the couch. Monty gave Jenna a kick in her butt, making her wince in pain.

“Come on, you little whore. Break time is over. Crawl over there and start gobbling some dick.”
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Hey guys, what I dont understand .... if this is an audition, why isnt she made to sing ???  Wink Wink Cool

Again a glorious story with many options of more to come  ... so to say ...  emot_laughing.gif
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Jenna groaned as she got to her hands and knees and began crawling across to where the men were standing. She had hoped this nightmare would be over but apparently it was not. Monty had more humiliation planned for her.

  Allen was the first guy she crawled towards. He was standing with his legs slightly apart, stroking his cock as he watched her come closer.
“Yeah, that’s it! Come over here and start suckin’!”

Jenna kneeled in front of Allen. Moistening her lips with her tongue, she slipped his cock inside her mouth. Immediately, she tasted him and tried to pull back. Allen grabbed her by the hair and kept her mouth on him.

“What’s the problem, Jenna? Don’t like the taste of your own ass?” he chuckled.

Jenna suppressed her gag reflex as she continued to move her mouth along his shaft. Her tongue wrapped him and Allen let out a loud moan as he leaned back. He could not believe a real Hollywood actress had his dick inside her mouth!
Jenna was no amateur when it came to sucking cock. It was a sexual skill she prided herself on. Right from the first time, when as a horny 16 year-old, she had cornered Joey Lawrence in his dressing room, Jenna had realized she had a natural talent for giving oral sex.

  It was a talent that had came in handy from time to time in the dog-eat-dog world of Hollywood. Jenna had told Monty she had never fucked anyone to get a part, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t done…..other things! Her mouth….and tongue, had helped her on more than one occasion.
    As a matter of fact, it had been the deciding factor in her getting the stripper role in “Truth Be Told”. When she found out the director was planning on giving the role to Monica Keena, Jenna had paid him a visit. After she left, well, his mind had certainly been changed!

But Jenna was not enjoying any of this in the least. Allen’s dick tasted horrible and it sickened her knowing where it had previously been. Allen rocked back and forth on his feet as he watched Jenna’s warm mouth move along his rod. It felt like heaven!
“Cum in her mouth!” yelled Monty.

“Yeah, make her swallow spunk!” added Arnie.

Jenna tried to pull back again. Oh no! she thought. There was no way she was letting these guys cum in her mouth!

  Jenna might have been quite experienced at giving blowjobs , but one thing she did not agree with, was letting guys ejaculate in her mouth. A lot of men had tried to persuade her, but it was just not something she liked to do. Period!

Allen held her head firmly in his hands as his hips slapped against her face.

“Ohhhhh……ohhhhhh!” he moaned as cum raced up his shaft and spurted into her throat.

The other men cheered and clapped as they watched Jenna struggle to swallow his sperm.

“I always knew she was a cum-loving slut!” said Matt. “Ain’t nothing better than painting some chick’s tonsils white!”

Allen pulled Jenna off his dick and pushed her over to Arnie. A small dribble of cum still clung to her lower lip. It had been the most vile thing she had ever tasted and she coughed as she tried to clear the gross stuff from her throat.
“I think you should beg to suck my cock,” sneered Arnie. “Show your appreciation for all the fun we had this afternoon.”

“Hey, that’s a good idea,” agreed Monty. “I mean, you got the part you auditioned for, but really, you haven’t shown a lot of gratitude.”

Jenna shook her head as she looked up at Monty.
“Please! D-don’t make me do th-that! I’ll suck your dicks but…but…I am n-not begging you guys….to….let m-me!”

“You will do that, Jenna!” ordered Monty. “Or we go for another ride up the ol’ brown canyon again!”

“Okay, okay!” Jenna pleaded frantically. “I-I’ll do whatever you w-want.”

She turned back to Arnie. Jenna reached out and began to stroke his hard cock with her hand.

“Arnie? Will y-you allow me t-to suck your, ummmm, your dick? I r-really would l-like to,” she said, biting her lower lip.

“I can’t think of anything I would like more,” Arnie replied.

He sucked in his breath as he watched Jenna’s tongue wrap around the head of his cock. Slowly, she worked her way up and down his shaft before opening her mouth and closing her lips around him.

Arnie ran his hands through her hair as his hips moved back and forth. He began to slowly fuck Jenna’s mouth. Jenna braced her hands against Arnie’s legs but it was no use. Arnie jammed himself into Jenna’s mouth as far as he could go.

“Swallow cock, bitch!” Arnie growled.

“GAAAAACCKKKKKKKKK!” Jenna gagged as the thick head of his prick was forced into her throat.

Her eyes watered and she fought to breathe.

Arnie had fantasized about doing this, ever since the first time he had seen Jenna Von Oy on “Blossom”. He had always wondered what it would be like to face fuck her character, Six Lemeure. Now he was doing it!

His shaft was dripping with her saliva, as he sawed in and out of her mouth. Her bright red lips stretched around him. Jenna stopped struggling and just allowed Arnie to assault her mouth. She concentrated on trying to keep from choking. Her throat hurt as the head of his cock battered away at her. Jenna was almost happy to swallow his load when she finally felt him go stiff in her mouth and seconds later, thick gobs of his dick milk shot into her gullet.

  As Arnie pulled out of her mouth, he looked down at her and smiled.
“Waited a lot of years to do that, Jenna, but it was well worth the wait.”

“Don’t waste any time!” said Matt. “I’m waiting for you over here!”

Jenna was exhausted but she knew she had to do this.

“W-will you let me, suck your cock, Matt? I’ll do a g-good job,” she said.

Matt smiled at her. “Oh, I know you’ll do a good job, Jenna. And I promise I won’t be as rough as Arnie.”

Jenna slowly stroked him to full hardness. Her tongue ran slowly along the underside of his swollen rod and she massaged his ball sac.

“That’s it, baby. Suck that bad boy really good!” Matt said, closing his eyes.

After a few minutes of tonguing and licking, Jenna closed her lips around the head and pulled him into her mouth. Matt couldn’t believe how good her warm mouth felt around him, her tongue rubbing along his length.

  Jenna’s head bobbed up and down in rhythm with his hips and she stroked and rubbed his balls. The other men watched excitedly as Matt received a vigorous blowjob from Jenna.

“Goddamn, she’s good!” exclaimed Lane.

“The girl oughtta be doing porn,” laughed Allen.

Jenna pulled her mouth off Matt for a few seconds, then went down on him again. She made loud slurping sounds with her mouth as she coated his fuck stick with saliva. Matt was leaning back, his hands braced against the couch.

“Holy motherfucker, I’m gonna cum!” he announced.

He placed a hand on the back of Jenna’s head and his hips bucked up into her face. Jenna’s mouth was hit with the familiar musky taste of semen and she relaxed her throat to swallow it all. Matt looked down to see white goo pooled on her tongue as he slipped out of her mouth. Damn, she looked hot!

“Was I good?” asked Jenna.

“Oh girl, you were the best!” said Matt, sweat running down his face.

Jenna took a couple minutes to catch her breath. Her jaws were aching but she knew she still had two more men to service.

Lane looked at her with anticipation.
“Well, doll face? This cock won’t suck itself!”

“Hi Lane,” said Jenna. “Are you going to let me suck you too?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I suppose I could. Let me think about it.”

Stroking his cock with one hand, Jenna looked up at Lane and whispered seductively as she rubbed his balls with the other.

“I’ll let you call me Six, if you let me suck your cock!”

Lane’s heart was pounding with excitement as he nodded.
“Oh yeah, oh yeah. Suck my cock……Six!” he rasped.

She swallowed him in one gulp, her lips gliding along his shaft. Lane looked down to see his turgid member disappear inside the mouth of one of his favourite television idols from his teenage years. He felt his cock push along the roof of her mouth and towards her throat.

  She let out a small gagging sound and pulled back. Jenna began giving him long, sensuous strokes with her mouth, pulling back so his cock head was just at her lips, then sliding him back in. She knew just how far to go before she began choking.
  Lane looked down at her, his mouth hanging open.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, you feel good!” he groaned.

“What’s the matter, Lane?” asked Monty with a grin. “You act like you’ve never had a hummer before.”

“Not one like this, Monty! Not one like this!” he replied.

The pretty actress continued to lap and suck and stroke on Lane for close to fifteen minutes. Having already  blown three loads that afternoon, Lane needed a lot of stimulation to coax another one out of him. But finally, he could feel it coming, the rush of warm cum up his shaft. One….two….three times, his cock spurted into Jenna’s mouth.

By this time now, Jenna was ready for it, although she still wasn’t accustomed to the taste. And probably never will be, she mused to herself.
  As she finished swallowing the last drops of Lane’s dick juice, he pulled away from her.

“Whoa! That was good!” he whooped. “You were fucking awesome……Six!”

“I’m glad,” she smiled.

Monty was now the last one left to receive oral pleasure from Jenna. He walked over to his large leather desk chair and plopped down in it, his legs spread wide. Pointing at his dick, he said to Jenna, “Okay girl, toddle that sweet, sweet ass over here and give me a blowjob that’ll make my hair fall out!”

Jenna crawled on her hands and knees over to the desk where Monty sat.

“Tell me you want my cock,” he sneered. “Tell me the only reason you wanted to work for me is so you could get the chance to suck my dick!”

Jenna glared at him. Was her humiliation never going to end?

“Monty, I-I want your cock! I want it s-so b-bad. I wanted to come here and…and…work for you…..because I would get to suck your c-cock!”

“Awww, how sweet of you!” Monty snickered. “Well then, suck away, Jenna!”

She got up on her knees and slid her left hand around his rock-hard schlong. With her right hand she played with his balls. Dipping her head down between his legs, her tongue played across his ball sac. She pulled one of his balls into her mouth, sucking on it.

“Oh Jenna, the boys were right! You ARE good!” said Monty with a satisfied smirk. “You swallow cum AND suck balls! My kind of girl!”

Jenna tried to block out his sick comments. She wasn’t really trying to impress him. She just wanted to make him cum as fast as she possibly could and end all this bullshit.

After a couple minutes of sucking on one ball, she switched to the other one. She rolled the swollen testicle in her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it. She continued stroking his shaft.
Jenna took Monty’s ball out of her mouth and began licking at the base of his cock, getting it nicely slicked up with saliva. Then dragging her lips over the large purple head, she engulfed him. Monty arched his back and moaned.


Placing her hands on his thighs, Jenna began working her lips and tongue up and down on him. His dick didn’t taste any better than the others, but Jenna was sort of used to it by now. Monty lifted his ass in the chair, trying to ram his cock deeper into her mouth.
“Shit! I wanna feel my dick in your throat, Jenna!”

He grabbed her by the hair and jammed her face down onto him. Jenna gagged and gurgled but he didn’t let her up. Her lungs screamed for air as the thick cock blocked her airway. Jenna tried to pull air in through her nose, even though it was pressed against his stomach.
 Monty let her go for a few seconds and she was able to fill her lungs before he pushed her mouth down on him again. Slobber oozed out of her mouth and her eyes filled with tears. She tried to push at him to make him let go but it was no use.
  With a handful of her hair, Monty pulled her head up and down, her lips wrapped tightly around him. Jenna began to feel light-headed from the lack of air. Her fists pounded at Monty’s legs.

  With a final thrust of his hips, Monty came deep down Jenna’s throat. His cock throbbed and spasmed in her mouth. Monty held himself inside her for a few more seconds before he pulled out. A long string of saliva hung out her mouth and down her chin as  Monty pushed his chair back.

“Well guys, I think I gotta say, this audition is over!” he said as he stood up.

“Fuck! That was awesome!” yelled Matt. “Ain’t never had an ass like that before!”

“Yeah, Jenna, you were one fine fuck!” whooped Arnie. “I still can’t believe I had my dick in Jenna Von Oy.”

“Believe it, my friend, believe it!” said Lane. “We were ALL up inside her!”

The five friends all laughed and high-fived each other. Jenna felt sick to her stomach listening to them. They were congratulating each other like they had just won a baseball game or something.

The men all began putting their clothes back on. Monty helped Jenna to her feet. She wobbled and staggered. Her ass and lower body felt like it was on fire.

“You did really great, Jenna. And like I said earlier, you got the part! I’ll be in touch with your agent and we’ll get a contract written up. I’ll make sure you get a nice little bonus for today!”

Jenna spat at Monty’s face.
“Like I said before, shove your movie! I will never work for you. And I’ll make sure no one else does either!”

Monty grabbed her around the throat.
“You are sure a stubborn little bitch, aren’t you? Now listen to me and listen good! You WILL be working for me! I want you in my movie and when we start filming in a couple weeks, you had BETTER be there! If you aren’t, well, just let me say, you may think I’m pretty small-potatoes, but I have some very powerful connections in Hollywood. I could make it so the only parts you ever get are on info-mercials selling walk-in tubs to old people!”

Jenna glared back at Monty. His hand was tight around her throat but he wasn’t squeezing hard enough to hurt her. But she should tell from the tone of his voice and the evil gleam in his eyes, that he was deadly serious.
  Jenna had been in the acting business long enough to know that threats like this were not to be taken lightly. An acting career could be a very profitable and glamorous endeavour, but it was also a very tenuous one. And getting on the wrong side of the wrong person, could be potentially disastrous.
   Jenna knew of too many fellow actors and actresses who had went from the top of the heap to the bottom in the blink of an eye, mostly due to the whims of a director or studio exec, who simply decided they didn’t like them. Jenna did not want to be one of those many, many lost souls of Hollywood who would someday show up in a “Where Are They Now?” issue of People magazine.
“Okay! I-I understand….Monty! I’ll b-be there.” stammered Jenna, with tears in her eyes.

“Good girl,” he smiled. “Now, through that door over there, is my private washroom. I’m pretty sure you probably need to use it after all the cum we dumped in your ass. There is a shower in there too. You can use it and clean yourself up.”

Monty watched as Jenna slowly made her way across the room to the door.

“Well boys, it’s been fun!” he said as he turned back to his friends.

“Hey, thank you, dude , for letting us in on this. She was fucking great!” said Allen.

“Not a problem,” said Monty. “You know, this was so much fun, we may just have to do it again sometime!”

“Count me in!” exclaimed Lane.
“Me too!” added Arnie.

“Well guys, let’s head out,” said Allen. “I’m hungry and thirsty. Let’s go somewhere and get a drink!”

“I’m still horny,” chuckled Matt. “Hey, I wonder what Candace out at the front desk is up to tonight?”

“Probably the same thing she’s always up to whenever you hit on her!” joked Lane. “She’ll tell you she’s got a headache.”

Monty laughed. He knew all his friends had the major hots for Candace, ever since he hired her. They never ceased in their efforts to get her in the sack but so far none had succeeded. Except for Monty, of course. He’d had her a couple times. But then, he was her boss!
  It was a constant source of frustration for Matt and Lane, who considered themselves both to be quite the ladies’ men. The constant rejection was a hard blow to their egos. They had whined to Monty about it, saying that since he was her boss, he should order her to fuck them. Monty just laughed. He found it quite amusing.

“You guys do whatever the hell you want,” said Monty. “And Candace, well, that’s your problem too.”

Monty picked up Jenna’s panties from the floor.
“Hmmmm, think I’ll keep these,” he said.

Arnie saw her bra and snagged onto it. “Well I’m taking this then. Gee, wonder how much I could get for it on eBay?”

The men laughed at Arnie as they made their way out of the office. Monty watched them as they left. A few minutes later, Jenna came wobbling out of the shower, still a little weak in the legs.
  Monty handed Jenna her clothes.

“Hey, where’s my underwear?” asked Jenna.

“Underwear is over rated,” said Monty. “You’ll look fine without it.”

She shot him an angry glare as she slipped her leather skirt back on. The man was such a pig!
“Now, did you come here by taxi?” he asked.

“Y-yes, I did,” she said as she gathered up her purse.

“Okay, well, walking the way you are, you can’t go out the front way. Everyone will see you. I have a private elevator we can use and I’ll give you a ride home in my car.”

Jenna didn’t know if she should say thank you or not. She knew Monty wasn’t being helpful, he just didn’t want people to see what he had done to her.

They went down his private elevator to the parking garage and got into his Mercedes convertible. They drove in silence, Jenna only speaking to give Monty directions to her apartment. Monty kept stealing glances over at Jenna in her leather mini-skirt, the mental images still fresh in his mind of her firm, incredibly toned naked body being impaled by cock after cock.

They pulled up on the street in front of the Hollywood apartment building where Jenna lived. Jenna reached for the door handle but Monty grabbed her arm. He pulled her close to him and his hand slipped under her skirt. He felt his cock leap to attention as his hand slid along her silky thigh.

“Monty, get your fucking hands off me! You’ve d-done enough t-today!” growled Jenna.

“I just want a little something for a good-bye gift,” he said quietly.

His fingers reached the top of her thigh and parted the outer lips of her vagina. He slipped two fingers inside her, smiling at the sensation of tightness.

“Oh Jenna, damn you feel good!” he moaned.

Jenna just sat and stared straight ahead.

“I’m throwing a little party at my place Saturday night,” he explained as he worked his fingers in and out of her. “I want you there, so I can introduce the leading lady of my new movie. The party starts at 8 and I’ll send  a car to pick you up. Don’t be late!”

He took his fingers out of her and let go of her arm.
“Oh, one more thing,” he said. “Don’t wear any panties. It’ll be just one less thing I have to take off you.”


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Whoa. I could read your stories day and night and never tire aol_tittyfuck

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Whoa. I could read your stories day and night and never tire aol_tittyfuck
why thank you so much, dawnamber! I appreciate that!

I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!
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