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Author Topic: Spunky gets a Res-Erection  (Read 575 times)

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« on: December 13, 2016, 04:57:08 PM »

ft Hayden Panettiere , Connie Britton

Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Spunky gets a Res-Erection

Its was a cold and stormy night in the outskirts of Nashville.A huge thunderstorm was approaching rapidly and everyone was trying to find shelter from the sudden change of weather.The lightning show provided by the nature was beautiful for everyone from the safety of his house as lightning after lightning stroke at the ground.Noone noticed but it looked as if it was mainly located at the garbage dump and it seemed to hit on a particular pile of garbage.Strangely there was no fire,but a reddish glow covered the area.

After Hayden Panettiere bite off his demonic dick,Spunky was left on the ground to bleed out.He didnt die but he was drained of his evil powers and returned to his harmless doll state.He was nothing more than a broken toy,thrash to throw away and so he ended up in the garbage.His evil spells were broken and all his victims were free and noone had any recollection of Spunky and the time they spend being at his mercy.Only Hayden was spared of his curse as she was responsible for stopping Spunky and his pervy deeds.She alone remembered what had happened to her and her friends at the hands of the evil doll,but now all that was history,Spunky was dead.

Or thats what she thought.The storm was a gift sent from hell to bring back the demonic doll who had unfinished business still on earth.The lightnings brought Spunky back to life....once more the deranged serial rapists's soul was trapped the evil doll.Spucky woke up between the garbage and after the initial shock of being returned to life,he screamed in agony and pain realizing his dick was cut in half.He fell off the pile and tumbled down the slope of garbage landing on his face in the mud.Every minute was filled in agony for the wicked doll.But then suddenly a reddish glow enveloped him and he started to feel something changing.Spunky looked down at his severed limp that it started to grow back,he burst into an evil laughter that filled the deserted bump. But like every evil deed there's always a catch and Spunky had to move fast if he wanted to stay alive once again.

In down town Nashville a grey SUV stopped outside Hayden's house and a woman quickly run to the door to avoid the heavy rain oblivious that a pair or eyes was watching her across the street.Hayden opened the door and rushed her friend inside.
“Hey girlfriend, looking good” she said as she greeted her friend and co-star on the show.
“Hey girl....” Hayden said and pulled Connie into the house as she closed the door.
“Whooo….i love what you've done with the place.” Connie said as Hayden showed her around the house filled with christmas decorations..
They got to the kitchen and Connie asked Hayden where her daughter was.
''She's upstairs sleeping'' Hayden said as she opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine and grabbed 2 glasses.
''Too bad,i wanted to see the little angel.'' Connie and and followed Hayden into the living room.
She took a glass from Hayden as she popped the cork and filled up their glasses. Paris held up her glass “Here’s to good times” she said as they touched glasses and took a drink. The girls were enjoying themselves as they relaxed on the couch and sipped wine and talked about their everyday life.Filming for Nashville was halted for the Christmas period so both women were more relaxed than usual.

A couple of glasses later the two stars were a little buzzed with the freaky storm still roaming outside.Suddenly the lights went out and the room was only light from the fireplace.Both women jump surprised from the blackout and Hayden got up quickly and went to check on her daughter. Releaved that she was ok,she returned to her guest downstairs.They sat in the darkness of the living room patiently waiting for the lights to come back.The two co-stars jumped off their skin when they heard strange sound coming from the christmas tree.Hayden and Connie approached cautiously to check it out,Connie armed herself with a small knife they had for the cheese platter.As they drew nearer their eyes now accustomed to the low light,made out two glowing red dots between the branches and christmas decorations.The two women were scared that a wild animal somehow got in the house and as they backed away the small figure jumped on them and everything went blank.

A couple of minutes later Connie and Hayden woke up,they were still in the living room,now sitting on the couch facing the fireplace.The tree had collapsed and everything was in ruins,Hayden tried to get up but fall back and realized she was tied,she and Connie were both bound,the Christmas lights and ribbons were used to tied the two actresses and keep them in their place.

''What the hell is going on Hayden?'' Connie asked confused of what was happening.
''I..i dont know...'' Hayden replied as she struggled to get free.

As the two women struggled a shadow appeared in front of the fireplace.The frame of a child,or a small man stood in the light of the fire making it hard for them to make out who or what it was.
''Who's there?'' asked Connie but received no answer.
''What the hell is this?A leprechaun or something?'' she asked again both annoyed and scared.
All this time Hayden remained silent.Hayden had immediately knew what and who it was,but she refused to accept it.That evil doll was dead.
''Im no fucking leprechaun.'' Spunky said breaking his silence.
''Sorry to barge in like this....but im a friend of the family'' he said.
''Isnt that so Hayden?'' Spunky looked at the terrified actress.
''Who is that Hayden?What the fuck is going on here???'' Connie asked her friend trying to get some answers.

Connie could see Hayden was terrified and Hayden was in a frenzy to try and get free and as far as possible from this evil doll.
''I see you remember Hayden'' Spunky said and moved closer to her.
''You'll pay for what you did to me you stuck up blond...and you'll regret every moment of it'' he said as Connie just watched baffled of the whole situation.
''Well since Hayden here isnt going to answer...i'll just introduce myself to your friend.'' Spunky said and moved in front of Connie.
''Im Spunky....your friendly neighborhood voodoo doll and im here to fuck you both.'' and bursted out an evil laughter.

Connie looked with wide open eyes not believing her ears.She was standing there all tied up with her friend and costar her side at the mercy of a possessed doll.Spunky started to open the fly of his little jeans and released his fast growing cock.
''Here....take a look Hayden....take a close look of whats coming for you.'' he said as he kept pumping his now erect cock.
Both women stared at his monster cock.Connie was speechless but Hayden was in awe as she knew she had bitten off his dick the last time they met,but now it was standing tall,even bigger than before.
''Yeah bitch...its back....and hungry for some pussy.'' Spunky said to Hayden as his eyes glowed red.
''Just leave us alone you freak.'' Hayden finally said not being able to hold back her tears.
"Shut up..." daid Spunk growing.
"Now here's my counter offer. I'll fuck you...i'll fuck your friend....you dont make a sound and maybe i'll let you both live." He paused and looked squarely in Hayde's eyes.
''By the way how's your little girl there days?" he said making Hayden shiver.

Hayden's jaw dropped, her eyes were as wide as saucers, and horror filled her face.
''You wouldnt...'' said in a broken voice barely hiding her panic.
"Yes.How is your little girl?" the threat was left unsaid, but Hayden understood it was there.
"Now, if you both cooperate, this will go much better... but either way, I don't care...!I'll just rape you to death and then move on" said the demonic little doll menacingly. He could see Hayden trembling and then looked at Connie, he knew he had scared her to the core by mentioning Hayden's daughter.
''Well enought chit chat....time to fuck.'' he said and jumped on Connie's lap.
''Such a hot pair you make....you have that sexy incest mother daughter vibe....i bet you fuck each other on the set.'' Spunky said making both women grind in disgurst of his comment.
Spunky didnt care about their feeling he want to fuck them and his newly reformed cock need to pound some pussy.Getting hornier every second, he gropped her breast before pushing his finger down her blouse and playing with her now hard nipples. He began unfastening her pants, he torn off Connie's blouse send buttons flying around the room. Connie’s brown bra appeared and he just dived in her ample cleavage salivating all over her breasts like a mad man.He even bite her tit flesh a couple of time making her moan in pain.Hayden just turned her face away not baring the sight of her friend being molested.Soon her silk bra was dropped to the floor whilst Spunky was felling her nipples, Connie’s tits were now free of the bra.He savagly attacked both of her breasts licking and biting them leaving tiny teeth marks all over her skin.He wanted to mark her as his property.

He brought his hands up to her luscious breasts and played with them. They were truly magnificent for her age,round and full, soft yet firm, and smooth to the touch. Her nipples were large and brown and crinkly, and surrounded by perfectly round beige areolas. He kept massaging her boobs firmly in his tiny fists, tugging on the nipples between squeezes of her fleshy mounds. This brought a series of low moans from the back of her throat as he mauled and tweaked her tits,her eyes glazed over as her hips started grinding against Spunky. His cock was now trapped against her flat tummy, already at full mast and poking at her soft velvety valley of her tits. He pushed up and moaned in delight as her soft globes of flesh engulfed his throbbing tool of torture eliciting a low throaty moaning from the older actress.With her arms and hands secured at her side her breasts were pressing together creating a nice tight cleavage for Spunky to fuck and wrapped them around his hard cock while his balls were rapidly tightening . He started his up and down motion, but with fasted and shorter strokes,his right hand gripped Connie's hair and dragged her mouth over the head of his pop up cock though her tits jabbing at her lips.
He placed the palms of his small hands on her firm mounds, fingers wrapped around, thumbs directly on her nipples. She moaned at the touch and he started pistoning his cock between her glorious breasts faster and faster. She drooled onto his shaft, not through any conscious decision, but because it took too much concentration away from her sexual needs to try to swallow it or to contain it in her mouth.
''She loves it...she freaking loves it Hayden!She wants to be raped by an evil doll like me!'' Spunky said at Hayden who couldnt believe her friend was so responsive to his touch.
He could feel his pulsing cock sliding against her flesh and her rock-hard nipples poking into his tiny palms. Spunky saw her eyes roll back in her head and her chin point toward the ceiling while her chest rise and fall in short, sharp gasps as she caught each breath. It wasn't long before he felt that familiar rising heat in his loins. That warmth that starts in the balls, then slowly expands upward to the pelvis, then outward to the hips. At the same time, his fists clenched tighter and tighter on those wonderful, magical tits enjoying the pain he was causing to them. She screamed and at the same time his cock sprang free from her cleavage and shot a long white strand of cum directly into the air, which then fell back down to land on her grimacing face. The second shot went nearly as high, and landed right on her tits. The third and fourth shots managed to totally drench her tits and fill her cleavage like a pool of glistering demonic cum.Spunky pitched forward, barely having the strenght to support himself on his hands and his face came to rest in the pool of his own jism in her cleavage while Connie savored the cumbath she had just received.
''WOW.....that never happened before.Must be from all the time i was saving up for you two sluts.'' Spunky said regaining his composure.
He lowered now his  mouth between her legs, tonguing and munching her cunt through her brown matching thong as she moaned unwillingly.
''OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!'' Connie moaned
''Oh Jesus,'' she screamed.
Spunky knew he was doing a great job.All those years of raping and ravaging women had taught him a few trick.But he pleasing them wasnt his goal.
He wanted them to feel humiliated that they were getting off being raped by an evil doll.
''Yeah, eat that pussy you fucking–oh FUCK, OH FUCK, YES!'' Connie screamed in lust.
''DON’T STOP !!!!!!!!!!!'' She couldnt believe it but that doll was making her cum and lose all logical thinking.
Spunky got up off from Connie’s wet pussy, leaving the cum to drip to the floor never bothering to clean himself as he now jumped on Hayden and pulling her hair making her look at him.
''See how she loved it?She wanted to be raped by my demonic cock.'' he said waving his cock infront of Hayden making her take in his size.
Hayden tried to turn her head away but he kept her still with his unnatural strenght.
''Dont look away Hayden...now the fun part starts.'' Spunky said and kissed her in the mouth making her taste Connie's juices.
He looked straight in her eyes enjoying the grimance in her face when Hayden realized she was tasting her friend.She wanted to throw up at the evil act but couldnt help to notice how good she actually tasted.Content that he was torturing Hayden enough he turned his attention once again to Connie who was half breathing coming down from her orgasm.
''Are you going to return the favour?'' he said and looked Connie in the eyes.
He pumped his cock a few times and forced her head down to meet his menacing cock.Connie resisted and kept her mouth shut,she maybe couldnt help but accept his oral assault but this she could fight.Spunky knew this wouldnt be so easy but he could always rely on his evil demonic powers to win the battle of wills.His eyes glow red filling the room and Connie stood motionless for a second,Hayden knew what then evil light meant.Connie was now his.
Connie closed her eyes then placed her mouth around his cockhead and started to lick circles on it. Spunky moaned again, and Connie deep throated him then begun to move up and down her head on her new master's dick. She keeped trying to grab his balls through his jeans but he kept on slapping her hand away.Spunky was moaning permanently by that time as sucked it better than a professional whore.He loved the warmth of her mouth, her licking tongue. This was the best blowjob he ever got and she just sucked it wilder and wilder. She sucks him off, it was like a virtual game, but the feeling was real and he thought if she goes on with this he will soon cum in her mouth.Her body was also sweating and her bouncing tits were shining both from the sweat and drool that was covering them.She kissed the head of his hard cock before deep throating it in one go.Even the demonic doll was suprised at her expertise on oral sex.He could feel his cock traveling down her oxygen supply route without trouble.He could feel her neck pulse around him squeezing his cock making him moan in pleasure.
''OOOOOOOOOO YOU FILTHY BITCH SUCK MY COCK TILL I CUM IN YOUR MOUTH '' Connie looked at Spunk as he screamed in ecstacy.
Spunky shot his vile cum straight in her mouth within seconds and she took it straight down as soon as he erupted. She let his cock free from her mouth still full of cum but he continued cumming as he sprayed her perfect tits with it drenching her with his long stored cum.He shouted like a wild animal as his shoot his loads on the older woman's face. Connie moaned also as she got those hot cumshots which covered totally face and upper torso. Hayden couldnt help but feel sorry for her friend's abuse but also cause she knew her time was closing.
''OOOO YES YOU SLUT EAT THAT CUM'' he shouted as she licked his juices off her cheeks with her tongue.Seeing her strungling to eat as much as possible of his evil seed he released one of her hands to help her collect the rest she couldnt.

Spunky turned his spasming cock toward Hayden and shot one last blast directly on her face,his aim was perfect and hit her right in the eye making her cry out in pain and disgust.
''Ewww....ouch,its burns!!!'' she protested as the excess cum started to drip down her cheek and onto her lips making her taste Spunky's evil seed once more time against her will.Connie in her controlled state of mind leaned towards Hayden and started to lick up the dripping cum of her face.
''Mmmmm doesnt Spunky taste great,honey?'' Connie moaned against Hayden's face.
Spunky was enjoying the lesbian action infront of him and was about to join them when they heard somebody parking outside the house. Spunky told them be silent,he jumped and stuffed the remainng of Connie's bra in Hayden's mouth in case she tried to call out for help.Who dared interrupt his time with the two women now the he was about to fuck one of them.He had just cum but his cock was still hard and now demanded to be impaled inside some pussy. Spunky was furious and stood behind the door to see who it was as the unknown person walked up the door.With the power still out he knocked the door and waited for an answer.Spunky could see movement outside the window and then he heard a voice that made him smile sadistically.
''Hayden....Connie?Anyone?Its us!Sorry we're late!'' the sweet voice of a girl filled Spunky's ear with satisfaction.
It was the two sisters that played Connie's daughters on the show,Maisy and Lennon Stella, and they were late because of the traffic caused by the blackout. Hayden tried to warn them but Connie just held the gag in place with her free hand.She knew her master wanted them inside.
The door opened slowly as the two young girls entered into the dark house.They looked around for their friends when they heard a voice.
''In here girls....we're in the living room'' Spunky said in Hayden's voice.

Lennon opened the flashling on her phone and moved ahead into the dimly light house,the two sisters entered the room and froze in their place at the sight they encountered.Both Connie and Hayden tied on the couch with Hayden trying desperately to warn them to leave as fast as possible but she couldnt,she was crying knowing the fate Spunky had in store for them.Maisy and Lennon overcome the first shock and tried to untie them pulling quickly at the christmas light that were all around them.When they turned their back Spunky jumped on the taller girl and Connie grabbed the hand of the smaller one keeping her in place as Spunky finished immobilizing her sister.

''Welcome to the party girls.....'' he said as both girls screamed loudly.

To be continued.....

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« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2016, 02:53:55 AM »

Part 2

Lennon Stella

''Well...well...well...someone up there really loves me,doesnt he Hayden?'' Spunky said as he was jumping on Hayden's lap.
Not only he could have his revenge on Hayden but he would make her watch him rape her friends in her own house.Connie was already his,under his influence and the two young sisters were lost for words at the predicament they had stepped in.They were gagged and tied by an demonic doll possessed by the spirit of a serial rapist,Lennon was looking at her younger sister trying to be strong and supportive but the whole situation was too crazy to handle.
''No...no...just let them leave...they are just kids'' Hayden pleaded with eyes full of tears.
''Kids?Those two are ripe for the taking you stupid slut'' Spunky shouted at her.
Spunky was now softly fondling Hayden breasts through her sweater,feeling the warmth of her tits as her nipples got hard to his touch,he gave her ear a lick making her shiver in disgust wishing that the whole ordeal would soon be over.
''No....its not your time yet....'' he whispered to her very slowly.
''First i'll fuck those two young one infront of you.....this will make you think twice biting my dick off !!!'' he screamed on top of his lungs frightening everyone including the mind controlled Connie as his eyes started glowing bright red.
Spunky was no infront of the two young sister who were now mesmerized by his evil power and had stopped struggling with their bonds and stood silent on their place.
He stepped closer to the older of the two Stella sisters,Lennon the 17 year old with her long blond hair and her young developing breasts Spunky was salivating at the prospect of defiling that sweet thing.He made her kneel and now they were at the same height as he placed his small hands on her chest and felt her breasts rise and fall rapidly as her breathing was fast and her heart racing from the whole situation.
''Tell me....Lennon,are you a virgin?'' he asked softly caressing her long hair with one hand as the other kept massaging her breast.
''Yes...i..er...i mean no....but i've only given head to my boyfriend'' the young girl's mind was fighting for control but was forced to answer his questions truthfully.
''Good....thats what i wanted to hear.'' Spunky said and tear open Lennon tight blouse to free her small breasts.
''And you should look closely and take notes cause older sister here is going to show what next for you....'' he said almost menacingly to Maisy who was right next to them as he released her from her bonds.
''Noooo...noo...stop''Hayden pleaded again only this time she was met with a hard slap that was followed by another and then another and another till she finally stopped.
''I can do this all day Hayden....but i prefer that you keep your mouth shut....'' he snared at her.
''All i need you for now is....watch your friends suffer for your mistakes''
He noticed a phone next to the couch a phone and picked up.It was Lennon's and had fallen off her hand when he attacked her,he looked through her pictures and found many sexy one mostly for sharing on her social media and then got a wicked idea.
He placed the phone on a table and set up a live stream without telling anyone,that way it would be even more humiliating when they finally found out that their whole ordeal was streamed all over the world live,Spunky couldnt help but laugh viciously.

Spunky then walked over to Lennon and grabbed her by the hair. Spunky told Lennon to take off her shoes and spandex jeans and the rest of her clothes. She was now scared enough to do it without speaking. It took Lennon a couple of minutes to get her bra off but Spunky was gracious enough to help her.
Now Lennon was naked and at the mercy of Spunky. Her tits were not that large but were firm and stood out proud. Spunky began sucking on them. His mouth was big enough that he actually put her entire right breast in his mouth.He then had Lennon lie down on the floor as Spunky was anxious to lick her young pussy for the very first time.He made her open her legs wide enough till he got a sight of her honey pot.Young,fresh and clean shaved just like he expected it to be for a young rising actress.
He didnt want to startle the inexperienced girl so he started off slow but quickly sped up, beginning to finger Lennon’s little cunt and sticking his tongue in and out. This was Lennon’s first sexual encounter past french-kissing and giving a blowjob to her boyfriend. Lennon's mind although under control,she still felt afraid and a little turned on at the same time.
''Lets see what your lovely little mouth of yours can do'' Spunky the instructed Lennon to suck him.
When Lennon saw his enormous cock her eyes bulged and she realized Spunky was the most hung man in the world. Lennon began by putting the tip in her mouth and licking it. Spunky told her to suck the whole thing inside.Lennon put as much of the dick in her mouth as possible and started bobbing her head on it but she failed.
''Use your hand baby....'' he instructed the young girl.
Lennon used her right hand to lift Spunky’s dick up and she began licking and sucking his length like she did with her boyfriend,but there was no real comparison between those two. His cock truly were the size of a baseball bat and tasted salty. Spunky soon tired of the fore-play and told Lennon to lie down on her back.The two sisters had interupted him when he was about to get some pussy and now it was about freaking time he got some.
Lennon did as she was told and lied down with her naked body quivering. Spunky started to insert his one eyed monster and Lennon immediately began to squirm in discomfort instictively trying to get away from him.Spunky grabbed her head and slammed it against the floor,he wasnt about to let that young pussy get away,not after all that. Lennon was now semi-conscious and barely able to move. Spunky again began to stick his dick in to the virgin hole of the older Stella sisters. Spunky wasn’t sure if his dick would really fit all the way in but he was determined to try and find out. Spunky pushed hard and managed to get the tip of his dick to tear Lennon’s hymen.
''FUCK THATS TIGHT.....HAYDEN...LOOOK....I'VE BUSTED HER CUNT'' he groaned feeling the incredible pressure around his dick reaching critical limits even for him.
''LOOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO HAYDEN'' he wanted Hayden to remember that this was all happening because of her.

Spunky kept pushing,thought that was not quite far enough,so he kept pushing. He felt Lennon’s pussy being stretched and saw some blood run down her leg.Lennon was still half unconscious but was moaning in agony for Spunky to stop.He felt her pop and she screamed in a mixture of pain and delight. He started a slow, rhythmic thrusting pace. She kept moaning No and Stop, but before long they were groans of unexpected ecstasy. He could feel her building to an orgasm.
''MMmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnggghhhhhh'' Lennon screamed in pain.
God she was tight, so much so Spunky though she would rip the skin of his cock. She was still very dry and he had to use considerable force to push his cock deeper into her. But the look of sheer pain on her face as he drove into her, ripping her hymen as he did so, was just so incredibly sexy, it drove him on and now his massive cock was buried deep within her, thrusting in and out. It felt amazing, the muscles of her young virgin cunt gripping his demonic shaft. He looked down and delighted in the image of his thick veiny cock shoving in and out of her hairless cunt, a thin film of blood on his shaft from her broken hymen.Lennon started squirming beneath his constant assault on her. Spunky pumped faster and harder,faster and more vicious,he knew she could take the pounding,her young body was ready for the taking and he would make sure she received the fucking her 17 year old pussy was craving for.Spunky finally filled Lennon’s womb with his evil sperm and pulled out.
''ARRRRGGHHH'' a demonic grunt and he released his load in her with so much force Lennon felt in her mouth.
He had to pull a little hard to unwedge his dick from Lennon’s bleeding pussy with a loud pop that made Connie lick her lips and feel jealous that she hadnt had the pleasure to feel that monstrous cock inside of her yet.Lennon's pussy was soon to follow the lead of his cock as she screamed and come harder than ever before in her young life her mind shut down from the assault Lennon drifted off to unconsciousness laying still on the floor with blood and cum dripping out of her ravished pussy.Lennon just stayed there casually playing with the cum that was pooling underneath her as one hand was tweaking her still very erect nipples savoring the moment of her first actual fuck bliss.
Hayden was trying to block everything she was hearing and seeing,it was too much for her to process,this couldnt be happening.
''Look Hayden....look how i wrecked that young pussy,just for you!'' Spunky said as he pumped his cock but to hardness,there was another sister to deflower and then i was time for Hayden to be taught a very special lesson.

He let Lennon rest of the floor and now turned his attention to the youngest girl.Maisy just watched in awe what had transpired.She had never seen porn before let alone live sex and more precisely her older sister getting fucked like that was too much.
''I dont need to ask you sweet thing if you are virgin....i doubt you ever fingered yourself before'' Spunky said playing with Maisy's pigtails.
''Nooooo....let her go'' Hayden tried to protest again.
''I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP.....'' Spunky turned red with anger and steam let out his ears and nose
''YOU HAD TO PUSH ME.....WHILE IM SO GOOD WITH YOU'' Hayden was now geniously terrified.
''NO THIS ONE WILL PAY FOR YOU NOT SHUTTING UUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPP'' Spunky now was in frenzy and tore off the rest of his little jeans overall he was wearing and everyone in the room just stared in awe and dredd!!!

To be continued.....

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« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2016, 04:18:54 PM »

Part 3

Maisy Stella
Connie and Hayden

Everyone in the room had frozen,staring at Spunky and his incredible revelation.Connie's eyes light up with desire as Lennon just pushed two fingers in her no longer virgin pussy,pumping fast aroused at what she was seeing,while Maisy was just mesmerized and curious at what would follow next.As for Hayden she just couldnt believe her eyes,that horrific image right before her eyes was a nightmare coming alive right there in her house.

Spunky had revealed the reason why everyone was staring at him in such a manner.He now sported a second cock,just as hard and just as big as his first one.Thats why he didnt want Connie to play with his balls earlier,
he wanted to keep it a surprise till he fucked lil'ol Hayden.But now he was going to use them both on the two innocent young sisters,this way Hayden's suffering would be more humiliating.

''Look Hayden...look....this little one will have to suffer for your audacity Hayden....'' Spunky said and lept right in front of Maisy as his two dicks bounced.

He grasped the hem of Maisy’s dress and wrestled it upwards over her soft flat belly.She didnt resist,her mind was under his control making the whole situation even more repulsive to Hayden.He easily tore off her cotton underwear and then his eyes took in the vision that was Maisy’s pussy for the very first time, covered in a slightly untidy triangle of light brown pubic hair. For her age Maisy was actually very hairy down there.He traced his tiny fingers through the hair sending shivers up the entranced girl,her body reacting to his evil touch as he shoved two digits roughly at the opening of her small cunt causing Maisy to wince in pain, even under his influence her body knew when it was being invaded by force.She was very dry and tight and his fingers were clearly causing her considerable discomfort. Spunky forced another finger in and watched Maisy’s face as her brow furrowed in pain while Hayden was looking intensely feeling sorry for the young girl and the fate he had in store for her.

Spunky couldn’t hold back any longer,he had to pump her full of his demonic cocks. Unleashing his now engorged cocks which were pulsing in need,tearing her cunt apart was the only think in his deranged mind.He forced his small frame between Maisy’s legs and watched her eyes grow wide as he sunk forward and pushed the tip of his first cock into her virgin pussy.

“MMmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnggghhhhhh” Maisy screamed in pain while her sister watched folding her tits and pussy,jealous of her sister's luck to be impaled by two evil cocks.

Maisy was tight, so much so he though she would rip his cock apart but the friction was actually turning Spunky on.She was still very dry and he had to use considerable force to push his cock deeper into her. But the look of sheer pain on her face as he drove into her, tearing apart her hymen was just so incredibly evil, it drove him on and now his massive cock was buried deep within her, thrusting in and out. It felt amazing, the muscles of her young virgin cunt gripping his shaft. He looked down seeing her stomach bulge each time he would fill her tiny pussy made him even more vicious in his thursting. Spunky was delighted in the image of his thick cock shoving in and out of her hairy cunt as blood covered his dick and dripping onto his second cock,lubricating it for his next target.

His cock was pretty sore from the pressure but he still wanted more. Instinctively her trembling arms tried to push the evil doll off her but he grabbed the wrists and pinned them above her head and kept her in place.With his right hand he grabbed Maisy’s long golden hair and started pulling painfully at her hair. He positioned his second cock at her tiny perky little bottom and with one hand still firmly on her head, he used the other to maneuver his twitching cock between her small buttocks, pushing it forward until the head of it rested against her little puckered anus.

From across the room he could hear Hayden's squeals of terror and that Spunky got tired of it.
''Connie....can you do something to shut her up?Im trying to DP little Maisy here and we dont want her to get injured.Do we?'' He said and with a wave of his hands Connie was now fully untied.

She immediately jumped on Hayden,moving in and french kissed her burying her own tongue deep down Hayden's throat. Hayden reacted instantly trying to protest the foreign object invading her mouth. The feeling of her co-star exploring her mouth and intertwining her tongue with hers was making her ill, though in the back of her mind the sensation was quite tantalizing. The more Connie probed, the more Hayden's resolve slowly began to wither until finally she let out a soft moan.Hayden had closed her eyes at the new sensation of having another woman kiss her and didnt see Spunky do his mumbo jumbo voodoo thing on her,to lower her defenses just enough to make her susceptible to Connie's soft touch.Hayden became bold and snaked her tongue into her kisser’s mouth to return the favor. The pink muscle entered unknown territory sharing the warmth on another woman’s mouth hoping to please her as much as she was.Connie began to paw her friend’s breasts and kissing her neck. Her skilled hands massaged her heaving mounds causing her nipples to become rock hard and erect with excitement.Hayden let out a squeal as a bolt of electricity shot to her brain when Connie pinch and rolled each one between thumb and index finger. From this sudden sexual assault all Hayden’s body could do was give in to the inevitable and quiver in orgasm.

Connie delighted from Hayden's response she ripped open her sweeter as she was still tied and freed her breasts from their prison. Connie licked her lips in anticipation and turned her attention down to Hayden's breasts sucking on her luscious, ripe, pink nipples.Hayden let out a soft moan as she felt her tits getting the special treatment by her experienced tongue. Connie continued her oral administrations by sucking on Hayden's nipples equally bathing them with her saliva,then pushed a hand inside Hayden's pants feeling how wet the whole ordeal had made her and inserted a finger deep inside her love hole. The tight, velvet interior gripped her digit instantly and after a few strokes she included another burying them deeper and deeper making Hayden moan in delight.

She buried her fingers in as far as they could go pushing through as Hayden’s body reacted to the intrusion.Connie continued thrusting her long fingers in and out ,in and out but she hadnt finished toying with her friend's breasts, she kissed her way back up to her face leaving a wet trail up Hayden’s neck up to her ear.

''You love that do you Hayden?'' she asked but didnt expect an answer.
Their lesbian love making was interrupted when a blood freezing scream filled the room.

“AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh….It….hurts!!!!!!!!!” Maisy cried out.
Spunky had just impaled the young girl with his two cocks,making both Connie and Hayden to look where the young girl was ravished by the evil doll.

He thrusted forward trying to force his cock into the young girl’s tender ass,but he was so big and she was so small there, it took a massive amount of effort just to get just the head of his cock in and he had to use one hand to steer his throbbing member inside her ass while the other cock was pistoning her once virgin pussy. Maisy had never before felt so full as he thrusted forward, impaling her on his two dicks and make her cry out in sheer agony.This just made him push deeper,much deeper inside of her. Her ass and pussy were so tight he could feel his dickskin pull back and forth painfully but that didn’t stop him,he just kept thrusting, harder and harder, deeper and deeper, his small fists pulling on Maisy's flowing gold hair, using her hair to pull himself deeper within her.

''FUCK....FUCK....FUCK...thaaats two tight holes....i...i cant...i cant hold on....bitch too tight'' he screamed almost in pain.

Unable to hold on, he knew he was about to cum and he started to thrust even harder inside her now destroyed holes.At the last moment,he pulled out and with one swift movement upwards straddling her, pointed his two barrel shotgun at her face. Immediately he started to masturbate furiously and within seconds he shot a huge glob of hot white cum into her face and hair followed by a second and a third.As another load jetted out and blasted her nose and mouth. She almost squealed in delight as the cum ran into her open mouth while trying to catch her breath and left a tangy taste on her tongue. The next blast shot into her eyes and up her nose, which made her flinch and snort at the same time. As if by instictor just like she had seen her older sister do a few minutes ago,she ran her hands up and down her body as Spunky continued to cum onto her face and upper body. By the 12th spurt,her entire head and torso looked like a cumsicle. She ran her hands through the cum, scooping up as much cum as she could and sucked it into her mouth.

''Slut....like your sister.You and your friends are just sluts to be used!!!'' Spunky said and fell on his little ass trying to regain his strength as his two cocks rested between his legs spend and oozing cum covered in Maisy's virgin blood.

To be continued.....

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Connie and Hayden
Maisy and Lennon

''Oh yes.'' Connie hissed out as she positioned herself to a sitting position on top of Hayden's face trapping her between the couch and her body. Hayden's nose was pressing against her clit and making her shudder. Connie rocked her hips back and forth against Hayden's face.
''Show me what you got.'' Connie breathed out she needed the release after all that foreplay with her friend.

Her eyes were glazed over with lust and her nipples went hard. Teasing her nipples with her fingers, Connie straddled Hayden and began to grind against it. Her entire body was aching for the younger girl. Quickly replacing her fingers with her tongue, Hayden felt Connie begin to pull her hair and moan while she kept her hands on Hayden's breasts and she began to lick her way down her flat stomach in a 69 position.Hayden felt her older co-star all over her body and struggled to keep control. After feeling the other girl slip a wet tongue into her aching pussy, Connie instinctively wrapped her slim legs around the blonde’s head. Instinctively Hayden sought out Connie's clit while she held on to her thighs to keep from being thrown off the couch. After getting her first taste of another woman, she let out a throaty moan. Connie definitely did taste good!She began thrashing her tongue deeper inside the older woman to get a better taste. This drove Connie absolutely wild.

''Right there Hayden...don’t stop, keep going!'' she yelled out.

Her hips began grinding against her face. With a forceful thrust from Hayden's tongue, she rose off the couch with her eyes rolled back.She had a perfect view of Hayden's tits,she lifted her arms and began to squeeze and pull her nipples with her fingers,while doing this, Hayden curled her tongue and located Connie's g-spot.Connie was so turned on by the cries of pain coming from across the room as Maisy was having her asshole torn apart by the evil doll while Hayden was eating her out.

''GOD!!!'' Connie yelled out as she tried to grind her pussy closer to Hayden's face.

This caused her nose to press harder against her clit,her senses were overloaded. Suddenly, Connie removed her hand from Hayden's breast and stuck her finger in the blond girl's ass.Her fingers slid inside of Hayden causing her to gasp. Her hand gripped Hayden's tight ass and pumped furiously as the young hottie feasted on her womanhood. Connie gyrated her hips into Hayden as her tongue slid deep into Connie's pink depths.She loved the position of Hayden on her back servicing her, not to mention her incredible tongue work on her experienced pussy. Connie knew she wouldn’t hold out much longer at this rate and pumped her fingers faster making Hayden redouble her efforts.

''God…YES!!!!!!'' She yelled out as she came all over Hayden's face.
''FUUUUUCK!!!!'' Hayden yelled out as she orgasmed again but her moan was muffled by Connie's pussy blocking her mouth.

Hayden stayed where she was and kept licking up whatever she could. Connie fell back covered in sweat and felt her entire body continue to tingle,she brought Hayden's face to hers and kissed her. She could taste herself in her mouth and she loved it.Spunky was in heaven. Pure sex heaven. Standing in the center of Hayden's living wearing not a stitch of clothing.Hayden had just cummed her mind out being eaten by her co-star and friend Connie and Spunky had just ravished two virgin sisters with his twin monstrous cock who was rapidly becoming hard again.

On her knees and a little to the right was sweet Lennon, she was just as naked as Spunky, showing her young firm body while she worked over his heavy balls in her mouth for the first time tonight. A delightful situation as her eager tongue treated his ball sack to the most magnificent mouth massage he can ever imagine by a virgin girl. She sucked and licked and teased and even bit  at them, slobbering them in her saliva to make them slippery as she popped them from her mouth only to greedily suck them back in and use her lips to gently press on the testicles inside, so that he could feel the cum boiling up inside and get him ready to fuck again soon. What made things more perverted was the fact that pressed up against her and directly in front of him also beautifully naked was her sister Maisy and she was treating one of his cocks to her oral skills,or more precisely her lack of oral skills.But that didnt concern him.What it did was that he had the two teens servicing his demonic fuck tools.

Allowing these two sisters to use their angelic mouths to bring him closer to what he knew must be the most amazing, mind-blowing orgasm. Well, angelic wasnt exactly the right word to describe these two cock hungry sisters, sluts would be a far more appropriate one.When he saw them at the door he knew he was in for a hell of a night with the two wannabe actresses.Even though their heads and bodies were in such close proximity they did not seem to bother each other,almost ignoring one another as they concentrated their sexual attentions upon him.They each one now had one of his cockheads in their mouth trying to take in as much as possible,but they were both failing at the task.Spunky was reaching the point where he could no longer deny his orgasm and grunted as such to the girls but they did not flinch one bit ,while Maisy increased her sucking action trying to draw his cum out like sucking a milkshake, Lennon seemed to squeeze my balls harder with her mouth and pump his other cock with her small hand that could barely fit all the way around his unnatural wide girth.

''Get ready, girls…'' he warned the two sisters facing his cocks.

He had no chance against that dual pressure,he arched his back and gave a low, guttural moan as he felt his demonic cum boil up and race through his two cocks and explode into Maisy's willing, waiting mouth,he shot again and again, six bursts in total and she tried to make sure not to swallow a drop and naturally failing, pooling the load in her mouth and eventually peeling her lips from my cock and opening her mouth to show it to me as it dripped off the side of her mouth and onto the floor while she made futile attempts to scoop it up with her hands. Lennon at the same time was treated with a facial unlike she had ever experienced before nor she would in the future. Lennon was holding her face about a foot from the end of his cock as she wanked, jerked and slopped his fat shaft back and forward faster and faster before suddenly stopping with her fingers wrapped around the tip, squeezing it tightly.A second passed, then another, she opened her mouth wide, stuck her tongue out onto her chin, squeezed,Spunky's second cock suddenly exploded a load of cum right onto her face,spurting out like a shotgun blast, plastering her face from hairline to chin, covering her cheeks, her forehead, her eyes,her jaw, her tongue.She continued to pump the democic cock with her eyes glued up shut.She finally broke off from massaging his balls, making sure every last drop of sperm was out, to smile at her younger sister.

Lennon smiled towards young Maisy as Spunky collapsed onto his backside drained once again as the two gorgeous young sisters lips met and they engaged in just the sloppiest, most erotic French kiss he had ever witnessed. They were snowballing, watching these to cuties kissing so enthusiastically and pass his evil semen from Lennon's mouth to Maisy's then back again, by the end both of them swallowed a fair proportion of his vile load and seemed to be mighty happy about it as they licked each others messy lips.Spunky lay on his small back trying and recover his composure somewhat,it wouldnt be long before he was hard again. That did not matter to the slut sisters though, they had had their sexual tendencies raised with that sloppy cum kiss and he could see that they were totally all over each other.

Given that she was the elder, Lennon took the lead and lifted Maisy up and then laying her down on her back  just inches away from his tiny body.With Maisy flat on her back, her young titties pointing upwards, Lennon climbed onto her between her spread legs and dipped her eager face into her sister's unshaved, glistening slit. Already Spunky could feel faint stirrings in his groin again despite the power of his orgasm. Lennon did not stay there for long though, giving only a few licks before kissing her way up her sisters stomach to take her breasts, one at a time, into her more practiced mouth.The two sisters were completely caught up in it, Lennon pulled herself up so that she was straddling Maisy's heaving chest and after giving her sisters nipples a delicious tweak she maneuvered herself around and gently lay herself down along the length of Maisy's nubile body so that her own soaking pussy was right at her face and that her head was hovering just over Maisy's. It was surely the most incest sixty-nine he had ever experienced and Spunky grew stiffer with every second that passed.

Although obviously inexperience to the whole lesbian lovemaking,what they did pay particular attention to using their eager tongues to bring each other to the very verge of climaxing before changing their pattern to draw it out as long as possible. First they licked and probed each other hard, stabbing their little tongues deep inside the other, then slow and gentle, barely touching the others clit before running their tongues the full length of their soaking wet slits while pushing their faces forward and creating as much motion as possible. It was truly a magnificent sight and had Spunky mesmerized by how things had developed.When he took them over he didnt expect them to turn out so slutty.He freaking loved it and was unconsciously started pumping his cocks back to life.

But they obviously did not want to cum at this point as after ten minutes of this glorious sister on sister action they broke off, Lennon turned around and was now face to face with her younger sister and shared a deep sensual kiss again.They started grinding their bodies,their breasts rubbing each other,nipples with nipples,pussy with pussy,sweating and glowing with pleasure while their hands intertwined caressing their long hair keeping their heads still tasting each other pussy in their mouth. That was enough to get Spunky hard enough to get on his short legs and jump on Lennon's back mounting her like a horse,or more accurately a pony in his situation.Lennon's body started to rub even tighter on her younger's sisters making them both moan in pleasure.Spunky hardly weighted anything which helped to make the situation barely unconformable for Maisy who now had two people above her.

''Ohhhhhh stop that you naughty doll...'' Lennon half breathed feeling his cocks rub on her ass.

Having the two sisters under him made his two dicks grow even bigger as one slid further down towards her pussy.Suddenly she became alarmed that what Spunky did to her sister moments ago,he would do that to her.And while it looked hot to be penetrated by his twin fuck tools,it certainly made her afraid of the pain that came along with being stuffed to the capacity.With one pounce he was now mounting both sisters and was rubbing his steel cock on Lennon's virgin asshole while the other one was getting slick from her dripping pussy,ready to impale her sister's gaping pussy.

''Oooohhh noo this cant be happening.ah ahhhhheeee....'' Lennon cried out as he got the head of his vile dick at her entrance to her little virgin anus
''Aaaahhh''' Maisy jumpped in surprise as he found her pussy with one thrust he was once again in her ruined pussy.
''ah ah ah ohhhhh'' both girls were helpless and at his mercy as he carried on his hideous act of fucking the two formerly innocent sisters at the same time.
''Oh oh awyyyy awyyy it hurts...plee...please take it out...'' Lennon begged as his cock was devirginizing her tight ass with vicious thrusts.

Shaking the blond girl and making her rub her body with her sister.Lennon's mind was being overrun with sexual thoughts as she started now grinding her body in sync with his thursts.She leaned down and kissed Maisy softly,muffling her moans.Their breasts rubbing each other,nipples with nipples,pussy with pussy,sweating and glowing with pleasure while Spunky was fucking them simultaneously. Their holes stretched to the limit full of demonic cock that wanted nothing more than defile their young bodies.Lennon let out a scream as his thrusts become more violent inflicting more pain than pleasure,Spunky was on a mission to destroy her ass,he wasnt there to pleasure the girn and Lennon instinctively tried to jump forward away from the invading demonic cock, but was stopped by his hand wrapped in her pony tail, holding her head like reins on a horse.

"Oh, you'll take this and more. Just wait until my second hard cock takes place up your ass. Then I'll really give you something to scream about, you god damn thoughtless, worthless, piece of shit slutty cum bucket!"

He pushed hard  up her ass one more time, then pulled it out and then buried all in,making her cry in agony.Lennon recoiled as her cock reached new depths and struggled with all she had to get away from the evil doll.She thrashed against him and tried to escape his grip but being between the evil doll and her orgasming sister underneath her,she had nowhere to go.Maisy on the same time was savoring her time being used as a sex object.Something had broken inside her being introduced to such depraved acts of sex that her mind had melted.All she wanted was to please that demonic doll.

''Oh fuck her....just fuck her master....show her how to please you.'' Maisy said and kissed her older sister trying to stop her whining.

Just for this Spunky gave a couple of hard thrusts in Maisy's pussy making yelp in pleasure,she was urging him on to fuck her sister's ass,the least he could do was give back a little something to the eager teen. Spunky's grip was tight in Lennon's hair, binding her to him and keep him steady behind them as his moving was now a blur as he fucked them with unnatural speed. He knew that deep down they both wanted this, the little fuck dolls.Yanking her head back hard so her face was upturned to the ceiling making her feel his demonic cock trying to reach for her stomach while his cock in Maisy pulsed and Lennon felt him twich in her sister's belly.

"Maybe this will teach you to give yourself an enema each morning, to clean out that fuckhole.Because I'll be fucking your asshole, your cunt hole, and your mouth hole whenever I want, and the order will not matter to me. This is why you exist,you dim-witted cum buckets. Your slutty bodies are made for me to ravage.'' Spunky said and bite down hard on her back making Lennon moan in pain.

With his dick deep inside her ass,Spunky moved back and withdrew his other one from the cock hungry Maisy,making her cry like a child who lost her toy.
He yanked Lennon's hair one more time making her move away from her sister and guided her like a little horse while he was still on her back.She did as he instructed her like good little sex slave and was rewarded by feeling the head of his second cock push against her asshole. He shoved his tiny fingers up her dripping pussy  and rubbed the juices over his cocks.

"Nothing like using your own slut fluid to lube you up. I'm going to fuck your asshole like it's your cunt and shoot my load up inside you. Then you'll really be my slut whore." he said

With that, he popped his second dick in her ass and slammed himself balls deep as Lennon threw her head around in pain.She buckled like a wild horse trying to throw away her rider but Spunky hold on tightly to her hair and his dicks had such a tight fit to her once virgin ass that was impossible to eject. Without pausing to let her grow accustomed to his twin cock invasion he started pounding away at her ass.

"Take my hard cock you fucking whore! Slutbag! Cum bucket! That's right you fucking slut, I know you love this. Fucking slutty ass skank whore!Just like you little sister over there....i bet she wants some of  it again...but this is all for you" He humped the girl's hole with no mercy, reveling in her screams.

He could feel her rise up on her tip toes, trying to get away from his violating dick, but she was held in place by his supernatural strength and the mind control that was telling her that she had to take it. Sawing in and out of her tight asshole, he pulled back on her hair, forcing her chest to arch off the floor while she took his hard dick up her tight ass. A constant moan came from her, with a hard grunt each time he slammed into her. He fucked her until her moans became more desperate and she started to ever so slightly push back against him, lowering herself back down on to her heels, trying to get more of his cock in her ass.Slowing his pounding for just a moment, he pushed his demonic cocks as far up her asshole as he could and he whispered in her ear.

"Now, tell Hayden what you are and what you want. Don't you love getting fucked up your ass?"
"Yes! Yes! I'm a slut, I'm your whore,I'm Spunky's cum slut...he can use me how he wants! I'm good only for fucking, to take his cum! Please, please fuck me up my asshole, use my tight fuck hole and then fuck my sister too!" Lennon screamed looking straight into Hayden's eye who had just recovered from her mind blowing orgasm and treated with this foul sight.Lennon being fucked up the ass with two cocks who were tearing apart her hole and she loved it.
"That's right, you fucking slut,you're just cum bucket! But you forgot to call me Master like your sister did,you idiot bitch," and he slapped her ass hard. She screamed and clenched her ass around his cock.
"Master! Yes...Master! Fuck your worthless cum whore, sir," she yelled out.

With each thrust into her ass, she cried outand spanked her ass again even harder as he drilled her ass with his hard dicks.With the extra clenching from her ass while he spanked her, Spunky couldn't hold out any longer. He humped her ass a few more strokes, then shot his twin loads deep in her bowels.

 "Take my evil sperm, cum bucket!" Spunky couldnt hold on any longer and let go of her hair.

Lennon could feel his cum spurting up her asshole, coating her insides with his vile seed. She actually regretted that it ended already... she had just started feeling her own orgasm build as he hurled the degrading insults at her and made her enjoy his anal fucking.Lennon felt his cocks softening still lodged up her asshole while he laid on her back for a moment, then slid his dicks out of her forbidden fuckhole and fell on the floor on his back spend.

''Maisy since i didnt cum inside of you....you get over there and suck your bigger sister clean.Suck all of my cum out of her ass'' Spunky ordered and Maisy obediently jumped on her ruined sister's ass,licking and sucking his demonic sperm of Lennon's abused backside.

Maisy moaned in pleasure as she fed off Spunky's seed,she had tasted his vile seed before but sucking it out of her sister's ass was delicious. She’d never thought it would taste this good and Lennon remained still exhausted from the brutal fucking her ass had just received.Her mind was racing with crazy thoughts,filled with sex,being dominated by the evil doll.She couldn’t wait to have nights like this all the time with her new Master. And if her hot sister was involved too then so much the better because Lennon loved the feeling of her little sister's tongue eagerly lapping at her sore backside.

Spunky was pleased at the sight of the two sisters being his little sexual slaves but he was running out of time.He still had a lot to do if he wanted to keep his cocks.He only had 48hrs to get his revenge on Hayden and make 6 celebrity sisters his sex slaves.And while a higher power from above send two of them to his door step,Spunky knew he would have to hurry if he was to find the rest.The ticking clock made him mad that he couldnt savor his time with the pussy that was surrounding him now,so he cut short the love making of the two sisters and moved to the one that caused him all this trouble.

To be continued.....

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So while Spunky wanted nothing more that continue destroying the two inexperienced sisters,he had to move if he wanted to keep his new toys. Hayden was recovering from her orgasm and at the same time the effect of Spunky's powers that clouded her mind, to be susceptible to Connie's touch and stop her constant protests, were wearing off. Spunky wanted Hayden to feel everything and remember everything that he would happen tonight,he wanted to scar her mind for eternity.

Hayden felt like she was waking up from a dream,a very pleasant dream,but seeing Connie snugging right next to her and the two young sisters on the floor before her glistering in the dim light covered in sweat and cum,she knew that everything was all to real.And then Spunk jumped on her lap holding a knife to her face.

''Yeah slut....its really happening....im back....im back and i've fucked your friend....'' Spunky said drawing nearer to her face with each work.He could read her mind as well as control it.

''Yes...and its all your fault....''he pressed the knife harder on her skin making Hayden panic for a moment that he would actually kill her.
''How stupid are you?I wont kill you....yet.....we have many thing to do....and not a lot of time'' He said as he pulled her hair making her groan in pain.
''Lets go....i want to fuck you in your bed next to your little brat...'' He jumped of Hayden and made her stand up by pressing the knife on her leg,while tears started to form in her eyes at the wickedness of his plan.

Just as he followed the naked Hayden Panettiere up the stairs Spunky turned around and saw the three dominated women still in the living room waiting for his next command.

''And you just wait...stay there and...i dont know...fuck each other.'' he said as all he wanted now was to fuck Hayden,he's been holding it of for hour now that he lost track of the time and now he had to hurry.Curses,he shouldnt have agreed on such a short deadline.

Before Spunky and Hayden disappear upstairs the 3 co-stars in the living room had already started full lesbian orgy.Spunky would have loved to stay and watch the tv incest sex.The onscreen mother was being attacked by her two daughters,like hungry lions on a lone prey.Connie didnt even have a chance and in mere minutes she was orgasming at the eager tongues of Lennon and Maisy and their coordinated attack on her pussy.Damn it to hell that he didnt have enough time....at least Lennon's followers will be getting to see what a sex freak she was on their phones,Spunky thought,maybe i get to watch it later.After he was done with Hayden.

Slowly Hayden led the demonic doll up the stairs and towards her bedroom,where she began to sob. Her mind was reeling. She had given up fighting when she knew she shouldnt. The entire incident felt surreal,with her friends at this possessed doll's mercy and she was leading him to her room to fuck her, and yet she calmly guided the Spunky into her most sacred domain.Spunky pushed her inside the threshold of her room when Hayden stopped briefly at her door.He eagerly looked around to see where Hayden's child was sleeping but he was disappointed.
''Where's your little brat Hayden?'' he asked almost angry.
''She..she's in another room...'' Hayden replied weakly.
''Fuck....we cant have everything'' Spunky said and pushed her down onto her bed.

Spunky paused for a moment and stood and admired the scene before him.Lying there on a bed lay a terrified and naked Hayden Panettiere with her hair disheveled, her flawless tanned legs slightly spread and her tits on full display. It was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen.He could feel his two cocks aching to fill her up badly.

"Damn that's a pretty sight. A sexy blonde slut just waiting to be fucked." he commented as Hayden glared up at him with a hint of anger in her eyes.
''Dont move...'' he ordered and Hayden obeyed not wanting him to get even more angry.

Spunky started rummaging through her drawers and soon he found what he was looking for.Hayden's small silver vibrator.Spunky brought it near his nose and inhaled.

''Sweet....i knew that you are a slut that wants to get fucked all the time'' he said to her and positioned himself between her legs,he started to lick the inside of her thighs and following the saliva trail with the vibrator till he roughly inseted it in her unprepared pussy and turned it on to full power making Hayden shiver.He started pumping fast inside her love hole and soon Hayden was on the bring of an orgasm.

"Getting close sweethear?"  he asked.
"MMmmmm,nah..nha... uh huh" She weakly said.

She was clenching her thighs together and grinding her hips against the bed as he worked the vibrator in a slow circular motion making sure he hit all the nerve ending,he wanted her to know he could make her cum and feel ashamed that he could make her feel so good.

"I want you tell me when you're about to come,slut." he demanded.
''Ohhh....'' Hayden was trying to muffle the cries of sexual arousal but failing.

Spunky could see her asshole starting to pucker and he knew she was right on the edge.He quickly removed the vibrator and spanked her ass hard again and again and again. The plump flesh of her bottom was wobbling deliciously as she pushed her hips into the mattress and rolled side to side in vain attempts to avoid his punishment. She clenched her buttocks in defense trying to protect herself from the pain but it was hopeless.

''Such a perfect ass needs to be spanked you slut....you need to be punished for being a whore that gets off being raped by an evil doll like me....take it like the slut you are'' and he continued his hard slaps on her perfect rear.

Pain was what Spunky was after but there was something much more visceral in the feeling of his small bare hands on her naked flesh.

"Yeow! Stop it, please! You're hurting me! OW! Please!What do you want from me!!!" Hayden started to beg.

While Spunky's hands were small his supernatural strength made the spanking painful beyond Hayden's threshold of pain.

"This IS what I want!" Spunky said, relentlessly continuing her spanking.
"This! I want to hurt you! I want you to feel the pain I've i felt when you bit off my dick....I want you to beg me to stop. I want your tears, I want your screams.And i want your holes to be destroyed by my cocks...." With tears of anger screaming down his face, he relentlessly spanked that magnificent bottom.

Her pleading and her screams did not touch the evil doll and continued his assault on her bare ass who had turned an angry red.His plan had been to torment her sexually, bring her to the edge again and again and then spank the hell out of her each time she was about to come, pushing her orgasm back down before arousing her again, to tease and then deny.Till she begged him to fuck her senseless. Her ass was red and he continued punishing her, slapping one cheek in the same place over and over until she was nearly hysterical before moving to the other one. Spunky could almost feel his tiny palm was on fire. Her flesh was beginning to bruise, turning a dark purple at the base of her bottom where he directed most of his punishment and suddenly pulled back her long hair furthering her abuse.

Hayden was now sobbing uncontrollably, her lungs taking in huge breaths of air before releasing her sobs. She was saying something over and over but Spunky didnt pay attention to her.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry..." Hayden hid her face in the pillows,regretting the moment she had decided to bite off his dick.

Spunky had won.He suddenly stopped spanking her,his twin cocks were rock hard and leaking precum and he climbed up on the bed between her knees ready to take her from behind.
"Lift your hips." he demanded.
"...sorry I'm sorry I'm..." She lay there sobbing,

"I SAID LIFT YOUR FUCKING HIPS!" He moved a little forward and reached for her long hair pulling them to make her understand,Hayden complied and raised her ass.
HIGHER!" he grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her to her knees keeping her head down low on the sheet.

"Spread you legs!" he demanded.
"Wider! Arch your back and offer me your pussy." Still sobbing she did as she was told.
"Now beg me to fuck you." Spunky said and landed a hard slap on her burning ass.
"Please..." Hayden was overwhelmed
"Beg me...beg your Master to fuck you!" he slapped her ass hard again pulled her hair hard almost tearing some of her head.
"Yeow! Please, please fuck me, Spunky." she finally cracked.
"What is that?" he pulled harder at the hair
"Aiiiiee....Fuck me. Please.Just....Fuck my pussy." Hayden cried out.
''Fuck me....make me yours.....i want to feel your two cocks inside me...'' Hayden couldnt believe she was actually begging that evil doll to fuck her,but that was the only way to end her torment.

Satisfied by her pleading,Spunky positioned one cock at the opening of her cunt and another at her backdoor.Both her holes soaked. Maybe something about being beaten and humiliated had turned her on.Hayden didnt want to accept the fact that being dominated like that had turned her on so much that her pussy was overflowing with juices.

Spunky drove his first cock deep inside her and began pumping her, his tiny body making slapping sounds against her tender bottom, his balls tapping against her thighs.If he wasnt already possessed,he couldnt have managed the speed at which he was ramming his cock into her as hard and as violently and as rapidly as he could. He pulled her hair hard lifting her head while with his other hand  dug his fingers into the outraged flesh of her ass. He pushed his thumb into her asshole up to the first knuckle and prepared her for the next level of fucking.Double stuffing Hayden just like the younger sisters.

"How is it?" he said, "Does your husband fuck you like this?Slut?" he asked

He knew the answer,he knew her husdand was a giant boxer and the two of them would fuck like a couple of Jack Russell Terriers.But even he couldnt measure up to his twin 12'' demonic cocks.Hayden was making agonizing moans and thought he was hurting her the way he intended.

"Please, please fuck me! Please, Spunky....fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee! Hayden was now overwhelmed by sexual need.
''Give me your cocks....split me in half...please'' Spunky felt her cunt contracting squeezing his cock as Hayden begged him to impale her.
He could feel my cock head push up against the back of her womb, and bust through to the bottom of her diaphragm. She was hyperventilating, crying,
and cumming all at the same time. He could feel her cunt muscles flexing around his demonic cock and could also see his cock ruining her tight little body, and see it bulging inside her tight little stomach. He took one of his hands and pushed against her stomach, feeling his cock sliding in and out as she tried to breathe. Even though she couldn't  get any air, her body reacted to the onslaught and came even harder, her pussy tightening around his cock like a vice gripe.

He slapped her ass as hard as he could, still fucking into her now ruined pussy.She moaned as he pounded her hard and fast. He was enjoying her pussy and he had her moaning loud. He was fucking her silly as she had cum dripping from her nice pussy. He smacked her ass as she squealed. He smiled and spanked her catching her off guard when he put his cock at the entrance to her tiny little asshole and with one final plea from her, he pushed his second cock into her. The scream that she emitted could have frozen blood. Her asshole unwillingly gave way to the invading intruder, her sphincter ripping as the cock pushed unlubricated into her ass.

''AARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" Hayden cried,she might have been begging Spunky to fuck her but the pain was overwhelming.

He continued to pump my cock into her tight little shithole as hard as he could, and pushed the entirety of his 12inches into her asshole.Spunky thought it broke through her back. Her neck snapped straight as the cock pushed through her like a steel rod.She screamed in pain once more and went limp from the shock. Hayden moaned and yelped loudly as she was impaled on the evil doll's frantically thrusting rods, and it came to the point where she had to brace herself from falling forward. She moaned and whined at the duel penetration while he was stuffing her pussy and ass over and over again with more meat than she would have ever thought was possible. Spunky would stop every few minutes to lean over and nibble on back savoring the sweet taste of her sweat covering her spine and making Hayden shiver.And every time he resumed his fucking of her firm holes he'd fuck her harder and faster, until, after about an hour into it, Hayden was completely pushed against the mattress her arms between it and her head in an effort to keep from suffocating. She began to wonder if this would ever end.  Hayden only had to endure this unrelenting  assault, and she wondered how much longer he could possibly last.  She got her answer as she felt the first blast of his seed launch deep within her, with almost enough force to blast her off his cock.


He continued to pump into her and with one more howl,he pumped his demon seed into her once tight ass and pussy. Spunky came so hard he thought his head might explode. He pumped his vile cum deep inside her and she yelled with every spasmodic ejaculation.He filled her up with his spunk, and with one more spurt, I let her drop forward.
"YES! YES! YES!" Hayden was out off control.
She came even harder as he continued to hit her ass.With that she came the hardest she ever did in her entire life and drenched his cock with her love juice making it slide even deep that he ever thought it was possible.He felt he was pouring his entire being deep into her and disappearing inside her holes. He wanted to fill her with his seed again and again it pumped out of him deep down her cunt and asshole until he was completely spent and cum started to leak out of the sealed holes.Even with his cocks impaled deep inside Hayden cum was leaking around the tight seal and pooled underneath her drenching the bed.Spunky collapsed on top of her and  brought both to the mattress where they lay trying to catch their breath.

"Oh God," she said, gasping for breath.
"Oh God," she gasped again.

''God has nothing to do with this slut.'' Spunky said as he removed his cocks with a loud pop from her holes leaving them wide open.

Spunky searched the room for something to wear but nothing fit.He found a basket full with toys and dolls and took the clothes from one of the bigger teddy bears to wear.With Hayden fully dominated and turned into his cock loving slut,he had to move.He turned around to catch a glimpse of her for one last time.She was naked and rubbing her bottom. Her eyes were red and streaked with tears and there were bruises on her breasts where he had grabbed and slapped them. Her defying attitude was gone, the hatefull stare which she had fixed on him and which had distorted her beautiful face had vanished. She seemed humbled and willing to serve him.Spunky stopped and looked at her.She looked like a child, lost and scared.

Spunky was exhausted,the exhilaration he had felt at humiliating this woman who had made his life hell, had evaporated but he had one more final act of humiliation to perform.His eyes started to glow red and Hayden started to hear some weird noise coming from a basked next to the bed,it was her daughters toys coming back to life.

''I think this might leave a mental image every time you close your eyes.Consider it a going away gift'' Spunky said and rushed downstairs.

There he found all three woman exhausted and sleeping with their bodies tangled,it must have been a great orgy.Spunky moved to Lennon's phone and picked it up ending the live streaming.The last number of viewer was over 200.000 she only had 2000 followers so by tomorrow Lennon will surely be a internet star with millions of fans.Spunky would watch the tonights video later,but now he had to find his next target.

Upstairs Hayden's ordeal was far from over.She was still on the bed completely naked and tired but that creeping sound had her worried of what Spunky might have done.A purple octopus creeped behind her and before she knew it she was immobilized.Hayden tried to think as she saw a large, green stuffed unicorn moving between her legs with the head aiming for its target.

"No stop! You can't do this to me!Spukyyyyyyy..." She said as it sank into her body.
"OH no!" She said as it backed up and rammed again.

Over and over the toy raped her hot body.  On the right tit, a Barbie doll was sucking and biting her nipples while an Elmo doll did the same at her left one. Hayden began to orgasm again and got off. She was weakened. She turned her head to the right and looked as a large teddy bear grabbed her head and force his cock into her mouth. She fought as he forced her to suck. After about five minutes, he got off and pulled out, hosing her face with his cum. He laughed and grabbed her still bare tits.

"Thanks bitch!" He said walking away.

A stuffed snake jumped up and slid up between her tits. She screamed and it slid down her legs and rammed its tail into her still wet pussy. Hayden closed her eyes and felt her knees melt as the snake fucked her. He laughed as she cummed herself. Cum dripped between her legs down to her still sore asshole. The snake finished and slithered away her leg. Hayden got on her knees still getting off of at the snakes expense. Hayden couldnt believe what had happened,not only an evil possessed doll had raped her,but now her kid's toys too had a will of their own and were taking turning fucking her.She looked down at her nude body trying to get hold of herself as a giant panda bear appeared and shoved his dick into her mouth.He forced the young woman to suck him as he smiled and grunted. He smiled at the nude woman and stepped between her legs. He stood close to her pussy with the hard cock prodding her.

''Hayden, we are here to fuck that hot body of yours and to deliver a message. We are now the living toys of the house and we rule.Everytime you get horny,we will become alive and fuck you senseless...now, I am going to enter and fuck you to oblivion bitch!" He said laughing.

He was the biggest stuffed toy there and nobody denied he was the boss.He was about three foot tall and had a nice ten inch dick for her. He was just a stuffed rabbit, but was horny as hell. He smiled as her pussy was ready for the taking. He rammed into her and held her tits as he pounded her tight pussy fast and hard. Hayden closed her eyes and was trying to fight it. Her body betrayed her after a few minutes of the rape and her cum began to flow. She moaned as she blew the bear and her pussy was invaded. The dick was big and she loved the feeling of it deep inside her.It kind reminded of Spunky's cock.

She was invaded for almost an hour as they noticed her weakening. She swallowed the bears cum and felt the rabbit filling her pussy up. She looked down and saw him smiling at her as he removed his cock. He slowly pulled out of Hayden and shot several more loads of semen all over her jiggling ass before flipping her over, straddling her stomach, and drenching her tits and face with the last few sprays. She fainted and was left in the bedroom naked and covered in demonic cum and slowly one by one turned back to their former inanimate state.

Spunky would have been proud for them.

To be continued....
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