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Author Topic: Jack Discovers the Joys of Satanism, Part 9 (Rape and Incest)  (Read 1096 times)

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« on: December 28, 2016, 05:59:19 PM »

Jack Discovers the Joys of Satanism, Part 9

Forcible Rape, Incest

Traci receives her first "visitor" from the cult much sooner than Jack is expecting and thirteen year old Marc fucks his little sister for the first time.

After masturbating thinking about doing it with his hot little sister, Marc walked out of his bedroom out into the hallway. From the direction of his parent’s bedroom he could hear his Dad and Traci, still doing it with each other.  Blushing, he made his way downstairs to watch some more TV as he waited for his Mom to get home from work. He was very curious what his Mom’s reaction was going to be to all of this, and he was also curious if his Mom was going to start going around naked too inside of the house.  The thought made him blush with embarrassment, but deep inside Marc really wanted to see his pretty Mom naked.  He especially wanted to see her pussy.  Marc had never been to Sunday School and Church and so to him it seemed only natural that he would want to see his Mother’s pussy.  He was a boy after all.

Marc soon lost himself in some TV show he enjoyed watching and was still watching it when suddenly there was a loud knock on the front door.  Surprised and not wanting to answer the door naked, he quickly went to the side window beside the door and pulled the curtain back to see who it was.  Looking out the window, Marc saw a big man standing on the front porch in front of the door, looking inpatient and obviously waiting for the door to be opened.  Marc had never seen the man in his life. He wondered who he was and why he was on their porch.  As Marc secretly watched, the big man knocked again very loudly on the door.  Whoever this guy was, he seemed to want something pretty bad, so Marc decided he should answer the door and see what it was. Going to the front door, he opened it just enough to stick his head out, shielding his body behind the door so the man wouldn’t know he was naked, and asked him what he wanted.

All the man said was “I’m here for Traci!” in a deep voice, staring at Marc in a way that made him feel almost intimidated.  The guy was really big and muscular and rough looking, dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket and wearing black leather boots. Seeing the man and his appearance, Marc felt confused about why this big rough unshaven man would be asking for his little seven year old sister.  It didn’t make sense to him.  Still, he thought he should go upstairs and tell his Dad about the man.

“Wait here” Marc said, closing the door and locking it (afraid the man would come into their house if he didn’t lock it) and went upstairs to his Dad’s bedroom.

Standing outside the door, he heard them in there.  They weren’t fucking anymore.  He heard his Dad say something in a low voice and Traci giggling loudly in response.  Feeling embarrassed knowing what they had just gotten done doing with other, Marc wanted to give the two of them some privacy together, but he had to tell his Dad about the man at front door, so he knocked on the bedroom door.

“Yes, what is it?” he heard his father’s voice, sounding like he was out of breath for some reason. 

"Dad, there’s some guy at the front door and he says he wants Traci!” Marc said quickly, his voice sounding more alarmed than he intended it to.  Marc somehow instinctively knew that the man meant that some kind of trouble was going to happen, and he was worried about it now.  He didn’t understand what was going on, but he sensed that something had changed since yesterday, when his Dad suddenly took his sister out of the house. 

Inside the bedroom with his daughter, Jack had been enjoying some post-sex time with little Traci on the floor beside his bed, letting the last of his semen drain inside of her drenched little pussy when he heard what his thirteen year old son said.  Talk about a way to ruin the warm afterglow of some very heavy sex. Jack had been in a fantastic mood after just brutally raping his daughter on the carpet and draining his balls inside of her but upon hearing Marc’s words, Jack instantly knew who the man at the door was and what he wanted.

Suddenly he was enraged with anger and hatred toward the Satanists.  One fucking day!!!  They couldn’t even give him one fucking day alone with his own daughter before they started sending men over to fuck her?? Suddenly getting up from the floor, he began cussing wildly as he hurriedly unlocked the bedroom door and opened it, almost pushing his son out of the way as he hurried downstairs to confront the man.  He wasn’t going to put up with this shit!!  He needed some time alone with his daughter before they started doing this.  She was just starting to really reconnect with him again (after four very hard rapes) and Jack didn’t want any other men fucking her until she was solidly bonded to him.  Inside Jack felt intense jealousy of his pretty little tanned daughter fucking other men.  She was his fuck toy!  These other men shouldn’t even be coming around yet.

Going to the front door and opening it wide, not caring if anyone in the neighborhood saw he was naked, Jack saw a man standing on his front porch that he had never seen before.  The man looked like he was in a motorcycle gang. He was wearing a “Hell’s Angels” thick black leather vest.  His hair was long and wild and he was completely unshaven.  The man looked scary, even to Jack.

‘What do you want?” Jack said, the hostility and resentment clearly evident in his voice as he addressed the rough looking biker.  The big man just smiled at him calmly and said “You already know what I want.  I want some of your daughter’s hot little pussy.”  Jack just glared at the man as he continued speaking, still smiling calmly and confidently and then he leaned closer to Jack and said “I saw the video, man. That was some really hot fucking shit that went on last night. I want to congratulate you on having a really hot fucking little daughter. I and a lot of other men want to fuck your daughter’s pussy and her ass after it heals up.  You can expect us a lot of us to start coming around.  Your daughters so hot, everyone in the cult is going to want to fuck her.  But what I want right now is some time alone with your daughter inside your house.”

Jack said “No fucking way!!  I need some more time alone with her and my wife is going to be home in any minute and I haven’t told her yet about anything of this!  It’s not a good time!! I need a few more days alone with her before you guys start coming over!”

But the big biker dude just smiled at him and said “Now, that’s not what you really want to do, is it.  You already know the rules.  I know they gave them to you after the initiation.  Any member of the cult that wants to use your daughter can do it anytime they want.  No exceptions.  I want to fuck your daughter right now inside of your house, and if you refuse me, as you seem to be trying to refuse me, that’s going to be considered a violation of your oath.  You know what they do to members who violate their oath?” the biker grinned menacingly at Jack.  “Yeah, I can see you know.  They waste your entire family except your little girl.  The rest of you will just disappear and nobody will know what happened to you.  I’m an enforcer, so I know these things.”

Suddenly feeling afraid and feeling like he had no choice but to allow this huge man sexual access to his young daughter, Jack stepped back away from the door and allowed the man to enter.

“Where is she?” the man said aggressively, looking up the stair case.  “Is she upstairs?”

“Yes, she’s upstairs.  I’ll go bring her to you” but the man said “No!  You stay downstairs.  Keep your son downstairs and your wife too if she comes home.  I don’t want to be interrupted, understand?  When I’m finished with your daughter, I’ll come downstairs and leave.  Got it?”

Swallowing hard at the man’s wild, aggressive nature, he sat down with his son on the living room sofa as the big man suddenly bounded up the staircase.

“Dad, who is that man??” Marc asked worriedly but Jack just told him to be quiet right now and turn down the TV so he could listen to the sounds of what was happening upstairs.  Almost immediately he heard Traci scream at the top of her lungs from his bedroom upstairs and he knew the man was raping her.  And then he heard his daughter’s loud moans from all the way downstairs and felt extreme jealousy. It tore up inside to hear her fucking someone other than him.  He hated it worse than anything else.  He felt very angry and resentful over the situation but he knew he had no choice but to allow it if he wanted to remain in the good graces of the cult.

Upstairs Jack heard Traci’s sudden loud staccato grunts and his mind’s eye he saw the very brutal rape in progress upstairs.  He knew the biker didn’t give a shit about his daughter.  All he wanted to do was to use her tight tanned and pink pussy to dump all his semen inside of.  Once he was done with her he would leave.  Jack had to be patient somehow until the evil looking man finished his nasty business with Traci upstairs.

And that’s when his wife Lynn pulled her car into the driveway and got out.  Jack thought he was fucked at that moment.  He had some big rough looking stranger upstairs in their bedroom raping little Traci out of her mind and here he was with his son sitting naked on the sofa and she didn’t know about any of the new changes yet because he hadn’t told her.  How could he tell her when she was so upset about Traci getting gang raped?  He had planned to tell her after she got off of work, but now this big threatening biker dude was upstairs and making all kinds of very masculine sexual noises with Traci.  His wife was going to freak the fuck out when she came into the house and heard the noises coming from upstairs.  He wanted to rush out of the house to intercept her before she came in but he was completely naked and couldn’t do it.

Suddenly the door leading to the garage opened and there stood his wife Lynn, already glaring at him angrily.  Apparently she had a few more things to say to him beyond what she had said last night.  But at that very moment there was a very loud scream from Traci upstairs and the sounds a man’s very loud laughter.  Lynn had been holding a grocery sack in her arms but she let it drop suddenly to the floor when she heard her daughter’s pain-filled scream, barely even registering that her husband and son were both completely naked as they sat on the couch together as she ran up the stairs to see who was hurting her daughter.

“WAIT!!!!  DON’T GO UP THERE!!!!!!” Jack tried to stop his wife, but he was too slow.  He got to the bottom of the stairs, thought about going after her, but he remembered what the Biker had said he wanted him to do.  Stay downstairs!  He also told him to keep his wife downstairs, and even though he had fucked that up, he thought they would go more leniently on him if he did not disobey a direct command from what was obviously an enforcer of the cult.  In his short time with the cult, Jack had heard all about the enforcers, about how they killed people all the time and that they would also kill people inside the cult if they disobeyed any of the major rules.  It wasn’t safe to piss off an enforcer, so Jack stayed downstairs and let his wife get all the shit that was about to descend down on top of her for interrupting a very hard fuck.

Suddenly he heard his wife scream and in the next instant Jack was shocked to see his wife being pushed hard all the way downstairs by the big naked biker, his face red with rage.

“I TOLD YOU TO KEEP YOUR GODDAMN BITCH DOWNSTAIRS!!!!  DID YOU NOT SOMEHOW UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAID, MOTHERFUCKER??” the man roared, absolutely outraged that his “Fuck Time” had been suddenly interrupted by the screaming woman who had violently tried to pull him off of her daughter before he got mad enough to take care of the noisy bitch.  He wanted to put a bullet in the husband’s brain for daring to defy him, but he knew he couldn’t touch him for at least the next since months since they needed him to help train his daughter for them.  But once they took his little girl away from him for good, then ROADHELL, as he called himself, would quickly and quietly take care of the man AND his wife.

When the biker had pushed his screaming wife all the way down the stairs, he turned to Jack and said “If I get interrupted one more time by anyone I’m killing someone.  If it happens it’ll be on your head” he said menacingly, talking to Jack.  Jack stared at the man’s huge hairy pale naked body that was wet with shiny sweat.  The man’s cock was gigantic and Jack could clearly see Traci’s vaginal blood all over the hugely swollen cockhead.  Shit, he was going to have to clean all the semen out of her when the man was done.

And then the man bounded back upstairs and in a few seconds everyone heard Traci’s loud startled scream as she was getting her brains fucked out again by the huge biker.

Jack looked down at his wife who was sobbing uncontrollably in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs.  She was bleeding from her nose and mouth.  Apparently the man had punched her real hard in the face several times to punish her for interrupting him.  Knowing that the man was an enforcer in the cult, Jack thought his wife was lucky just to have been face punched.  These guys are assassins for the cult and they can kill someone in a heartbeat. 

He tried to comfort his wife and shield her from hearing the loud screams of her daughter from upstairs but she screamed at him. “STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!  THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!  YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WANTED US TO JOIN THIS CULT, AND NOW LOOK WHAT THEY’RE DOING TO MY BABY!!!!!!  YOU’RE LETTING THEM RAPE MY BABY RIGHT IN MY OWN HOUSE!!!!!” and she broke down in a fit of very loud, very heavy crying.

Marc was terrified as he sat on the sofa trembling in fear as he listened to what his Mom said and heard his little sister screaming in obvious pain.  The big man was hurting her!!  What was he doing to his sister??  Marc wanted to go upstairs but his Dad said he had to stay downstairs until the man left the house.  Well it had been a long time now, almost 45 minutes, and the man was still hurting Traci somehow.  Marc being only thirteen hadn’t realized the truth of what was happening between the big scary looking man and his cute little sister upstairs.

Standing naked beside his loudly sobbing wife, Jack’s cock shrunk up rapidly inside his pants as he realized he was in a no-win situation here.  His daughter was being raped very savagely upstairs by the sound of her screaming and Jack couldn’t do anything to stop it.  His wife was crying uncontrollably after having had her face punched in for trying to protect her only daughter.  His naked son was visibly shaking in fear on the couch.  And here he was with a shrunken, shriveled cock as he realized his total impotence.  He had no control here.  All the choices were being made for him, some because of his own decisions and some because of circumstances he had no say in.  He was trapped like a rat in a cage and he knew it.

Jack tried to make his wife come into the living room to wait with him, but she just cried all the harder and remained where she was laying on the carpeted floor at the foot of the stairs.  She wanted to be as close to her baby as she could although her own fear and her own desire to survive made her not walk up the stairs again for fear of what the vicious man would do to her. She remained there for a long time until the tall biker walked quickly down the stairs, stepping over her without a word when he got to the bottom as he headed out the front door.  Everyone heard the loud sounds of his chopper as he rode off at a very high rate of speed, squealing his tires loudly as he did.

Instantly Lynn was up the stairs before Jack could stop her.  He didn’t want her to see Traci but before long he heard her screaming “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!   OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” over and over and over again, and Jack rushed upstairs to see what she was so freaked out over.

Running inside of his bedroom, he stopped suddenly, his face going pale by what he was seeing.  It looked like a bull dozer had gone through their bedroom.  Lamps were overturned, everything had been raked off the dressers and thrown on the floor, the mattress from the king sized bed had been drug down to the floor and laid on the carpet in front of the bed.

On that mattress Traci lay unconscious, her naked body shiny with sweat, blood and semen clearly visible between her tanned wide spread legs.  A lot of blood and a lot of semen.  Blood was all over the mattress he had raped Traci so hard. One of her eyes was black and was swollen almost shut and she had a very large, dark purple bruise on her cheek, as if she had been struck hard in the face during the fucking.

“WE HAVE TO TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!!” Lynn said but Jack quickly said “NO!!!!!  SHE’S NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! LET ME CALL THE PRIEST AND ASK HIM WHAT TO DO!!” Jack shouted at his wife, panicked that she was about to take Traci to a hospital which would completely destroy everything.

Lynn really wanted to take Traci to the Emergency room but Jack somehow persuaded her of the importance of not disobeying the cult.  Finally she carried her daughter into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

Jack’s fingers were almost shaking as he speed dialed the cult Priest and explained what had happened.  After hearing Jack’s story, the Priest didn’t seem to be surprised by this information.  “Jack, what did you expect to happen?  You’ve got the sexiest little seven year old daughter in the entire cult!!  Of course a lot of men are going to want to fuck her.  They always want to fuck the real pretty ones like your daughter.  And men who at their height of their sexual passion sometimes lose control with the little girls they are sexually violating.  Actually it happens a lot more than you might think.  Sex and physical damage kind of go together inside the cult.  It’s just the way it’s always been.  But you were very wise to call me and to not allow your wife to remove your daughter from your household.  If that would have happened, then you would be dead right now.  I think you already know that.  But you made the right choice, and here’s what I’m going to do for you.  I’m going to send a medical team to your house so they can treat your daughter’s wounds on the premises. They’ll patch her up and she’ll be as good as new.  Maybe a little rough for the wear, but she’ll get used to very rough treatment.  If not from her Daddy then from a whole lot of other men, huh Jack?”

Jack said nothing, stewing inside as heard the Priest chuckle wickedly  and continue.  “They should be there soon, so tell your wife to stand by so she won’t try to take your daughter out of the house.”

Jack went to the bathroom door and knocked on it.  “STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM US!!!!!” he heard his wife scream loudly from the other side of the door.  “I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT BIG MAN ALMOST KILLED OUR DAUGHTER BY RAPING HER.  SHE’S BLEEDING FROM A HUGE TEAR INSIDE HER VAGINA!!!!  I NEED TO TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL NOW, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY!!!”

Jack quickly explained to his wife that paramedics were on the way to their house at this moment and should be here any minute.

Sure enough, a very short time later three men who looked like they worked in a hospital entered their home to evaluate Traci’s vaginal condition and to treat her.

“Yep, she’s torn pretty fucking bad!” one of the paramedics said after one look inside Traci’s semen-filled bleeding vagina.  “I’ve seen worse though.  A lot worse.  Don’t worry, we can stitch her up. I need you to wash all of the semen out of her vagina so she doesn’t get infected by it and so we can get her stitched up. 

As Lynn performed the very degrading, humiliating task of washing the huge amount of thick yellowish semen from her daughter’s badly violated pussy, Jack pulled one of the paramedics aside so he could talk to him without his wife hearing.  His own sexual needs were on his mind now as he asked the man if he could still fuck her with the stiches in.

“You can still fuck her but not as hard as you normally do it. It should take around three days for the stitches to heal. We will inform the cult of the situation so other men know not to hurt her too bad, at least for the next three days.”

The makeshift surgery was performed upstairs on the same sweaty, cum stained mattress that the biker had just raped the little girl on.  First Traci was put out and then the careful surgery inside of her vagina was performed by one of the men who was an emergency room surgeon.  And then she was carried to her bed by her mother.

Pulling Jack aside out of his wife’s hearing range, the surgeon said “Let her sleep for the rest of the night.  No sex with her until tomorrow afternoon.  Give the stitches time to work.  We’ll come back tomorrow evening to check on her progress” and then the three men left the house, leaving Jack alone with his wife and son. Lynn was still very livid at him and she told Marc to go to his bedroom and stay there so the two of them talk in private. 

“Have you lost your fucking mind??” Lynn said accusingly after Marc had gone upstairs to his room, trying not to scream at him and possibly upset her son any more than he already was upset by witnessing the rape of his little sister by a complete stranger. “I really think you’ve lost your fucking mind!!  I cannot believe what I just witnessed.  You allowed a complete stranger to come into our home and brutally rape our daughter inside of OUR BEDROOM and you just sit downstairs and let it happen?!?!?!  Did you see how scared Marc looked when he saw the blood all over Traci’s crotch?  You badly traumatized our son.  And tell me why in the fuck are you and Marc both naked? 

And then Jack told his wife everything he had been told after the initiation, about all the rules they had to follow now after becoming members of cult’s inner circle.  The forced nudity inside the house.  Pulling Traci out of school and keeping her completely isolated from the outside world. The sex that was going to be happening a lot between him and Traci now, and the sex that was probably going to take place between Traci and her brother. And finally the big, sexually depraved men that would be coming to their house to rape their daughter whenever they wanted to do it. 

Jack really stressed to his wife the importance of following all of the rules that had been laid out for him and that the penalty for not doing it would probably mean the death of everyone in the family except for Traci. Jack also told her that the big rough Biker who had come over and raped Traci was an Enforcer for the cult. Remember what they told us about them.  They murder people all the time.  If we try to get the Biker in trouble for what he did to Traci, he’ll kill us.  He’ll kill both of us.  I could see it in his eyes.  We both have to be…very good… and obey the program for the next six months.  Our lives depend on it now.  We cannot do anything wrong. Do you understand?”

Lynn didn’t understand but the husband and wife made an uneasy truce as they walked upstairs to straighten up their bedroom the big naked biker had torn up. Jack made sure to flip the mattress upside down so he wouldn’t have to sleep on the wet cum stained fabric. While they were cleaning the room, Lynn discovered that the carpet in the corner of their bedroom was soaked and stinking with urine where the Biker had taken a huge piss.  It was just one degrading, humiliating thing after another that Jack was having to endure just so he could have the exquisite pleasure of raping his own daughter whenever he wanted to. He wondered if the trade-off was worth it.

Jack tried to have sex with her but Lynn told him to Fuck Off! and she went to her own side of the bed to think about everything she had seen and heard since returning from work. It was a lot for Lynn to accept but she understood from what her husband had said that they really had no other choice but to do what the Satanists said, at least for six months.  Lynn hated what was happening to her daughter, but she knew if she refused to comply or tried to interfere in any way that there would be very serious consequences for her and the rest of her family. Since joining the cult, almost everyone had heard the horror stories about some Satanists who had refused to follow the rules, and this was before Lynn even knew what the rules were.  She had asked but nobody would tell her.  She’d heard how two entire families had been basically butchered like hogs because they refused to obey.  That was not going to be happening to Lynn. Although she cared for her young daughter and really hated seeing her get hurt by men, deep inside Lynn valued her own personal survival much more.  She wasn’t about to do something stupid and get her throat slit and be buried in the woods somewhere.  Lynn would allow the men to rape her daughter all they wanted and she wouldn’t try to interfere with them.  She gave up inside and basically stopped giving a fuck.  Satan had won over her mind, to help Jack accomplish his goals with his daughter.

That night, Marc wanted to go to Traci’s bedroom but he was scared because of what happened.  Seeing all the blood coming out of Traci’s pussy and seeing her big swollen black eye had scared the shit out of the thirteen year old boy and made his dick shrivel in fear.  He couldn’t have sex with Traci even if he wanted to.  She was too hurt and he was too scared by what had happened.  Marc really didn’t understand at all what he had seen.  The big hairy man coming into their house and what he had done to his sister.  Marc didn’t understand why he hurt so bad. The man looked happy that he had hurt her.  It was a lot for Marc to digest, but after a while he finally settled down and went to sleep, wondering what crazy things were going to happen tomorrow.

The next day, Jack went into Traci’s bedroom to check on his daughter.  Actually, that wasn’t quite true.  His reasons for going to her bedroom had nothing to do at all with his concern for her welfare.  To put it very bluntly, Jack had a hot, sticky load he felt like he needed to dump inside of Traci’s pussy.  He didn’t give fuck about the stitches either.  He would go slow and easy with her but there was no fucking way he was going to wait until this afternoon.  He had to get some pussy now.

Closing the bedroom door quietly, Jack made his way to Traci’s pink bed, violently ripping all the sheets off of his daughter’s naked body and pulling her down off her bed and down onto the pink carpet of the bedroom.  For some reason Jack really loved taking Traci on the floor.  It made the sex seem more violently degrading than it already was that Traci was being raped by her own father down on the floor.  He tried not to look at Traci’s swollen black eye or the huge bruise on her cheek as the fucked her, hard.  He didn’t care about looking at her.  He just needed to get off inside her hot pussy.

By the time Jack staggered out of his daughter’s bedroom, leaving Traci on the floor where she lay, not even bothering to clean the semen out of her pussy, Jack made his way downstairs to the kitchen where he poured himself a glass of straight Tequila.  He’d been told that drinking a lot of Tequila would be a good thing, so he would stay drunk and very horny and want to fuck his daughter much more.

His wife had already left for work, it being Saturday, the last day of the week.  Luckily Jack didn’t have to work at all, and as he downed another glass of Tequila straight he realized that he loved the role he was playing as Traci’s father and also as her rapist.  The slender, tanned little girl excited Jack like nothing else in had ever known in his life.  The girl was his personal sex toy from now on.

As Jack continued to drink himself into a mid-morning alcoholic stupor, Marc awoke in his bed with his thirteen year old penis hard from morning wood.  The boy was horny all the time now and he usually had a good hard jack off after sleeping late on a weekend morning.  But this morning Marc had something else on his mind as he walked out of his bedroom naked to walk down to the end of hall where Traci’s bedroom was.  When he reached her door, it was open and Marc looked inside and saw Traci sleeping naked on the floor and curled up into a fetal position.  Seeing all that tanned naked skin went straight to his penis and it suddenly got a lot harder as the thirteen year old boy quietly entered the bedroom and closed the door.  Finally, this was his chance to get some real pussy.  His little sister was so fucking hot too.  He wondered why he had never seen it before now as he rolled her over onto her back and spread her tanned legs wide apart.

Marc was confused as he looked down between Traci’s tanned slender legs and saw something white and slimy sticky leaking heavily out of his sister’s tanned pussy.  He jacked all the time so Marc knew what it was.  Someone had come all up inside of his sister’s pussy.  Marc wondered if it was from the big man last night or if it was from his Dad.  Probably his Dad.  Marc remembered hearing them together inside the bedroom, fucking and being nasty with each other.  Looking down at all the semen, Marc thought his little sister must be some kind of whore now.  He knew what that word meant too.  Marc was glad Traci was a whore.  As pretty as she looked, he planned to use her as one.

And then Marc fucked his own little sister down on the floor beside her bed.  It felt kind of gross sliding his stiff thirteen year old penis in and out of all that thick semen, but Marc still got off fucking sister.  She was really hot and before Marc knew it he had added his own teenaged semen to all the rest of the thick yellowish semen inside of Traci’s pussy.  Marc called Traci a “Bitch!” as he pulled out of her and wiped off all the cum on the sheets of her bed that were all over the floor.  He was already starting to learn to treat his little sister like a slut.  Marc always was a fast learner. He learned from his Dad and a complete stranger how his little sister should be treated from now on. Leaving his sister where he had found her, Marc walked downstairs to get some breakfast and found his Dad drinking at the dining room table.  It bothered him to see his Dad getting drunk especially this early in the day but he tried to ignore him as he made himself some cereal and milk.

Jack ignored his son too.  His thoughts were back upstairs, where he knew Traci waited for him.  Lurching up from the table, he staggered to the staircase and began to crawl up the stairs, too drunk to even walk.  He soon found himself inside of his daughter’s bedroom and for the next thirty minutes straight he fucked Traci as hard as he could without busting her stitches open.  Already Jack was beginning very well accustomed to using his daughter as his own little nasty cum dump.  Whenever he was ready to shoot a load, without fail it would find itself shot at high velocity all over his daughter’s sensitive vaginal walls, coating them with a thick layer of squirming seed.

He fucked his daughter three more times that day before his wife came home from work. Jack really wanted to take Traci’s little ass too, but he knew he couldn’t do it yet.  He was already wearing her little pussy out but she loved it, looking up at him afterwards panting in satisfaction.

End of Part 9
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