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Author Topic: Olivia's Day Home Alone  (Read 2213 times)

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« on: December 31, 2016, 03:45:29 PM »

M+/f, humil, watersports




Gus and Donovan wearily lumbered into the van.  Neither, obviously, liked working Saturdays.  It was ten ‘o’ clock, and they were an hour late to the client’s requested time of arrival, but they didn’t care.  Both were hungover.  Both stared plainly at the road in somber silence.  Both sat fuming about their bitchy wives.  Both, today, felt miserable.


knock knock.


A girl opened the door.  She looked young, high school most likely.  Neither man could get a word out as they eye-fucked the sultry young slut.  Black leggings: the kind that were fully translucent around the ass.  Her tank top- pink and white, composed of mesh, and three sizes too large- hung over her chest but cut off at her stomach.  She’d cut it to pieces, leaving two loose spaghetti straps held together by a thin piece of material.  Needless to say, her tits were clearly visible frequently, her belly perpetually showed, and her ass shined like a halo of light through her tights.  No shoes on either.  And from the looks of it, a white g string.  


The men, after regaining their composure, walked out to the damaged driveway and set to work, unable to rid dark fantasies from their minds.


The door rang, and Olivia hastened down the stairs.  She, again, opened the door and met two painters, David and Miguel.  When their eyes dropped to gaze at her body, she cleared her throat.  It didn’t help.  Their gawking continued until she shut the door.  How many of these workers were going to blatantly objectify her like this?


Olivia groaned as the knocking escalated to banging.  

“I said I’m coming!”

The yelling did not ease the aggressive knocking as she jumped down the stairs two at a time.  

“Yes this is the right house please just do whatever it is you need to do and don’t bother me thank you goodbye.”

The five men stared at the shutting door.  One took a deep breath.



By noon, Olivia had eaten her lunch and decided to text her friends to plan the night.  She had left her phone in the car overnight, accidentally, but it wasn’t entirely a tragedy.  At the very least, it kept her from immediately responding to the boys she flirted with.  By now they had certainly worried, and she smiled at the thought.

The back door to the house shut being her lazily.  She traversed the hill that led up to the driveway.

The layout for her family’s house appeared unusual, but tasteful.  The house, built in an almost gothic fashion, combined tutor elements and rustic amenities that resulted in a surprisingly beautiful amalgam of influence.  The driveway curved on a level plane from the street to the left side of the house.  On the side furthest from the street, the cement bent into the house, while a separate straight portion continued into a small garage, where Olivia’s car sat.  And in front of the curved edge grew a beautiful and luxurious garden to be augmented today by the five landscapers.  

Upon reaching the crest of the hill on where the driveway and garage sat, Olivia peered above the lush garden to the culdesak where six vans were parked.  Either at least one group had used more than one van, or other workers had arrived.  How many damned vehicles did the house need?  It was simply rude of her parents to order-

“AAEEEEI! sHI- Help! Ugh!”

Olivia screeched in desperation as she felt the wet, cold cement between  her toes as her feet sunk into the uncured cement.  One of the men in charge of the job, Gus, rushed over through the garden.  He acted on instinct upon finding the girl with her hands and feet deep in the cement.

“What in HELL were you thinking?!  Hold on. Just.  Don’t move.”

“I- I didn’t know I, I just got distracted and then panicked.  My momentum carried me forward, I guess.  Help me escape without ruining the cement anymore; tell me how to do it since you’re the expert… Right?”

“You need to,” Gus muttered in a gravelly voice, “hold tight.  Gettin’ stuck is a wives’ tale anyway, the cement will harden around you, then you can get out since it won’t stick.  Then it crumbles into the holes and rain makes it look tidy.  Trust me.  It’s my job.”  He winked confidently.

Olivia, unsure of the validity of his orders, began to question him.  “But-“

“I said,” he bellowed, “stay still.”

Many minutes passed as her heart rate dropped, the fear of his wrath subsiding into anxiety at her exposed position.

More time passed.  She began to worry how long this would take.  The seconds bore on.  She begged for company.  Hours, now.  Scared and alone, in the middle of the day, her begging subsided to mere hoarse whimpers.  Finally, the sound of crackling leaves in the garden told her that help had finally arrived.

Thirteen hulking, angry, sadistic alpha-men marched in front of her.  She yanked at her limbs now aware of the captivity of her state.  She dropped her craned head and returned to her downward dog position; holding it up for even a few seconds was tiresome.

“Help me,” she ordered.  “Help.”  No.  Fear had replaced her dominance now.   “Help?”  Whimpers.  Pathetic, worthless, puny whimpers.  And they were around her now.  Tension pulled on every fiber as the only perceptible sound of Olivia’s ragged breathing.  The circle of men around her tightened and tightened until there was no space, no matter how infinitesimal, left empty.  At eternity of deafening silence as the men enjoyed her squirms.  Then they set to work.


Her yoga pants stood no chance.  One of the countless men had ripped a hole at her now-exposed crotch.  

“NOO! Please stop this, what in the hell are you DOING?!”  Olivia’s begs fell on deaf ears as hands mauled her body from head to toe.  Forced to look at her feet in the uncomfortable position, she couldn’t see the lube being passed around.  She did, however, feel the two hands grab her hips that pulled her cunt to a monstrous, waiting cock.

“OH GOD! Please.  Please, just don’t do this to me, please please please.  No- AAAAAAIGH!”  

The cock, the first of many, penetrated deep inside immediately.  Before she had accepted its domination of her pussy, more hands pulled her hair back, hard, and forced her head up.  Another cock rammed into her throat.


The fat member chocked and gagged her with every thrust, and within no time, a puddle of spit collected beneath her sopping mouth and tits.  As the cock fucking her cunt finally came, the liquid heat dribbled down her thighs.  Olivia only felt disgusted and horrified.  That is, until, another cock pressed on her asshole.

“No no no no NO! Oh my God…”

She couldn’t even scream when it finally fucked her.  She could only hold her mouth open in shock.  And it stayed that way while all thirteen men plowed her holes.  She became a total cum depository; sticky jism seeped out her and smothered her skin.  But the end was nowhere in sight.

Olivia heard murmurs as the men left her.  Would they come back?  Would they leave her like this until her parents returned?  She had no clue.  She could only wait.  She didn’t have to wait very long, however, until they did, indeed, return.  

The carpenters went to work first.  With the help of the painters, they nailed a sign into the grass near Olivia that read “Public Rape Slut” and depicted an arrow pointing to the girl.  From the street, they guessed it was half visible.  Then the real work began.  

“What… What are you doing to me now…”  The two men had lined up nails to be driven through her nipples.  In her daze, she couldn’t comprehend it.  Until, of course, searing pain jolted her back to reality.

“AAAAAAAAIIII! FUCK!”  Laughs from the men were the only response.  

Next, the painters set to work.  Their task was simple:  they attached paint buckets to Olivia’s tits using the nails driven through.  She dropped closer to the ground, using the driveway to support the weight of the heavy cans.  The repairmen, however, had a way to fix that.

The electrician stepped up and deftly installed two metal plates directly below the paint cans.  Two wires ran back to a battery off to the side, then back to where he clipped two clamps to her already-sore nipples.  In addition to this, he put another clip directly onto her clit that ran from a separate, more powerful battery.  Olivia heard him explain that once the battery was turned on, she would be in for quite a “shocking” experience.

The plumber added the finishing touches.  He walked to his van and returned with a lead pipe and a plunger.  Unfortunately, it was new, but it would get the job done nonetheless.  Olivia did not even have the energy to fight as he stuck it over her mouth; the suction kept it stuck regardless of her squirming.  

Finally, she looked ready for another round.  To get things started, though, the plumber flipped his pipe skillfully in the air as he stood behind Olivia.  Then, with a running start, he smacked her right on the clit with the heavy tool.


The men quickly decided to hold a contest: which man could cause the most noise from the girl using the pipe.  Each man used all the brutal, violent force available to him to thrash the daylights out of poor Olivia.  Her pussy, now swollen and red, did not look too bad when compared to the welts from misplaced shots that covered her ass.  The plumber, however, was given the opportunity to try again.

As the rules of their competition stated, they men had only to “use” the pipe, not necessarily hit her with it.  Thus, he returned from his van, this time after slathering some jelly onto the tool.  He told the others that it was the Icy-Hot he kept for his sore back, then pushed it into her cunt with all the force he had.  Inch by inch, it worked its way in, until finally, he tender pussy was completely stuffed.  He took advantage of the remaining portion of the pipe still outside, kicking it repeatedly and causing the loudest and most pained muted screams from Olivia that day.


“Everyone ready?”  the electrician asked.  They had taken a quick lunch break, leaving Olivia to contemplate her ordeal before they played with her again.  Now that they were back, the real fun would begin.  The batteries would be turned on, and the most brutal gangrape the men could dish out would turn Olivia into a whimpering cumdump.

“MMMMN!”  Olivia had not been ready for the sudden jolt in her tits.  She desperately pushed against the cement, hoping the cans would not touch the plates.  They did not, until an eviscerating burn on her clit made her forget about the predicament.  The jolt from her clit seared through her already-brutalized cunt, and she winced in dreadful agony.   Still, though, she hadn’t experienced the worst yet.  One of the men took the cigarette from his mouth and pushed it deep into Olivia’s exposed back.  She squirmed and squealed from the burning, but it only made things worse when electricity jolted through her tits.  There was no movement she could make that didn’t result in agony.

Amid countless more cigarette burns, electricity in her cunt, electricity in her tits, and cold heat in her pussy, their cocks tore through her asshole.  She serviced every man again as they came inside and all over her, finally satisfied with their rape slut.  But they left a parting gift.

The five lawnscapers ran to their vans, snagged various flora, and returned with haste.  One was a type of bush, the other, twine.  The bush, aptly named the “Spanish Bayonet,” was composed of scores of sword-like leaves that pierced and sliced when touched.  The other, the Himalayan Blackberry vine, was much more insidious than the name suggested.  Thousands of tiny spikes lined the surface, and the men used gloves to put it where they wanted.  They placed the bayonet in the gap between her stomach and the cement, and encircled body with the vine, from her feet, to her legs, to her crotch, to her stomach, to her tits, to her back, to her arms, and ,finally, a nice and tight g-strap made of the piercing plant.  As they began to walk away, they remembered one last act that they had yet to put her through.

They unzipped their flies and pissed a day’s worth of urine all over the filthy girl.  Gallons upon gallons covered her until they were finally finished.  At the very least, it soothed the cigarette burn marks.  One man finished a beer, and shoved it into her ass. She cried.  Again.


The rest of the day was torture for Olivia.  She had no idea what to do, and no one could hear her muted screams for help.  And when her classmates and friends walked down her driveway, she wasn’t sure if she wanted their aid.

Olivia was, in her mind at least, the most popular girl in school.  But her girl “friends” all secretly hated her, and the boys wanted to fuck her at any cost.  Now, her new position as a “public rape slut” was a dream come true for everyone.


The boys wasted no time.  After removing the beer bottle and displacing certain thorns strategically, they pounded her ass senseless.  With each thrust, the cans of paint made contact with the plates and she as shocked with 10 milliamps of electricity through her tits.  Everything hurt.  Nothing on her body was safe from the desires of others.

The girls wanted something to do, of course, so they took markers from her house and began to write on her body.  “Piss whore,” “cumdump,” “filthy holes,” and plenty more hastily covered her.  The boys, after fucking her ass, walked over to cover her face with their spunk.  And like their predecessors, they made sure to cover her with piss, too.  The photographer of the group collected a few images and videos of the finished result.  After ages, they left her, and carried on matter-of-factly like nothing unusual had happened.  Olivia cried in the background.


“If she’s anywhere but her room studying when we get back, I’m spanking her.  You know what?  I’m spanking her anyway.  And I swear to God, if she isn’t working I’ll beat her senseless with my belt.”  Olivia’s parents pulled into the driveway and continued the conversation about her flunking grades.  

“Is the damned garage door not working?  After all that work.  Dammit, we need to call someone else for that.”  They parked the car just outside the garage, and opened their doors.


“Oh my! I think I just hit something with my door!  I think it was a rabbit or something.  I heard it tumble down the slope.  Should we check to see if it’s OK, John?”

“No dear, I’m sure it’s fine.  It was probably just somebody's garbage left out.”


Writing for the pleasure of others derives no pleasure at all.

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« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2016, 04:09:44 PM »

Oh my lord, what a deliciously wicked read.  Awesome images.

"I thought I'd given up rape, but I've changed my mind."  Clint Eastwood.  The eiger sanction.
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