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Author Topic: Raped White Family (Gang Rape, interracial, Domination, Humiliation)  (Read 12302 times)

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« on: December 14, 2016, 10:06:24 PM »

Title: Raped White Family

Story Codes: Gang Rape, interracial, Domination, Humiliation

Synopsis: Vicious sexually violent Black thugs capture a white family and brutally gang rape every member.

Part 1

It is sometime in the future.  The white race is being bred out of existance by Illuminati Decree. The majority of the population is now of mixed race, and almost all of the new children being born are from parents that consists of at least one black or hispanic member. As part of the purposeful race mixing and dilution to destroy the white power structure that had controlled America in the past, the Illuminati had purposefully crashed the Economy and turned large parts of American cities into ghettos in the process. Law order is breaking down and giving way to a new law of ruthlessness and brutality by the gangs who began to take control in the cities as American society was going through a very negative change from what it had always been. Powerful Jews wanted to destroy the white race and they were doing it in the most insidious ways possible.  

The Los.Angeles Police Department refused to police large parts of the city that had been abandoned and turned over to virtual gang control. It is in one of these black gang controlled parts of L.A. that our little story begins. There were still many white people living in this corner of northwest L.A. even though they no longer had police protection. This is the story of a violent black gang looking for sexual entertainment and a white family that are in the wrong place and the wrong time and fate completely changes all of their lives in one night of hard rape.

As their control of large areas of Los Angeles solidified and expanded, it became an amusement to the Black Gangs to capture white families and to gang rape them, including the children. They purposely targeted white families, kidnapping them all when the time was right and gang raping them. Since they had started doing it, more than thirty white families had been captured and fucked this way between the various gangs that shared control over most of Los Angeles.  This is the story of one Gang that is looking for a new white family. They already have their family targeted and they are perfect.  A father who looks like he couldn't protect himself from a rape, much less anyone in his family.  A good looking white wife with fine features and a nice ass.  But what really interested the black men was the three kids.  An Eleven year old girl, a nine year old blonde headed boy, and a blonde eight year old girl with flawless white skin.  The Black men loved fucking white children in all of their holes and they had a very sexually violent welcome waiting for this particular young family after they were captured.

It was getting dark when the pickup truck with the four big black men in the back took off toward the northwest corner of the part of the city they owned.  The Blacks owned the city and they owned the people in the city too, especially the white people. The white people didn't know they were owned though. They thought they were still free. One family was about to get the surprise of their lives.


John Sherman and his wife were in the living room watching TV. In another part of the house, the three kids were doing what they usually did on that fateful night when all of their lives radically changed for the worst. Eleven year old Amber was on laying on her bed talking on her cell phone to one of her friends.  The two younger kids still shared a room together and were playing with some toys on the floor upstairs when the front door was suddenly kicked in and six very large unsmiling black men entered into their house.  

"What is the meaning of this intrusion?" the father said loudly, standing up from his chair, but after one of the men beat him down, he collapsed on the floor and stayed there, unmoving like the coward he was. His intimidation by all the muscular black men inside his house was evident and the men all laughed at the scared little pussy who was too weak to protect his own family from getting fucked. Unfortunately for him, he didn't have a gun.  After President Hillary Clinton signed a bill from Congress making it punishable by death for anyone to own a gun of any kind, guns in the hands of law abiding citizens quickly went the way of the Dodo.  The ruling gangs though had all the guns they wanted, including fully automatic AK-47s and M-16s. It was the way they maintained order, with heavy firepower.  That is the main reason the police pulled out of large parts of the city and virtually gave it to the heavily armed gangs.

So this fucker didn't have a gun and he was too much of a wimp to fight for his family's honor. The Black men looked upon the man with contempt before turning their eyes to his blonde headed wife with the cute face and the long white legs and the nice ass. The men would have liked to have raped her here, but their gang leader had given them instructions that they were to bring the family back to the gang's lair untouched and unmolested. If they raped the man's wife in front of him, which they wanted to do, Tyrone would know it and they would all be killed. The power structure in the gang was very firm and nobody dared defy it.

Two of the men grabbed the woman roughly by the hair and led her out the door to waiting truck while four of the men ran up the stairs to get the kids. Screaming and yelling was heard from upstairs before three men came bounding down the stairs, each holding a struggling white kid tightly in his muscular arms.  The kids were quickly taken out the door and put in the truck also.  Two of the men stayed behind with Daddy until his family was in the truck.  Looking down at the father who seemed afraid to even move after the beating he had taken, the two men took out some of their aggression on him, one of them kicking the father in the side as hard as he could and the other spitting in his face, before they took the man by each arm and forced him into the front of the truck with them, separated from his family.  The truck then took off into the night with its capture.

It was quite dark when the truck pulled into the old dimly lit abandoned warehouse and drove to the very back southwest corner of it, where five large king sized mattresses had been lined up on the dirty gritty concrete floor.  All five mattresses were heavily stained with bodily fluids since they had been used on more than one occassion in the past. Twenty men stood around the mattresses, all of them completely naked with jet black, oiled down skin. In the gang, these were some of the most powerful, feared leaders in their brutal organization.  Beyond their ruthlessness and the power they held in the gang, all of these men had one more thing in common. They loved raping white families. Its the reason all of them were here, to get their rocks off inside of white pussy and ass.

The pick up truck was driven right in front of the line of dirty mattresses before it suddenly parked and everyone disembarked. The men kept Daddy in the front seat, unable to protect his family and his wife and three kids were forcibly carried and thrown on top of four of the king sized mattresses.  "DON'T MOVE!!! STAY ON THE MATTRESS!" two of the men said loudly when the youngest girl tried to get off her mattress. The dark eyed blonde child stared back at the naked black men, terrified now over what was happening.  The eleven year old had already figured out what was about to happen and she was sobbing uncontrollably on her mattress.  The nine year old pale skin white boy with the fine features also stayed in the middle of the mattress where he'd been thrown, afraid of the consequences for him if he tried to get up. And of course the white woman was more terrified than her kids.  She was terrified for herself as she eyed the very solid looking stiff black cocks hanging down between the men's legs.  She knew she was about to be gang raped and she was very anxious and afraid as she realized there was no escape for her from this fate. All of her attention was on the naked black men and her own vulnerability among men like this.  These men were all brutal thugs and rapists of white women. The white woman instinctively knew what the big naked black men wanted and she felt her pussy and ass suddenly tighten in anxiety and fear at what was sure to come very soon. She wasn't thinking about her kids at all right now and what the big black men might want to do to them, especially to her eight year old daughter, Tiffany.

End of Part 1

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« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2016, 12:21:29 AM »

Great story. Lets hear about what happens to the eight year old and eleven year old girls! And i hope the eleven year old gets raped pregnant!

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« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2016, 10:44:26 PM »

Part 2

Tyrone Biggs, also known as LJ Cool Daddy KKK was a vicious young Black Gansta thug who had risen up in the Gang hierarchy with force and brutality and pure aggression. He'd ordered the drive by shooting of the former gang leader just so he and his crew could assume full control over the powerful, heavily armed gang. Now he and his crew ruled with an iron fist and used AK-47s and M-16s to enforce their rules.

It was Tyrone who had sent the six men out into the late evening to go get them a white family to fuck, the white family they had carefully scoped out in advance weeks earlier. They had purposely chosen the white family they most wanted to fuck and now they had them. This was going to be the hottest one they had ever done.

Tyrone stood surrounded by his top Lieutenants supervising the placement of the four white family members on the mattresses they called "Fuck Beds", because once you got on one, all you wanted to do was fuck in every hole.

Like the men around him, Tyrone was completely naked, his black, heavily muscled chest and arms covered in Gangland tattoos. Between his legs hung a very solid looking eight and half inch black cock already erect in anticipation of the night's events.

Of course this wasn't Tyrone's first white family. Since he'd forcibly assumed leadership of the gang, the young muscular thug had participated and taken a very active role in the brutal gang rapes of three other families. Tyrone had no morals and no mercy when it came to fucking. He fucked young white kids in the pussy and ass and shot his thick nigger seed up inside of their sweat covered bodies. He ass-fucked defiant white wives until they became completely submissive and docile. He raped men and boys and turned them into faggots.  If it moved, Tyrone was going to fuck it. He had a whole lot of energy for fucking tonight.  Hard aggressive fucking with no mercy shown for anyone.

It had been a long hot day, and Tyrone had some frustration to release. Sexual frustration, that is.  Nothing cured sexual frustration better than fucking, and he planned to be doing some very serious fucking deep into the night with every single member of the white family they had captured. Tonight they were all going to get laid inside the bodies of the white family until they didn't have any more semen to squirt. All the men had shot up with pure testosterone two nights before and stopped fucking or masturbating until tonight, and now they were all super horny and super sexually aggressive and ready for a lot of super hot fucking on the five fuck beds that they had laid out for each member of the young family, including the kids.  Kids were not spared in any way from the rapes. They were used hard. Each kid was broken in. Some of the little white girls turned nasty during the fucking, becoming whores for black cock.  The same was about to happen to this family, but first Tyrone wanted to humiliate the father of the white family and let him know what was about to happen.  Of course they wanted him to know that his family was about to be raped. They wanted to see his reaction.

Tyrone gestured impatiently for the men inside the cab of the truck to bring Daddy out now. The two black men roughly grabbed the man and half carried, half drug him and pushed him down hard onto the concrete floor right in front of Tyrone.

The white father seemed completely defeated as he looked down at the ground, as if he was ashamed to see himself and his family in the horrible state they were in now, captured and surrounded by naked black men who looked like they were all ready to fuck anything that moved.

John realized, far too late, how careless and stupid he had been not to flee Los Angeles like the majority of other white families had done after the Police pulled out of their section of the city.  He hadn't wanted to leave his home and community, so he had foolishly stayed, thinking nothing bad would happen. Of course he had heard horror stories of what had happened to a few white families who lived much farther South than they did and much closer to the heavy gang territory, but John had thought that since he lived much farther North and in a community of a lot of other white families that his family would be safe. He had been wrong, very wrong. He realized only now that his family had been targeted because they were all very attractive.  Even their nine year old son was attractive and had delicate features almost like a girl. John wasn't stupid.  He knew these men were all sexual perverts of the worst kind and a fate worse than death was about to happen to his entire family and there was nothing he could do to stop it.  If he tried to get up he would get beaten again, or worse, he could get taken out back and shot in the head. He was very afraid for his own safety now as he lay almost kneeling in subjugation in front of the naked black man. John eyed the thick black cock between the man's thighs and saw the Gang leader was almost fully erect. John knew inside his head what was about to happen here. He didn't want to be here to watch his family get raped, but unfortunately he wasn't going to be given the choice.

Tyrone saw that his thugs had gotten a little too rough with the white father.  His left eye was swollen almost completely shut and he had a huge purple bruise on his cheek where someone had clocked him real good.  The man crouched on the floor like a coward in front of him, afraid to even look up at him.  

"Look at me!" Tyrone said to the man in a low voice, but the father only looked down at the floor. The man wasn't even trying to fight them. Most of the fathers fought hard and had to be beaten very severely before they submitted.  This father wasn't going to put up a fight.  He was a coward who was not willing to fight to prevent his family from being sexually assaulted. To Tyrone that was the worst kind of cowardice there was and he felt nothing but contempt for the sniveling white father cowering in fear before him.  It pissed Tyrone off.

"LOOK...AT....ME!!" Tyrone commanded aggressively, and the white father looked up into his face fearfully.  The fear and helplessness in the man's eyes would have caused most people to feel compassion for the plight he and his young family found themselves in, but not Tyrone. He was here to get his rocks off, nothing more.

"You and your family belong to me!  You live in my territory so I own you!  You are all my property now!" Tyrone said in an harsh, brutal voice, letting the young white father know in no uncertain terms that he had no control over what was about to happen and that they were all going to take what they wanted and who they wanted, including the kids.  

It was a Gang custom that the leader always got first fuck, and that nobody else could start until he shot his first load. So now Tyrone turned his attention away from the cowardly white father and to the four members of his family on the filthy mattresses. He had to choose one family member to fuck to start the gang rape into full, hot action.

Bending down to the father, Tyrone said in a brutal voice "I'm gonna fuck your entire family, including your two little girls."

The white father looked up into his face with dawning horror as his worst fears were confirmed by the Gang Leader's blunt words, but he was afraid to even blink as he stared submissively up at the huge naked black man with the huge cock.

"You gonna watch me do it." Tyrone continued, deadly serious.  "If I see you looking away I'm a put a bullet in your brain. Nod your head if you understand." waiting until he saw the reluctant nod before he suddenly stood up to his full height of over six feet tall.

"Bring him!" Tyrone commanded as he walked toward the four mattresses, looking down at the four white family members with the eyes of a rapist anxious to drown a tight hole with hot slimy cum.  The only question was which hole was going to be drowned first and who would it belong to.

Tyrone walked back and forth in front of the mattresses carefully examining each member of the family. The wife was young and she looked hot.  She was way too hot for the coward she was with. She would learn to love black cock tonight and would become a whore, as every other white mother who had gone through the gang rapes quickly became.

Walking past the mother, he looked down at the eleven year old girl who was sobbing with her hands held in front of her face. She looked even better than her mother and would probably get cum in a lot more times than her mother before the long night was finished.

Tyrone went to the next mattress and stared down at the white boy. If there was ever a boy that Tyrone wanted to fuck, it was this one. He wasn't just cute. He was pretty. His nine year old pussy was about to be turned out by thick black cock and he would undoubtedly be down on his knees sucking one black cock after another for free.

And then Tyrone got to the last mattress in the row, that belonged to the eight year old daughter. The cute little white girl had long blonde hair and dark brown eyes and looked just like Miss Alli in her prime. She had flawless white skin and was dressed in shorts and sandals and a purple elastic top. Around her left ankle was an ankle bracelet, also purple. Her finger and toe nails were painted pink. She looked like she was her Daddy's pride and joy, and that's what made up Tyrone's mind.  Dat ass was gonna be tight! Tyrone was going to make the cowardly white father watch as his cute little daughter got brutally ass-fucked senseless right in front of him. He was going to turn that little white ass out. But before he did, he had a few things in mind that were going to make the action a lot hotter, at least for him. Tyrone sent one of the men to go get something for him and he waited until the man came back with a full bottle of vegetable oil.

"Bring him up here!  I want him to watch this!" Tyrone commanded and waited until the hapless father was shoved down right in front his daughter's mattress so he could watch her sexual defilement up close, close enough so he could see and hear and even smell everything that went down on the filthy king-sized mattress. "Hold him down! Don't let him get up!" Even though the father appeared beaten, Tyrone knew from experience that seemingly docile fathers could go crazy when their family started getting raped. The father would be held down during his youngest daughter's anal rape and then he himself would be violently raped over and over again by the horny aggressive blacks very late into the night. It was time to get the hot steamy Black on white Action started.

End of Part 2

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« Reply #3 on: December 17, 2016, 09:52:27 PM »

Part 3

John Sherman was on his hands and knees in front of the stained mattress his youngest daughter was laying sprawled on top of, afraid to move. The harsh words of the ruthless Black Gangsta still burned in John's ears as he stared at his eight year old daughter Tiffany on top of the king-sized mattress. She looked scared shitless now that the attention of all the big Black Men was suddenly focused on her.

A cold shiver ran down John's back as he realized his eight year old daughter was about to be raped right in front of him. The worst part is that he wasn't going to be able to do anything to protect his daughter from what was about to happen. The two very strong men on either side of him holding him firmly down to the gritty concrete floor with four strong black hands so there was no way he could get up were going to make sure of that. He was going to be forced to watch his daughter's rape and if he looked away he was going to be shot! There was no way out of this, not for him and not for his daughter.

Suddenly it started, and John watched, horrified, as two of the big blacks got on top of the mattress with Tiffany and began stripping her naked. The pretty little blonde screamed loudly and tried to get away but nothing she did made any difference and the men quickly stripped her naked. They took off everything, including the purple bracelet around her left ankle. All of her clothes ended up strewn around the big mattress as the men made the badly frightened, completely naked little girl get up on her hands and knees in the middle of the mattress and warned her not to move or she was going to get beat.

Looking up from his naked daughter on her hands and knees, afraid to move, John saw a syringe in one of the men's hands as he bent down to her and jabbed it roughly into her left arm. Tiffany cried out suddenly and tried to jerk away but one of the strong Black men held her tightly in a bear hug as she was fully injected with whatever was inside of the syringe. John saw the empty syringe in the man's hand after he stood back up and he knew they had injected his eight year old daughter with something, he didn't know what. Suddenly feeling a lot more panic over what was happening, John wondered what they had injected her with and what it was going to do to her.  He had no idea of the sick shit these men did with kids using drugs.

And then John got the surprise of his life as his naked daughter was oiled down heavily with vegetable oil by the two black men. He didn't understand what was happening as he watched the men rubbing oil up and down his daughter's slender arms and legs, and over her stomach and chest and ass and pussy and back.  When the men were finished, every inch of her flawless, creamy white skin from her neck all the way down to between her toes gleamed with slippery vegetable oil. 

This couldn't be happening! John's mind screamed. It was like his worst nightmare was coming true before his eyes as he stared at his completely naked daughter down on her hands and knees, her pale white skin slick and gleaming with oil who had been injected with something that was going to do who knew what to her.

What were these sexual perverts about to do to his eight year old daughter??

John saw the panic in his daughter's dark brown eyes as she stared back at him. John could tell Tiffany wanted to go to him but she was afraid to move from where she had been told to stay. She was begging him to rescue her from this with her eyes, but there was nothing John could do to save her. He had his own self to think of now, and after the threat he had received, he intended to be very obedient. John had already decided that he wasn't going to get shot no matter what the blacks did to his family. John had no fight left in him; only cowardly defeat as he mentally accepted that his entire family was going to be sexually assaulted no matter what he did, so he might as well not fight it.


Rubbing KY all over his massive Black Cock, Tyrone stared down at the naked white child on the mattress below him and let out a loud, harsh laugh. She looked like a little white pig waiting for the big black cock to fully penetrate her tight asshole. Tyrone certainly planned on treating the eight year old girl like a pig as he violently sodomized her in front of her Daddy.

"Your little girl's a fuck pig now and I'ma treat her like a fuck pig." he taunted the father."Im gonna fuck that ass!!" Tyrone sneered evilly, letting Daddy know to get ready to watch his eight year old baby girl lose her anal virginity on his more than eight inch cut cock.

Standing above the mattress looking down on the naked white girl's small perfect ass, Tyrone wanted to give the drugs in the white child's system time to work their evil magic inside her body before he took  her ass.

The drug mixture contained a little of everything, including Heroin, Ecstacy and THC. It also contained a chemical guaranteed to get a girl of almost any age hot. Illegal and very expensive to obtain, the chemical compound had become the rape drug of choice since it had been discovered by accident in a Russian lab several years ago. Consisting of genetically modified hormones, it had the ability to trigger sexual response in a female (or a male) unlike anything else that had previously been seen before. It caused even young children to develop sudden strong sexual response. That was the reason the gang used it, to make the rapes that much hotter by making the white family members get off as they are being forcibly taken. The shots guaranteed that the gang rape would be successfull in completely turning out a white family, basically turning them all into whores for black cock. 

The drug mixture turned kids into sluts, girls and boys both, which is why Tyrone was giving it a chance to come on strong, so the cute little blonde white girl would have a very strong reaction to the rape of her ass. The Drugs they used were so strong that it was a virtually a sure thing that every little girl who got the full injection was going to turn into a Black Cock Whore. That's what Tyrone expected with this little girl as he smoked a blunt while he waiting for the drug to come on. If the drug worked on her (and it worked on little girls as young as five), the eight year old white girl was about to become a whore for his black cock in her ass.

Besides wanting her super aroused, Tyrone also wanted her to be docile and the drug mixture guaranteed that the cute white girl was going to be completely passive as Tyrone's heavily veined black cock fucked her asshole raw.

Continuing to smoke the blunt, Tyrone waited patiently, watching the naked white girl on her hands and knees staring around at the naked black men with wide, panicked eyes. He would know when the drug fully took effect and that's when Tyrone was going to ride her very hard as Daddy watched every minute of it.


Standing on her hands and knees in the middle of the big mattress, eight year old Tiffany Sherman's gleaming, naked white ass was on full display to the staring eyes of all the horny Blacks as she stared over at her father watching her between the two big black men. Terrified and confused, she didn't understand what was happening. She didn't know why she was up on her hands and knees and why the men had stripped her naked and rubbed oil all over her naked body. In the confusion and chaos of the moment, Tiffany had already forgotten about the shot that still burned on her left upper arm. But already she felt light headed and dizzy and more confused than ever before as she struggled to stay up on her hands and knees and not risk getting beaten for disobeying the big Black men who she felt very afraid and intimidated of.

As she stood there, terrified of what the men were going do to her, Tiffany felt a strange calmness suddenly come over her and felt all of her muscles relaxing. Tiffany welcomed this at first because it was so much better than the panic she was experiencing. But along with the calmness and relaxation, she became aware of another feeling inside of her private that she had never felt before. Being only an eight year old girl, she had no way of identifying what she was feeling or the word to describe it: lust. Strong unexpected first time lust. Her pussy was tingling anxiously now, and whatever was happening was getting stronger. Tiffany felt it but she didn't understand why her eight year old pussy was suddenly heating up. It confused her and scared her, it was such a strong, unfamiliar feeling she had never felt before. Her red-lipped mouth was open in a gasp as she felt the lust intensify inside of her naked pussy on full display, and her clit automatically came out of its hood as if it had a mind of its own.  Tiffany had no way of knowing that the designer drugs in her bloodstream had genetically activated her immature sexual apparatus, prematurely switching it on years before it was supposed to be turned on. Now eight year old Tiffany's pussy was preparing itself for sex.

Ten minutes later the little girl's naked eight year old pussy slit was wet with vaginal fluids and pussy juice was leaking from her slit. Her eight year old clit came all the way out and swelled up to hardness. Her pink nipples swelled up stiff. Her skin heated up and became much more sensitive to touch.  Her bratty face became flushed.

The drugs were working as intended on the little girl. She was feeling very strong sexual arousal for the first time in her life. The effects would become more and more powerful until they reached their peak some two hours later.

Suddenly everyone could smell Tiffany's wet pussy in the hot humid air of the old dusty warehouse, including her own father. Her naked female body released pheremones into the muggy air that all the men breathed in and responded to, instinctively recognizing the natural scents of a pussy ready to be brutally raped. Every big Black man in the room was ready for a shot at her pussy and ass.  The cute little blonde white girl was about to be fucked out of her mind.


Although he couldn't see her dripping wet pussy from his vantage point, John could smell his his young daughter's arousal in the hot warehouse as she stood on her hands knees on the mattress facing him. It shocked John and made him feel ashamed that he could smell his own daughter's pussy strong in the hot muggy air.

He could clearly tell she had been drugged now. The pupils in her dark brown eyes were dilated and her eyes were glazed as she stared straight ahead, not looking at him at all now. He tried to make eye contact with her but she just looked off into space as if she was in a drug-induced world of her own, completely mentally detached from what was happening in reality, the horrible reality that she was about to get raped by a fully grown adult man.

She seemed much more relaxed and docile and accepting of her situation than she had been only a short while ago. Whatever changes she was going through internally seemed to be accelerating as he watched her face, which seemed to be excited now. What the fuck had they injected her with to make her excited? And then suddenly he got it.

The Sick Bastards were purposely making his daughter sexually aroused before she got raped so she would enjoy it! They wanted his daughter to enjoy being raped!!!

Suddenly outraged that the Black men had drugged his eight year old daughter and were changing her sexual feelings before they raped her, John Sherman felt hatred unlike anything he had ever felt before course through him as he fully comprehended the evil of what the racist black thugs were doing. It was almost too much for John to take. He wanted to get up off the floor and stop this before it went any further but he didn't move a muscle as the big naked Black Gang leader covered in Tattoos slipped on a thick black cock ring before falling heavily down to his knees right behind Tiffany's naked ass.

This was it! John steeled his nerves as he watched Tyrone grab his daughter's slender white waist with his strong black hands and pull her back against him. The reaction from Tiffany was immediate, and she was struggling wildly in panic and screaming and trying to get away. Her sudden frantic attempt to escape was unsuccessful and she screamed loudly as the thick black cock penetrated her ass very deeply and immediately started fucking very hard.

John wanted to yell out "STOP!!!!  STOP!!!! STOP!!!!!" but no sound came from his mouth as he watched the naked Black Thug anally sodomizing his daughter right in front of him. John wanted to close his eyes and look away so he wouldn't have to witness the obscenity of a huge muscular thirty year old Brownish Black man butt-fucking the shit out of his little eight year old white daughter still on her hands and knees in the middle of the mattress.

The girl's father watched with wide eyes as his daughter took her first black cock of the night up her ass right in front of him. The eight year old girl was going wild as she was being butt fucked: struggling, kicking, thrashing, screaming, crying. But no matter what she did, her tight ass continued to be very aggressively fucked by Tyrone's long thick black cock.

Tyrone's strong black hands locked tightly around the child's slender waist, holding her in a grip so tight he was leaving purple bruises on her perfect white flesh as almost seven inches of hard black cock pushed in and out of her asshole at a very rapid rate. Tyrone's heavily veined black cock was generating a lot of friction inside the little girl's tight ass, friction that she couldn't help but feel very strongly. The powerful drugs coursing through her young system numbed the intense pain coming from her anal region, and the constant rubbing of flesh against flesh deep inside of her anal passage caused the little girl to feel sensations she had never felt before. The sensations of being butt-fucked overwhelmed her and made her back arch uncontrollably and goose bumps form all over her upper back and upper arms as she hung in the man's very strong grip around her torso.

Tiffany felt it very intensely and her entire naked body broke out in a sudden sweat as she responded more and more to the extremely strong anal sensations she felt exploding inside her butt hole, where the huge black cock never stopped fucking once.

Tiffany's pink nipples swelled up even stiffer as the thick black cock in her ass rubbed against her deep inside her asshole and the nasty sensations spread from her asshole down to her already badly aroused little pussy. Suddenly the lust inside of Tiffany's naked pussy slit intensified, becoming so strong that it was all she could think about.

No longer fighting it, Tiffany's asshole clamped down and embraced the cock in her ass and she began to enjoy the sensations of it rubbing against her in all the right ways deep inside of her.

Two minutes later, Tiffany sexually submitted to the big Black Man completely.


John Sherman watched with wide, shocked eyes as his eight year old daughter suddenly stopped struggling and she became completely docile and submissive with the big Black man still fucking her ass hard and deep.

Watching Tiffany arching her back and gasping and shivering uncontrollably as she looked back shocked him that his young daughter was experiencing obvious sexual arousal at what was happening.

It totally shocked John to see the nasty look on his daughter's pretty face (he couldn't say innocent face anymore) as she got anally sodomized very forcefully. And the way his daughter was suddenly responding to it made it even nastier and obscene to watch than it already was.

John watched his daughter with Tyrone and saw the way she was beginning to act with him now. It had to be the drug they'd injected her with that was making her this way, but it drove John insane as he watched them together, mating in unnatural sexual union.

The way Tiffany's body was twisting in unison with the cock fucking her ass was obscene to watch. And the sounds she was making. Gasps, and moans and mewls and a lot of loud grunts as she took it up the ass like a big girl now, a willing participant now. It was obvious to everyone in the room that his daughter was getting off on the thick Black cock in her ass. Her innocense was gone.

Watching his eight year old daughter sexually responding to the dick brutally fucking her ass had an unexpected effect on John as he felt his cock, that had been shriveled up in fear between his legs, suddenly fill with blood and swell up into an erection. John Sherman felt so ashamed and humiliated and demoralized as he realized watching his eight year old baby getting off being ass-fucked by the vicious black thug was turning him on. It was so nasty watching them together.

Suddenly John saw his eight year old daughter in a whole new light as he watched her give herself to the black man in complete anal submission.

Soon Tiffany began to move with the man and her grunts and moans became louder and more frantic and she began to shiver uncontrollably and her back arched like crazy as her responses to the sex became more and more intense. Her sexual reactions with the black man shamed and humiliated John, to see his daughter acting so nasty with him.

It wasn't long after that Tiffany suddenly screamed out and her entire body convulsed wildly as she got off hard on the cock in her ass.

Pleasure unlike anything that eight year old Tiffany had ever felt before in her life exploded inside her anal passage, where the thick black cock was doing some of its hardest fucking yet.

Tiffany's loud moans sounded very passionate as she shook and shivered for an unusually long time before she suddenly went completely limp.

Tyrone had incredibly staying power and he used it to bring the eight year old girl off to two more screaming anal orgasms.  The little girl was very vocal each time she got off, letting every man in the room know how excited she was.  John heard his daughter's loud, passionate moaning as she got off and felt ashamed and guilty and aroused. He felt guilty because he was secretly enjoying watching her get ass-fucked.  He wanted to look away but all he saw was Tiffany's cute face as she screamed out all kinds of things in the heat of her passion. It was nasty and obscene to hear a little girl that young getting off that hard on an adult cock.

A little over five minutes later, Tyrone's thick black cock pushed very deep inside of Tiffany's asshole, deeper than it had pushed before when the first huge jet of semen suddenly exploded from his cockhead and shot very deep inside of the eight year old's unprotected bowels. Because of the the testoserone injections, He had very huge cums, especially for the first time. Tyrone pulled the little girl close as he squirted jet after jet after jet of scalding seed into the deepest part of the child's rectum, completely drenching her very sensitive anal passage with thick squirming nigger seed.

The little girl arched her back and moaned loudly as the torrent of thick slimy ejaculate splattered very high up into her rectum. Tyrone called the little white girl every dirty name in the book as he emptied his swollen ball sac deep inside her tight, still spasming asshole, filling it to overflowing.

After he was done squirting, Tyrone collapsed down onto the sweaty naked little girl below him, his cock still buried to the hilt inside of her semen filled asshole. He rested on top of her for several minutes that way, waiting for his heart rate and breathing to slow down before he pulled his long black cock out of the child's throbbing anus, followed by a huge rush of hot, sticky cum.Tyrone released her white body gleaming with sweat and oil and slimy cum and got off the mattress suddenly to pour himself a cold drink from the fully stocked portable liquor cabinet they had brought so they all stayed good and drunk and horny all night long.

Now that he had witnessed his eight year old daughter's brutal ass fuck, the two big black men suddenly released John and he sat up and stared down at Tiffany on the mattress.  The body of his completely naked daughter gleamed brightly as she lay face down on the mattress, panting for breath. It shocked John that his daughter had gotten so aroused that she'd orgasmed very noisily three times in a row. After watching her in action with Tyrone, John's cock was fully erect now, especially after listening to the sounds she made when she got off. It was nasty and obscene but it had John Sherman hard as rock now as he stared down at Tiffany.

Whatever they'd injected her with had been very effective on her body and her personality too. She wasn't the same little girl she had been just thirty minutes ago as she lay sprawled face down on the mattress with her throbbing asshole full to overflowing with thick nigger cum. Her shiny naked body wet with sweat and oil, she looked completely worn out by the three huge anal orgasms. The exhausted little nigger fuck toy was trying to fall asleep, but unfortunately for her, as the youngest family member she was going to be kept very busy for the rest of night in hard interracial fucking.

End of Part 3
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great storyline, really excited to see what happens to the rest of the family

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I'm enthralled.
Please, more.

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please more

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Please more, make the next girl really hate it.

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Part 4


Standing naked at the liquor cabinet drinking Hennessy straight from the bottle, Tyrone looked down at the naked eight year old girl he’d butt-fucked laying completely passive on her stomach with her gaping asshole full with his huge load. With the testosterone injections, the first load was always the biggest.  Looking down at all the thick milky white semen leaking from the little girl’s just-fucked sweaty eight year old white ass, Tyrone saw that he’d drowned her trembling asshole to overflowing with hot, scalding jizz.

For an eight year old girl, she was really pretty. They always found the prettiest white children to fuck. They didn’t want ugly children turning up in their depraved late night fuck sessions, which is why they had spent weeks staking out this specific white family, taking pictures of them secretly and spreading them around so the men knew who they were about to get. It was the attractiveness of the man's wife and three kids that had sealed the white family’s fate and had caused them and not some other family to end up on the Fuck Beds on this hot, humid August night.

And then Tyrone looked over at the father who had just watched his daughter get ass-fucked and hadn’t tried to do a thing to stop it. The man was shivering in fear in front of his raped daughter’s mattress, too scared to even get up off the floor. The Big Black Thug felt total contempt for the cowardly white father, who he thought deserved to watch his family get fucked senseless and turned into whores. With the kind of drugs they used, it was almost guaranteed that every family member would become totally sexually debauched by the end of it, including the eight year old girl, who was about to turn extremely nasty.

Now that he had watched the sexual violation of his youngest daughter, it was time for the man to witness the Brutal Gang Rape of his pretty wife. The Blonde wife looked hot and there was going to be a lot of interest in fucking her.

The wife and mother of the white family was going to be turned out tonight into a black cock whore as she took every black dick there at least once in each of her holes. The cuckold white father was never going to be allowed to fuck his wife again. She belonged to the Gang now and tonight they were going to put her through very heavy training.

Speaking to the men in his crew, Tyrone said “I want everybody to Gang Rape that Bitch’s pussy right in from him. Make sure he sees you turn her into a whore. Let everybody know.”


Still on his hands and knees in front of the mattress that his daughter had been ass-fucked on top of, John was suddenly dragged to his feet and pushed hard until he was in front of the mattress his wife Valerie was on. Pushed down hard to his knees in front of the big mattress, John was once more threatened that if he didn’t watch he would be executed. Very serious, they made John nod his head that he understood before they continued.

John looked up and saw the men lubricating their long masculine Black cocks and knew what about to happen: Valerie, his wife of more than twelve years, was about to be gang raped right in front of him and there wasn’t a thing he could do to stop it.

His wife knew what was about about to happen too. Seeing all the naked men suddenly surrounding her mattress, she screamed and tried to bolt off it. One of the big black men quickly grabbed her by her long blonde hair and bitch slapped her hard before throwing her back down hard onto the king-sized mattress. And then two of the big Black men got on the mattress with her and began ripping off her clothes.

“HELP ME, JOHN!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” his wife screamed as her blouse and bra were violently torn off, exposing her tits. John's heart raced inside his chest as strong black hands ripped off Valerie's skirt and panty hose and panties and high heels, stripping his wife completely naked in front of him.

One of the big Black Thugs ripped the wedding ring off of his wife's finger and threw it into John's face.

"She ain't yo wife no mo, BITCH!! She Belongs to ALL OF US now!” the Big Black Gang Member snarled.  Staring down at John with an evil sneer on his face, the muscular Black Gangsta said "We gonna turn your Bitch wife into a whore and you gonna watch us do it! Remember, you watch everything or you DIE!!"

Hearing himself once more threatened with imminent death if he looked away, John realized he had no choice but to watch as Valerie got brutally raped.

Suddenly it started, and John watched helplessly as his wife’s long white legs were suddenly forced up hard just before the huge black man bent over Valerie’s naked white body.

"OH GOD, PLEASE DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU’RE TOO BIG!!!! YOU”RE TOO BIG" he heard Valerie scream in panic just before a strong black hand clamped down tightly over her mouth and the huge Black Cock went balls deep inside of her pussy and started fucking her like a race horse.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DON'T!!!!!!!" John Sherman wanted to yell but not a peep did he utter as he watched the big black man vaginally raping his pretty blonde-haired wife right in front of him.

John felt the protest welling up inside of him as he watched his loving wife of more than twelve years being raped by another man. His wife was screaming and crying and thrashing underneath the man as she got raped, the pained expression on her face showing how much it was hurting her as the big naked black man quickly fucked her into submission.

Looking down horrified to what was happening on the mattress right in front of him, John saw Valerie's long white legs still kicking every once in a while on either side of the huge black man on top of her as her pussy got very deeply raped.

It killed John inside to watch Valerie with another man, even if it was during a rape. It really bothered him to see the shiny black cock thrusting in and out of her pussy a mile a minute. 

Besides being a very hard fuck, it was a very long fuck too.  John had never seen such staying power before as the huge Black fucked Valerie non-stop for over twenty five minutes. And then without warning, the huge aggressive black male grunted loudly and jerked hard on top of his wife and he saw Valerie's face flush deeply as all the jets of hot cum shot up inside of her raped pussy.

After he came, the huge Black Thug got off of Valerie’s sweaty naked body and went over to get a drink.

Immediately afterwards a different Black man got on top of of the mattress with his wife and started raping her again even harder than the first man had.

Like the man before him, the heavily muscled Black Thug seemed to have incredible staying power, lasting some twenty two minutes of some of the hardest fucking John had ever seen, including in the porn movies he sometimes liked to secretly watch, before he grunted and shot a lot a more ropy slimy cum up inside of Valerie's already completely drenched vaginal cavity.

The man got up off his wife and immediately another big rough looking Black got on the mattress and pulled Valerie roughly up onto her hands and knees and raped her ass.

It further killed John inside as he watched Valerie's face closely and saw the last of her dignity and pride being violently raped away as she was anally sodomized vary hard on her hands and knees.

Feeling totally lost now, John felt like crying as he watched his loving wife of more than twelve years being sexually defiled right in front of him. It was so unfair that this was happening to them. What had he done to deserve being forced to watch something as horrible as this?

John watched as the huge black male anally sodomized his wife right in front of his wide, shocked eyes. For some reason he couldn’t look away from their sexual union as he watched the thick Black cock disappear repeatedly up inside of his wife’s violated asshole as they anally mated.

The funny thing about it is that John had tried to get Valerie to do anal sex with him many times but she had always refused, telling him she thought it was too dirty and nasty to have that kind of sex. Now here she was being ass-fucked out of her mind on the badly cum-stained mattress in some of the dirtiest, nastiest ass fucking that John had ever seen, including in the porn movies he sometimes liked to watch.

The man ass-fucked Valerie for more than fifteen minutes before he unleashed the fountain of hot, sticky cum from the gushing black cock head deep into the unprotected bowels of his wife.

After shooting all his junk inside the sobbing white woman, the Thug pulled his cock out of her and headed to the Bar to get some badly needed alcohol.

And then a different man fucked Valerie’s pussy for a long time before drowning her raped raw vagina in another huge load of thick hot cream


Valerie Sherman’s flushed face burned in humiliation and shame as her beat up pussy was quickly filled to overflowing for the third time with heavy squirts of thick nigger cum.  It shocked her and shamed her that there was so much of it.  When these men came it was like a fire hose squirting a seemingly endless stream of slimy ejaculate into the very deepest part of her raped pussy. They were “drenching” cums.

The long black cock pulled out of her semen-filled pussy and Valerie lay there in shock as her panicked mind tried to comprehend the complete sexual depravity she was experiencing. It was way worse than anything Valerie's mind could handle being vaginally and anally raped by HUGE Black Cocks and then filled to overflowing with hot, slimy cum afterwards.

What made the rapes even worse than they already were was the knowledge that Valerie hadn't used her birth control in over two weeks because she couldn't get intimate enough with her husband to have sex with him. The black men had raped her three times and shot their huge loads up inside of her unprotected pussy. Valerie knew what this meant. Unless they gave her an abortion, she was going to get pregnant with a Black Baby, maybe Twins if the amount of cum inside her pussy was any indication of its potential to impregnate her with her black rapists thick squirming seed.

After fucking her brains out in front of her husband vaginally and anally, there was a pause in the action and the black men left the naked, sweat covered white woman on the mattress as they prepared for the next phase of the Gang Rape.

John stared down at his naked wife. Now both of Valerie’s holes were full to overflowing with thick nigger cum as she lay sobbing on the mattress, her naked body in trembling in anticipation of the further sexual assaults she knew she was about to experience.

Staring down at his trembling naked wife with the huge nigger cream pies in her pussy and ass, John felt totally lost in that moment. He’d thought he had done the smart thing by choosing not to fight the Black men, but now his cowardice stung him as he stared down at his raped wife, and he felt overwhelming shame and humiliation and guilt that he had allowed his wife to be sexually violated in the worst ways imaginable and hadn't made a single protest against it. He didn't know how to live with himself after watching it.

"I-I'm sorry, John!!! I'm sorry!!!! I'm so sorry!!!!" his red faced wife was sobbing helplessly,  aplogizing to him for getting raped as she lay on the mattress, her face flushed red in humiliation and shame.

Now that she’d been repeatedly sexually violated and completly shamed and humiliated, it was time to give the white wife and mother the injection that would kick the Gang Rape into high gear and turn her into a Black Cock loving slut right in front of her husband.

John watched helplessly as another one of the syringes was jabbed roughly into his naked wife’s inner thigh up close to her pussy, where it would have the fastest, strongest effect.

After seeing what the drug injection had done to his eight year old daughter, John feared greatly how it was going to change his wife. The thought of Valerie becoming passionate with the big naked Black rapists terrified him and made him feel intensely jealousy that his wife was about to fuck a whole lot of other men. His wife had only ever fucked him before, and suddenly John was worried sick that his wife was about to be unfaithful to him, especially with the drug they’d injected into her inner thigh.

As he had seen them do with eight year old Tiffany, The Black men waited for the drug injection to take effect before they resumed the Gang Rape. Since the shot had been injected into Valerie’s upper thigh, up close to her pussy, it had almost immediate effect and soon the strong smell of Valerie's pussy's assaulted John's nose.  He’d eaten her out a few times when they first got married so he recognized Valerie’s distinct smell in the hot muggy air and it made him feel ashamed to smell it so strongly as his wife got seriously wet.

Watching Valerie's face very closely, he knew by experience the looks she made when she got hot before they fucked (when they used to fuck, before his wife started losing interest in fucking him) and he started seeing that look now stronger than he had ever seen it before. The look on his wife's face made John worried sick with jealousy that she was getting hot and excited right before she was about to pull a long train of horny Black men.

Valerie started moaning and writhing on the mattress then as she became uncontrollably sexually aroused. It really bothered John as he saw how aroused Valerie was starting to become, more aroused than he had ever seen her before during all the times they had sex together. He felt seething hatred and anger and jealousy at the black men. It was so wrong and unnatural in every way what they were doing. Using drugs and non-stop Hard Fucking, they were going to turn Valerie into a whore!! The thought of Valerie becoming a whore for Black Cock made him really crazy inside and he felt all hope begin to die inside him with the realization that he was about to lose his wife.

And then the hard fucking on the mattress suddenly resumed, this time with a completely different big naked Black. The big Black Muscular Thug pulled Valerie up on top of some pillows and fucked her doggy style.

Unlike the three rapes before it, this was much more like fucking, with the huge grunting Black Gang Member putting passion in his strong, deep strokes. Valerie very quickly responded to it and John watched, shocked, as his wife became sexually submissive with the naked black man as she got very deeply fucked.

The hard fucking went on for a long time before Valerie suddenly started moaning loudly, her face flushed red and her eyes closed, beginning to radiate her passion now.

Trying to fight off the effects of the drugs that were controlling her behavior, Valerie Sherman felt ashamed and humiliated and excited and aroused as she got fucked very deeply by the thick, masculine Black shaft plunging in and out of her belly.

Valerie hadn't expected a rape to feel so good. It felt surprisingly good to be fucked by a very masculine, virile man for a change after twelve years of her less than sexually satisfying husband. The reason she had stopped fucking John is because he didn't excite her anymore. He didn't excite her anything like what Valerie felt right now toward the fucking Black Stud on top of her. Valerie loved John, she really did, but he had always been lacking in the sex department and she had felt frustrated and deprived because of his sexual inadequacies. Fucking a real man was a lot different and a lot more exciting, even if he was a Black rapist.

Valerie breathed in the smell of testosterone hanging in the hot, humid air and she responded to it as any female would, with intense lust and sexual excitement as she was being very passionately fucked by the huge Black Cock in her pussy. It felt so good now that Valerie suddenly lost herself in the sweaty sexual excitement of the moment and she began to move with her Black Rapist. She couldn’t seem to help herself as her body responded uncontrollably to the hard, passionate fucking.

And then Valerie turned nasty, forgetting all about it being a rape and just letting herself enjoy the rough, hard fucking. She liked getting fucked hard by a real man, not like her husband who never had fucked her hard enough or long enough.  Now she was getting the fucking she had always secretly craved and she began to fuck back.

Valerie suddenly felt more love for the Black man on top of her than she had ever felt for her husband as she fucked him very passionately, with all of her soul and being.  Her mind totally controlled by the drugs, she gave herself to the Black man the way a wife gives herself to her husband.  The Black cock in her pussy made Valerie feel very strong passion for her rapist as they fucked until she had a HUGE orgasm.

Screaming out her passion, she ground herself against him as she came all over his huge black cock very deeply fucking her pussy. The orgasm was much bigger than anything she had ever had while fucking her husband in over twelve years of marriage. Her husband’s masculinity was nothing compared to the raw, aggressive masculinity of the Black man and Valerie felt nothing but intense love for him.

Valerie didn't care that she had just cum all over another man's cock while her husband was watching. As hot and excited as she was, Valerie wanted him to watch her giving herself to another man who was much more masculine and virile than he was. She wanted him to feel the sting of his sexual inadequicies as he watched her fucking a big strong man for a change.

After being fucked doggy style over the pillows for a long time, the Black man grunted in Valerie's flushed ear and she felt her pussy suddenly filled with a fresh infusion of hot, slimy cum.  Blushing hard, Valerie moaned loudly as her Black Lover squirted off inside her.  After fucking that hard, they were lovers in every sense of the word now as he finally pulled out of her drenched pussy and he got up off her.

Valerie suddenly forgot all about her watching husband as all of her attention went to the long line of naked black men waiting to fuck her, and she felt nothing but lust. She didn't care about her husband right now. It was all about what she wanted now, and what she wanted was to get fucked very hard by a lot of different men and it didn't bother Valerie in the slightest if her husband watched it.

Looking up at the long line of naked black men waiting their turn with her, Valerie felt more excited than she had ever been in her life and her pussy was filled with intense, strong lust as she realized she was about to be fucked out of her mind!!

The drugs in her system were beginning to peak as as another huge naked black man got on top of the mattress with her.

This time she didn’t hold anything back and became immediately passionate with him, forgetting all about her husband watching everything that was going on with wide, very jealous eyes as she fucked him very passionately.

Watching everything, John saw Valerie suddenly start fucking the Black man back and the amount of jealousy he felt took his breath away. The worst part for him had been hearing his wife sing out her very passionate orgasm with the Black man, an orgasm much stronger than anything she had ever had with him.

Feeling dead inside, John watched them fuck for a long time until the man came inside her and Valerie moaned very passionately as her pussy was once more filled with hot slimy cream.

John saw the black man squeezing his wife’s tits after he’d cum very heavily inside of her, whispering sweet nothings into her flushed ear as he groped her naked body lewdly. He heard Valerie giggle that sounded distinctly nasty as she lay naked with the man she'd just fucked and he felt completely dead inside.

The man got off his wife and was immediately replaced by a different black man, this one very dark skinned with a big scar on his cheek and a shiny bald head. John watched as the Black man and his wife immediately started fucking hard on top of the king sized mattress. It shocked him to see fucking this raw and dirty between his wife and another man. Valerie was acting totally depraved with the very dark skinned black man. Wrapping her long white legs around his muscular waist, Valerie fucked the shit out of the Black man right in front of him until another huge drenching load shot up everywhere inside of her.  This time the Black man didn’t pull out of her immediately but he stayed inside her as they rested together, both of them worn out by some unusually hard fucking.

Seeing Valerie’s sweaty white legs wrapped very tightly around the gleaming Black man, John didn’t recognize his wife anymore. She was acting intimate with him, more intimate than he had ever seen her act with him. He watched them kiss passionately before the Black Cock was pulled out of his wife’s pussy and yet another man took his place on the sweaty mattress with her.

John watched his wife’s long white legs wrap around the black man’s muscular waist as they immediately started fucking and he felt intense betrayal and jealousy. How could Valerie treat him this way, acting like she didn’t even care about him anymore?

Watching the complete slut in action that Valerie had become, John started to cry uncontrollably as he realized he'd lost her forever. The Big Black Thug who had thrown his wedding ring into his face had been right.  She wasn’t his wife anymore.  She was a whore for Black Cock now and from the look of things she was going to be that way from now on. She acted like she was in love with all the Big Black men fucking her one after the other. Even after the drugs wore off, she could never come back from anything like this. Valerie had been "turned out".

End of Part 4

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Part 5

John Sherman cried helplessly as he watched the hot, interracial fucking on the sweaty cum-stained mattress between his unfaithful wife and one of the big naked Black men.  He didn’t even recognize Valerie anymore as she moaned loudly in passion with her long white legs wrapped tightly around her Black lover’s waist.  Seeing how big and swollen the strawberry colored nipples on Valerie’s sweaty breasts were, showing her very hot arousal, John realized that all she cared about now was getting fucked over and over again by one hard Black Cock after another inside her pussy and ass both. She had been completely transformed and was no longer his wife. Now she was white trash who loved Black men.

As he was trying to cope with this shocking reality, the big Gang leader Tyrone suddenly stood above him holding a machine gun.

"Get your coward white ass over here!", gesturing with the AK-47 muzzle toward the one unoccupied mattress in the warehouse.

After just having watched his wife turn into a whore, John felt completely dead inside as he stumbled over to the badly stained king-sized mattress, passing Tiffany’s mattress on the way to it.

Looking down, he saw a huge naked Black man pulling out of the child’s drenched vaginal cavity and raising his big heavy naked black body off of her. The ultra-cute eight year old girl had been sexually violated in the worst ways imaginable by three very strong, very virile Black men and she showed it, her naked body gleaming with sweat and oil and semen running out of her pussy and ass and coating her pale flushed white body.  Naked as the day she was born, Tiffany was moaning loudly and thrashing uncontrollably on the mattress. The drug injection had completely changed her inside and now she was a nasty little girl who got off being raped by Black men.

John realized he’d lost his wife and his little girl now and he was about to lose the rest of his family. Completely demoralized, he suddenly didn’t care anymore what they did to him as he stood above the empty mattress.  And that’s when two of the big Black men stripped him naked, starting with his pants, followed by his boxer underwear and shoes and lastly his shirt.

John hadn’t expected to be raped himself but he realized that was exactly what was about to happen. John felt sudden intimidation as he stared fearfully at the Gangland tatts all over Tyrone’s massive black chest and arms as he stared at the huge eight and half inch black cock hanging down between the Gang Leader’s muscular thighs.  John suddenly felt threatened by the masculinity of the powerful Black man and he felt terrified that his own masculinity was about to be completely overwhelmed by another man during a brutal homosexual rape.


Tyrone Biggs stood in front of the naked white man with a huge erection hanging between his legs.  After watching his wife and little girl turned into whores, it was time for the father of three to be turned into a faggot.

The father didn’t get an injection to make him enjoy being raped like the rest of his family. Tyrone didn’t want this scared little man to get any enjoyment from his ass being raped raw. He wanted the white father to suffer as he felt everything that was happening to him and to his entire family.

Without warning, Tyrone bitch slapped the white father and threw him down hard on top of one of the badly stained mattresses.

"GET DOWN ON YOUR FUCKING HANDS AND KNEES. I'MA MAKE YOU MY BITCH!!" the Black man said viciously as he got on top of the mattress with the naked white man and roughly pulled him up onto his hands and knees by his hair.  And then Tyrone mounted him hard.

"NO!!! NO!!!!! YOU CAN'T!! YOU CAN'T!!” the white coward screamed in protest as Tyrone’s thick Black Cock violently penetrated his asshole and began anally sodomizing him very hard.

"NO!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!!!" the white father screamed over and over again like a woman as Tyrone’s eight and a half inch Black Shaft fucked his asshole raw in the middle of the filthy king sized mattress.

Meanwhile, two mattresses down, five big strong completely naked black men quickly surrounded the mattress of John’s other daughter, Amber Sherman. Staring down at the smoking hot white jail bait, she was without a doubt one of the prettiest white girls the black men had ever seen for her age.  Unlike her mother and brother and sister, she had black hair that she had inherited from her father and she was lightly tanned. The eleven year old girl was wearing bright pink shorts and a tee shirt and was barefoot as she stared up at them with huge brown eyes, shaking in fright.  All five men were ready to turn her tight pussy inside and out in hard, aggressive fucking and turn the pretty eleven year old into a whore like her mother.


Amber Sherman looked around at the unsmiling faces of the naked black men surrounding her and she immediately knew that it was her turn to get the same treatment as her mother. Amber had watched her mother getting gang raped and she knew that no mercy was going to be shown to her as she stared around at the five big strong naked black men surrounding her mattress.  

At eleven years old, Amber knew all about sex and she had heard the stories of what had happened to some of her friends who had disappeared. They had been kidnapped and gang raped by blacks. Amber knew that a lot of white girls were getting raped now, much worse than it had been even a year earlier. All of the girls at her school were aware of the danger of straying away from the white community, but Amber had never thought she would be kidnapped during a home invasion. She hadn’t seen that one coming and it had taken her totally by surprise.

Amber quivered in fear and revulsion as she watched the darting eyes of the black men quickly running up and down her slender white body hidden from their lusting eyes by only a pair of very brief pink shorts and a tee shirt so tiny it fully showed her stomach.  Since it was such a hot night, Amber hadn’t been wearing much at all when she had been suddenly grabbed by the very strong black man and carried out of her house and forced to get in the back of the dirty white pickup truck and driven into South L.A. where the Gang ruled.

On each brutal black face was the look of a sexual predator who was about to feed. Inside her shorts, Amber’s pussy clenched up in fear at the realization that a lot of huge Black Cocks were about to penetrate it.

Suddenly Amber felt the weight of another person on top of the mattress behind her and she turned around to look up at the big naked black man glaring down at her with a sneer on his face.  His brownish black skin gleamed in the dim light of the warehouse as he stood right above her on the mattress, looking like he was about to jump down on top of her.

Suddenly panicking, Amber tried to bolt off the mattress then, screaming "NO!!!!!!!!!  Stay away from me!!!" but the big Black quickly grabbed her by her black hair and pulled her roughly back to him. She went wild trying to get away from but he was very strong as he held her tightly with one hand and raised his other hand and slapped Amber across the face so hard he almost knocked her out and she fell down hard into the middle of the mattress she had been in such a big hurry to leave.

Her face burning and still dazed and seeing stars from the unusually hard slap, Amber was unable to defend herself as the man’s strong black hands quickly ripped off her shorts and panties, followed by her pink tee-shirt and training bra. Stripped completely naked now, Amber was pushed down like a piece of meat onto her back on the mattress and held down by strong Black hands as four other black hands forced her slender lightly tanned legs up and held them wide apart, so her naked eleven year old pussy was completely spread open and exposed and the Big Black man climbed on top of her.

Amber screamed at the top of her lungs at the pain as the huge Black cock fully penetrated her in a single stroke and started fucking her unusually hard. The amount of pain Amber was suddenly feeling was too much for her and she screamed and balled and kicked and struggled violently as she got fucked hard and deep. Held down tightly by many pairs of strong Black hands, the eleven year old girl was unable to break free as her young pussy was very violently raped. It was so violent that Amber peed herself, releasing her bladder completely and soaking the mattress underneath her as she got violated by hard, aggressive black cock. Amber tried to feel pleasure from the rape but it was too violent and all she felt was pain until all the jets of hot liquid suddenly drowned her raped pussy.   The man lay on top of her for a minute while he caught his breath, his huge black cock still buried as deep inside her as it could go, leaking the last of its semen high up inside of her stomach. And then he pulled out of her and got up without even looking at her.

Feeling great shame and humiliation at having been used like a piece of meat by the nasty Black men, Amber's face flushed as she sobbed hopelessly with the realization that she'd been raped!  Her entire pussy was flooded with the hot slimy liquid that had come out of the man's penis. ‘Am I going to get pregnant now?’ she wondered, terrified, as she looked around with panicked eyes at the other black men standing around the mattress, waiting their turn with her. After being raped once and hating every second of it, Amber was filled with dread of getting raped by a lot of other men.

But the Black men had something else in store for her and Amber was held tightly down to the mattress while one of the men injected her with the same powerful drug mixture her mother and little sister had already both received.

“OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as she felt the sharp pain in her inner thigh just below her pussy.  It took almost two minutes to inject her before the man suddenly released her.  Amber gasped in shock as she felt the burning feeling spread from the injection point up into her throbbing semen-filled pussy

Shocked, Amber had seen the way her mother had started acting nasty with the black men, wrapping her legs around their waists and acting like she was in love with them, so she already knew what was about to happen to her as she felt her eleven year old pussy start to tingle madly and then fill with lust.  Amber had started masturbating last year and so she immediately recognized the feelings of lust that were starting to enflame her young pussy, but this was much stronger than anything she had ever felt by trying to pleasure herself with her slender fingers working her clit.  It was the kind of lust that took her breath away it was so strong and urgent. Amber tried hard to resist the lust, but what she didn't know is that it couldn't be resisted. It had been proven that the drug worked in all females from age five who got the full injection, the one Amber had gotten in her inner thigh very close to her eleven year old pussy. The drug injection had her mind and body completely compromised now as the hormones in the drug went to work hard on Amber's own hormones, activating them one by one several years before they were intended to be activated in first time sex with a boy.  

Amber’s hormones were raging now in response and soon her drenched pussy was burning with lust and she began to moan uncontrollably with passion.  Her fear of the big naked Black men disappeared and was replaced with excitement at the knowledge that she was about to be repeatedly fucked.

Hearing her moans and looking down at the tight pink pussy slit dripping her eleven year old juices, the five big Black men gathered around the mattress knew the drugs were coming on strong and it was time for them all to get laid inside of the pretty black haired eleven year old white girl.

The next man in line suddenly dropped heavily down on top of the mattress with her and forced her legs back up hard and forced his heavily veined black cock all the way into the girl’s belly and then started fucking her passionately, trying to turn the white girl out as his huge black shaft slid hotly in and out of her still very tight eleven year old pussy.

The girl quickly assumed the missionary position under the huge Black rapist and she moaned as he fucked her. “Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh….Uh…” her loud passionate moans could be clearly heard as Amber got her brains fucked out on the sweaty mattress.

Even though she’d been fucked once, the eleven year old girl was red hot, reacting in a very submissive, feminine way with the huge muscular black adult male violently fucking her.  The fucking went on for an unusually long time until the huge naked Black body jerked hard and Amber screamed out her passion as her lower belly was completely drenched with squirming nigger seed.  The huge cream pie made Amber blush and feel love for the man on top of her as they lay together.  The Black man’s naked body felt hot and sweaty and sticky pressed against hers until he suddenly got up.

Amber’s body was wet with sweat now as she looked up to see which of the three remaining black men was going to fuck her next. She was eagerly anticipating another very hard fuck with one of the men.  Her eleven year old mind totally fucked up now, Amber wanted to be raped over and over again while she enjoyed it all.

The eleven year old girl was very popular with the black men, second only to the oiled down eight year old girl getting fucked senseless in the middle of her sweaty mattress for the twelfth time. The men fucked Amber over and over again until she didn’t even remember her own name anymore.  A willing participant in her own Gang Rape now, she was holding her own legs up now as she took one Black Cock after another inside her pussy filled with a crazy amount of lust. Her own sexual urges very strong now, Amber felt intense love for the men fucking her.  And when they came inside her she wanted to marry them and have their babies. That’s how fucked up her mind was.

End of Part 5
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Part 6

LJ Cool Daddy KKK did a line of cocaine as he finished resting up after fucking the little eight year old girl out of her mind and blowing several more huge wads of slimy jizz up inside of her slick oiled down belly.  For as young as she was, she was a great little fuck and had brought him off much quicker than he had anticipated. Her little pussy never stopped squeezing his huge black cock once the entire time they were fucking.

Now rested up enough, Tyrone suddenly felt energized for another a hard fuck with a different member of the man’s family.  His perverted eyes immediately fell onto the pretty little boy with the face of a girl sitting timidly in the middle of his mattress and trying not to attract any hostile attention from any of Tyrone’s men, who were all pretty well occupied with the other members of his family. What the blonde haired white boy with the perfect face didn’t know is that Tyrone had told the other men not to touch him until he’d fucked him senseless.

The cute little boy was about to learn that he had a pussy and Tyrone was going to teach him how to use it to please a man. Tyrone was about to turn the pretty nine year old white boy into his Bitch. Using drugs and his eight and half inch masculine Black shaft, he was going to turn the boy into a girl. He was going to make the boy crave hard fucking so he got off being brutally raped.  Tyrone turned all the little white boys into sissies and enjoyed doing it immensely.  Nothing got him hard like turning out a cute young white boy. He started coating the KY on very heavily as he prepared himself to break this one in good and hard. With a boy as young and pretty as this, Tyrone was going to go all out to completely transform him during one session of hard, passionate fucking.


Sitting almost politely on his mattress, Brian Sherman was trying to be very quiet and very meek so none of the big black men would start hurting him the way they were hurting all the other members of his family. Terrified of what was happening, he tried to be invisible as he sat timidly in the middle of the giant mattress.

Brian felt almost uncontrollable panic welling up inside of him as he watched his mother and sisters getting violently raped on the mattresses all around him.  Even his Dad was getting raped, all by Black men. 

It deeply disturbed the boy especially to see his mother being raped and the way she was acting with the men, like she didn’t care anymore. Brian had never seen her act that way before and that look on his mother’s face almost made her look and sound like a stranger to him now as she very actively fucked each man who got down on top of her.

Watching his mother wrap her legs around the men’s waists, Brian felt so confused inside as his young innocent nine year old brain tried to comprehend the complete sexual depravity he saw going on all the other mattresses. He had never seen his family acting the way they were tonight, all of them acting nasty and making all kinds of funny noises and sounds he’d never heard from them before. All the moaning and groaning and grunting coming from the mouths of his family members that he had never heard them make before confused the boy and greatly worried him that his family was never going to be the same after tonight.  What Brian didn’t think about or know is that he himself wasn’t going to the same after getting the first real fucking of his life.  Brian was destined to become a boy who loved very hard sex with adult men above all else and his training was about to start.


Tyrone’s heavily muscled ebony body covered in tatts was wet and shiny with sweat as he stood behind the boy’s mattress with his thick masculine cock gleaming in KY.  He’d really coated it on good because he knew from experience how much got scraped off by all the hard friction of the anal rape. Tyrone wanted to be a good and slippery inside of the boy’s ass so he could butt fuck his brains out.

Tyrone had never felt such intense lust as he felt now. It wasn’t just sexual arousal but sexual need as he stared at the male child he felt such intense lust and perverted sexual desire for.  He was going to rape this kid’s ass so fucking hard!  He was going to turn his ass out!

The boy didn’t see it coming before Tyrone suddenly dropped down onto the mattress with him, scaring the shit out of him. The blonde boy stared down at his giant lubricated cock and his brown eyes went wide in horror.

“DON’T HURT ME MISTER!!!!!!” he screamed in panic, frantically trying to scramble backwards off the mattress, but Tyrone quickly grabbed him and stripped him completely naked before holding him in a tight bear hug. The struggling, squirming boy was yelling "LET ME GO!!!  LET ME GO!!!!" and kicking and struggling to get away as Tyrone called over one of his men who normally administered the drug injections.  “Use the whole thing on his asshole. All of it! I want him extra hot back there!”

The boy screamed and kicked in protest as he got about a dozen injections all around his very sensitive asshole as Tyrone held him down very tightly so he couldn’t pull loose. He held the boy tightly until the drugs started coming on.  The first sign of the drug coming on was the boy inhaling sharply and flexing has ass, and he knew from experience the boy was feeling strong anal arousal and was trying to anally stimulate himself. That is the way it always started, until the more profound effects took control of the boy’s fevered brain. Seeing the boy was feeling strong anal arousal meant it was time to start and let the effects of the drug just get stronger and stronger in the boy until he surrendered his male sexuality to Tyrone for good.

He stopped struggling after a while, becoming completely passive in Tyrone’s strong Black arms and there was no longer a need to hold him.  The Heroin made him completely passive and twisted his nine year old mind so he would begin to accept the sexual assault as a natural, normal thing between two people expressing their love for each other instead of the anal rape it was. It would take a while for the boy to learn to love it, even with the heavy anal drug injection, but once he did, it was about to turn into a life-long love of being violently anally sodomized by adult men.

Releasing the now dazed, docile boy from his tight bear hug grip, Tyrone brutally took his ass on top of the mattress. The little boy let out a loud shriek of pain as the adult cock in his ass slippery with many layers of KY Jelly suddenly went balls deep and began to anally sodomize the nine year old boy very deeply on his hands and knees in front of him.  The boy cried in fear and confusion as his asshole was brutally taken, his face red and his eyes closed, a look of complete shame and humiliation on his pretty face as he took it up the ass hard.

Tyrone fucked the nine year old boy like a ragdoll, sexually dominating him as the drug injection was starting to have a very strong effect in the boy’s tight anal passage. There is no better way to turn out a boy than to get him anally aroused, and with the amount of the drug used in one small area, it was a sure thing that this kid was going to get so aroused that he would turn into a faggot.

Tyrone knew how to use his aggressive Black cock to maximum effectiveness inside the asses of young, prepubescent male white kids to get them excited about the ass fucking, even if they didn’t want to feel that way. After fucking the boy extra hard, he suddenly slowed the fucking down so it was much more like normal fucking between a man and a woman, and Tyrone began to put passion in the fucking of his little white lover.  Before he was done with him, the blonde haired boy’s sexuality was going to be completely turned and he would be a faggot for the rest of his life.  He was going to turn the Boy with the face of a girl into a girl for real.

The Boy immediately responded to the passion and he suddenly moaned loudly as his tight white ass got reamed by hard black cock. The amount of pleasure he was feeling inside his anal region took his breath away it was so strong as the huge, heavily veined black cock coated with KY rubbed against him in all the right ways.  Brian felt his anal passage suddenly become super sensitive as it suddenly contracted down on the fucking Black cock and his back arched uncontrollably in response.

Brian didn’t notice that his little white pecker was completely stiff as he was being butt fucked out of his mind.  He was too focused on all the sensations he felt inside his extremely sensitive ass. The sensations felt distinctly nasty to Brian and suddenly he thought he was doing something wrong because he was feeling good while something incredibly nasty was happening to him. And then he felt something for the Black man that made him feel deeply ashamed.  Brian couldn’t even describe what he felt, except that it was a nasty, dirty kind of love he felt for the Black man because of what they were doing together.  Brian was very aware of the sexual aspects of their union and he automatically assumed the feminine role, the role the Black men wanted him to keep for the rest of his life.  Brian didn’t know the mistake he was making as he gave his male sexuality to the big naked Black man and chose to become a female for him.  The injections inside of his anus had very quickly turned Brian into a girl as he began to moan loudly for his man.

Tyrone heard the nine year old boy moaning loudly below him and knew that he’d been turned. Unlike girls, boys had to get the injection in their asses for him to have a strong effect on them so they would change sexuality and assume the female role. This pretty nine year old boy/girl knew how to be a female for him and he was very docile and moved with him and humped back against him and made faces and a lot of feminine moaning sounds. And then he had his first anal orgasm of the night, his slender naked body stiffening suddenly as he screamed out some unintelligible words as he shook and shuddered for an unusually long time before he went limp.

The ass fucking went on for a long time. Tyrone had taken orgasm inhibitors to make him have unusually long straying power as he worked to bring his little white lover off to another huge anal orgasm.

His little dick so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it now, the boy acted like he was in love as he got very passionately anally sodomized before he screamed out surprisingly loud as he shook and shuddered violently.

Both man and boy were feeling strong, unnatural love for one another now as the ass fucking suddenly got hotter and a lot dirtier and the boy began fucking back surprisingly hard.  Seeing the boy do that told Tyrone he was completely turned now, which was his goal, and he fucked until he shot off inside of him.  Tyrone was so hot and turned on that he shot a very huge load up inside of his throbbing anal passage.

The boy screamed like a girl in excitement  as his nine year old ass was suddenly drowned in six large jets of scalding black seed. And then they lay there together on the mattress, both of them breathing hard as they promised their love to each other.  This boy was so pretty that Tyrone was going to keep him as his personal sex slave, at least during the next several weeks as he fucked him multiple times each night.  Tyrone had a very high libido to satisfy, and as a sex slave, this boy was about to learn his asshole didn’t belong to him anymore. It belonged to the Gang, as did the rest of his body.

After fucking the white boy and depositing the huge anal cream pie deep inside of his ass, Tyrone stood up off from his sweat covered naked white body and nodded his head at the line of the men waiting to fuck the little boy.  Out of respect to Tyrone, they had allowed him to have first shot at the boy’s nine year old ass, but now that he’d drowned it in cum, it was a free for all, and anyone could fuck the boy now that wanted.  As Tyrone stepped off the mattress, another big naked black man with a very hard, thick cock got down on top of the sweaty mattress with the boy and he was getting butt fucked out of his mind again.

Going over to the Portable Bar, Tyrone uncapped another bottle of whiskey and chugged it straight from the bottle.  After getting off in the boy’s tight ass, he felt incredibly good and excited about the way the Gang Rape was going. This was the hottest rape they had ever done.  It was the family members themselves that made it so hot as he looked around at all five of them being fucked.

The eight year old girl had totally turned now and had her slender white legs wrapped around Malcom’s waist as he fucked her brains out in the middle of the sweat and cum drenched mattress. Even through it was very hard fucking, the little girl seemed to love every stroke as she moaned and mewled and moved with the huge naked black man.

The white woman (Tyrone didn’t refer to her as the man’s wife because she clearly wasn’t his wife anymore) was pulling a long train of black men. The drug injection had brought out the woman’s true sexual nature and she was fully embracing it as she fucked one Black man after another in non-stop red hot sex.

Looking down at the mattress he had just been on, he saw the blonde boy was being double teamed, one of them fucking his ass and one of them fucking his mouth. They would take turns and every once in a while they would change sides, so the boy gagged as he got a sudden taste of his own ass.

On the mattress beside him lay the eleven year old daughter holding her own legs up and open as she got gang banged by a long line of black men that never got shorter as men went back again and again for seconds and sometimes even thirds. Like her mother, she was a whore now and would stay a whore after tonight turning tricks for the Gang , just like all the other white women.

Walking over to the last mattress, Tyrone stared down at the sobbing white father who had been gang raped over a dozen times.  His asshole leaking semen all over the mattress, the man was a pathetic mess, but he noticed he had a very stiff erection between his legs after being ass fucked so many times and his prostate got highly stimulated.  He was probably feeling a lot of confusion about his own sexuality now as he experienced strong homosexual feelings for the first time in his life with the men as he got anally aroused being in the feminine role of sex.

Seeing how lost and hopeless the man looked as he lay defeated on the mattress made Tyrone feel a spark of sympathy for the man that he deserved to feel some pleasure after feeling so much overwhelming despair and loss. Looking over at the mattress the eleven year old girl was on, he suddenly got an idea.


John Sherman lay on his side on the sweaty cum stained mattress filled with intense shame and loathing.  His asshole was completely drenched with the hot, scalding cum of so many men that he had lost count.  After being gang raped so many times, John didn’t think of himself as a man anymore. He was a Punk now, as he called homosexual men who took the female role as he had.  Now that he had willingly taken the female role, John could never go back to being a man.  He wasn’t a man. He was a sex slave now.

After being Gang raped by horny Black men, John was a faggot who got off on being raped.  His asshole accepted the anal rape as sex before his mind had finally accepted it too as each hard black cock rubbed over his prostate, sexually stimulating and exciting the hidden homosexual nature inside of him that he hadn’t even been aware of until tonight. It had taken being gang raped for John to suddenly accept that he must be gay if he enjoyed getting ass fucked so much. And he did enjoy it.  His own cock was rock hard now after he become anally aroused. It was too bad he wasn’t going to get to use it, or so he thought.

“Get him up and bring him over to his daughter!” Tyrone commanded loudly as he gestured with his hand for the men on top of the girl to disperse.  The command was instantly obeyed and the naked eleven year old began thrashing around in arousal and sexual frustration on top of the mattress. They had awoken a need in the girl that could only be satisfied by adult cock in one of her tight holes.  As hot and excited as she was, it wasn't going to matter to her if the adult cock belonged to her own father.

“Throw him on top of her! Let them Fuck!!” Tyrone sneered evilly, ready to watch some hot father-daughter action on top of the cum-soaked mattress.  Twice before he’d made a white father fuck his own daughter and it was always very entertaining to watch the two family members together for the first time in an openly sexual situation between them and he was very anxious to see what the white father would do with his own daughter.

John Sherman was shocked as he was suddenly pushed down on top of the naked body of his eleven year old daughter Amber. He heard Amber moaning just before she positioned her crotch area so it was at the same level as his and wrapped her strong athletic legs very tightly around his waist.  And that’s when John felt his daughter’s vagina come up and position itself tightly against his cock. 

John’s cock had been fully rigid ever since his ass rape started. His cock stayed hard as a rock the entire time with all the strong anal sensations, and so now his cock was still hard as it pressed right against his daughter’s naked eleven year old pussy slit.

‘This is WRONG!’ his mind screamed at him as he thought about fucking his own daughter. Amber was a very beautiful brown-eyed girl and John had always loved her very much.  He’d never had a sexual thought about her before tonight, before right now, as he felt a strange sexual excitement and lust begin to build inside him.  Whatever John was feeling it was very wrong and unnatural and immoral as very strong incestuous thoughts about Amber made him suddenly start to leak pre cum. It was rare for John to feel this sexually excited and he realized in that moment that he’d been wanting to fuck her for a long time, ever since she was much younger, but he'd been afraid to admit it to himself. Now the Black men wanted him to fuck her, his own daughter, and John felt strong temptation to allow himself to get pleasure from his own daughter's naked eleven year old body. Still he resisted, being unable to do something so vile to his own little girl as to defile her. 

John felt the barrel of an AK-47 suddenly press against the back of his head and heard one of the men say “FUCK HER!!!” and he realized he had no choice as his rigid cock suddenly pushed hard all the way up inside of Amber’s scalding hot pussy.

“OHHHHH DADDDDDDDYYYYYYYYY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!” John heard his daughter scream in excitement and passion as his penis pushed very deeply up inside of her semen filled vagina, so deep his cockhead was in her belly.  Hearing Amber say that made something inside of John's mind snap, he closed his eyes and started fucking Amber harder than he had ever fucked his wife before.  He couldn’t explain his behavior but all the incestuous lust he suddenly felt toward Amber had him fucking hard and deep as his mouth jammed down on top of hers.  John didn’t care anymore if she was his daughter. After feeling so much pain and rage and hatred for the black men, he needed to fuck someone hard and shoot all his cum up inside their pussy.

John Sherman used his eleven year old daughter hard while the big Black men laughed and clapped and cheered.  They’d never seen a father love his daughter as hard as this one was as they watched the two family members rutting together on the slimy mattress with the girl’s arms and legs wrapped around her Daddy and kissing all over his face.  The father daughter fucking went on for a long time and a lot of hot, incestuous love was shown on that mattress before John suddenly hollered out his passion and shot his huge load inside of his daughter's sweat soaked belly.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH THAT FEELS SO GOOD, DADDY!!!" Amber had a look of bliss on her pretty face as she felt the hot slimy stream of her Daddy's cum shooting deep inside her belly. Completely in love with him now, Amber’s legs squeezed even tighter around his waist and she said “OH DADDY, YOU’RE A GREAT LOVER!” as they lay together afterwards, both of them sweaty and worn out by some incredibly hard fucking as they kissed on the lips over and over again.

End of Part 6
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Part 7

It pleased Tyrone to see the white father fuck his own eleven year old daughter. He loved watching white families become totally humiliated and debased and to give in to their perverted sexual urges when it didn’t seem to matter anymore. Tyrone felt an evil pride that he was responsible for this white family’s sudden fall from grace into complete sexual perversion. Tyrone loved watching perversion, and forcing white family members to fuck each other was about as hot and perverted as it got for him as he looked down suddenly at the nine year old boy on another mattress. Highly sexually aroused by the anal injections, the beautiful boy was fucking back hard against Jerome, taking the long, masculine black cock up his white ass, both man and boy overwhelmed by strong homosexual lust for each other.  Watching the boy in action with his adult male lover suddenly gave Tyrone an idea about another forced family mating that he was suddenly ready to watch. He’d never forced a father to fuck his son before and that’s what he wanted to do now and he gave the gang sign to Jerome indicating he should get his ass off the boy and vacate the mattress.


John Sherman’s hard dick was still buried deep inside of his eleven year old daughter’s vagina as they kissed and Frenched and said how much they loved each other.  John had never felt such intense love for his daughter as he did now, leaking the last of his semen deep inside of her squeezing, red hot little pussy.  He didn’t want to ever leave his daughter again as they lay together, both of them beaming with happiness after the incredibly hot fuck. And that’s when strong black hands gripped John suddenly and lifted him off his naked daughter and threw him roughly back onto the mattress he’d been gang raped on.

John felt suddenly lost and alone separated from Amber’s warm naked body and he begged “Please don’t take me away from my daughter!! I love her so much!!” John had nothing left but his eleven year old daughter’s love, and he was trying desperately not to lose it.

Tyrone loved fucking with the coward white father. Looking down at the man’s cock shiny with his own daughter’s juices, he said “You want more?  From now on, you PAY like everybody else! FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!  You got the cash, Daddy? How bad you want her?” Tyrone sneered evilly, looking down at the naked eleven year old girl moaning in passion, frustrated and waiting for someone, anyone, to fuck her.

Five hundred was the going rate for anything goes with a pretty white female child after she’d been turned out on the Fuck Beds, and there was no reason why this rich white cocksucker who lived in a big expensive house couldn’t afford to buy his daughter’s pussy like everybody else. She was a whore now anyway, so why couldn’t her father be her first trick?

John Sherman felt ashamed and humiliated as he realized the huge naked Black Gang Leader was trying to sell his own daughter’s pussy to him.  It was so degrading in every way how far his entire family had fallen in a matter of four or five hours.  It seemed that John himself had fallen more than anyone else in his family, and he hadn’t even gotten the drug injection they all did.  For one thing he was no longer straight. All those horny black men fucking him over and over again had changed him and he felt perverted homosexual lust for his Black rapists.  All those swollen black veins rubbing passionately over his prostate had turned John queer as a three dollar bill. And then with just a little bit of prompting he had given in to incestuous sexual depravity with his own daughter.

Totally debased and humiliated now, John had thought he was going to be gay forever before he fucked Amber and reconnected with his male sexuality with his daughter. As wrong as it was to have sex with her, John was ashamed to admit that he was in love with her now and wanted to spend all his time with her from now on, abandoning his whore wife for his daughter.

As desperate as he was in the moment, John would have given all his money just to be able to stay with his daughter, except he was naked and didn’t have any money on him to bargain with.  All John knew to do was to beg for mercy as he looked up at the sneering, lewd Negro man. “Please don’t take my daughter away from me!” he begged, starting to grovel in submission and crying in front of the ruthless Black Gang Leader. Separated from his daughter’s love, he wanted to go to her so badly it was killing him. If only this big heartless Thug would just have a little compassion, he would gladly let them be together. But he saw nothing like compassion on Tyrone’s face; more like sadistic pleasure at seeing this once proud white father reduced to begging for permission to fuck his own daughter again.

That’s when John realized the big black Thug had just used him so he could watch him debase himself and his daughter in sexual perversion. He suddenly felt terrified that they were never going to let him near his daughter again as she got fucked by a never ending line of horny Black men. The thought of the Black men fucking Amber, and especially her fucking back, filled him with seething jealousy and rage and hatred at what the Black men had done to her.  Unless he reconnected with her by having sex with her again, he was about to lose her forever to other men, all of them with Black skin.  He couldn’t bear the thought of it!

“PLEASE, LET ME BE WITH MY DAUGHTER!!!!” John begged, falling down onto his face in humility in front of his Master.

Tyrone sneered in derision as he stared down at the pitiful excuse for a man with his nose down to the ground begging to fuck his daughter again, but he had other plans.

“You wanna fuck someone? Go fuck your faggot son!” Tyrone said in mocking, derogatory voice as two strong men picked up the white father and threw him down roughly onto the mattress his naked son was on.


John didn’t even recognize the shiny naked boy on the mattress as his son at first as he looked into his face. The boy had a black eye where someone had punched him hard during the heavy ass fucking as he laid panting and sweating on the mattress. His brown eyes were glazed and dilated and he appeared to be in constant state of anal arousal as he moaned softly and his naked white body writhed in self stimulated pleasure as he rubbed his asshole against the mattress drenched with sweat and semen. Even though the anal sex was over now, he could see the little boy was extremely preoccupied with his asshole, which was still sending out very strong signals to his overloaded nine-year-old brain.

After getting his brains fucked out, Brian’s sweaty face looked so nasty and perverted as he humped the mattress and John saw how badly his son had been sexually corrupted. There was no innocence left in the nasty little boy who had formerly been his polite, intelligent cute son, Brian.  John had had such high hopes for Brian’s future to take over the family business someday as a responsible leader in the Business community, the way he was. But looking down at his son now, John Sherman realized that dream was forever dead. The dazed, nasty little boy with thick nigger cum running out of his raped asshole was never going to lead anything except for a long train of horny Black men.  His son, like his slut wife, had been “turned out”.

And then the Gang Leader prodded him with the muzzle of a loaded AK-47 and said “HEY!! I didn’t tell you to sit there and look at him, did I? Make Love to your son, Faggot!”

Hearing the brutal words of the Gang Leader and looking down at his perverted son, John said “No, I can’t do it!!”  There was no way he could do something like that with his own son.  It was so wrong in every way and John suddenly rebelled, saying “I can’t!! I can’t!!”, looking up in horror into Tyrone’s grin-exposed 24K Gold grill.  But the Gang Leader quickly aimed the AK-47 down at him and said simply “Fuck him or die! Your choice!”

Looking down at his nine year old son, John saw him flexing his little butt in and out as he simulated and acted out all the movements of having anal sex as he responded to the still very strong anal sensations he was feeling.  The thought of fucking his own son in the ass horrified John, but he realized he had no choice as he raised up onto his hands and knees and crawled over Brian’s naked body, straddling him.  John was trying to delay the sex act with his son for as long as possible when he heard the Gang Leader yell “FUCK HIM NOW!!” It was all the motivation John needed to suddenly plunge his still stiff Dick into the boy’s asshole that was completely full of warm semen.

Grabbing a hold of Brian’s slender waist in a tight grip, John began the sex motions with his own son, thrusting his cock in and out of his flooded asshole. It felt strange fucking another male at first and John didn’t get any pleasure from it at first he was freaking out so much that he was fucking his nine year old son. It was wrong in so many ways for a father and son to be fucking, but they were.

John rejected the homosexual incest until Brian started arching his back and moaning like a girl as they fucked on the mattress. Hearing Brian’s surprisingly feminine moaning as he got fucked deep by his own Daddy did something to John inside. Suddenly his homosexuality became a lot a stronger and he felt sudden strong perverted desire for Brian’s writhing nine year old body. His cock becoming rock hard, the fucking suddenly became harder and faster as John got into fucking his boy.

For the next five to ten minutes, John Sherman made hot, homosexual love to his nine year old son under the watchful gaze of Tyrone and a lot of other men standing around the mattress looking down on them. John didn’t care anymore that the nasty perverted blacks were enjoying watching him fuck his own little boy as he made love to Brian faster and harder.

Rubbing his hand down between Brian’s slender legs, he felt the nine year old boy had a very stiff erection as the hard adult cock of his father rubbed against his prostate in all the right ways. John squeezed his son’s stiff erection and started whispering dirty, nasty things into his boy's ear. His back arching constantly now and moaning like a very excited little girl, Brian responded to his Dad’s nasty seduction and the homosexual lust they were both feeling for one another grew hotter.

And then Brian suddenly came with a loud excited scream, spasming on his cock in a huge anal orgasm, and John suddenly went insane with homosexual lust. As with his eleven year old daughter, John became very selfish, thinking only of his own sexual needs as he pounded his son’s delicate white ass down into the cum stained mattress. John humped Brian hard, forgetting all about him being his son, and just trying to get as much pleasure as he could from Brian’s naked nine year old body.  It was very wrong in every way but John was suddenly in love with his son as he suddenly became addicted to fucking his red hot asshole as he anally sodomized his sweaty nine year old son very forcefully, listing to Brian’s loud feminine moans. His boy sounded just like a girl, and John pretended he was a girl as he fucked hot and hard until he shot one of his biggest loads ever inside of his nine year old son’s flexing ass.

“OH FUCK!!!!!!” John groaned as the boy's sudden loud passionate grunting told John that Brian was getting off at the same time. His sweaty back arching up against his hairy stomach, John felt his little butt pushing back against him with all his strength so the cock in his ass would be as deep as possible as four, almost five, surprisingly large jets of incestuous semen shot into the deepest part of Brian’s very well fucked asshole. The boy arched his back even more and moaned loudly and hissed between his tightly clenched teeth and shook as he strained as hard as he could to get the spurting cock as deep inside him as it would go. He stayed that way until John was drained and pulled out of his red hot asshole, completely drained and breathing hard.

Both man and boy were drenched in sweat now as John fell over onto his side on the sweaty mattress with his stiff cock gleaming with Brian’s anal secretions. Completely worn out by all the hard fucking, John’s heart jack hammered in his chest as he waited for his breathing to slow down enough before he turned Brian over onto his back and kissed him hard, forcing his tongue deep into his mouth.

After almost fifteen minutes of hard fucking with his own son, John loved his son in a more perverted way than he loved his daughter. John discovered that he had very strong homosexual needs now and fucking his son had satisfied him in a way that even fucking Amber hadn’t.  He preferred Gay over Straight now and wanted to enter into a long term perverted sexual relationship with Brian now. John wanted the nine year old boy with the pretty face to be his wife now but what he didn’t know is that his son had already been claimed by the huge naked Gang Leader and he was never going to get to be intimate with him again.

Tyrone Biggs, aka LJ COOL DADDY, started clapping slowly and showing his solid gold grill in a lewd grin as he stared down at the faggot father and son pair on the mattress swapping spit.  Watching the “white trash” father brutally fuck his nine year old son in the ass and shoot his cum up inside of him had been very entertaining to watch. Two of his men even took videos of it, it went on for so long. Tyrone was truly surprised as he stared down at the man with his son’s shit on his dick. They’d turned him into a homosexual who’d just fucked his own little boy in the ass. Of all the white fathers he’d come across so far, this one was the dirtiest and nastiest he’d ever seen, fucking his own son as hard as he did, and Tyrone only had to tell him twice to do it.  It had been extremely entertaining to watch the father-son hard action on the mattress, but now it was over. Pointing an AK-47 at him, Tyrone said “That’s Enough!! STAND UP!” in a brutal voice and he watched the naked father climb up off his son and stare up at him in fright at the sudden change of tone in his voice.

They always executed the fathers after they had been completely humiliated and debased as this one had become. The Black Gang had no interest in keeping the unmanly white father as a sex slave.  Now that that he had fully entertained them, there was no longer any reason to keep the white father alive.

“STEP BACK!!” Tyrone ordered, forcing John Sherman to walk into the corner of the warehouse, his eyes wide as he realized that his situation had suddenly changed in a heartbeat.

Becoming aware that they were going to kill him even after all of his submission and groveling to try to stay alive, John realized that everything had been taken from him now: his family, his pride, his sexuality, and now his life.  The big naked Black Gang members had taken everything from him.  Suddenly filled with blind rage and hatred, he yelled “YOU SICK FUCKING NIGGERS!!!!”

All twenty men in the warehouse stopped what they were doing and looked up at the white father who had committed the cardinal sin of using the “N” word around them.  For any white to use that word against a Black Person in the Gang deserved to die a painful death.  They had intended on shooting the father, but after he said that, six big Black men drug him into a separate room and beat him to death. And then the party resumed, as if nothing had happened.

The other family members were so engrossed with their sweaty black sex partners that they didn’t seem to notice or care that one of them had just been dragged out of the warehouse and brutally murdered. Certainly the white woman didn’t care since all of her sexual needs were being met now with real men who were much more virile than her wimpy white husband had been even in his prime.

Eight year old Tiffany didn’t even notice that her old Daddy was gone as she resumed her nasty movements with her naked black lover.

The eleven year old girl, Amber also was unaware of her father’s very violent death in a back room as she took an eight inch black cock up her ass, her seventh of the night.

The only one who felt sad seeing his Daddy go was Brian Sherman, but his sadness was very short lived as he was pulled up onto his hands and knees and butt fucked out of his mind again.

End of Part 7
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Part 8

Leaving John Sherman’s lifeless naked body sprawled face down on the dirty floor of the windowless back room he’d been beaten to death in, the six violent Black Thugs who had quickly dispatched Gang Justice on the white father returned to the Fuck Beds so they could finish fucking the rest of his family.

It was past midnight now but the Gang Rape of the man’s Black dominated white family was going on hot and heavy on the four king sized mattresses as the twenty naked black gang members took turns fucking all four family members and squirting hot jets of creamy semen deep into every tight hole.  Now that the father had been killed, it was a free for all, with all the horny Blacks getting to fuck any family member they chose. No rules. No limits. Just nasty, non-stop fucking until they were all completely drained.

A surprising number of men chose the kids over the woman.  These were the men who got off on brutally raping white kids, and it included Tyrone and more than half of the Gang Leadership. Some of the hottest child fucking took place on the three cum-soaked mattresses belonging to the three kids, especially the eight year old girl who loved taking it hard up the pussy and ass now. Her young mind totally corrupted by the powerful drugs in her blood stream and all the pussy and ass fucking, she had been turned completely. The cute, sexy little girl lived for penetration by hard Black Cock now, vaginal or anal it didn’t matter which.

The eleven year old Black cum slut getting it very hard on her mattress also had been very strongly affected by the injection just below her pussy, her moans and groans and grunts showing just how much she was a willing participant now in what was happening. Making love to each Black man the same way she had fucked her own father, Amber didn’t care which man fucked her as long as he did it using force. Amber got off being gang raped and the intense love she felt for her rapists showed that she too had been completely turned out now.

And the nine year old boy was an ass slut now after having received a full syringe inside of his very well fucked little asshole as it took one thick, masculine black cock up inside of it after another. It was inevitable that the boy would turn into a girl after all that and he had, moaning in passion and arching his back with each of his Black lovers.

The attractive blonde haired woman with the pretty face was also a complete slut for Black Cock now and all she seemed to care about was getting fucked senseless in all of her holes. The former wife was still pulling a long train of Black men as she literally took the entire Black Gang Leadership inside her pussy and ass both.

The hot steamy Black on white action went on non-stop for hours. The big black thugs were fucking machines, their abnormally high testosterone levels giving them incredible stamina and staying power as they fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. The smell of testosterone hung in the hot, still air of the dusty warehouse, in addition to all the other smells of hot and heavy sex happening on all four mattresses as the Gang Rape continued, red hot.

An unusually large amount of hot slimy ropy semen was shot up into each and every hole of all four family members as all the horny Black Gang members achieved sexual release with the white family. All four mattresses were soaked wet and sticky now with sweat and warm sticky semen as all of the Black men got off again and again inside the sweaty bodies of their captive white family, using them all for their sexual depravity, using them as cum dumps.

They were no longer a family now, just four sweaty naked individuals with all their holes running nigger cum who were all being fucked out of their minds. With the powerful drug injections, all four of them had given themselves completely to sexual perversion and depravity as they each got fucked senseless by hard, aggressive black cock. Each of them was lost forever now even after the drugs wore off, destined to live the rest of their lives in perversion and sin.

Eight year old Tiffany was sinning big time with the big naked black man on top of her with his huge black cock buried deep inside of her excited, throbbing pussy. Her slippery little pussy gripped the huge Black cock in a tight grip as it moved passionately in and out of her, rubbing against Tiffany’s hot, excited inner pussy flesh. The little girl responded to her big naked Black male lovers and felt hot, interracial lust for them as she mated with them over and over and again. Tiffany moaned loudly each time another thick black cock shot off inside her pussy or ass, adding even more hot slimy body fluids to her already drenched vaginal and anal cavities. The hot, slimy love shooting up inside of her badly violated pussy over and over again made Tiffany feel such nasty things for the Black men and she bonded with all of them much stronger than she had ever bonded to her real father.  Sexual bonds are the strongest bonds of all, and eight year old Tiffany developed them very strongly as she got off on being raped.  She was never going to the same after tonight.


Tyrone Biggs finished fucking his nine year old sex slave and let the boy fall over onto his side on the mattress, gasping for breath and covered in gleaming sweat from head to toe. Even with the Black eye, he looked so fucking hot as he continued to moan and thrash around in anal excitement. With the powerful drug injection and all the hot, interracial anal sodomy, they had turned the pretty nine year old white boy into a girl who was in love with Black Cock now.  He was fully turned out. His little dick sticking straight up into the air it was so hard, the sweaty gasping boy was a faggot for Black cock in his ass now, no doubt about that. 

Leaving the naked little boy slumped down in the middle of the sweaty mattress, Tyrone once more went to the portable bar and got himself another large glass of very high proof alcohol. Tyrone wanted to stay horny and drunk for the rest of the night as he continued fucking until he was completely spent. Quickly finishing the rest of the bottle of Jack Daniels Black Label, Tyrone jumped back into the hot, hard interracial action.

Tyrone fucked the tight holes of every member of the captured white family and filled each of them with squirming black seed, including the eleven year old girl who moaned like a whore as Tyrone filled her pussy to overflowing with thick, white creamy semen that dripped out of her pussy and down her thigh at the end there was so much of it.  He brutally fucked the white woman in the ass and shot hot, scalding jizz up inside of her ravaged rectum. She too had moaned like a whore as she received his rapist seed into her ass. And then he switched back to the nine year old boy again, Tyrone's new lover.


By the time Tyrone stopped the Gang rape of the surviving four white family members, the Black men had spent over seven hours with them, by far the longest gang rape they had ever done. He’d never gotten off so much during one gang rape of a family before as he had during this one because everyone in the family was so hot. Tyrone drained his balls completely that night, as did all the other gang members. All of their semen had gone into and onto the shiny sweaty completely naked white bodies of the family members lying semi-conscious on the wet sticky mattress covered in gleaming sweat and drenched with very copious amounts of warm, slippery semen. Every vagina and asshole was overflowing with cum now. Besides being inside their holes, semen covered each family member’s body and was splattered in their hair, and soaked very heavily into each sweaty mattress.

The three kids had gotten the worst of the rapes that night, especially the eight year old girl. As the youngest and prettiest, Tiffany had been used harder than any other member of her family, and she showed it. Violently gang raped and anally sodomized more than fifty times, she had been so sexually damaged that she needed to be taken to the hospital for restoration surgery to be done on her badly violated vagina and anus that were both overflowing with huge amounts of hot nigger cum.

Tiffany's naked body gleamed with semen inside and out, so many men had cum in her and on her.  Her pussy and ass had been drowned in all the wads that had been shot up inside of them. Cum ran down Tiffany’s oiled down thighs like egg white as it leaked heavily from her badly violated pussy and asshole. The eight year old had been sexually violated in the worst ways imaginable. She’d also swallowed semen from over a dozen huge loads spraying against the back of her throat and Tiffany felt like she wanted to vomit now. After hours of being brutally fucked, finally the excitement inside of her throbbing pussy was dying down and being replaced with intense feelings of shame and humiliation as the drug wore off.

Her eleven year old female brain totally fried by all the fucking and orgasms and hot slimy cum, Amber Sherman’s heart was beating a mile a minute inside her chest as she lay on the cum soaked mattress with her long, lightly tanned legs spread wide apart. In the same position her last naked Black rapist had left her, Amber, like her little sister, was feeling intense and shame and humiliation that she had given herself in complete sexual degradation to her Black rapists. Amber felt self-hatred now that she had been turned into a girl who loved hard, interracial fucking now.  After the amount of excitement she had felt, Amber would always love Black Cock now and seek to achieve those hot, nasty feelings again with the Black men, as often as she could. But as the drug wore off, Amber began to feel much stronger feelings of intense shame and embarrassment and shock over what had happened. Her eleven year old mind couldn’t deal with it and shut down as Amber turned her head to the side and started crying very loudly.

The Gang members didn’t give a fuck about the girl’s emotions as they listened to her crying in shame. She was going to make a fine addition to the Gang’s growing stable of white child sex slaves.

The white woman was a cum slut now as she shook her ass in front of all the black men trying to get them to fuck her again, but all of the men were drained.  Looking down at the Gang’s four new white sex slaves on the four mattresses, Tyrone thought about what the future was going to hold for each of them.

The mother and her two daughters would of course be prostituted naked and  put to work servicing Black men in the seediest areas of Los Angeles. No condom was ever going to be used with any of them either. All the sex was going to be bare back. The only way to fuck a white woman or little girl was bare back, shooting your entire load into her pussy or ass at the end of it with no regrets whatsoever. The Gang members didn't have to worry about their DNA they repeatedly splattered up inside of their white victims. They were shielded from prosecution and paid big money by the Illuminati to kidnap and rape white families and to fuck whites whenever they could, especially white kids. They were all paid huge bonuses to rape white kids, the younger the better. Its the reason why Tyrone and so many other men went almost exclusively for the three kids and repeatedly fucked their brains out. Getting paid astronomical amounts of money to do what they already enjoyed so much, as wrong as it was, made it a no brainer to the Black Gang to go along with the Illuminati Agenda of sexually defiling white kids. It was the Illuminati who provided the drugs to them that were very expensive and hard to obtain so the Gang could use it when they turned out entire white families. It was a major component of the bigger agenda of sexually defiling the entire white race and bringing the Black man to dominance over them.  Its the reason why the Gang was so powerful, because they had funding from very rich, influential Jews such as George Soros who wanted Blacks to rule over whites and to sexually dominate them.

When the two little girls got old enough to get pregnant, they would both give birth to brown nigger babies, helping to further destroy the white race. And of course they were all going to keep getting the injections to keep them addicted to hot, interracial fucking.

As for the nine year old blonde haired boy with the pretty face, Tyrone was keeping this boy as his own personal sex slave. Tyrone had had several personal white child sex slaves before, but never one as pretty as this. He really did look like a girl in the face, a very hot, nasty little girl who got off being fucked by adult Black cock. He was a well turned out Fuck Toy now that Tyrone planned to use very hard during the next couple of weeks.  Tyrone planned to keep the pretty white boy very busy in his bed during long, late night fucking sessions as he attained sexual release again and again deep inside of the boy’s throbbing guts. He would use the boy hard for the next several weeks until he got tired of him and then sell him as “used goods” to the highest bidder.

It was past 3 AM when the twenty, drunk, sweaty, completely drained Black gang members started heading toward the big communal shower room so they could clean up.

One of the men picked up the slippery, slimy naked little white girl from the semen and sweat soaked mattress she was lying on. Completely exhausted, she lay fast asleep with her arms wrapped his neck as he carried her to the shower room to get the cute pixie-faced little blonde cleaned of all semen, inside and out. A well trained fuck toy now, she would command very high prices as she was prostituted completely naked in all the filthiest areas of LA, a little white nigger cum slut.

Another big Black man picked up the sobbing eleven year old girl and carried her to the shower room also. As pretty as she was in the face, Amber was going to be very popular as she was rented out and used like a cheap whore by several different Black men each day. She would spend the rest of her short life on her back or hands and knees being very humiliatingly and derogatorily raped by hard adult Black Cock until someone accidently overdosed her on Heroin.

Two men carried Valerie Sherman to the showers so the white mother could be cleaned out too.  Still very horny, she was trying to fuck the men as they were showering her.

One of Tyrone’s men carried the shiny nine year old boy to the shower room also to get all the semen out of his asshole. The boy who had taken almost the entire Gang Leadership up his ass belonged to Tyrone now, and he instructed that the boy was to be transferred to his fancy 40 room mansion in the heart of Hollywood, where he would begin to service him at night.

The father’s bloody body that had been beaten to a pulp by enraged black men was removed from the back room and taken out to a Hog farm and fed to the hogs.

All the mattresses that were wet and sticky with seed and vaginal fluids and heavy sweat, and shit and blood and urine were pushed up against the walls of the warehouse to dry so they could be re-used during the next white family’s gang rape.

All the clothing strewn around the mattresses that had belonged to the white family were stuffed into large plastic garbage bags and thrown out.  The clothing belonged to the people each of the four family members had been before they had been kidnapped and brought to the seedy warehouse. Now that each of them had been radically transformed, they didn’t need clothes anymore.  The females would all be prostituted completely naked, as was the custom with white female sex slaves of any age. As for the pretty white boy, he sure as fuck wasn’t going to need clothes for the next several weeks of hard, bare back butt fucking with the drug injections making the feminine looking boy super aroused and red hot the entire time.

To be continued...?

I am still thinking about a continuation. Anyone else interested? If I see enough demand I have some hot places I can take this to after creating this foundation.
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Oh fuck yes.
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