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Author Topic: A New Foster Home  (Read 1195 times)

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« on: October 31, 2016, 05:22:28 PM »

A 14 yr old girl is taken to a new foster home, but it's the type of foster home that no one ever comes back from the same.

This was not written by me.  I found it on a members website.  Hope you enjoy.

by Vulgus vulgus@hotmail.com

A New Foster Home
I was sitting sullenly in the back seat of the car, trying to act like I didn't care. That was my way of coping I guess. I just let the world know that I didn't care. But I was worried. I was being driven to the third foster home in less than three months and each one seemed to be worse than the one before.

My parents had been arrested for a long list of what seemed like minor crimes to me. They had just been trying to get by, doing what they could to bring in money. They grew and sold a little pot, and that was what got them in trouble. But after they were arrested there were all kinds of other crappy charges piled on and now it looked like they would be guests of the government for a long time to come.

My parents had been what you might call free spirits, more than criminals. They had been good parents. I suppose the lawyers involved had a different opinion about that, but I had been happy and loved and cared for and I was extremely resentful of the authorities for breaking up my happy, if somewhat unorthodox home.

The first foster home that they had taken me to had actually been pretty nice. The couple that had taken me in already had two other girls staying with them. But they had a big house and they had treated me well. Well, they had tried to. I had made it pretty difficult for them.

They were, after all, a part of the system that had broken up my home and taken me away from my parents. It isn't that I blamed them. I just blamed everyone and I refused to cooperate. After a couple of weeks they had given up. I was "unmanageable" and a bad influence on the other two foster kids in the home. So the social workers came and took me away.

I was put into some kind of halfway house for a couple of weeks. It was sort of like what they used to call a reform school. My father had spent a lot of time in a reform school when he was young and he told me all about it. Basically it is a jail for kids.

I had received counseling and then I was taken to another foster home. This one wasn't quite as nice. The people whose home it was in were strict and mean. They yelled all the time. And I had to share a room with a five year old boy. Being a fourteen year old girl, about to turn fifteen, I had a big problem with that. The little pervert was always trying to catch me dressing or undressing. But the worst part was that he had been taken from a home where he was molested and he was always doing what they called "acting out". I'm not sure what that meant. I just know that the little bastard was always trying to touch me somewhere he shouldn't when nobody was looking. I woke up one morning and he had pulled the covers down off of me while I was asleep and he was holding my t-shirt up so that he could look at my panties.

I beat the crap out of him and they took me out of that home and put me back in the halfway house for a couple of weeks and some more counseling.

I guess they were losing patience with me now, though. I had been shoved into the back of this car and the big black social worker ragged on me for a half hour as he drove me to what he promised me was the last chance that I was going to get. I tried to act like I wasn't afraid of him, but I was. And I tried to act like I didn't care what they did to me, but I was scared.

As I looked out of the window at the houses passing by I noticed that we were in a pretty seedy area of town. And when he pulled up in front of a large, but very run down house I got really nervous. I had not seen another white face in quite a while.

Don't get me wrong. It isn't that I am prejudiced. Well, not like I am into that white power shit or anything. I don't think less of someone because they aren't white. But I have a pretty low opinion of those clowns that drive around with the rap music blaring out of the five hundred dollar speakers in their two hundred dollar cars. But of course, they are just as apt to be white as black or brown anymore. I also think that a person's pants should come all the way up over their ass. Maybe I am not the free spirit that my parents are, but I don't care what kind of underwear a guy is wearing, I don't want to see it.

So when the social worker got out of the car, grabbed my small bag of belongings out of the trunk and roughly pulled me from the back seat in front of that run down house in that run down neighborhood and every person that I could see was black, I was scared. I saw them look at me curiously, the cute little blonde chick that obviously did not belong here.

But then I put my game face on as I was pulled roughly up the walk to the front door. I heard a man yelling inside, but it was a long time before anyone answered the doorbell. When the door finally did open and I saw the large black man standing there and the two black teenagers standing in the hall behind him staring at me like I was food, I wanted to beg to be taken back to the first foster home. I wanted to promise to behave and get along and do what I was told if only he would take me back there.

I didn't get a chance though. The social worker said, "Hey KC, look what I brought you."

The man who had opened the door smiled down at me, and it made me feel like prey. He looked me over and he was definitely not looking at me like a grown man should be looking at a fourteen year old kid. My breasts had really started to pop out lately and I was very self conscious about it. He was staring straight at them and when I looked at his face I suddenly knew what lascivious meant.

The social worker started to push me through the door and I panicked. I started to pull away and I said, "No, please, I don't want to stay here. Take me back to the center."

It was like I had not even spoken. He pushed me forward and the man inside, KC, reached out and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me inside roughly. Once I had crossed the threshold he said to the social worker, "I'm pretty sure I can teach this little bitch some manners. I'll let you know when she is ready."

They exchanged a few more words but I was on the verge of panic and didn't really hear what they said. The two teenage boys were grinning down at me. I am not talking about friendly smiles. Both boys were around fifteen or sixteen years old, but very tall. I looked at their leering smiles and I knew that I had been thrown to the lions. I was in trouble and I knew it.

I heard the door close behind me and I turned around to see KC putting a padlock on the door! He turned around and faced me and said, "Okay bitch, I hear you have been thrown out of two foster homes already. You are a discipline problem. We are going to straighten you out. I'm warning you right now, I ain't putting up with any of your shit. You do what I tell you, when I tell you, or you regret it right away. Do you understand me bitch?"

I was shocked. I had never been spoken to like that before. I didn't even know how to respond, but it became pretty obvious when he grabbed a handful of my hair and tipped my head up and with his face only inches from mine he said, "I asked you a fucking question bitch! I know you ain't deaf! Answer me, god damn it!"

I grabbed his hands to relief the pressure on my hair and I squealed out, "Okay!"

He ignored my futile attempts to free myself from his grip and he said, "No! Not okay, you stupid bitch! You say, 'Yes sir', or 'No sir' to me or to either of my boys. And if you say, 'No sir,' you had best be answering a question and not refusing to do something. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes sir!" I screamed in reply. I knew I was in trouble now. I was so scared I was shaking.

He finally turned my hair loose and pointed to my bag and said, "Get your things and follow me."

I picked up my little suitcase and followed him up the stairs. His two sons were following closely behind. At the top of the stairs he turned and waited for me to catch up, and then I followed him down the hall to one of the bedrooms. He pushed me inside and said, "This is your room. This is where you will be when you are not doing your chores or doing something for me or one of my boys. Empty your suitcase on the bed and let's see if you have anything appropriate to wear."

I had been so scared that I didn't notice at first that there was no door on my room. I glanced at the doorway and looked back at KC and he just smiled and said, "For security reasons we don't have interior doors."

I saw the two boys standing just inside my room enjoying my discomfort. No, discomfort is too mild a word, my terror. I glanced around my room. There was a small bed, a chest of drawers and a closet. There was a window, but I was more than a little concerned when I saw that it had bars over it. I was really a prisoner here! The door was padlocked, my window had bars. And I was locked in a house with a large black man and his two large teenage boys and no interior doors.

I was shaken from my reverie by his thunderous voice. "I gave you a fucking order, bitch! Empty your suitcase, now!"

I jumped in fear and moved over to the bed and opened my suitcase and dumped it out on the bed. The three of them gathered around and the boys watched as KC went through my clothing. There wasn't much. I had not had a lot when I lived at home. I had less now.

He reached down and picked up two of my bras. I was wearing the third. He looked at them and shook his head and tossed them to the foot of the bed and said, "You won't be needing those things."

I started to argue with him, but one bone chilling look was all that it took to shut me up. He went through my small handful of plain white cotton panties and held them up to show his boys. Then he tossed them onto a pile with my bras. He pulled a couple of t-shirts out of the small pile of clothing and handed them to me and said, "As long as you behave yourself you can wear these. The rest of this stuff is going to be put away until you need it. Now take those jeans off and anything else you are wearing, except the t-shirt you have on."

I gasped and looked at him in disbelief. Then I started to make a break for the door. He was ready for me though and I didn't get two steps before he grabbed my hair and pulled me up short.

"You have just lost your t-shirt privileges," he bellowed at me. "Take everything off and put it in your suitcase, now you stupid bitch!"

I just couldn't do it. I started crying and I begged him to let me go. I had to get out of here. It was all some huge mistake.

He watched me beg and sob hysterically for a minute, and it made it so much worse that he seemed to be enjoying my suffering.

He finally released my hair and stepped back and stood between me and the door. He waited another moment or two and then he said, "Either you take those clothes off right now, or I let my two boys do it for you. They might not be all that gentle about it."

I glanced at them and I saw that they were really hoping that I would balk. They would obviously love to tear my clothes off. I knew that I had no choice. I slipped out of my sneakers and reached for the bottom of my t-shirt. But I hesitated and looked as pitifully as I could at KC and pleaded with him not to make me do this in front of him and the boys. But it was just like I had not spoken. The three of them stood around and stared, waiting for me to undress in front of them.

I had never undressed in front of anyone before. And now that my body had begun to change into that of a young woman I was terribly self-conscious. I saw the way guys looked at my breasts as they got larger and larger and I was torn between wishing they would go back down and wishing that they would finish growing out. Something about being at that in-between stage seemed to make it more embarrassing. But the only person that had every seen my breasts since they had begun to come in was the female doctor at the center that had given me a brief physical when I was first brought there to make sure that I was healthy and that I had not been abused.

I will admit that there were times, when I was lying in bed at night in the dark, when the idea of being seen naked by a boy, or better yet, touched by a boy, had really made my pulse race. But I had not had time for those kinds of thoughts since my parents had been arrested. And besides, they were just mind games. I certainly was not ready to for that kind of thing to happen in real life. I was still almost a month away from turning fifteen!

I had dawdled as long as I could. I crossed my arms in front of me and pulled my t-shirt up over my head and off. I swear that I could feel their eyes on my plain white bra. I had just gone from a training bra to an honest to goodness A cup bra and I was both self-conscious about how small my breasts were, and yet at the same time proud of them. But I was extremely self-conscious about having people look at them. I tossed my shirt onto the bed and stared down at the floor as I unbuttoned by jeans and opened them.

I started to turn around, but then I thought about bending over in front of these guys and showing them my butt and I slowly pushed my jeans down over my hips and stepped out of them. I tossed them on the bed and now I had reached the moment of truth.

I knew that whatever I did now would either display my budding breasts or the tight little slit of my pussy that had just started to grow a few small blonde hairs. I couldn't decide which would be the more humiliating display.

I suppose it is some innate female instinct to protect her vagina at all costs that made me reach behind my back and unfasten my bra. I could hear the boys breathing more heavily now as I let the bra straps slide down my arms and after taking a deep breath I let the bra slide free of my breasts and I tossed it onto the bed.

I was still staring at the floor. I couldn't stand the thought of seeing the look that I knew those three had on their faces as they watched me undress. I had stopped crying after KC had released my hair a few minutes ago. But now my vision was blurred as the tears flowed quietly down my cheeks. I had never felt so totally helpless in my life.

I didn't have to see them though, to be able to sense them staring at my nearly naked body. And to know that they were enjoying my little strip show and my humiliation.

I finally pulled myself together enough to hook my thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and slid them down my legs and stepped out of them, carefully keeping my legs pressed tightly together.

The three of them stared at me for a minute and then KC said, "Put everything in your suitcase bitch. When you have learned to behave yourself I will give you back your t-shirts."

I turned my back to them and I could feel their eyes on my ass as I bent over and stuffed my clothes into my suitcase as rapidly as I could. KC stopped me before I closed it up and reached in and took out my bras and panties. Then he let me close it and he took from me.

He set it down beside him on the floor and said, "I will keep this in my closet for now. I'll decide when you can have anything out of it."

He handed the suitcase to the older of the two boys and said, "Jamal, take this to room and put it in my closet."

While Jamal was leaving with my clothes KC said, "Okay bitch, come with me. I need to show you a few things."

KC turned and left the room and went back downstairs. I followed, with the two boys following closely behind. We went into the living room and KC stopped beside an old desk in the corner of the room. I glanced around and now I noticed that all of the windows had bars on them. I might as well be in a prison!

KC picked up a fat manila folder from the desk and said, "This is your file. As far as the people at Social Services are concerned you don't exist anymore. Your name has been deleted from the system. If someone tries to find you they will get a 'no record' response from the computer. You have fallen through the crack. You no longer exist."

He put my file down and picked up a couple of pictures and held them, looking at them fondly. Then he looked up at me and his face became stern again. "Put your god damned arms down bitch!" he exclaimed. "If I wanted your tits and your pussy to be covered I would have let you keep your clothes. Jesus you're stupid!"

I dropped my arms to my side and his eyes scanned my developing body before he finally said, "You are not the first little blonde slut I have taken in. I want to show you some pictures of the girl that was here before you. She never did learn to act right. She fought me and my boys for the entire time she was here. She just couldn't get it through her thick head that she wasn't in charge of her body anymore. I want you to see how that worked out for her."

He handed me one of the pictures he was holding and I saw a young girl that looked a lot like me, and about my age too. She was standing in front of a small cubicle that contained a mattress on the dirt floor and a washstand.

I stared at the picture for a minute and then KC said, "I got tired of her shit and I sold her to a guy I know in Mexico. Now she is working at a whorehouse on the outskirts of Tijuana fucking migrant farm workers and the occasional tourist for a couple a bucks a pop."

He handed me another photo and said, "This is her other job."

I looked down and I almost threw up. That same girl was on a stage surrounded by a huge audience. She was tied down to a large, heavy looking bench and a donkey was being led up over her body.

He handed me another picture and in this one I could see the donkey's large cock inside of the girl who was crying hysterically, and the amused faces of the men in the audience.

When I had stared in horror at the picture for long enough KC took them back and said, "She also does shows with dogs. She fucks anything and everything and that is how she is going to spend the rest of her miserable life."

He let that sink in for a minute. Then he asked, "Do you want to end up like that?"

I shook my head violently and said, "No sir!"

KC asked, "Do you know what you have to do to avoid it?"

I looked at him. I couldn't see him very well because of the tears in my eyes, but I saw him well enough to see how much he was enjoying my shock and my terror.

I responded, "What sir?"

"Everything that me or my boys tell you to do. And I don't want to put up with any of your shit. You don't have to like it. In fact, we'll like it more if you don't like it. But god damn it, when one of us tells you to do something you had best do it. That doesn't mean that you think about it, or you beg us not to, you just fucking do it. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," I answered. I wasn't so na�ve that I didn't know what he meant either. I was basically a sex slave. I had known what was on their minds from the moment that I was pushed through the front door and saw the leers on their faces. Now I knew that I was going to give them everything that they wanted. No matter how horrible it was, nothing that happened here could be worse than being strapped down on a stage in Tijuana. I shuddered at the very thought of it.

KC continued, "I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that you are about to get fucked. Well, you are. You are going to be getting fucked a lot while you are here. But it ain't just about the sex. You are also going to be doing all of the housework and all of the cooking. I'm sure that you are thinking that it don't seem hardly fair. But any time you want to get out of it, you just let me know. I got a thousand dollars for that girl in the pictures, and she was a year older than you. I could probably get five hundred more for you and my old buddy from Social Services could have another little cunt like you over here in two days."

I got scared all over again. I knew how to clean house and do laundry. But the only thing I ever cooked was hot dogs or stuff that came in cans.

I looked up at KC and whispered, "I don't know how to cook sir."

"You're going to learn. But until you learn you had best do what you can to stay on my good side."

"Yes sir," I said. And I meant it. I couldn't get that image of that poor girl out of my mind.

KC finally moved away from the desk and I followed him around the house while he showed me where the cleaning supplies were and where the laundry room was and then we went back into the living room and he stood in front of the sofa and started getting undressed.

As he took his clothes off he said, "I read your report. It says that you are still a virgin. To be honest I don't much give a shit about that. I know most guys get all hot and bothered at the idea of popping some young girls fucking cherry. If you ask me it's a pain in the ass. But I figure we might as well get it out of the way. Then you ain't got anything to worry about anymore."

He finished undressing and asked, "When was your last period?"

I had a hard time answering. My mind just didn't want to work. I finally forced myself to concentrate and I said, "I just finished three days ago."

He nodded and said, "Guess we better get you on the pill. Don't want you getting knocked up and ruining that hot little body of yours."

I tried not to look as he took off his pants. But I couldn't help it. I had never seen a naked man before and I was almost as curious as I was scared.

I looked in horror at his hard cock. KC's skin was dark brown, but his cock was pure black. It was hard to say exactly, I was not that good at estimating things. But if I had to guess I would say that his cock was between six and seven inches long. But to me it looked like it was two feet long. The tip of it was covered in some kind of moisture and it was throbbing violently as he stood there grinning at me.

He watched me watch his cock for a minute and then he asked, "Is that the first dick you ever saw?"

I nodded and then I remembered the rules and said, "Yes sir."

He sat down on the sofa and said, "You never seen a dick, but you know what cocksucking is, right?"

It was pretty self-explanatory word. "I have heard of it sir. I don't know how to do it. I know what it means."

"Come over here, let me get a better look at you," he ordered.

My legs almost gave in as I walked slowly to my fate. I stood in front of him and he leaned forward and examined my naked body close up. He moved his hands over my breasts and squeezed my puffy little nipples until they got hard. Then he moved his hand down and forced it between my thighs.

When I didn't automatically spread my thighs he pinched me and I jumped, but then I spread my legs and he ran his finger over my slit and attempted to force it inside of me. It was very painful and he got a look of disgust on his face and said, "Shit, dry as a fucking bone."

He shook his head as if I were making my pussy dry on purpose, then he turned me around and moved his hands down over my ass. After a minutes he said, "Kind of small, but not bad for a white girl." Then he said, "Bend over and put your hands flat on the floor, bitch."

I obeyed instantly, visions of donkeys still fresh in my brain.

He stared at me for a few minutes. He sat back and just looked at my ass and my pussy from the back for a long time before he sat up again and moved his hands over me roughly. I was aware of his two boys moving into position so that they could enjoy the view as well. I had never felt so degraded and so totally helpless in my life.

One of the boys asked if they could touch me for a minute. I didn't hear his response, but it must have been affirmative, because in seconds I had more hands moving over my virginal young body, squeezing and pinching and touching and exploring freely.

KC took his larger hands away and watched his sons explore my ass and my pussy for a couple of minutes. Then he said, "Okay, that's enough for now. She's going to be here for a long time. You can have her when I'm done with her.

I hadn't thought about it, but in the back of my mind I suppose that I knew that it was going to be all three of them. But still, hearing it out loud made it just that much worse. I groaned in despair as the boys took their hands away and KC said, "Alright, let's see just how bad a cocksucker you are. On your knees and turn around, cunt."

I dropped to my knees and turned to face KC. I moved closer, moving between his widespread legs, and I stared down at his still hard and throbbing cock. Whatever the moisture was that was oozing out of the little hole in the end of his cock, there was a lot more of it now. It was nearly covering the underside of his cock and was oozing down onto his large, hairy, extremely ugly balls now.

I stared in horror and wondered how I could ever bring myself to do what he wanted me to do. All three of them were watching my face closely. I looked up at KC in despair, hoping, I suppose, for a last minute stay of execution. I saw his face, and the faces of his two sons and I saw how much pleasure they were taking from my despair.

I shivered and said, "Oh god," under my breath and I was about to lean forward when he said, "Do you know what all that moisture is?"

I shook my head and said, "No sir."

He explained, "A lot of guys call that pre-cum. That isn't what it is. It is a clear, nearly tasteless fluid that oozes out of a man's cock when he gets sexually aroused. It is a slick liquid that is meant to lubricate, to make fucking easier. Women do it to. Well, most women do it. I guess we are going to have to work on you for a while."

"What you are going to do now," he explained, "is lean down and start licking my balls. After a minute or two you will then start licking my cock. I don't want you to use your hands yet. Just use your lips and your tongue. I want you to lick my cock all over, get all that lubricant off. Once you have covered my cock with your spit I want you to put your lips around the head of my cock and slide them down until the head of my cock touches the back of your throat."

"There are two things you have to be careful of. The first and most important thing is, you had better not let me feel a tooth on my cock. You will be very sorry if I do.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that when my cock reaches the back of your throat you will start gagging. There ain't nothing you can to about that. You just have to get used to it. Once you get used to it, and it better not take you too long, I expect you to take my cock, hell, any cock, all the way down your throat. But you don't have to worry about that for now. For now you just concentrate on making me feel good and keeping your teeth off of my cock."

"I'll warn you when I am getting ready to cum. When I start to cum you hold my cock in your mouth and use your hand to beat me off until I have finished cumming in your mouth. Then you hold my cum in your mouth until I tell you that you can swallow it. It might be a little hard to get used to at first. But if you have a problem with me, I can promise you it would be a lot harder with a fucking dog. You might want to keep that in mind."

I was staring at his nasty looking cock while he told me what I had to do. When he finished with his instructions I was terrified. I was terrified that I was going to forget something, or that I wouldn't be able to do what he wanted, or that I was going to get sick. But mostly I was just terrified because I knew that I had to do it.

I was staring at his throbbing cock, almost in a trance. He broke my reverie when he asked loudly, "What the fuck are you waiting for you stupid cunt?"

I jumped, but then I leaned forward, trying at first to avoid contact between his legs and my naked body. When my face was within inches of his crotch I could smell his scent. He didn't smell dirty. He had bathed recently. But there was a sexually charged aroma that I had never experienced before and it was nearly overpowering.

I glanced up at him just before I extended my tongue and I saw his two sons watching intently, enjoying my humiliation as much as they enjoyed my nudity.

They were almost holding their breath as I stuck out my tongue and tentatively licked that dangling sack of wrinkled black flesh. I shuddered in revulsion as my tongue moved over him. At the same time he shuddered in pleasure.

But he had been right, I didn't really taste anything, I was much more aware of the aroma than the taste of him. I swallowed with difficulty. My mouth was so dry from the fear. Then I licked again. But he was getting impatient and he growled, "Come on, get on with it. You have three cocks to drain before you can start doing your housework."

I groaned through my tears and began to lick him as he had ordered. While I was licking, they were all staring at me. KC turned to the younger boy and said, "Curtis, go get the camera. That would make a great picture."

The younger of the two boys got up and rushed out of the room and then hurried back with a digital camera. He took a couple of pictures from a few feet away and then he handed the camera to KC and he took some pictures of me with my face in his crotch, licking his balls and crying.

I had been licking his balls long enough to satisfy him I guess, because he reached down and slapped me on top of the head and said, "Okay, you stupid cunt, lick my cock now."

As I licked my way up and around his cock he took a few more pictures, but mostly he just sat back and watched and enjoyed the sensation of my tongue on his cock. The boys both stood back up and undressed and Curtis sat back down beside KC, but Jamal knelt beside me and started roughly exploring my body.

He shoved a couple of fingers into my tight pussy, which he commented was still very dry. I jumped in pain when his fingers entered me and KC said, "Watch yourself, boy, don't bust that cherry yet."

Jamal said, "No dad, I was just checking to see if she was still dry."

KC looked down at me and said, "I knew she would be.

She's probably too scared to juice up."

Jamal said, "Yeah, I guess. She's still dry as a bone."

I had, by this time, licked KC's cock thoroughly and I pursed my lips over the head of it and carefully moved my mouth down, very slowly, taking his cock as deeply as I could. He got a quick couple of pictures and then he groaned in pleasure as my mouth enveloped him.

Jamal was still playing with my pussy and my ass, or reaching down and pinching my nipple, but I had no trouble ignoring what he was doing, I was much too terrified about touching KC's cock with a tooth or about what was going to happen when the large, black knob at the end was lodged in the entrance to my throat.

It happened just as he said it would. I felt him touch the entrance to my throat and I began to gag uncontrollably. I was terrified that I was going to throw up all over him, even though I hadn't eaten since yesterday afternoon. But he had a plan. I suppose he had done this before. His left hand grabbed the back of my head and his right hand shot out and slapped my face, hard.

I cried out, but my cries were muffled by the large shaft filling my mouth and banging into the back of my throat.

He had that look of disgust plastered to his face, as if sucking a man's cock was the easiest thing in the world to do and since I was struggling I must obviously be too dumb to live.

But I guess he knew what he was doing because when I finally realized what was happening it occurred to me that I had stopped gagging. I held his cock in my mouth for a minute. All but about two inches of it anyway. He got another picture of me with his big cock in my mouth and then he said, "Okay, you should be used to it by now. Start moving your lips back up to the head of my cock and them move them up and down like your mouth was a cunt. I'm sure you know what fucking is, even if you haven't done it yet. I want you to fuck my cock with your cunt mouth. I want you to take as much of my cock into your mouth as you can on every down stroke. And watch those fucking teeth. If you scrape my cock with your teeth I'll get a pair of pliers and yank those damned things out of your head."

I obeyed instantly and he was right. For some reason I felt discomfort when his cock hit the back of my mouth, but I didn't gag anymore. A couple of times he made me speed up a little more and Curtis had moved his face down right near mine and he grinned and said, "Shit man, look at that fucking cunt go! She's going to be a pretty good cocksucker with a little practice!"

Then he looked me in the eye and said, "And you are going to get lots of practice, bitch."

KC was breathing hard and fast now and he said in a gasping, breathless voice, "Okay bitch, I am going to fill your mouth with cum now. I ain't going to hold your head for you, but you best not pull away, and you best not spill a drop, 'cause I'll take that as a personal insult."

I was not sure what cum was. I suppose I had heard of it. But I didn't really know. I was only fourteen and I had been home schooled. I had almost no knowledge about sex and bodily functions and procreation. I just knew that something was about to come out of the hole in the end of his dick and fill my mouth. And I knew that the whole idea of it sounded pretty disgusting.

And it was. I felt the hot fluid filling my mouth and coating the back of my throat and I gagged again, but I far too scared to pull away. Just in time I remembered his instructions and I moved my mouth up to the tip of his cock and used my hand to finish him off.

I continued to move my hand up and down his shaft until he groaned and ordered me to stop. Then he looked at me and said, "Okay, carefully move your mouth off of my cock, but don't swallow yet."

I did as ordered and when I was sitting up on my heels he said, "Alright cunt, open your mouth and show me a mouthful of cum."

I opened my mouth and he pulled the camera up and took a picture. Then he ordered me to stick out my tongue, carefully, and he took another picture. Then he told me to savor his cum, get used to the flavor, because I was going to be eating a lot of it over the next few years.

I moved the slimy load around inside my mouth and it was bitter and had a bleachy taste and it was just the most disgusting thing that I could ever imagine doing. He watched me for a minute and then he said, "You can swallow it now."

I forced myself to swallow and the amusement on his face as he watched me made it just that much worse.

He grinned at me, a very evil grin, and he asked, "Did you like that bitch?"

I almost said no, but then I thought better of it. I somehow knew that if I said no I would regret it. So I gave him the answer that I knew I was supposed to give. "Yes sir."

His grin got wider and he said, "Good, because you are going to be doing that a lot. You are going to be one of the best cocksuckers in town by the time me and the boys are through with you."

Jamal stood up behind me and held out his fingers. They had been moving around and in and out of my vagina for the last few minutes and he showed them to his father and said, "She is finally juicing up a little dad. She probably needs to get fucked a few times and figure out what she's good for. Then she'll learn to juice up good."

KC said, "You may be right boy. But for now, get your ass up here and give her some more practice sucking cock. I'm pretty sure Curtis is getting anxious."

Curtis chuckled and said, "You got that right! I can't wait to get my cock in this little bitch's mouth."

Jamal sat down beside his father and I moved over between his legs. His cock wasn't quite as large as his father's, but it was still quite imposing. I was exhausted from sucking KC's cock. My tongue and my jaw were tired and my arm was tired from rapidly masturbating him into my mouth at the end. And my back was tired from that uncomfortable bent over position in which I had been kept. But I was much too scared to complain.

I started all over again and KC took several more pictures as I began to lick Jamal's balls. Before I moved up to lick his cock, which was oozing even more copiously that his father's had, he ordered me to carefully take his balls into my mouth and hold them and massage them with my tongue.

I was afraid that I couldn't do what he wanted without scraping them with my teeth, but apparently I was able to please him. He let me hold them in my wide spread mouth for a minute or two and then he said, "Okay cocksucker, back to work."

I carefully pulled my mouth back and let his balls slide out. Then I began to lick his cock. Curtis got off of the couch and moved behind me and just like his brother had done earlier, he began to roughly manipulate my pussy and toy with my ass. At one point he spread the cheeks of my ass wide apart and spit on me. Then he used his spit to wet his finger and he forced it into my ass brutally.

I groaned in pain, but of course, nobody cared that I was in pain. His finger moved in and out of my ass for a minute and then he pulled it out and wiped it on my skin and returned to exploring my pussy.

I was concentrating on Jamal's cock and trying not to pay too much attention to what Curtis was doing. I had begun to move my lips up and down Jamal's cock and it was slightly easier because it wasn't as fat as his father's cock was.

I had been fucking my mouth up and down on his cock for several minutes when he suddenly grabbed my head and pulled hard, and I was shocked when the head of his cock slipped right down into my throat.

I struggled for a moment and Curtis slapped my ass and yelled, "Get used to it cunt. It's just part of the job. You know what they say, 'A woman's work is never done.' So quit fighting and keep sucking."

I stopped struggling. I was surprised to find that I could still breathe with his cock down my throat. Once I realized that I calmed down a little and started moving my head up and down on his cock again. But he had to force me to take his cock down my throat the next few times before I was finally able to do it on my own.

As I gradually began to do it on my own KC smiled and said, "She may be a stupid cunt, but it appears that she is trainable."

They all chuckled at my helplessness and enjoyed the show I was putting on for them. As I continued to suck Jamal's cock I felt Curtis move closer behind me and slide his cock up and down the crack of my ass. It made me nervous, even though I knew that they had been told to leave my pussy alone. I remembered that finger that he had roughly forced into my ass and I couldn't shake the fear that his cock was soon to follow.

He must have read my mind, because he said, "Don't worry bitch, I ain't going to fuck your ass. Not yet anyway. Once you finish sucking off Jamal I'm going to let you drink my cum too. Then, after dad pops your cherry, we get to fuck your hot little cunt. We like to save a girl's ass for last. It's just a natural progression.

"But just so you know, before long you'll be taking cock in all three of your holes. Sometimes you'll be taking three cocks at once, one in your cunt, one in your ass, and one in your mouth. You're probably thinking it won't be so bad, just the three of us here, we can't fuck you all the time. But we got lots of friends that will be wanting to come over and fuck your hot little ass too."

"It won't be an orgy every day, of course. You are still going to have to have time to clean house and cook. But you are going to have more cock than most girls around here. Not as much as that cunt that dad just sent down to Mexico, but you'll get your share."

I had been so horrified by the things that Curtis was saying that I had not been paying attention to Jamal. Not until he said, "Get ready cunt, I'm about to cum.

Finish me off just like you did for dad."

So I moved my lips up to the head of his cock and closed them tightly around his hot, hard rod of flesh and used my hand to finish him off. He shot a much larger load of cum in my mouth than his father had and I was afraid that it was going to start to spill out around my lips. But he finally ran out of the nasty fluid and I carefully pulled my head away and held his cum in my mouth while he watched me and made sure that I didn't swallow before he gave me permission.

I noticed that the taste was different. It seemed much milder, not so bitter and without that bleachy taste. It wasn't pleasant. It was, in fact, disgusting. But given a choice I suppose that I would choose Jamal over KC if I was to pick one that I had to suck off. I knew, though, that I would not be given any choices in my new role as sex slave to these three horrible people. My only choice would be do what I was told or be sold to a whorehouse in Mexico and fuck dogs and donkeys until I died.

Jamal finally gave me permission to swallow and I forced myself to gulp down his slimy spend. He pointed out a final drop on his softening cock and ordered me to lick it up and as I bent forward to lick the tip of his cock clean; Curtis stood up behind me and sat down again, impatiently waiting his turn.

I straightened back up and Jamal nodded at me. I backed away from him and crossed in front of KC to take my place between Curtis' legs. My jaw was killing me now. So was my back. I wanted desperately for this nightmare to be over. Or at the very least I wanted desperately to be given a few minutes to recover. But I wasn't. Curtis was getting impatient already.

I moved between his legs and I was surprised to see that his cock was longer than his brothers. Quite a bit longer! But no thicker, thank god. It wasn't as wet either. But then I remembered what he had been doing and I assumed that most of that moisture had been rubbed off between the cheeks of my ass.

I leaned down and struggled to stick my tongue out and move it over Curtis' balls. He groaned and said, "Yeah cunt, I'm pretty turned on. Your ass really got me going. I can't wait to rape it. That's enough foreplay. I'm going to cum in about a minute. So let's cut right to the chase. Show me how you swallowed Jamal's cock. I want to feel your lips in my pubic hair."

To be honest, I was almost relieved. I was ready to do anything to get this over with. I placed my lips around the head of his cock and carefully worked them down until the head of his cock reached the back of my throat.

My throat was sore already, but the mental barriers had been broken. I had been broken. I forced my lips further down over his shaft and I felt his cock slide into my throat with relative ease now. His cock was perhaps an inch longer than his older brother's, but the difference was barely noticeable in my throat. I was soon plunging my mouth down over his cock rapidly and then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head down and held me with his cock buried in my throat and I felt his shaft swell and throb and I sensed his cum burning a path down my throat.

He held me like that for at least a minute as he gasped for air, then he released me and pushed my head away. He turned to his father and said, "Not bad, dad. But when are you going to fuck her? I can't wait to bury my dick in her."

KC said, "Take it easy Curtis. Anticipation is half the fun. I'll probably fuck her tonight and let you boys have her tomorrow. But I want her to have to think about it for a while. She ain't even fifteen yet. She probably hasn't thought much about getting fucked. I want her to have a little time to think about it before I fuck her."

I heard them talking, but for the moment I was just so glad that I could rest my jaw and my tongue and my back for a few moments that I didn't pay that much attention to the impending rape of my vagina. I was just happy to be given a moment to recover from the rape of my throat.

Nobody moved for several minutes and then KC got up and started getting dressed. His sons followed suit and I was relieved. I knew that the respite was temporary. But I desperately needed a few minutes to recover.

For the first time since Jamal's cock had forced its way down my throat I tried to talk. I desperately wanted a drink. I looked up at KC and said, "Please sir, can I have a drink of water?"

He nodded and said, "Come on cunt. Follow me. I got something for you to do in here anyway."

I followed him into the kitchen and I was shocked yet again. Everywhere I looked, the counters, the table, the sink, everywhere there was a place there were dirty dishes and used glasses and trash.

KC opened a cupboard and found one of the few remaining glasses and handed it to me. He pointed out the refrigerator with the ice and water dispensers and I got a glass of water and soothed my throat and rinsed the horrible taste of cum out of my mouth as much as possible.

He watched me and then he said, "The dish soap is under the sink. I want you to wash the dishes now. I'll get you a dish towel. My sister is coming over a little later to give you your first cooking lesson. I want this room cleaned up by then."

He turned around and left me alone with the mess. I filled up my glass again and then I went to work. I saw that the back door also had a padlock on it. And the windows all had bars over them. They had made their home into a fucking prison. I wondered how many girls had come through here and been victimized by these three. More than that though, I wondered what happened to them when they tired of them. Did they all get sold to Mexico? Would I be sold to a whorehouse in Mexico no matter what I did?

It was just too horrible to contemplate. I forced myself to concentrate on cleaning up the kitchen. It was a horrible mess and I didn't know what time my cooking lesson was scheduled for, but I would have thought this would be an all day job.

I had just started washing dishes when Curtis came in with a couple of dish towels. He set them on the table and moved up behind me and reached around and squeezed my breasts viciously. I squealed in pain and nearly collapsed to my knees. I would have if I had not been trapped between his body and the sink.

He chuckled in pleasure as he twisted and squeezed my breasts. Finally KC called out from the living room, "Curtis, leave her the fuck alone and let her clean up the mess you boys made in there. You can play with her later."

Curtis let my breasts go and I managed to recover my footing. He leaned over me and in a quiet but very threatening voice he said, "Girl I can't wait to get my dick in you. Your tight cunt is going to feel so fucking good wrapped around my cock."

Curtis finally backed away, after licking the side of my face like a dog. He went over to the table and sat down and watched me as I rushed around the kitchen trying to get it cleaned up before my time was up. And I don't even know why!

There were far too many dirty dishes to do them all in one load. I had to wash, dry, put them away, and then start all over with fresh water. I did that three times before I finally had all the dishes washed and put away. I took everything off of the counters, cleaned them thoroughly and then cleaned those things that went on the counters and put them back. I glanced at the clock on the wall and even though I didn't know what time I was supposed to be done I saw that it was getting late. But it was obvious that the kitchen floor had not been cleaned since the invention of soap, so I dug out the mop and the bucket and started scrubbing. I scrubbed and rinsed it twice and after it dried I waxed it.

Curtis watched me work, enjoying the way my naked body moved as I worked I guess. He didn't help, but at least he didn't torment me any longer. By the time I had finished I was so sweaty that he probably didn't want to touch me.

I finished and put away the mop and bucket and went out to report to KC. There was more that needed to be done. The cabinets should be cleaned out and while I didn't open it I was sure that the refrigerator looked like a biology experiment on the inside. The funny thing was that I would never have done all of this work if I were still living at home with my parents. I would have whined like a jet engine if my mom had tried to get me to work half this hard. But then, mom never threatened to sell me to a Mexican whorehouse.

KC took one look at my sweaty body and told Jamal to take me upstairs and stick me in the shower. Jamal smiled and pushed me up the stairs ahead of him. I climbed the stairs quickly, with his hands on my ass all the way. Then he led me to the bathroom which was almost as nasty as the kitchen had been.

Jamal saw me look around and said, "Don't worry. We'll let you clean this room up later too."

Then he closed the shower curtain and let the water run and while the hot water ran down the drain he sat down on the toilet and I sucked him off again. After he came in my mouth I got in the shower and quickly washed. The water was quickly getting cold because it had run so long while I had been sucking him off.

When I shut the water off he handed me a used towel and I dried off and stepped out of the tub. I really needed some hair care products for white females and my brush. Instead I had to use the products that they had which were made for black males and a comb. Since I was a prisoner in this house now, though, I didn't feel the need to look my best.

When my parents had been arrested I had been taken from my home so quickly and in such a confused state that I had only been able to grab a few items of clothing. It never occurred to me to grab my shampoo or brush or my toothbrush even. The state had been kind enough to provide me with those items, however, and I was able to convince Jamal that I really needed my own toothbrush and toothpaste. I was finally able to get the taste of cum out of my mouth.

Jamal waited until I was done and then he herded me back to the living room. When I came in he stood up and said, "My sister called and she can't make it tonight. So I'm going to take you upstairs and pop your cherry and a little later a friend of mine is going to come over with some hamburgers. He is looking forward to playing with your sweet little ass.

KC took me back upstairs and we went to his bedroom. He undressed quickly and got up on his unmade bed and sat with his back against his headboard and ordered me to suck his cock again.

I climbed onto his bed and crawled between his legs and took his soft cock into my mouth and started sucking. He quickly got hard and when he was ready he pushed my head away and positioned me on my back on his nasty bed. I was laying there staring at the ceiling, waiting for him to throw himself on top of me and rape me. But I got a little surprise first. He knelt between my legs and spread me as wide as my body would permit. He examined my virgin pussy closely, and then he bent down and kissed it.

But it was what happened next that took my mind off of how scared I was. I felt his hot, wet tongue licking the length of my tight little crack and I nearly jumped off of the bed. Even as terrified as I was, that felt great! He saw my reaction. I couldn't have hidden it if I had thought to try. He repeated it several times before he started insinuating his tongue into me a little farther with each lick.

I was quickly moaning in pleasure as I felt myself assailed by sensations I had never felt before. I had touched myself between my legs before. I hadn't masturbated, I wasn't even sure how. But I had noticed that sometimes it felt good to move my fingers over that place that nobody but me was supposed to see or touch.

But it never felt this good! I didn't want to enjoy what this dirty old man was doing to me. I suspected somewhere in the back of my mind that this was just one more way of humiliating me. But while it was happening I couldn't help enjoying it. I don't know if I could have had an orgasm if he had kept it up. It didn't matter to him though. The whole point of this was not for me to have an orgasm.

He stopped what he was doing and I groaned when he took his mouth away. I was just returning to my senses when I felt him over me, his fat cock throbbing on my stomach. I opened my eyes and thought to beg him not to do this. But I saw the look on his face, the lust, the anticipation, the pleasure he was taking from being in complete control of my young body, and I knew I would be wasting my breath.

He moved his hips, sliding the head of his cock up and down my slit a few times and then he said, "Okay bitch, time to bust that cherry and make a woman out of you. Grab my cock and put the head of it inside your tight little hole."

He was going to make a woman out of me. I was still fourteen years old for Christ's sake! But I did as he ordered and reached down between our bodies and grabbed his fat cock and, with some difficulty I wedged it into my slit.

I knew that men and women had sex and I knew that it involved a man putting his dick inside a woman's pussy. But that was pretty much all I knew about sex. Except that I knew that it was painful for the woman the first time. I also knew that I was a lot closer to being a little girl than I was a woman and my body wasn't ready for this yet. My mind sure as hell wasn't. But ready or not, here it comes!

He inched his cock a little farther into me, paused for a second, and then he drove it all the way in with one brutal thrust, tearing my hymen and stretching my poor immature pussy more than I thought possible. I screamed in pain and my eyes shot open. I saw him looking down at me, taking pleasure from my suffering.

He rested his body on his arms and my stomach and I heard him exclaim, "Jesus Christ!" But he said it quietly, under his breath. I was just starting to relax from the pain of being penetrated from the first time and I hardly heard him.

He waited for a minute, enjoying the heat and the way my pussy held his cock so tightly. I heard a noise and looked up to see Jamal and Curtis in the door watching eagerly. They were enjoying my suffering and looking forward to their turns with my poor abused body.

KC finally started moving up and down, slowly pulling his cock almost all of the way out and then slamming it back down, burying it me again. It didn't hurt as much as that first stroke had hurt as it tore through my hymen. But each stroke irritated my torn flesh and the pain never stopped.

I just lay under him, crying loudly as he fucked my small body, praying for it to end. He had said earlier that he was not that fond of taking a girl's virginity. But he seemed to really be enjoying himself. I didn't have to be that good of a judge of human behavior to see how much pleasure he was taking from my suffering. At least my prayers that it end soon were answered.

I suspect that my pain and suffering drove him over the edge a lot quicker than he thought they would. He came quickly and collapsed on top of me, suffocating me for several minutes before he rolled off of me and sighed loudly in pleasure.

He looked up and saw the boys watching enviously from the doorway and said, "You boys can fuck her now. Take her to your room and knock off a quick piece. Then get her cleaned up for company."

I sat up as they rushed into the room. I looked down at my thighs and I was aghast at the mess. There were blood smears on my thighs and thick ropes of cum dripping out of my very sore pussy. And when I sat up I felt a pain in my lower stomach like I had been punched in the gut.

None of that mattered to them though. They pulled me from the bed and dragged me down the hall to their room and pushed me down onto my hands and knees on the hard floor. Jamal moved behind me and I screamed again as he plunged his cock into my still sore little hole.

Curtis dropped down in front of me and when I opened my mouth he shoved his cock inside and forced it back down into my throat. They both began to fuck me brutally as soon as their cocks were inside of me. But they didn't cum. Not yet. That would have been too easy.

I heard them talking over me, but I was so focused on the pain that I didn't know what they were saying. I just knelt between them, crying in pain and self pity until they both pulled out of me and Jamal grabbed my hair and turned me around quickly.

My eyes were opened. I didn't know what was going on. I knew that they had not cum yet. I felt Curtis plunge his cock into me and I screamed again. As soon as I opened my mouth, Jamal shoved his slime and blood covered cock into me. I was saved from having to suck him though. He merely fucked my mouth like he had my pussy.

They switched back and forth several times and finally Jamal came in my pussy. As soon as his orgasm was finished I was turned around again and while I sucked Jamal clean Curtis fucked me until he came. Then he pulled me around and while I sucked his cock he said, "I knew you'd be a good fuck. We're going to have lots of fun with your ass. You're the best cunt we've had in here yet. I guess the others were too old."

They finally finished with me and Jamal took me back to the bathroom. He pushed me down onto the toilet seat and pushed my legs apart and watched their three loads of cum drain out of me. I thought the whole thing was disgusting, but he was enjoying it.

When the draining finally stopped I said, "Sir, I have to pee."

He grinned and said, "So! If you got to piss, piss. In fact, I got to piss too. I think I'll join you."

First of all, I couldn't piss with him standing there staring at me. So I tried to get up so he could use the toilet, but he pushed me back down and said, "Where are you going you stupid cunt? I told you to piss!"

"I can't," I said. "I can't when you are standing there watching. And you said you had to pee too. I was getting up so that you could use the toilet."

He stood in front of me, looked down and fingering his cock and said, "I can manage just fine. You worry about you. You better get started, you get me in trouble for taking too long and I'll be pissed. If I get in trouble, you get in trouble. So do what you got to do, I want to see you piss."

I really did have to go. As humiliating as it was, I couldn't hold it much longer and it started to dribble out as he watched. At first it was just a few drops, but soon it was a strong stream, I had been holding it in for a long time. I was too afraid to ask to use the bathroom.

Jamal stared down at the pee squirting out of me for a few moments, and then he started peeing between my legs. I screamed and tried to scramble up from the toilet, but he held me down with one hand and suddenly slapped me hard with his other hand. I froze and he said, "Don't you fucking move, cunt."

I had stopped suddenly when he started peeing on my thighs, but I wasn't finished and soon I was peeing again. As soon as I started he started again. Some of his pee splashed into the toilet and I felt drops splashing back up onto me, wetting my ass. Some of his hot stream fell on my already messy thighs, but most of it sprayed directly onto my pussy. It was the most disgusting, most humiliating thing that I could imagine.

I finally finished peeing and I slumped on the toilet with my hands over my face and cried loudly, uncontrollably, as Jamal continued to cover my pussy with his strong stream. The smell was awful, but it was the idea that he would use me like a toilet that I couldn't stand. I couldn't even imagine it. What was wrong with him that he would enjoy doing this to another human being?!

He finally ran out of pee and with a few final spurts it was over. Or at least I thought it was over. I guess that I should have known better. As Jamal started to move I heard Curtis say, "Fuck that was hot! It's my turn now!"

I moved my hands from my face to see Curtis move in front of me and as his stream of piss started squirting down onto my pussy he ordered me to reach down and spread myself open with my fingers.

I almost said no. I was just about to refuse when I saw that slightly crazy look in his eyes and I knew that it would be a hundred times worse if I said no. So I reached down and spread my pussy open and he resumed pissing right inside of me while I sat there crying in total despair.

Jamal moved beside me and grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth down to his soft cock and made me lick the last couple of drops of piss from the end of his cock while his brother was pissing on my pussy.

Finally Curtis stopped pissing on me and pulled my face down and I thought that I was going to have to suck the last few drops of piss from his cock too. But his dirty little mind was more devious than that. He forced his cock into my mouth, burying it with the head of his cock at my throat and I found out that he had saved the last couple of spurts to shoot down my throat. I felt the piss squirt out of his cock and burn its way down my throat to my stomach.

I was sure I had reached rock bottom now. Surely nothing in my life could be more humiliating, more degrading than to have a boy piss into your pussy and then down your throat!

But then I realized

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But then I realized that this was just my first day here. They were experienced at this. They liked raping and humiliating young girls. They probably had a lot of degrading acts planned out for me. If I did, someday, manage to get out of here alive, it was unlikely that I would be much more than the empty, ruined husk of a girl by the time that they were through abusing me.

I was allowed to wipe my pussy and my thighs with toilet paper and then they pushed me to the floor and made me clean up the mess they had made around the toilet while they pissed on me.

While I was wiping up the floor Curtis said in a quiet but threatening voice, "There are a lot more games like that we like to play. I bet you thought that was pretty gross. Trust me bitch, you ain't seen shit yet."

As bad as KC and Jamal were, Curtis was much worse. There was something wrong with this guy, something not quite right. He was scaring the hell out of me.

When they were satisfied that I had cleaned the floor adequately Curtis said, "If we weren't in a hurry I would have made you do that with your fucking tongue, cunt."

Curtis pulled me to my feet by my hair and guided me to the bathtub. I was just able to climb in as he nearly lifted me by my hair and then he reached down and turned the water on, spraying me with ice cold water.

I screamed and turned my back to the spray, but he walked away and I quickly reached down and turned on the hot water too. I washed myself thoroughly, pushing soap right up inside of my pussy, trying to clean out the piss that had been forced into me.

My mind didn't seem to be working. I was just reacting to each new horror as it occurred and trying to keep from freaking out totally. I washed as thoroughly as possible and then I rinsed off and turned off the water. When I opened the curtain I was handed another dirty towel and I shivered with disgust as I used it to dry my sore, tired body.

Curtis didn't give me time to brush my teeth or comb my hair. He pulled me out of the bathroom and down the stairs and as I entered the living room I saw who KC's company was. The social worker that had delivered me into his clutches.

His eyes lit up when he saw my naked body and I looked at him and wondered how anyone that was supposed to look out for kids like he was could do this to me. He had given me to KC to rape. Then it occurred to me that the other girls probably ended up here the same way. He looked for cute young girls that could be discretely removed from the system and they just disappeared. I mean WE just disappeared. I realized that they could never just let me go. They would spend most of their lives in prison if I got out of here and went to the cops. My life was over except for the abuse and the suffering. That was all that was left to me now. I might as well be dead!

While the truth of my situation was sinking in, the social worker had stood up and moved over in front of me. He turned to KC and said, "As soon as I saw this bitch I knew she was hot. All I could think about for the three days it took me to purge her records from the system was how good it was going to feel when I buried my cock in her tight little pussy."

Then he grabbed my small breasts and squeezed them brutally and when I screamed in pain he put his face right down in my face and said, "Oh yeah baby, scream, it gives me a fucking hardon like you wouldn't believe."

His fingers released my breasts and moved to my nipples and he squeezed and pulled and I thought that he was trying to lift me right off of the ground! I screamed again and I put my hands on his wrists to try to take my weight off of my nipples. He roared at me to put my hands down and I dropped them in fear. But my screams continued until he finally released my nipples a minute later.

He started getting undressed and tossing his clothes aside rapidly. The last thing he took off was his jockey shorts and I saw his cock for the first time. It was no longer than Curtis' cock, but it looked twice as fat. It also had a strange bend in it. The last two inches of his cock pointed sharply to the right.

He grabbed my breasts again and pulled my face close and said, "They tell me that you have learned to deep throat already. Get your ass down there and make me happy. Trust me; you really want to make me happy."

I fell to my knees gladly. I would have done anything to get his hands off of my tortured breasts. I placed my lips around his crooked cock and wondered if I could take this fat, misshapen thing down my throat. But then I considered the alternative. I didn't dare fail.

I slid my lips down his shaft and the difference in size was dramatic. When I got to about the halfway point and the head of his cock was wedged in my throat I knew I was in trouble. I gagged a little at first, but not much. My gag reflex wasn't the problem. The problem was that his cock was so thick and that it was pointing to the side. I tried and I tried, but I couldn't force it into my throat. I was crying hysterically because I knew that if I didn't do it I would be punished horribly. I should have realized that this horrible man planned on making me suffer whether I could swallow his cock or not. But I was too overwhelmed by everything that had happened to me already today to think rationally now.

He watched me struggle for a couple of minutes. Then he grabbed my head and pulled while thrusting his hips violently. I realized that he wouldn't care less if he tore my throat and I bled to death right here on the floor. He would just go and find another helpless victim to torture.

I was sure I was going to die in the next few minutes. I was also sure that if he did manage to force his cock into my throat it would be the cause of my death. But finally my throat opened up and admitted his warped, misshapen cock and it slit down my throat, but not without a lot of difficulty for him, and a lot of pain for me.

He held it buried in my throat for a moment and watched me struggle to breathe. Then he pulled it back slowly, but he didn't pull it all the way out. He plunged in and out of my throat violently and I came to realize that I could, with considerable effort, suck in just barely enough life giving oxygen to survive while his cock was buried in my throat.

I stopped struggling, but I didn't assist him in his efforts to fuck my throat, he just held my head in his tight grasp and fucked my face violently for several minutes and then he held me with my face pressed tightly against his stomach and I knew that he was shooting his slimy load down my throat.

At last he pushed me away and I fell to the floor gasping for breath. I finally heard the lurid comments that KC and his sons were making as they sat around watching this hulking sadist abuse me. I knew Curtis would be getting a kick out of it.

The social worker looked down at me and nudged me with his toe and said, "Not a very good job, slut. It's a damn good thing for you that I am such a nice guy or I would have to punish you for doing such a piss poor job. But I didn't bring you here to suck my cock. I brought you here so I could fuck your sweet ass. Now get the fuck up and go and get me and KC a beer. Nobody said you could rest god damn it."

I struggled to my feet and hurried to the kitchen and got two beers from the refrigerator and carried them back to the living room. As soon as I was in reach the social worker pulled me into his lap and he took the beers from me.

He handed one to KC and KC said, "Thanks Mo." When he said that I suddenly remembered the social workers name, Mr. Morton! Not that it mattered. I would only be calling him sir.

I squealed when Mo placed his cold beer bottle against my breast and then moved it over my body slowly. He was enjoying the hell out of my discomfort. He tormented me for a few minutes and then ignored me as he and KC talked, comparing me to some of the past girls that they had abused. I listened carefully. I was trying to learn from their conversation how many other girls that they had done this to, and what had happened to them. The only one I knew the fate of was the one that KC had bragged about selling to the Mexican whorehouse to fuck animals when she wasn't being whored out.

I didn't want to die, but I didn't want to end up like that either. But then again, how much more of this could I stand before I started to look for a good way to end it all?

While they talked, Mo began to torment me again. He started out twisting and squeezing my nipples. Not as hard as he had the last time, but it was still very painful. He was watching my face as he abused my body, feeding on the torment he saw in my eyes. I felt his cock under my ass, twitching as it began to grow from the pleasure he was taking from my torment.

He started paying more attention to me as his cock grew. He told me how much he was going to enjoy raping me. He was going to rape my pussy today, but later, when he came back, he was looking forward to ramming his cock deep in my ass. He told me that was all that I was good for now. I was just a nice warm place for a superior black man to stick his cock. My whole purpose in life now was to worship black cocks. All black cocks. I would probably never even see a white cock, not unless I pissed them off and they sold me to that Mexican.

He had his finger working in and out of my pussy now and he pulled it out every now and then and looked at it. I guess it was never wet enough to satisfy him, because he didn't look happy. He said, "You are going to have a real hard time of it here if you don't start juicing up better than that. But what the hell, that's your problem."

Then he stood up, dumping me on the floor and nudged me over to the middle of the living room rug with his toe. Then he got on top of me and started trying to force his cock into my still very sore pussy. He was stabbing at me and missing my still very tight entrance and finally it was hurting more to let him keep doing that than to help him put it in.

I reached down and took his cock in my hand and guided it to my opening. He drove it in with one brutal stroke, taking pleasure from my cry of pain. But he didn't pause for a second. He began to rape me even more brutally than KC and his sons had earlier. His hips bones slammed into me painfully and with every pile driving thrust I cried out in pain.

My cries of pain seemed to be what drove him on. He stared down at me and said, "Yeah bitch, take that big black cock. That's what you're good for now. You're just a hot hole for black cocks. Just a place for black men to spray their cum. You know what that makes you cunt? You're a cum dump now. You're just a cute little white girl whose purpose in life is to be used by black men for their pleasure."

His horrible words were bad enough. But his body slamming painfully into mine, and that malformed cock slamming in and out of my already sore pussy were unbearable. I wasn't so much having sex as being beaten assaulted. It was a relief when I felt him speed up and slam into me even harder, because then I knew that it was almost over.

At last I felt him tense up and his body froze over mine with only an uncoordinated twitch as he unloaded his cum into me. Then he collapsed on top of me, suffocating me for a moment until he rolled off and lay beside me panting.

KC said, "Man, you sure fucked the hell out of that bitch." Then he said, "Hey, you stupid cunt! Don't just lie there like fucking rag. Get off your ass and clean him up. Nobody said you could rest.

I struggled to sit up and then I got to my knees and licked and then sucked his cock clean. I glanced up and saw him watching me, enjoying my disgust.

When I had finished he sat up and returned to the couch near KC. He ordered me to stand in front of him and then he pointed to his cum running down my thighs. He said, "You are about to make a fucking mess you stupid cunt. Don't waste that shit. Scoop it up and eat it. It's good for you. It makes your tits grow faster.

Don't you fucking know anything?!"

I looked down at the globs of cum dripping out of me and beginning to slide down my thigh. Finally I reached down and scooped up a couple of fingers full and hesitantly brought it to my lips. I know that I had already swallowed several loads of cum today. And I had licked four nasty, slimy, cum covered cocks clean. But this was just so disgusting. I opened my mouth and sucked my fingers clean and my gag reflex returned as I struggled to swallow it. I finally managed to swallow it and looked at him to see if he was satisfied.

He wasn't. "You aren't done yet you stupid bitch. Keep going."

I scooped up a couple more fingers full of cum and choked them down before he was finally satisfied. Then he sent me in for two more beers.

When I returned with the beer I was turned back over to Jamal and Curtis and they raped me again while KC and Mo enjoyed the show. They raped me just like they did the first time. I was on my hands and knees and they fucked me for a minute or two and then turned me around and switched holes. It took them a little longer this time, but I was losing track of time. Being so helpless, so lacking in control warps your sense of time. I could only submit to one indignity after another, one painful humiliating and degrading act after another. I was quickly becoming a non-human, even in my own eyes. Time wasn't important because this was never going to end.

After I had served as a cum dump for the boys and then sucked them clean, I was again ordered to eat the cum running out of my pussy. But there wasn't as much of it this time, thankfully.

When I had finished I was pulled back into Mo's lap and he said, "I bet your mouth tastes like shit right about now doesn't it?"

I said, "Yes sir."

Mo asked, "Would you like something to drink?"

I had a feeling I wasn't going to like what was coming next. I wanted desperately to drink something. I needed to ease the pain in my throat and to take the awful taste out of my mouth. But I said, "No thank you sir."

Unfortunately he insisted. He grabbed my hair and tilted my head back and when my mouth was forced open he leaned forward and spit in my mouth.

I gagged again, but he ordered me to swallow and I did. Then he ordered me to open my mouth again and I was too terrified not to. I opened my mouth and he leaned forward and spit twice more before he ordered me to swallow. Then he told me to get up and go around and ask the others if they would give me something to drink.

I slid off of his lap and stood in front of KC and asked, "Please sir, may I have a drink?" I was crying again as KC said, "Sure, bend down here and open your mouth cunt."

I leaned forward and closed my eyes, but Mo ordered me to keep them open. I watched KC's face come close and I watched him grin as he gathered a mouthful of spit and spit it between my lips. Then he sat back and I straightened up and swallowed and moved over to Jamal and repeated the process. My stomach was starting to rebel as I swallowed another wad of warm saliva and finally I moved to Curtis.

But as usual Curtis had a better idea. He pushed me to my knees in front of him and said, "Yeah bitch, I'll give you something to drink." Then he pulled his cock out and forced it into the back of my throat and I felt him holding my head firmly and I knew what was coming.

I was right. I felt a few drops of pee dribble down my throat and then it became a stream. I started to struggle but he yelled at me and I finally just went limp and let him use me in this unimaginable way. I heard the others cheering him on as he filled my stomach with piss.

Fortunately he didn't last too long and when he finally pulled his cock out of me I struggled to my feet, wanting desperately to get to the bathroom before my stomach rebelled and I threw up all over the floor.

As I struggled to get up he backhanded me brutally and I went flying onto my back. He stood over me and yelled, "I didn't say you could get up you stupid cunt! What the hell is wrong with you?! You had best get used to it you fucking moron. It's just one of your jobs now. But don't worry. I won't always piss down your throat. Sometimes I am going to fill your fucking worthless cunt with piss. I wonder if you can hold it all."

The other three men were all laughing and egging him on. I just curled up in a ball and cried so hard I thought I would never stop.

I heard them telling Curtis how good he was at handling white women. They told him that he really knew how to treat a girl. They even complimented him on his ingenuity!

I just cried and struggled to keep from throwing up. I didn't think that it would be much longer before I just gave up and let them torture me to death, or whatever they planned to do with me when I no longer amused them. I couldn't take much more of this.

The men talked and laughed and joked about me for a little longer and then Mo got up and dressed to leave. He came over and kicked my butt to get my attention and when I looked up he said, "That was a lot of fun, cunt. It looks like you are finally getting the training and discipline that you need. You behave yourself now, I'll see you tomorrow."

After he left KC said, "Okay bitch, nap time is over. Go up and take a shower and get in my bed. I'll be up in a while. I guess I'm going to have to start pimping your ass out to pay for all of these fucking showers you're taking."

I got to my feet and went back up to the bathroom and turned the water on. When it was warm enough I got in and stood there with my eyes closed and let the water rush over me. All of a sudden my stomach rebelled. I bent over and expelled the contents of my stomach, mostly Curtis's urine, down the drain. I felt a little better then and I straightened up and washed my hair again and lathered up with soap and then I rinsed off. As I stood under the water I suddenly realized that this was just the first day. I had only been in this hell house for less than one whole day! I knew that I wouldn't last a week. Not like this.

I dried off and brushed my teeth again. Then I went into KC's bedroom and sat on the bed. My entire body hurt, but especially my throat and my pussy. I hoped that whatever torment KC had planned for this evening would be brief. I couldn't stand much more.

I heard them coming up the stairs and I felt myself tensing back up. The boys went to their room, KC stopped in the bathroom before coming to bed. I stared at the floor as he came in and he stood in front of me and ordered me up onto my hands and knees, with my knees on the edge of the bed.

When I was in position he explored my ass for a few minutes. Then he said, "You have a real sexy asshole. I'd sure like to stick my dick in there right now. But I promised it to Mo. I got to bust your cherry, but he wanted to be the first one to fuck your ass. So you can relax for tonight. But I think I can get off in that sweet pussy one more time."

Then he began forcing his cock into my sore pussy again. As he worked it in he said, "Damn bitch, you still feel like a fucking virgin! You may last longer than I thought you would."

I hoped not.

As he fucked me, slowly this time, he started slapping the cheeks of my ass after every couple of strokes. It didn't seem that hard at first, but after a few times the effects started to be accumulative and I was begging him to stop by the time he finally came in me again.

After he came he stayed buried in me as his cock softened and when his cock finally slipped out it was a moment before I remembered what I was supposed to do. I hurried to turn around and put his slimy cock between my lips and sucked him clean.

When he was satisfied he manhandled me down on the bed and got in beside me and wrapped his arm and a leg around me and went to sleep with me in his clutches. After all I had been through tonight I was not even allowed to sleep in peace.

KC fell asleep quickly and started snoring loudly. I despaired of ever getting to sleep, but after a while he rolled over and I was finally able to relax and get a little sleep. As I drifted off I thought, "With any luck I will die in my sleep tonight."

I woke up in the morning and KC was still snoring beside me. I looked around and spotted his alarm clock. It was only a little after six in the morning. I tried to get back to sleep, I was afraid to get up. Everything was so confused lately that I didn't even know what day of the week it was. I didn't know if it was a school day, or even if school had let out for the year yet.

I couldn't get back to sleep though. Instead I curled up on the side of the bed and reluctantly relived the horrors of yesterday. Every degrading and painful act seemed to play over and over in my mind. The hopelessness of my situation washed over me again and I lay there crying quietly as I waited for another day of rape and torture to begin.

KC slept for nearly another hour before he got up and went to the bathroom. He ignored me and took a shower. But while he was out of the room Curtis came in and pulled me into the room he shared with Jamal and they both fucked me again. They laid me down on the hard floor and fucked me one at a time this time.

I was at least grateful that the pain from my torn hymen had almost gone. And they didn't fuck my throat this morning, or piss in me. Small favors that I was grateful for.

When I had sucked them both clean and eaten the morning loads of cum which were slowly dripping out of me, they let me go back to KC's room. He was already in his room getting dressed and he sent me down to make coffee and start breakfast.

I knew how to make coffee and toast and bacon. I had watched my mother cook eggs enough that I had a clue about how to cook them too. So by the time they got to the kitchen I had breakfast almost ready.

I hadn't eaten anything yesterday, and I was getting hungry, so without even asking I made myself a plate as well. I served them at the table and then I was standing at the kitchen counter about to eat my breakfast when KC stood up and took my plate and led me to the table.

He held a chair out for me and said, "You can eat with us, cunt, but hold on, your breakfast isn't quite ready yet." Then he pulled his cock out and right in front of my face he masturbated all over my bacon and eggs.

Jamal and Curtis seemed to think that was hilarious and they each got up and did the same thing. They sat back down and ate their breakfast and watched me as I stared down at my plate of cold scrambled eggs and bacon and toast. I was crying again. I couldn't even eat breakfast without them fucking with me! I had just about decided that I couldn't eat this crap when Curtis said, "You don't want to waste food cunt. You better eat that, or I'll shove it all up your god damned ass, one forkful at a time."

I was pretty sure that he would, and then make me eat it later anyway. So I picked up my fork and stirred up my scrambled eggs and began eating slowly. KC and Jamal both chuckled as I struggled to swallow my doctored eggs. But Curtis, Curtis giggled a more than slightly maniacal giggle as he watched me. There was definitely something wrong with that kid. He just kept getting scarier and scarier. After all, what kid in their right minds would get a kick out of peeing down a little girl's throat?

I struggled to eat my breakfast. I was eating long after the three of them had finished. But finally I had cleaned up my plate and despite how disgusting it had been, I had to admit that it felt good to have food in my stomach. I stood up when I finished and cleared off the table. Then I washed the dishes and put everything away. When I was done, KC said, "You boys leave her alone for a while now. She is going to be busy. Why don't you get out of the house for a while?"

Then he turned to me and said, "Okay cunt, you go around and gather up all the dirty clothes and get the sheets and towels and do the laundry. And while the clothes are washing you can clean up the bathrooms."

I went right to work. It was a whole lot better than being raped and tortured. I had to make four trips from upstairs to get all the dirty clothes down to the laundry room. I took them into the laundry room and sorted them and started washing. Then I went back upstairs and started scrubbing out the dark gray bathtub and cleaning the gross toilet that did not appear to have been cleaned in a year. I got all of the enamel as clean as possible and then I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees. It was much too filthy to be able to get it clean with a mop.

Every twenty minutes I ran down and checked on the laundry and as I took clothes out of the washer and dried them and started new loads I would then rush back upstairs and return to scrubbing the bathroom.

I finished the upstairs bathroom and then started the downstairs bathroom. It was just as gross as the one upstairs, but at least there was no tub. And I didn't have to keep running upstairs. I was getting exhausted. It occurred to me that if they killed me I would at least be saved from the life of a housewife. I would hate to have this crappy job to look forward to for the rest of my life!

KC interrupted me at lunch time and I made him a light lunch. He didn't offer me anything and I was too tired to eat anyway. I went back to work in the bathroom and KC stopped in on his way out to the living room after lunch and pissed in the toilet, splashing all over the damned place and making me suck his cock clean.

I sucked his cock for a few seconds and he put it away and left and I cleaned the toilet again. Men are such pigs! Then I cleaned the floor around the toilet, again. I had finally finished the bathrooms and I was resting in the laundry room waiting for the sheets to dry so that I could make the beds. I had folded, or placed on hangars, all of the other laundry. I didn't know what belonged to whom, so I left it up to them to separate it. I had put clean towels in all of the bathrooms.

When the dryer stopped I took the sheets upstairs and made the beds, then, reluctantly, I reported to KC that my tasks had all been completed. He went around and inspected, and he picked out his clothing and I carried it up to his room. I was all hot and sweaty then, but he didn't seem to care. He bent me over the bed and fucked me. After I cleaned him in the usual manner he told me to take a shower.

I said, "Yes sir," and headed for the bathroom. I had neglected to look at the clock in his room and I didn't know what time it was, but I knew that it was getting late and I wondered how long before the boys got home, or people, well, not people, Mo, came over to abuse me. He had said that he would be back.

I took a shower and I was getting ready to brush my teeth. While I was at the sink, toothbrush in hand, Curtis came in. The little cretin didn't even notice that the sink, tub and toilet were all white again, or that the floor had been returned to its original color, or that the towels were clean. All he saw was me, naked and available to torment.

He walked over to the sink and took my tooth brush out of my hand. He unfastened his pants and pulled out his cock, held my toothbrush over the sink and pissed all over it. Then he handed it back to me and told me to go ahead and brush my teeth. There was definitely something not right about this kid.

I reached for the toothpaste but he grabbed it from me and then he stood there watching. I took a deep breath and leaned over the sink and began brushing my teeth with my pissy toothbrush. Every few strokes he made me pull it out and he pissed on it again. After a few minutes he pushed my head down and shoved his cock into my mouth and said, "Now rinse." Then he let loose a strong stream into my mouth. I held my mouth open and let his piss swirl around my mouth and spill out into the sink until he finally finished.

When he was done he stopped back and ordered me to rinse my face off and go downstairs.

When I got downstairs I found that KC's sister was sitting in the living room with KC and Jamal. They were sitting around waiting for me. She looked up at me and smiled, but it wasn't a friendly smile. She looked just as cruel as KC and the kids.

When KC had told me that she was coming over to give me a cooking lesson yesterday I had thought that she might be at least a little sympathetic. If anyone would feel sorry for me it would be another female. But there was a look in her face when she saw me walk into the room naked that let me know right away that she was amused.

She turned to KC and said, "You certainly didn't exaggerate, KC. Once you get her trained I'd like to borrow her now and then."

KC said, "My pleasure Condi, but for now you'll have to use her here. You're welcome to help me train her of course. Right now though, I need the bitch to learn to cook."

Condi stood up and came over and walked around me. She was a short, squat, black woman in her mid-forties. She was a large woman, I'd guess she was well over two hundred pounds, and god she was ugly!

She reached out and pinched my nipples with her fingernails so hard that I almost fell to my knees. Then she put her face right in mine and said, "I love playing games with little honky bitches like you. We're going to have some fun when I get you alone bitch. Put you in your fucking place you uppity little white bitch, think your shit don't stink. I had girls like you looking down on me my whole life and don't it just suck that you got to pay for it?"

I was hoping that was a rhetorical question, because I didn't know what to say. She didn't give me a chance to answer, so I guess she knew I didn't have one. She grabbed me by my hair and pulled me into the kitchen and stopped and looked around.

She grinned and said, "Well, you may not be able to cook, but it looks like you are pretty good at cleaning. That's something else you can do for me when you get so that you can be taken out."

Condi looked in the refrigerator and pulled out the ingredients for my first cooking lesson and sat down at the kitchen table and told me what to do. This was not gourmet cooking. They ate simple foods, pretty much the same things that my family used to eat, with some slight variations.

After I made dinner and served them I was given a dish on the floor to eat from. One of them must have told her about my breakfast, because before I was able to eat my dinner she made sure that both of the boys masturbated on top of my food. Then it was put down so that they could all watch me bend over and eat out of the dish like a fucking dog.

After dinner I cleaned up and did the dishes and then I reported to KC in the living room. As soon as I walked into the room Condi stood up and grabbed my nipple and pulled me upstairs to my room. But she looked at my little bed and said, "The hell with that." Then she pulled me down to KC's room and ordered me to undress her.

I was as afraid of her as I was of Curtis and I quickly removed her clothes. She had an awful figure. Her huge boobs hung down almost to her waist. Or at least they would have if she had a waist. She had dark black nipples that must have been at least an inch long and her areolae must have been five inches across. She had a huge forest of black, kinky pubic hair and she stood there as if she were proud of her figure and showing off.

She got up on the bed and stretched out on her stomach and ordered me to start at her neck and lick her all over, all the way down to the souls of her feet. I moved to the side of the bed and started licking her as she had commanded. I guess she sweated a lot, she tasted real salty. But nothing could be worse than the things that Curtis came up with. Curtis seemed to have become my yardstick. I compared every new torment to the things that Curtis invented for me to do. I tried not to think about what I was doing. I just licked. I was careful to lick everywhere, just like she ordered.

But I was very hesitant when I got around her ass. She didn't smell dirty exactly, just musky. But she told me to skip over her ass and work my way down to her feet. I did as she ordered and when I reached the souls of her feet she made me spend a little time there and then start working my way back up the insides of her legs.

When I finally got back up to her ass she spread her legs a little farther apart and made me kneel between her legs. When I was in position she ordered me to spread her cheeks and lick up and down the crack of her ass until she was satisfied.

I took a deep breath and gingerly stuck my tongue into the crack of her huge ass as directed and moved it up and down slowly. I did that for several minutes and when she was ready to move on she said, "Okay, that's enough foreplay. Now I want to feel your tongue burrowing right up inside my ass like you're looking for gold bitch. You may be an itty-bitty thing, but you better hope you got a six inch tongue.

I groaned in disbelief. It was such an unbelievably perverted and nasty thing to do. I guess it ran in the family. I stiffened my already tired tongue and pressed my face into the crack of her big, fat, black ass and pushed it in as far as I could.

She kept urging me to go deeper, even though I couldn't stick my tongue out any farther. I tried burrowing my face deeper and driving my tongue in more forcefully and she finally relaxed and enjoyed it for a few minutes before she finally turned over and made me eat her hairy and extremely juicy pussy.

I had no idea how to eat pussy, but I knew that I didn't want to piss this mean woman off. I licked all around her pussy and stuck my tongue inside as far as I could and then I remembered the clit and I moved my lips up and kissed it and sucked on it and licked it and soon she was pulling my hair and screaming and squeezing my head with her massive thighs until I thought my head would explode.

At last she collapsed into a big pile of fat and cellulite and gasped for breath and I gave my poor tongue a rest. This had been even harder than sucking cocks, except that my throat wasn't sore.

After she had recovered sufficiently she stood up and I helped her dress. Then she pushed me ahead of her and I led the way back downstairs. When we entered the living room I saw Mo and I suddenly remembered what he had planned for me tonight. I had forgotten all about it.

He said hello to Condi and Condi told them what a good pussy eater I was. She also said that I was pretty good at eating ass, but my tongue needed to be longer.

Mo stood up and said, "I was just about to be the first man to fuck her ass, you want to stay around and watch?"

Condi smiled and said, "Shit yeah! Beats the hell out of what's on television. I like seeing little blonde bitches suffer, don't take it easy on her."

Mo smiled and said, "I wasn't planning to." Then he finished undressing and called me over and ordered me to lie down on my back.

When I was where he wanted me he lifted my legs up so that my ankles were positioned up by my head. But my legs were spread wide open. He ordered me to stay just like that and he pulled out a tube of lubricant and after he put some on his finger he started shoving it into my ass roughly.

I groaned in pain, which he seemed to enjoy, and after a few minutes he used some more lube and started forcing two fingers into me.

The pain was worse and I was panting and moaning and he looked down at me and said, "I wish I didn't have to use this shit. It would hurt so much more if I fucked you dry. But I don't want to tear your fucking ass and ruin it. I want to fuck it a lot. I like fucking little blonde girls in the ass and hearing them cry and moan in pain. I have been thinking about shoving my cock up your tight ass ever since you came into my office."

He pulled his fingers out of my ass and shoved them in my mouth and after I sucked them clean he put more lube on his crooked cock and moved a little closer and started lining his cock up with my asshole. He forced the head of his cock inside me and as soon as he got past the strange bend in his cock he drove it in brutally. I screamed loudly, but he never stopped for a second. As soon as he had gone as deeply as he could he pulled out and shoved it in again. I screamed even louder this time and I begged him to take it out. I promised him that I would do anything he asked if he would please just fuck my pussy instead.

He grinned down at me and in between grunts he said, "You are going to do anything I want anyway you stupid cunt. You are going to do anything anyone wants from now on and for the rest of your worthless life. So you might as well just get used to it."

Condi was near my head now and she was getting excited all over again and urging Mo to fuck me harder, to shove it in and make it hurt. Eventually I got slightly numb, but I never stopped crying, and it never stopped hurting. He lasted a lot longer than he had last night and I thought it was going to last forever. But finally he sped up, which hurt even worse, and then he stiffened up and filled my ass with cum.

He almost dislocated my hips when he collapsed his large, heavy body on top of me. I screamed again, but he ignored me and laid there for a minute or two before he rolled over and reached out and grabbed my hair and pulled my face down to his cock.

I could smell traces of feces on his cock and I almost threw up. But I didn't see anything but his slime and the lubricant that he had used, and as with everything else I did around here, I wasn't doing it because I chose to. I bent down and sucked his nasty cock clean, which was something that really amused Condi. Her comments about the young cock whore eating shitty cocks, and other similar comments amused the rest of the guys.

After Mo got up the other three each took a turn in my ass. They made me kneel with my head in Condi's lap and one at a time they raped my ass as I cried and screamed for mercy. It really turned them on. And when they had all had a turn Condi asked them to all turn around. When they had their backs to us she stood up and pulled up her ankle length dress and ordered me to pull her panties off. Then she sat on my face and dropped her dress around us to protect her modesty and the men were allowed to watch as I ate her to another orgasm while struggling for air.

She came quickly, my suffering had really turned her on and I had learned where to lick to get the best results. Soon she was struggling to her feet and Mo offered to walk her home.

KC saw them out and locked the door behind them. Then we went to bed. I was permitted to sleep in my bed tonight, everyone was fucked out I guess.

Over the next two weeks I learned the basics of cooking and I was required to pay her for the lessons after every meal my taking her up to KC's bedroom and having sex with her.

Well, having sex with her is not quite right. That implies a mutual sexual experience. That isn't what happened. Every night after I had fed them and then cleaned up the kitchen and washed dishes, Condi took me upstairs and she undressed and I licked her anywhere and everywhere she liked. She really enjoyed laying on her stomach and making me lick her entire back, ending up with my tongue in the crack of her ass until she was ready to turn over and make me eat her pussy.

She also enjoyed watching KC and Jamal and Curtis rape me. She would often sit around the living room and suggest things that she would like to see them do to me, and they were always unpleasant. Mo came over frequently too, and since he was rougher than the others and had that large, deformed cock she got a big kick out of watching him rape me. She couldn't get enough of him shoving that horrible thing down my throat.

My life became a not quite bearable rut of rape and humiliation. I cleaned house most of the day, in the nude of course. The offer to earn the privilege of wearing a t-shirt was never repeated and after being naked all of the time for a few weeks I didn't think much about it anymore.

My meals were all eaten the same way, from a plate or bowl on the floor where everyone could watch me. I wasn't allowed to use my hands, and with a few rare exceptions my food was always covered with cum from at least one of the family members. The only time it wasn't was when I had just spent enough time being raped by them that they couldn't produce another load for my dinner.

In the evening, if I wasn't engaged in active sex with one of them, or Mo when he came over, I would be on my knees holding a cock in my mouth while they watched TV and ignored me.

Thankfully, Curtis was the only one that really got off on pee games. And once I got used to it and didn't totally freak out I guess he started getting bored with it.

About once a week the boys would bring friends over and share me with them. Sometimes it was only one or two guys. But it wasn't unusual for them to bring a half a dozen guys over and let them all rape me. When that happened they often called Condi to invite her over because she enjoyed watching me being gang raped. The rougher they were and the more humiliating it was the more she got off on watching it.

I had turned fifteen, but I don't even think they realized it, or cared. I had not had any idea when it happened. I had lost all track of time, most of the time I didn't even know what day of the week it was. I just knew that more than a month had passed, so I must be fifteen now.

KC was on disability and stayed home all of the time. When he did go out I was chained to a pipe in the bathroom and left lying in the bathtub until he got home.

The boys didn't seem to go to school. If they did go they didn't go every day. They never had homework and they never talked about what they did during the day.

One afternoon Mo came to the door and came in with a cute little redhead that was about my age. I had heard him talking with KC about how much he enjoyed me and he was thinking about getting another girl for himself. He would keep her here until she was broken and then take her home and keep her in his basement.

I guess he had selected his victim. I was on my knees in the living room when they arrived, cleaning a cum stain from the carpet. The poor girl was obviously terrified and when she saw me, naked and slaving away on the floor she knew she was in trouble.

Mo grabbed her by the throat and pushed her into the living room and he and KC looked her over. Mo explained that her mother was a drunk and the father was dead. The girl had been taken out of the home and hadn't even made it to a foster home when Mo saw her and decided that he had to have her. He grabbed her file and deleted her name from the computer and brought her straight over.

They terrorized her the same way that they had me. KC took her to his desk and showed her the pictures that he had of the girl he had sold to the Mexican. He even had a few more now, of the girl with other animals and some of the human customers she was being forced to service.

They gave the poor girl the same choices they gave me. Obey or end up like the girl in the photos. Except that they didn't offer to let her keep any of her clothes.

Just in time for the fun there was a knock at the door and KC went and opened the padlock and let his two sons in. The lock was put back on the door and the three of them came back in to the room and they all stood around as Mo ordered the girl to undress.

I felt bad for her. She looked even more na�ve, and more scared than I had been. At first she just shook her head, but KC held up the pictures and she started undressing. The tears were pouring down her cheeks and I felt myself crying for her. I knew how she felt. I hadn't been here so long that I didn't still remember that first day, that first week.

I worked listlessly at the spot on the rug, but I watched what was happening while I worked. I didn't want to. It made me sick to my stomach. But it was like an accident on the side of the highway. You couldn't help it, when you drove by you had to look.

Her breasts were smaller than mine. But then, it seemed like mine had grown a lot in the last couple of months. I suppose hers were about the same size that mine had been when they first brought me here.

Just as the girl was taking off her panties, Mo got a call on his cell phone. He got a disgusted look on his face and said, "Shit, I have to go. I'll come back this evening. You guys can teach to her suck cocks, but leave her cunt and her ass alone. I want the cherries on this one."

KC and the boys were fine with that. They would be able to spend the day tormenting the poor girl and raping her mouth. Fresh, young white pussy, they were happy.

For a few minutes they moved around the girl, touching her, groping her. She stood there with her hands over her face crying loudly and begging them to leave her alone. Her desperate sobs were giving them hardons. I could see them getting more and more excited as they tormented her.

They started hugging her and kissing her, forcing her to return their kisses all the while they were roughly exploring her body, squeezing and groping and pinching and causing her to cry out in pain.

Then they started undressing and she covered her face with her hands again. I knew that she had never been naked in front of anyone before, or seen a man naked before. Just like me when I got here. I could tell from watching her reactions. I wanted to make them stop. I wanted to tell them to take me instead. But I knew it wouldn't have helped. I could see how excited they were to have someone fresh and new to despoil. Her absolute terror was more than half the fun for them.

KC pushed her to her knees and the three of them closed in and rubbed their cocks all over her face and in her hair, poking at her and rubbing the slimy lube all over her face.

Then KC made the boys step back and he ordered her to kiss his cock. She started to shake her head, to plead with him again, but he just slapped her, hard, knocking her onto her back on the floor. Then he bent down and grabbed a handful of her bright red hair and pulled her back up onto her knees.

He moved his cock in front of her face again and once more he ordered her to kiss it. She groaned in humiliation and pursed her lips and touched them lightly to the head of his cock. I knew what was going through her mind now. It had only been a couple of months since I had been in her place. And I still hated it every time I had to suck one of those filthy bastards off.

He made her kiss him several more times and then he ordered her to lick. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick his throbbing cock and while she was doing that Jamal got down behind her and nestled his cock in between her buttocks and slid it up and down while he reached around and started roughly groping her tits and tormenting her nipples again.

She looked so small, so helpless, and so young and innocent. I wanted desperately to come to her aid. But I didn't want to end up in Mexico.

Finally KC decided that the foreplay was over and he forced his cock into her mouth. My view was suddenly obstructed by Curtis. I guess he decided that he couldn't wait for his turn at the new girl. He was always last.

He walked around behind where I was kneeling on the floor and forced his cock into my pussy. He stroked in and out of my dry pussy for a minute and then he lay down across my back and lifted his knees off of the floor and ordered me to move closer to the others.

With his cock buried in my pussy I walked on my hands and knees over to where KC was raping the young girl's mouth. When I came to a stop as close to them as I dared, Curtis lowered his knees to the floor and started fucking me slowly as he watched his father raping the girl's mouth.

Just like his first time with me, KC didn't try to force his cock into her throat during her first blowjob. But it seemed like he was being rougher with her than he had been with me. And while he was getting sucked off, Jamal was all over her back and I could see how rough he was with her tender young breasts.

KC finally came in her mouth and gave her the same instructions that he had given me the first time. He made her hold his cum in her mouth until she got used to the taste and then finally she was allowed to swallow.

As soon as she had swallowed his cum, KC went over to the sofa and sat down. Jamal stood up and took his place immediately. I was getting the impression that they had a regular routine worked out. They said the same things to her and did the same things to her that they did with me.

When he was nearing the end of his blowjob, Jamal pulled her head down forcefully and shoved his cock into the new girl's throat. I saw her surprise, her panic. She was right in front of my face. She struggled just like I had and it was just as futile. By the end of her second face fuck, Jamal was moving his cock in and out of her throat on every stroke and she had stopped struggling.

He finally came in her mouth and she was made to savor his cum for a moment before she could swallow.

And then it was Curtis' turn. He pulled out of my pussy and stood in front of her, his throbbing cock covered with my juices. She looked like she was going to be sick, but she didn't fight him when he shoved his cock in her mouth.

She may not have liked having my juices all over his cock, but at least I had gotten him warmed up for her and he came very quickly. She was finally allowed to swallow his cum, but they were not done with her, or me.

They ordered her to lie on her back and they ordered me to get on top of her in a sixty-nine position. I paused and we looked at each other. I said quietly, "I'm sorry, I have to do what they say."

She nodded, she understood. I move over her and put my lips to her virgin pussy while she began eating me. Curtis had fucked me for fifteen or twenty minutes while waiting his turn at her mouth. But I was relatively clean. He hadn't cum.

Compared to Condi's pussy, her virgin slit was fresh and clean and actually pleasant. But we were not doing this for our pleasure. And I doubt if either of us would have been able to achieve orgasm.

That was how we were occupied when their world caved in around them. There was a loud bang and the front door was crushed open by a battering ram. The room filled with men wearing helmets and bulletproof vests and dark coveralls and all of them carrying guns and yelling.

KC and his two boys almost turned white! They threw their hands up and stepped away from me and the redhead and they were quickly thrown to the floor. Someone threw a blanket around both of us. Apparently they were looking for the new girl. They were surprised to find me.

The guy that seemed to be in charge asked me a few questions and determined that I was also a victim here and being held against my will. He called someone over, a female cop, to take care of us but before they could take me out I asked for my clothes which were in KC's closet. While someone went to get my clothes, with some difficulty, I got the guy in charge to listen to me. Everything seemed so frantic. I showed him the other folders in KC's desk, and the pictures.

I told him what I knew and he took the folders and promised me he would try to find the girl. Then I was given my suitcase and I went into the bathroom to put on clothes for the first time in at least two months, probably longer. It felt pretty strange, and my tops didn't fit quite as well as they did when they brought me here.

We were driven to a police station and I told them who I was and what had happened to me. I eventually found out that, although the redhead's mother was a loser, her grandmother was a prominent member of society and when she got a call from her daughter who had been arrested she had immediately tried to locate her granddaughter.

That was when the shit had hit the fan. Although she had supposedly gone into the system, there was no record of her. But grandmother had a way of making things happen and thanks to the GPS locater on the redhead's cell phone in her unopened suitcase the police were able to track her down, and they found me too, of course.

My parents had both gotten out of jail more than a month ago when the evidence against them had gotten thrown out on a technicality. But I had disappeared from the system and could not be located. Unfortunately, my parents had no pull and no one was looking for me.

After months of investigation they found that there were a dozen girls who had been taken out of the system by Mo and broken in by him and KC and the boys and Condi. Three had eventually been sold in Mexico. So far only two of them have been found and returned. A few other girls had been sold to friends in the area and were eventually recovered.

Four of their victims were sold to local pimps and have been working locally. They have been found, but I hear that they are really fucked up. They are hooked on crack and two of them have AIDS.

I am back with my parents now and I have been getting rape counseling. I have a lawyer that the state assigned to me and she is suing the state on my behalf. I guess we need the money because my parents were apparently scared straight and are having trouble adjusting to a life of obeying the law. That isn't to say that there isn't a stash of pot around the house, but at least they aren't growing it and selling it now.

Oh, and when school starts back, I will be attending school for the first time. I have mixed feelings about that. I'm not sure how I feel about being a normal, fifteen year old girl again. I guess that's something I'll have to work on in counseling.

The End

Comments? Criticism? Email >vulgus@hotmail.com To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.


The author does not condone child abuse, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison.

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