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Author Topic: To Capture A Frogwoman - Part One  (Read 1227 times)

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« on: January 03, 2017, 03:54:17 PM »

This was the year that the gang of college boys had worked toward.  The seven young men in this group, were now determined that nothing would stop them in their goal, their dream, if you would. A “dream” which was nothing but a twisted obsession, a “dream” which for all intents and purposes was nothing more than a base act of childish rage.  What had triggered this whole enterprise was a stupid car accident – nothing more!  Yet to understand what had and what would soon transpire, one had to look deeper into the various stages of this “play” of life.

Derrick Milhaven was a successful college student and aspiring Olympic Swim Team hopeful.  He along with Carter, Dak, Cody, Dave, Rich and lastly Tony, were all members of their college's swim team.  They all had the looks, the money and most of all the “street cred” within their community, since most of their parents had successful businesses while two of the parent groups had thriving marine industries within the well-to-do maritime city.

This car accident was typical of most.  There were two parties involved one of whom had (as a result of the accident) their vehicle completely destroyed, the other also had some significant damage, but in the end it had been the young woman, a navy clearance diver and a part-time marine archeologist, who came out the winner in the legal court battle.  Simple right?  Not by a long shot!
For instead of giving it a rest and letting bygones be just that, Derrick and his band of misogynistic  friends made it their mission to vilify and almost destroy this young women's reputation both in the military and in civilian life.  They went on social media, to the naval commander of her region and even to her parish to.  While Derrick's community and his parents “tolerated” his actions, the navy commander was not so impressed.  There was no place she couldn't go that men in the city (and YES women too) would badger or harass her.  Things got really bad when after going out with friends, Jenna found her care had been trashed; its tires lasted and the expensive stereo system vandalized.
This was more than enough!  She'd been patient with this fucking college stud asshole and she wasn't pulling out any stops.  She'd hired herself a damned good attorney, documented everything to the outside police agencies near the base and also kept a log, plus got herself an emergency app for her phone, should she happen to go missing or end up being killed mysteriously.  Her car being trashed was not the last event to happen however.  

Things came to a head one evening in July, when she was doing some late night grocery shopping because of her shift at the base.  As she left the grocery store and approached her rental, no less than five of Derrick's friends quickly approached her driver side door and blocked it.  The young woman was in no mood for any more of this “crap” from any of these “stupid little boys”.  Putting her groceries down near the front of her car, Jenna crossed her arms and began blasting each of the young toughs, unfortunately her anger only seemed to amuse them all of  who now, boldly walked toward her.  She was now on high alert, watching as two of the young brutes try to get behind her.  She'd reminded them that she was not at fault and that more importantly she'd had signed restraining orders delivered to each of their families.

As Jenna spoke, it was as though Derrick's mind was muting her voice, even her threatening anger and gestures did nothing to make the boys back off. Cody and Tony thought it was kinda hot how this bitch was carrying on.  Still though, she'd make a nice “feature guest” at a gang fuck.  As Tony looked up and down her ripe body, he was getting a MAJOR hard on.  His heart was pumping faster, he wanted to lunge at her, to pin her back, down against the hot ashphalt right there in the fucking parking lot, with all his friends looking down in awe at their trapped prized.  Tony wanted to be the first one to tear the clothes from her exquisite body.  His mind raced forward at light speed just as Derrick.. A couple of seconds later, Derrick stepped aside and let Jenna put her groceries into the back passenger seats.  

After she did this two of the bucks quickly got behind her and pinned her arms roughly upwards and behind her back.  A wave of pain shot into her arm, at the same time her “fight” response and hand-to-hand training kicked in.  She swiftly Vaulted  backwards, knocking her two assailantss to the ground with a loud “THUD”.  Two more of the punks lunged wildly at her only to receive several vicious and well delivered double kick-boxing punches to both the abdomens and groins of Tony and Cody.  Groaning in unspeakable pain and agony, the two idiots double over in pain and curled up in fetal positions pissing themselves.  Derrick tried to recover and come to his feet, as too did Cody and the other, but with no success.  Her mind was reeling.  She was fed up with all this bullshit and utter nonsense, almost in tears now she yelled loudly for security to finally come running as she first identified herself and then advised them of the fact that these misfits tried to first, beat then gang rape her.  She warned them with a very military holler to stand down and not move.  “This is over!”  she scream.  She again warned them that she was going to fill out a complete police report both to the civilian authorities and as well to the naval police, she was also going to the college and to their homes should they try further on her.
When security had taken their reports Jenna dismissed herself and got into her car.  Driving a few miles down the road, the emotionally exhausted young woman pulled into a hotel parking lot before she broke down in tears and began shuddering.  She'd now had it with this whole stupid community, their protection of Derrick and all this “fucking evil” friends; of the lies, the slander and all the emotion black-mail she'd been put through.. Fuck this whole place!  She reported everything that had occurred that disgusting night.  Her CO knew about this, so too did a couple of her naval buddies, who cheerfully offered to pay these “loser” rich kids a visit and educate them in the proper way to treat a young woman.  Jenna had thought about that but only for a second and laughed hard.  It lightened her mood and made her determined to carry on with her plans and “get the fuck outta Dodge”.  The months following the parking lot incident were busy,  Rimpac games, naval courses and of course visiting family and friends.  When Fall arrived she'd had enough back up money to hire a big truck, and with the help of her friends she was able to get everything packed and moved out by the end of the month!  Not too shabby she thought to herself!
Jenna was thrilled by all the help from her friends and family.  She'd managed to secure an amazing beachfront house, far enough away from the cliffs, yet close enough to wake up to an amazing view every morning with her coffee, and the basement was big enough to hold her dive gear and uniforms!
The young navy woman was moving on with her life, she'd forgotten that vile little city and was thrilled to be living in a far better community a few hundred miles down from Key's Point, and she couldn't have been happier.  As for what was happening in Key's point, that was a different story.  While things were going far better for Jenna, life was not so great for the band of young college atheletes and their ringleader Derrick

The young tough, and his friends were now making their final appearance before the circuit court judge of the region – he was NOT amused and like Jenna he had some scathing monologue to deliver.  He informed  the boys that the young woman would not pursue any kind of legal action, nor was she after any form of monetary compensation, even with all the slander and damage they had brought into her life.  What she did want, however, was a full – AND SINCERE – apology from all the young men and their parents (because she believed they were just as guilty as their spoiled, brat narcistic kids), posted no less on the front page of the local papers.  

Further more, ALL the deflammatory social media posts, which they had put onto every social media universe were to be removed!  Count yourselves lucky he told them, that this young woman was willing to be so magnanimus about what you had put her through.  He was angered why they would do this to a decorated naval veteran of all people!
The judge “harumphed” and postured which bored the hell out of Tony, and Derrick, but both resisted the urge to role their eyes or yawn, because they knew from experience that the judge would then probably really “loose it” and deliver an even more severe punishment.  Judge Norton C. Prichard continued by saying the honestly wished that all of them could be transformed into women for judge one month so that they could walk a mile in the young navy diver's shoes.

Judge Prichard reminded them all of the sacrifices that a lot of such women made in the Armed Forces.  Reminded them of the Canadian, British, American and Kurdish female fighters who had to die in order to keep spoiled immature little brats such as themselves safe.  As he went on, he had to stop for a second, as he was getting emotion.  The Judge had lost only daughter during the final months of the First Gulf War, and lecturing these spoiled buggers was only opening up old wounds which he thought he'd come to turns with.  
He closed by stating that he did not – (and he repeated the “did not” ) want to see any of the boys back in his court room ever.  He was frankly disgusted with all of them including their sleazy lawyers and the parents would should have had a better grip on their kids actions and behaviours.  At last he bid them “good day” and gave them their leave to depart.
The day, they felt had been a complete wasted of time.  The fortunate thing was, The judge had not ordered any form of punishment other than to make sure they all abide by they restraining orders which Jenna had filed on all of them.  What was becoming disturbing though, was the fact that with all the legalese they had gone through, with all the lecturing, the “educating” if you will, that none of this made any difference to changing the mental attitudes of these young men.  They “still wanted revenge” real, brutal, vicious and painful revenge for this decent, wonderful young woman.

It was during one rainy abysmal week-end, that Derrick's mother and father had gone out of state to attend a funeral for an old friend of theirs, that Derrick had invited his friends over.  As they sat around, the topic of the young women, (with whom they were still so obsessed with) had come up.  The alpha male in the group was not about to “not win” this war.  He and the others wanted her broken, wanted to captured and wanted her as their toy, their trophy.  
As they all cracked open their first cans of beer, the leader brought out a lined note with 8x11 paper, and began writing down points.
They now began to formulate a cold blooded, premeditated plan to find out where the young woman was now living, study what she did and where she went on the week-ends.  They made the plans very specific and calculated!

They knew she owned a very big and very expensive sailboat, they knew this because Dave and Rich had seen it anchored in the city's marine park.  During the time that they had put the young woman through so much “hell” (which by the way, these sociopaths, felt that they had in NO WAY done anything of the kind), she would often escape onto her boat instead of staying in town.  The two had observed up close that the boat was in fact a real looker and had a good sized cabin on board.
As the boys described it, Tony's dong was starting to slowly fill with blood as he fantasized about all of them sneaking on board her vessel, over-powering her and then gang raping her all through the night, to the point where she would finally come to “her” senses and embrace the idea of becoming “their” personal “fuck-toy”.  He cluelessly smiled about this.  The other two had noticed that she kept a lot of nice dive gear on board the vessel, and that they could probably steal it and use it for their own purposes.
The other and key piece of intel that they finally had was Dave had in fact remembered what the name of the vessel was.  It was “The Amazon Wonderer”. As they continued Cody had his lap top opened and searched to find out where in vessel registeries the sailboat would be docked.  Cody was the hacker, so he knew how to get sensitive information, and in about an hour they had the location of the vessel.  It had a GPS which he managed to trigger.
As the vessels locator came on a small map appeared which showed where the woman's ship was.  They were thrilled with all this information and intended to use it to their advantage.  The brutes had the vessels location, and somehow, Cody was also able to access base records, profiles of navy personnel came on along with a very sexy young woman named PO Jenna C. Morell.  Low growls of approval emanated from all the young punks.  She looked hot in her dress blues, they all figured she probably looked even hotter in a French-cut wetsuit or a black string bikini.
They looked at the top part of the uniform, and they remembered from their last scathing encounter with her, that she was not only skilled in hand to hand and unarmed combat, and while this was a piece of information they were going to use against her the next time they encountered her, they were more concerned with the size of her full, ripe and ample breasts.

Okay, she was fighter, she was not easily intimidated and she was a trained scuba diver and a navy one to boot, they also planned for this.  While they were all damned good swimmers, none of them had any scuba training, which is why, when this fact was brought up, Dave chimed in and said he could help.  One of his lady friend's was a master dive instructor whom they could all get trained through.  The next phase of their plans were coming together.  All of them were very smug and very cocky about all this.
      With one quick email and the promise of seven students who would pay cash up front, brought the group to the head of the waiting list in Terry Renshaw's dive school.  A week later they were all in a lose circle sitting on the concrete stone stools that Terry had set up near the pool.  They were advised to be at her dive business by 1:00 pm and they did not disappoint.  They got their early enough that they could take a hot shower in the full-equipped locker room that Terry had set up for her business.  It was really nice and when they exited the showers, they saw two moderate sized swimming pools and one thing they didn't a full size brand new ocean buoy.

   “Wow said Cody, that ain't something your going to see in every dive shop”
The others murmured  their agreements and went over to the smooth concrete patio stools that Terry had near the shallow end pool. There, in nothing but their skimpy tight, black spandex Speedos they waited for the dive instructor.  Seconds later they heard a door opening and then one of it being closed, with a very audible “bang”.  As all but Dave turned to get their first look at the female dive instructor, they couldn't believe their eyes.  As she deliberately and purposefully walked in front of them, a coy smile slowly formed on her full, ripe pouting lips, as she looked down at their speedos, bulges were now starting to appear on all their tight, black trunks.

Hungrily she licked her lips and now stood before them.  They now all got to see this woman and she was stunning.  A tall, powerful woman she cut a figure of a woman who also may have served in the military.  She had flame-red Auburn hair, cut short and “punk-like” for functionality in the pool, but also for shock value as well.  On her left Deltoid muscle she had a Maiory tribal tattoo, and on her left was one with a celtic knot band going all the way around just above her elbow.  No wonder all the men's boners were growing and getting hard.    The tight, black woman's one-piece that she was wearing left little to the imagination.  For as they looked at her impressive rake, she sported a healthy set of sized 40s  Add to the package that  the spandex fabric could not hide the fact that she also sport a nice sized nipple-ring on her left mammary. They looked among themselves and then back at her gazing longingly at her physique, she too eyed them up and down.

“Hmmmm maybe I should give these boys the group “sexual favours clause” rate”.  She said in her minds eye, as she continued to stare greedily at them. She allowed them to get a few more stares at her lusheous and chiselled form, then putting her hands on her hips in a very dominant gesture she began to speak.

“I'll get right to the point.  I'm all business, diving is serious and if you don't learn it properly it can get you killed – REAL FAST!”  I “DON'T” tolerate Bull-shit and I won't put up with any macho chicken shit bravado, what I say goes understand?”  She raised her voice so there was no mistaking she meant business.   They all respond with a loud “YES” and then she nodded her head, statisfied  that they understand how she was going to run their course. She was a head taller them all of the guys but they still imaged that they could take her, if they rushed her in one go.   Terry explained that there were two parts theory and practical, but even so she allowed them to have a quick taste of what “Scuba” was like before she hit the classroom part with them.  Standing in front of them she showed them how to don and doff the gear, how to securely put on the masks,  where to inflate the BC Device but most importantly to never, ever hold their breath while using diving gear, since a held breath during surfacing could lead to an embolism or a burst lung.

Checking each of them over to make sure that they had in fact secured their harnesses and the various bayonet clips that made up the webbing of the dive gear.  Once she was satisfied that the gear was secured correctly, she ordered them to always keep their eyes on her.  Now she motioned to the men, while they began to breath off the gear, so slowing submerge all the while to remember to continue looking directly at her.  Underwater the sensation was odd but incredible.  They looked at the “fuck hot” instructor who again noticed their throbbers coming to life.  The sound of their breathing from the gear was audible.  As they breathed in the pressurized air from the tanks shot through the rubber hoses and into the regulators.  As they expelled spent air, it shot out of the left side of the regulator, escaping as hundreds of tiny bubbles with expanded more and more in size till they burst on the surface.

Terry took out her white plastic dive tablet and with her grease pencil wrote:
“Watch the bubbles.  Notice as they get near the surface how they keep expanding, till they burst up top..well that's exactly what would happen to your lungs if you “STUPIDLY” forgot and held your breath while ascending!!”

The men understood and all nodded their heads.  This was one lesson they wouldn't overlook.  She showed them how to inflate the BC, how to become buoyant etc.  Then she had them follow her underwater swimming near or behind her.  They all wanted to be right behind her so they could watch how her goreous muscled legs propelled her through the water.  In their chests they could feel their blood pumping faster, their fit hearts racing.  Terry allowed them to have another 10 minutes of pool time them motioned them to stand up in the pool.
      “Okay ladies play time's over.  I want ALL the gear stowed smartly next to the wall over there, then I want you to remove the air cylinders from the BC and lay the tanks flat on the ground side by side.  Once finished towel off and meet me in the classroom.  We'll see just how smart you college boys REALLY are!”

The boys followed her instructions and in five minutes were in the class room.  She went over the basics.  Some history of diving and gear, a lot of the physiques which makes of the safety rules from diving and a lot of time was spend on dive tables and decompression.  Equal time was spent in the pool, as the month long course progressed they got good at their theory and practical work, but all of them loved the fact that they had a smoking hot dive instructor to fantasize about.  The month soon drew to a close and Terry then administered both their written and practical exams.

The practical exam was administered to them all at the same time, with Terry watching carefully how they behaved underwater and how they performed each of the specific scuba exam exercises.  This took about 40 minutes to complete, but once they had gone through all the exercises sometimes twice, she was satisfied that they had a firm handle on everything and ended the practical part of the testing.  Finally, she signaled them to exit the pool, take their fins off first, and once on the pool deck, to start removing the tanks from the BC's.  As before the gear was hosed down with regular water and then stored in the specific shelves for each piece of gear.

“Don't bother to shower, just towel yourselves off and meet me in the class room for a couple of minutes..okay boys, I've just got a couple of things to go over with you about your marks - thanks”
Minutes later they were all sitting in the class room, as Terry slowly and gracefully walked in.  This time she wore a short white, fleece bath robe but on her feet she wore black stilletoes.  Hoisting herself onto the desk in front of them, she'd advised them all that they had passed their written and practical exams without a hitch.  The lads were thrilled that they'd succeeded in their course and Terry looked each of them over.  As she did so, she jumped off the desk and asked them to again follow her down the hall.
Curiously they followed suite, as they walked on the tiled marble floor, Terry's stlletoes made a tiny yet noticeable click with each of her delicate yet powerful steps.  As she did so, she began to speak to the male stupid's she'd just passed.  Just as quickly as she walked down the hall with her back turned toward them, she suddenly stood up on her tip-toes and quickly did an about face by spinning around .  Tilting her head curiously to the left licking her lips and doing a very feminine gesture of pressing her left index finger onto her lips she pouted said:

   “Okay so briefly your certificates and Dive Cards will arrive from the agency within a one to two weeks.  In the mean time feel free to use the pool to practice.  Remember, I own the building, the pools and all the gear.  That reminds me...hmmmm!  Did I show you boys ALL the rooms.  Honestly I DON'T think I really, really, really did.  I wonder?  I know I showed you the shower room..and I know I showed you the equipment room, and I definitely know I showed you the class room, but I didn't DEFINITELY DID NOT, show you the
“O – T – H – E – R” room.  Please come me boys, and “TRY” to keep up, will ya!”

All of them now had their curiosities peeked and followed the tall amazon-like female into the shower then into the dressing room, where to the side their was an odd door with “Authorized personnel only” engraved on a shiny brass plate.  She told them to step back a bit from her while she removed a delicate gold chain necklace from her neck that sported a brass key on it.

“Okay now listen up I've got some “other service announcements” to deliver then we can get down to the business at hand.  When we step in close the door behind but be careful, it'll be dark.  I want you to be sure to close the door behind you don't wait for the sensor light to come on – GOT IT”

They all nodded and then stepped through the door closing it before the light could come on.  When it did they were impressed it was a LARGE carpeted room, with soft leather chairs, a couch.  Off to the side was a well stocked liquer cabinet, and some display cases with pistols, and military photos on the fall – Photos of Terry!  Terry sat atop a leather bar stool in the middle of them and began to speak.

   Hmmmmm G O O D, I see that I have your undivided attention.  Do you know what makes MY DIVE SCHOOL, the best?  Well let me enlighten you ladies.  Mine's the best because I had to work for it, and because I give my students extra practice and class time but also because I give ALL of my stupids – guys and gals alike that “little bit extra”
Jumping off the leather bar stool she flicked off her stilleteos and walked up to the bar, where she again hoisted herself up onto the counter of it and continued from where she'd left off.

   “Interesting fact which your friend Dave failed to enlighten you all about.  While you might have been studying and researching me, I TOO was researching all of you boys, and I know for a fact that we both have an aquaintance”   “Hmmmm, any guess? Well I'll give you a couple of hints, this person is a woman – A N D – she still serves in the navy.  Have I peeked your interest? Excellent,  C'mon boys – there's just one more V E R Y special room I like to show only the most “D E S E R V I N G” of my students”

The seven young men were now more then ever interested in knowing more about their sexy and mysterious dive instructor, who now had them go behind the bar where she opened yet another door and stepped through.  As she unlocked this door she again spun around theatrically and said with a cheeky smile:

      “Oh boys, I know your gonna love this room it has A-L-L the bells and whistles”

Terry was NOT kidding when she said ALL the bells and whistles.  For as they stepped through the threshold of this new room they entered what appeared to be a large master bedroom, with a huge king sized bed, some S&M furniture, most prominent was the wooden cross with shackles as each end and off to the size – bubbling away” was a H-U-G-E hot tube complete with a bottle of champagne and several glasses

      “ Want to know how, I know about J-E-N-A, well little Jena and I were in the navy together, actually on the same dive school course, but unlike her I didn't get to finish the fucking program – and W-H-Y to you ask, because that little C-U-N-T ratted me out to the school administrators.  One night I made the stupid mistake of smoking a bit of weed to relax me then the next thing I knew I was in front of the CO of the unit and being told to pack my bags!” “What a wonderful gift eh?!  So I wasn't kidding about researching all of you as well.  I'll help you with everything, planning, gear and locator services, but I want in – UNDERSTAND?!”

  The boys were thrilled and they were amazed how far Terry was willing to go with them.  She now walked over to the edge of the hot tube and sat on the top edge as they moved closer to her in a loose but intimate circle.  Easily she slipped off out of the short white bath robe to reveal that she was still in her black one-piece

   “I wasn't kidding when I said that – I – have the best dive school in the region, and I wasn't kidding when I stated that I take extra special care to make my students A-L-L  H-A-P-P-Y!  Now boys I K-N-O-W you all saw the bottle of DOM over by the hot tube
   “B-u-t did you also notice all those “brand new” black dive knives completed with locking knife sheaths?  Well those are O-N-E of your graduation presents.  There are seven knives one for E-A-C-H of you.  Any guess as to what the O-T-H-E-R present is?  Well I first want you all to go over to the knives there, and C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y remove them from their sheaths, both the knives and sheaths have your respective names engraved on them.  Once you each have your own knife, I want you to quickly get over here”

      She pointed a figure at the bed.  Barefooted yet still wearing her black spandex one-piece she waited patiently while the boys got their knives and walked over to her.  She erotically gestured them over to where she was standing in front of the massive bed and gazing dreamily as they walked over to her.
   “Now “she said in a sultry whispy voice “I want all of you, to  stand in front of me and S-L-O-W-L-Y slip out of your wet speedos, then kick them off to the sides, and again carefully surround me in a loose circle.  G-E-N-T-L-Y and carefully I want you to C-U-T  the nasty spandex swimsuit from my body.  Not too hard to do is it?  Oh yes if any of you hurts, degrades, calls  ME CUNT, I'll beat you stupid and then chop you all into shark chum – UNDERSTAND!? (the boys all nodded)

Terry now stood in an anatomical position as the boys followed her instructions and carefully pulling handfuls of spandex away from her body, now began to cut and tear and shred the speedo to shit.  The obliterated fabric now slid off her exquisite, ripe diver's body.  Complimenting them on their swift and efficient work she now submissively and compliantly knelt before each of the muscled, herculean bulls and began first by savoring their blood engorged boas, first by deep-throating each of them, till they were nice and hard and then ordered them to each take two little blue pills that were on the bed side table.  After they'd each downed their two pills, she very forcefully told them that they were to treat her with respective.  No spitting or sticking their asses in her face.  The boys agreed and with that Terry lepted onto the middle of the massive soft bed laid on her back and drew up her chiselled legs, eagerly spreading them and revealing her racing strip topped pussy.  She ordered Dave to eat her out first and get her cunt hot and ready as Dave knelt before her he put his hands underneath her hot firm ass moons and buried his face into to soft moist glistening fleshy petals that were her labia minora and labia majora.

Derrick didn't give Terry a chance to bark out another word he got close to her mouth and began to kiss her hungrily and passionately on the lips and drove his hot tongue down her beckoning throat.    He asked if he could straddle her face first and she vehemently agreed running the palms of her hand along his muscular hips he began to slowly slide in and out of her hot, wet mouth.  Gently she began to apply slow invigorating suction to the bulb of his glans .  He cupped her lovely red hair in his hands and began to thrust rythmically.  As he did so the three other boys took turns while Terry alternated in milking their now throbbing dongs.   She knew how to pleasure men – and women too.  For the other thing she hadn't mentioned to the gang of toughs she, and Jenna were close sexually, both were bi but both seemed to enjoy women more, that is til the night Terry felt Jenna had betrayed their love and friendship by ratting her out to the course commander et al.  Dave ran his fingers up and down her smooth tanned thighs, butterfly kissing her ass, licking and sucking on her cunt petals.  As her did his best to satisfy Terry, the hands of the other boys gently caressed and fondled her lusheous big tits, her lightly muscled arms and her face.

Terry tried to give all the boys boy cunt and face time on her lovely body, but that's the thing with gang bangs.  Sometimes you get tired and forget after all a gang bang is an endurance exercise, both for the woman getting fucked and the guys.  You can't help but give the better lovers more time in your special love holes and Terry wanted to earn their trust and endear herself to them.    Now Cody and and Dak finally got time inside her cunt and mouth too and savored the pleasuring she was giving to all of them.  She heard their moans of joy and sexual release.  There was bucking and writhing as their bodies contorted and accommodated to please Terry and she to the sexual needs of all her partners.  Hours passed and their energies still hadn't diminished , but into the early morning hours all their cum was nearly spent and their atheletic physiques glistened with a thin scheen of sweat.  She told them how wonderful it was but now she wanted to drift into the blissful darkness of sleep, warmed and surrounded by their bodies of the gorgeous fuck bulls that had ravaged her all night.    Sleep now took them all including their guest of honour who was the most amazing fuck of a woman that they had ever enjoyed.  All of them missed having a regular sex partner and this was going to be something new.  For now she too wanted to teach that upstart Jenna a thing or two – forget what that old coot of a judge had said about her.  She too was going to be their sexual trophy and once they had her they were going to use her and humiliate her for as long as they humanly could.


It was noon by the time all the orgyists had finally woken up.  When Terry  came to one of the men was already performing cunnilingus on her and the sensation of incredible, two of Derrick's friends were now sucking on her exquisite tits and Terry let out moans of writhing pleasure as she locked her cuntal lover in place by wrapping her muscular legs around his head.  He complied eagerly and hungrily as her savoured her cum.  While her other lovers washed up in her shower, one or two took advantage of the champagne and her hot tub Cody was now on top of kissing her lips and devouring her breasts savagely.  He and Terry exchanged long, slow kissing, only stopping to change spots and licking the lobes of her ears which drove Terry to Nirvana.    Since Terry had no Scuba classes to teach, she had them take their van, and she her Blue Miata, and had them follow her to Terry's beach front place.  It too was impressive and had a well stocked boat house.  She took the time to give them a brief tour and to show them other more “tactical” rooms.  While she tried being an open book to the boys, for most rooms, the one with the security keypad lock was off limits.  She told them to turn around completely as she entered her code.  Seconds later it opened up into what did in fact look like a tactical workshop.  On one of the aluminum work tables was something that looked “futuristic” mat black metal, with a military type look to it, it had a heavy-duty double hose regulator.     To the side of it was a an embosed company name which read “Daeger”.   Beside this was some very military looking dive gear, black snake-tongue dive fins and a black U.S. Divers dive mask.  To the side they noticed an olive drab ammo box which had foam compartments some empty.  Tony had to take a closer peek and gave a shocked look when he saw a bunch of ball-grenades carefully stowed in the slots.    Derrick snuck  over to the table that had a huge lighted magnifying glass on it mounted into an aluminum swivel arm.  Beside it were green viles and several boxes of hypodermic medical needles.

“Now a LOT of this stuff is very specialized, so please boys do me a favour and don't TOUCH A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  I've just figured out how to get the human tranquilizers to the correct dosage without killing the subject they are intended for, and I finally got the specs I needed from other contractor I use to work with, so the force of the concussion grenades has a reduced for effect underwater.  I also have a ring-gag which I designed for when we get together for our “little adventure” with a certain frogwoman.  Bet you S-T-U-DS were also not aware  that SHE hasn't been keeping with her part of the legal bargains right?!

“ The truth is, my dear Jenna has been sneaking into or near the hidden natural harbour at Key's Point” off and on.  God knows why since there are no ship wreaks – at least none that I know of.  Like my toys, well like I said I took a few tactical courses when the Navy cut me loose.  Some of my “travel adventures” helped me to fund my dive school and make it what it is.  Now enough talk for now, let's go upstairs and I'll BBQ all of you lads some lovely steaks.  After all we can't let your energy get depleted for what I have planned later.  OOOOHH YESSSS boys I am a H-U-N-G-R-Y SLUT – But I'm also a fucking deadly one!”

Terry let out an evil and scary laugh which creeped even Dave out a bit.  Terry now ordered them out chop chop and moved them upstairs onto her patio which afforded an amazing view of the Pacific.  While she had them get some beer out of the fridge she disappeared long enough to put on a very skimpy black bikini and some another high pair of heels.  She then busied with with chores like getting the meat out and getting the grill ready.  When she came out again in her very alluring swimwear, she saw the bulges in their tight trunks growing yet again. Their sexual hunger easily growing for her smoking hot body.     With the food being readied, and her lovers completely stripped she now shamelessly stood before them and removed her bathing suit as well.  The low growls of hunger and lust that greeted her action made her aware of one major thing, and that was, that S-H-E was in control and NOT them; which is how she like and wanted it.

   “Dave darling, see that bottle of coconut sunblock moisturizer on the table there?  Could you squirt a “BIG” dollup of that onto  your hands and the then rub it into my back?  Next I want ALL – OF – YOU to do the very same and, put it into your hands and surround me, with your cocks all rubbing up against me, do the same but on a special area of my body that is YOUR most favourite part of me.  Remember NO FIGHTING amonst yourselves, there's plenty of me to go around and FUCK – GOT IT?   HMMMMM now do your worst, once the coconut stuff is rubbed thoroughly into my skin, you can sit down and keep watch the food doesn't get too burned.”   The deadly scuba goddess smiled as all of the boys slowly encircled her, each sporting their glob of coconut sunblock moisturizer.  Each of the muscular rogues wasted no time placing their ration of the thick white cream onto her muscular body and eagerly rubbing it into her ripe, fit form.  

The hot “Femme Fatale”  moaned with utter delight, and half closed her eyes as she savoured the violent pummelling and wicked intensity of their primal actions.  Gasps erupted from her mouth as she now realized one of her chiselled consorts had knelt before her hungrily performing cunnilingus on her glistening wet pussy petals.  His strong palms were now on both her hips . The two lads behind her now saw she was arching backward, they caught her and she wrapped an arm around each lad's neck and tongue kissed them deeply.   
It was now, not long before another hot stud also knelt behind her and parted her exquisite ass moons.  Delicately he spread them apart and began slowly running the tip of his wet tongue along the pink slit of her pussy.  Terry quacked and shudder at the sweet sensation.  With two lovers savoring her cunt and sending electricity cascading into her fevered brain, this was more than she could handle.  Gasping she ordered them to hoist her onto their backs and body surf her to the large wooden picnic table.   Carefully putting her down with her back against the now hot wood, they all changed their positions and again encircled her, so she could perform Fellatio on each of their bulging wet pry-bars.  She was being finger fucked by Cody, while Dave and Rich gently lifted her shoulders and carefully positioned her head so that it draped over the edge of the table.  Looking upside down she could now see Carter's massive tool closing in and docking with the inside of her eager, hot oropharnx.

She applied the suction, and slowly began to milk this dong with her hunger mouth.  The boys jostled for positions around the surrounded diver babe and as she and Carter moaned in extasy, Cody now replaced his fingers with his massive cock cannon.  Terry was now easily in Nirvana and hungers moans filled the hot mid-afternoon air.  Carter now bucked and slammed his meat hungrily and angrily down her gullet as another boy grabbed a cushion and carefully positioned it between the wood of the table and the back of Terry's head.
It was not long before she was tasting his pre-cum fluid coursing into her mouth and she savoured the lovely, salty male essence of his clear fluid.  The bucks, guided her two hands to the cocks they wanted her to milk next and with the pounding and slamming the hot diver bitch was receiving it wasn't long before one after another, the boys' pressures rythmically burst.  Cum exploded deep inside both her moist, wet holes.  As the last sticky streams of ejaculate leapt out of the urethras of both Cody and Carter, each of the spent bulls pulled out of Terry's cum soaked ports.  No sooner than they did this, two more bucks quickly took their places and slammed their sex aching cocks into her.  The table rocked and bucked violently, all the the deadly frogwoman's moans of sexual frenzy filled the afternoon air.

The good thing about all this and her wild sex parties with the boys was, she was living in a remote area, so there were no noisy neighbours to spoil her fun or rat her out to the local police.  Terry masterfully hand-milked five of the powerful young stallions, and now only two young men remained.  Their  violent energies consuming all three sex partners.  The other boys shot their loads on Terry's legs and stomach and all over her massive coconut-oiled tits.  Their energies quickened as the pace of their thrusts grew.  Faster, harder than before and seconds later, both could feel the sweet flood of valcanic releases as their cum glistening cocks pulled out they too exploded all over Terry's gorgeous mammaries, followed by the sounds of their loud primal moans of unbridled lust and pleasure.     Her lovers now helped their queen off the table as all of them surrounded her again kissing her hard, and deep and passionately their thanks to her for being such an incredible sex partner and taking such good care of them sexually.  With her hands she savoured the cum by bringing it to her lips and licking it.  Terry loved the rich headiness of semen and the smell of male sweat that came from multiple love partners after a feast of sexual frenzy - “delicious”  She thought to herself.  Now it was definitely time to flip those steaks.  Luckily for all of them, none of the meat, or Potatoes and corn had not gotten burnt.  
They enjoyed their meal and once it was finished, she asked them to come inside where she would share another tidbit of information with them.  She allowed them to get a drink first, then began to tell them of the latest in their plans to capture and violate the unsuspecting Scuba babe.  As the boys had already learned, Terry was a skilled manipulator, and what made this work was the network of contacts she'd amassed over a number of years.  She had them in the Defence Department, the Navy and in civilian life.  Some were people who wanted to get even while others just wanted a fair shake and Terry was more than will to help them out as long as – at some point – she too could count on them to help her out.   
One such contact was a gorgeous junior Lieutenant named Tena Simone Banks.  She was highly intelligent and also bi-sexual.  She had met Tena at an officer's Friday after work, mixer.  She was clearly disraught and crying silently to herself. Terry instantly tried to befriend her and see what the problem was. Tena wiped her tears.  Terry continued to recount the tale to the boys.  Taking a seat next to her on the bar high tops, Terry put her palm on Tena's lap.  She looked so hot in her crisp white summer issue naval uniform, that the deadly diver vixen simply couldn't resist any more.  Slowly she moved in for the kill, and just gazed at her gorgeous bit eyes. Terry now painted the scene for them, and they were all drawn into the “movie”

Naval Mess Bethezda CA.  August 14, 2012, 9:00 P.M.

   “ You know there is an unwritten naval law that it's a federal crime for young female officers to be by themselves – and CRYING – in a mess on Friday evening.  Did he or “She” break it off with you darling.  Said I just want to be “friends” with you.”  said Terry softly to her

The Gorgeous doe-eye female, stared at Terry helplessly and seconds later she began to cry and sob horrendously.  Taking her que Terry got some Kleenex from her party clasp and gently wiped her eyes, once she did a good enough job, she softly caressed the emotionally wounded woman, and closely now looked into her eyes and said in the most softest and gentle voice she could manage:

   “ Number one: whoever the bitch was who did this to you – she doesn't matter and isn't  W O R T H it.  Number two: I have a lovely house on the coast, it's big, has a fully stocked bar and as an added bonus (she was really trying to cheer her up) I've even got an indoor pool, a wet sauna and a H-O-T   T-U-B, you game baby?!”
Terry smiled deliciously at the young naval hottie and placing her right hand delicately under the officer's chin, brought her lips closer to hers.  Softly pressing her lips with the other woman's soft pouty ones, slowly eased her tongue between Tena's lips.  Soon the other woman's mouth slowly opened to receive more of Terry slithering tongue.  The tips of the tongues, like tentacles slowly intertwined.  Now Terry stopped, softly she took the tip of Tena's tongue and delicately held it between her teeth.  Kissing her gently on the cheek, she seductively whisper to follow her to the parking lot.  She received no hesitation for the beautiful female officer who quickly paid her chit and grabbed her naval issue handbag.
Since the navy woman had walked she had no car to worry about and hopped into Terry Fire Engine Red Miata.  Before they got started Terry has the other woman if she had to be on base early or not. Tena said that she had 7 days of liberty and Terry smiled devilishly to which she replied:

“OOOOHHHHH now THAT's what I was hoping for.  Plenty of time for the two of us to get to know each other nice and personal like, if you catch my drift.  One more teensy weensy thing,  I take it you don't have a problem with Lesbians or Lesbianism, hehe heh he?”
Deadpan the younger woman gave her a comic look of annoyance and said “NO”.  Smiling at Terry she ran up to her and the took women held hands up to the door.  Terry quickly got her key out.  When they entered Tena was taken aback by the huge and lovely place.  She showed the other woman around and gave her a tour, the pool, though small was still inside.  A real boon on stormy nights.  The bathroom was its own country.  When Tena saw the shower room and saw the shape and height level placements of some of the nozzels, a wicked smile came to her lips.  It was a clear tube-like enclosure.  Very futuristic, but with plenty of room for up to four people to enjoy a nice shower and “other” activities.
Terry saw how impressed with the shower that Tena was and reassured her that they would be enjoying it together more intimately, later on.  For now Terry slapped her hard but playfully on the ass and told her to please get her uniform off.  She told the other woman that she had plenty of night stuff, that would easily fit her gorgeous fit frame.  
      “ I'll be back in a second, for now make yourself at home, white wine okay for you, or do you want something like a nice single malt” Terry asked wanting to be as gracious a host as she could be

   “Oh that sounds wonderful, I like scotch but definitely white wine – and Terry, thanks for being so wonderful”  the other woman replied

      Terry quickly peeked around the corner before going down stair to fix a bottle and put it in an ice bucket with a couple of wine glasses, and said:

   “Honey, WONDERFUL hasn't happened yet, but we've got seven days. Also I know you're down, but just remember your with Terry now and BELIEVE YOU ME SISTER -Dr. Terry is gonna cure all your pain”

Terry blew her a wet passionate kiss, and the other woman caught it, trapped the imagined kiss in her hands and brought it to her heart.  The officer begged Terry to not take too long and she wanted to really enjoy exploring her newly discovered friend.  Would Terry turn out to be nothing more than an amazing fuck session?  Who could tell, but for now Tena was happy and Tena was not going to think about that bitch louise who threw her to the curb, solely because Tena was military and Louise always seemed to have a problem with military types – her lose she thought!     It took about ten or fifteen minutes, but then Terry brought up the tray with the bottle of white wine which was now chilling nicely in the electric wine cooler.  The glasses clinked softly as she set the tray onto the huge bed.  As she entered the bathroom she looked up and was a bit annoyed to see her potential new girlfriend and love-toy still wearing her dress whites.  What the fuck she thought!

   “E-A-S-Y baby, she cooed softly to Terry, I just thought that maybe, you might just want to U-N-D-R-E-S-S me, Y-O-U-R-S-E-L-F.  I'm weely, weely
S-O-F-T and SUPER FUN to P-L-AY with and I kinda think you like a girl in uniform – don't you.  Tena said trying to pull out all the stops and hoping that she sold Terry on how much pleasure they were gonna both have during her liberty from the base.

   “Sister you have NO idea how much I love a gal in uniform – especially a N-A-V-Y   O-N-E.  C'mon here you hot little beast Terry's hungry and Terry want's to play with H-E-R Tena now!”

Savagely she pulled Tena close to her, but the young woman gently put her index finger on Terry's lips.  Whispering softly to the powerful amazon-like woman, she asked that she be gentle and tender for now, as she needed to know is wasn't just some quick play thing that would be ignored later.     Even in Terry's savage way, she understood, and had been put through almost the same sort of thing by her lover, so she was more than willing to chill the after-burners of her surging lust, and take it nice and easy. Now she too cupped her palms underneath the exquisite soft, firm buttocks of Tena.  As she did she eased soft butterfly kisses on her cheeks, licked and tasted the cherry lipstick off of Tena's pouting, full, ripe and pleasing lips.  Terry moved in putting her hand behind her head her softly blonde hair now free from the restrictive navy bun she had it in before.  Terry was slightly taller so she too had to bend closer to Tena's pretty inviting face.

The amazon planted one more soft kiss on her new lover's lips and slightly drew back.  She now smiled seductively and began to slowly and carefully undo the buttons of her dress tunic.  She saw that Tena also had a number of ops ribbons on her chest and she kissed these as though to honour her sacrifices and Tena was moved.  She didn't mind postings, but they could be lonely, and so far she'd not found a female she could trust with her orientation.     As she continued down the row of shiny brass buttons, she saw the lovely ripe, breasts that the uniform hide, and eagerly she pulled of the tunic and helped Tena out of it.  Now she knelt down and help the officer unfo her white fitted skirt, it fell loosely now to the floor of the bathroom, and Terry stood back up int front of her.  

Terry now unclasped the front closure of the lacey beige fabric, and as she did so, the other hot woman's ripe, inviting breasts tumbled forth.  Terry could no longer control her seething lust.  Delicately but firmly she pulled the other's exquisite tit mellons into her mouth and sucked and savored the sweet perfumed scent that adorned them.  Now she planted fast soft butterfly kisses all over her soft lusheous mounds.  As Terry drew circles round Tena's nipples and areola's the young woman's head fell backward and soft moans of exquisite lesbian joy eased from her lips.    The Deadly female diver was still clothed and now began to help her companion with her lower under garments, she help her toss off her white leather uniform shoes, and on her knees she saw the sexy beige crotchless pantihose the other woman sported.  Tena had a nice manicured snatch, and Terry saw tiny clear droplets forming on her cuntal clefts.  “Can't let this go to waste” she thought in her mind.  Dutifully she moved in closer and cupping her lovely buttocks again, brought her pelvis directly in line with her lips.  Hungrily, greedily the amazon took her lips and the tip of her tongue, and savoured her sweet salty feminine sap.  She licked and kissed the other woman's pussy petals which now caused tiny embers to slowly grow in to tickling flames of passion.


Tena pleaded breathlessly, as her her gently picked up the pace of its beats.  The amazon tortured the sailor with her skilled tongue.  Terry loved the feel in her palms of Tena's gorgeous sweet ass.  Now she eagerly slid her snake-tongue tongue between the folds of her feminine flower petals and greedily sucked the sweet nectar of Tena's sticky pre-cum fluid.  The lover's moans were sweet extasy to her ears and Terry revelled in the shameless sexual torment she gave this little navy fuck-goddess.   With Tena's cum still on Terry's lips she kissed her deep and passionately so that she too could savor her own cum.  Stepping back from her delightful lover, she announced that it was her turn to treat her.  Removing her stiletto heels and tossing them off to the side, she turned around asked Tena to unzip her from the back.  The other cheerfully complied and soon the black fancy cocktail dress fell to he floor in a loose pile.  Turning around to again face her lover, Terry reached back and unclasped her fancy sexy, black brassiere.  Doing so caused her exquiste 40 D's to tumble form.  Each removed the other's sexy pantihose and Tena liked the fact that her lover enjoyed crotchless as well.  They both smiled at the coincidence.

She stopped her story long enough to warn the boys that Tena was hers.  She had warned that if any of them even entertained a though of taking her or forcing her, that the amazon would happily, cheerfully and expertly kill each of them and that she'd do that without leaving a trace.  These were stupid college kids, but they realized that Terry was deadly and meant business so they agreed.  Terry agreed to finish her story in a moment, but what she told them was, that Tena was in the Payroll unit, and could authorize leave when the Lcdr wasn't there.  She had informed Terry that they did have a diver who had a lot of leave saved up and because she had seniority no one gave her any grief as to when she took it.  Besides with two Gulf War tours and a Navy Cross, they pretty much left her alone.  In fact her next leave was going to happen in two weeks.  Terry asked Tena to make sure she called her and to confirm this.  Now this was the news they were hoping for, this was great news.  Terry now returned to finishing the story of how she groomed the young woman, who was now her loyal lover and compliant sex partner.

Terry's bedroom August 14, 2012 10:30 PM

Hand in hand the two female lovers glided into the master bedroom. Now at the foot of the bed the two lesbians stood in front of each other and drank in each others hot beauty. The air was electric with passion and lesbian desire, gently the women edged closer toward each other their hands wrapping around the other's waist. Tena couldn't contain her desire and now held her lover's lips close to hers.  Deep moist, passionate kisses began to flow freely, as their serpent-like tongues merged, slid and slithered up and over the others.
The officer trembled as she felt her lover cupping her pendulous full breasts and heartily began to suck and swallow as much of the lusheous left mammary gland as Terry could.

STAY TUNED FOR - PART TWO, of To Capture A Frogwoman
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Wow man! This is good! I love all the details and planning and build-up! Nothing like a great back-story, which you have obviously taken your time to do!

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Damn! excellent story. Can not wait to read more. 

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