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Author Topic: Angela's Robot Rampage (Robo-Warriors episode 5)  (Read 1029 times)

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« on: December 06, 2016, 09:31:29 PM »

More violent and disgusting than ever. You have been warned. Nobody is permenently injured, despite occasional appearances, is the only reassurance I can give... Angela will return, intact, for the final installment, part 6...

Angela S-, presenter of hit TV show Robo-Warriors, was having a nightmare in which she was being gang-raped by brutal, masked sadists, when she was awoken by a camera crew invading her room. Angela was mildly surprised to find that she was not, in fact, being gang-raped for real… yet. The nightmares were preferable to the real thing, because at least they didn’t leave bruises.
“Morning!” grinned the infuriatingly perky news presenter, Holly Goodish, from behind her big tits. Angela hated this smirking bimbo almost more than she hated the men who tormented her and controlled her. “I brought you more fan-mail!”
“Oh God, no,” moaned Angela as a big cardboard box landed on the bed to which she was chained, naked. Holly started tugging the single sheet away to expose her naked body.
“My, we’re looking healthy. Hardly a mark on you. That pussy still looks a bit tender, though.”
“So would yours be if you’d been brutally raped by three hundred raging sex perverts, you stupid bitch,” snarled Angela.
“I suppose it would,” giggled Holly, opening the box. “Anyway, your fans have been sending in heartfelt tributes, and we’re going to film you showing your appreciation.” From the box she scooped up a handful of used condoms and slung them at Angela: they splatted onto her bare breasts and stuck, oozing slowly down her torso.
“Oh God, no. I did fifty yesterday. I was sick as a dog,” moaned Angela.
“Well, you have around a hundred today,” smirked Holly. “You’d better get busy before Dr. Sade gets here for your orgasm training.” Dr. Sade had been applying vibrators to Angela’s clit, bringing her to the edge of orgasm but denying her the release, five times a day for the better part of a month. He refused to say what therapeutic value this was supposed to have, but Angela, bound to her bed or supervised at all times, had been unable to cum in all that time and was going out of her mind.
Angela picked a dripping condom from off her left nipple. “This stops now. I can’t do this.”
Holly shrugged, and took a little remote control device from her handbag.
“No – no – nononnononoooo-“
Holly thumbed the button, and Angela spasmed as her slave collar, fastened round her throat just below where she’d been branded with the words WORTHLESS CUNT, delivered a painful electric shock.
Holly watched, keeping her thumb down longer than necessary because it was nice the way Angela’s titties bounced as she thrashed in pain. Finally, she switched off the current.
“Oooooh God… OK, OK, I’ll do it, I’ll AAAAHHHHHH!!!” Holly gave her another shock just when she wasn’t expecting it, just for the hell of it, and was rewarded by the sight of those nice titties almost shaking themselves loose as Angela bucked and jolted in agony.
When the second shock was over, Holly said, “Come on then, stop being a silly girl and go to work,” and Jim the cameraman moved in for a closeup as Angela squeezed the cum from the first condom into her mouth.
“Ugh, bleurgh. It tastes like… soured milk. How long have these been in transit, Holly?”
“They do smell a bit off,” giggled Holly. “Never mind, next one.” Angela held another slimy rubber johnny to her lips and let the contents ooze onto her tongue.
“Don’t forget to lick the outside to get all the pussy or ass flavour,” reminded Holly, waving the remote lightly. Angela complied.
“Dear viewers, thank you SO much for all your thoughtful gifts,” read Angela from the autocue. “This worthless cunt is so gratified – gaah! – to be the object of your jizz. Blurgh. Please keep these delicious presents, ah, coming. Pleurgh!” Angela had to smile for the camera, through sticky lips, as she continued to ingest the glutinous contents of the used prophylactics, swallowing all the mess down like a good girl.

“What about a rape raffle?” asked Suki, squirming as Chloe the intern worked her tongue into every crevice.
“You mean sell tickets, and the winner gets to force-fuck Angela?” asked Roger, slapping Chloe’s sister Becky hard in the face for daring to remove her mouth from his dick in order to choke. Knotting her hair in his fist, he shoved her back into his lap, his dick hitting the back of her throat. “Not a bad idea. Audience participation, but a bit more controlled than last time. Pass me that insect terminator.”
Suki tossed over a device shaped like a tennis racket, which could deliver electric shocks for killing insects. Applied to Becky’s ass as she sucked him off, it delivered a painful sting, but the current would merely be a pleasant buzz when conducted through her slut body to his cock.
“How’s the tank doing?” Roger asked.
“It’s finally, ah, coming together,” said Suki. “The prison officials cooperated in the end. It should be…mmm… spectacular.” Chloe had just done something unusually pleasing with her tongue, and Suki rewarded her by easing off on the choke-chain round the little whore’s throat.
“Good,” said Roger. “Should be a highlight.” He began rhythmically spanking Becky with the electric paddle. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! It felt so nice when she sobbed on his cock. Tiring of this, he finally shoved the slut off the couch, laughing as her bare ass landed on the broken wine glass he’d discarded earlier. As the teenage slut whined in pain, he cheerfully ejaculated in her face.
“Better call Dr. Sade and get him to fix this bitch up,” he sneered.
Cum oozing down her face, Becky bawled. “The stem of the glass has gone right up my…”
“I have a better idea,” said Suki, spurning Chloe to the floor with one blow from her foot (Suki was naked save for her pumps). “You, slut. Extract the broken glass from your sister’s pussy and ass. With your teeth.” She picked up her cell phone to record the spectacle.
These script conferences often led to the team’s best ideas for Robo-Warriors.
"Hello, welcome to Nude News, I'm Holly Goodish, voted by TV Wank as the slut most viewers would love to rape. Thanks, guys! I'm standing in the playground of St. Britney's secondary school, hoping to talk to some of Robo-Warriors' younger fans. Darren, the fifth episode airs tonight. Are you looking forward to it?"
"Yeah, I can't wait to see that Irish twat in tears. Are those tits real?"
"Certainly they're real, Darren. Now, now, you mustn't squeeze them - ow! - at least, not so hard. What about you, Keith, what's your favourite part of Robo-Warriors?"
"I like the raping."
"Who doesn't? Now, Keith, leave my knickers alone. What is it you like about the raping?"
"I like it that the slut doesn't like it, but the robots do. I like it when the slut gets it up her tight little arse and begs for mercy."
"That's nice, Keith, but let's not reenact it right here, eh? Garry, what do you - oh! Is that for me? it's very nice, but, ah, how old are you, Garry? Jim, get me out of here!"
"Well, that was an excited bunch of fans. Phew. Now I'm talking to some of the girls who watch the show. Susie, why do you watch Robo-Warriors?"
"It makes me feel all... all funny."
"Susie, do you mean it makes your pussy wet?"
"(shy) Yes."
"Don't be ashamed, Susie. It's perfectly natural for a girl to get wet watching giant robotic dicks pounding into screaming, unwilling girls. What about you, Jessica, do you enjoy the rape?"
"Ooh yes, but it's even better when they kick her between the legs, or hold her down and whip her arse!"
"So you like the pain, eh? And Heather, what do you think of the show?"
"I think it's a disgusting bread-and-circuses sideshow which perpetuates the patriarchy and tries to terrify women into being passive sex slaves of the male powers that be!"
"Blimey, those are a lot of big words, Heather. [giggles]"
"Heather's just a stuck-up, speccy little virgin! She's jealous because nobody's raped her like they do Angela! I bet she's wet down there thinking of getting her tight teenage pussy pounded by rampant robo-dildos!"
"Well, let's get her skirt up and her panties down, girls! Show the camera how disgustingly wet the little slut is!"
"Nooo! Eeeek! What are you doing! Stop that! Help!"
"Look at her dripping cunt! I can slip three fingers in, no trouble! See, Holly, the little whore is gagging for it!"
"She certainly is! Oh look, here come Darren, Keith and Garry... I think I'll take refuge in the van. Jim, you stay and film Heather getting her cherry popped, and make sure you have the camera right in her face when she feels the first dick going in. Right, I'm off. Good job there's a monitor in the van so I can watch the fun! [giggles] And I'd like to assure viewers that all of these pupils are eighteen, so far as we know, so there's nothing wrong with what's about to happen..."
"Oh no, oh please, help, somebody help me, what are you doing with that...? AAAAHHHHH!!! It's too big, I can't... AAAOOOOWWW!!!! [sob]"
"I'm not wearing this," asserted Angela. resplendent in flippers, suspenders and stocking (with garter belt), nappy, tassled waistcoat, stripper's pasties and sombrero.
"I think it looks good on you," said Suki, hiding a smirk.
"This ridiculous mishmash has been thrown together just to humiliate me!" insisted Angela, stamping one foot. Her flipper flopped.
Lea, the show's stylist, laughed. "Well, of course, honey. That's the whole point of the show, isn't it? I racked my brains to come up with the most ridiculous, demeaning costume, just to make you look like a stupid cunt. After all, that's what you are, honey." She stroked her electric wand malevolently, just waiting for her chance.
"You don't scare me, bitch," snarled Angela. "You can shock me until my heart gives out, it's nothing to what they've probably got planned for me in there. But I'm telling you, cou can't make me wear this crap on TV-aaaAAARGH!"
Lea jabbed Angela in the stomach with the wand, giving her a shock that made her knees buckle. Angela fell to the floor as Lea strolled up to her and looked down with contempt. "Well, look at the brave little bitch. Well, I have something that'll fix you. Becky!"
The door opened and teenage intern Becky hurried in, breasts bouncing in the flimsy T-shirt Roger made her wear. (She wasn't allowed to wear a bra. The T-shirt's logo read SLAP ME.) "Yes, Lea?" said Becky, earnestly. She had only been on the show six weeks, and still hoped that by showing eagerness she might be spared vicious mistreatment. She was young, dumb and wrong.
Lea nodded to the security team, and two burly men in black armour of heavy rubber grabbed Becky's arms and twisted them behind her back.
"You're willing to suffer pain and torment rather than wear my splendid creation," sneered Lea, strutting up to poor Becky, "but how willing are you to let this little innocent suffer?" Grabbing Becky's T-shirt, she tore it open, exposing the fine, jiggling breasts, and poked the electric wand into the soft flesh.
"No, don't-" moaned Angela, still nursing her shocked stomach, but too late. ZZAP! The security guys grinned as their captive jolted and went limp in their arms.
"It seems awfully selfish of you, Angela, to put your illusions of dignity above this poor little slut's wellbeing," said Lea, prodding the lumped Becky's other breast with the wand, lifting the soft, heavy globe and depressing the trigger button. Becky jolted again, breasts bouncing wildly. She sprawled backward in her captors' arms, moaning weakly.
"Alright, damn you, I'll wear your stupid clothes," snarled Angela, staggering to her feet. "Just leave her alone."
Lea slid the wand down Becky's abdomen, then lifted her little mini-kilt and pressed the tip of the device to her gusset. "You earned one more shock with your little insurrection, honey. Do you want me to give it to her or to you?"
Angela hesitated a moment, knowing just how painful the wand was, but the plaintive look in Becky's eyes as she hung from the security guards; grip, unable to even support herself, as Lea gently rubbed the wand up and down the front of her little pink panties, decided Angela.
"Give it to me."
"Oh, Angela," smiled Lea, you ought to have learned by now, we don't give a fuck what you want." And pressed the trigger - ZZAAPPP!!!
A gentle pattering on the concrete floor of the bunker-like costume-and-makeup room, as Becky wet herself.
"For fuck's sake," said Lea, making a face. "Make the whore lick that up."
The guards threw Becky to the hard floor, and within moments she was lapping up the spillage, sobbing cravenly in fear of more punishment. Angela looked on in horror in her flippers, suspenders and stockings, nappy, waistcoat and stripper's pasties.
"I'm Holly Goodish of Nude News, and I'm talking to Detective Inspector Martin Beaste. D.I. Beaste, a lot of people are wondering about the decision not to prosecute the thousands of Robo-Warriors-inspired raped happening up and down the country."
"Well, it's very simple, Holly. Nice tits by the way."
"Thanks [giggles]!"
"We just don't have the resources to pursue this many allegations, so we've decided to treat the whole thing as a bit of fun. People watch a TV show and they get high-spirited and before you know it they're raping someone. It's nothing to get excited about, as long as they're having fun."
"But the women being raped - some  would argue they're not having fun?"
"Oh sure, but who cares about them?"
"Quite right, Detective Inspector [giggles]! I believe you yourself have committed a Robo-Warriors tribute rape, with Constable Anna Fawcett here?"
"Yes, I'm pleased to say I put her to good use. She's bloody hopeless as a policewoman but I have ascertained that her vagina and anus can still be put to pleasuable use."
"Well done! She's very pretty, i don't blame you! And I believe you were also branded on the butt, Constable Fawcett?"
"[tiny voice] I was."
"And what does the slogan say?"
"It says... RAPE MEAT."
"Lovely! And that's permanent, is it?"
"[tinier voice] Yes."
"Can we have a look?"
"No, I-"
"Yes, I think we can arrange that, Holly. Staring at your tits, I've been feeling a it horny, so rippign Constable Fawcett's uniform off and exposing her arse for the camera sounds like a nice preliminary to second helpings of her sweet little pussy and asshole."
"Brilliant, Detective Inspector. Don't spare the little slut anything. Rape must not only be done, it must be seen to be done!"
"Welcome to the fifth edition of Robo-Warriors. In previous shows, you've seen me stripped naked, whipped on my tits, ass and pussy, shocked, raped and beaten senseless, and quite rightly you've enjoyed every second of it. Tonight, hopefully my suffering will make past outrages look like a mild spanking. Remember, I deserve it, I'm a worthless cunt like it says here on my neck."
Angela paused. Reading the horrible scripts written for her by Roger (and, unbenownst to Angela, by Suki) was always difficult, comparing favorably in terms of humiliation with every other aspect of the show.
"Now lets meet the geniuses who are going to make my pussy pay the penalty on Robo-Warriors. Hello, sir, what's your name?"
"Gut evenink, Angela, I am Waldo Wagner," said the crew-cutted man in the double-breasted suit, staring through thick eyeglasses, directly at Angela's chest. She tried to pull her little waitscoat closed, but it was too tight. "And zis is my rrrobot. I call him Cocktopus."
Cocktopus was mounted on tank tracks, but most of his body resembled an octopus, with eight steel tentacles. The robot's eyes were multifaceted, like those of an insect, and Angela could see multiple reflections of herself in them, making her even more self-conscious about her absurd costume.
"Zee tentacles have various attachments, as you see. Zee snappers, for pinching ze nipples of ze target slut -" Angela stepped back as two tentacles uncoiled, sharp steel pincers snapping at her breasts.
"Zen ve have zee dildos, whose purpose is obvious, hein?" Angela nodded, stepping back further, as the twisting, probing dildos wound their way through space, as if scenting the air.
"Zen ze flails, for whipping ze slut very nicely," observed Wagner. One tentacle flicked out a lash made from a steel cable, striking sparks off the concrete floor, while the other had a cat O' nine tails, each strand barbed with a nasty hook.
"Finally, you know, zee clubs," said Wagner, as two mace-like steel balls, decorated with two inch spikes, smashed into the floor, sending chips of concrete showering into the air and stinging Angela's breasts.
"Jesus, this thing uses lethal force!" she exclaimed.
"Ja, it is highly possible for Cocktopus to kill ze slut," said Wagner with pride. "But you know, zis vould be all in ze name of art."
"Don't forget to offer Herr Wagner a little hospitality," smirked Lea, stroking her electric wand up the back of Angela's thigh.
"Oh yes, Herr Wagner... Waldo... it's kind of a tradition at Robo-Warriors for me to offer to, um, well, to suck off each contestant before the match," stammered Angela, acutely aware of the instrument of torture rubbing up and down her leg.
"Mein goodness!" exclaimed Waldo, lowering his thick glasses to stare directly at her. "Truly, you are ze slut of sluts. As such, you are unworthy to lick mein shaft, but you make crawl on ze floor and lick mein boots."
This struck Angela as the closest thing to a good deal to be had on this show, she she got down on her elbows and knees, crawled to Waldo, and licked his jackboots diligently. Hey. it was humiliating, but it beat sucking his German sausage.
Angela ran her tongue all over the surface of Wagner's boots as Jim observed in closeup. "That's it, Angela! You look like you're really enjoying that, ha ha! Work that tobgue, girl!" Then Wagner turned to face away from her and took one foot off the ground, resting it on its toe so Angela could lick the sole. That tasted nastier and felt worse. "Ha, is there anything you won't lick, Angela?" mocked Jim.
When, at last, Angela had finished both soles, she started to rise, but when she was still on her knees, Wagner turned and gave her a face full of cum. He had been wanking the whole time she debased herself. Angela cursed herself for not realizing or expecting it.
"That's one in the eye for you, Angela!" laughed Jim.
"Ugh, get me a towel, some water, I'm blind!" gasped the poor girl, blowing bubbles of sticky man-milk away from her lips. One eye had been caught by the gooey bombardement, and the eyelids were stuck together with cum, while the eye itself looked red and sore, as Jim noted with delight in an extreme close-up.
"You know you're not allowed to wash up until after the interviews," said Lea, coldly. Come on, piggy, let's meet the next hero who's going to perform a service to humanity by knocking seven shades of shit out of you."
"It's beautiful," said Angela, blinking with her good eye as she gazed upon the ten-foot-tall golden figure before her. The robot was sculpted in the shape of a man, its joints carefully camouflaged as part of the golden musculature. It was an Adonis, or better, an Apollo among robots.
"Thanks, doll," said the robots creator, Milton Gottlieb. a tiny, shrivelled man in a wheelchair. His bow legs, his tiny wrinkled fingers, his huge, swollen head, all filled Angela with pity, even though she had strong suspicions about what he intended to do to her. "I call him the RapeMaster."
"Huh. Nice name," deadpanned Angela, preferring to look at the robot rather than its creator. "First robot I've seen a girl might not MIND getting raped by. I mean, not overly."
"That's what you think," smirked the tiny inventor, flipping a switch on his wheelchair. The shiny god's loincloth dropped away, and a mechanical penis of horrifying magnitude unfurled.
"Holy shit!" declared Angela, eyes wide. "That thing is lethal! You're not putting that in me!"
"I hope to," smiled Milton. "Front and back. A memorable experience for both of us."
"I've been beaten almost to death on this show, but this is the second robot out of three that's actually equipped to kill me! How the fuck is this legal?"
"Oh, I don't know, Angela," said Lea, "Maybe it's something to do with what's written on your neck. WORTHLESS CUNT. Or between your slut holes, HURT ME. Ever think of that, cumgulper?"
Jim and the rest of the crew all laughed.
"Go ahead, touch it," said Milton. It's dimensions are designed to give you a 0.002% chance of survival."
"I can't even get my hand around it," said Angela attempting to lift the heavy steel python."
"It's dimensions are modelled on my own, you know," said Milton with a sinister smile.
"Get the fuck out of here!" exclaimed Angela, in surprised contempt. But Milton was unzipping, and unfurling a monster fully equal to that of his creation.
"You poor bastard," said Angela, "You must not be able to fuck a girl without killing her!"
"There have been... a number of fatalities," said Milton with a sad smile, "But fortunately the courts ahve always ruled it... justifiable homicide."
While Angela was processing this grim thought, the RapeMaster's tremendous schlong, still in her hands, went off in her face, blinding her in her other eye.
"Aaahh! Shit! It burns!"
"It is merely my own semen, spiced up with a little Cayenne pepper," she heard Milton say. "Bring the slut to me. I will let her taste my magnificence. Just the head, for now. More might interfere with her ability to breathe."
The strong hands of the security team propelled the sightless girl to her knees before the little man's wheelchair, and Angela felt something enormous, like an apple, cramming between her jaws.
It took the dwarf half an hour to cum, half-drowning the sobbing girl with a creamy deluge, and spraying the rest of his impossibly vast load into her face and eyes.
Security led Angela to Bay 3, accompanied by the camera team, who were in good spirits at the fun had so far. Every now and then the guards would let go of Angela and let her walk into a concrete support pillar, to everyone's amusement but Angela's.
"Ho-lee shit, darlin'! You look a mess! Did Rape-O the clown hit you with a cream pie, or did a giant bird shit in your face?"
"R-rhonda?" asked Angela, uncertainly. Her vision consisted solely of thick, obscuring creamy clouds. Her eyes stung.
"The same!" said the rambunctious Texan lesbian, grabbing Angela by the tits. "Don't you regognise the way I have of mauling these puppies? Don't you remeber that from your last raping, girlie? Haw!"
"I suppose you're back with DoggieStyle," said Angela. "I can't see, but suppose you talk me through any modifications?"
"Well, there's one new working part I'm keeping for later," giggled Rhonda. "I'm hopin' you'll find it... to your taste. But asides from the functional features, the hooves, claws, horns and jaws, each of which can break bones or eviscerate a slut, there's a charming new decorative aspect. Put your hand here."
Angela, with trepidation, let her hand be guided, and felt warm gusts of damp air on it: the robot's realistic dog-like "panting" - then something wet and horrible, slimey yet rough.
"What the f-?"
"It's her tongue, sugartits! Every doggie should have a big, slobberin' tongue."
"Oh, umm, very clever. Rubber, or something?"
"No, it's real flesh. I grew it in the lab. It's real, canine DNA, scaled up to DoggieStyle size. It never belonged to another livin' critter, it's just a tongue on its lonesome!"
Angela withdrew her hand in revulsion, and suddenly felt the wet THING slap her in the chin and drag itself up her face.
"Unlike me, the kevlar bitch loves the taste of man-muck," grinned Rambunctious Rhonda, finally visible in all her mohawked splendour as the bio-mechanical excresence cleansed Angela's face, though it did tend to smear a noxious blend of cum and dog-drool into her blubbering mouth.
Angela was held in position by the laughing security guards while the great hound thoroughly "washed" her face, then found herself pressed to her knees.
"You look a mite more presentable now, honeycunt. How's about you performin' the same service for me you did for them other fellas, you shameless hussy you?" And Rhonda bent over DoggieStyle's side, raising her leather skirt. She was going commando.
"You can start with my asshole, baby," sighed Ronda, as Angela's face was forcibly pressed between her buttocks.
"You can tell she loves it," giggled Lea, "from the way she closes her eyes to lick those holes."
"You're not turning dyke on us are you, Angela?" chortled Jim as he focused on her swirling tongue. "Maybe me and the boys in the camera team need to sort you out, show you what a cunt really needs?"
"This is Holly Goodish for Nude News reporting from Juddly Hospital, where schoolgirl Heather Seely is recovering from her first gang rape [giggles]. I'm popping in to see her with some good news. Ssshh!"
Holly enters private ward where Heather is sitting in bed in a hospital gown, looking sorry for herself. She has a black eye and bandaged knees.
"Hello, Heather! I hope the boys didn't hurt you too much [giggles]!"
"No, it's mostly psychological trauma and distress caused by the torment and humiliation I was subjected to."
"That's good then. I've brought you a present. It's a Robo-Warriors medal for best tribute rape of the day. The viewers really enjoyed seeing your virginity taken forcibly from you and we thought it was only right to reward you. And I've brought along some friends to help me pin it on you. Darren, Keith and Garry, hold Heather down..."
"Hello, bitch."
"No! What is this?"
"I'll just rip the front of her gown... like so... to expose those perky teenage tits. Ooh, I'm so jealous, Heather! Mind if I give them a squeeze? Mmm, so firm [giggles]. Now i'll just pin this medal on... the right nipple, I think. Hmm, not too easy to get the needle in and out..."
"AAOOOWWWW oh God stop!"
"Hush now, Heather, you'll disturb the other patients. Plenty of people here worse off than you. But not for long. Darren, Keith and Garry have been thinking, and they decided it was a shame that they never popped your little ass-cherry, so they're taking time out from their school day to rectify that mistake. Flip her over, boys. Good thing these gowns are open at the back. No, you don't need lube, don't be silly. Now, we're just going to film what happens, Heather, and afterwards I'll be able to give you a second medal... my producer, Roger, says I should pin it to your clitty [giggles]. I think that's a super idea!"
"Hold still, you little whore, I'm shoving it in all the way."

"Her eyes are still a little bloodshot, but there's nothing we can do about that," assessed Lea as they waited at the arena gates. "Anyway, the slut will be bawling them out in five minutes, so it hardly matters."
Roger laughed, and puffed some foul cigar smoke in Angela's direction. "Otherwise, you look fine, Ange. The nappy suits you. I imagine you'll be filling it when we get you in the arena."
"Roger, you have to do something. Every one of those machines is intent on murdering me."
"Relax, slut, we still have a whole episode to do after this. I need that lovely body warm and breathing. You might be in a wheelchair, which could be amusing, but I intend to see you finish this show alive. Everything else is up for grabs. Ashtray!"
At the sound of Roger's bellow, Chloe and Becky came running up, tits bouncing under their flimsy T-shirts, which read CUNT and TOILET respectively. Both knelt on either side of Roger. "Which of us stupid sluts would you like to use, sir?" asked Chloe, as both girls opened their mouths and extended their tongues. Roger thought for a moment, and tapped a generous amount of ash between each pair of red lips. The girls closed their mouths and began sucking the repulsive hot ash in order to get it moist enough to swallow, as was their duty.
Suki sidled up, leafing through a voluminous contract. Angela turned to her in desperation.
"Suki, you've got to do something. These bastards are going to kill me or cripple me!"
"Sorry, dear, they're technically within their rights," said Suki, calmly. "It's right here in clause 36 under 'any reasonable level of violence or sexual abuse.' Actual maiming is acceptable if it occurs as a side-effect of the infliction of suffering, rather than as an end it in itself. They can hurt you any way they please. But do be careful about that swearing, Angela. Roger will have to dock your pay if you're impolite. We can't have sluts mouthing off."
Angela's mouth opened and gaped, aghast. Whose side was her agent on.
Suki stepped forward and put her hand on Angela's shoulder in feigned sympathy. "I'm only telling you for your own good, Angela. You must try to be polite as you're beaten and raped. The public doesn't want loud, aggressive sluts, they want to see you properly submissive and cowed. Try to be a good sport about it." She stroked Angela's throat. "Remember what it says on your throat. Try to act like a worthless cunt. That's what people want to see."
Jim moved in. "Time for the intro, Angela. This is going to be a good one!"
Angela faced the autocue, preparing to debase herself again. Suki smiled, eager to hear the words she had helped script for the stupid little Irish whore. It was always hilarious to watch Angela debase herself before going to get her pretty face booted in.
"Well, here I am at the arena gates, the very portals of pain. Just through those doors are three super-powered robots waiting to beat, rape, maim and if possible kill me, for your enjoyment. While I hope I'm alive at the end of it so you can enjoy seeing me get the abuse I deserve next time, it really does seem uncertain that I'll come out of this in one piece -- three holes, but no heartbeat? Let's find out. I know you're going to enjoy this. I'm not. But don't feel bad, worthless cunts like me don't deserve your pity. I am a filthy, cum-sucking slut and all I deserve is a cock up my arsehole and a fist in my face -- or vice versa!"
Angela's mouth went dry as she read on. This was the worst yet. "Like all cunts, I was made to suffer, for the superior male sex to use me as they see fit. I've been delighted to hear about all the tribute rapes committed up and down the country. Keep it up, you heroic rapists! Make those little sluts pay with their pussies. The proper position for a cunt is face-down, howling with pain as a cock or finger or fist or church candle is driven up one of her worthless holes. Keep raping, Britain! Keep those cunts in their place! Now, I'm off to get the bitch-slapping I deserve. Let's get it on!"
"You don't think it's too much, a blatant call for mass rape?" whispered Roger to Suki, who shrugged.
"I thought it was funny."
The arena doors opened and Angela flip-flopped in in her flippers, the audience laughing uproariously at her ridiculous attire.
"Enter the fleshwad!" roared the announcer, "Everybody's favourite disposable piece of fuckmeat, Angela S-!" Applause. "And in the left corner, house robot NippleCrippler, whose vicious steel pincers have been souped up specially to give them even more crushing power, and in the right corner, SlutBreaker, whose jackhammer dildos are enlarged and even more energetic than before. Pity the bimbo who falls into their clutches!"
Angela looked nervously from one robot to the other. Still, they were probably the least lethal machines in the arena.
"And Angela will be attempting to negotiate her way around the flame grill, the Wall, the pole, and a new addition, The Pit! Hopefully we'll see her suffer with every one of them! Now, let the carnage begin!"
The first thing Angela did was crouch and start unfastening her flippers, since they were hardly going to help her fight. Her three main opponents advanced slowly from the other side of the arena, giving her hopefully enough time to liberate her feet. Barefoot among heavy robots was not ideal either, as she knew from toe-breaking experience, but at least she would be able to run. Which was about her only plan.
THUD -- something rose up and hit Angela in the ass, making her roll into a forward somersault, her detached flipped flying through the air and landing on her head. General amusement. The pole! It had shot up from a different part of the floor and hit her behind. At least she hadn't ended up being fucked by it, as happened on her first appearance on the show!
Angela got to her feet, kicking off her remaining flipper and holding it -- the closest thing she had to a weapon. And now The RapeMaster was striding towards her, his golden alloy feet striking the floor with a heavy, clanging tread.
Smack! Angela struck the droid across his cruel, handsome face with her flipper, to no noticeable effect. Suddenly that felt like a mistake, like cursing a god. The two metallic hands flashed forth, seizing Angela's nipple-tassles. She backed away instinctively, but the pasties were stuck on tight, with the result that her breasts got a painful yank and she was brought to a halt.
The RapeMaster considered. A downward tug brought Angela almost to her knees with a sharp "Ow!" And upward tug restored her to a standing position with a louder "Ouch!" A tug to the left made her stagger, to the right corrected her. Pulling the tassles in opposite directions made her shriek in pain as her breasts elongated into painful cones. Rapidly lifting and lowering the tassles made her breasts bounce and the audience laughed.
"Ooooww - stop it!" yelled Angela as her jugs jiggled like jellies.
Then her opponent simply lifted her up by the pasties, leaving the poor girl dangling by her tits.
"AAAOOOOWW! What did you stick these on with, Lea, Superglue?"
Watching from her concrete style dungeon, Lea smiled at the onitor. "Exactly, honeycunt, exactly."
"You asked for me?" said Becky the intern, entering Lea's lair.
"Oh yes. Let's have you on this table," smiled Lea, picking up a roll of duct tape.
Becky's problem was she never suspected the worst...
The RapeMaster by now was spinning Angela around by her tits, testing the durability of Lea's glue to the max. Angela screamed as the G-forces piled on.
"Reminds me of the one about the two prostitutes," chortled the announced. "One asks the other, 'Have you ever been picked up by the fuzz?' @no, but I've been swung around by the tits.' Ha ha!"
Abruptly RapeMaster let go and Angela was flying backwards through the air. A tentacle thrashed out from nowhere, struck the backs of her thighs and send her spinning. Angela slammed into the perspex arena wall and dropped to the ground. Her hands vaguely examined herself. Despite all logic, her nipple tassles, and indeed her nipples, were still attached.
WHACK! A pain in the ass. Of course, DoggieStyle, beign a robotic bulldog bulldyke bull, was armed with a bullwhip. But this time the blow hurt less than usual. Angela realized, almost with pleasure, that her nappy was to some extent protecting her. Maybe there was some way to use this relatively pain-free moment to her advantage?
WHACK! The bullwhip would around Angela's neck in a burning embrace, and with a choking yank she was tugged off her feet. Propelled through the air, Angela clanged onto a metal grill in the floor, her breasts hanging through the square metal openings. Uh-oh.
WHOOSH! A blast of flames belched up, toasting her tits. Angela closed her eyes and rolled away, struggling to free herself from the bullwhip, which was now ON FIRE, ffs.
Getting the blazing bullwhip away from her was one thing, but now Angela found her nappy and tassles were on fire too. Hastily, she plucked the safety pin out and discarded the burning cotton diaper, leaving only a skimp thong to protect her modesty. WHACK! The blazing whip struck her exposed ass cheeks with a shower of sparks, and Angela gave a satisying yelp as she was now able to fully appreciate the punishment she was receiving.
Meanwhile, the fire was creeping up her nipple tassles towards the glued-on pasties themselves. After a futile moment trying to pry the fabric off her skin, Angela resorted to slapping at the flames, trying to beat them out, but the material was evidnetly made of some highyl-flammable substance. Angela just couldn't put her tits out.
The audience howled as Angela slapped anxiously at her own breasts, then danced about trying to create enough breeze to snuff out the ticklesome little flames. At one point, Angela's gyrations had her breasts swinging round in opposite directions like a burlesque stripper, the little flames making cute afterimages in the air. The, with a yowl, Angela felt the pasties themselves catch fire.
Fortunately, after a few seconds of intense pain, the glue burned up and the blackened patches of felt dropped away, leaving to very red, very sore nipples exposed to the cooling air. A cheer went up.
WHACK! the bullwhip snaked across Angela's bare ass, and WHIPP! a tentacle whip smacked into those tender nipples. The robots weren't missing any opportunities to make Angela's bare flesh smart. She ran across the arena, trying in vain to dodge blows aimed at her bouncing tits and ass, naked save for her thong and a slightly dented sombrero.
The RapeMaster moved in to intercept Angela as the whips of DoggieStyle and Cocktopus drove her forward. She instinctively covered her breasts as the robot neared, determined it wasn't going to lift her by the nips again, but instead it grabbed her round the waist and lifted her above its head. Angela looked down, and saw with horror the monster erection unfurling to full size. If The RapeMaster slammed her down onto that thing, she would be finished!
Just as all seemed lost, two tentacles wrapped around the robots golden ankles, and suddenly the RapeMaster was falling face-first to the floor, as Cocktopus moved in to grapple with him.
"I think it vould be too soon in ze game to fatally perforate our pet slut, nein?" said Waldo Wagner over the PA system.
"To the victor the spoils," protested Milton, as the robots wrestled furiously.
Angela, spilled to the floor in the tussle, started trying to crawl away as unobtrusively as possible, but found DoggieStyle in her path. But instead of attacking, the robot went into a squatting posture...
"Thought it was about time to show you ma robot's new feature," drawled Rambunctious Rhonda.
Angela wrinkled her nose in disgust as a mass of brown matter began to snake out of the back end of the robot. "Ugh!"
"Realistic dog poop, honey! Made all the more realistic 'cause it's real. A blend of six of the finest pedigrees, stirred together and heated to body termperature by DoggieStyle's engine compartment. 'Course, I'm not sayin' I ain't contributed to the blend with a little somethin' of my own, but I'm not sayin' I has, either."
"Gross," said Angela. "What the hell is the point of making a robot that can shit?"
And suddenly DoggieStyle was grabbing Angela by her glorious red locks and dragging her across the arena towards the steaming mound. "It's just a bit of fun, Angela, to knock you off that high horse and give you a better sense of what you are," laughed Rhonda, as the powerful robot pressed Angela's grimacing face towards the moist muck.
Angela strained every muscle, planting her hands on either side of the gargantuan heap of dog-do, elbows buckling under the strain until he nose was millimetres from the sticky surface. The stench was incredibly.
Tired of wrestling with the resitant female, DoggieStyle simply rammed its huge dildo up her ass, tearing through the useless little thong string.
"AAAAAAUMMMPPH!!" Angela's scream was cut short as her face disappeared with a wet splat into the unpleasant coils of residue. DoggieStyle took great pleasure in grinding Angela's pretty face into the filth, all the while driving its massive studded dildo into her butthole. "MMMPPPLLLG!" moaned Angela, unable to breath.
After long seconds, DoggieStyle pulled her head from the great jobby mountain with a horrible sucking squelch. Angela was browned off. Great gobbets of canine poo hung from her hair and face. She opened her mouth to take a breath -
And SPLAT! she was shoved back into the dog-leavings for second helpings. Brown bubbles rose to the surface.
Angela was oblivious to the sound of rending metal as the RapeMaster tied Cocktopus in knots. The first she was aware of his activity was when he kicked DoggieStyle in the guts, propelling the droid ceilingward, causing Angela to detach from the strap-on and get sucked from the mound of muck, eventually toppling face down on the metal floor of the arena. The sansation of her bare breasts slapping hard onto a cold surface was wearisomely familiar and no less painful than usual.
As Angela came to her senses, she felt herself rising from the floor, but upon looking around she saw Cocktopus trying to untangle himself, DoggieStyle engaged in a struggled with SlutBreaker, upon whom it had landed, and the RapeMaster simply watching from a short distance away. Then she became aware of the pain in her guts and realized she had landed on the pole, which had risen under her and upon which she now balanced, all her weight resting on a small area below her navel.
"Owww... my bladder..." she moaned, and instantly regretted it. In the arena, a slut should only open her mouth to receive a robotic penis. The RapeMaster stepped in rapidly, grabbing Angela by the shoulder and buttock and pressing hard. The pain in her bladder got stronger.
"Oh no... please... don't make me-" she cried.
"Oh dear, Angela. You should have gone before the contest!" laughed the announcer, as Angela lost control and lost her dignity in one sudden, golden shower. In a flash, the RapeMaster had lifted her from the pole and suspended her from her ankles so that her pee, soaking through her useless thong, flowed down her belly, over her breasts and into her spluttering face.
"What a catastrophic loss of dignity for the Irish bimbo," guffawed the announcer as Angela spat out her ow urine. Then she felt her sopping thong ripped from her body and the next thing she knew it was firmly tied around her face, so that the yellowing gusset was pulled between her lips as a stinking gag.
"Mmmff-gllllb!" she protested, to the amusement of the audience.
Her situation deteriorated as the RapeMaster slammed her into the perspex arena wall, so that she faced yelling, gesticulating, masturbating fans... and she felt something enormous nudge her between the buttocks...
And then she had been dropped to the ground, as DoggieStyle bounded into the RapeMaster from the side, knocking him down and wrestling him into a tangles ball of blurring limbs. Angela got up and attempted to stagger as far from the robots as possible.
Her retreat was abruptly cut off as the floor seemed to open up beneath her. Angela fell on her ass, her legs dangling into a sudden pit, and she felt something warm enveloping her left foot. Yanking it clear of the hole, she found it coated in a white film. Pulling the thong from her mouth allowed her sense of smell to definitely identify the substance as her old friend, semen.
"Good thing I didn't fall in there," she exclaimed, just as Cocktopus's tentacles embraced her around the knees, causing her to pitch forwards into the gunk tank with a brief yelp.
SPLOSH! Angela's upper half disappeared into the thick, creamy pool, as her lower body remained gripped by Cocktopus, his tentacles teasing between her legs. Angela flailed about in the gooey depths, unable to get her head above the surface, and feeling twin dildos pressing at the openings of her pussy and ass.
"A double-header for Angela!" exclaimed the announcer. "But is Cocktopus going to let the slut drown?"
At the last second, the tentacled droid drew Angela choking and coughing from the creamy mire, as it penetrated her holes with the heads of its cock-tentacles. As Angela cleared the sperm from her air passages, the naughty 'bot dunked her again, this time ramming a goof eight inches up each hole, so that the raped girl screamed under the surface. Cum-bubbles rose and burst, each releasing a delightful feminine sob.
Letting Angela ingest a reasonable amount of cum, Cocktopus finall snagged the thong still wrapped around her throat, and drew her painfully to the surface, twisting the tiny garment until it dig into her soft neck.
"That cum was donated by the inmates of the Cosby Prison for the Sexually Insane, meaning that Angela has just swallowed the cum of about twenty rapists! But it looks like Cocktopus isn't satisfied with that!" cheered the announcer. And indeed, Cocktopus had just detached one of its maces, revealing a huge syring, with a capacity of approximately one litre, and a broad tube at the end, through which it now drew up a huge quantity of sticky fluid. Angela, her face streaming with man-milk, just managed to get the stuff out of her eyes before the nozzle was pushed between her teeth and she found herself forced to swallow the entire load.
Next, as the syringe refilled itself from the huge reservoir of sperm, the dildo raping Angela's ass was removed and forced into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat, forcing its way past her gag reflex, and plunging down her gullet. The nozzle of the syringe was now jammed into her asshole and she felt the familiar burning sensation as a full litre of hot spunk shot into her bowels.
Finall, her aching pussy was vacated and she wept as the syring, swiftly refilled, was emptied up her twat, to the deafening cheers of the crowd. Helplessly bound by steel tentacles, Angela could only watch as the huge TV screen above showed closeups of each violated hole.
"That's quite a cum-shot for Angela. Could be in a few months she'll be giving birth to a little rapist herself. That's her just been raped a thousand times by proxy, folks."
Cocktopus evidently felt this was a strong start, but not nearly enough, as the cum-soaked beauty was now dragged back to Doggystyle's repulsive mound of dirt. "Oh no... not that..."moaned the slut, cum bubbling at her lips, but there was to be no mercy. Cocktopus shoved her face into the shit and rammed its dildos back up her brimming fuckholes, causing creamy goo to spurt out around the edges as the filthy slime had to make way for the brutal, solid intrusions.
Angela screamed again, her face buried in stinking faeces.
Yanked to the surface, face and tits drippign with brown filth, Angela squinted through the sewage to see the syringe once more approaching her lips. She closed her mouth tight against it, but Cocktopus simply seized her nipples with its powerful pincers, and the silly girl was forced to open wide with a pitiful scream as her titties were twisted 180 degrees. This allowed Cocktopus to fulfill his scheme and squirt a litre of dog poop into Angela's mouth, most of which she had no choice but to swallow.
That done, the robot detached its two whips and revealed clear plastic cups, which it planted over each of the struggling slut's nipples. A sucking noise, and Angela watched dumfounded as her breasts expanded, drawn into the cups by the force of vaccuum.
"Of course ze expansion of soft tissues by air extraction is a familiar principle, as seen for instance in ze penis pump," said Waldo Wagner as he instructed Cocktopus to suck harder, meanwhile refilling his syringe with feculent matter... "Ze effect increases both ze size and ze sensitivity of ze affected areas. Now, if we introduce a new element.."
Angela's eyes widened as the sucking stopped, each of her nipples firmly trapped within its cup, swollen to four times the normal size... and then a buzzing was heard... To her horror, four insects emerges from each tentacle-tube, hovering around her trapped and swollen nipples.
"Bees, Herr Wagner?" asked the announcer.
"No, the common bee is placid and will attack only in provoked. It dies after a single sting. But the wasp is far more aggressive, and will sting multiple times!"
Angela clenched her teeth, waiting for the agony, but when it came it was impossible to prepare for. The sensation of the first stinger penetrating her skin, amplified by the suction inflating her nipples, followed by the agony of the venom's effect, made her mind reel as if trying to escape the torture of her body. The stingers stung again, and again, as her nipples swelled even more, filling with poisonous inflammation.
Angela's screams, almost disturbing to the audience in their intensity, were choked off delightfully when Cocktopus injected a litre of steaming dog muck into Angela's mouth, and she found herself alternately choking and swallowing the repulsive mess. The injection was swiftly followed by the insertion of one of the robot's huge dildos, ramming the sticky mess down her throat. The crowd loved that.
"And we really must congratulate Herr Wagner on a truly outstanding combination of vicious torture and utter humiliation for the slut Angela S-. One almost feels sorry for her, but remember folks, she is by her own admission nothing more than a WORTHLESS CUNT and so deserves everything she's getting."
Just as Angela's entire consciousness was concentrated on the excrutiating pain in her titties, and the discomfort and revulsion of being throat-raped with a huge dildo while holding a mouthful of dogshit, Cocktopus made use of its eight-limbed dexterity to lash her belly with its whips, striping the struggling redhead a variety of different shades.
"As conqueror of this filthy slut, I claim the prize of denuding her dirty little quim," proclaimed Wagner, and Angela watched through her tears as one of the whip-tentacles extruded a small hose, which began to dribble hot wax on her public region.
No, too hot! she screamed, mentally as the searing wax oozed over her privates, but she was unable to make her feelings known due to the mouthful of dog-do and dildo she was choking on. She could only watch, nipples on fire, as the wax crept through her little landing strip of pussy hair...
A piece of cotton was pressed onto the still-liquid wax, and cooled with a jet of air, which gave Angela her first pleasant sensation in what felt like hours... and then RRRRIP! her cute little mini-bush was torn from her in one motion, leaving the reddened, naked skin as obscene testament to her utter subjugation.
Seconds after being depilated, her vulnerable quim was capped with a suction cup, just yanked from her nipple. Angela watched in dread as the air was drawn from the transparent cup, making her clit and lips slowly swell, her cunt opening like a flower. And then the second cup was removed from her other nipple, and Cocktopus's vicious clamps seized the swollen, aching, beestung rosebuds, crushing down with unbelievable strength.
The dildo raping Angela's throat withdrew, stringy with brown-flecked saliva, and let the suffering girl scream her heart out -- just long enough for another syringe-full of shit to start pumping its contents between her lips. Angela gargled on warm poo as wasps buzzed around her pussy and began sinking their vicious weapons into her soft, sensitive, swollen slit.
All this time, a dildo had been buried in Angela's ass, but this now withdrew, and to her infinite horror a suction cup attached itself over her gaping asshole. Little vaccuum was needed to seal it in contact with her ass, and then a trio of wasps were released to sting Angela's ass from the inside. Her rectum, raw and raped, was temporarily unable to close, so the little flying nightmares could run rampant in her ass, stinging her up and down with impunity.
Just as Cocktopus rammed a dildo back in Angela's mouth to help her swallow the rest of the faeces squirted there -
The impact was like a car crash, though fortunately Angela was on the ouskirts of it. It was caused by the RapeMaster THROWING DoggyStyle and HITTING Cocktopus. In a crashing heap of rending metal, the two robo-animals tumbled across the arena, giving of bursts of sparks and blasts of compressed air.
Angela dropped to the floor, with barely the strength to crawl. A voice booked out: Milton Gottlieb's. "And now, at last, Angela, I shall sink my killer dick into your unwilling young cunny and rape you to death!"
"Oh God... no... please..." moaned Angela, crawling on her belly, leaving a disgusting trail on the shiny floor of the arena from all the bodily fluids smeared over or oozing from her body. The RapeMaster stood over, inflinitely more powerful, his golden bodywork barely scratched by his recent exertions.
Powerful metal hands closed around Angela's waist, almost encircling it, and she felt herself lifted and turned to face her implacable enemy. "Please..."
With a wet sort of CRUNCH, the RapeMaster drove Angela down onto his mammoth metal cock, spearing her pussy and opening her to what seemed like an impossible degree. Down, down, she was pressed, penetrated more deeply than ever before in her life, as the RapeMaster went where no droid had gone before...
"OOOOOAAAAAAARGH NO YOU'RE KILLING ME!" protested Angela, with some justification.
"Yes, my dear, isn't it wonderful?" boomed Milton's voice over the P.A.
Angela felt cold metal on her ass and realised the colossus was entirely inside her. "UUUHHHHNNNGGG... it's in... you've... you've got it all in me..." she moaned, delirious.
"Remarkable. One of the tiny percentage of sluts who can accommodate my size. Excellent. Well, I have a surprise for you, whore..." intoned Milton.
And abruptly a door opened in the RapeMaster's mighty chest and Milton Gottlieb himself appeared! Apparently in need of either a wheelchair nor viagra as the dwarfish fellow clambered out of a miniature control centre and thrust his colossal dong in Angela's face.
"Good grief!" proclaimed the announcer, "Milton Gottlieb has been piloting the RapeMaster from within! So who is this in the control centre with Rambunctious Rhonda and Waldo Wagner?
"Merely an animatronic puppet," smirked Milton. "Since this round was likely to prove fatal to Miss S-, I wanted to be up close and personal in order to enjoy raping her myself!"
"A rather tricky approach to the game, and one I'm not sure the rules allow for," cried the commentator, "But with DoggyStyle and Cocktopus in need of urgent repairs, I don't think there's anything to stop Mr. Gottlieb making good on his promise!"
SLAP! SLAP! Gottlieb smacked Angela across the face with his mighty schlong. The thing was so big it was like being pummeled with a fist, as Angela's bruising would show. The fleshy version was as impressive as the metallic one lodged in Angela's agonized pussy, as she had further opportunity to observe when the tiny inventor rammed it down her throat.
"Just lubricating it up, my dear," he grinned, sinking his length balls-deep in her unwilling mouth, before withdrawing and giving her another brisk cock-slap. Then the creepy little homunculus clambered out of his control room altogether and began climbing over Angela's body until his monster sausage was nudging at her back door.
"Oh no... you can't!" sobbed Angela, feeling the battering ram press against her much-abused pucker.
"It will be the ultimate bliss to have you in both holes, with my flesh-and-blood wang and my robot replica," raved Milton. "You will perish in agony, but you will give joy to millions!"
The crowd roared its approval.
Angela gritted her teeth as the head of the enormous snake forced its way past her defences, her saliva offering the most inadequate lube imaginable.
"Seconds until Angela literally explodes..." intoned Dr. Sade, ecstatically, "three... two..."
CLANG! A steel mace swung into view from nowhere and knocked Milton flying, his huge nob departing from her injured asshole with an audible POP! The grotesque little figure hurled through the air, into a corner of the arena where Nipple Crippler crouched. The would-be rape-killer found powerful pincers closing around his neck.
"Cocktopus is back on his feet... or tentacles! With DoggyStyle showing signs of life too. Now Angela can suffer some more!"
But Angela was having none of it. The RapeMaster's grasp had gone somewhat slack when Gottlieb left his booth, so she was able to work her hips past his fingers, climbing his bodywork and with difficulty lifting herseld from the giant golden cock impaling her pussy.
CRACK! DoggyStyle's bullwhip gave Angela's bare ass another whack, but an instant later she was cramming herself, with considerable difficulty, into the RapeMaster's control centre...
"Ow.... now we'll see some action... oof... gearstick sticking in my... ow... NOW!"
Angela pressed a button, and the robot immediately tumbled backwards, smashing into the arena wall. "Uff!" Another button, and he charged forwards, ran into Cocktopus, and kept running, tentacles wrapper around his ankles. Pincers snapped at Angela through the open chest hatch.
SMASH! The RapeMaster hit the far wall, which cracked. Fortunately for Angela, Cocktopus took most of the impact.
DoggyStyle leapt,  claws and fangs bared, aiming right for where Angela crouched, a vulnerably fleshy bundle within the huge golden figure. She hit every button in front of her, and fortunately one of them caused the robot to duck!
DoggyStyle hit the damaged perspex and crashed through, smashing into a group of fans in the audience, waving a banner which read RAPE THE CUNT. The bleachers collapsed under them and DoggyStyle fell several feet onto the concrete flooring below.
Angela frantically flipped controls and was somehow able to make the RapeMaster follow suite, dropping down hard onto the canine robot's head. Underneath the bleachers, she looked around, and saw an iron door. Well, this robot ought to be able to break that in.
The fallen fans were dragging their injured bodies to safety, away from their worst nightmare - Angela in charge of her own robot. But Angela didn't have time to waste pursuing them. Even as Cocktopus dragged himself out of the arena and into the audience, she drove her robot at the door and TORE through it in one motion!
A whole row of bleachers collapsed, spilling fans and Cocktopus in a heap, but the RapeMaster was already off into the bowels of the arena, crouching as the corridor wasn't tall enough for his hulking form.
"Roger," snarled Angela, "I'm coming for you!"
"Get security in there! Get robots in there!" snarled Roger through spittle-flecked lips, yanking his dick from intern Chloe's lips and knocking her to the floor with a slap.
"I'm sorry, sir, please don't beat me!" cried Chloe, and was ignored by all.
"We're scrambling the left-over house robots to intercept the bitch," reported Suki.
"Good. WhoreShocker and BitchBeater will sort her out. I want to see that slut bleed!" said Roger, stamping his foot and incidentally crushing poor Chloe's fingers. The poor girl wept as Roger scooped her up and bent her over the control panel. Aggressive buggery always helped him strategise.
"Here at the Robo-Warriors arena, thinks are developing fast, as worthless cunt Angela S- has illegally commandeered the robot RapeMaster and is running rampant!" reported Holly Goodish, breathlessly. "Let's hope security will soon have put the little slut in her place so we can enjoy seeing her raped some m-"
CRASH! The RapeMaster smashed through the press area's flimsy partition. Holly screamed. Jim the cameraman bolted and was able to slip behind a reinforced steel door and continue filming through a plexiglass porthole. Holly's voice, caught be her microphone, was tranasmitted to him -
"Jim, let me in there! Jim, it's dangerous out here! Open the door!"
"Sorry, love, more than my job's worth!"
Holly found herself plucked in the air by the RapeMaster's huge golden hands.
"Well, well, well," gloated Angela from the control booth in RapeMaster's chest. "Fancy meeting you here, Holly."
"Hello, Angela. Please don't hurt me, Angela. Remember how we've always been close..."
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"Yes, Holly, I remember," said Angela, turning the news-slut upside down so her tits fell out of her low-cut top and her skirt fell, exposing her frilly panties. "And now that I'm in possession of an eighteen inch golden cock, what a marvelous opportunity this is to get even closer."
Angela reached out from the robot's chest and personally ripped off Holly's skirt, then her panties, before giving the dangling reported a hard punch in the stomach.
"Ooof! Owww... please, Angela, you can't mean it! I can't bear a thing like that inside me. I'm not like you, Angela... pain HURTS me!"
But the RapeMaster had already turned the mostly nude Nude News presenter the right way up and was holding her above its massive erection. Hollys kicking feet brushed the crown of the rapacious rod...
Angela hesitated. Raping another woman had never been particularly on her bucket list. But Holly had enthusiastically joined the bullies, had enjoyed or at least pretended to enjoy all her suffering and humiliation. Sure, payback's a bitch, but so was this pleading, big-titted twerp...
Jim turned the sound down on his earpiece as the deafening scream resounded off the concrete walls, and zoomed in for a particularly explicit closeup...
"Fucking hell, the slut's raping Holly, now!" spluttered Roger, balls-deep in a weeping intern.
"And she's... not holding back," observed Suki, raising an eyebrow and slipping a hand under her waistband.
Roger spanked Chloe as he thrusted. "I want a firewall of robots and security between me and that mad bitch. Shut her ass down and bring it to me on a platter!"
Suki withdrew a pussy-wet finger from her panties and thrust it into Chloe's sobbing mouth, wiping her juices on the teenager's tongue. "Don't worry, if we don't get her... the fans will."
When Angela found a bunch of rampant Robo-Warriors fans invading the room, she was initially alarmed: she didn't fancy having to actually crush them under her giant robot feet. But the squealing bimbo impaled on her robot's dick made a useful diversion: withdrawing RapeMaster's colossal tool from Holly's abused hole, she tossed the reporter into the crowd and legged it on long, robot legs -
Holly was immediately seized and spreadeagled by horny fans -
"Fuck, look at the state of her! Her pussy won't be recovered for weeks! We could shove two of our dicks in there without touching the sides."
One fan thrust a digit up Holly's tight bottom. She went EEP. "She's still tight here, lads! Let's have her!"
From his safe hidey-hole, Jim spoke encouragingly into Holly's earpiece as the first anal intruder rammed home with unlubricated fervour. "Holly, you're still on the air! This is great TV! Say something!"
"Oooooowwwww! This is - ow - Holly Goodish - ow - for Nude News. I'm bent over a pile of rubble in a wrecked press rom - ouch - being anally raped by the first in what looks like a long line of enthusiastic and brutal men - ow - somebody's mauling my tits and twisting my large, sensitive nipples - ow - now they're shoving a hard-on in my face, I think they want me to suggmmmummmfffummmfff..."
Jim got a good shot of Holly's running mascara, tears, glossy lips wrapped around a meaty cock, hairy knuckles clenched in her hair. I'll win an award for this, he thought with a smile.
He did.
Angela was starting to feel pretty good. Her resilient young body was recovering somewhat from the beating it had received, and being at th controls of a towering robot collossus made the naked Irish TV presenter feel a lot less vulnerable.
She did feel slightly bad for Holly, but on the other hand, with that body the bimbo ought to keep about fifty audience members busy and happy for some time, which helped Angela.
She did NOT feel bad about raping Holly herself (or with RapeMaster's golding prong): the bitch had it coming.
Uh oh. As the RapeMaster scraped its way down a too-tight concrete corridor, strange sounds could be heard behind, and there was no way to turn around and take a look...
ZING! WhoreShocker, who had crept up in Angela's wake, fired his taser at close range - the dart pierced the soft rubber joint between the RapeMaster's back plate and butt, pierced the too-small chair Angela was perched on within his body cavity, and pierced Angela's ass-cheek.
Suddenly Angela's body was thrashing in all directions as lightning bolts danced over her naked flesh, and her robot began thrashing too as her hands randomly hit buttons and caused him to malfunction. Then, as the voltage surged into her butt, the controls started sparking, and Angela found herself getting more electric shocks from her own robot. Ouch - fingers! Ouch - butt! Ouch - feet! Her red hair was expanding into a static-electric cloud, each strand standing on end.
Foom! The little saddle Angela was sat upon, unwisely built from flammable materials, burst into flames! Angela squirmed and yelped, but with every muscle jolting spasmodically, she couldn't get out of the "cockpit", so had to simply jiggle about at the mercy of random electric shocks, as the burning chair slowly cooked her ass...
Angela's buns would have been done to a turn had not the RapeMaster's batteries blown, sending a powerful electric shock through poor Angela, but therough her, back down the taser wire to WhoreShocker, causing him to blow up in a rather attractive shower of sparks.
The RapeMaster teetered, body frozen. Angela lept from the cockpit and dunked her blazing ass in a fire bucket full of sand, extinguishing the ass-blaze. She was smoke-blackened and sore, and it looked like she was now defenceless...
WHACK! From out the clouds of smoke filling the corridor, a steel aerial lashed, scoring a red weal across the underside of Angela's pert breasts. She yelped and threw the contents of the sand bucket in the general direction of the weapon.
WHACK! Undeterred, the whip lashed out again, and with devilish accuracy struck Angela right across the nipples. She squealed and quickly raised the bucket to cover her breasts, while backing away past the RapeMaster's mighty frozen legs.
WHACK! BitchBeater (for it was he) simply aimed lower, and Angela felt the lash across her upper thighs, just below her tender, defoliated pussy.
She ducked behind one of the RapeMaster's legs, which seemed like a sound plan -- a bullwhip might have simply curved around this barrier and stung her cute little ass, but BitchBeater's whip, being somewhat more rigid, could only strike the mighty thigh of the RapeMaster while Angela sheltered behind it, trying to be as thin as possible. Turning sideways, she discovered, was not a great idea, because even when she sucked her stomach in -
WHACK! "Yow!" WHACK! "Yowie!"
- certain bits of female anatomy tended to stick out.
BitchBeater advanced from the smoke, seeking to drive right between the RapeMaster's legs. Here goes nothing, thought Angela, planting her hands on the RapeMaster's buff golden butt, and shoving. "Tim-ber!"
With a deafening crash, the golden mandroid toppled onto BitchBeater...
"That bitch!" snarled Roger, going into his short strokes as Chloe whimpered beneath him. "Two house robots wiped out in as many minutes!"
"I wouldn't worry," smirked Suki, examining the various security cameras' footage, "Her path is leading her right to the makeup and costume department. Lea will take care of her. She's used to keeping the slut in line."
"Oh, but my sister's there!" cried Chloe, feeling Roger's sperm burning in her ass.
"Hush, little cunt," said Suki, shoving an apple in Chloe's mouth.
Roger was panting over the naked intern. "That seemed to releive some of the tension..."
"Why not do it again?" asked Suki, stroking Roger's dripping dick as it slid from the helpless teenager's butthole.
"Why not indeed?" grinned Roger, stiffening at her touch and ramming deep into poor Chloe's ass for a second, much longer session of deeply pleasurable ass-rape.
"Please, Lea, don't hurt me," begged Becky sweetly.
"Oh, I'm not going to hurt you, honeycunt," said Lea, "I'm just going to slide these hair straighteners up your pussy... like so... and then plug them in... like so... and wait for them to warm up..."
"Oh noooooooooooo..."
"What are you doing to that poor girl?" yelled Angela, striding naked into the makeup room. The sight that met her eyes was one of utter depravity. The voluptuous Becky was bound with belts and scarves to a table, a set of electric hair straighteners buried in her soft pussy. Lea stood over her, naked save for thigh-high boots, her long willowy frame slick with sweat and pussy juice as she masturbated shamelessly over the bound beauty's suffering.
"You!" snarled Lea, snatching up her electric wand. "I take my eyes off the show for a few minutes to attend to this little painslut, and you go off-script and AWOL! Well, I shall have to administer one of my patented electro-punishments to your curvy little ass..."
Lea started forward, when WHACK! Angela swung a length of the late BitchBeater's steel aerial whip, slashing the blonde across her small, perky breasts. "YAAAAWOW!" cried Lea, leaping back. Angela advanced on her with confidence and a deep sense of personal grievance. WHACK! She striped Lea's belly! WHACK! Her thighs!
"Oh, if you could please rescue me, miss, these things are really starting to get rather hot..." pleaded Becky. Since having her cunny used as an ashtray during the last episode, Becky had been aware of how unpleasant a burning sensation - fire down below - could be in her most intimate areas, but this was shaping up to be even worse!
"Give me a minute here," said Angela, driving Lea into the corner and raining blows on her. Lea turned her back to take the blows on her shoulders and ass rather than her even more sensitive front parts, and Angela obliged by tiger-striping the cowering bitch with a furious series of THWACKS.
Lea realised that there was no evading these blows. Her only escape was to get in close beyond the whip's range, so she whimpered and sobbed a few moments longer and then dived for Angela, thrusting her electric wand so that the tip prodded the redhead's much-abused left titty.
A moment's pause. Angela, gritting her teeth in pain, found to her surprise that she had not fallen to the floor in a foetal position, twitching and moaning. She had just endured such a colossal series of electric shocks from the expiring RapeMaster that she had built up some kind of slight immunity...
Angela drove her knee up into Lea's crotch, causing her enemy to double up in pain, and leaving Angela with a wet, shiny knee. "Ugh, what have you been up to, you slut?"
POW! Angela socked Lea in the jaw, driving her back into the wall, and followed up with a terrific punch to the girl's soft, flat, stomach, doubling her up. Then it felt only natural to raise her knee sharply into Lea's face as she leaned forward, with a satifying crunch of cartilege. Lea straightened up in a hurry, the back of her head slamming into the wall.
"Oooww... I dink you broke by dose, you bidge..." moaned the sadist, not liking the taste of her own medicine (or blood, as her nostrils unleashed a trickle into her mouth).
"Excuse me..." pleaded Becky, as a plume of smoke arose from her hot twat. She squirmed delectably in her bonds as the searing heat built in her poor pussy.
"One second," barked Angela, before delivering convincing wallops to Lea's left and right cheeks, then a savage uppercut to the groin. Snatching the electric wand from Lea, she shoved it up the blonde's well-lubricated cunt, and grabbing a roll of tape from a workbench, taped it to her slender thigh, holding it in position with the point buried deep in Lea's unwilling snatch.
Then it was the work of a second to flick the switch to ON, sending Lea into agonizing paroxysms, and to wrap another piece of tape around the switch, holding it on and making it impossible for the spasming slut's fevered fingers to get a grip on the device to deactivate it. As Lea staggered about the room, shaking like a Rampant rabbit, Angela delivered a few more swats with the aerial-whip, decorating those small breasts and that tidy ass with further attractive stripes, then felled the girl with a roundhouse kick to the small of the back.
Lea lay on the floor, twitching.
Angela rushed over to where Becky lay, red in the face and red lower down also, and reached for the heated straighteners. Unfortunately for Becky (very, very unfortunately) at this exact moment a group of wild Robo-Warriors fans burst in. Tired of waiting for their shot at Holly, this gang had split off and gone in search of further female flesh to assault, and now found themselves spoiled for choice.
"Sorry," said Angela to Becky, as she made a hasty retreat, skipping through the nearest door and slamming it behind her. Fortunately, it locked.
Luckily for both Lea and Angela, the drooling fans saw the sense of extracting the instruments of torture from their aching cunts - after all, you can't very well rape a girl if her pussy is actually on fire, can you? A hulking thug withdrew the straighteners from Becky's reddened cooze, replacing them with a couple of fingers.
"Oh, thank you sir - ooh!" gasped Becky.
"Hrrrmmm, nice, I like a warm pussy," growled the rapist-in-waiting, before jumping on Becky to use her very sore slit in a very rough way.
Since Lea had thousands of volts coursing through her body, raping her initially looked much more tricky, until one fan wearing heavy rubber boots had the bright idea of kicking the electric wand until it broke. This took several attempts, and Lea was black and blue by the end of it. Getting a boot applied violently to her inner thigh was bad enough, but when the kick hit the back of the wand and drove it deeper into her, that was very sore indeed. Happily, such rough treatment was mostly abandoned once the smashed wand was removed and replaced with a hard dick, though the fans who subsequently penetrated Lea and Becky in every hole multiple times (with the cleavage of Becky's large breasts, once suitably lubricated with spit, also providing a good improvised fuck-passage), did occasionally deliver a smack, punch or kick just for laughs. And those hair straighteners proved to be a lot of fun, not for internal use but for seized the girls' nipples with and squeezing until both the heat and pressure resulted in enjoyable sobs and sore red marks on pink skin...
Angela was by now far off in the building, naked and unarmed, which was not ideal. But she relished the fact that she had for once come out of an encounter with an enemy very much on the winning side, with only one electric shock to show for it: the little red mark on her breast where the wand had delivered its charge was one of the least lurid injuries by far on her sexy body, fantastically decorated as it was with weals and scratches and incipient bruises.
Again, the fact that Lea was at this moment no doubt giving joy to untold numbers of brutal rapists didn't bother Angela much. She knew the feeling. And while she'd felt a little pity for Holly, Lea was a totally vicious whore who, in her view, would be none the worse for a day-long gang bang and beating.
She did feel sorry for the other girl, who had never done anything to her personally that she knew of, but hell, the big-titted slut worked for Robo-Warriors so she probably deserved everything she got. Angela sent mental well-wishes to the rapists, hoping they did a very thorough job.
"The security team are on their way," said Suki. "Nothing to worry about."
"Ha!" sneered Roger, pounding in and out of his intern's ass. "She's defeated everything we've thrown at her! What are a couple of security guards going to do?"
"She's unarmed and naked. They're armed... and mean... and horny," smirked Suki.
"My sister..." moaned Chloe, as Roger pulled his dick from her butt and wiped it in her hair. On one of the monitors, security camera footage showed sister Becky getting raped by her twentieth, twenty-first, twenty-second and twenty-third assailants, all at once.
"Silence, cunt," said Suki, burying the girl's face between her naked thighs.
"Well, well, well."
Angela started. Ahead of her, the white corridor was interrupted by the jet-black figure of a security guard, in leather armour with a visor concealing his face. Bits of dangerous-looking kit stuck out all over his uniform, including a long, knobbly truncheon.
"So you're the naughty little slut who's causing all the trouble?" sneered the faceless figure. Angela took a step back. And bumped into the second guard, who had crept up noiselessly and Ninja-style behind her. Big gauntleted hands seized her upper arms.
"Umm... yes, that's me!" replied Angela with an attempt at brightness.
The first guard moved closer, his visor, like a great glassy retina, scanning her naked body with evident interest. Angela resisted the pointless urge to try to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands. "Nice piece of pussy, this."
"You like what you see?" asked Angela. "Tell you what, how about I show you a good time and then you let me go, huh?"
"Heh. How about we show YOU a good time and then DON'T let you go?" laughed the guard, before whipping out a can of pepper-spray and blasting Angela twice, once in the face and once in the pussy.
"AAAAHHHHH NOOOO IT BURNNNSSSSS!" wailed Angela, closing her eyes as the searing pain blazed through her long-suffering snatch. And then the guard positioned his truncheon at the mouth of said snatch, and rammed it upwards, full-force. He noted with satisfaction that his ability to drive the weapon eight inches into a girl's cunt in one motion had not been lost through lack of practice.
The guard behind Angela helped push her to her knees and she felt his dick pushing easily into her ass. The first guard was fastening a ring-gag to her face, forcing her jaws open. He wasn't about to risk his manhood between the slut's teeth without safety measures, but he wasn't about to leave her mouth un-raped either. This was what he called "taking precautions."
Soon, Angela was giving considerable satisfaction to both guards as the violated her ass and mouth at once, rocking her back and forth on her knees with each thrust, so that their shafts alternately penetrated and vacated her fuck-holes, while the truncheon remained wedged up her burning slit, bringing its own brand of acute discomfort.
"Wow, I think I'm going to..." breathed the first guard.
"Me too," grunted the second, "But we can swap places and do her again..."
Angela was resigned to the inevitability of this second raping when she suddenly felt a sharp stabbing pain in the butt. She wondered what they were doing to her now, and then a sudden jolt of electricity blasted through her nerve endings, just as her mouth and ass were filled with sudden spurts of hot seed.
WhoreShocker, recovered from his earlier damage, had just fired his taser into Angela, but its electrical charge was being distributed through her body and those of her rapists - and Angela was more used to it by now. Extracting guard one's oozing penis from her ring-gagged lips, she clambered to her feet as he spasmed and jolted in the current. She plucked the taser dart from her butt and wound the cord around his throat, then plucked the second guard's dick from her ass and wrapped the cord around that.
WhoreShocker was advancing on her now, so she withdrew - with gritted teeth and much strain - the truncheon from her fiery pussy, and let the droid have it- SMASH! SMASH!
An explosion, and further discharge of electricity, and the robot and guards both lay inert and smoldering. Armed with a truncheon, Angela staggered off, wiping her teary, reddened eyes and trying to avoid chaffing.
"Unbelievable!" snarled Roger. "A crack security team laid out by a demented droid and a naked slut. Those house robots have been completely unmanageable since they attained consciousness. I told everyone AI was a mistake, but they bloody wouldn't listen."
"I have an idea," gasped Suki, orgasming messily over Chloe's face. She strode to the wall and took down a fire axe, Striding back to the naked intern, she thrust teh weapon into her hands. "Go out there and hit that slut with this until she stops moving."
Chloe stared at the axe, then at the monitor still showing security cam footage of her sister being gang-raped. "Will you send someone to rescue Becky?"
"Yeah, sure, whatever," said Suki.
"Can I put my clothes back on first?" asked Chloe.
"No, get that arse moving," said Roger, smacking it. "Stupid little cunt."
Angela had stopped at a restroom to bathe her eyes, briefly pausing to consider swathing her nudity in toilet paper, but that seemed rather pointless. Now she was following the signs to the control room, determined to get her hands on Roger and use her truncheon on him without mercy. Pity it wasn't a machine-gun, but you can't have everything.
To her surprise, she rounded the next corner and found another naked girl holding a weapon, like a defective mirror image. This nude was younger, larger in the chest, and carrying an axe, plus she was wearing pop socks and trainers, which seemed to emphasise her vulnerable nudity even more.
"Hold in right there, Miss S-," wavered the busty newcomer, "Put down the club and come quietly." She didn't seem very sure of herself. Despite the axe, Angela figured she could handle this slut.
"Drop the axe and you won't get hurt, girlie," snarled Angela, advancing. Chloe panicked and swung the axe, burying the blade in the wall.
Angela rapped Chloe on the knuckles with her truncheon, making her let go the axe and probably breaking a finger or two. Chloe yelped, then lunged forward, trying to take the truncheon from Angela. The two naked beauties jiggled and wrestled together for a few moments, and then Chloe stamped on Angela's bare foot.
"Ow!" protested Angela, and then got a sharp little elbow in the stomach. Chloe twisted at the truncheon and wrested it from her fingers, smacking her on the shoulder with it and driving her back.
Angela reacted by grabbing the axe handle and trying to free the weapon from the wall. It was now Chloe's turn to smack her knuckles, but Angela peristed and drew the axe-blade from the crumbling plaster, stepping back and raising it threateningly.
"Stop this nonsense, you little bimbo, or I'll cave your nut in," she snarled.
"They've got Becky! I have to help Becky!" wailed Chloe, and charged.
Who the fuck is Becky? wondered Angela, swinging the axe in what she hoped was a non-lethal manner. Chloe parried the blow with her truncheon and then bashed it into Angela's tits. "Oof!"
Angela retaliated in kind, yanking the axe back from its arc and jabbing the end of the handle into one of Chloe's big breasts. Chloe was thrown off balance into the wall and Angela was able to pin that big, bulbous udder painfully against the wall with the end of the handle. "Oooowww!" moaned Chloe.
Angela then clunked her opponent on the temple with the blunt end of the axe, hit her in the stomach with the same blunt bit, and then dropped the axehead on the girl's foot, provoking a grunt, a pained exhalation and a whimper in turn. As Chloe staggered off, Angela slapped her on the ass with the flat of the axe.
Chloe turned, raising her truncheon again and charged blindly. Pleased with the way she'd been able to hurt without killing, Angela used the blunt end of the axehead again, swinging it upwards as hard as she could into the advancing girl's naked cunt.
Chloe collapsed, clutching her pained pussy, and did not try to rise.
"OK, you just stay there, bimbo, and I'll be getting along," said Angela, patting her stricken opponent on the ass.
The control room was just up one flight of stairs...
Seconds after Angela rounded the corner, DoggieStyle and Cocktopus appeared, found Chloe curled on the floor, and laid into her.
"Don't waste time with that fuckpig," exclaimed Roger, "get after Angela!"
"We like zis fuckpig," said Waldo, steering Cocktopus to thrash the screaming girl with his whips.
"Sure do!" agreed Rambunctious Rhonda. "Mighty glad DoggyStyle still has some doggy-do stored up!"
"You emit it, and I shall feed it to ze slut," grinned Waldo.
"But Angela's coming here - she's probably going to kill me!" protested Roger.
THUNK! An axe blade pierced the door.
"Ve don't mind," said Waldo.
"Roger! Prepare to die!" screamed Angela, smashing a splintered hole in the door.
Suki approached. "Angela, this is all very unwise. If Roger decides to bill you for the damage done already, to the arena, the robots, the fans, you could be in debt for life."
"Shut up, Suki, you're no help at all! I sometimes wonder who you work for!" grunted Angela, continuing to bash her way through the door.
"I'm just trying to portect your interests," said Suki, edging closer to the side of the door.
"Roger Oates," snarled Angela, "I'm going to shove this axe so far up your arse -"
"Now, now, Angela, be reasonable, these little employer-employee disputes can always be settled amicably..." began Roger.
And then Suki grabbed Angela by her somewhat bedraggled and filth-encrusted red locks and pulled her head through the hole in the door, followed by her shoulders and upper body. As Suki wrestled with the axe in Angela's hands, Roger rushed in and kicked her in the face. Suki snatched the axe and Roger grabbed Angela by the throat. "Now we'll see whose arsehole is in trouble, you treacherous little slut!"
At that unfortunate moment, Angela felt cold steel on her butt, and then a hideous pain as NippleCrippler's pincers clamped down on her clit. Trapped halfway through the door (ouch, splinters!) she could not see, but recognised the sensation from unpleasant encounters in the Arena, and then she recognized the voice of Milton Gottlieb:
"Hello, doll! I managed to rewire this house robot to do my bidding. Time to pick up where we were so rudely interrupted, I think!" And the dwarfish inventor, now with an improvised neck-brace of circuit-boards round his neck, pressed the head of his impossibly huge dick to the lips of Angela's helpless pussy.
THUMP! Roger punched Angela in the nose. "Take that, you vicious little bitch!" THUMP! "And that!"
"Ow! Roger, please! NippleCrippler has -" THUMP! "Milton is -" POW! "They're going to -" WHAM!
As he eased his monstrous shaft into Angela's aching pussy, Milton next positioned a fresh object - the RapeMaster's vast golden schlong, detched from the wreckage of the fallen robot, against the opening of her asshole. "Double penetration time, whore, and no wriggling out of it!" He shoved. Now, both monster cocks were raping Angela at once.
Roger rained haymakers on Angela's face while Suki bound her wrists behind her back with a couple of cable ties. "You have no one to blame but yourself, you stupid slut," she snarled. BIFF! WALLOP! SOCK! Roger's fist smashed into the helpless Irish presenter's face.
"Careful, Roger, the team won't feel like raping her if you mess her pretty face up too much," advised Suki with a smirk.
"The cunt can wear a paper bag on her head," grunted Roger, driving his fist into Angela's swollen lips again (swollen lips looked quite attractive on Angela, actually).
"Vorks for me!" declared Waldo, looking over his shoulder from the robot control station.
"Me too, hon," said Rhonda. The pair of them were still robo-raping a sobbing Chloe in the corridor on the floor below. On the monitor, a gang of fans had appeared, watching in awe and waiting their time.
Angela felt a prick in her bottom - a sharp, needle-like one, that is.
"Just a little stimulant," said Dr. Sade. It'll keep the slut awake during Roger's beating, and intensify her pain responses.
"Thanks, doc," said Milton, high-fiving the doc. "You're a marvel." Sade had fixed up his neckbrace after NippleCrippler had compacted his vertebrae. One more thrust and Milton was balls-deep in the quivering Angela. She was a captive cunt and nothing more.
"P-please..." Angela pleaded, "I'm s-sorry!" THUMP! POW! "I was out of line... I'm a worthless cunt... I'm a worthless cunt..." WHUMP! BASH!
"You are, you really are," whispered Suki in her ear, while attaching a pair of jump leads to her nipples...
Roger delivered a powerhouse kick to Angela's jaw which could be heard on the other side of the door.
"Hmm, may have to wire that jaw," mused Dr. Sade, watching in admiration as Gottlieb defied medical expertise by stretching Angela's holes so wide she should have popped. "I imagine I can wire it OPEN, leaving her mouth available for raping..."
This never happened to Terry Wogan, Angela thought as Roger continued to pummel her features.
"But I don't understand why I have to leave hospital so soon," said Heather, the pretty, bespectacled schoolgirl (aged 18, I believe).
"Well, you're not really sick, you just got raped a few times," said Dr. Unguent, leading her towards the sliding doors at the hospital entrance.
"And they stuck medals in me..."
"Yes, yes, and I applied plenty of iodine, didn't I? You just leave those medals in place until the piercings are done..."
"But I don't WANT piercings..."
"Well, we can't always have what we want, my girl. You should know that, after all the times you've been raped today. But we need the beds for real patients. We've got a young policewoman coming in who's been branded EIGHT times, you know. Ass, tits, pussy, forehead... I can't wait to see what they've written on the slut, it ought to be hilarious!"
"The poor girl. But have you told my parents? Will someone be here to meet me?"
"Here we are. Now, I'll just take that gown back. Hospital property, you know..."
"But I'm naked! And it's cold! Is anyone meeting me, doctor?"
"Yes, look, here they are! Garry and Darren and whatsisname. take good care of her, lads. Whoring her out, eh? Well, I was young myself, once. Just twist those medals pinned to her tit and cunt if she's truculent. Have fun! Have fun!"


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