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Author Topic: Olivia's Birthday  (Read 2836 times)

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« on: December 31, 2016, 04:26:09 PM »

M+/f, humil


Olivia’s Birthday


“Your father and I are SO excited! Your friend brought up the idea and we invited nearly your whole class from school, and-“

“Don’t give it all away, dear,” Olivia’s father interrupted.  “We’re nearly there.  Keep that blindfold on, Olivia.”  Much against her will, she wore a blindfold during the drive to sustain the surprise.  And much, much worse, they had gagged her.  Muffled by the red ball in her mouth, she screamed “what the hell is the gag for then?!” but it came out as muffled nonsense.

The car doors opened, and Olivia hesitantly stepped outside.  Her father took her hand and led her forward.

A whole-hearted “Happy Birthday!”  was what Olivia had hoped for.  She got much less.  It was more of a dismissive blur of “haa budday” that the guests muttered before returning to their previous endeavors.  Her mother removed the blindfold; already her face turned red with shame from the clear lack of care she got on her big day.  And, worse yet, she realized the venue.

A dirty strip club.  On her way in, two previous customers openly eyed her ass and licked their lips.  It wasn’t surprising, however, since the club was so deep in the ghetto.  Two lusty dancers held the crowd’s attention at the front on the poles, while Olivia, the girl of the hour, stood awkwardly at the back.  Looking down, she rolled her eyes yet again at the outfit her parents had picked out for her.  She needed new clothes, desperately, as everything in her wardrobe was much too small and old.  And a lot of it, like what she wore at the moment, gave off a certain… vibe.

“Daddy’s Bad Little Girl” on her pink t-shirt.  Much less of a t-shirt really, due to its size.  It exposed her belly, and her tits strained against the tight fabric.  A black and red checkered tartan dress covered the top third of her ass and her high black heels finished her outfit.  Luckily, to her left upon entry lie a mountain of presents.  Olivia squealed with joy, jubilant to finally be getting some much-needed attention and love.  Maybe today would be a good day after all.

“Who wants cake?”  Her mother shouted.  The crowd, the strippers, and Olivia all rushed over.  They sat her down and lit the candles, all eighteen of them.  Once they were ready, Olivia’s mother took out her ball bag, forcing everyone to wait- and, inevitably, watch.  Then the singing finally began, but it wasn’t quite the merry tune Olivia had expected.

“Happy birthday you cunt
Happy birthday you cunt
Happy birthday little fuckslut…
Happy birthday you cunt.”  

Olivia’s shock prevented her from even moving when someone took the cake and shoved it into her face.  All she heard was laughs and insults as she frantically cleaned the cake off her face, trying to keep it from dripping onto her clothes.  Unsuccessfully, of course.  After a few minutes of scrambled cleaning, Olivia took off for shelter from the ceaseless deluge of mocking laughter.  Meanwhile, her mother announced it was time to open the presents.  With tears of shame in her eyes, Olivia eventually made her way over.  And her parents, with gleeful smiles on their faces, handed Olivia a present.  

“Open it!” they ordered in unison.  Olivia palmed the dampness from her face one last time before opening the present in front of everyone.  She undid the bow, pulled back the paper, took off the box, and pulled it out…  She brought her hand to her mouth, then shoved it back into the box, despite cries from the onlookers.  

“Show us,” her parents scolded.  She hung her head behind the white thong, and a small and translucent one at that, decorated with the words “Dumpster Whore” on the front.

“We know you needed some new clothes, and when we saw this, we thought ‘that is so her!’ Put that thong on right now, you look like a damn whore without any panties.  You’re welcome.”  

“Tha-thanks, daddy.”

They gave, rather, threw, another present at her.  This one, in a bag.    

“This one’s from the owner of the establishment,” her father noted.

The owner of the strip club?!

She took off the black decorative paper and looked inside.  Her heart sank even lower.  She pulled up the exceptionally small boy shorts, with “BBC” and “SLUT” in gold inscribed on her right and left ass cheeks.  But there was more in the bag: two identical tiny pasties of a black spade with a “Q” inscribed.  She knew, even in her innocence, what this signified- the “Queen of Spades.”    Deeper, a pair of slutty pink thigh high heels   These were, at least the right size.  Finally, at the very bottom, a pretty-looking tiara.  At first glance.  On closer look, it read “Anal Princess.”  She cursed herself; she should have known better.  Hiding her face, she wiped the tears away and pushed her gifts off to the side to open the next.

“This one’s from me, dear,” her mother shouted over the commotion.  Nobody was looking at her anymore; the strippers had reclaimed the attention some time ago.  Olivia ripped off the wrapping and held it in her hands.  “Buttfuck Bonanza Banana-Flavored Water-Based Lube.”  Olivia felt her gut wrench with horror.  Yet still, another box from her mother lied in waiting to be opened.  It was heavy, and much larger than her fist.  She peeled back the paper, and opened it up.

“Oh god…”  Olivia held her hand above her open mouth.  It was the biggest butt plug she’d ever seen.  And she’d seen quite a few.  Along its entire length were cones, extending its cross-sectional diameter by at least five inches, Olivia couldn’t quite tell.  Not that the thinner length wasn’t enough: likely eight inches and two or three inches in diameter.  And if that wasn’t enough, an inhuman knot at the base ensured it would stay put once inside.  Olivia noticed that it was made of clear, translucent glass.  What she couldn’t figure out was the “T” shaped extension extending out of the base.  It didn’t look like it was supposed to penetrate her, so what was its purpose?

“I’m sure it will be put to good use!”  Olivia shuddered as her mom spoke the words.

Next, Olivia took a present from the pile, addressed

“To: my dear friend Olivia
From: your bff, Nina”

Nina had never been nice to Olivia.  Sometimes the two acted as friends, but deep down, they despised one another.  Olivia opened the box with a scowl on her face.  Her meek demeanor, however, subsided to unbridled horror when she opened the gift.

“It’s the biggest one I could find.  And it’s gonna be inside you very soon.  I know you’re excited skank.”  The note reduced Olivia to a blubbering mess.  What lie before her was the single largest strapon she could even imagine, let alone laid eyes on.  In terrified awe, she took it out to examine it.  Quite literally, it was as thick as one of her legs, and fell down to her knees from her waist.  She realized her mouth had been wide open the whole time when she spotted Nina giggling at her maniacally from a distance.  

“Well,” her father started, “looks like that’s it for you!”  Olivia looked quizzically at the ever-mountainous pile of presents still on the table.

“What about…  All of those?” she asked.

“What?!”  He lashed out so hard she fell back, losing her balance entirely and falling over on her ass.  “Are you not grateful for the gracious gifts we’ve given you?  Those are all presents for your friend, Nina.”

“For… Nina? On my… On my birthday?”  He looked down at her in disgust.

You can find your own way home tonight.  Your selfishness repulses me.”  He spat on her face as he left.


An hour passed as Olivia sat alone in the corner.  She decided to just try and walk out to find a taxi, even though she had no money on her.  But just as she got up, Nina appeared as if by magic beside her.  

“You’ve got guests to attend to, birthday bitch.  Let’s go.”

Two hulking men, clearly not even in her grade, scooped her up by the ankles and shoulders, and carried her down to the bar.  

“Please let me down, I just want to go home.  Nina please, PLEASE stop them!”

Without warning they slammed her down on the bar.  As she gasped for air, a hand grabbed her by the collar and dragged her along- rather, through- the bar, due to the countless half-empty glasses she plowed through.  Her screams only served to fuel their savagery, and she flew off the end and crashed into the wall beyond with a loud thud.


Her head rolled forward uncontrollably. A slight smile crept up on her face.  It was her birthday, if her memory served her correctly.  Hazily, she made her way from a dream and just opened her eyes when-

FLASH  The jolt of light shocked her fully from slumber.  As her head quaked in the realization of the hell she was in, the fresh markings on her skin stole her attention.

“Oh… God…”  Not an inch of her flesh was spared the coating of ridiculous, humiliating insults.


The undoubtedly most vascular man she had seen in her life stood above her.  He did not look thrilled.

“You fucking slut.  Do you see what you’ve done here?  You owe me for those customers’ drinks you destroyed.  Do you even know how much that is?  Hm?  Over one-hundred-fucking dollars, cunt.  But I’ll cut you.  A deal.”  Olivia gazed up at him with meek, pleading eyes.

“You earn that money back for me by stripping on my poles.  Earn enough back from the tips to pay for your mistakes, and I don’t get you arrested for public nudity, arson, battery, and disturbance of the mother fucking peace of my mother fucking strip club.  That clear bitch?  Erratically, she nodded, quaking in fear and humiliation.  His giant black hand hoisted her up sharply, right into a waiting gift held by Nina.

“Your uniform.”  In her hands, the “BBC SLUT” boy shorts, the “Queen of Spades” pasties, the “Anal Princess” tiara, and the slutty high heel boots.  Nina’s monstrous strapon physically knocked Olivia back when she saw it.  It swung as Nina moved like a living appendage, clocking Olivia in the thigh.

“I’ll see you up there… Anal Princess.”


Olivia collapsed again.  This was the third time, like a limp pile of bones.  Her legs quaked, even on the ground.  Mascara bled down her face, blanketing the mockery on her tits.  She had danced for hours, but the only tips she got were pennies.  A few nickels and dimes, but not even a quarter.  Worse yet, she really had nowhere to put anything she got, worthless as it was.  Any time she tried to push the change into her shorts or shoes, a new pelting of hard metal crashed over her like a tsunami wave.  Now on the ground, the acute sting on her backside forced her into a tight full body hug, clinging desperately to herself.

“Third time’s the charm, bitch.  Time to try out the toys.”  This time she could not get up.  Her will had broken long ago, and only now did her body finally fail her.  

Olivia did not even dare to look back as they prepared the dildo, greasing it with the lube her mother had given her.  The audible squelching denoted an awful lot of lube in use.  First, countless hands tore the boy shorts to her knees.  They pushed her head and back into the stage with powerful legs.  Then the pressure came.

“Oh, god, fuck, whAAt THe hell… Issss thAAAAAAT THING!  God it burns, it- AOOOWWuh… God NOOOO!”  Olivia wailed in absolute agony as the tool unleashed its fury, delivered by her schoolmates.  

The men both gripped the T shaped piece on the end to drive it in and out of her asshole with unparalleled force- the force such a monstrosity required to penetrate her tight hole.

“That’s enough,” Nina declared.  “Stuff it in her mouth, deep as you can get it.  It’s time for her to live up to her royal name.”  Three men threw Olivia over the corner of the stripping stage, so that the edge pushed right into her crotch.  The men needed to carry Nina over Olivia in order to fit the gargantuan phallus.  They did not start gently.

“AAAAhhmmmmmmm, UUGHuhh… No no NO AAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! GOD, god oh god it’s deep, it’s so big and deep, please no, no please PLEASE, OH GOD, GOD IT HUUUUUUUUUUURTS! HUH! UGH! UGH! UGHHUH!... UGH… Uh… gOGH! ULKH…!  MMOghh.. mm…”

Olivia passed out when they worked the butt plug down her throat.  She couldn’t even feel the cock in her pussy, nearly flattened by the elephantine strapon as its owner slapped his hips into Nina’s backside.  Even when Nina thrusted out, only a small percentage of the tool saw the light of day.  Most stretched deep into her ass, pushing it to limits it had never endured prior.  She passed in and out of consciousness, but was no longer fully aware of her situation.  A long line of endowed men eagerly waited to wreak havoc on her pussy while Nina hammered endlessly away in her ass.


“Ack, ogh… Uhhh…”  Olivia’s head spun hard enough to physically turn her body over to face the dirty streetlight above her.  Five dark silhouettes panned into her view.

“Seems like dancing isn’t quite your thing.  Tell you what: since you still owe me money, and since your holes still work, I run some business on the side you can help with.  These gentlemen paid one cent each to fuck you for the night.  Now listen up… Garbage Whore.  You can plan on dancing on my poles and getting fucked out back my place every night for the rest of your life, or you can plan on goin’ to prison.  Since your dancing uniform is ruined, you can wear what you wore here for the whoring.”  He dumped the outfit onto her chest   “You owe me for that one.  So that brings you up to one hundred and twenty five dollars.  There’s interest, too, but that’s for another day.  Enjoy, boys!”

Before he’d even had the time to turn around, eight hands pounced on her.  She fought valiantly, but stood no chance against her frenzied attackers.  They tossed her over the lip of the ally dumpster head-first.  The force against her head drove her into the trash, while her “Dupster Whore” thong crawled up her legs, into her crotch, and…

“Ow, ow, ow ow ow oW OW OWW OOOOWWW AGH…!”  It finally snapped when the top had been stretched all the way to her tits, now fully revealing her holes.  The hands released, and desperately she pushed off the trash, raising her head up and ou-

“THUNK!”  The lid slammed into her head, jamming her back into the trash-filled dumpster, while her legs hung vulnerably.  She gasped hungrily for air when three sat their full weight on top of the lid, crushing her hips into the lip, preventing any hope of escape.  Panicking, Olivia clawed at her cage while a hard cock pushed into her sore asshole.

He sent thundering vibrations through the dumpster when he sodomized her.  She bit her lip and closed her eyes, letting out a mouse-like whimper with each heavy thrust.  His thick cum gushed out of her and slid down the back of her bent-in legs as they hovered pathetically just above the ground.  She shivered to herself for a few moments before he returned to pull her new boy shorts up to her thighs.  The drop of cum from her ass that landed in the center of the garment foreshadowed a much more… Cumbersome future.  Suddenly his additional weight atop the dumpster- atop her- completely cut off her legs.  But luckily, within seconds, another hopped off.  And then he plowed her deeper into the garbage.  He punished the same hole his companion had seconds prior.  Her whimpers continued, muffled by the dumpster into imperceptible little cries.  

Within little time at all, a thick pool of soupy cum soaked into her shorts, seeping down the insides of her thighs.  It coated her pussy, which now stretched to the limit, straining to fit her very used butt plug.  They had paid for the night, and four hours stood before her and daylight.


The blast of sun pierced the darkness and tore Olivia from her short doze.  Only minutes had passed since her “clients” had finished and left her cum-plastered legs hanging from the dumpster.  

“Rise and shine, Garbage Whore.”  He lifted the lid, pushed her by the ass into the dumpster, then threw two large garbage bags on top of her.  “The clothes you wore into the joint are in one of those bags.  You can wear those on your way home.  But the shorts, pasties, heels, and tiara are for work in the club, and work in the club only.  If I catch you anywhere else wearing any of that, I’ll kick your dirty little ass right into fuckin’ Alcatraz.  And, I want hat ass plug in you at all times.  You work for me now, is that clear?  That means you do what I say, when I say it.  If I send you a text that says you fist your asshole, you fist your asshole, no matter where the fuck you are.  And whoever I want you to fuck, you’ll fuck.  For jobs like those, my clients might want you to wear something specific.  I’ll procure it for you, but of course you’ll be paying for it.  So let me make this clear: until you’ve paid me back for what you owe me, you are mine.”  As the lid slammed shut, it stopped Olivia’s helpless scream in its tracks.  Two hours later, she found her soiled clothes.  


Olivia collapsed onto the kitchen floor.  Her mother, shocked, hastily scurried over.

“Oh my, Olivia, why do you smell so awful?”

“I spent the night in a dumpster.”

“Oh my, Olivia, why are you so shiny?”

“Strangers and my friends gangraped me the whole night.”

“Oh my, Olivia, why are there so many words and bruises on you?”

“Everyone at the party humiliated me, and multiple gangs raped and beat me as I walked home.  Some just took me in the middle of the street.  But, look mom, I still have the presents you gave me!”  Her mother reached down and removed the plug from Olivia’s ass, allowing a surge of cum to gush from her ass like a tsunami.

“Yes, I… I see that.  I also see that your other gift is ripped apart.”  She tilted her head, giving Olivia a stern look.  “What’s your, erm, ‘excuse’ for that?”

“Well, before I was sodomized repeatedly in the dumpster, and after my classmates ran a train on me, they pulled the thong into my crotch, stretching it until it broke. Do you think, maybe, since I really don’t have anything else to wear, and since this doesn’t cover me anymore…  Can I get new clothes?”  She finished the question meekly, hoping that by some miracle, her mother would say yes.  But her father walked down just that instant.

“Let me get this straight.  We throw you a party, buy you presents- which you destroy- and you come home and ask for more?!  That does it, Olivia.  One hundred spankings for you, in your room, now.  MOVE!”


Olivia’s phone buzzed.  She nursed her ass as she walked over bow-legged to her phone.

“Anal Princess: you’re working the poles again tonight, 9-12.  And some extra work after.  I have everything you need”

Olivia knew her parents wouldn’t allow her to use the car, so that meant using the bus or walking.  She got the plug out from her drawer, scrunched her face, and gradually stuffed it up her butt.  Finally, fully in her, she opened her eyes and closed her mouth.  She pulled the “Garbage Whore” panties up to her hips, and they flapped in the air blown by her fan, fully revealing her pussy.  After pulling up the tartan skirt that didn’t even sit low enough to cover her clit, she put on the black heels.  And of course, the cleavage-showing t-shirt.  Twelve weeks had passed since her birthday, and the strip club owner now had total control over her, and took any chance he could to humiliate and use her.  

Olivia opened the door outside, and spotted a letter on the ground, addressed to her.  


Horrified, she frantically opened it up to see what lay inside.  Pages and pages unfurled from the small rectangular envelope, explaining how she was to forgo a trial and head straight to jail for public nudity, prostitution, disturbance of the peace... The list went on and on, getting more and more ridiculous as it did so.

She dropped the letter with an open mouth, the realization setting in.

Olivia was going to jail!
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Writing for the pleasure of others derives no pleasure at all.

Full story list here

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« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2017, 11:35:08 AM »

Reading so good it brings tears to my eyes.

The only other thing to wish for is more detail. After learning about the horrible sizes and shapes of Olivia's birthday presents, it would have been great to get more facts from her being introduced to them. What did they do to her sphincter? Did it split? How many times did she faint? What path did the blood take as it trickled down her thighs? Did she vomit from the nausea caused by pain and shock or not? I guess we'll never know now...

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« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2017, 06:39:03 PM »

I posted an incomplete draft of the story by mistake, and have since lost the most up to date version.  It did have more detail, but I'm too lazy to go back and add all of it it in again, unfortunately.  I have fixed the most glaring errors, but that is all.  Apologies for the mistake.

Writing for the pleasure of others derives no pleasure at all.

Full story list here

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« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2017, 03:39:55 PM »

Oh no!  Shocked  We'll settle for what we get of course, but...
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