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Author Topic: Psychotic Siblings  (Read 976 times)

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You've made the volcano angry!

« on: January 04, 2017, 04:50:19 PM »

Written as a request for 'Slimfatter'.  Would love reviews, even if you hate it.  

It was late, or at least after dark when the car pulled up to the small structure that Thursday in mid June.  It looked downright cozy.  The four girls piled out of the car.  Amanda, the second oldest in the group, was getting married next Saturday, so they had taken Friday off work for a last girl’s weekend and the following week, Amanda would be getting married.  Michelle, the oldest was her best friend.  They’d grown up together, been to the same elementary school, Junior High and High school.  Amanda had gone to University and had just finished in April and hadn’t had much time to catch up with Michelle all that much with all the wedding preparation and working overtime to pay for it.  Michelle, 23, was the only one not related to Amanda.  Krystle, 21 was her cousin.  They were the same age.  Amanda was born in February and Krystle, December.  Erin, the youngest, at 18 was Amanda’s sister.  The small structure was a Bed and Breakfast.  The girls were staying until Sunday afternoon when they would make the five-hour drive back to town, and civilization.  The girls checked in.  The woman who helped them settle in, Amy, was very helpful.  She co-owned it with her brother Caleb.  They were offered a little dinner.  Because it was late and they were tired, they went to their rooms.

Friday morning.  
   Erin and Krystle were already eating when Amanda padded into the small kitchen.  
   “G’morning sleepyhead,” her younger sister said without looking up.
   “It may be mornin’ but the jury’s still out on good,” Amanda grumbled.  Michelle joined them shortly after Amanda sat down.
   “So, what are we going to do today?” Michelle asked.
   “Well, the website said there were great horse riding trails around here,” Erin said.  She was an avid rider.  The girls agreed.  Finishing their breakfasts, they cleared the table.  
   “Amy, where do we go to get horses?  Michelle asked the owner.  
   “The road you passed a half mile back will take you pat the old mill, another mile or so, is the ranch.  You pay the deposit there and settle the amount when you return ‘em.”
   “Thanks.” Michelle said.  They got changed into more appropriate riding apparel, and headed out to the car.  As they were pulling away.  Caleb, Amy’s brother came out of the back room.  
   “Which one d’ya’ want little sister?” He asked, “The bride’s the cutest of the bunch.”
   “No, she’s going last.”

Russell, A real life cowboy, owned the ranch and horses.  Amanda had to admit if she weren’t marrying Brad next week, she’d be all over him, given half a chance.  He seemed mostly interested in Michelle.  
   “The most scenic route’s through the trees.  I’ll have to admit, sometimes it may not seem like a scenic route for the trees but trust me it’s worth it,” Russell said, “It’s also the most romantic, route,” he continued looking at Michelle who couldn’t hide the blush creeping onto her cheeks.  They saddled their horses and headed off.  The trail grew narrow and the trees became thicker and heavier.  Off the trail, the visibility dropped.  The canopy grew incredibly thick letting in, very little light.  The women, by this time were riding single file.  Eventually, the trail opened, and the trees grew thinner.  They came to a meadow.  Past the meadow, the treeline became thicker again.  To their left, a cool refreshing mountain river.  
   “We should have lunch here,” Amanda suggested.  Each had packed a lunch, so; they tied the horses to the trees nearest to them.  They laughed and chatted like the best friends they were.  Michelle stood up.  They looked up as she stood.  
   “Pee time,” she giggled.  
   “Good luck finding a toilet,” Amanda said going back to her sandwich.  Michelle smiled and started off towards the treeline they were heading towards.  She walked a few minutes around a wide corner.  The trail widened and the trees again grew thinner and more sunlight filtered through.  When she could no longer see her friends, she looked around.  Finding a couple of rocks less than an inch apart, she sat down, straddling the gap between the rocks.  
   “Lucky me,” she said.  She did what she needed to do, standing up, she pulled up her panties and jeans.  She heard a curious sound and turned.  An arm grabbed around her neck and over her mouth, stifling her scream.  She fought and struggled but the feisty law student couldn’t break the hold. Michelle dropped to the ground.  Amy tossed a rope over a branch and her brother hoisted Michelle’s body onto his horse.  Amy fashioned a noose and slipped it around Michelle’s neck, tying her wrists behind her.  
   “Just like an old west hanging,” Caleb said.  Michelle’s brown eyes opened.  Seeing her peril, she started to scream.  Caleb slapped his horse, the horse bolted.  Michelle felt the hammer blow to the back of her neck and her body convulsed and was still, her mouth opened in an eternal scream.  

Amanda looked at her watch.
   “Where’s Michelle?  She’s been gone a long time,” she said.  
   “Maybe she’s taking a dump,” Erin said.  
   “What would she clean herself with?” Krystle asked, watching her cousin for a reaction.  
   “Gross,” Amanda said.  
   “D’you think we should go look for’er?” Krystle said.  Amanda nodded.  
   “Yeah.” The blonde bride to be said.  
   “What if she’s pooping?” Erin asked as they all stood up, brushing grass, and dirt off their jeans.  
   “Well, then, we’ll all be a little embarrassed, Krystle said as they walked back to where they tied heir horses.  The three friends, untied their horses, Krystle first, Erin Second, Amanda in the rear bringing along Michelle’s horse.  They had to ride single file into the treeline as the path narrowed, rocky on one side and a deep ditch on the other side.  A misstep and the horse would probably, most likely break their legs.  Krystle turned the corner, and screamed.  
   “Erin, don’t let Amanda come,” she said wheeling around.  Erin, by this time, had seen Michelle’s body as well. Krystle and Erin tried to restrain Amanda from seeing her best friend’s body, hanging through their tears.  They failed.  All three girls sobbed and wailed for a while.  

Some time later, two horses exited the treeline.  Erin and her sister rode hard, heading back to the Bed and Breakfast.  Amanda wanted to stay with Michelle’s body but Krystle, the one who knew her the least, was the most logical choice.  Krystle was beginning to regret staying alone in an increasingly dark forest, with a dead body.  Eventually, Caleb arrived.  
   “Amanda and Erin stayed at the B&B.”  He began to cut down Michelle’s body.
   “Shouldn’t we wait for the M.E. before we touch…” she couldn’t bring herself to say the words ‘the body’.
   “Look, the earliest we can get him up here is morning.  He can’t navigate the roads in the dark.  Ya’ really wanna’ leave her hangin’ here all night?” he asked gently. Krystle shook her head.  He tied Michelle to her horse and Krystle and Caleb rode back to the B&B.  All the way back, he was admiring Krystle.  She’s next. He decided.  

The three girls sat around the living room on the B&B.  Amy approached with three mugs of hot cocoa.  
   “I’m sorry about your friend,” she said.  
   “Who would just hang her like that?”
   “There’s a story in these parts about a man who kills random people.  I’ve never put much stock in such stories and legends, but maybe, there’s something to it after all,” she said, “Anyway dears, drink your cocoa.  Then please, I know it’s going to be hard but, you need to sleep.”  All three girls drank their mugs.  They stayed up a little while but the drug took effect and they all went to bed.  Caleb returned from taking all the horses back to the ranch and he and his psychotic sister went to work.  

The throb in her head was the first thing she was aware of.  The tight zip-ties around her wrist, were the second.  Her eyes were covered, but she could feel the rubber ball in her mouth and the buckle behind her head.  She could feel air moving over her body so she was naked.  The blindfold was torn off her eyes, and Erin looked around in despair and horror.  Her sister and cousin were still out and hanging from their wrists, whereas, she was tied to a chair.  Each girl had rope tied around her breasts.  A single length tied Krystle’s, around both breasts before trailing up her chest around her neck and tied off in a slipknot, around her neck.  Amanda’s breasts were tied four times with a much longer piece that ran down her toned stomach and ran between her legs, pulled tightly so as it bit into her pussy.  Every movement hurt.  Another piece was tied around her waist, five times.  The crotch rope tied to that before continuing up around her neck and back down to tie off around the waist rope.  Amy and Caleb looked over at Erin.  Her naked body was on display to the two sadists who’d killed her sister’s best friend and captured all three of them and now had them in a…well, it was a ‘dungeon’.  Erin really didn’t have another word for it.  
   “Well, we thought maybe…hopefully, the bride would wake up first,” Caleb said with a twisted smile.  He turned to a table with a pile of rope.  He tied a first length of rope round her left breast, seven or eight times.  A second piece around her right breast.  He tied another piece around her upper thighs, securing her to the seat of the chair.  Each ankle was secured to the corresponding leg.  By the time Caleb was done, tying Erin up like a Thanksgiving Day Turkey, the other two women were coming around.  Both shrieked as they realized their predicament and that of each other.  Krystle cried, Amanda shook in fear.  Caleb could feel his pants get tighter as he saw both of their breasts quiver.  Amy saw her brother’s erection.
   “Okay, seeing as this is the bride’s weekend, we think that the bride should be the one to have the pleasure,” Amy said, as her brother pulled Erin’s chair, screeching against the cement floor, to Krystle so her head was between Krystle’s legs.  Caleb then undid Erin’s ball-gag.  Amy meanwhile had untied Amanda’s crotch rope.  
   “Here’s the deal.  Erin, you’ll be trying to get your cousin off before I get your sister off.” Caleb stepped behind Erin and forced her head into her cousin’s well-trimmed muff as his sister began working on Amanda’s.  For a minute or so, both Krystle and Amanda fought the heat building n their loins, denying it.  Amy coaxed Amanda to a high and stepped back as Amanda came all over the floor.  Moment’s later; Krystle came all over her cousin’s face.  Amanda was lowered and dumped in front of her sister.
    “Clean off your sister’s face Bride Bitch,” Amy said grabbing a handful of Amanda’s hair.
   “But don’t you dare swallow it, or we’ll cut out your cousin’s and sister’s tongues,” Caleb said.  Amanda licked and cleaned Erin’s face of all Krystle’s love juices.  Why did the two psycho’s not want her to swallow Krystle’s juices.  It quickly became evident, when Amy violently, pulled Amanda’s hair back.  
   “Okay Erin, it’s time for you to give your big sister, her wedding present, a wet, sloppy, kiss with a lot of tongue,” Caleb said. The sister’s were disgusted but they had no choice other than to comply.  The siblings, each with a hand on the back of the sister’s heads held them in place for a long time.  They were suddenly and violently pulled apart.  Amanda was walked on all fours to her love juices on the floor.  
   “Clean it up, or we’ll cut off your clit,” Amy said.  

Krystle and Erin were on their knees facing each other.  Each was wearing a big strap-on.  Their wrists were bound behind their backs and they wore ball gags.  Between them, facing Krystle, was Amanda, who was wearing a ring-gag.  Amy knelt in front of Amanda
   “Okay Bride Bitch, this is pretty self explanatory.  Krystle’s, going to fuck your pretty face.  Erin’ll be reaming your ass,” she said.  She took her place behind Erin, where Caleb stood behind Krystle. Each had a small flail with leather lashes so as not to break their skin, but sting like hell.  Amanda had only taken it up her ass once by her boyfriend Adam, the one before Brad, to whom she was engaged.  Erin and Krystle stepped forward and one thrust later, Amanda was speared from two ends at the same time.  Caleb and Amy started whipping Erin and Krystle as they established a rhythm into Amanda’s ass and mouth.  Soon, Erin and Krystle were crying out as each of their asses turned crimson red.  It was almost an hour before they tired of their cruel sport.  

Erin and Krystle were in chairs; hands tied behind the chairs and their bodies were then lashed to the chair.  Their breasts were again, strangled as the ropes were tied around their bases.  Their thighs were lashed to the chair seat.  Their ankles were tied to the base of the chair legs.  A rope around their necks then tied to the back of the chair, made sure they were watching their sister and cousin being brutalized and humiliated.  Amanda was hanging from her wrists; her feet were barely on the floor.  Amy and Caleb were whipping her heels and ankles.
   “You need to practice for your wedding dance, Bride Bitch,” Caleb said.  Amanda’s feet were bloody and sore.  Amy suddenly, without warning, struck across the small of Amanda’s back, causing the captive bride to scream in pain.  
   “I love the sound of a woman screaming,” Caleb said.  Caleb and Amy continued for quite a while.  The sadistic siblings took the naked bride down and attached a handcuff to her left wrist and the other end to a pole.  She could barely stand from the pain on her feet.  
   “You’re gonna’ pole dance for us.  You don’t, we kill one of these two lovely ladies,” Amy said patting each girl on her head, Erin first, Krystle second, you fail to dance as long as we want, we kill one of’em, we don’t find it erotic, we kill one of’em.” Amanda struggled to her bleeding sore feet and began to dance.  She’d never done a pole dance before.  She tried, as best she could with a handcuff securing her wrist to the pole, to dance and twist and sway while grinding the pole.  She closed her eyes and danced with abandon.  She didn’t see Caleb pull a gun and place it against the back of Krystle’s head.

Erin and Amanda had cried themselves to sleep.  Both had seen their cousin’s brain and skull explode.  Both were sitting on the floor, back to back with the pole between them.  Amanda’s right wrist was shackled to Erin’s left and Erin’s right, was shackled to her sister’s left.  Both were naked except for their gags and handcuffs.  The cement floor and wrought iron pole were cold against their bare skin.  It was well past midnight when Caleb silently crept down into the room and unshackled Amanda from her sister and re -chained Erin’s wrists behind the pole, before chaining Amanda’s wrists behind her back.  And carrying the young bride-to-be to his room, closing the door and locking it behind him.  He shackled her left wrist to the bedpost and went to get some other things from his closet.  While he was searching, Amanda woke up.  She screamed into her gag and thrashed about on his bed.  With two strides’ he was beside her.  He smacked her soundly across the face.  
   “Either you take it, or I kill your sister and make you take it anyway,” he said as he grabbed her cheeks in a vice like grip.  Without warning he planted a long hard kiss on her lips.  He shackled her other arm to the bed, before taking her feet and attaching them to the same post as the corresponding wrist was.  
   “Do you know what Ass-to-Mouth is Bridal Bitch?”  The captive bride-to-be shook her head, but it didn’t sound pleasant.  
   “It means, sweetie, I fuck you in the ass, then that cute little face of yours.  So, I go from your ass to your mouth,” he said with a cruel smile.  Without another word, he climbed on the bed, and drove into her ass.  The young woman screamed into her gag.  Caleb soon found a rhythm and was going back and forth into Amanda’s tight ass.  Amanda, for her part was crying and screaming into her gag.  Finally, thankfully, Caleb came, deep in her.  As much as she was glad he had finished, she dreaded what was coming next.  Caleb reached in between her arms and legs and removed her gag.  
   “Please don’t make me suck…yyymmph,” Amanda tried but in the middle of her begging him not to stick his cock in her mouth, he stuck his cock in her mouth.  Her begging turned into choking and gagging as he slammed hammered in and out of Amanda’s mouth.  Caleb didn’t mind.  In fact, her protests were making the vibrations around his cock more pleasurable.  He smacked her savagely.
   “You better start usin’ that tongue for something else,” He threatened.  The sobbing girl started to roll her tongue up and down his shaft like it was a Popsicle.  None of the tastes in her mouth right now were particularly appealing.  Caleb was the Master of the Game.  He knew when he was getting close and would ease back forcing the suffering he was inflicting on Amanda to continue.  Finally though the tear streaked face of the beautiful bride forced him to shoot his load deep in her mouth.  He then cleaned himself off in her hair.  He untied her and took her back down to the cellar.  Erin wasn’t were he’d left her.  Amanda began wailing.  They’d killed her sister now to.  

Erin wasn’t dead, though, she wished she were.  When Amy had awakened her, she thought Amanda was dead.  She was tied down to Amy’s bed.  Her arms and legs were tied to the four corners of her bed. A small rope tied her big toes together but was tight enough that her tied ankles were forced inward, or risks losing circulation into her toes.  A rope around her waist ran from her back, rested snugly in her anus and pussy, before being tied in front of her.  Around each breast, was a rope, wrapped tightly before meeting in a slipknot, around Erin’s neck.  Finally, she had a ring gag in her mouth.  Amy was sitting on Erin’s face, her nose, nestled into Amy’s anus, her tongue up Amy’s pussy.  She swatted Erin’s tied, strangling breasts.
   “The sooner you get me off, the sooner you get to reunite with your sister,” Amy taunted.  Erin had very little choice in the matter so she licked, kissed and sucked Amy to a quick orgasm.  
   “Lick every drop or I’ll cut your sister’s cute tits off.”  When Amy was satisfied, she untied Erin and took her back to the cellar.  When they got there, Amanda was already tied to a chair.  Erin was forced into a chair facing her sister.  Amanda was tied exactly as Erin was.  Each girl was secured to her chair. Their ankles were tied the feet of the chair but above the crossbeam securing them in place.  Their wrists were tied behind the chair, then a rope tied around their bodies, lashed them to the chairs.  Each had a ball gag crammed into their mouth.  Erin’s was red; Amanda’s was blue.  Caleb rolled a covered tray between them.  He removed the covering.  There was variety of sharp objects and other instruments designed to inflict pain and suffering.  
   “Now then,” he said, “let’s begin.”

Caleb scanned the instruments, touching a few of them lovingly.  He seemed to settle on one and picked it up.  It was a scalpel.  The captive sister’s eyed it as Caleb played with it, rolling it over and between his fingers.
   ‘I hope you cut off a finger,’ Amanda thought bitterly.  With a dark chuckle, he turned toward Erin.  
   “So little bitch, what should we take first?” He asked.  He flicked her right nipple. “Should we take one or two nipples?  Maybe the end of your pretty little nose?”
   “How about all of her nose?” Amy suggested.  
   “Or some fingers?  Or how about an ear?” he said grasping her right ear lobe and with a swift slice and a loud scream torn from behind her gag, Erin’s right lobe lay in Caleb’s hand.  
   “Let’s remove Bridal Bitch’s gag shall we?” He asked his sister.  Amy smiled and undid the buckle behind Amanda’s head.  She leaned over and stuck her tongue into Amanda’s ear.  
   “What shall we remove next?” Caleb asked.  
   “How about the rest of her ear,” Amy said.  
   “NO!” both sister’s exclaimed at the same time.  Caleb smiled, a bloody second later, the 18-year-old’s right ear lay on the floor next to her.  
   “No please stop,” Amanda pleaded.  Caleb smiled.  
   “Do you want me to stop little one?” he asked Erin, stroking her hair.  She nodded sobbing though her gag.  He wiped her blood off in her hair.  Without a word, Caleb made his way over to Amanda and grabbed her left hand.  
   “No, don’t, please!” Amanda pleaded.  
   “So you want me to go back and start again on your little sister?” Caleb asked.  When Amanda didn’t respond, he pried her left ring finger, still with her engagement ring on it and with one motion of his knife later, a ringed ring finger dropped to the ground as Amanda screamed.  He amused himself for a while making shallow cuts all over her body especially her stomach and back.  He left her chest alone and undamaged.  He and his sister left the two captive sisters alone, after gagging Amanda.  

A sudden snowfall had buried the area with over a foot of snow.  Amy and Caleb knew that they were even more secluded than normal.  Early the next morning Amanda and Erin were walked barefoot across the snow to a small cabin on the property.  The sister’s were given a warm bath and shown to a living room complete with a roaring fire in a brick fireplace.  Caleb poked the logs with a poker.  As Amanda and Erin looked on.  After he was satisfied with the fire, they were shown to two chairs.  Erin was tied as before arms to the arms of the chair and her ankles to the rung above the two front feet.  Amanda’s chair had a seat removed and tied to it.  The naked bound sister’s looked at each other with fear.  Neither was gagged, but Amy blindfolded them both.  Suddenly Amanda screamed as the handle of Caleb’s poker, was violently forced up her anus.  Caleb waited until her screams became a sobbing whimper.  
   “Okay big sister, should we cut your breasts off, or your little sister’s?”
   “Please, no,” she sobbed.  
   “No, not you sisters?  So yours then?” Caleb asked pressing the point of his knife between her breasts.  
   “NO!” Amanda screamed.  A few moment’s later, Amanda heard her sister scream and starting crying.  Amanda’s heart broke as her sister started crying for her mommy.  
   “No, mine, don’t do hers, take mine!” she cried.  
   “But Amanda, we’ve only taken one of hers, when we take the second one, we’ll take yours,” Amy said, caressing her cheek.  
   “But…”Amanda started but Caleb stuffed a ball gag into her pretty mouth.  Amy leaned over and whispered into Amanda’s ear.  
   “Your pretty little sister, probably isn’t going to last until lunchtime.  Don’t worry though, we’ll bury all her pieces together.” Amanda sobbed heavily into her gag.  A few moment’s later, her blindfold was removed and she nearly gagged.  Her sister’s left breast was gone and Caleb was just grabbing her right breast.  Erin started screaming, crying, begging and praying as he slowly started to run the knife around her breast, barely touching her skin.  As soon as he got to his starting place, he drove it in and slowly started caring it off.  He was slow and meticulous, unlike with her other one.  

The mutilated Erin was on the soft bed.  Caleb had used a burning coal to cauterize her bloody mess on what were once her breasts.  Her ankles were splayed wide and fastened to the legs of the bed.  She was face down, her wrists were tied behind her back and a noose kept her head anchored to the head of the bed.  Amanda was on her knees at the foot of the bed, between her sister’s splayed legs.  Her wrists were likewise tied behind her back.  The rope ran up her back to tie around her neck and then down her chest to wrap five times around her breasts it continued down her stomach and sat snugly in her pussy and in her anal crack, before tying off around her waist.  Her head was buried in her sister’s pussy pleasuring her sister; still sobbing and crying about the loss of her breasts.  
   “You’ve got ten minutes, otherwise Erin will see Michelle and Krystle,” Caleb had said.  Despite the shame and pain of being so badly mutilated, her sister’s tongue was causing a pleasurable fire, burning deep within her.  She could feel, through the pain, a tsunami of pleasure as the orgasm began picking up speed as Amanda’s tongue continued to lick, her lips began to kiss.  With a final flick, Erin came with a scream.
   “Very good,” Amy said, “with less than a minute to spare.”  Amy grabbed Amanda and dragged her away as Caleb untied Erin.  Caleb tied her wrists In front of her and trailed the rope down to her feet, loose enough to walk but not run.  Amy meanwhile tied Amanda’s ankles the same way.  The two sadistic siblings walked the captive sisters past the tree line and up a hill.  They came to a steep drop off.  To their left was a wooden structure that had to platforms, the higher one was about ten feet higher than the lower one.  A chain hung across the entrance to the platform and ladder, which was beside it.  Caleb roughly grabbed Erin and dragged her to the end.  There was a few cinder block sitting off to the side.  He tied a rope around one and lashed it to Erin’s left and another one to her right.  Both girls knew what was happening.  Erin stared crying, begging for her mommy again.  Amanda started screaming at Caleb.
   “NO CALEB PLEASE, LET HER LIVE, PLEASE!” She screamed.  Amy savagely smacked Amanda across the face.  She looked as Caleb planted a hard, crushing kiss on Erin’s lips, then with a savage shove, Erin fell.  Amanda heard her sister scream, cut off by a splash then silence.  
   “Now then, it’s just the three of us,” Amy said as Amanda started crying harder.
   “Don’t cry baby, we promise you’ll suffer immensely before you die,” Caleb stated.  Amy pushed Amanda ahead of her as they walked back to their cabin.  Caleb smiled as he thought about what he’d planned for Amanda’s last day on earth.  

Amanda was tied to a chair without a seat.  She was sitting on the rim of the chair where the seat should be anchored.  Her wrists were tied together behind the chair back then tied to the chair back.  Her ankles were fitted with a spreader bar, which was then affixed to the chair legs.  A rope lashed her to the chair back as it wound around her right breast several times, then around her left as well, before draping under her armpit before tying off behind her.  One around each leg tied off to the rim of the empty seat.  She had a ball-gag in her mouth.  Underneath where the seat should be, was a stand and a thick rod, tapered to a wicked spike. Amanda was worried she would be skewered.  Caleb and Amy had left her in the silent darkness, alone, with her thoughts.  She was supposed to be married at the end of the week, and the three women that had died, where supposed to be her bridesmaids.  Her sister, now at the bottom of the lake, was supposed to be her matron of honor.  She was supposed to take care of her younger sister as well.  She thought of her parents.  She and Erin were their only children, she had no other siblings.  Now her sister was dead and she knew, she would be soon as well.  She worried her mother’s heart might not be able to take the news that both her children were dead.  Amanda’s and Krystle’s bodies had been burned and her sister’s was at the bottom of the lake.  

She didn’t remember falling asleep, but was awakened rudely when her captor’s entered her personal hell.  
   “Good morning princess,” Amy snickered.  
   “You remember, how you begged us to cut off your breasts?” Caleb asked.  Amanda shook her head.  She’d only said that to keep them from hurting her sister which they’d done anyhow.  
   “You don’t remember?  Maybe this’ll remind you,” Caleb said as he grabbed her left nipple.  With a quick slice of his knife, a screaming pain erupted from Amanda’s chest.  She screamed into her gag.  
   “Aww, honey, that was just a nipple.  Your sister lost both of her breasts, Caleb said.  He turned and walked away, for a moment.  
   “I was supposed to be getting married,” She thought sadly, “instead, I’m being tortured and killed.” She’d been a good person, straight ‘A’ student, consistently earned a 3.8 or better GPA, volunteered at a soup kitchen, was active in her church and coached the neighborhood girls softball team.  
   “Bad things don’t happen to good girls,” she thought to herself, just as Caleb returned.  His smile was unnerving to say the least.  He, almost gently, removed her gag.  Without warning, the rod under her ass was thrust up ain into her anus causing her to scream like never before.  Caleb quickly grabbed her tongue with a pair of pliers.  As wing of his knife and Amanda would never speak or beg ever again.  Suddenly, she was releaed from her chair.  Her arms were jerked behind her back,  her elbows were tied together, her wrists were pulled down to the small of her back and tied together.  
   ”KA-THUNK!” Amanda screamed as the nail gun speared both palms.  Her remaining fingers were tied together.  Her captors forced her up the stairs.  Amy yanked the pole out of her anus causing her blood to start to pour.  Her blood stained the stairs and the floor out to the door.  She was walked on her bare feet on the snow.  they came to a small cave entrance.  As she went inside she realized the entrance was small, but the cave was large.  The floor of the cave was a good two feet below the mouth.  A wooden ramp ran down from the mouth to the floor.  Amanda was laid out flat on her back and tortured arms and was blindfolded.  A moment later, she screamed, as she felt her left leg broken as a heavy hammer crashed into her knee cap.  A second later, her right leg met the same fate as well.  The two sadists dragged her by her shoulders to a pit.  She was shoved in.  Matt pulled her up onto her knees and removed the blindfold.  A chain was affixed to her collar and anchored to the floor of the cave.  Amy started shoveling dirt back into the hole.  Soon, Amanda was buried up to her chin.  She was packed in so tightly and she found it hard to breath.  She looked around.  Where was Caleb.  A second later, she heard a heavy motor start.  Around the corner, came Caleb, driving a lawn mower tractor.  He aimed it at Amanda and drove towards her.  Amanda screamed as she saw the razor sharp blades under the tractor coming right at it.  The first pass separated her jaws.  Her upper jaw and rest of her skull was tossed off to the side.  Matt parked the tractor around the corner.  He walked back past the beautiful dead woman and kissed his sister, it was the kind of kiss siblings shouldn’t share.  
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