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Author Topic: WereWolf  (Read 950 times)
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« on: November 14, 2016, 07:10:40 PM »

I like to keep the women a mystery to some extent so the ladies reading this can imagine themselves in the story.

The chains went on her wrist and were staked into the ground. "No you can't leave me here." the women pleaded with the film crew. The crew had lured her into signing up for their expedition. They were trying to film the werewolf that had been stalking the small town for months. Several sightings and a few killed farm animals but no one had gotten a clear picture. The team was sure it was a local who was behind the attacks. They told her she would be bait but she would be safe. She hadn't understood what they meant not until they had taken her out into the woods where the foot prints had been found and told her to strip. They told her the contract was signed and there was no backing out. She had tried to run but two of the men had grabbed her and forced her back. They tore her clothes from her and chained her down to the ground.

The full moon loomed above her. The team positioned there camera in different spots and then jumped in their truck and fled to a safe location. She screamed at them as they drove off. First pleading and then she cursed them. She shivered in the night air. She was on her knees. Her arms chained out. She felt very vulenerable. She wondered if she would survive the night. After an hour she begin to wonder if the cold would get her before anything else. Her thoughts were wandering between fear and anger when she realized the forest had become very quiet. The soft noises she had heard before were gone. A twig cracked and wanted to jump out of her skin. Another and another. Something was coming her way. "Go Away" she screamed. Maybe the animal could be scared off.

To her horror a dark shape emerged from the woods. It was an animal....but .. As it got closer there was something un-natural about it. She scream when she saw it in the moon light. It was covered in matted fur. Its face was a wolf but its trunk was massive. It was more shaped like a body builder man then beast. "This is the werewolf she thought....oh my God it does exist." The beast approached her. Walked like a man but as it came close went on all fours. She waited for it to lunge and tear her apart. Pictures of the slaughtered farm animals danced in her head. Hopefully it would be quick.

The werewolf sniffed  her skin. A low growl in its throat. Its nose in her hair. It then sniffed all the way to her back and then her exposed ass and pussy. She looked at it and saw it was male. Its member was huge. A new fear now filled her mind. The wolf begin to lick her pussy. She tried to move away but it growled and snapped at her. She lay still hoping it wouldn't kill her then. The beast continued now she was subdued. Its large tongue entering her. It was exploring all of her. She begin to get wet. The tongue was rough but it was still starting to give her pleasure. The beast lapped at her greedily. She felt a build up and found her self cumming. Cumming very hard as it lapped her juices. It seemed to like this and she came twice. The beast stopped. She was laying flat but the beast wanted her on her knees.

It circled her and growled. It nipped her barely drawing blood but still painful till she was on all fours. She saw the monster was fully erect now. Its member huge and exposed in front of her. "No its to big!" she pleaded. She didn't know if understood but if it did it ignored her. The creature seeing that she was in position mounted her. Its claws encircled her waist. She felt the head press against her wet pussy. No...she tried to scream but was cut off as it slammed it her. Had she not been wet it probably would have ripped her open. It slid in and her body felt the full expansion. It wasted no time as it begin pumping back and forth. It was not pleasent and she gasped and screamed as it invaded her body. The creature not able to contain its self scratched and nipped her as raped her pussy.

She endured this until she felt it spasm inside of her. The werewolf spilling its seed. It was so much it tricked out between her legs and he pumped it all in. She wondered if now that he had satisfied his desire he would kill her. He slipped out. The wolf stared at her a minute. He then bent down and snapped both the chains that tied her down. After a moment he went to the camera hiding places and made quick work destroying them. He took one more look at her and howled. Then he was gone. She fled as fast as she could. She found a trail and followed it out of the forest. By sun up she was in town. She stole some clothes from a line and hitched a ride. When she finally got home she decided to forget about it.

Or so she thought she could....

The next full moon the werewolf hunted in the dark. Howling at the moon he found his howl returned by another howl. His mate. The female werewolf stepped into the night with him. She was carrying his pup. They grinned at each other. The target for the night was to kill each member of the film crew. A present for his mate.
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