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Author Topic: Your Name Is Slut Now, and I Am Your Master  (Read 3376 times)

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« on: November 09, 2016, 04:50:55 PM »

*This is a ficticious story, and does not condone kidnapping and rape*

My name used to be Brian. I was a successful member of a fortune 500 company moving up the ranks at an almost unheard of speed. One Friday, my coworker Logan invited me to a party at his friend's warehouse. He said that the party started at 8:00, and almost everyone from the office would be there. Wanting the chance to network and impress the higher ups, I accepted the invitation.

When I arrived at 8:00, something struck me as weird. Maybe it was the neighborhood, or the lack of the usual nice cars parked outside, but regardless, I told myself not be nervous and knocked on the door. Logan was there to meet me. He had a weird grin on his face, like he knew something I didn't. He welcomed me in, and I paused as I realized we were the only one's there. "Brian, you're a little early. The party starts at 8:30. Everyone should start arriving shortly, so let me pour you a drink and we can catch up while we wait for people to get here."

I graciously accepted the drink, and we started chatting about work. About 5 minutes later, I began to feel sick and dizzy. The drink Logan gave me was drugged. It was not long before I was passed out.

When I woke up, I was in a small dark room. My hands were cuffed behind my back, and my shoes and socks were gone. It was not long before the door creaked open and Logan stood there staring at me.

"You finally woke up. I can see that you are confused, so let me make things really clear for you. I own you now. I can use you however I want - I can even rent out your body. You are mine, and there isn't anything you can do about it."

At this point, I was really freaked out. My head was pounding from whatever drugs I had been given, and I didn't understand why Logan was being so ominous. "This is joke, right? Some kind of weird start to the party. I'm done playing around, Logan. Please uncuff me, I feel uncomfortable."

"SHUT UP, SLUT!" Logan slapped me across the face. "The sooner you accept the rules, the better this will be for both of us. Brian is not your name anymore; from now on, your new name is slut or pig or whatever the fuck I want to call you. I own your ass. You will always address me as sir or master, and you will ALWAYS and ONLY speak when you are spoken to. Do you understand the rules?"

I stared at Logan in disbelief. This isn't happening. *OUCH* A shock ran through my body. When I looked up I realized that it came from the end of a black stick Logan was holding.

"Do you understand the rules?!"

...."Yeah, I get the rules, but Logan, Why are you doing -" Another zap ran through my body and I began to see spots.

"When you speak to me, you are only to address me as Master! Do you understand the rules?"

"Yes, Master..." At this point I was almost scared enough to shit myself. I didn't have any family where I was, and my girlfriend broke up with me about a month ago. Nobody would realize I was missing until I didn't show up for work until Tuesday because Monday is my day off. Maybe if I could keep Logan distracted until then, I could get help out of this mess.

At this point, Logan put down the black stick and picked up a large hunting knife. I pissed my pants. Logan laughed as he approached me with the knife. There was nothing I could do to defend myself with my hands cuffed behind my back. He flashed an evil grin as he said, "This will be almost painless if you can hold still. Don't move slut."

I sat there frozen until Logan's palm quickly met my face. "SPEAK WHEN YOU ARE SPOKEN TO, SLUT!" "Yes, Master. I'm sorry, Master."

He seemed satisfied with that as he lifted the knife towards my neck. He quickly turned the blade to my shirt collar as he obliterated it into ribbons. With my shirt out of the way, he moved down to my pants. First he cut of the pant legs and threw them aside, then he gingerly cut the part around my crotch, and once that was also in pieces on the floor, he stood staring at me in my boxers. It must have been quite a site - I was huddled in the corner, still sitting in the spot where I had pissed myself with my hands cuffed behind my back.

"Do you want to live, slut?"

"Yes, Master."

"What will you do to live?"

"Anything. Please don't hurt me Master. I'll be good."

"Alright, pig, how about we start with that ass of yours. I'm going to put my dick in, and you will pleasure me until I cum."

"NO, NO. Please, Logan, not that. Anything but that!" At this point I was sobbing. Tears and snot were running down my face by the gallon. *SLAP*


Through tears I said," Please Master, don't rape me. I'm not gay, I don't want your prick up my ass."

Through a grin, he said "Fine slut, we won't start with your ass since you asked so nicely. Crawl over here and clean my boots with your tongue." "Yes, Master." The thought of licking the dirt off his boots disgusted me, but I figured if I could keep busy long enough, maybe someone would know I was missing before he did unthinkable things to me. I scooted across the ground using the side of my face to balance with my hands tied behind my back. I started licking his boots clean. Spit dripped from my mouth as I ran my tongue in circles until each of his black boots were shining with the moisture. "Good slut." He slipped off his boots and took off his pants, revealing a monster dick, as round as my ankle, and at least 7 inches long. I began to shake as I waited for instructions. "Start licking my feet like you cleaned my boots. I expect you to be especially thorough between the toes."

"Yes, Master," I said as I began to lick his feet. It smelled and tasted terrible at first, but I got used to it as I kept going. "Now keep going up my legs." I kept licking, being sure to use enough of my saliva to keep the moisture up. When I got to the inside of his thigh, he said, "When your done with my legs, I want you to do the same thing to my balls. Make sure you use your tongue and your slut mouth to suck them the way I want." "Yes, Master." I did as he asked, being sure to be gentle, but thorough enough that I wouldn't make him angry - I knew I couldn't do that again with the knife ominously in the corner. "You can stop now slut." "Yes, Master." *SLAP* "SHOW SOME GRATITUDE WHEN I RELIEVE YOU OF YOUR DUTIES!"

"Yes, Master. Thank you Master." He got a grin on his face. "Slut, I understand you don't want me to stick my cock up your little cunt. I'll make you a deal: I will allow you to suck my dick, and if you can get me to cum, I won't put it in your ass and you can go free. But if you can't please me, then you're mine until I decide to dispose of you. Are we clear?"

I started to cry again as I realized what was happening. I decided that I didn't have much of a choice if I wanted to get out of this without being ass raped. I would have to suck another man's dick. "Yes, Master. Thank you for making a deal. I will certainly please you." "Good slut. Not open your mouth, and if you use teeth, I will pull them all out and we can try this again."

I opened my mouth, and without hesitation, my master shoved his cock all the way to the back of my throat so that I started gagging and couldn't catch my breath. I was terrified that I would suffocate before I could get him to come, but after the rough start, he slowed down and let me get into a rhythm. I needed this to work so that I could go free, so I did everything that I could to give him the blow job of his life. I could feel the outline of his head as he pumped his giant cock in and out of my mouth. I used my tongue to circle the tip and tease him whenever he rested on my lips. After some time of this he started to get rough again. "Slut, relax your throat, and this will be nicer for both of us." I tried to relax, but it was a struggle with his massive piece slamming the back of my mouth. *SLAP* "Speak when you are spoken to!" I managed to gurgle out a "Yes, Sir" between gags. My throat was beginning to go numb from the pain of being mouth raped. "Slut, look at me when I'm mouth fucking you." "Yes, Master"

I could feel his rhythm beginning to shift. He was getting close to finishing. If I could only last a couple more minutes I would be a free man. Just as he seemed ready to explode, he pulled out... I looked at him in disbelief. "Wipe that stupid look off your face, pig. Your food hole just isn't doing it for me. Looks like you're mine now." He let out a low laugh. "You should get used to this. From now on, for the rest of your life, every moment of your day will be spent thinking about how you can please me. How I can use you to make money. Your only purpose in life is to be my bitch, my cunt. My dick is your only friend now. Do you understand?" At this point I was in so much despair that I couldn't even muster a full sob. With tears silently streaking down my face, I gave a humble "Yes Sir." I was his now - at least until Tuesday. My only goal now is to do whatever he asks so that I can make it through this in one piece. He grabbed the knife and made quick work out of shredding my boxers. "You won't be needing clothes anymore. They will only slow your ability to serve me."

He bent down and patted me on the head. He fastened leather pieces to my wrists, ankles, around my neck, and removed the handcuffs. A rope was connected between the ankle pieces, and another between the wrist pieces. Each of the leather pieces were closed with pad locks. The two ropes were connected by a third, so that I could crouch or crawl, but not stand up straight. A final chain was connected to the leather collar like a leash. My master took the leash and led me out into the hallway. I crawled after him, trying to keep up, and we soon entered one of the doors on the left.

This room had a little more lighting than the one I woke up. Through the dimness, I could make out some kind of chair, and a metal table. The table legs had rings attached. The leash was locked on to one of the rings, and I was told to stay. I gave a quiet Yes Master, and with that, he went to "get some supplies." While he was gone, my eyes had adjusted to the room, and I could make more details about the chair; it was wooden with more rings, and a hole about two feet in diameter had been cut out of the seat. Within two minutes he came back with a black duffel bag.

He unchained me from the table and led me over to the chair. As I was lifted onto the seat, I began to dread what the hole meant. Once I was locked in, he went into the duffel bag and brought back some tubing and bag. "This is now a part of your routine, pig. Before I honor you with the opportunity to take my seed, you will be cleansed. With that he slid part of the tube up my rectum and gave me an enema. The first time, it was one of the most terrible things I have ever felt, but now I am used to it. When my first cleansing was finished, I gave a "Thank you Master" in hopes that I would stay in his good graces. He quickly released me from the chair, threw me over his shoulder, and threw me onto the table. After untying the ropes connecting my hands and feet, he secured my limbs to the rings on the four table legs. I began to panic as I realized what was coming next, but there wasn't anything I could do to stop it.

Master explained the rules to me as he stroked the bulge that was growing in his tight pants. "This is a special moment for you because it is the first time your ass will be used for my pleasure. You are to do exactly as I say, and anytime it is possible, you are to look at me while I fuck you. Now be a good cunt and use that mouth of yours to get me ready again." "Yes, Master." With minimal help from my tongue, his dick was once again hard and ready to tear into my virgin hole. I was about to be fucked by another man, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it.
"I'll be nice to you since it's your first time, but after today, your comfort will not be a concern of mine or yours." "Yes, Master. Thank you." With that he slowly moved toward the other end of the table, where my asshole was completely unprotected with my legs spread out to the side. This is it. With his left hand, the master rubbed some lube onto his growing piece, and with his right hand he slowly stroked my balls. "Do you like that, slave?" I hesitated, unsure of the answer he was looking for. "Yes, Master, thank you for your attention." He laughed. "Enjoy it today because as my fuck toy, you won't be needing them. Soon I will have you fixed, just like any other pet. Your life is for my pleasure, not for yours." I managed to get out a "Yes sir" as I choked back tears - I only have to make it to Tuesday... I felt the tip of my master's dick on my virgin cunt.

I let out a scream as he slowly worked the head of his piece in. "Good, slave! Make lots of noises. No one can hear you, and it gets me so turned on." He continued to ease himself in slowly. Once he was about an inch past the head he said, "See pig, it's not so bad, is it?" "N_No Master, it's not bad." "Good slut because now that you've had a dick in your ass, I'm not going to be nice anymore." And with that he rammed the rest of his cock up my ass. It burned like nothing I have ever felt before. The noises I made were animal-like as he continued to pump his dick in and out of me like some bitch he was fucking. I was careful not to look away for fear that he would find something worse to do to me. After a couple minutes of that, he pulled out completely. I was relieved because I thought that he was finally done, so I said "Thank you Master for relieving me of my duties," just like he had told me to, but much to my dismay he said, "Relieving you? We aren't even close to being finished..." And with that he rammed his entire length up my ass. Over and over again he would pull out and force himself in using one big stroke. Soon he stayed inside me and his rhythm picked up, and I could tell he was finally close to finishing. "Beg me to cum inside you, pig. Tell me you want me to get you pregnant." "Please, Master, give me your cum. I want to have your babies." He grabbed my hips and with one final thrust, I felt a warm sensation deep inside my bowels. He came inside me.

Master walked toward my face. "Clean my dick, slut." "Yes Master." I was careful to lick all of the cum off of his cock.When I was done, I thanked him, and he unchained me from the table. He put me back in the crouched position with the leash and led me to the room I woke up in. "Stay here and think about all the ways I'm going to use you." "Yes, Master."

 He came back a few minutes later with a piece of paper and a pen. "Sign this." "Yes, Master." As a looked at the words, I could see that it was my resignation letter for the company, explaining that I was moving west to be with my high school sweetheart. This was the last piece - if I resigned, then nobody would ever come looking for me. Master grabbed my balls in his hand and pressed the knife up against them. "Sign the letter or I will castrate you right here." As tears filled my eyes, I said "Yes, Master." And with that I signed away my freedom and became Slut, a sex toy for my Master. He shoved a plug up my ass. "This is to teach you that your ass is mine, and I am the only one who can open and close it at will. Tomorrow will be the procedure to remove your balls. If you are a good cunt, I will feed you and give you water. If you misbehave, I will punish you. Stay in your room and think about the rest of your life." "Yes, Master." He left me in the room, and I cried myself to sleep.

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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2016, 01:48:59 AM »

I think it's been a few weeks since Master turned in my resignation. I am starting to get used to the routine he has me under. In the morning I give him a blow job before he goes to work at the company that used to be my place of employment. When he comes back, he fucks me - always in the face, and usually in the ass; the only time he hasn't ass fucked me was when I was healing from the surgery to remove my balls. Our evening sessions last anywhere from 2 to 5 hours depending on what kind of mood Master is in. I've learned how to be a good slut, so he rarely has to punish me anymore.

Master never gave me new clothes because my only job is to please him, and I don't need clothes for that. Every three or four days, Master gives me the cleansing, but it doesn't bother me because I have grown used to the feeling. My butt plug is only allowed to come out when Master removes it. When I am a good slave, Master gives me food and water - he feeds me well so that I am a better fuck toy.

This morning I gave Master his usual blow job, and I am waiting for him to come in with lunch. When he stands in the door, I am confused because I don't see any food in his hands. He has a smile across his face, and I can see a wad of cash sticking out of his front pocket. "Don't worry Slut, you'll get your food. We're going out for lunch today."

"Yes, Master." We have never gone out before, so I don't know what that could possibly mean. I am still only allowed to crouch or crawl, but Master has removed the ropes connecting my ankles and wrists. Now, I have leather around my wrists, ankles, and neck, and the chain leash. He picks the leash up now and leads me down the hallway.

He opens a door, and locks my leash onto a metal loop in the middle of a cement floor. There are ten chairs in a circle around me. I can barely reach them with the length of my leash. Lastly, I notice a sign hanging on the otherwise empty cement walls. It reads:

I shuddered as I thought about what rule number four might mean. "Now Slut, this is going to be my first time renting you for money, so it's important that you learn the rules well and don't embarrass me. While you are fucking the clients, you are not to talk; you can however, cry out if they give you permission. Other than you silence, you will treat these men just as you treat me - they are temporarily your masters. Finally, on days that I rent you out, I will not feed you the closest meal - instead you will eat and drink what they will give you."

"Yes Master." I was really scared, but I knew I would have to be punished if I disobeyed. I don't fight anymore, so I will listen to my Master. As he finished, he opened the door and ten men entered the room to fill the seats. They were all smiling and laughing, clearly excited for what they had paid for. Master walked into the circle and stood next to me while he addressed the men.

"Hello fellows. This is Slut, and he will pleasuring you today. You have all paid for the oral experience. Slut is hungry and thirsty, so he would love to swallow all of your load and drink any piss you're willing to give him." Master tapped my butt plug as he said, "You are welcome to use his ass too, but you will need to pay extra before you do." The men laughed at this. "Enjoy him. He will listen to your every command without question, and if he misbehaves, I will be right outside the door."

Turning to me he said "Open your mouth, Slut." I gave my yes master, and opened wide, thinking he wanted a quick blow job before he left. Instead he quickly inserted a metal ring in my mouth, forcing it to stay open extremely wide, and fastened it behind my head. I could hear the familiar click of a padlock, ensuring I could not take it off. "This is to ensure that you give these men exactly what they want. As each one calls you, you are to give them the exact same treatment you gave me the first time I allowed you to taste my cock - start with their boots and work your way up."

I gave a muffled "Yes Master," through the ring, and he left, satisfied that I would do as he asked. Once again I found myself with absolutely no choice. I was chained to the floor with a ring holding my mouth open wide. Once Master left, the men spent some time commenting on the roundness of my ass, and my obvious lack of testicles. They seemed pleased with their purchase. I waited in anticipation until the first man called me forward. "Come here slut!" he said, patting his knees.

I obediently crawled toward the man. He was chubby with a thick, black beard, and brown, menacing eyes. He looked at me like he wanted to devour me. When I reached him, I put my head down at his feet, and started cleaning. I had to alternate between spitting on his boots and sticking my tongue through the ring so that I could barely reach. Once his boots were shined, he took them off along with his socks, and I began to give his feet the same attention. Soon, the rest of his clothes followed, and I continued to lick slowly up his legs, being careful to periodically moisten my tongue. When I got to his balls, I turned my head so that his sack was resting on the ring. I used my tongue to trace around the ring and lick all over his balls. When he was pleased with that he told me to sit.

His cock was not all that impressive - about 5 inches and not too thick, but I knew that would be enough to make me gag. He bound my wrists behind my back with the wrist restraints and a small rope he must have brought with him, then he helped me to my knees. He put both hand on my head and slowly lowered my open mouth onto his cock. First, he went slow, telling me to use my tongue on his head. Soon his thrusts became quicker and more powerful. He was shoving his dick as far down my throat as he could possibly get it - I was completely under his control as he continuously pounded me, raping my throat. Finally, he paused and shot his load into my mouth; I obediently swallowed every drop of cum. Once he was done, the next man called me.

The other nine went almost exactly like the first. A couple of the guys had me lay across their laps while they slapped my ass until it turned bright red. Once all of them had cum in my mouth, the pissing began. One of them would hold me steady and plug my nose, while the other would piss into the ring. This way I had to swallow mouthfulls of urine in order to breath. Six of the men urinated into my mouth. The taste was salty and it burned, but I was thankful for the liquid after drying out my tongue on their legs and balls. When they were done, one of them opened the door and Master came back into the room, smiling as he saw how tired I was and how pleased they were. "Good job Slut. I guess you can earn your keep after all." "Thank you Master," I said through the ring.

Master walked them out, and then came back and took the ring out of my mouth, but instead of loosening my leash, he adjusted it so that my head was held firmly against the ground, forcing my ass into the air. As I looked up out of the corner of my eye, I could see a huge bulge in Master's pants. He took the butt plug out of my ass, and quickly inserted his huge erection. Instead of thrusting, he just stood their, filling my cunt. "Slut, beg me to let you be my urinal."

"Please piss in my ass Master. I'm so thirsty for your water. Please shower me." I soon felt a warm liquid filling my bowels, not unlike the enemas. With my ass still in the air, Master put my butt plug back in, sealing his urine in my hole. He walked me back to my room, and put me away for the night. "Get used to this Slut because from now on, you'll be eating out a lot more often."

"Yes, Master," I said, and then I sat in my room, waiting to see if he would come back for his evening fuck.
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