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Author Topic: The Making of a Little Fuck Toy, Part 8  (Read 1881 times)

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« on: December 20, 2016, 06:35:59 PM »

The Making of a Little Fuck Toy, Part 8

MMMMMMMMM/g6 vaginal, anal, oral, gangbang, cumming on body

Synopsis: After two days of very hard fucking with individual men, little Megan's sexual training kicks into high gear as she is gang-banged by a very large number of men for the first time. As she gets fucked and cummed-in repeatedly, Megan forgets all about Mr. Sam as she takes one cock after another inside her pussy, ass, and mouth.

The next day Megan was allowed to sleep late after her extra hard fucking. When she woke up alone on her bedroom, her pussy and asshole were tingling and Megan remembered that Mr. Sam had put his pee-pee into both of them yesterday and it had felt real good. Megan loved the orgasms Mr. Sam gave her. The effects of yesterday's dual vaginal injections were carrying over pretty strongly, and Megan already wanted Mr. Sam to fuck her again. She waited for him to come into her bedroom again, but he never did. Finally she couldn't wait for him anymore and she started humping the edge of the mattress again. She had learned how to do it now without falling off the bed. It gave her a little bit of satisfaction but it was nowhere near enough. She needed Mr. Sam's hard pee-pee.

 After a long time of waiting for Mr. Sam, the tall stern female attendant that Megan didn't like came into her room. Frustrated, Megan asked "Where's Mr. Sam??" in a whiny voice as she crossed her legs tightly to stop the tingling inside her vagina. But the woman wouldn't tell her, and instead wanted Megan to leave the room with her. Walking disappointed beside the woman, Megan's little nose started sniffing as she smelled food. Real food! Since she had arrived at the training facility they had fed her nothing but energy bars and other synthetic, processed foods that satisfied hunger but were not that appealing to eat. Suddenly Megan was led into a little dining room where there was a big table set up just for her. Her eyes grew wide when she saw the real food on the table. There was scrambled eggs, and little sausages. There was a waffles with lots of syrup on them. There was a big cold glass of milk and orange juice on the table too. Megan discovered she was Very hungry and she ate an amazingly large amount of the food (for a six year old girl, that is). It was her first good, big meal she had had in a long time and she woofed the food down and drank some orange juice and half the glass of milk. Twenty minutes later she was licking the maple syrup off her fingers as the attendant led her suddenly back to her bedroom. After the woman left her, Megan briefly wondered why they had fed her so good, but she didn't understand it. Full for the first time in a long time, she lay down on the mattress, suddenly very sleepy. In the next minute Megan was sleeping very soundly as her little tummy set to work digesting the big meal she had just ate.

 It was almost three hours later that Megan was suddenly awakened from her sleep. She stretched and yawned as she opened her eyes, expecting to see Mr. Sam standing there, but instead a man Megan had never seen before was standing above her bed, looking down on her. Megan looked up at the man in surprise. He was very big and wore no shirt and Megan felt immediately intimidated by him for some reason as she stared at his very muscular bare chest and upper arms. The man told Megan to get off the bed and when she did she was suddenly gripped very tightly under the arms and lifted up into the big man's arms. Megan's dark brown eyes were wide as she was lifted even higher up and laid so that the front of her body was pressed right up against the man's hot, hairy chest, and he wrapped one arm very tightly around her and used his other arm to support Megan under her butt.

 As usual Megan was completely naked, and when the man pulled her against his chest, Megan could feel her bare vagina and clit pressing tightly against the man's hot, hairy skin. It felt good to Megan and she looked over at the man again, feeling much less intimidated by him than she had two minutes ago. He was scary looking to Megan still, but she was already starting to grind against his hairy chest. And then suddenly she was being carried out of the room and down the long hallway. The man walked very fast and Megan had to wrap her arms tightly around the man's neck to keep from falling.

 As she was carried, Megan wondered who this man was and where he was taking her. She felt wide awake now and alert as the big, unsmiling man carried her quickly down several hallways. Megan started to feel a little afraid when she realized that she was somewhere she had never been before and the man carried her up to a metal door. Megan felt heat coming from the door and she wondered why it was hot when the man suddenly opened the door with a key. Immediately the most blinding sunlight that Megan had ever seen made her have to close her eyes and a hot, dry heat took her breath away as she was carried across a small open area and up to another large building that had very dark tinted windows covered with folding metal shutters. Megan was squinting so bad she could barely see as the man carried her up to another door, entered a code on a keypad lock and carried her inside.

 Megan was surprised to see that they were in a big, cool, semi-darkened bathroom as the big man put her down on her feet on the tile floor. Looking around the room, Megan saw that there was a toilet and sink, a metal bathtub and a big shower stall. She wondered why she had been brought here as the wrist restraints were removed and the tall man spoke to her. "Do you need to go to the toilet, Megan?" he asked in a deep voice. Surprised that the man knew her name, Megan thought about it and suddenly she did feel like she had to go and she nodded her head up at the man. "Do you need to go pee-pee or pooh-pooh or both?" the man asked her next and Megan blushed at the very personal question before she told the man that she had to go pooh. "Alright, you need to go Pooh right now and make sure you do it good. I want you to pee real good too! You aren't going to be able to go again for awhile, Megan."

 Megan wanted to ask the man how come, but the seriousness of his tone again intimidated her and she complied with his demand and walked over to the metal toilet and sat herself on it. The man never took his eyes off of her as Megan had a real good little shit and a look of anal arousal came on her pretty face as she pushed the little turds out. Afterwards she had a very long pee and then stood up, wiped herself, and was starting to flush the toilet when the man suddenly turned her around and started wiping her ass real hard again a second time. Megan felt embarrassed that the man was wiping her ass hard, but she also felt undeniable stimulation of her anal ring that was still very sensitive from being fucked by Mr. Sam's penis. When no fecal matter remained around her dark little asshole, the toilet paper was flushed and Megan was once again up being held tightly in the man's arms and carried outside again. The man carried Megan all the way around to the other side of the building, where there was a solid metal door. Megan watched as the man pressed the little buttons and the door suddenly popped open and she was carried inside.

 It took Megan's eyes awhile to adjust to the lighting of the building and she could barely see as she was being carried down another hallway in a building she had never been in before. Megan looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. She sensed that something important was about to happen but she didn't know what it was. Then she was carried down two flights of stairs and brought inside of a white room. Megan saw that there was a big metal table in the middle of the room as she was carried up to it, and then all of a sudden she was up on the cold metal table laying on her back. Surprised, Megan looked up at the man who put her up on the table. He looked mean, and Megan wondered what he was going to do. Without her conscious mind even being aware that she was doing it, Megan's dark brown eyes glanced down at the crotch of the man's black colored pants to try to see if his pee-pee was hard. Even though the man intimidated Megan, she was automatically feeling subconscious sexual curiosity at the presence of the big strong adult male in the room with her.

 And then suddenly a doctor and two nurses entered the room and surrounded Megan on the table and a very sharp needle was stuck into her arm to sedate her. After Megan was unconscious, the little fold-away arms of the table were swung out and the metal cuffs on the ends of them were fastened tightly around her ankles. Her slender legs were then spread wide apart and pushed all the way up and secured in place. In this position Megan's slightly reddened tanned little pussy was spread wide open so it could receive today's injections. A little metal table was rolled up to Megan's pelvis, where a total of five color-coded syringes lay side by side in a tray.

 Today Megan was getting a different and much stronger dosage of drugs than anything she had received up to now. There was a very good reason for this. A common problem for all young female trainees was that they were only able to orgasm a limited number of times before the pleasure centers in their young bodies shut down and they could not respond sexually to any more sexual activity without a long rest. For this reason they could not be fucked very long during a single session because once they could no longer orgasm they would stop feeling pleasure and continued fucking would become traumatic, which was the very opposite of what they were trying to achieve. This was a real problem, but fortunately there was a solution. Years of sexual experimentation with young female children and their orgasms had led to the development of three different drugs that when combined in the proper amounts could allow female children as young as Megan to go far beyond the body's natural limits and have a very large number of orgasms in a single "extended" fucking session. Administering it to the children was dangerous to the heart (sometimes causing spontaneous heart attacks in the little girls), but it was the only way to obtain the results they were after.

 Unknown to Megan, the second injection she had received inside of her vagina before Mr. Sam fucked her pussy and ass yesterday was a very diluted version of this much stronger drug combination. They had given Megan a little taste of the real thing to test what it would do for her and they saw that it increased the number of orgasms she was able to have with Sam to six (almost seven). Because Megan had responded so positively, the decision had been made to administer the much stronger drug into her to see how many orgasms she could have with not just one man, but with a lot of different men at once. It was dangerous to give a six-year-old girl this drug and they would have a doctor standing by in case she had a negative reaction to it, but the facility administrators really wanted to see what little Megan was going to do.

 Unconscious and unaware, Megan received the injections. First was an amazingly large and slowly administered amount of the drug into her little tanned clitoris that would ensure that Megan would be extra horny for the next three to four hours. This was a much stronger dosage of any arousal-inducing drug that they had used on her up to now. The next three shots contained the three drugs that would allow Megan to have plenty of orgasms. They were injected at five different points around her vagina close to her clit. Another syringe was injected all around Megan's cherry-colored anal swirl to ensure that she would be extremely sensitive to anal penetrations. Finally the contents of the fifth tiny shot were injected into Megan's dime-sized nipples. The drug in this syringe would make Megan's nipples swell and become extra-sensitive as her little body responded to all of the hard fucking she was about to experience.

 A stimulant was injected into Megan's arm then and she came awake on the table. The big man who had put Megan up onto the table suddenly picked her up under her arms and placed her back down onto her feet on the floor. The man made her to stand with her legs spread wide apart in the middle of the room and Megan didn't understand why until the very strong sexual feelings coming from between her legs took her breath away. Pretty soon Megan was squirming in sexual frustration as she stared hard at the crotch of the man's pants. Megan didn't know why, but she thought the man had a VERY big pee-pee and she felt very excited.

 And then two women Megan had never seen before entered the room suddenly and squatted down in front of and behind Megan and began to rub something warm and slippery onto her pussy and anus. Megan tried to close her legs but the man came suddenly forward and squeezed her arm hard and told her that if she didn't stand still he was going to beat her little ass. Despite her growing sexual arousal, Megan felt afraid of the man when he threatened to spank her and she kept her legs spread wide as the slippery stuff was rubbed very deeply all up and down her tiny vaginal folds, and an especially large amount was lathered on Megan's clit, which by now was swollen and in need of some hard penile contact. Megan squirmed as an equally large amount of the lubricant was applied all around her little anal swirl which was all of the sudden extremely sensitive to the contact of the woman's rubbing fingers. It felt real good to Megan and she spread her legs wider to give their hands and fingers better access to her sensitive little pussy and ass.

 A lot more lubricant was rubbed all over the entire outside of Megan's tanned pubic region, and her little tanned ass-cheeks were heavily rubbed down with it also. After Megan's vagina and anus were very slippery and very well lubricated inside and out, the two women let her close her legs before they started rubbing heated oil very heavily all over her body. Megan looked down, surprised and a little confused, as the warm slippery oil was rubbed up and down her tanned legs. She was made to lift her feet so each little tanned foot could be oiled down too, top and bottom both. It especially felt good when the oil was rubbed onto Megan's tanned upper thighs right around her pussy and on her pussy slit itself. Oil was rubbed into her pussy and on her ass on top of the lubricant as the women's strong hands applied the slippery, slightly cinnamon smelling oil over her. Oil was rubbed on Megan's tummy and arms and hands and then applied heavily to the front of her chest, where her dime-sized nipples were already starting to swell and get very hard.

 By the time the two women were done, Megan's slender tanned body gleamed wetly with the oil and the lubrication from the top of her neck to the bottoms of her feet. She looked down at herself in surprise and stared at all the wetly gleaming oil that covered her entire slender tanned body from the neck down. She didn't understand why they had put the oil on her body but she was feeling tremendously good now, especially right inside her pussy.

 And then the tall man squatted down in front of her, told her to close her mouth and stand real still, and he applied a thick coating of very shiny red lipstick to Megan's lips. Megan looked into the man's face as the lipstick was applied. He looked SO big and strong to Megan. The two words that Mr. Sam had taught her to use when she wanted to be fucked came into her mind suddenly but she didn't have the courage to say anything to him yet.

 When the man was done painting her lips, he said "Good Girl! Now come give me a big kiss" and pushed his face up to hers and puckered his lips. Megan was so excited that she planted her red lips on the man's lips in a full-mouth kiss that she held for a long time as she wrapped her slender arms tightly around the man and pressed her pussy that was by now starting to scream with sexual need very hard against him and started moving it up and down, stimulating her incredibly sensitive vaginal region against the hot male body.

 "No, Megan! You have to WAIT" the man told her in a serious voice as he pushed her away from him. "You have to wait for ten more minutes. Stand there and put your hands on top of your head and keep them there. I know your going to be really tempted to touch your vagina but its real important that you don't do that. If you take your hands off your head, I'm going to give the hardest spanking you've ever had!" For the second time the man had threatened to spank her. Even though she was very aroused, the look of the man told Megan that he was very capable of fulfilling his promise and Megan didn't want to be spanked so she kept her hands on her head.

 The hot oil on her little body felt tingly and good and Megan's nipples began to swell and turn redder as her body began to respond sexually to the sensations of the cinnamon-smelling oil. It seemed to get into every pore and to make her very sensitive everywhere. As Megan continued standing there for ten minutes that felt more like ten hours, her sexual frustration grew larger and larger and she began to squirm badly and started panting for breath. Finally the ten minutes were over and Megan's shiny little naked body was quickly carried out of the room

 Her shiny little pussy burned with the need to be fucked as it ground up, down, to the sides, and all around the man's hot skin that suddenly had Megan VERY excited! She was becoming increasingly desperate now, and the only thing that was going to take away her frustration was a hard, adult penis in both her pussy and asshole.

 Megan looked up at the man and said "Can you Please fuck me now?" in a desperate voice as she ground against him, trying to ease some of the intense sexual frustration between her legs. The man saw the need for a very hard fucking in Megan's pretty, dark brown eyes as she stared at him very intensely. "Almost there, baby" the man said in his deep voice as he carried Megan to a different part of the building. Megan felt like she was about to scream and start crying from sexual frustration when she was suddenly carried into the large cinderblock room and placed down onto her feet.

 Megan's eyes grew very wide from what she saw in the room. There were four big mattresses placed together in a big rectangle in the middle of the floor, but that wasn't what caught her attention. It wasn't the mattresses but the seven completely naked men standing around the mattresses and all staring back at her hard that caught Megan's full attention. Suddenly she started jumping up and down in excitement. She was a smart little girl and had already figured out what the men were here for.

 Megan felt more excited than she had ever felt in her life and her pussy began to lubricate itself. Feeling increasingly horny and demanding sexual satisfaction, Megan walked up to the naked men and her dark brown eyes inspected each hard pee-pee. Megan saw that the men's pee-pee's were all wet and something shiny had been rubbed all over them. She wondered what it was as she looked at each very large penis. Two of the men were black and their black pee-pee's were the biggest she had ever seen. As she stared at the pee-pee's, Megan began to feel real hot all over her body but the two places where she felt the hottest of all were way up inside of her pee-pee and way up in her butt. Her pussy felt incredibly itchy and sensitive and sweat started to break out all over her slender body.

 The naked men looked so big and rough and like they could hurt Megan real bad if they wanted to but Megan felt no fear of them at all. She needed to be fucked NOW harder than she'd ever been fucked before. Megan was suddenly glad that there was a lot of men so they could fuck her real hard. She wanted all of them to fuck her real hard the same way that Mr. Sam had fucked her yesterday.

 The men watched, fascinated, as cute little Megan checked out their cocks up close, a look of increasing sexual frustration on her pretty face. Her sexy, tanned, oiled-down little body had them all extremely excited as they prepared themselves internally for Megan's gang-bang. The bright red lipstick on her mouth as well as the bright red nail polish that had been painted onto the toe-nails of her pretty tanned feet were added attractions to make cute little Megan as sexually appealing as possible and to further entice the horny men to fuck the shit out of her.

 The eight very large men in the room with Megan had all watched the movies that were taken of her previous sexual activity and they were very aware that she was quickly turning into a little cock-whore. They were here to give Megan all the cock she could handle (and probably a little more) and to help bring the extremely horny little girl to as many orgasms as possible in both her vagina and anus over the next three hours.

 The sexual tension in the room became increasingly strong as little Megan got a lot more desperate, but no one was allowed to touch her yet. The air conditioning inside the room had purposely been turned off an hour before and now it was getting hot in the room. This was by design. They wanted the room hot enough during the gang bang so that everybody got real good and sweaty, but it was especially Megan who they wanted to get real hot and sweaty. Heat had been discovered as a way to really sexually activate a child while she was being fucked and cummed in repeatedly. So they wanted little Megan to get hot during the fucking, but also wanted to make sure she got cum in a lot. Taking semen up inside her little pussy and ass was going to be a daily occurrence after she completed her training, so it was very important also that Megan get used to it happening. They wanted to see how she handled it and what her response would be to a whole lot of slimy cum.

 Finally Megan found the man she wanted to fuck her (he had a SUPER big pee-pee!) and she walked up to stand in front of him and looked up at him anxiously. The tall, hairy naked man just looked down at her and didn't move, and little Megan very quickly got frustrated. "Please FUCK ME!" Megan said desperately, starting to squirm very badly as she looked up at the man. When the man still wouldn't move, Megan turned away from him in frustration and was starting to go ask a different man to fuck her when she was suddenly grabbed from behind and carried out into the middle of the large mattress island.

 And then Megan was being held down very tightly by three very strong men. As Megan gasped in surprise, she suddenly became aware that a fourth man had positioned himself in front of her. Megan looked up into the man's face and her brown eyes grew wider when she saw that it was the big rough looking man who had carried her down to the room. But there was something different about him now and Megan quickly saw what it was. He was completely naked. As Megan was seeing this, both of her slender tanned legs were raised all the way up and pushed back out of the way and the man's muscular, black-hair covered thighs straddled her tanned pubic region. Held down by the three strong men, Megan bit her lower lip and felt sweat starting to break out all over her naked body as she waited to be fucked. Megan was so impatient and frustrated and it seemed like he was taking forever, and Megan started to get frantic.

 It was then that the huge cockhead was placed against her slender vaginal opening. The men all heard Megan let out a very loud squeal as the fully lubricated cockhead made full contact with her ultra-sensitive little clit. She had almost been to the point of begging the big man to fuck her before and now that it was finally happening Megan felt VERY EXCITED. She started saying "Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!" in an excited voice as she looked down at the man's very long, erect penis.

 The man's big, hard pee-pee began rubbing up and down Megan's very sensitive slit before it finally settled at the base of her vaginal opening and was shoved, VERY HARD, all the way up inside of Megan's vagina as deep as it would go. And then Megan was fucked Extremely Hard. Although it hurt Megan to be fucked so roughly by the extremely powerful man, she was getting used to binge used real hard like this by a powerful adult cock. Her vagina began to grip back tightly on the hard cock repeatedly penetrating it and the sensations of the deep fucking drove little Megan WILD!!!

 She fucked back SO HARD as the man fucked her pussy and it didn't take long at all after that point for Megan to have her first huge orgasm. She made a very loud whine and then screamed at the top of her lungs as the orgasm exploded deep inside of her vagina.


 After Megan's orgasm, the big cock was suddenly removed from her vagina and the man moved away from her and a different man took his place in front of Megan. "Pretty little Megan!" the man said to her, beginning to sweat badly in the hot room. "I know how much you LOVE to be fucked" As soon as he had said these words, Megan felt another very hard cock rubbing up and down against her now semen-filled little pussy. And then her just-fucked six-year-old pussy was fucked a second time.

 Little Megan was so excited she could hardly stand it as she was fucked very hard a second time on the mattress. It felt so good that Megan suddenly let out a very loud excited scream as she tried to relieve some of her sexual tension. Another hard fucking brought another HUGE orgasm and cinderblock room was filled with child's loud, high-pitched screaming. Finally it died down.

 Next, Megan was suddenly pulled up from the now sweaty mattress, flipped over, and raised up onto her tanned hands and knees so she could take an enormous black cock up her ass. Megan gasped as the very strong black hands circled her narrow waist and she was pulled all the way backwards to where the huge black cock waited give her tiny pink asshole an extremely energetic ass-fucking. Megan didn't know what was happening at first, until the very large, very black cockhead made contact with her anus. The large black man just put his cockhead on Megan's very well lubricated asshole and held it there for almost a full minute to let her asshole have a chance to respond and adjust itself to it. The long, shiny black penis was considerably larger than Sam's, and this was going to be the largest cock that Megan had ever had inside her ass. As the giant black cockhead rested against her ultra-sensitive little anal swirl, Megan felt herself automatically loosening up and relaxing back there, and she suddenly pushed back a little and then gasped as the sticky cockhead made a much firmer contact against her. Megan's little anus automatically relaxed more and opened wider so it would not be damaged by the coming very large anal intrusions.

 And then the very large black man began slowly working his cock up inside of the pretty little white girl's ass. He didn't push in too hard or too forceful because with his size and strength he could easily tear six-year-old Megan's fragile anal passage. Instead, he let her adjust to its large size and thickness and let her start to get into the rhythm of the ass fucking. Megan wasn't expecting a cock inside her ass to be this big as the enormous black shaft started pushing deeper and getting less comfortable inside her. At one point she screamed frantically for him to take it out and he realized that he was hurting her pretty badly. Whenever she screamed like that the progress of the thick black shaft up into the deeper regions of her ass was halted and he allowed Megan's asshole to adjust to the size of it. Once she adjusted, he immediately started ass-fucking her again, a little harder than before. Her asshole was extremely tight and the black man broke out in a heavy sweat with the exertions of fucking the six-year-old girl in the ass. Although it was painful for her at first, it wasn't long before Megan's very sensitive anal passage began squeezing tightly back at the thick black intruder as it moved in and out at a gradually faster, harder pace. Instead of crying, she began to make all kinds of other very loud noises as her little back arched and the large goose-bumps suddenly appeared on her sweaty upper arms, back, and shoulders.

 Each new deep anal intrusion brought a tremendous amount of pleasure as the black cockhead pushed as deep as Megan could take it and the thick black shaft was rubbing very hard all against her anal ring that had been injected with a drug to make it respond very strongly to anal penetrations. All the other men stood around them, watching fascinated, as little six-year-old Megan got off on the big black dick fucking her ass. They had seen that she frequently squealed in excitement as she approached an orgasm and Megan was squealing louder than ever as she started flexing her little hip muscles in and out rapidly as she rode the giant black joystick to an intensely huge anal orgasm. The strength of it took her breath away so much that she couldn't even scream. It went on for several long seconds before it died down. The big black dick in her ass never slowed down once and Megan very quickly began to feel pleasure increasing all around her asshole. When she had her second anal orgasm on the same black dick, she did scream very loudly not just because of the orgasm but also because of the HUGE amount of semen that was suddenly deposited up inside her pert little tanned butt at about the same time. Mr. Sam had come in her ass yesterday but it didn't feel anything like what Megan was experiencing now. It was like the man pee-pee'd inside of her butt there was so much wet stuff inside of her.

 After the black cock was removed from her fluid-filled asshole, Megan was face up on the mattress again as a third, fourth, and fifth cock entered her cum-filled little cunt. After her big meal and long sleep earlier, Megan found that she had a lot of energy for fucking, and she fucked back hard on the first five cocks to enter her pussy. The only time she didn't fuck back is when she got distracted by one of the big men kissing her very hard on the mouth as she got fucked. Megan Loved for the men to fuck her pussy and she started screaming "FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!" in a very high-pitched voice as she wrapped her legs and feet tightly around each man's waist as they fucked her tight little six-year-old vagina using all of their strength. Megan had an orgasm with all three cocks. After the last orgasm, she was suddenly up on her hands and knees again and held in a very tight grip as she was fucked in the ass again very hard. Some of the most intensely exciting feelings came when the men put their cocks inside her asshole and Megan was paralyzed with the amount of anal pleasure she felr from it. She had three anal orgasms on this cock alone as it fucked her extremely tight asshole. She screamed at the top of her lungs each time it happened and her little asshole clenched the man's penis very tightly as it continued to fuck her very deeply. After another huge ejaculation inside her asshole, the other large black man laid face up on the mattresses and Megan was made to climb on top of him. A great amount of lubrication had been applied to the large black cock sticking straight up in the air as Megan positioned her vagina over it and began to tentatively lower herself down on it. Before long Megan was raising and lowering herself slowly up and down on the tremendous black penis, a look of ecstasy on her sweaty little tanned face. She was constantly saying "AHhhhhhh!" as she fucked herself on it, and before long she had another orgasm.

 At some point during the fucking, Megan began to wear out and her now extremely sweaty little pelvis only bucked in and out around 25% of the time as she seldom found the energy to fuck back with. But her orgasms continued to be incredibly strong and frequent, sometimes having more than one with the same cock. In the next room, one of the facility doctors watched Megan closely through the one-way glass as she had one orgasm after another. If she had one of the sudden heart attacks that they had seen before, he was ready to rush into the room to quickly revive her. Before they started this practice they had lost a seven-year-old girl who could not be revived in time. Since that time a doctor was always standing by with the proper equipment and medications.

 Half-way through the fucking session Megan got very thirsty and they had to temporarily stop to bring in water for her to drink. She had one tanned arm wrapped tightly around one of the men's necks as she was sat up to drink the cold water. As little Megan quenched her sweaty thirst, all of the men noticed how large and red her nipples were and that they stood out in hard, swollen little points on her shiny tanned chest. All the hard fucking did that to the little girls. Other changes were evident also as the once perfectly applied red lipstick was now badly smeared all around her mouth and chin because of all the hard kissing as she was being fucked repeatedly. And of course all the sweat on her shiny body and the cum dripping steadily from her little wide open vagina and anus showed all the fucking she had been involved in up to now. As instructed, the men did nothing to clean her up between fuckings. All the semen that filled the red, expanded walls of Megan's cum-drenched little pussy and ass remained up inside her. They wanted her to get used to the cum.

 Finally she finished drinking the glass of water they had given her and the glass was taken away from her. Because they still had a lot of fucking to do, the men rested longer as they watched Megan. Her brown eyes seemed unusually dark as she looked around at them, suddenly aware of how closely everyone was watching her. She looked tired. All of the fucking and orgasms was wearing her down. They decided it was time to wake her up for the second half of the party.

 The next thing Megan knew she was laying face down on one of the black men's laps and given an extremely hard spanking. It hurt badly and Megan screamed in pain and later started crying very loudly as her little semen-filled ass got beat. Right after she got her big spanking, Megan was still crying hard when she was suddenly pushed up onto her hands and knees and the thick black cock penetrated her ass again. Unlike the first time her ass was fucked by a black cock, this was a much a much brutal and violent anal sodomy. Angry about being spanked, Megan continued to cry during the first half of it until she started feeling all of the sensations start up again inside her ass as it reacted to the rapid penetrations. In less than five minutes Megan had another HUGE orgasm on the thick black cock. After it was removed from her ass, she turned around to look up at the big naked black man. It had felt better then the first one and she wanted him to do it again.

 "This little bitch loves taking it up the ass, don't you Megan" one of the men said excitedly and he was suddenly down on the mattress right behind Megan's shiny ass-cheeks and his cockhead was brought up to the wet little semen leaking hole that was now amazingly expanded and wide-open. In the next ten seconds the man's fat cock was buried to the hilt inside of Megan's tight anus. And then her asshole got fucked again, until she had another anal orgasm.

 After that Megan was suddenly pulled up onto her hands and knees and presented with her first cock to suck. At first she just stared at it cross-eyed as the big hard cock was waved in front of her pretty little face and she didn't know what she was supposed to do. "Grab it with your hands, Megan, and suck it like a big lollipop" the man who had brought her into the room said deeply. Giggling a little, Megan reached up and gripped the big hard pee-pee tightly in both of her small tanned hands and jacked it up and down a few times before bringing the head suddenly up to her pretty red lips. Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth wide and sucked the big cockhead inside of her lips. "Good Girl!!" she was told by several of the men and Megan felt proud as she began sucking cock. "Now suck it real hard, Megan! Bring the man pleasure! That's your job from now on, honey, to bring grown men pleasure" the deep-voiced man told her. Then Megan sucked her first dick of the gang-bang. The men showed her what to do. She was instructed on how to hold the penis shaft in her hands as she was sucking it And when the man came, they did their best to persuade Megan to swallow it. She tried to but she was afraid of choking

 Then Megan received her first of several facials as two big men jacked off very hard right in front of her face and then made sure all of their semen got onto Megan's pretty tanned face and shiny black hair. Megan flinched away from the dicks when they squirted onto her face, but other men behind her held her head in place so she could receive the rest of the large facial. They didn't wipe the semen off of the child's face but let her deal with it as she got her next hard fucking.

 As the gang bang entered into its third hour, Megan was soaked in sweat and trembling in exhaustion, but she still wanted to be fucked more. As she laid on her back panting for breath, two of the large men suddenly positioned themselves on both sides of her feet and began jerking off rapidly. The child watched them with very dark eyes as they quickly brought themselves to climax at about the same time and then leaned forward and deposited their huge ejaculations onto Megan's tanned, sweaty bare feet. They made sure that the little girl's cute, bare feet and toes got a large amount of the sticky yellowish semen on them. This was another of the instructions from the facility administrators that they should come on both of Megan's bare feet to see how she reacted to it. When the men squirted their warm semen onto several places on each of Megan's feet, they saw her sit up a little bit on the mattress as she stared down at the sticky liquid on her tanned feet and toes. They saw her flex her little toes with the bright red painted toenails as she looked down at her feet, and then her attention was back on them, and they could see she was ready for another orgasm.

 Pretty soon Megan got so tired that she put both of her hands over her face and tried to fall asleep as she was being fucked, but each time she did, a cloth containing very strong chemicals was rubbed under her nose, snapping her instantly awake. Of course the men weren't going to let her sleep while she was being fucked. For the training to be successful, she needed to be kept wide awake and feeling everything as much as possible.

 Everything Megan did during the gang bang was carefully recorded: All the little facial expressions she made while taking each hard cock up inside her pussy and ass. All the various sounds she made as she was hard fucked: the grunts, the whimpers, the funny little childish noises that only a little girl can make. The way she wrapped her legs and feet tightly around each man fucking her. Her high pitched screams during each intense orgasm. Her loud moaning while sucking dick. The way she reacted to all the semen. It was all recorded so it could be carefully reviewed. After it was reviewed the movies would be shown to other little girls to help them learn what they were supposed to do and would also of course be used to drive up the men.

 Megan had sucked six penises during the gang bang. The men gave Megan instructions on how to swirl her little pink tongue all around the sensitive bumps at the base of a man's cockhead to give him a lot of pleasure. She was taught to take the cocks as deep inside her mouth as she could and to catch all the semen inside her mouth without choking on it. And by time that Megan sucked her fifth and sixth cock, she had learned how to swallow semen.

 Sam entered the room to pick up Megan and bring the extremely sweaty, cum-filled little girl to the shower for a very good bath. She was laying face down on one of the now very sweaty, sticky mattresses with her legs spread wide apart. Going over to her, he saw a tremendous amount of semen running out of her now greatly-expanded asshole as he took hold of her slippery little tanned body and turned her over onto her back. The redness of the interior of her now enlarged, swollen six-year-old vagina that was drenched with the slimy cum of all eight men was what caught his attention most.

 Deep inside of Megan's little womb the sperm cells from all eight adult men that had completed the long journey up inside of Megan's immature six-year-old womb searched for the egg they were supposed to fertilize but did not find it. Other sperm cells swam blindly through all the slimy cum that had been deposited inside of Megan's rectum also searching for an egg cell, not knowing that they were inside the wrong hole. They had no way of sensing that the child they were inside of was years away from being capable of egg production.

 Sam looked at Megan and saw that all of the shiny red lipstick that had previously been applied to Megan's lips was gone due to all the hard kissing while she was being fucked. That was another of the tests, to try to sexually stimulate a young female child by a lot of hard kissing while being fucked. The little girls usually responded very positively to that and would wrap both of their arms very tightly around the men's necks as they kissed them back. Megan had certainly done her share of kissing back and hugging the men very tightly. Hard kissing while taking a cock up inside her pussy was something Megan was starting to love.

 Sam picked little Megan up then and began carrying her from the room. She hugged his neck weakly with her skinny, sweaty arms as he rapidly carried her down the hallway, all the images of what he had watched through the one-way mirror still haunting him. The sight of Megan fucking back hard on the cocks inside of her pussy and ass had tremendously excited him. She was a little fucking machine! But perhaps the thing that had excited Sam the most during the entire three hours was watching Megan get off on the black cocks fucking her tight little ass. Something about watching tanned, sweaty Megan grinding her little ass back against the huge muscular torsos of the black men as she got ass-fucked made him real hot. Yeah, that had done it for him alright, so much so that he had jacked off twice watching little Megan take the black dick. Something about the interracial aspect of the "Big Black" on "little white" anal sex got him off like nothing else. Especially when she orgasmed on the black cocks in her ass. Oh Yes!! Watching Megan scream and tremble violently at each huge anal orgasm was tremendously exciting to watch. And then later, when the black men came inside her ass, it was even more exciting to watch her brown eyes widen and to see her face suddenly flush as another huge load drenched her insides.

 By the time Sam entered the shower stall naked with Megan, he was very hard at all the replayed scenes of her taking the nigger dicks up her ass. Looking down at her as he turned on the hot shower water, it was obvious that she was totally worn out now and there was no way that anything more should happen to her before she had a very long rest. But tonight Sam decided to break the rules, and during the next fifteen minutes he gave Megan's sweaty little ass another extremely hard ass-fucking. He was surprised to see that she still had the energy to respond to it, and pretty soon she was moving with him, a look of pleasure on her face. There was no way she could orgasm again and Sam didn't try to wait for it as he added his semen to the all the rest of the semen far up inside her asshole.

 Afterwards Sam gave Megan an extra good bath, getting all the sticky semen out of her and washing all the oil, lubricant, perspiration, and semen off of her body. Finally he dried her off and carried Megan back to her bedroom. Tomorrow she was going to have another very big day, so it was very important that she got plenty of rest so she would have the energy for it.

End of Part 8
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Double penetration for the little slut should be next.

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