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Author Topic: The Trial Of Brian Dermott  (Read 3179 times)

« on: November 22, 2016, 07:02:52 PM »

This author does not condone violence against females nether physical or verbal. in the following all characters are above the age of consent as stated in the Canadian Criminal Code (16 years old).

Part One: The Trial Begins:

“The jury of five women and seven men have been sworn in and both lawyers have done their opening statements so the trial is expected to begin in earnest tomorrow.Reporting from the Brampton Courthouse, I’m Andrea Classton CTVnews.” I turn my head away from the small television screen smirking at the so-called latest update on the news.

My lawyer says that it’s an open and closed case and I should be out give or take four weeks times.I’m going to bed with a wide smile on my face. The morning can’t come fast enough to suit me. Before I know it seven a.m. arrives and I’m up and dressed ready for my first real day in court.
The police van picks me and the other defendants exactly at eight transferring us from Toronto South Detention Center to the Brampton Courthouse. Offloading us at eight forty- five, I’m met inside the holding cell by my lawyer Jason Dewer.

“Now Brian remember whatever happens today don’t lose your cool in the court!” he straightening my tie while talking to me. “The first witness is the responding officer, Constable Mike Williams, I have no plans to cross examine him, then it’s the forensic expert Dr. Bob Grayson again I’m not worried about him.”

“Look man I not even interested in either of them!, when do the bitch and her little sluts take the stand, that’s all I want to know?”

“How many times do I have to warn you about what you’re saying about the crown’s key witnesses!” Shaking his head towards me, while adjusting his black robe. “Now if I got the timing right Miss Crompton should take the stand after the lunch recess.”  From outside the cell comes “Time up!” The guard comes inside to shackle my hands to lead me to the court and the prisoner box.

Leading me out I whistle a happy tune mostly to myself. Inside the courtroom it’s packed with media and a few spectators. The media has taken this case as the perfect fodder to lead the nightly news with. The son of a well-to-do doctor vs the heartbroken single mother and her two daughters. Or as I call then the whorebag and the cockstoppers.

Looking around as I’m lead into the prisoner's box I see the queen’s council the right honorable David Hewlitt and his assistant Lloyd Mackenzie. All we’re missing is the right honorable Judge Thomas J. Dillion. He’s finally announced as he comes in and everyone is told to stand while the anthem is played then Dillion sits down and bangs his gavel

“Quiet this court is now in sessions the right honorable Judge Thomas Dillion presiding,all with business before the court may be seated!” the bailiff announces and with that we’re officially underway!

                                                                                        To be Continued
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« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2016, 10:40:09 PM »

Great concept and a great start! I am looking forward to this. Sounds like you are creating interesting characters.
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« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2016, 04:32:22 AM »

I agree with Kayla!! So far this is shaping up to be an extremely interesting Story!!!

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« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2016, 04:38:38 AM »

Good start. Always like those court dramas

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« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2016, 01:14:33 PM »

Part Two: Opening Statements

“Is the Crown ready to present their opening statement Mr. Hewitt at this time?”

“We are your honor!”

“Then proceed”

Hewitt stands and turns to the jury “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, your honor  this is  very simple case before you today. On or about May 25th in the year of our lord 2015 the accused one Brian Dermott knowingly and willing ruined the lives of three women” He pauses to let his statement sink into the minds of the jury. “Mister Dermott, sexually assaulted three members of the same family during a period of six hours after taking the first victim, one Mary Crompton home from her senior prom.”

Hewitt drones on about how Dermott raped Mary, then her mother Jane then finally Maria the youngest, before leaving the three women bound in their own home to be found by a relative coming for a visit. Then he starts to drone on about what they plan to present and the jury’s need to comprehends the seriousness of the offence and way it affects their lives. Finally thanking everyone for listening to him he retakes his seat.

“Over dramatic shit head!”

The judge bangs his gavel on the bench, “That’s enough Mr. Dermott, such out bursts will not be tolerated in my courtroom!”  then to Dewer “Councilor please control your client or i’ll place him contempt of court!”

Dewer leans in “Brian just sit there and keep your mouth shut, save it until you’re back in your cell!” Then rising and bowing to the judge “Sorry your honor, I apologize to the court on behalf of my client!” brian mutters under his breath.

“Well Mister Dewer is defence ready with their opening statement?”

“We are your honor!”

Dewer first leans into brian “Now just keep quiet and watch why your dad keeps me on retainer!” Standing up, turning to the jury. “Ladies and gentlemen i stand before you representing a person who has been wrongly accused of a most heinous crime that could be committed on a female. Is he guilty that’s up to  you fine folks to decide. Over the next few days you will hear how consensual sex between the accused and the Compton women was twisted into a story of rape besmirching the name of my client and drawing shame onto his family. He continues to drone on before ending with In your minds you’ll agree my client is innocent of all charges,thank you!” He sits down after bowing once more to the judge.

Looking at his watch and conferring with a clerk, the judge announces “Now’s a good time for a recess, Court will recommence at 13:45hrs when the Crown will present its first witness!” he bangs his gavel and rises

“All rise!”

Two officers escorts Brian back to the hold cells in the basement.
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« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2016, 08:30:59 PM »

Part Three: Crown’s Police Witnesses

13:45 p. m. on the dot the bailiff calls the court to order as Judge Dillion come in. Taking a seat he bangs his gavel onto the bench then “You may be seated” then “Is  the Crown ready to continue?”

“Yes your honor!”

“Then proceed!”

“The Crown calls Constable Michael Williams to the stand!” A hush comes over the assembled gallery. A police officer makes his way to the stand, when The court clerk asks him “Will you swear an oath or affirm the truth”

“If it pleases the court Affirm the truth” the clerk register his reply before the Crown is allowed to examine him.

“State your name and profession!”

“Michael Williams,Constable with the Peel Regional Police”

“Constable Williams can you tell the court How you came to be at 1313 Drew Road on May 26th 2015?

“7:12 a.m. I was in my cruiser when I received a dispatch about a disturbance at 1313 Drew Road, a report of sexual assault on residents of said address.Asking Dispatch to send a female officer to meet me i made my way there.” Looking to the Crown “May i consult my notes?”

“Of course Constable!”

“At 7:16 i arrived to along with Constable Joan Hutchins. We were met by one Mary Crompton who called in. She told us that the three residents of the house was sexually assaulted by one Brian Dermott

“Objection Your honor, Hearsay!” I just caught the good officer in a bold face lie as per his own incident report.

“Does the crown plan to call this Mary Crompton?”

“No your honor!”

“Then sustained!, the Jury will disregard the last statement!”

For over twenty minutes Constable Williams answered the Crown’s Questions before the crown rest.

“Cross examination Mr Dewer.?”

“Thank you, your honor!” Dewer gets to his feet a piece of paper in his hand. Walking to the podium, “Constable Williams do you remember submitting your incident report to the Crown.

“Yes Sir!”

“Is this said report Constable” Dewer hands him the piece of paper "And  do you remember where in said report you mentioned meeting your fellow officer before going into the house?’”

“Yes Sir!”

“Can you read the section of the report that I highlighted?”

“I arrived at the above address at 07:16 hrs and Constable Joan hutchins reported to me at 07:18 hrs

“Why! then officer did you tell the court earlier that the two of you met at 07:16 hrs. If there was a two minute gap?”
Constable Williams looks to the crown with concern in his eyes “Ah I was mistaken on the time!”

“Mistaken when, when you wrote the incident report or just now on the stand?” Constable Williams looks confused and doesn’t reply.

“No further questions at this time your honor!”

“The witness may stand down!” Then looking to Mr. Hewitt “Crown prepared to call its next witness?”

“Yes your honor, Crown calls Dr. Robert Grayson to the stand!” A distinguished looking man in his late 50’s stand and swears an oath before taking his place ,For the next hour he tells the court the forensic found at the crime scene and how it related to the crime. When the Crown rests, Mr. Dewer tells his honor that he has no question for this witness.

Judge Dillion checks his watch A little after 16:23 p.m. “The court will be adjourned for the day to recommence at 0900 hrs on Tuesday,November 21St 2016” Banging the gavel to bring this session to a close.

In the holding cell below the courthouse “See Brian I’ve already cast suspicion on one Crown witness and i’m just getting started. Tomorrow the Crown calls Maria to the stand and the real story will be heard!” Shaking Brian hand I watch as he’s taken back to the van to return to the detention center. A look of confidence on his face.

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« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2016, 01:18:27 AM »

Nice idea for a story.  I like the detail.  Can't wait to read the rest.

« Reply #7 on: November 25, 2016, 10:53:29 AM »

Part Four: Mary Crompton

Court reconvenes at 0900 hr when the Crown replies to Judge  Dillion that they were ready to call Mary Crompton to the stand. A young blonde hair,brown eyed,cat walk thin model kind of girl walks to the witness stand. Dressed in a solid blue high collared dress she nervously swears an oath before being seated.

“Miss Crompton may I apologize to you for what I’m about to make you remember. If at any time you would like time to compose yourself before continuing feel free to ask!” He pauses before beginning his questioning. “Miss Crompton, can you tell us in brief what occurred the night of May 25TH,2015?”

With a weak voice “It was prom night and Brian Dermott was my date,we danced then returned home and he raped me,then my mother and finally my younger sister!” tears coming to her eyes.

“And do you see your assailant in the courtroom today, Miss Crompton?”

She looks directly at Brian “Yes he’s sitting at the other table across from me!!”

“Let the record shows Miss Crompton identified her assailant as one Brian Dermott!” The pauses then commences “Now Miss Crompton tell the court how you came to know Mister Dermott!”

“He was a friend of a girl I hung out with at  Applewood Secondary School!”

“And can you tell the court how you came to be in his presence on the night in question!’

“He was my date for the prom at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto!’. She continues with details of the time at the dance, how Brian was the perfect gentleman right up to the point that they returned to her home.

“I know this will be unpleasant Miss Crompton but can you tell the court what happened after you got home?”

“We kissed at the door, then when in to watch some video on youtube,I left him alone in the basement rec room to go upstairs to change out of my prom dress. I returned to him wearing a tank top and sweatpants.He had a video by his favorite band ready to play, i forget the title of it all i remember was it was a long video that he said needed to be played loud.”

I got up and shut the rec room door so we didn’t disturb my mother and younger sister up stairs. He started the video playing and as the music blared out he turn to me slap me and tore my tank top off. Then he punched me in the stomach and forced me onto the carpet on the floor!” Tears beginning to flow,through rasping sobs “He pulled my sweatpants off then he forced my legs open!’

The judge interrupts her “take a moment to compose yourself Miss Crompton, looking to Mr Hewitt as if to mental convey be gentle with her from this point on.

“I told him no but he just slap me again and forced my tank top into my mmmm-outh!’ Tears running down the sides of her cheeks “Then he, he, he ….”

“The court understands what you want to say” Judge Dillion tells her while offering her tissues for her tears. “When you’re able please continue Miss Crompton!”

After a few minutes of sobbing quietly she begins again, “Somehow the tank top came out of my mouth and i started screaming, the video has stop and he was still in me,he pulled out and told me that i was going to really scream in a few seconds. Then he forced himself into my bottom, I screamed so loud that it woke my mother. She came down to see what was wrong,opening the door she saw Brian on top of me.”

“What Happened then Miss Crompton?” Hewitt asked

“She rushed over to try to get him off me, hitting him with  her hands about the shoulders. Brian got mad and swung a backhand to her, hitting her in the head and driving her into a wall. She fell to the floor ad he went over to her. Tore open her night gown and he took her like he did me.” More racking sobs prevents her from saying more

Hewitt took the time to commend her on courage and to tell her he wouldn’t keep her much longer.When he nodded that she was able he asked her another question

“Miss Crompton what did the defendant do after raping your mother?”

“We thought he left,we didn’t hear anything for about an hour then My younger sister started screaming and mom and me knew what was going on, Brian went upstairs and was raping her.!”

“Crown is finished with their questioning your honor” Then to Mary “I want to commend you Miss Crompton for what you’re doing  here today and once again to apologize for the emotional trauma we have put you through.”

Judge Dillion calls a short recess to allow mary to compose herself before facing Dewer’s line of questioning A half hour later we reconvene, Mary back on the stand.

Mr. Dewer stands and tells her he has only a few questions for her. He begins with a dusey of a question

“Miss Crompton will you tell the court what you were doing before you left the prom?’

“I’m sorry i don’t understand the question, dancing and eating!

“And what else Miss Crompton?”

“Just that nothing else besides talking!’

“Your honor defense would like to submit video surveillance from the Four Seasons Hotel on the night in question if i may?”
Hewitt jumps to his feet “objection your honor Crown wasn’t given any such evidence before now!” Dewer cuts him off

“Your honor the evidence in question was delivered to the Crown by courier on March 17th this year and i have proof of delivery with a signature of receiving! It’s not the fault of defense if the Crown’s staff didn’t bring it to his attention!”

Judge Dillion calls both lawyers for a sidebar and reviews the proof “It clearly show a sign signature and timestamp of delivery,well mr. Hewitt, i have no choice but to overrule on your objection,step away!’ Then to the court “Objection overruled, evidence taken!’

The video is played showing an hallway outside of the washrooms on the third floor, Clearly Brian and Mary can been seen, Mary leading brian to a ladies washroom,looking both way before pulling him inside. A quarter of an hour passes before they return to the hallway and leave the screen.

“Well Miss Crompton can you tell the court what you and my client was doing in a female’s washroom?” In the prisoner's box brian is smiling.

“We were in there……” going quieter as she talked

“I’m sorry your honor can you ask the witness to speak up and answer my question please?”

“Witness will speak up and answer defense’s question!”

“We were in there so i could give Brian a blowjob!” The gallery gasped when she said this.

“And who’s idea was it to leave the prom?”


"And  what was your intentions when you go home?”

“Objection your honor calls for speculation!”

“Sustained” Turning to the jury “The jury will disregard the last question!”

“I withdraw the question your honor, and defense is finished with this witness!”  Smiling as I take my seat knowing I’ve i planted the seed of doubt in the jury’s mind.

The judge calls for a lunch recess and tells us we will reconvene at 1400 hrs
                                                  To be Continued
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« Reply #8 on: November 25, 2016, 09:01:45 PM »

Hmmmm. The plot thickens :)

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« Reply #9 on: November 25, 2016, 09:51:28 PM »

Mmmmm very engaging story!

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« Reply #10 on: November 29, 2016, 11:28:27 AM »

I want to thank you all and hope to live up to your expectations

Part Five” Jane Crompton

Court reconvened a little after 1400 hrs,one of the jurors developed stomach problems and had to be excused.With the new member sworn in the crown presented their second witness of the day after Judge Dillion asks.

“The Crown calls Mrs. Jane Crompton to the stand, your honor!”
A matronly woman in her mid forties walks to the stand,,stopping long enough to throw a dirty look to Brian in the prisoner’s box. He responds by blowing her a kiss which makes the judge bang his gavel.

“Mr Dewer Control your client or i’ll have him removed from the court!”

Standing and bowing to the court, I lean in and tell him to brighten up!.before returning to his seat Dewer bow to the Crown in a show of respect.Mrs. Crompton takes the stand and adjusts her jacket as she sits. Her first duty is to identify Brian as her assailant

Mr. Hewitt starts “Can you tell the court the events of May 25TH, 2015 after your daughter returned from the prom in your own words.?”

“Yes Sir! It was a bit after Midnight when Mary and Brian returned,they probably kissed on the front step before coming in!”

“Objection Your honor call for speculation on behalf of the witness!” Dewer continues “Her uses of the word probably implies she wasn’t present on the porch!”

“Sustained!” Hewitt glares at Dewer before having Mrs. Crompton continue “Please go on Mrs. Crompton!”

“I was up in my room reading when I heard her and Brian go down to the rec room!’

Once again Dewer jumps ups to object “Your Honor so far all this witness has spouted to the court is pure speculation,unless the crown plans to show relevance I ask her testimony be stricken from the record and the jury to ignore it!”

“Your honor crown is trying to establish that the witness was aware the defendant was in her home,alone with her daughter. If defense will allow the witness to continue in her own way all will be made clear!” Hewitt counters.

“Allow the witness to concoct a fantasy approved by the Crown to slander me client i think not!”

“Councils to the bench please!”  he admonishes Dewer for his choice of fantasy approved by the crown statement. “Mr. Hewitt, I have to agree with the defense, either establish that the witness was present both on the step and downstairs or I have no choice but to accept defense’s objection. Establish with the next question please! Step back!’

Crown is pissed cause he knows i have her witness statement where she clearly states that she was unaware what time they returned or the events before she actually did go down.

“Mrs Crompton can you tell the court where you found your daughter and the defendant upon leaving your room?’

Dewer again “Objection, your honor,Crown if deliberately bypassing proving relevance as discussed in sidebar!”

“Sustained! And Mr. Hewitt you have been in my court many times and you know 
DON”T! like games. The jury will disregard all statements from the witness prior to this objection, her testimony is to be stricken from the record. Mr. Hewitt you may continue from your last question by be warned any more speculation and the witness will be dismissed!”

“Yes,your honor!” then “Mrs. Crompton will you tell the court how you came to be in the presence of the defendant and your daughter?”

“I was in my room asleep when i was woken by a scream, I got up and made my way to the first floor, finding nothing. Then I heard another scream coming from the basement,going down i found the door to the rec room,open and i could see my daughter on the floor that animal laying on her !”

“Could you tell what they were doing?”
“Yes he was sodomizing her!”

Dewer objects on grounds of speculation

Mrs Crompton hollers out “I know the difference between being fornicated and being sodomized,you bastard? The gallery starts talking loud.

Judge Dillion banging his gavel like a robotic monkey “Order, order the court will come to order or i’ll have it cleared!”  turning to Mr. Hewitt “Crown bring your witness under control or I’ll hold her in contempt of court!” Court is in recess for five minutes!”

In the prisoner’s box Brian is grinning ear to ear  lean over to talk to Dewer “Man she’s sinking her own case!”  I was kind of agreeing with him about that. But i remind him there was still one more witness for the Crown to call.

We reconvene with Mrs. Crompton back on the stand Hewitt leads off questioning her with “Mrs Crompton can you tell us what you did when you found the defendant and your daughter together?

“I immediately ran to help her fight him off. I started swatting his derriere moving up his body until I swatted him on the side of his head. , That’s when the little bastard struck me with a back hand!

Dewer if just about to jump to his feet when Judge Dillion admonish Mrs. Crompton “The witness will refrain from making derogatory comment about the defendant!”

“Sorry but what would you call such a vile creature who just raped your first born?!”

“Just answer the question put to you by council and only the questions!”

Hewitt continues “And then what happened Mrs. Crompton?

“I hit my head against the wall, then the defendant” looking to the judge for his approval before continuing. “He came over to me saying “Wonder if you’re a good as this slut is. Then he tore my nightdress open and fornicated me!” her eyes started to tear.
“And can you tell the court what you did after finished fornicating you?”

“I crawled to my Mary to offer her comfort.

“And the defendant?”

“He laughed and told us he had planes to fornicate my little Maria!”  More tears come to her eyes. The bailiff offers her a kleenex to wipe her eyes. “Within minutes I hear her screams  and knew he was bringing truth to his words.”

The Crown rests and Judge Dillion allows Dewer to start his cross examination he goes right to her jugular “Mrs. Crompton can you tell the court why in your disposition you claimed to have hit you head on the wall and passed out awaking to my client so called fornicating you but in court today you claim he talked to you?”

“I just remember what he said!’

“Just remember how convenient!” then switching tact “and was it convenient when you told the first officer on scene that it was an hour later when you heard Maria scream,the same fact you said in your disposition?”

“I was telling the truth as I am today!”

“Then please for the court tell us what is the truth, an hour later or a few minutes later as you just testified on the stand! I know she’s behind the eight ball, either admit one was a lie and face perjury charges or face the jury having doubt about your testimony. Either choice is good for my case.

She hesitates, so I ask the judge to make her answer my question. Looking to the Crown for assistance. Getting none she resorts to the oldest trick- tears. I let her off thinking she won one but i know in the jury’s mind there’s a bit more doubt about the crown’s case!

                                                                  To be Continued

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« Reply #11 on: November 29, 2016, 10:40:41 PM »

I like the way the dialogue flows. Keep up the good work!

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« Reply #12 on: December 01, 2016, 11:59:28 AM »

 Part Six: Maria Crompton

“Is the crown ready to call their next witness?” Judge Dillion asks as the court clerk ties to get his attention.

“If it pleases the court and due to the lateness of the hour, may we call our next witness when court reconvenes tomorrow?
Judge Dillion checks his watch “Oh god where has the tie flown, by all means the court accepts the crown’s recommendation!” Banging his gavel  “Court will adjourn until 0900 hr tomorrow. Standing he leaves  before the rest of the court makes their way out.

I use the time to confer with brian on how I see the case going. “Well Brian, the crown’s case is on shaky grounds I must say, one witness making up testimony on the stand, While another admits to providing sexual favors  to you. I can hardly wait for their next witness, the youngest daughter i believe Maria!”

“Man what a little cream dream she is,big brown eyes, full lips, creamy white skin.long muscular legs of a runner and talk about an ass!’ Brian seems to be drooling remembering her. “And don’t even get me started on her pert little breasts, top with the tiniest of pink nipples  that remind me of cherry tic tacs!” I look to the floor,my eyes passing down by his crotch where i can make out his member sticking out as he talks. “And her taste was so sweet,to this day i have to lick my lips just thinking about it!”

“Listen Brian,tomorrow when she’s on the stand, keep your mouth closed and your thoughts to yourself. I don’t even want you looking at her, you understand me!” he shakes his  head.

0900 comes and when court reconvenes the crown does in fact call Maria Crompton to the stand. While she’s walking pass I make a point of looking at her and I have to give it to my horndog client his due, his description of her was not an exaggeration!. She was the proverbial cream dream come true.
Mr. Hewitt begins addressing the court “If  it pleases the court the crown requests  for special disposition that Miss Crompton’ trauma support assistant to be allowed to sit  with her on the stand?”

“Does the defense object to this request?”

To prove that i’m not scare by this “No objections your honor!” standing up and wheeling my chair out from behind my table. “If it pleases the court, I will give up my seat for their comfort!’

“Such dramatics are not called for Me. Dewer a simple no would have sufficed but the court notes you’re willing sacrifice!”  After the assistant is seated he turns to Maria “If at any time you need to compose yourself  or to confer with your assistant, just ask and you’ll be given time!”

With a nod to Mr. Hewitt, the testimony begins. “Miss Crompton how did you know the defendant?”

She looks to Mr. Hewitt, then onto Brian,she tenses and diverts her eyes immediately “He was dating my older sister Mary!” came her reply as she squirms on the stand. Looking around i spot Brian pursing his lip,pretending to blow a kiss towards her. Clearing my throat, he get’s my meaning and drops his hand.

“Problem Mr. Dewer?”

“Sorry your honor, a tickle in my throat!” I don’t believe he bought it,his eyebrow arches as he tells the crown to continue.

“On Miss Crompton in your own word and time can you tell the court the events of May25Th 2015?”
Grasping hands with her assistant,for moral support “I was in bed sleeping, unaware of anything when i felt something heavy lying on me. My legs were forced open and a hand pulled my panties to the side!  Her eyes begin to tear,her assistant passing her a kleenex to wipe her eyes. “Then i felt something inside me ter and suddenly i was in a lot of pain. Looking up i was Brian looking down to me saying that i was the best of the three of us!”

“Screaming as loud as i can  he asked me “Are you screaming for help or because i liked it that much!’ Her tears openly flowing down her face,another kleenex,more wiping. “Then he-he-he wet inside me rolling off saying ‘Oh damn you’ll have to do that again Maria!’.”Sobbing uncontrollable trying to finish her story “he pulled my nightgown up to my neck saying ‘Damn if i knew what you were hiding under this i would have stripped you first then fuck you cherry free!, then he left!”

“And what did you do then Miss Crompton?”

“Curled up into a ball and cried until my mom and sister came to find me!” She wanted to say more but once again I saw Brian holding his left hand to his face a peace symbol made with his fingers over his lips sticking the tip of his tongue through them,as if he was tonguing her pussy! This time though, not only me but the Judge Dillion caught him too.

“Bailiff remove the defendant back to his cell immediately!” Turning to me “Mr. Dewer be advised that the court will be filing charges of ‘Intimidation Of A Witness’ I shake my head in agreement with the judge “Crown are you through with this witness?”

“Just One More question your honor!”

“Ask it qiuckly!”

“Yes your honor! Miss Crompton were you a virgin at the time of this assault?”

Weakly “Yes!’”

Then the judge call a recess with court with a reconvening at 1400 hrs. Where my cross examination will start, that is if i’m not on murder charges by then! As soon as the judge leaves I race down to the holding cell.

Brian is sitting on his cot a shit eating grin plastered on his face “I wasn’t lying was I,and did you see the way she was looking at me from the stand?”

“Shut up you little asshole do you have any idea what you done to your defense” From behind a deep baritone voice.

“And get that grin off your face or so help me I’ll tear these bars apart and and rip it off you!’ Mr. Glen Dermott ,steam coming from his pressed shirt collar. “Mr. Dewer can i have a minute with my son please?”. I step away,letting the officer lead me back to the outer waiting area. Even with the door closed neither of us had no problem hearing what he was saying to Brian.

He comes out and walks straight past me with speaking or even acknowledging that i exists.Returning to Brian cell i find him lying flat out on the cot on his stomach.hiding his face into a pillow

Lifting his face “The bastard told me i was no longer son of his and that he wasn’t going to finance an appeal if I was found guilty!” turning his head to me “That’s not going to happen right Mr. Dewer?” I just stared back at him wondering the same thing

                                                                                  To be Continued
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This is good stuff!

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Part Seven: Cross Examination And His Defence

Sitting in a diner across from the courthouse,eating a grilled cheese with fries, CP24 playing on the flat screen TV behind the counter “And in a shocking development this morning the defendant Brim Dermott was blatantly caught by Judge Dillion trying to intimidate the witness on the stand one Maria Crompton. Judge Dillion order the defendant removed then called recess. Reporting from the courthouse in Brampton, Andrea Classto CP24 sending it back to you on the newsdesk Pooja. Then i lose interest in both the news and my meal

We reconvene with Brian standing in front of the judge being admonished for his action “If I ever see such a cowardly act like that again in my court I’ll personally throw you into the holding cell myself,do I make myself clear mr. Dermott.” Without waiting for a reply “Now you will apologize to this court or be held in contempt your choice!”

“Sorry your honor, I am ashamed of my actions and swear they will not be repeated!”  Never taking his eyes off the judge’s “I understand my actions may have caused undue harm to the witness and wholeheartedly apologize to her and the court!” I never told him to be humble so unless his father did,i would almost swear he meant everything he said.

The court accepted his apology,let him resume his position in the prisoner’s box and allows me to cross examine Miss Crompton once she was reminded she was still under oath. Flipping through my paper i stand and get right to my plan of attack.

“Miss Crompton can you tell the court why you were suspended from school in April of 2015?”

“Objection your honor,the witness’s pass isn’t on trial here,it’s an irrelevant attempt by defense to defame the  character of the witness.”

”Your honor if the witness is made to answer the relevance will be made clear to the court in her own voice!” I tell him.

”I’ll allow the question with the right to reject if it doesn’t satisfy the issue of relevance. The witness will answer the question pease!”

“I was suspended for being caught in the boys bathroom at school” she replies

“And?” i prompt

“Just that being found in the boys bathroom!”

“Miss Crompton, I have the actual report attached to your school record that will be given to the court in evidence.so your action will be made known!” turning to look at the jury “So why don’t you just save the time of it being read out and tell the court why?

“I was suspended for being in the boys washingroom giving a by a handjob!” She starts to cry, the bailiff handing her a tissue to dry her eyes. Mr. Hewlitt shaking his head as i yet again punch a major hole through his witness’s credibility. I continue “One final question Miss Crompton, who was the boy in question?”


“I sorry can you speak up ,who was the boy in question?”

“Brian, it was Brain!”

Turning to Judge Dillion, “Defense is done with this witness your honor!”

“Crown is done presenting its case your honor at this time but requests the right to call additional witness if new evidence comes forth!”

“Thank you Mr. Hewlitt!” turning his head towards me “At this time is defense ready to call t’s first witness at this time?”

I stand “Yes your honor! If it pleases the court we call Mr. Brian Dermott to the stand. The bailiffs escort Brian to the witness stand,when he’s seated  i begin.

“Mr. Dermott do you remember the night of May 25TH,2015?

“Of course I remember it it was the night of the prom. I asked Mary Crompton if she wanted to go a month earlier. When she said yes i was ecstatic so I made plans for the big night.

“Of course you did may we skip ahead to the actual prom, specifically the point where you left the prom for the washroom?”

“Sure!’ He sits up straight, placing his hands folded on his lap,as much as the handcuffs would allow. “We were dancing cheek to cheek, whispering into each others ear how lame the prom was when Mary got the idea to liven it up by blowing me. We left the hall and when in search of a room we could get into. The only room we could find was a public women’s bathroom,making sure no one saw us we went in and from that point on until we came out it was gorf city.She proved to me many times before that she knew how to use her mouth to get me off!”

And who’s idea was it to return to her home?”


“And can you tell us in your own words what happened when you got there?”

“We kissed on her porch, then she let us in with her key,she looked around coming back to tell me that her mom wasn’t up and asked me to go to the basement with her. She took my hand and lead me down the steps to the rec room, she shut the door and asked me to put on a loud video from youtube. I asked her why “Silly, so mom doesn’t hear us!”, I watched her unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor, then she said “Let’s have a real prom night experience!” I realize then that she meant have sex so i took off my clothes and we went at it, willingly.

“So you telling the court that it was Mary who initiated the act of sex,not you?”

“That’s right!”

“Then how did her mother get involved?”

“Her mom came down and caught us! When she saw me naked she started to lick her lips and asked Mary if she could have a turn with me. Man I got so excited that i accidentally hit her in the face, making her stumble into the wall. “She looked up saying “oohhh I like it a bit rough,come over here and tear this off me and show me how rough you can be!” I didn’t want to disappoint her so i did! After i finished i was a bit ashamed that i cheated on Mary with her mom that i got up dressed and left. Going upstairs to leave, Maria stopped me, and asked to talk to me.

“And why exactly did you talk about and where?”

“Where was in the living room,we were on the couch sitting besides each other. She was apologizing for being caught in the bathroom with me,then how much she liked me and how her big sister didn’t deserve me as a boyfriend!” All the time she was running her hands over my legs,then she surprised me by asking me if i wanted to go to her room and get more than a hand job!”

“And you agreed to this?”

“Hell yeah,you saw her total babe,one hundred percent doable!

“Objection your honor!’ apparently Mr. Hewitt doesn’t share our opinion of her!

“Sustained, he witness will answer the question with a straight yes or no and refrain from making editorial comments!”

“Sorry your honor, “ Brian said “Yes I agreed to go up to her room!”

“So the two of you went to her room to have sex?’

Looking to the judge “Yes! That’s right!”

“And at no time during any such acts was the word ‘no’ used by the Crompton Women?”

“Not that i heard!”

“Thank you Mr. Dermott!” turning to Mr. Hewitt “Defense is finished with this witness, your honor.

Checking his watch Judge Dillion suggested e convene until tomorrow at 0900hrs where the crown will be allowed to cross examine Brain. Banging his gavel we all rise and leave the court shortly after he does.

                                                                             To be Continued
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