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Author Topic: Olivia's End  (Read 1528 times)

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« on: December 31, 2016, 03:55:16 PM »

M+/f, humil, violent, mutilation, snuff (warning)
feat. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu

Olivia’s End

My name is David Krane.

For too long I have struggled with my real identity.  For too long, I have wandered aimlessly, without purpose or meaning across this planet Earth.  But, on a day as unremarkable as any other, a single girl changed that for me.


If there is any sort of heaven, I won’t ever get there, not with my past.  I will descend to the deepest depths of whatever hell awaits us.  But the things I’ve done, awful as they were, had a reason.  The incorruptible purity of my mission will forever justify the means I took to complete it.

Even if humanity collapses, it will live on through me.



The world quaked and the man to my left was eviscerated in his steps.  I looked down in horror at the foot: all that remained of his body, save the bloody hand now in my lap.  I picked it up in disgust and quickly flipped it back towards where his body had stood moments ago, as if it would help his dire case.  We all knew of the decimating fury of artillery, but none of us had prepared for this.  I hugged my head inside my arms, desperately crouched in the shallow foxhole as the shells rained down explosive death.  Amidst the chaos, I heard a shrill cry for help in the hole to my right.  

“I’m coming!”  I sprung over, rolled, and dove into the hole.  Immediately a gush of his blood sprayed into my face, but adrenaline pushed me onward.  He grasped at his side, and the glint of metal revealed his injury.  The piece of shrapnel from a shell had pierced his torso, and likely a lung.  Quickly, I got to work.

I had dealt with worse.  However, the thought of an accurate shell hitting its mark and killing both of us instantly clouded my mind and obscured my thoughts.  But my skill was unmatched, and within little time, I had the shard in my tweezers, out of his body.  It had taken extraordinary focus to keep the removal true despite his ceaseless squirming, but I’d done it.  I applied the bandage, and almost smiled.


The front of his skull exploded through the back and onto the ground, leaving what was once his head in an awful puddle of blood, bone, and brain.  The proximity of the gunshot left me momentarily deaf.  I turned around, and there they were, now completely surrounding the foxhole.  The enemy.  A hand motioned for me to stand up, and I saw the shattered remnants of trees and the disembodied corpses of my comrades in the surrounding holes.

“… Doctor?! Doctor?! I ask question!”  

I put the pieces together, raising my eyebrows in a sudden moment of understanding.

“Yes, y- yes I’m a doctor.  What do you need me for…?”

He motioned for me to follow.  I couldn’t take a single step without looking down the barrel of a gun.  They led me to an armored car, where I sat in silence as we drove behind enemy lines.  Within an hour, we stopped abruptly. The door opened and they dragged me out, and pushed me down to my knees.  The leader of the rebellion looked down at me.  Little was known about him, except that he was young and extremely powerful- physically, mentally, and in undisputed control of a strong army.  He looked around at his men before addressing me curtly.

“I know your talents.  We can kill you now, or you can perform the procedure and live.  You stated a 90% risk of death of the patient, but you will not fail me.”

A pause.

“You will make me invincible.”

I maintained the blank expression on my face.  The wind blew my hair across my face and I squinted to see him despite the harsh sun eclipsing his silhouette.  They would kill me if I said no, but helping these men would have dark consequences for the safety of the entire world.  I looked down at the ground momentarily, contemplating my options, then raised my eyes back up to meet his.

“Very well.”

That was twenty years ago.


“How’d someone like you find your way here, then?”

I couldn’t stop looking at her face.  From the moment I first saw her, I haven’t been able to think straight.  Never had I met someone so strangely alluring.  

“You planning on answering today?”

I shook my head out of the clouds and back down to Earth.  I’d made a bad habit of getting lost in her eyes.

“Oh, sorry.  I… It’s a long story.  Not a very happy one.”  I looked around the bar momentarily in silence.  “What about you, though?”  Eagerly, I changed the topic of conversation.  “How’d you get here?”

She pursed her lips together in contemplation before responding.  Her face flushed before she spoke.  Was it embarrassment?  “Well, I dunno really.  I guess I wanted to get away from everything.  All my life, people have just kind of…”  Her face reddened even further.  “… used me.  Walked over me.  Bullied me.  I’d rather not talk about it.  Hey, look at that,” she said, pointing at the TV screen above the bar.  “Looks like those rebels are making progress, huh? Scary stuff.  They can’t get to us here in the U.K. or anything right?”  I noticed a hint of worry in her words.  But I couldn’t resist a smile hearing her American accent.

“No,” I told her.  “It’s an impossibility.  They can’t break through the line and make their way past France without anyone hearing of it first and evacuating us.  They would need complete control of European communications, which, even for them, is impossible at this stage.”  She smiled a bit, content with my answer.  But I couldn’t help myself, not with her.  “Hey, want to know a secret?” I asked.  “It’s not a very happy one.”

She gleefully squealed, the mystery too tempting to resist.  “Sure!  What is it?”

I organized my thoughts before diving in; I didn’t want to scare her unnecessarily.  “I suppose I’ll start from the beginning.  I used to be in the war, twenty or so years ago.  I fought against them.”  

Her eyes widened with amazement.  “You fought against them?! What was it like?  I heard they walk through bullets and that they teleport behind enemy lines!”  Despite her excitement, I could still feel a slight tone of panic deep down.

“No, no nothing like that.  But they are capable of miracles of sorts.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

She slammed her hands on the table, now begging for more.  “What kind?!”

I smirked a bit.  I shouldn’t have started this, but it was too late now.  “They aren’t just rebels.  They’re religious zealots.  They don’t even call themselves rebels; they believe they are some kind of ordained army sent to take control of the entire planet for their god.  Everyone they come in contact with seems to join their cause with just a few persuasive words.  Obviously, to make progress they still have to fight the allied fronts in the Pyrenees, Balkans, and the Rio Grande in Texas, but their numbers increase exponentially.  They crush their opposition at every turn, then recruit civilians in newly-gained territory while the Free Alliance retreats and regroups.  Even though their numbers are incredibly small, somehow they still manage to wage a multi-front war and win at every turn.  Their army is estimated to be only in the thousands.  Yet, somehow, they are invincible.”

She didn’t seem as optimistic as she had before.  “I heard,” she started, “that once they control all of Europe as well, they won’t be able to be stopped.  Is that true?”

I considered the implications.  “Most likely.  Currently, with Asia, Africa, and South America all but entirely under their control, the United States, Canada, and Europe seem to be all that’s left to fight them.”  I looked down at the table, now wishing I hadn’t started telling her the story of, quite possibly, the end of the free world.

“Well, you fought them.  How do we defeat them?”

I turned my head back towards her.  “At this point, a nuclear war might be our only option.”  Her eyes widened in shock.

“A nuclear war? There’s nothing else we can do?”  

I shook my head as I checked my phone.

No service

A rush of fear shot through me.  “Check your phone.  We had service coming in here, correct?”

She took it out, perplexed at my sudden urgency.  “No, no service.  Yeah, I remember we did walking in.  Wait, this isn’t-“

The sudden explosion interrupted her, sending wood and metal throughout the building.  It threw both of us underneath the table, covered in debris and wreckage from the blast.  Wearily, I opened my eyes, desperate to get the 1911 I kept holstered.  I pushed through the mental haze and got to my feet, crouched behind what remained of our table.  I pulled her unconscious body over to my side, just in time before bullets sang above my head.  

By the sound of it, at least four fully automatic rifles were aimed at us.  I listened to the fire before quickly popping up and taking one out, before ducking back down to avoid the salvo.  One down, seven bullets left.  The remaining three attackers ensured to reload systematically so that I couldn’t catch them off guard.  With precision, rather, luck, I blindly fired out the side of the table, catching one in the knee and the other in the head.  Three bullets left.  I needed to work quickly- the table was being torn apart by the bullets.  I reached for a tin can, and threw it out to the side.  It distracted them just long enough for me to finish off the last two with deadly accuracy.  With a bullet to spare.  She was still unconscious, so I took her in my arms and got up to carry her outside.  

Then he walked in.  The monster I’d created long ago.

I threw both of us down back into cover as his irresistible power tore through anything in the open.  The Gatling gun offered unnecessarily large amounts of devastation.  Just as the walls were about to cave in on all of us, he finally stopped.

“Krane?  Where is the girl?  You know why we need her.  I won’t kill you- I can let you go, just like last time.  Just give her to us.”

I had one bullet left.  I put the gun to her head, and pulled her up in front of me, in between the monster and myself.

“I don’t trust you.  Tell me what you plan to do with her.”  My voice stayed strong, despite the fear in my stomach.

“Put the gun down Krane.  The Lord told us that our Savior would be here, and it must be her.  She’s the last piece of the puzzle.  You can’t stop us Krane.  No one can.”  Despite all he had, his weakness was his need for the girl; I knew he needed her alive.

“So if I kill her?  What happens to your precious plan then?”  

“Then I kill you.  You don’t want that.  So what’ll it be Krane?”

“How about this.”  I collected myself, then spoke carefully.  “You conduct the Ritual on her.  She lives, I take her.  She dies, I’ll walk.”  I had spent enough time with them to gather at least a bit of their “Master Plan.”  

“Alright, Krane.” He responded.  “Fair enough.  But first I need her name.”

“You know what her name is.”



Olivia awoke in chains.  “No, no, no! Not again…”  She began to tally the number of times she’d woken up bound and soon to be taken advantage of.  Then she stopped herself after ten, not wanting to relive the torture that she thought she’d escaped.  No, she understood now: this nightmare would follow her anywhere.  The nightmare of her own life.

A familiar voice called out to her.  “Olivia, Olivia, Olivia.  How do you have any shred of self-respect after being reduced to rubble time and time again?”

A cold sweat broke out on Olivia’s captive body.  “… Nina?  What are you doing...   Here?”

She pulled up on Olivia’s blindfold to be seen, letting in a bright stream of light into Olivia’s not yet adapted eyes.  “Look at me, bitch.”  

Nina wore an elegant, angelic, silk outfit.  Somehow, for as much skin as it showed, it still seemed regal and refined.  A small gold ring situated at her stomach held everything together.  Four flowing streaks of white silk streamed from the ring in an X.  The two on top covered her chest, while the two below hung loosely down and looped around to cover her backside.  Even though most of her butt showed, it still seemed somehow virtuous.  Meanwhile, another gold ring, larger this time, hung around her hips.  Attached to its front were the two strips that covered her chest.  They climbed over her shoulders, then formed a “V” down her back, to become a single piece of material at her hips.  This thin strip clung between her cheeks and covered her crotch, tied to the front of the larger ring.  Finally, she wore a tiara that resembled a halo, and high open-toed boots with a gold leaf decoration.

“Now look at yourself, filth.”

Olivia couldn’t quite put it into words.  The robe she wore looked… Depraved.  Corrupt.  Red, blood red, but translucent, it covered only half her chest.  Not that it mattered, see-through as it was.  One band looped over her right shoulder, like a toga, then dropped down underneath a tight belt high on her hips.  Just enough material cascaded down to cover her adequately when she stood up, but once she leaned over even a bit, her the robe failed to conceal her.  Other than this and two red bracelets around her wrists, she wore nothing else.

“Let me explain to you what is about to happen.  Our forces, what you unfree folk call the “Rebels,” have taken control of the entire world except for the Canada and the U.S.  And it won’t be long until we take them too.  You are about to undergo what we call ‘The Ritual,’ a process which will bring you to our Lord himself to be cleansed.  Both you and I will endure The Ritual, but only the most worthy will survive.  You, obviously, are the scum of the earth.  You will not survive.”  Olivia screamed, desperate to escape what would soon be her final humiliation.  Nina relished in her former friend’s suffering.  She gripped Olivia’s chin and spat on her blindfolded face.  

“You will pass through the Five Stages during the Ritual, learning the Five Lessons of Descent along the way.  The first, humiliation.  The second, suffering.  The third, dehumanization.  The fourth, acceptance. And the fifth, submission.  Both you and I will meet the Lord,” she said reverently, “and you will submit your soul to him for everlasting bondage in his realm.  You will be her servant for eternity, Olivia, and there is nothing you can do to change it.”  Olivia could not see it behind the blindfold, but Nina smiled wickedly with her final words.

“No! No, please!”  Olivia shouted.  “Don’t do this to me!  I never wanted any of this!  Why me, why me?!”  Nina had turned to exit, but turned back.

“Why you?  Why you?! Because you are the lowest, filthiest, most depraved whore the world has ever seen.  Why do you think you are so tortured by everyone around you?  You’ve wondered your whole life.  You just can’t see it like everyone else can.  Everyone except that fellow in the bar, apparently.  You’re disgusting.  Every part of you begs to be raped.  Deep down, you are evil and deserve all the pain you’ve endured.  We will teach you to submit, worthless, masochistic cunt.  We will put you where you belong.”


The crowd’s roar sent shivers down Olivia’s spine as she crawled out of the tent, the collar around her neck connected to a chain held by Nina.  She took the blindfold off Olivia’s face, allowing her to see what lay ahead: the gauntlet she would undertake.  On her hands and knees, Olivia studied her surroundings.  She was on the higher of two raised platforms, equal in every way except their height and what lay on them.  Following the platforms was an area of equal size on the ground, and a final area lower than the others cut into the ground.  Beyond that, however, was a bottomless pit that appeared miles wide.  Behind her was a giant screen, visible to everyone in the vicinity.  On the platform ahead stood two pillars and hanging chains, and on the ground level, a black hood next to handcuffs and other metal devices she couldn’t make out.  Of course, she couldn’t help but stare at the uncountable number of men that awaited her.

“1,800 men,” Nina shouted over the commotion, “compose the entire Old World army.  Eighteen hundred men were all we needed to take half the world.  How many of them have died since the revolution began?  Zero.  Not a single man fell during the process, thanks to our Lord.  Surely you must realize his power now, Olivia.  Someday you may come to love him as I do.”  Olivia, mouth agape, shook her head as she gazed at the sea of men, all with crazed looks on their faces, holding back an insatiable hunger.

“That dress, when worn by the true slave of the Lord, frenzies all who see it.  Their fury is only matched by the power of the Lord, who keeps them in order while they wait for you.  If not for his influence, they would be reduced to brainless beasts that would fuck and beat you until their death.”  Olivia scowled, still rebelling against imminent doom.

“The first stage, Olivia, is humiliation.  You will learn your place through degradation.  In your disgrace, you will come one step closer to submitting to Him.  Let the Ritual begin.”  The enormous screen behind them blinked to life as the crowd thundered with furious eagerness for the show to begin.  Nearly paralyzed with fear, Olivia slowly turned toward the screen.  If there was music or any sort of sound track, it was entirely drowned out by the crowd.

The very first picture depicted Olivia just after the house fire that forever changed her life, killing her parents and taking away everything she had.  Everything in her life had been fine before that night; everything had been normal.  It showed a crying girl in her pajamas holding a scorched teddy bear in her hand.  Despite the obvious sadness and depression of the picture, the crowd cheered upon seeing it.  She glared at them, aghast at their lack of empathy.  

The next picture showed the result of one week away from her true parents. Clothed in garbage, covered in cum and piss, striped like a tiger from vicious whippings, beaten black and blue by cold-hearted fists, tits impaled by eight thick metal needles. Obviously, this was the kind of show the men had been waiting for.

More pictures and videos followed.  It went back and forth in time, illustrating her life at the foster home.  Pictures of her getting spanked in a slutty schoolgirl outfit, videos of her walking through the halls wearing extra short Daisy Dukes, notes describing how she “<3 anal” stuck to her back, her brutal sodomy on the bus rides, the antagonizing bullying she received, and of course, the countless gangrapes she suffered.

Then the next sequence began- this time, the pictures described only a single, terrible day for Olivia: her 18th birthday.  A smartphone video began, and although it was inaudible, Olivia remembered the sound with piercing clarity.  “Happy birthday you cunt/ Happy birthday you cunt/ Happy birthday little fuckslut…/ Happy birthday you cunt.”  A photo popped up with Olivia’s face smeared in her birthday cake.  The mortified girl looked away, but knew the events that transpired next.  Her humiliating gifts, her even more humiliating body writing.  That was just the start of it.  Pictures of Olivia getting trained and sodomized flashed on the screen, pictures of Olivia’s cum-smothered legs hanging out of the dumpster while a client plowed her, pictures of her humiliating herself for clients’ amusement, pictures of her in jail…

God, the jail… She shut her eyes, remembering that horror.

A new series emerged.  One picture showed her stuck in cement in the downward dog position: vulnerable, but not yet terrorized.  The next was shot at the same angle: clothes were ripped to shreds, a sign with the words “Public Rape Slut” stood off to the side, nails had been driven through her nipples that hung heavy paint cans, electric shocks zapped her every second, a plunger kept her quiet while making her look ridiculous, a lead pipe had been painfully lodged in her pussy, a beer bottle stretched her ass, cum and piss covered her every inch, and vicious plants and thorns had torn her to pieces.  Next, a video came on, recorded by Nina.  It started with just Nina’s cruel smile, then panned over to Olivia taking an assfucking from a train of classmates.  Nina rubbed her clit and fingered herself until she squirted all over Olivia’s helpless face.

Next up was Olivia’s final school day.  It started with her yearbook photo, a picture of Olivia’s crying face smothered in cum and bleeding mascara.  Whoever made the video had access to her entire day and every class.  Videos of her suffocating on hard cock, being stuffed in every hole, nearly dying from electrocution, even the photos of her tied up upside down and hoisted up on the flag pole.  Worst, yet, somehow someone had taken a picture of her being fucked by the Dean’s dog.  Her face glowed red with humiliation as the crowd laughed at her through it all.

Yet it continued still.  Video from her summer lifeguarding job started with her ass, blue with bruises, and panned to her face choking on a gang member’s cock, blue from suffocation.  Video of her in the filthy men’s bathroom servicing any and all ended with an unconscious Olivia, too fucked up to move.  It continued on with videos of her walking to her “job” covered in degradations, complying with the threat the thugs had made.  Olivia cried on the stage with shame for all to see.

The final sequence illustrated Olivia in college.  The worst four years of her life.  It started with a video from the football stadium, captured by a fan.  It was a zoomed in video of the video scoreboard, but it didn’t show the game.  It showed a view of Olivia’s ass and legs as she got pounded by a hulking football player.  He fucked her in the ass over the bench, so that her pussy could be clearly seen by the home team’s fans; as such, the video taker zoomed out from the scoreboard and then zoomed back in on the real event, just in time to catch him unload his heavy balls into her ass as she shook her legs and arched her back in displeasure.  It was just barely possible to see the ends of her bunny ears over his massive back.  But that wasn’t all.  Pictures of Olivia with the goal post stuck in her ass, wailing to be taken off; pictures of Olivia being raped by an entire stadium of drunk, horny, primal men; video of Olivia blowing the team in the showers after practice, then dumped head first into the dirty clothes bin; clips of her being gangraped in the quad for the sole reason of boredom.  It went on and on.  

Finally, after five long hours of unending humiliation that forced Olivia to relive her countless nightmares, the video ended with a few simple words: “The true slave of the Lord will endure her punishment from her first moment of independence until her end. –The Tome of the Lord.”  Terrified, Olivia turned to Nina, who flashed back a triumphant smile.  

“Now then, come along slut.  It’s time for the second stage: suffering.”  She tugged on the chain and led Olivia down to the next platform.  Olivia watched in horror as Nina bound her arms in a “Y” shape above her head, and chained her legs to heavy, immobile weights.  Olivia heard Nina shuffle around behind her, then felt a massive shaft hook into her ass.  It pulled her hips up and out, especially when Nina put the other end of the hook in her mouth: dual hooks wrapped around her head and pulled her mouth apart.  The rope was taught, pulling her head back towards her ass and vice-versa.  Not yet finished, Nina attached two heavy balls to Olivia’s nipples, painfully pulling them down towards the ground.  Finally, it was time for stage two.

“Let the Ritual,” Nina shouted, “Continue!”  Olivia then realized that the men had formed in front of her platform.  From her right, one man jumped up, and within an instant, stood in front of her. Olivia yelped from a sudden spank from Nina, then let out a bloodcurdling scream when the man kicked her right between her legs.  With a demonic frenzy, he slapped her across the face, one twice, thrice.  Then he backed up for a final blow: a vicious punch to her gut, robbing her of breath.  As Olivia gasped for air, he calmly walked off the stage.  An unexpected whip on her back dealt by Nina helped little.  And just like that, a new man was in front of her.

He spat on her, then slapped her back and forth for ten seconds straight, then dealt a full on punch to her cheek.  Dazed, she only jerked her head when Nina landed the flogger on her ass.  The next man was content to choke her with one hand and squeeze her clit with the other.  When he finally stopped, a fury of flailing limbs and desperate screams overcame her.  She was only met with the next aggressor.  

He crouched down, slowly, peering deep into her terrified eyes.  Slowly, he licked her, starting from her crotch and making his way up to her neck.  She shivered in disgust and fear at this new form of torture.  With the end of his time approaching, he made his way back down, leaving a trail down her stomach.  Finally, after nearly ten seconds of antagonizing apprehension, he had arrived back where he started.  The next man had already begun to climb the platform to approach her, so she turned her head to face him and the suffering he would surely inflict on her, when-

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHMMMM!”  He had bit her clit with the jaw strength of a crocodile.  The streak of pain forced her to buck her hips like a ridden bull, frantic to alleviate the shot of excruciation.  But her respite was short-lived.

Her eyes shut to block out the pain.  But she couldn’t block out Nina’s merciless whips, furiously cutting into her ass while the man latched onto her nipple with his teeth.  He bit hard, drawing blood, and another scream.  But the unbearable torture had weakened her, and her screams grew softer with every savage hit.  He closed his fist and dealt five gut-wrenching blows to her vulnerable stomach.

She couldn’t see straight.  Her head sunk down in front of her, and her limbs had gone limp.  Her next attacker calmly stepped up, and stood over her.  Despite Olivia’s failing perceptions, she could tell, at the very least, he was a giant of a man.  He picked up her chin with his index finger, and she opened her eyes wide to meet his.  What she saw was the incarnation of evil itself, taking root deep inside him.  His calmness made way to insane, insatiable rage, as his mouth opened and he uttered an animalistic roar.  Olivia found her strength to scream, but it was cut short as he began to brutally uppercut into her ribs.  The weights on her tits bounced with every punch, but worse yet, her lungs seemed to collapse inward with every hit, making breathing impossible.

Olivia’s muscles trembled.  Every fiber, bone, tendon.  No part of her was safe, no part of her was unscathed.  Her broken body hung lower, limper, more destroyed than ever before, and the five hour ordeal was far from over.

It had been one minute.


Olivia lost a piece of herself lost on that platform.  More than just figuratively.  The blood from her wounds- ranging from angry bruises to whip cuts- pooled on the ground, saturating into the wood.  No usable energy was left in her bones, only enough for the occasional spasm, involuntary and responsive only to sudden flares from her uncountable inflictions.

But her infinite suffering only served to enrage them, primed with lust for her body.

Nina undid her bounds, and Olivia collapsed into a pile on the wood.  Her muscles failed her; she could not find the very will to move.  Nina, however, had no time for lollygagging.  She tugged hard on the leash, robbing Olivia of air when she needed it most.  She dragged her further, until finally she gave one last jerk.  Olivia limply tumbled off the platform, and with a resounding “thud,” smashed into the solid ground.

“Your body needs modification before we begin the next stage: dehumanization.”  Even in her delirious state, Olivia managed a wide-eyed gasp.  

“MMMMMMMMmmmmm… please. no. no.”  Nina paid her victim no mind.  It had been a clean procedure.  No entrance to speak of remained- Nina had removed the lips and clit.  Nina planted her foot on top of Olivia’s head, pushing her into the ground.  The cold bite of steel sparked an impulse in her body, but her nerves were so frayed, her muscles so decimated, her brain so broken, that she could hardly protest at all.  Nina gleefully closed Olivia’s pussy with one staple, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.  All Olivia could do was wiggle her toes.   As she squirmed on the ground, Nina finished her task by pulling a black head cover over Olivia, blinding her but revealing her mouth with a circular cut.

“Let the third stage…”  Nina shouted the words, but the men had already overtaken her.  They knew the procedure.  They knew full well what lay ahead.

Olivia did not.  With whirlwind speed, Nina blew six cocks in a circle around her, taking each all the way in, then moving to the next.  For ten full seconds, they shivered in bliss as Nina worked her otherworldly magic.  But ten seconds passed quickly.  Within the blink of an eye, the six surrounded Olivia and hoisted her off the ground.  As they spun her around, a new group of six surrounded Nina, loving the same heavenly pleasure as their predecessors.  

All in an instant.  And in the next, the hooded, mutilated whore serviced their six cocks.  Two penetrated her ass, a third her mouth, two more used her hands, and the last her tits.  They unleashed the fury of hell onto her.  

No single man in her life had fucked her with such aggression, such contempt for her well-being, such unassailable lust.  They each drove their hips as if they wanted to fuck through her.  Six men, then, was unbearable.  And on top of that, her very bones ached from her prior suffering.  Large, strong hands gripped her skin hard enough to pull it off.  The men sodomizing her spanked her ass with every ruthless drive.  Her throat stretched painfully to accommodate the girth in her throat.  Milky cum quickly soaked her hands, then her arms and legs, then her torso, then her throat.  Inside and out, she drowned in thick, white rivers of cum.  

They fucked her into the ground, into the air, sideways, upside-down, bent inwards, bent outwards.  They forced all their cocks into her ass, they used her feet, her hands, anything to get off.  They rubbed their cocks into her tits painting them in cum.  Sometimes she didn’t even know where she was or how much cock was inside her, so disconnected from her body, barely surviving the endless onslaught of penetration.  

And five more impossibly long hours passed.  Olivia hardly held consciousness for one.  


The final group dropped her near-corpse on the ground.  She was not gone yet, but they all suspected she would be soon.  It was time for the last two stages.  Nina ripped the hood from Olivia.  She lacked any strength whatsoever, so the whips and tugs on her leash did little to motivate her.  Nina eventually resorted to pulling her across the rocky ground onto the next stage.

Olivia found enough perception to realize that this was the last platform preceding the enormous pit, even though two stages remained.  Which meant…

“It is time,” Nina declared, “for the fourth stage: domination.”  Rough hands threw Olivia onto the cold metal platform, essentially a cantilever overlooking the abyss.  But at the end, a few mere feet in front of her, stood something overwhelming and terrifying.  The figure, which she looked up and down for close and careful study, was between seven and eight feet in height, and of exquisitely artistic workmanship.  It represented a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind. This thing, which seemed instinct with a fearsome and unnatural malignancy, was of a somewhat bloated corpulence, and squatted evilly on a rectangular block or pedestal covered with undecipherable characters. The tips of the wings touched the back edge of the block, the seat occupied the center, whilst the long, curved claws of the doubled-up, crouching hind legs gripped the front edge and extended a quarter of the way down toward the bottom of the pedestal. The cephalopod head was bent forward, so that the ends of the facial feelers brushed the backs of huge fore paws which clasped the croucher’s elevated knees. The aspect of the whole was abnormally life-like, and the more subtly fearful because its source was so totally unknown. Its vast, awesome, and incalculable age was unmistakable; yet not one link did it shew with any known type of art belonging to civilization’s youth—or indeed to any other time. Totally separate and apart, its very material was a mystery; for the soapy, greenish-black stone with its golden or iridescent flecks and striations resembled nothing familiar to geology or mineralogy. The characters along the base were equally baffling.  They, like the subject and material, belonged to something horribly remote and distinct from mankind as it was known; something frightfully suggestive of old and unhallowed cycles of life in which our world and our conceptions have no part.

Nina thrashed her with a hard spank, shaking her back to the nightmare of reality.  

“Serve him,” she commanded.  As soon as the words “how?” found their way to her mouth, she spotted the most hideous, tentacle slimy member imaginable.  It had not been there before, she was sure.  It grew from what would have been the creature’s crotch, had it been human.  Warily, Olivia creeped forward on her hands and knees until she found herself licking the bulbous head.  She sensed something controlling her, owning her.  Despite her will to revolt and back away from this abomination, she worked more and more down her throat.  At least ten inches of thick, studded stone remained.  Just as her mind began to wander, the chill of cold metal in her only other hole shook her to the core.  Nina pulled her hair back, fucking her ass with the metallic strapon while she deepthroated the statue.  Olivia’s eyes widened in pain and shock, while Nina fucked her deeper and deeper, pushing her down, down, down.  She felt the statue thickening inside her throat, pushing her far beyond conceivable limits.  Somehow her gag reflex was held back, even though the tentacle probed deep into her stomach, growing impossibly every second.  A few inches remained, and Olivia gave up on breathing.  The icy grip of death closed in on her as she lost track of time and neared the hilt of the member.  Three inches.  Two inches… One…


A bolt of lightning cracked down from the heavens, striking the head of the statue and shooting through Olivia, and into Nina.  Death took them all.


Olivia floated through the misty vastness of the abyss, aware of an omnipresent watcher.  She had no body, no mind, no soul, but somehow cognizance had not left her entirely.  The observer spoke to her.


Olivia could not respond.  Whatever form she had taken had no form of communication.  No form of perception.  All she sensed was the voice.

“My son will free you from your mortal bonds, but now is not your time.  You will not submit just yet.  The other will fill that role, for now.  Do as you are told.  Your time will come.”

No thoughts.  No feelings.  No sensations.  Just the voice.

“Yes Master.”


Olivia opened her eyes.  Something had happened…  She could not remember.  A trial…  She recalled humiliation, suffering… She did not feel human anymore.  She felt less.  Beneath… Everything.  A crumbled pile of rock lay before her.  She felt broken, yet… Rejuvenated.  She stood up.

A girl she did not know froze in a scream of horror, impaled by a mass of engulfing tentacles.  The number impaling her was uncountable; many had transfixed themselves in her genetalia, others penetrated her stomach and nipples.  More still entered her mouth while others exited.  Her head was a nauseating combination of flesh and bone, mutilated by the tentacles that pierced her eyes, ears, skull.  Olivia looked away.  A solemn man approached her.  He seemed familiar.

“Olivia.  You…” he looked her up and down, seemingly amazed.

“Yes? Who are you?” she responded quizzically.  Confused.  He took a moment to collect himself.

“My dearest Olivia,” he began.  “I am Savior. Savior Sapphire.  Your husband.  You have been in a horrible accident.  I need to get you home… My darling wife.”

She nodded, and he took her in his arms and walked off.  Behind them, grave men threw off the broken rock that remained, then hoisted the dismembered remains into the air, and into the pit.  A voice behind them reached her ears.  It, too, sounded familiar.  Evil.  Dominant.

“Krane.  You will not succeed.  Your science will fail you in the face of religion.  You will not succeed, I am sure of it.”

The man carrying her stopped, and turned.

“Perhaps not.  But I will try.”


Changing our names was more pragmatic than anything else; it keeps them off my tail.  Now letters come addressed to Savior Sapphire instead of David Krane.  Despite the fake exterior I present for my wife and daughters, I am the last hope for humanity.  Their armies conquest more and more each day…  I do not have much time, and my intelligence can only get us so far.  My dear Olivia cannot fall into their hands, whatever the cost.  

Whatever.  The.  Cost.

I feel the grip of evil inside me.  It grows in my brain, twisting and torturing me, bending me to its will, and I cannot hold on to my sanity for much longer.  I must complete my work soon, before I am lost.  The guilt racks me; I fixed Olivia, and artificially impregnated her to produce my daughters, Vanessa, Eliana, and Riley… Their sole purpose is to distract the enemy, and buy me more precious time.  The insanity claws inside my head, ripping at its cage.  But my work is almost done.

The end is near.  

It won’t be long now.

I only wonder if I will finish in time.

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I hope this doesn't mean Olivia's normal world sufferings are over?
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