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Author Topic: Reverse Project  (Read 1625 times)

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« on: November 01, 2016, 10:55:59 AM »

Note:Images for feeling purposes only
Neha and Monica were best friends aged 16. Neha had the biggest tits in school whileMonica had the biggest butt in school. Sam a pervert who tried to look at girls naked or even underskirt. He jerked off everyday imagining he could have sex one day.
Neha and Monica were teamed up with Sam for a reverse engineering project.They planned to do it in Monica's house as no one was there and there would be no disturbance. Sam knew he could try and sneak and get a few pics of them underskirt and could flick some of their inners. He made an excuse and went to Mons washroom and fixed a camera.
Sam took pics as they sat down. As they nearly finished the project they took a break. Sam sneaked and got some of Monica's panties. He then quickly went to Monica's washroom and he took the camera back. The girls had used the washroom a lot of times during the project. Monica and Neha went out to a buy a few tools for the project.
Sam realised this is the best time. He checked Monica's comp and found her naked pics and a masturbation video. He couldn't believe he was so lucky to see Mon naked. He quickly transferred it to his comp. He was too excited and couldn't control himself. He unzipped and started to jerk off. He also couldn't believe his luck that he caught a pic of Neha's lower body. He started to moving his hands really fast . He heard the door open and he was now cumming he threw his computer aside and zipped up fast. Neha saw a white drop on his shirt and asked what was it.
Sam replied oh nothing must be my some paint , ill go wash that off. Monica opened his comp to type. She saw all the pics and vids Sam had transferred and was watching. She deleted them all. As soon as Sam came out Neha held his hands and Mon kicked him in the balls.
Sam-"why the fuck did u kick me? "
Neha-"if u don't want us to complaint listen to us"
Sam-"oh fuck did u open my comp?"
Monica-"that doesn't matter reply to that question"
Sam-"sorry guys ill do anything please don't tell anyone"
Mon-"U better show us urself u saw us"
Sam-"please don't"
Neha-"strip u bitch"
Sam slowly stripped and removed his underwear shyly and covered his hard dick and balls filled with cum.
Neha and Monica pulled his hands off. You are quite hard after seeing us naked aren't you?
They put him on the bed and tied him up and kicked him .
Neha told mon to stretch or pull his dick while she took a pic.
Neha took a lot of pics. Mon saw his little pubic hair and pulled it. Mon then cupped his balls and squeezed them hard. Neha put her finger in his asshole and made him  scream in pain as she continued to finger and increased the fingers. They then raised their skirts and pulled their panties down. They made  Sam lick their pussies as they enjoyed. They then took his cum filled underwear and stuffed it into his mouth. They then decided to take the treatment to the next level they made Sam eat their poop and made him take bath in their golden pee. Neha opened Sam's bag only to find more panties. They now took electric bats and shocked him .
It wasn't over yet. They took a trimmer and shaved all his hair off. If u thought that was enough it wasn't. They took him  outside naked and electrocuted him home and made him even lick their feet on the way.
The next day his pics were with everyone and people teased him. They even stripped him whenevr they wanted in school to show his small dick to all the students as they all laughed and felt his dick oneby one and squeezed it. It was a long embarrassing year ahead for him.
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« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2016, 12:11:58 PM »

Every guys worst nightmare

"I thought I'd given up rape, but I've changed my mind."  Clint Eastwood.  The eiger sanction.
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