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Author Topic: The Slumber Party Nightmare  (Read 1249 times)

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« on: January 01, 2017, 02:29:09 AM »

            The Slumber Party Nightmare

                                                 By: Susan_haynes19 and Slimfather

This story is pure fiction.  I came up with the idea after thinking of having a pair of twin sisters as the victims in a story.  This story includes the following story codes. 
(M/f, F/f, f/f, BDSM, Redhead, Teen, Threesome, Oral, Anal)

If you enjoy this story and want to see more, please email me at  susan_haynes19@yahoo.com

               It was a normal quiet night in the upper middle class neighborhood. Not much excitement happens in such nice area with their multi-bedroom homes. One such home was the Haynes home at the end of the street. It sat back from the street with trees lining a long driveway. There Chad and Allison Haynes lived with their 14 year old identical twin daughters, Susan and Sarah. The Haynes weren't extremely wealthy. Chad was the vice president of marketing for a major company while Allison was a private school principal. Allison was 32- years-old with a masters degree while Chad was 35 and had already made it to top of his profession. Susan and Sarah were intelligent students who also had many other talents. Both were cheerleaders at the same Christian private school their mother was principal of. Sarah also ran track while Susan played the piano. The 14-year-old 9th graders were on their way to greatness. But everything came tumbling down that one rainy night a few months ago.
   It seemed like any other Friday night. Chad was out of the country flying to Europe for a week of meetings with the corporate folks in Germany while Allison was at home. The girls had company. Two of their friends from school were staying with them for the weekend while their parents went to a weekend church conference. At first Allison was not keen on having two more girls to handle but she was worn down by the twins so she agreed to it. The friends are 15 year old Jessica Sorensen, the only child of the pastor of the church which has the Christian school. She is a tall (5'8”) cheerleader with long shoulder length blonde hair. She is also a state champion in track winning the one mile run as an eighth grader. Her other friend is also 15 – year-old Mandy Gosit, a slightly pudgy girl of about 5'2”. Mandy was also a cheerleader and wore glasses. She was also the smartest girl in the freshman class. The four girls were best friends who did everything together. This weekend they would share more than just a lot of laughs and classes together.

   It was around ten o'clock at the Haynes home. Allison is in her housecoat, sitting in the reclining chair watching a Hallmark movie. She is relaxing after a long week of conferences at school. She had a very tough budget meeting which always stresses her out. The girls are already upstairs getting ready for bed. They are all in the twins' room at the end of the hall and that was why they never heard what would soon happen downstairs.
Allison wondered who was at the door when the doorbell rang. She walked over and opened to a young pizza delivery man.
“Excuse me, but I think I have a pizza for here.”
Allison pulled the top of her housecoat closed as it is cold outside.
“I am sorry no one here ordered a pizza. You must have the wrong house.”
“No, I am sure I have the correct address.”
Suddenly the pizza guy pulls out a gun and grabs Allison propelling hinself inside the house. He clasps his hand across her mouth as the mother is terrified. He pulls out a gun and presses against Allison's forehead and threatens her.
“Cooperate with us and all you will get is robbed, understand.”
Allison is worried about the four girls upstairs. Maybe if she gave them what they are after, they will not bother the girls. Of course the four teenagers would have to stay upstairs and be quiet. She prayed that they are asleep by now. The man now has his arm around Allison's waist and is walking her in toward the back of the house.
“OK, open the back door. I have some friends who want to meet you, bitch.”
Allison opens the door and two masked men come in bringing a huge bag with them. She is taken over to one of her kitchen chairs and forced to sit down. One of the men she just let in, came over and put a large cloth in her mouth and after winding it a couple of times in her mouth, tied it behind her head. The other guy has handcuffed her wrists behind her back. The pizza guy is bent down and tying her ankles and knees with duct tape. Allison is in a state of shock as she is quickly rendered helpless. So far these three guys do not know the girls are upstairs.
“OK, lady, listen and listen good. We know you have some money and other interesting things in here. Where is your safe?”
   Allison is shaking her head to let them know that they don't have any money in the house. Her husband has all their money and valuables in the safety deposit box at the bank.
“Don't tell me there isn't any money in here. Your hubby makes a lot of money in his law firm.”
Allison shakes her head more because these three have got the wrong house. How can she make them realize that?
“I don't think the lady wants to tell us. Perhaps she needs persuaded to tell us where the safe is located.”
   The guy reaches over and rips Allison's housecoat open. The mother of twins screams into her gag and shakes her head harder as the man starts fondling her large 34D boobs that are enclosed in her bra. She is trying to tell them that they have the wrong house but he won't let her talk by pulling the gag down.
“Man, she is trying to tell you so just let her talk.”
The other guy releases her breast and presses his knife against her throat.
“OK, now when I pull the gag out you are going to tell me everything I want.”
Allison is anxious to let him know about the mistaken identity. She shakes her head and then he pulls the gag down.
“Please let me go. You have the wrong house. We don't have a safe or any money in the house. My husband is a marketing VP and not a lawyer. Please you got the wrong place.”
The man put the gag back in Allison's mouth and then slams his fist down on the table.
“Dammit, we broke into the wrong home. This is 156 E. 46th not 156 W. 46th so this isn't the right house.”
“So now what are we going to do now. She can identify us. We could take her with us as a hostage.”
“Well she does have some nice hooters here that we can all enjoy while casing the other house.”
    The man runs his hand down inside Allison's bra and then picks up his knife and cuts it down through the middle and then pulls it apart. He runs his hands all over her breasts as she squeals in pain. Are they really thinking about taking her as a hostage?
Allison is getting fondled harder and the man even bends over and starts sucking on her nipples. She doesn't like it but she is glad that the girls are safely asleep upstairs and then it happens. Allison suddenly hears one the girl's voices.
“Mom, we are hungry. Can we have a pizza? Oh my God. Mommmmppphhh.”
Susan as come downstairs in a white T-shirt and panties and has barged into the kitchen just in time to see the man sucking on her mom's nipples. She is grabbed from behind by another one of the burglars who clasps his hand over her mouth.
“Who the hell is this? You said no one else would be at home except the woman.”
“You heard her say we. Boys, gag her and tie her up and then go up and find the others. We might have a nice time here after all.”
   Susan is quickly cuffed and gagged with another dish towel. She looks over terrified at Allison who is embarrassed that her daughter is seeing her in a half naked state. She tries to talk to her daughter trying to let her know that all will be alright. They hear some crying and it is getting closer. The two men come back in and force Allison and Susan to their feet and walk them into the living room. Allison is stunned to see her other twin, Sarah and Jessica and Mandy. The three girls are on their knees wearing just bras and panties. They have their wrists tied behind their backs with duct tape and some tape plastered across their mouths.
“Well, look what we have here. Three more hot girls so we can definitely make up for getting the wrong house, boys.”
   Allison is forced into the recliner while Susan is taken down to her knees beside her sister.
“And look identical twins to boot. How old do you think they are?”
“Let's ask them. How old, red?”
He stands over Susan and looks down at her.
“Are you 15? No, how about 14.”
Susan shakes her head to let him know that is her age.
“So that means you are also 14 and let's see I bet your friends here and either 14 or 15. I will say 15, right.”
Jessica and Mandy let him know that is their age.
“OK, now we can make some formal introductions.”

Part Two: Getting More Acquainted

   The three men stand in front of their captives. They all take their ski masks off.
“OK, let me introduce ourselves. My name is Rabies and these are my friends, Fleabag and Mange. You don't need to know our real names since we will be gone and you won't ever see us again. We were planning on doing another house but since Fleabag screwed up the address, you will be our entertainment.”
   Rabies walks over to Sarah and Susan, runs his hands through their hair as they whimper.
“I really love redheads and now not only do I have three of them here but two of them are totally identical.”
He bends over and smells Susan's hair.
“It is so nice and soft.”
Fleabag interjects.
“Well, I like big boobs and this little girl has a really, nice big pair.
He reaches inside Mandy's bra and feels her large size DD breasts.
“Man, I have never a seen a girl this age have such large ones. Can't wait to suck on those babies. I think I may just bury my head in between them.”
   Mandy is bawling behind her gag. Not only is he hurting her but she has never been seen by a man before in just her bra and panties let alone be felt up like this.
Finally Mange is over fondling up Allison.
“And I like older women like mom, here.”
Rabies stands back up again and says, “OK, men, enough fun for now. It is time to go to work, boys.”
   Fleabag and Mange pick Jessica and Mandy up to their feet. They force the two teenagers to walk over to the sofa and sit down next to each other. They are crying a lot. They are soon joined by Susan and Sarah.
“OK, now we don't have everything we need to properly show all of you a good time but have a storage building full of stuff. So, Mom, you are going to get dressed and drive one of the boys out to retrieve it, understand.”
He presses a knife against Allison's throat. She shakes her head in understanding.”
“Good, now, Mange, take mom upstairs and get her dressed.”
   Mange goes over, grabs Allison by the arm and jerks her to her feet. The woman looks over her shoulder at the girls who are trying to huddle next to each other on the sofa. The twins watch their mom as she walks up the stairs and then in a few minutes when she comes back down, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans.
“OK, now you will drive to wherever Mange tells you. Let's get her fixed in such a way that no one will think anything is out of the ordinary.”
   Rabies has went out to the kitchen and found a role of clear packing tape. He pulls the cloth gag out of her mouth. It is extremely soggy from her saliva.
“Please don't hurt the girls. They are just babies.”
   That was last that Allison said as Rabies placed several pieces of clear tape over her mouth and then placed a cuff around her right wrist. Now when anyone is beside her in their car and looks over, they don't realize she is gagged and handcuffed to the wheel. The two of them walk out to Allison's van in the garage and drive out of the garage. Soon Allison Haynes is driving on the four lane highway. She is passed by a cop and then even a trucker and no one knows that she is being forced to drive. After two miles on the freeway, Mange tells her to turn off onto a side road. It is less populated so little chance to be discovered.
   Meanwhile back at the house, Rabies and Fleabag are starting to have fun. They first make the girls get down on the floor again. Susan, Sarah, Jessica and Mandy in that order with their hands still cuffed behind their backs and tape gagged.
“OK, girls, we are going to start making all of you real women. So when we removes your gag you will take our cocks and give us a good blowjob. If you don't know what that is we will help you.”
   Both Rabies and Fleabag strip out of their clothes. The girls try not to look since they had never seen a naked man's body before. In fact they hadn't even seen a man's hairy chest before. The two men come over and stand in front of the four trembling girls. Their large cocks are now dangling face high with the girls.
Without saying another word, Rabies and Fleabag pull the gags of the twins out of their mouths.
“Ok, please, don't do this.”
That was all they got out before the men grabbed their red hair and shoved their head forward.
   The girls had no choice but to open their mouths when the men pulled on their hair. Susan and Sarah gurgles a lot as their mouths surrounded the skin of the large cocks,   They gagged on the smell, the sweat and the in general horrible taste of the cocks. The men pushed their heads back and forth making them take it deep into their mouths. The red headed twins were soon dripping cum down their chins and then down their chests, between their bra cups. This lasted for a few minutes and then both men shook. The girls made a terrible face as Rabies and Fleabag dropped huge loads of cum down the two virgin twins's throats and the men then made them swallow it.
   Sarah and Susan sat there crying with cum flowing down their bodies. Their gags were pulled back into their mouths and the two men went over to Jessica and Mandy. Their gags were pulled down and the two men soon had their dripping cocks in the mouths of the two friends.
“OK, girls, lick it clean. Nothing like enjoying a little of your friends's saliva in your mouth. Don't worry you will get a little more later.”

   Allison has driven to an old storage building behind an old vacant motel. Mange got out and took the keys with him.
“Don't try anything like hitting the horn to alert someone because if I don't call once I am back in the car, my partners will execute the girls, understand.”
   Allison is so scared for the girls being left with two very psycho burglars that she isn't planning on doing anything that will harm them. Mange opens the padlock, goes inside, grabs the huge bag sitting inside the building and comes back out. He padlocks the door again. So he was out and back into the car withing two minutes. Allison was still sitting behind the wheel, still trying to shake the events of this horrible night. What was awaiting her when she gets back and what do they ultimately plan to do with her and the girls.

   At the house, the two naked kidnappers are done getting satisfied by the girls. They pull them up to their feet. The four girls are once again gagged and are made to stand facing each other. Susan is facing her identical twin, Sarah and Jessica and Mandy are looking at each other.
Rabies and Fleabag take the cuffs off of each girl and they start massaging their wrists to try and get circulation in them.
   “OK, girls, now mom will be back soon and I want her to see what we have been doing while she's been gone. So I want you to strip each other of your underwear.”
The girls are crying and just standing there. Rabies picks up the knife.
“So who wants to die first.”
   The girls look at the knife and then reach out to the other. Susan and Sarah pulls off each other's bra straps almost simultaneously. Jessica and Mandy do the same. All the girls soon have their bras lying on the floor.
“Ok, now reach out and play with each other's breasts. You, blondie, should have a lot of fun with those huge babies.”
   Fleabag points to Mandy's flopping huge breasts dangling down as soon as the bra goes.
Susan and Sarah both have the same size almost identical size boobs. Both of them have freckles not only on their faces but also on their breasts. Jessica's breasts are just a bit larger than them but nothing compared to Mandy. Jessica has an hour-glass figure of an athlete while Mandy is slightly chubby with a little roll in her stomach. All the girls are fondling the other girl's breasts at the same time and then are made to pull each other's nipples to make them hard.
   “OK, now rub your nipples together.”
   The girls, by now, are too scared to not do as ordered and Rabies and fleabag stood back watching the young teenagers rubbing their now hard, firm nipples back and forth like they were trying to bring fire. The only fire they produced was in the once again erect cocks of their captors.
   “OK, enough with that for now, girls. Now let's finish getting naked. Take each other's panties off and then we want you to feel each other's pussies.”
   Sarah gets down on her knees and pulls her sister's panties off. She then runs her hand all around her hairy thatch and then is ordered to put her hand up her hole a little bit and then Susan is made to do the same to her sister. Meanwhile Jesssica and Mandy do the same.
Rabies and Fleabag are finishing up binding the girls' wrists behind their backs with the little bit of rope they found in the garage. The garage door is going up. Allison is back with Mange and is she going to have a shock when she comes back in.
   The two naked captors make the girls stand in a straight line at attention as the door opens.  Allison sees them as soon as she enters. She screams into her gag as she sees her now very naked daughters and their best friends.

Part Three:   Mommy Does It

   The three psycho kidnappers laugh at Allison's reaction when she is pushed through her garage door and sees Susan, Sarah, Jessica and Mandy standing in front of her, butt naked and bound and gagged tightly.
   “What did you think were going to happen to the girls when we left my two associates with them.  They decided to have fun with them.  After all we weren't just here for some money.  Hell, we could have gotten that somewhere else.”
   Rabies reaches around Allison's body and starts squeezing her breasts hard.
   “Now, mom, you will slowly take all of those clothes off so you will look like your daughters and their friends.  And speaking of the friends, men go ahead and take those two upstairs and get started with what you wanted to do all night.  Fleabag, I know you have wanted into the chubby girl's pussy since we got here.”
   Jessica and Mandy scream into their gags as Mange and Fleabag grab them and start dragging them towards the stairs.  The girls try to fight them off but they are powerless to do anything.  They were too tightly bound and securely gagged to be able to do much.
   “And, guys, be as brutal as you wish.”
   That sent the two girls halfway up the stairs to scream more loudly.  Eventually they are gone out of sight.  Rabies is holding his gun on Allison and the poor mother has already taken off   her T-shirt and jeans by then.  She looks at her innocent young daughters and can see the terror on their faces but she can't protect them like she has always tried to.  Slowly Allison reaches behind her back and unhooks her bra, sliding it off and letting it fall to the floor.  She doesn't even try to hide her mature breasts instead she slithers out of her panties and they fall to the floor as well. 
   “Very nice, mom, very nice.  Now reach into this bag and grab one of those balls in there.”
   Allison reaches in and comes out with a red ballgag out of the stuff they got out of the  storage shed. 
   “OK, now cram it in your mouth and fasten it behind your head.”
   Allison is too scared to defy his order.  She can see her daughters are shaking in fear as she figured she better placate the kidnapper.  So she opens her mouth, crams the ball into her mouth and immediately pulls it back out.  She shakes her head to indicate that she can't do it.  Rabies isn't very happy with that answer and comes over and slaps Allison.
   “I don't take a shake of the head, bitch.  Either you cram it in that fuckin' mouth of yours or I will slit one of your daughters' throats.”
   Allison almost falls over but keeps her balance, looks at Sarah and Susan and then opens her mouth again.  This time she puts it in between her teeth and reaches behind her head to fasten it.  She manages to fasten it but not too tight.  Rabies quickly fastens it tighter, taking to the third hole from the end.  Allison can't move the ball which is tightly wedged in between her teeth. 
   “Very nice, Mrs. Haynes, very nice.”
   Rabies runs his hands up and down Allison's bare body.  The school principal can do nothing but stand in front of him still trying to adjust to the ballgag.  He walks over and pulls a wooden piece out of the bag.   He comes over and makes Allison sit down on the sofa with her daughters standing on either side of her.
   “OK, mom, your twin daughters have been very naughty.  I mean they were upstairs in their bedroom wearing only their underwear with their two friends.  How do you know that they weren't doing very bad things.  So you will put each of them over your lap and spank them very hard with this wooden paddle.”
   Sarah and Susan cry as they see Rabies put the paddle firmly in their mother's hand.  Then he makes Sarah bend over her mother's knee.  The young redheaded teenager has her ass right on Allison's lap.  The mom cries in pain as she has to rear back and smack her daughter's ass hard.  The teen cries into her gag as it really hurt.  Allison has to hit her daughter three more times.  Each time making it harder and more intense.  Sarah's ass is beet red and starting to blister up when Rabies stops and switches girls.  Now Susan is getting her paddling and she gets five instead of four.  By time Allison was done, Susan's ass was starting to bleed a little but it stopped just as quickly as it started.
   “OK, now that was fun.  Time to get upstairs and reunite with your friends.  But first time to tie you up, mom.  Put your hands behind your back.”
   Allison puts her arms behind her and Rabies starts winding the hemp rope around her wrists.  Sarah and Susan are  once again standing really unable to move because their asses were still on fire from their mother's forced paddling.  Once Allison's wrists were bound together, Rabies pushed her elbows as close together as possible and bound them together.  He then wound rope around Allison's breasts which are now sticking out from the elbow bondage.  Rabies loops rope below and above her large breasts and drops the remainder of the rope between her breasts, tucks it under the bottom rope and then back over her shoulder, tied off at the elbows.
   “OK, now, walk up the stairs.”
   Rabies holds his gun as Susan, Allison and then Sarah walk slowly up the stairs.  The wooden steps are cold and with their bodies glistening with sweat that is dripping on the wood, makes the walk very slippery.  But the three Haynes women make it up to the top.  They walk down the narrow hallway to the master bedroom.  Once in the doorway, Susan can see Jessica and Mandy inside on the bed.  Fleabag and Mange are both naked.  The two girls are lying on the bed lying on their stomachs.  There is blood on the sheets that obviously came from the two captives.  Their hair really messed up and they are crying.  Both girls had their legs tied together as well as still having their wrists and elbows bound behind their back.  Their faces were red and tears were streaming down their faces.  They had been violated raped repeatedly by both men.
   “So I see that these two are no longer virgins.”
   Mange smiles as he walks and strokes Jessica's blonde hair which was pulled back and tied with rope.
   “Yep, and they were both great.”
   Fleabag chimes in.
   “Yeah, the big girl was especially great.  But now it is time, I imagine, for the twins to lose their virginity.”
   “Yes, and mom will sit here and watch.  So get these two off of the bed.  Put them in hogties on the other beds.”
   Mange and Fleabag carry Jessica and Mandy out of the room.  They are taken back into Sarah and Susan's bedroom and placed on their friends' twin beds.  They are placed in hogties with the hogtie rope going around their necks and tied to their bent ankles.
   “Don't drop your legs, girls, or else you may strangle yourself.  We will be back soon.”
   The two men close the door and turn off the lights  Jessica and Mandy cry and struggle to keep their tired legs up in the air.  How long will they be lying here?
   In the main bedroom, Susan and Sarah are bound side by side on the bed with their legs spread and have their two of their legs bound together.  Allison is forced to sit in a chair next to the bed.   She will have ringside seat of the pending brutal rape of her twin daughters.  Rabies is now naked like his fellow psychos. 
   “Ready to become women, girls.”

Part Four: Two for One

              Allison Haynes was forced to watch as her precious teenage twin daughters were being fucked on their twin beds in front of her. All the women had been moved to the girls' room at the end of the hall. The school principal was sitting all snugly bound and gagged in a desk chair placed between the two beds as Rabies and Mange were on top of Susan and Sarah taking away their virginity. Rabies was doing Susan while Mange had won a coin toss with Fleabag and got to do her identical twin sister, Sarah. Both girl were bound down in a lower spread eagle with their legs bound to each bottom post of their beds while their upper bodies were tightly trussed up. They were both crying as the men had their very large cocks buried deep in their young, virginal pussies. The men were pumping in and out stimulating the girls toward that ultimate orgasm, the one that would pop their cherries and make them a woman.
              Allison was bound so tightly to the chair that she couldn't move. Jessica and Mandy,the girls' best friends who had already been made women by Mange and Fleabag were no longer tied in a 69 position but rather had been placed in hogties on the floor next to Susan 's bed. The two girls were quiet still in shock over the entire rape they had received. Allison could see the clock in front of her on the girls' nightstand. It read 3:00 in the morning. A time when everyone else in the neighborhood was asleep in bed. She thought about Jessica and Mandy's parents who were oblivious to the horror their daughters had been put through. Allison felt ashamed that she had done such a lousy job of protecting them. Maybe she should have done something when she was out to alert someone to what was happening. Then again the girls probably would be dead now but is that worse than this ordeal.
              Suddenly Allison's thoughts are interrupted by a loud grunt from Rabies as he had reared up shook dropping a huge load of semen down into the vagina of Susan as her daughter cried out in pain. Shortly after that Mange did the same thing in Sarah and both girls had just become women. All the captives were crying.
Rabies and Mange switched girls and as Rabies was going into Sarah, he told Fleabag.
             “OK, mom has seen enough. Take her back to her bedroom and give her the treatment. We will be done here shortly and then it will be time for all the girls to get to know each other.”
             Fleabag wheels Allison out the room and down the hallway back to the master bedroom where the sheets still have the remains of Jessica and Mandy's brutal rape. He unties Allison from the chair, picks her up under the shoulder and throws her onto the bed. She bounces a little before he gets on top of her. Soon her legs have been untied and pulled up to the top of her bed. The ankles are tied to each top post so that they are on both sides of her head. This causes her pussy and ass to be wide open and exposed. He ties a noose around her neck and attaches it to the top of the bed so she wouldn't be able to move around much.
Confident that Allison is ready for action, Fleabag takes off his underwear. He is large again at the cock and climbs onto the bed.
             “Do you have a preference as to which I do first, your ass or your vagina.”
              Since Allison is thoroughly gagged the mother of two indicated neither so Fleabag plunged his extra large appendage deep into her ass, a place that a cock isn't designed to go into so it hurt a lot going in. Allison was not used to the kind of brutality that Fleabag was doing. She was used the passionate sex that her husband was used to doing and but no means did she ever think that not only herself but her darling twin daughters, the pastor's sweet daughter and her dearest friend's girl would all be raped this night. But it was just the start of what would turn out to be the last night on this earth for the five captives.
             Back in the girls' room, Rabies and Mange were finally done with Susan and Sarah. Their cocks were dripping with cum and the two men had gotten off the girls, pulled Jessica and Mandy up to their knees, taken their gags out and made them lick the twins' womanhood off of their cocks. After they were clean the two men finally secured ballgags in each of their mouth as well.
             Allison screamed into her ballgag as Fleabag came first in her ass and then in her pussy not once , not twice but four times over a short period of time. She was very uncomfortable and in pain from the way she was lying and things got worse when Rabies and Mange joined Fleabag. Soon those two were on the bed and they had managed to get situated so that one was fucking her ass while the other was doing her pussy. Fleabag was tired so he took pictures of the dual rape of the mother.
             Meanwhile in the girls' room. Susan was tied on top of her twin sister, Sarah, on one bed while Mandy was tied on top of the much lighter Jessica on the other. The girls' boobs were smashed tightly against the others with rope that didn't allow them to move. Their ballgags clanged against each as the girls tried desperately to escape which would be impossible. Their legs were bound together at their thighs, knees and ankles. What further made thigns horrific for the girls was the painful butt plugs that had been twisted up each girl's ass causing great pain and some bleeding as the enormous thing went someplace it was designed to go. For the four girls they would lay that for hours until the first rays of sunlight poked through the girls' window. That would occur at around 6:00.
              Allison was raped for practically the entire time as well. In the end each captor had fucked her ass and vagina about a half dozen times. Finally they pulled her legs down and tied them down below in a spreadeagle. Range and Mange laid down beside her and fell asleep while Fleabag went in to sleep in Susan's bed while the four girls gyrated around on Sarah's bed until finally they, too, drifted off to sleep.
The five captives didn't know what the next day would be bring them  as Rabies, Mange and Fleabag weren't planning to let them go.

Part Five:   Three Company, Five's An Orgy
   The three psychos were up early sipping coffee downstairs while Allison and Sarah were forced to fix breakfast.  They were still gagged with ballgags and their wrists were bound together in front of them.  Susan, Jessica and Mandy were sitting around the table with the three men.  Each of them had one of the girls giving them a lap dance sort of.  Each girl was sitting on their laps but the men had their bare cocks rammed up the girls' asses while they sat there.  Susan was on Rabies, Jessica on Fleabag and Mandy on Mange and the men were also playing mercilessly with each girl's breasts.  Allison was still very sore from her brutal rape from the night before and she just wanted to hug her girls.  She also was sad for Jessica, her preacher's kid who had grown up with her twins and for Mandy, the nerdish girl who planned to be a missionary.  Now their innocence has been taken. 
   “Hurry up with the food, bitch, or else they all get a worse treatment.”
   Allison and Sarah are struggling with their hands tied in front but they finally dish up the eggs, sausage and bacon.  The men chew down while the girls are moved to chairs beside them.  The three guys have brought in a bottle of whiskey and after they finish eating, Rabies opens the booze.  He pulls Susan up to her feet and takes the ball down.
   “Drink with me, kid.”
   “No, please, don't.”
   Rabies grabs the young redhead by the hair, forces her mouth open and she is made to take a drink and then another one.  Fleabag does the same with Jessica and Mange does it to both Sarah and Mandy.  Soon all five women have been forced to drink enough to start feeling very hot and very woozy.  After all of this, the three men take the five slightly under the weather captives back upstairs.
   “Ok, ladies, now you  are all going to put a show on for us.”
   A few minutes bare-chested psychos Rabie, Mange and Fleabag are standing in the doorway of the master bedroom watching their slightly intoxicated captives doing some things to each other.  Jessica is sitting on Mandy's lap.  Their gags are hanging down around their necks.  The girls are face to face and are kissing each other passionately.  Jessica has her tongue inside of her best friends' mouth.  Both are drunk so they are doing this without any attempts to escape.  Jessica is fondling her friend's large breasts.  She moves her mouth down to Mandy's breasts and is nibbling on her nipples and Mandy is playing with Jessica's.
   On the bed, Allison, Sarah and Susan are in the mist of some taboo sex activity.  Allison has her legs spread while the twins are lying on the bed and are licking their mother's pussy.  Allison is not drunk but with the captors threatening to hurt her kids, she can't stop the twins. She is the only one with a gag still their mouths.  She is trying not to orgasm as the girls are licking her so intensely that she could come.  Susan moves up to her mother's breasts and she is lying on top of her mother playing with her nipples while the teen's own nipples are hard and sticking out.
   “Wow, this is great.  It is amazing what a little whiskey with a touch of Viagra in it can do to good Christian girl.  Make them sexual deviants.”
   Rabies walks over to the bed.  He is carrying a strap-on.  Allison looks up at him with wide eyes.  She knows what he is going to do.  One of her girls is going to fuck her with that strap-on.  Sarah is pulled up and forced to put the strap-on around her waist.  Susan is handed a vibrator she is going to use it on her sister while she is fucking her mom.  So Allison shakes her head and cries as a wild-eyed drunk Sarah rams the plastic dildo in her pussy while Susan rams the vibrator in her sister's ass.  So the scene on the bed is horrible and so to is the scene on the floor.  Jessica has a strap-on around her waist as well and she is fucking her big breasted friend Mandy, whose glasses have finally been discarded.  Jessica is pumping like crazy as Mandy plays with her friend's breasts. 
   So the bedroom is going hot and heavy.  The guys are taking pictures and video of the entire scene.  This goes on for hours and most of the day.  Susan changes places with her sister and then Allison is taken off of the bed and Susan and Sarah are put on in her place.  Allison is made to put the strap-on around her waist and then she has to make a choice.  Which girl do you do first.  The girls are giggling from more alcohol and even spread their legs to allow their mom to penetrate them.  She does Susan first and is made to cram it in deep.  Allison was in tears looking into the innocent eyes of her daughter who is smiling.  The drug-booze combination is making the girls raving sexual objects.  About that time Susan lets out a long groan as she bends her head back after having a large orgasm.  Allison can see some of it coming out onto the bed sheets.
   Then it is Sarah's turn and she comes quicker than her sister who is down on the bed, licking up any of it that comes out of her hole.  Meanwhile Jessica is sitting on Mandy's face making her friend.  Mandy is licking her friend's ass.  She is allowed to breath occasionally.  Then later they switch positions. 
   The men are watching all of this with great glee.  The entire time of all this took over eight hours.  Finally when the booze and drugs started wearing off, the men decided it was time to regag the girls.  So they crammed the ballgags back in and Jessica and Susan even giggled and played with the gag before they voluntarily opened their mouths.  An hour later, the girls having been tied up are now rolling around on the bed.  They are hogtied and all five of them are lying side by side.
   “Well, ladies, that was fun and we got some great lesbian action.  You know, mom, your girls here could make great actresses in porn movies.”
   Rabies stands nearby smoking a cigar and flipping the ashes on the back of Susan and Mandy.  The girls squeel into their gags in pain.  The girls are suffering from terrible headaches as the effect of the booze and drugs is bringing them down.
   “Don't worry, ladies, we will be out of here later tonight.  We just need to wait until we know the neighbors and all asleep and can't see us leave.”
   He comes over and rubs his hands over the sweaty, tired bodies of all five of them.       

Part Six    Goodbye, Farewell and Sayonara Ladies

   It is getting late on the second night of the captivity of Allison Haynes, her twin daughters, Susan and Sarah, and their best friends, Jessica and Mandy.  The girls have lost their virginity, had their first drunken sex orgy and been bound and gagged for the most part of twenty four hours.   Now their captors, Rabies, Fleabag and Mange are preparing to leave.  All of the quiet neighborhood is asleep or out of town.  No one will see or hear them leave. 
   Unfortunately for their five captives, the nightmare will not end or at least nice for them.  The house is vibrating with sounds of sobbing and the occasional feeble scream.  The five women have been forced to hop back downstairs by their captors.  The naked mom and the four teenagers are exhausted and very sweaty.  They are bloodied from the brutal rapes they have had to endure.  The lesbian sex session while drunk has taken all ounce of fight out of them.  The girls know that they are stained for life by their actions while drunk.  Now having regained their functions, the girls are aware of what is happening.
   The five naked captives are now sitting in dining room chairs in the middle of the living room.  They are being lashed to the wooden chairs with a lot of rope.   Their arms have been thrown over the back of the chair and with their wrists already bound together tightly, their elbows are now tied together so that they touch.  Their chests are bound in a strict, rope harness.  The chest ropes are reinforced by being tied to the chair as well.  The men have decided to further punish their breasts by wrapping rope around the base of each captives' breasts so that they are becoming rapidly discolored from a lack of blood flow.  They look like round balloons.  The men have further caused discomfort by placing clothespins on each nipple so that they can't be shaken off.
   Rope has been placed each of their waists and a tight crotch rope is attached so that they are uncomfortable.  The women's legs are bent back to the rear of the chair.  Each ankle is tied to a rear chair leg and their knees bound back to the rear as well.  Their big toes have a little twine tied around them and the thin rope has been run up to their clothespins and tied off.  So if they move their toes, the nipples will hurt like hell. 
   The men are now finishing up.  They have removed the ballgags to take with them.  In place of that, the ladies have a pair of soiled, stinky panties shoved in their mouths.  Susan has a pair of her sister's that she wore two days ago, Sarah got the ones that Jessica wore the day before after she practiced running, Mandy got a pair of Allison's while Jessica got Sarah's two day old panties and Allison got both hers she wore the day before but also her daughters from the day before as well.  Her mouth really bulged out when all of them got duct tape wrapped completely around their heads. 
   “OK, guys, I think we have left them unable to communicate with anyone but there is one more thing we need to add.  Fleabag bring over the little surprise we have for them.”
   Fleabag brings over the bag and the women scream into their gags when they see three  neatly wrapped rolls of dynamite.  He hands them to Rabies and Mange while he takes the other one.  They  go over the girls and start placing the rolls under breast ropes.  Rabies puts his between Mandy's massive ones, while Mange puts his with Allison and Fleabag puts his between Jessica's.  The twins are sitting there without the bombs but they get the trigger wires from Allison who is sitting between her daughters and Jessica who is sitting on the other side of Susan.  The trigger wires are placed in the girls' pussies and Mandy is put in her own.  Mandy, Susan and Sarah then get vibrators shoved inside their pussies pushing the trigger wires deeper inside.
   Finally the women have rope wrapped around their necks and tied back to their wrists causing their heads to be pulled back. If they move their heads forward they will strangle themselves.
   “OK, so here is the way it goes.  The trigger wires will cause the bombs to detonate unless the girls stay wet down there.  If they manage to do that then you will all probably live but if they don't well there won't be anything for the cops to use.  Goodbye ladies, hope you make it out because I bet at least two of you are pregnant or will be.”
   Rabies, Fleabag and Mange leave turning off the lights as they leave.  The five captives are doomed since no one will be coming to the house for another day and a half.  They are tied up to tightly and gagged too thoroughly to get  loose.
suddenly rocked with a massive explosion and an ensuing inferno at the Haynes house.  The bombs went off a    No one knows what happened in the next few hours but the quiet neighborhood was bout three hours after the three psychos left. 
   The next day the cops were sifting through the rubble as Chad Haynes, the Sorensens and the Gosits had to be told that there were no survivors.  The five women were gone.  A couple of ATF agents from Boston drive up and three men get out.  David Robinski( aka Rabies), Bradley Esposito ( aka Fleabag) and Enrico Calitiniti(aka Mange) are there to take over the investigation and look for evidence of who did this heinous thing.  The men throw some sly smiles as they approach the rubble.
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Hell of a story. Very hot! loved the twisted ending too.

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