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Author Topic: Enough is Enough (MF/f, rape, incest, deepthroat)  (Read 1390 times)

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« on: November 20, 2016, 05:55:01 AM »

 Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. No one under 18 years of age is allowed to read the following.
 Warning: The following story contains fictitious written depictions of non consensual, incestuous sexual acts with an underage person. In no way does the author condone non consensual, incestuous or underage sexual acts in real life.

   My wife redialed her 15 year old niece Courtney’s cell number. It rang and she put the phone to her ear. “Shit,” she exclaimed, tossing the phone onto the table. She crossed her arms over her massive tits and looked at me.

   “What are we going to do with her,” she asked me. I shook my head in response, not knowing what to do for sure either.

   “Can I go over to Nancy's to study,” Courtney's 13 year old sister, Jordan, asked from the kitchen doorway.

   “Of course,” I replied with a strained but genuine smile as I looked at the girl. She smiled back and left.

   Where Courtney was wild and defiant, Jordan was quiet and demure. Where Courtney was lazy and uncaring, Jordan was hard working and focused. Courtney dressed and behaved like a slut, Jordan was shy and stylish but, conservative.  The only things they had in common were the facts that they were blonde, slender and beautiful and that I had a hard time ignoring my desire to fuck them.

   My wife, Tanzy, didn't help. Shortly after we met, we discovered that we shared a lot of taboo fantasies. Among them, underage girls and rape. Since then, she would suck my cock while I told fantasy stories involving many girls and women we knew, including Courtney and Jordan. In the six months since their mother had brought them to us, things had progressed.

   First, it was my wife letting them walk around in bras and panties like they had with their mom. Then, she started bringing their dirty panties, panties that always smelled like young, horny pussy, into the bedroom to smell taste and masturbate with. Then, she had grabbed Courtney's phone, found the nude selfies the little whore had taken and sent them to herself for us to enjoy.

    It was dangerous, dirty and extremely fucking hot doing those things but, it was overall harmless and we swore it would stay that way.

   The front door opened and Courtney walked in. Before it could close, we were heading toward her.
   “Where the fuck have you been,” Tanzy screamed.

   “Out,” the teen snapped and tried to push between us.

   That was it for me. The disrespect, arguments, disobedience and sexul tension boiled over.

   I grabbed her under the arms and lifted her from the floor. “I have had enough,” I roared, pushing her none to gently against the door. “You are done treating your aunt and I like shit young lady,” I growled, shaking the shocked teen.

   Suddenly, I caught a whiff of a familiar scent. I slammed her against the door. “Really Courtney? You are on parole from fucking juvy and smoking pot,” I screamed in her face.

   “I...I didn't Uncle Jake,” she stammered. “The other kids…” she continued.

   “You lying little bitch,” I snarled, cutting her off. “You have it in your fucking pocket.”

   “No I don't,” she responded smartly. She reached into the pockets of her booty shorts and turned them inside out. “See, empty.”

   “Where is it Courtney,” I asked, not fooled in the least. “In your bra? Your shorts? Where?”

   “I told you I don't,”

   “And I don't believe you. Last chance,” I warned her.

   “I. Don't. Fucking. Have anything,” she shouted.

   “Oh yeah, take off your clothes,” I ordered.

   “What? No,” she replied shocked.

   “Jake,” Tansy spoke up alarmed.

   “Take off your clothes,” I repeated, “or I will do it for you.”

   “The fuck you will,” she snarled.

   I waisted no more time talking. Instead, I grabbed her as quick as I could and picked her up.

   “No, you can't,” Courtney screamed in panic.

   “Jake,” Tanzy joined.

   “Shut up, both of you,” I snapped.

   I carried Courtney into the living room and dropped her onto the couch. She tried to squirm away but, I grabbed her and straddled her with my knees.

   “No! No! Stop,” Courtney pleaded, beginning to sob. She strarted slapping at my hands as I grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled the thin material apart like paper, exposing her pink bra.

   Courtney tried to cross her arms but, I already had her bra in hand. I pulled, momentarily baring her perky little tits.

   “Nope, no pot in there,” I said, glancing at Tanzy.
   She stood silent and unsure of what to do. Part of her wanted to stop me but another, rapidly growing part of her was enjoying what she was seeing.

   “Pleeeaaase stop,” Courtney begged through her sobs. “STOOOP,” she screamed, beginning to slap at me again and writhe between my legs.

   Her slapping left the view of her jiggling little tits and hard dark nipples unobstructed. I became aware of how hard I was as she bucked and wiggled her hips.

   I grabbed her wrists roughly, ceasing her strikes and causing her to cry out in pain. “Pin her arms,” I ordered my wife without taking my eyes off the sobbing, half exposed girl.

   Tanzy hesitated for only a moment before taking Courtney's wrists and, with my help, pinning the girl's arms beneath her.

   “Aunt Tanzy please,” Courtney sobbed. “Please stop.”

   “Okay, I got her,” Tanzy said to me, turning a deaf ear to her pleading niece. In her eyes I could see the excitement and arousal burning and knew that her pussy was wetting her panties.

   I shifted down Courtney's legs, grabbed and unbuttoned her shorts and started yanking them, and her slutty panties, off.

   I stared intently at the puffy lips of her cunt as I drug her shorts and panties downward. They came off her feet and the bag of weed I had forgotten about hit the floor.

   “No pot huh,” I taunted. “You lying, dirty little slut, I knew better.” I re straddled her and began running my hands over her body.

   “I'm sooorrrry,” Courtney managed through her tears. “I won't do it again,”

   “I know you won't you little skank,” I said, grabbing her little tit roughly. “From now on, you are going to do, or not do whatever I want. Got it,” I asked. I paused, waiting for an answer. “Got it,” I roared, slapping her face.

   “Yeeessss,” she screamed.

   “Good, that's what I want to hear from my whore,” I said softly as I began to undress. I stepped out of my jeans and noticed that Courtney's puffy, bloodshot eyes were fixed on my cock.

   I grinned, realizing that she had most likely never seen one as big. At almost nine inches long it is much longer and much bigger around than most grown men's, let alone the still growing teenage peckers she was used to.

   Finished undressing, I told Tanzy to undress and Courtney to sit up. I sat down, wrapping my arm around her and drawing her close. I plucked her hand from her lap and placed it on my huge aching cock. She gripped it as best she could and began stroking.

   “Have you ever had a cock that big,” I asked, roughly caressing her chest.

   “No,” she answered sniffling.

   I twisted toward her, bringing my lips to her ear. At the same time, I slid my hand up her chest and wrapped my powerful fingers around her throat, squeezing enough to be scary but allowing her to breath.

   “I'm going to put it in your mouth and gag you with it,” I promised in a whisper. She tensed and I squeezed her throat harder. “And I can't wait to hear you scream when I shove it up your ass.”

    She stiffened and began trembling. I relaxed my grip. “On your knees slut,” I commanded, noticing my wife stood naked and waiting.

   “Please,” Courtney began.

   “Now,” I growled, snatching a handful of her hair and dragging her to the floor by throat and scalp.

   Tanzy dropped to the floor behind her niece and positioned the girl. She grabbed Courtney's hair and, ignoring her whimpers, shoved the girl's mouth over my cock. Courtney began to gag, choke, drool and cry immediately.

   Tanzy continued forcing the teen to deepthroat. Her free hand slipped between her legs, working furiously at her sopping cunt. Her moans joined Courtney's gags in erotic symphony.

   Tanzy cried out in the pleasure of orgasm, shoving the teenage girls head down brutally and holding it as she did.

   Courtney struggled to pull back, coughing, choking and gasping for air as my cock bent down her slender throat.

   In my over aroused state, it was too much. I shoved Courtney's spit and tear covered face off my dick and grabbed Tanzy by the hair.  I drug her down, forcing her to lean into her niece in order to take her place.

   “Do not fucking swallow,” I said as my cock pulsed, shooting wads of my cum into Tanzy’s mouth. “You hold every drop bitch,” I reiterated.

   I pushed every last drop of cum from my cock before taking it from Tanzy’s mouth. I grabbed Courtney by the hair and jerked her head back. She mewled weakly through her sniffles and looked up at me with huge, terrified eyes.

   “Spit my cum all over this stupid cunt’s face,” I ordered.

   Tanzy roze up on her knees and positioned herself overtop her teenage niece. She spit, shooting a thick white wad of cum and into Courtney's tear filled eyes. She opened her mouth and let the rest drip over the girl's lips.

   I tilted her head forward, letting the gooey mess run down her pretty face.

   I told the bitches to clean up and smiled. Already, the house seemed less tense.
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« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2016, 06:40:35 AM »

Sweet :)  Nicely done.

"I was born an original sinner. I was born from original sin.  If I had a dollar bill for all the things I've done, there'd be a pile of money piled up to my chin."  Eurythmics
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« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2016, 12:22:07 PM »

The only way to teach today's kids show them the consequences of their action, but in this person's opinion she got off to light! Really good T_W_Warring, looking forwards to more from you!

it's only rape if she understand that she has to say no,orates it clearly and sign that she said no!
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