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Author Topic: Super Sisters  (Read 1664 times)

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« on: December 31, 2016, 06:56:09 PM »

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Super Sisters


The cum washed over Amy’s face like a warm bath, sliding down into her waiting open mouth.  With her tongue stuck out, she softly rimmed Donna’s asshole beneath her chin, letting the hot liquid dribble down into the crevices.  Each and every subtle lick felt like a jolt of electricity, shooting bolts down her ass and making her spine arch.  The two sisters smiled as they looked longingly into each other’s eyes.  As if pulled together by a magnet, they were drawn to one another, and commenced with a long, taboo kiss. 

“Fuck,” the male said, “you two are fucking filthy.”

They smiled up at him, glistening with cum and spit.  All three heads turned as a noise creaked behind them.  The door.  The male held a finger up to his lips as the stranger washed his hands with an agonizing lack of haste, but promptly left.  He opened the door and peeked his head out, making sure no one else was inside, then ushered the two out.  They almost forgot their clothes.

Their younger sister admired the male as he stepped out of the bathroom.  Luckily, she was the only one in the large crowd that noticed her sisters step out of the men’s bathroom behind him.  Putting two and two together, she stomped over to her sisters.

“Are you two serious?” she scolded.

“Oh fuck off, Lilith.  We’re just having a bit of fun,” Donna retorted.

“A bit of fun?  Amy, I can still see cum dripping from your face! And, Jesus Donna, you’re dripping onto the fucking floor!”

“Yeah,” Donna laughed, “there’s a huge buttplug in my ass.”  Amy, looking away, bit her lip with a smile.

“Heehee… I put a vibe on my clit.”  Soon enough, a damp spot had formed on her crotch as well.

“You two disgust me,” Lilith turned to rejoin her friends, only to realize that they all had left the trio behind.  “Damnit! The entire school left us.”

“Relax, frosh,” Amy scoffed.  “We’ll catch up.  Let’s… Uuhhhh… Go!”

The twin senior sisters, Amy and Donna, led the way, while Lilith stayed a few steps behind.  Soon, they were hopelessly lost in the giant facility.

“Shit!” Amy exclaimed.  “What even is this place again?”

“A supercollider,” Lilith answered.

“Nerd,” Donna laughed.

“Shut your mouth, you whore!” Lilith’s face turned scarlet with rage.

“Listen,” Donna started.  “If any of us is the whore, it’s Amy.  There hasn’t been a day this year she hasn’t blown some guy.”

“Hey!  Says the slut who takes the entire football team in her ass after games.”

“That was only… A few times! Ugh!”  The girls stormed off, splitting up.


Lilith walked under a sign that said “Photon Injector.”  What the hell is that? she wondered.  She knew that a photon was a “unit” of light, so to speak, but had never heard of them being “injected” into anything before.  The warning on the door ahead clearly told her that whatever lay beyond was dangerous, but she didn’t want to look like a wimp and return to her sisters.  She pressed on, and found herself in a pitch black room.

“Hello?”  Nothing answered.  She jumped when red flashing lights lit up the room, blaring an ear-shattering screech.  As soon as they had come, they left, and Lilith heard only an eerie buzz on the far side of the pitch black room.  Then, like a tsunami, something knocked her over.  Somehow, she felt her clothes vaporize on her body, and unbearable pain washed through her.  This wave was everywhere, or whatever it was, and had permeated everything in the room.  On the floor, she screamed, but felt no noise escape.  And to her shame, her pussy dampened.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, yet the gushing wouldn’t stop splashing onto the floor.  And within mere seconds, she felt herself cum violently, squirting all over her thighs as she arched he back off the ground.  Then, as quickly as the wave had appeared, it left.  With buckling knees, Lilith felt her way to the door, now open, and escaped whatever torture had just assailed her.

Outside the room, two large men in hazmat suits approached her.  Her eyes widened and her mouth opened up to apologize when they walked right past her.  Furrowing her brow, she looked down, expecting to see her stark naked body.  But instead…

She saw nothing.  Her blood-curdling scream turned the men around, and she held her hand to her mouth.

“What the fuck was that?”  They ran back to where they had come from, terrified of the ghastly cry.  Alone again, Lilith gingerly walked back to find her sisters.


Donna strode off through a futuristic tube.  It was made of some cloudy glass-like material, and she couldn’t see what was outside of it.  But the path seemed to go on for miles.  Surely the tour had not come through here, as it was much too small, but she obviously had no intention of turning around.  A distant whizzing noise caught her off guard, growing in power until it assailed her eardrums, screaming with unbridled intensity.  She held her hands to her ears, squeezing into a ball.  Suddenly it stopped.  Her eyes rose cautiously, then a brilliant flash of blue light encompassed her entire field of vision, accompanied with rampant electric shock tearing through her body.

“BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!”  All her muscles contracted as she endured the ceaseless deluge of pain.  Through the haze, she felt her pussy squirt uncontrollably, surely caused by the unscathed glass plug in her butt.  Finally, it ended, and she shivered in fear.  The shock eviscerated her clothes, leaving nothing left.  But when she looked at her skin, she saw nothing abnormal.  No burn marks, no scratches, nothing.  She felt fine.  In fact, she felt better than ever. 

Back on her feet, she ran back the way she had come.  Her legs failed, sending her toppling to the ground.  She first thought it was from exhaustion, but realized it was due to the ferocity of her orgasm.  But common sense told her to leave; she didn’t want to know what would happen when the light returned.


Amy stood shivering, not out of fear, but out of cold.  The cryogenic tanks surrounding her let off steam that chilled her to the bone, especially in the skimpy outfit she wore.  Carefully, she made her way down the catwalk overlooking the steaming vats holding who-knows-what.  With clenched teeth, she looked over the railing for a better view out of curiosity.  She would have guessed it was dry ice, but something in the back of her mind told her otherwise.  Not that she knew any chemistry, but she knew liquid oxygen was sometimes cooled and-

“AAAAAH!”  The railing snapped clean off, and she tumbled into the freezing liquid.  The last thing she remembered before blacking out was the convulsions of her body, originating at her twitching clit.


Lilith and Donna backed straight into each other. 

“OW!”  Lilith yelled.  “You shocked me!” 

“I what?... Lilith… Where are you?”  Donna questioned.

“Donna, you won’t believe it, this wave of… radiation… hit me and now… Why are you naked?”

“I… It’s a long story.  Where’s Amy?”  Just then, Amy burst forth, wearing a cloth around her body like a towel.

“You won’t believe what happened,” Amy started, “I was walking along a catwalk when-“

“Hey! You shouldn’t be back here!”  A man with a hard hat approached them, and grabbed Amy’s shoulder.

“OWWWWOWWWWW! My hand! MY HAND!”  His palm had frozen, so he tried to punch her with his other.  Donna jumped over and hit him in the gut.  They heard a loud crack as he shot across the room, unconscious before he hit the wall.  Amy and Lilith looked at Donna, stunned. 

“Let’s get out of here.”


Despite their nakedness, the three made it out.  Lilith stayed mostly invisible, and noticed curiously she was wet the whole time- her horniness caused by the thrill of her public (non)exposure.  Only in the security of her room did she reappear.  Donna left her butt plug in until arriving home, her power only leaving after its removal.  And Amy realized that the “towel” she’d grabbed in a panic was an experimental temperature-resistant material, grinding against her tits and clit during the voyage home. 

Lilith raised an idea to her sisters.

“Do you think that, maybe, our powers are only accessible when we’re…  You know…”  Her sisters answered in unison.

“Horny?  Yes.”  It was indeed logical.  Lilith had stayed invisible, and naked, during the escape.  Donna had shocked two more guards into unconsciousness on the way out.  And Amy froze an alarm system.  But once they were home, Lilith had clothed herself, Donna removed the toy, and Amy put on normal clothes.  Soon, all three were in agreement.  The normally fragmented and self-serving sisters made a mature and honorable decision.  They would serve as vigilantes, studying during the day and fighting crime at night.




“Go get ‘em Spark Plug.”  Amy smirked as her sister moved towards the robber.

“What the fuck are you freaks anyway?!”  He shouted as he scurried away, but ate asphalt after the invisible leg of Wraith tripped him up.  Donna caught up to him before he got up, and gave only the lightest touch to his neck, crumbling his nervous system like poorly built Ikea furniture during an earthquake.  He didn’t stand a chance.  On the ground and shaking from the taser-like shock, he hardly even felt Arctica meld his fingers into the street with her cold touch.  They admired their handiwork for a second before sirens sounded behind them.

“Freeze!”  The irony was lost on no one.  But the trio had bolted before the police could make a move.  Neither officer could they help staring wide-eyed at the girls in the moments before they ran off.  They’d heard the stories, but considered them impossible.  Yet there they were, right in front of their eyes.

The “Super Sluts.”

Amy, Arctica, used the temperature-resistant material to make her outfit.  She argued that she;d simply taken a “minimalist” approach.  Her costume was complete with a bandana-like mask wrapped over her eyes to maintain her identity.

Donna, Spark Plug, lived up to her name.  Latex composed nearly her entire outfit, due to its nonconductive qualities.After a large hole in the front made by their enemies all but totally revealed her breasts, she declared the suit “irrepairable but irreplaceable.”  Needless to say, she invested in one of the biggest butt plugs money could buy.  And similar to Amy, she donned a latex eye mask.

Finally, Lilith- aka Wraith- maintained her invisibility while wearing nothing quite well.  It fulfilled its perpituity in its own right, when she needed it to; anytime her hormones began to fade, the fear of being seen kicked in, and instantly she was as ghostly as ever.  Thus, she dissapeared and reappeared when she needed to do so.

They dominated routing criminals and bank robbers with small arms.  Within a few mere months, crime levels had decreased, and the “Blonde Bimbo Powerpuff Girls” became a household name.  Surely, the three felt, they were set for life  Soon they were to learn the relative feebleness of their “powers.”


Lilith had the idea of making profit off of donations in a secure box, all encrypted from knowledge she’d gained herself reading.  Picking up the cash biweekly became routine, and the girls always accomplished the job as a trio.  Lilith waited in the car outside while her sisters went in.  Though, this time, Lilith realized, something was off.

Something was wrong.

What’s taking them so long? Lilith wondered, subconciously ignoring the thought tearing at her that her sisters were in danger..  They’d been in there for an hour, and the operation normally took ten minutes tops.  She opened the car door, stepping outside, when six gargantuan hulk of flesh burst through the building.  Her eyes opened wide at the sight, first in awe, then in horror.  They were not made out of flesh, but composed of brown rock..  And there was something else; something even more… off.  Despite her efforts, she couldn’t place it.  Then she saw the member swinging freely between its legs, hanging between two watermellon-sized balls.  And the worst part yet: they carried her sisters over their shoulders like ragdolls.  Their outfits hung from their bodies, torn to shreds.  Lilith had to do something, she knew, but what? Her aspirations to save her sisters were crushed when she stood helplessly as they took her sisters to god-knows-where.


Amy and Donna made their way inside, the click-clack of their boots resounding off the marble floor and the high ceiling.  They wore their superheroine outfits, even though they expected no trouble, to avoid giving away their identities.  But their usual comfort was rejected when the greeter met them with a bullet through his head.

“Oh God,” Donna stuttered, “someone knows we’re here.”

Before Amy could respond, a thunderous slam resounded behind them.  The two heroes turned around to the abhorrent sight awaiting them.

“I am Rock Hard.  And you are long overdue for punishment.  Your greed for money has got the better of you, and now all three will pay the price.  Your humiliating defeat will pave the way for my domination of the entire human race.”  The sisters turned to each other, now very fearful.  This thing, whatever it was, was no mere criminal. 

“We must work together to succeed,” Amy declared.  “We cannot fail.”

Donna grabbed a nearby metal post, charging it with all the energy she could muster, and threw it at Rock Hard.  He brushed it away like a mere fly.  Amy charged towards him, brandishing a fist of ice, but he swatted her into the ground without any effort.

“I face the great superheroines and this is what I get?  I should not have expected so much from blonde super sluts.  Very well.  Face your defeat with honor.”

Five identical behemoths dropped down behind the original.  Donna rushed over and helped Amy to her feet.  They could not win this fight, they knew, but maybe they could fight their way through to the exit. 

They rushed headfirst towards the center of the group.  If they could barge through him, their escape was just on the other side.  As they charged, however, they failed to notice the tightening circle of enemies.  They did not see the outstrethed legs until it was too late.

Donna toppled underneath Amy, who flew headfirst into the ground.  Her sister rolled over and landed ass-up on top of her, right at the feet of their original enemy.

“Hahahahaha! Too easy.”  He stomped a foot onto Donna’s back, pinning the heroes down.  “Do you want to lose, perhaps?  You practically did the work of humiliating yourselves for us.”  He looked up to the others.  “Break them.”

Their faces revealed pure terror as the sea of giant hands grappled every inch of their bodies, tossing them about like featherweight ragdolls.  Separated from her sister, Donna screamed in dread as one of the fiends shredded the front of her outfit, leaving her full tits on display.  In shock, horrible images flooded her mind: the consequence of the real and present danger assaulting her.  The security camera flashed in her eye, and her heart sank even further- until she saw her sister.

One giant held her arms behind her back while two more stretched her legs out in a painful split.  Another wound up to deal a horrific kick to her crotch.  With widened eyes, Donna moaned in despair as the giants assaulted her sister’s vulnerable, defeated body.

“NO! PLEASE, N- OUGHF!”  Her face scrunched in agony, begging to somehow releive the nightmare of pain.  Then Donna realized she was in terrible danger as well.  Stony fingers crunched around her neck, picking her up with ease and torturing her flailing body in the air.  With his free hand, he reached around and snapped the strip of latex covering her ass, letting the free ends hang down.  It wasn’t long before he felt the plug in her ass.  He, too, spoke.

“Look at this.  A bona-fide butt slut… She should find out what a real man’s cock can do to that.  But… She still needs to be softened up,” he declared as he smashed the back of her head into the ground, then kicked it through the marble with three ferocious stomps. 


Surely it had concussed her severely.  Perhaps for the best.

Amy spotted her sister’s face getting pounded literally through the floor.  Each vicious kick shook Amy’s own body in terror as the horribly violent kicks aniilated her sister.  She almost forgot about her own pain when another pitiless blow destroyed her pussy.

“AAAAAMMmm, ouhh huh oh, FUUUUUUCK! Please, PLEASE PLEASE! Aahmmuh… God…” her words stumbled into mewling cries. 

One beast hoisted Donna into the air, then turned her upside down, hugging her against his chest.  Another came over and dealt five punishing blows to her vulnerable midsection.


But the worst was yet to come. Her head spun as blood pooled in her head, but she did notice the sudden acceleration towards the ground.  Then…


The unstoppable piledriver delivered damaging force to her head.  Her legs flopped back, and she laid on the ground with her upturned ass in the air.  She had lost total control of her body.

“The dirty bitch is pissing on her own face.  On her own fucking face!”

They turned to Amy.

“No, no, no no nonono, please PLEASE!”

With her legs still stretched beyond their breaking point, two monstrocities stepped up.  With one in front and one behind, they pushed down on her shoulders and choked her throat.  Then with lightning speed and ferocity, sent knees crashing through her vagina.


Without releasing the hold on her neck, they exchanged glances.

“The whore is getting wet.  Hit her harder.”


Her eyes rolled back in her head, and all hands let go, save for the arm choking her throat.  Violently, she convulsed as she gushed cum down her legs.  She could make no noise, but spittle flew from her mouth and drool slid down her neck.  Her back arched, and her head followed as much as it could, constrained as it was.

They threw her on the ground, and she trembled uncontrolably as the earth-shattering orgasm still rolled through her.

“Fuck them.  Hard.”

Hardly aware of her surroundings, Donna shook in her puddle. Then a traffic cone sized cock pushed against her ass.  Soft, mumbled murmurs escaped her lips, muffled by the acoustics surrounding her nearly subterranean head.  But it increased in strength, eventually waking her from numb semi-conciousness with the unprecedented stretch.

“…Ooooowuh….  Oo- OH!  Whu-… Oh, oh, oh god!  OH- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMFUUUUUCK!  NOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOO NOOOO NOO! FUCK, fuck, fuck it hurts, it HURTS! OOOOOOOWWWW!”  Only the head had penetrated, but already she sqiurmed feebly and groveled in pain.  His weight was plenty to keep her in place, despite the amusing wild flails of her legs above her head.  He unloaded all his weight onto her, attempting significant progress.  He achieved it.


Even though he did not even touch her pussy, the intense pain, suffocating delusion, and primal fear moistened her plenty.  And with rivaling intensity, she, too, came.

“She’s squirting all over herself now!  What a whore.”

Had Amy been able to, she would have shrieked just as loudly.  Two inhuman monstrosic cocks stuffed her throat and pussy, hanging her limp in the air like a wet rag.  Her limbs hung uselessly below.  While her tongue hung disgracefully out of her mouth and her eyes rolled back in her head, the damage to her cunt was not permanent; although this had no importance to the assailers.  The wet slapping of hands against her thighs and cheeks was the only sound that rivaled that of Amy’s screaming sister.  These beasts, whatever they were, clearly possessed inhuman strength and speed.  Their twenty inch cocks should not have fit, but they had pushed through to her uterus. With every thrust, the outline of the monster cocks could be seen in her throat and belly, pushing against her skin. 

Suddenly she began to moan, and the one in her throat covered her face in his thick load, then held her up by her hair.

“No, no no not again, please no, fuck fffFUUUUCK I’M CUMMING AGAIN! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! I’m cumming so much… I’m cumming so much…”  Her torrential squirts added substantially to the puddle beneath.  They dropped her in it and released wave after wave of cum onto her shaking form.

As the brutes neared finishing, the first monster jumped back into the fray, immidiately issuing ordering to the others.

“I’ve uploaded the video from the security feed to start on every station, every computer, every phone the minute we exit those doors.  Grab them now.  We’re leaving.”

Six hulks burst through the conrete building, scattering rebar through the air.  They stood in a line, spreading across the sidewalk opposite the blonde, lonesome teenager on the other side.  Lilith held eye contact with one for eons.  She didn’t notice the roar of the low-flying megaplane lowering a giant net behind its tail.  Only at the last second she turned her head to see the gigantic monstrocities of “flesh” scooped up by the mighty net.  And just like that, her sisters vanished. 

And they had seen her face.


Writing for the pleasure of others derives no pleasure at all.

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