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Author Topic: Until Dawn - Sam's Nightmare (demon)  (Read 1312 times)

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« on: October 30, 2016, 05:08:16 AM »

Sam's Nightmare (f-best,exhib,ncon)
Hayden Panettiere as Sam
Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Now you be careful out there!" Josh warned as Sam walked out of the house and down across the back yard towards the woods.
"They say the forest is full of mystic forces, not to mention fairies and maybe even demons."
"Relax, Josh,i'll be fine!" Sam called back and she skipped down the path.
She'd only come to the cabin this year, thinking she could forget all the bad stuff that happened last time they were up in the Blackwood Pines lodge, but 21 year old Sam found she couldn't escape her destiny. Josh had suggested that Sam and the rest return on more time up in the mountains and try to get over the disappearance of his twin sisters. After a long trip with the bus up the snowy road,everyone gathered at the lodge.Josh,Mike,Jessica,Chris,Ashley,Matt,Emily and of course Sam were once again back to the place where all begun.After boring afternoon between chit chat and arguments, Sam finally wanted to get some fresh air.
The forest was very quiet and dark and everything felt clean and crisp covered with a thick layer of snow. Sam walked for almost an hour, deep, deep into the thick forest, lost in her own thoughts. It took another hour before Sam realized that she was lost. She had veered off the path some time ago and was now surrounded in every direction by trees and darkness. Sam told herself not to be scared, but the truth was that she was terrified.She started to panic, rushing through the trees erratically. Up ahead there was some light, so she headed in that direction hoping she could find her way back.The images of last years event flashing through her head as she kept running in the dark menacing forest.
Coming into the clearing, Sam froze,mesmerized by the dozen little fairies fluttering about.They flew up close to her, made faces and then darted away.Sam thought her mind was playing trick on her,fairies werent real.But a part of her was delighted to see these beautiful creatures weren't just tales.

However, Sam was too focused on the fairies to notice other creatures making their way into the clearing flooded with light from the full moon.Sam was grabbed from behind and lifted right off the ground. The unseen beast spun her around and Sam screamed when she saw his face. It was manlike, but this was no man! His lower half was like that of a goat's, with hooves and furry legs. Dangling down between those legs was the longest cock Sam ever could have imagined, at least a foot long and impossibly thick, under the dick was a pair of low hanging testicles that were each the size of her fists. Sam's eyes widened in horror when she saw the organ twitch to life. Sam knew her folklore and quickly realized tha this beast was a satyr right out of the fairytales she's read.The satyr growled and Sam looked up into his red eyes. He had sharp features with a smiling row of white teeth like a shark's and golden horns curling from his forehead. His tongue rolled out of his mouth and waggled at her and then it all began.
They pulled her over to a boulder in the middle of the fairy circle, along the way the smaller imps and fairies were tearing off her boots and clothing, including her bra and panties.It was obvious that they were its servants. Sam was now completely naked and vulnerable in the cold winter night,but she didnt feel cold at all. The satyr twisted her arms around her back and bent her over the rock as if she were nothing more than a common whore. Her nipples quickly hardened once they touched the stone, it was icy cold. Her cheek was pressed against the rock and the satyr was behind her. The imps pulled her slim legs open wide, planting her feet in the snow covered ground. Perfect position for fucking, as was shown by her little pussy coming into full view. Fairies flew under her and teased Sam by pinching her bottom and inner thighs. Sam was grunting and struggling the whole time, but there were just too many.Sam thought of her as strong,stronger that a usual girl as she worked out a lot and climbing was a demanding sport,but those little fairies easily overpowered her.
Upon the first touch of the satyr's long, thick, clawed fingers probing her pussy, Sam began to cry. She never thought she'd be raped,let alone by a mythical creature.She squirmed in an effort to get away, but he overpowered her. The sticky liquid from his cock, he started spreading liberally around her labia and the opening to her pussy was making it tingle. Soon she felt her body producing juices against her will, heavily lubricating her in anticipation for taking his cock. Once he was certain she was wet enough, he scooped out some of her creams for himself and liberally stroked his penis to full erection, ready to plow into this soft, plump young girl they had captured.
His furry skin tickled the back of her thighs and ass, and a little on her pussy lips as he moved into position. Sam tried again to squirm away, but the hand pressed to the middle of her back kept her chest flattened to the cold rock face. The satyr was down between her legs, his mammoth erection poking at her vulnerable entrance, wetting her labia with enchanted precum, making her body tingle even more. Sam felt sick to her stomach when she felt her own juices trickle down her leg. This beast was forcing her body to lubricate in preparation for fucking. Despite what her body was doing, Sam was not aroused. She was both scared and angry. The satyr grasped her tiny waist with his free hand and angled her hips up for his cock to penetrate her unwilling vagina. He slid his cock's head back and forth over her slit, loving the feel of her pussy hairs tickling the tip. He kept this up until his erection had split the labia apart and he was sliding between them. He sought her opening and with a hard thrust, forced the cock head through the hole until it stabbed to a blunt halt at her womb.
"NOOOO!!!" Sam had cried at the sensation of having a cock penetrate her.
He was very very wide and she was very very tiny and it stressed her pussy lips and the first part of her channel to the maximum. There was a great deal of pain involved, but she was so wet that he was able to slid in with relative ease. She knew what was coming next. He was going to take her fuck her. Knowing that she was helpless to fight him off, the satyr took his hand off her back and it joined his other on her hips. He started to push in his penis. The fat head stretched her taut barrier until the edges of it started to tear away form her vaginal walls.
"Ohhh! No! Please no!!" she cried.
The satyr got a little more forceful, but not too rough, he wanted his sweet girl to feel everything. He moved her hips in slow, grinding circles, working her down on his prick. He pulled her into him a little more and suddenly all his length was in!
He slid fully inside Sam's vagina, all the way until the end rammed into her cervix and Sam grunted. He held himself fully buried inside her tight hot cunt, relishing in the sea of pussy juice. Sam was sobbing and trying to pull herself off this monster erection, but he held her down on him. His hairy balls scraped her labia. Her entire ass end, thighs and pussy were getting tickled by his fur, meanwhile her cunt burned with pain and throbbed around this massive trunk of meat. He withdrew slowly, very slowly, letting Sam feel each agonizing inch after inch as he dragged his long thick cock back down her torn passage. Sam wailed in agony as her stretched out cunt tensed and quivered around the rock hard shaft. Then suddenly he was pushing back in, all the way until she felt the engorged tip push hard against her cervix, almost as if seeking entrance to her womb, hot precum leaking in.
"Uuuuggggggghhh!!" Sam moaned as he did it again, then again, and again.
A slow, long, deep fucking of her tight pussy. Sam fought the pleasure with all her resolve, but it was just too much for her, this tender lovemaking. She thrust back at him a little, seeking to find a more comfortable rhythm.
"Ohhhhhhhhh!" she started to cry in unwanted pleasure.
The satyr's cock found the little girl's g-spot and it made her belly feel like it was full of butterflies. Her young body was so tender and sensitive that this kind of stimulation was incredibly intense. She was moaning like a whore, humping back to meet each thrust, rubbing her stiff nipples on the rock over which she was bent.The satyr was pleased by his mate's participation in the fucking and decided to reward her. He reached around and delved in between her juicy white thighs and searched for her clitoris. Finding the little button, he pulled back the hood and let the nub come out to play. He started by battering her clit about, then pinching it, giving Sam shocks of pleasure and pain. Then once it was fully engorged and red, he just rubbed it sensually. Sam's mouth fell open and she gasped, the giant penis was swelling larger inside her, tearing her vaginal passage gently and making her pussy bleed, but with each stroke that took a full 30 seconds to pass, her g-spot was thoroughly rubbed the entire time. Sam fought against the pleasure, but her womb was clenching down in response and it was making her love her rape. The satyr continued to strum her clit, the little nub standing at full attention for the stimulation. Around her the other fairies and creatures were laughing at her, engaging in sex acts themselves. Sam sobbed and cried in protest, but the lovemaking continued on and on and one, slow and sensual, making the happy camper love being stuffed with demon cock.
"No... no......don't make it feel good...no!! Please...I don't want to like...ahhh.....ohhh gods... please...please no....please don't stop!!!!" Sam cried, contradicting herself between each stab deep into her tender young belly.
"Oh! Oh! OHHhh!!! UNGH!!!!" she cried out in pleasure unable to contain her arousal.
He kept at it, slow and easy, only two strokes each minute. Sam was grunting and moaning the whole time, stepping her legs further apart to give him better access, rubbing her tits on the rock with her eyes closed. The assault on her clit was strong and constant, but it was getting sore from all the rubbing. She was sweating alot. Moisture ran down her spine and thighs,her hair all wet plastered on her forehead. Her pussy was gushing heavy creams, loving having this hard fuck. There was a squealing sound every time the satyr's testicles were mashed to her pussy lips, coating the heavy ball sack with her juices. They'd been fucking for most of the night, somehow this beast was able to prevent them both from achieving orgasm, just prolonging the act for hours until Sam was about to break, but then not letting her have the ultimate pleasure. Around her the others were still fucking like the animals they were. Sam was tired, so tired, but he kept on pumping and thrusting and manipulating her clitoris. She wondered how long they were having sex, surely the rest would come looking for her, but if she was in the realm of the enchanted, she'd never be found. Suddenly the style of the sex changed. The satyr leaned over her, pressing his hairy belly against the small of her back, his horned head next to hers. He started thrusting hard and fast, adding a sharp, violent corkscrew twist at the end, smashing her cervix hard and forcing it to open up.
"AARGGHH!!! NGGAAAHH!!!! OH GOD!!! STOP pleeeeeeeeeaase!! Oh god it hurts!!! IT HURTS!!!" Sam moaned.
The satyr roared into the night and fucked her so hard that she tore all over the place and her cervix opened fully, allowing the cock to thrust right into her womb. The others all laughed heartily at her pain. Problem for Sam was that despite how horribly painful this fucking was, she was so aroused from the hours of slow lovemaking before now that this was actually turning her on more! He increased the rubbing of her clitoris, the little nub was throbbing and twitching and burning for his touch.
"UHGggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Please no more!! NO MORE?!?!?!?" she screamed.
He only fucked her harder.Her womb was churning with pent up pleasure, her cunt in as much pain as it was was beginning to clench around the cock. Sam felt her womb cramping, her vagina tightening, her clit throbbing, she was almost cumming. So close. Almost there. Just a little more. The satyr grabbed her ass and impaled himself fully inside Sam. At the first explosion of ejaculation inside her uterus Sam orgasm.
"AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ooooooooohhhhhh!!!!! Mmmmmm!!!! Uuuuuuughhh!!"  Sam was in ecstasy.
She was humping back against this huge cock that was spilling torrents of hot semen into her womb. Her cunt was milking him, craving to take all of his demon seed inside her.
"Oh god!! OH GOD!!! Mmmmmmmmm!!!!" she was panting for air.
Her womb was full to the brim with cum, but the huge plug of the satyr's cock prevented any from escaping, therefore her little uterus was forced to expand and stretch in order to take everything that was jetting out of the monster's balls. Her tummy rounded as it filled, meanwhile the satyr rubbed it and patted the bulge as he continued to unleash his fiery climax. He still played with her clit, and this sent Sam into multiple orgasms, crying and screaming in extreme pleasure.
Even after the satyr had stopped cumming and Sam was so full of semen she looked a few months pregnant, she was still grinding back against the cock, lost in the fucking. She was so wrapped up in prolonging her own cum that she didn't notice she Satyr disappear into the night once the satyr's limp penis slid out of her, leaving her wanting for someone else was to take his place.....

Sam suddenly woke from her dream and found herself still in the bathtub of the lodge.She had fallen asleep in the warm water of the bathtub with her earphones still on,the music had stopped playing long ago.The dream had left her with a tingling sensation between her thighs but tried to block any thoughts of sex from her mind for the time being.Sam noticed the lights were off,she emerged from the water still feeling weird from the strange dream she had and quickly toweled her body dry.Sam then realized that her clothes were gonne.Someone was playing a joke on her so she decided to put a towel around her and go look for her clothes and friends,oblivious that all her actions where captured by hidden cameras all over the house.
''Very funny guys!Lets all watch Sam looking for her clothes dressed in a towel.'' she mocked as she begun searching the lodge.

The End?
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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2016, 11:20:42 AM »

Really awesome story. Very detailed. I loved to play Until Dawn.

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« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2016, 05:44:41 AM »

I might continue the story,this time more into the game's story.

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« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2016, 03:56:29 PM »

Amazing well written and engaging

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« Reply #4 on: December 16, 2016, 05:28:04 PM »

Amazing well written and engaging

Thank you!

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« Reply #5 on: January 12, 2017, 07:59:22 AM »

Washington Lodge
01:11 AM

Sam was walking through the dark lodge dressed only in a towel,the snow storm still roaming outside,making Sam start feeling a bit cold still wet from the bath as the heating was not working.Things were getting stranger by the moment as noone of her friends was answering her.Where the hell was everybody?
''Being creepy are we?'' she mocked half smiling.
The old lodge looked so creepy in the dark but it didnt scare Sam,she knew her friends were just trying to scare her.It was time for the young girl to go investigate, all alone.Sam walked down the old staircase moving downstairs where she knew the generator was located. She held her flashlight and walked down she straightened out her towel and stopped as she looked around the large empty living room. In the middle she could see huge fireplace that wasnt started either, and her friends suitcase still next to the door.

She walked along and shined the flashlight in every room. She was heading for the basement where the generator was located,she'd turn the power back on and make things easier after that.Sam wasnt some girl that couldnt help herself in a situation like that.The clouds now had cleared the sky and the full moon shined down the old cabin filling it with light through the big windows. She looked outside for a moment trying to make out if her friends where out as the night began to get creepy. She turned the corner and was walking right towards the basement never realizing that someone was watching her every move. She now was close to the large room that was turned into a screening room by Josh's father to view all his movies .

''Hey guys...come on!!!Im done with this!I really dont appreciate the silent treatment here...''Sam shout out in the dark.
Sam now entered the small screening room with her flashlight cutting through the dark room when suddenly the power come to that room and the screen started playing as the door closed behind her.

''What..what is this?'' she asked confused seeing herself on the screen.
''Hello Samantha....'' a distorted voice come through the speakers.
''Looking for me?'' the voice asked.
''What the hell is this?'' she asked suprised to see herself on the big screen.What was even more surprising was that it was her in the bathroom,naked taking a bath.

''I dont think you'll have much luck just by looking...Samantha'' he carried on as Sam was now realizing this couldnt be a prank by her friends.
''You're only going to see what i want you to see...'' the unknown voice said.
''What the...'' Sam was freaking out,it felt unreal that this was actually happening.
''And i have quite a lot to show you...just open your eyes....'' he carried on.
''Oh my god'' Sam mouth just fell open when she saw herself on the big screen getting out of the bath and looking for her clothes,her naked body in full display for everyone to see.
''She's quite beautiful....isnt she?'' the voice asked.
''A beautiful bathing bird...'' his voice getting creepier by the second as images of Sam filled the room.
''How...why..'' the otherwise quite talkative Sam was now lost for words.
''...do you think she has any idea what lies ahead?'' he asked.
''Why....why are you showing me this?'' Sam managed to asked as she was almost in tears.

''Why are you watching?'' he replied as Sam now scream.
''Im going to give you ten seconds....'' the voice said as he started a count down...
''No...noooo...'' Sam was now panicking.
The deranged psycho could smell her perfume as he stood up from behind his hiding place and walked through the secret passage way of the old lodge.
''Please...no...no...'' Sam was looking for a way out.

Suddenly the door burst open as a horrific looking clown walked in and saw her skinny figure in the dark. The clown looked around and smiled at the startled young girl.
''Hello Samantha'' he said as he sniffed and smelled her perfume and closed his eyes.
''No...no...leave me alone'' Sam froze in her place for a moment shocked at the big scary clown infront of her.
''Sam?Dont you want us to play?''he asked looking down at her like a prey on his victim.
''Shut up.'' she managed to say.
Somehow Sam's insticts kicked in and she reacted by throwing him a vase and making a run for it,trying to escape the psycko.
''Shit shit shit....'' was all that Sam could matter as she run for her life.
She made her way through various dark rooms throwing whatever she could at the man behind her,trying to make his go away but it was futile,he was still following.Sam was running for her life through the corridors and rooms with the creepy clown following behind,through the dark basement and without realizing she was now in an area of the lodge she had never been before.She was looking for a place to hide as she realized she couldnt find her way out of there with that psycho on her trail.Sam finally found a place and ducked inside as she could hear the man close behind.

''Here little kitty....here pussy pussy'' He growled looking for Sam around the abandoned section of the old lodge.

Sam made an involuntary sound trying to hold in her breath but to her bad fortune the deranged psycho heard her and found her hiding inside a shaft.The clown dragged her out of her hiding place.He laughed and grabbed her throat. Her eyes widened as she started choking as she gasped for air. He pulled at her towel that was still tightly around her body and she felt it tug and tear right off her body. She was now topless and leared down by the evil clown. He released her throat and she fell to her knees. Sam was on all fours and breathing heavy as her nice ass was on full diplay infront of the evil clown. Sam knew she was in over her head as he grabbed a handful of her hair.

''Finally Samantha....finally you are mine'' he said as he made her open her mouth.

He rammed his large cock into her mouth and fucked her face as she sucked. She couldn't fight as the clown fucked her mouth. Sam's spirit was gone as her pride was being destroyed.She was naked and helpless and in this psycho's realm.She looked up at the clown who was grinning down at her with sharp teeth, cracked makeup and dirty hair.Sam couldnt make it out but the face of the evil clown wasnt nothing more than a mask behind which hid the real psycho. Her tits swung as he kept her on all fours and enjoyed her sweet lips sliding up and down his hard cock. He felt saliva escape her sealed mouth as she couldnt swallow anything but his invading cock,the deranged masked clown closed his eyes and groaned as he pumped her mouth full. Her mouth was too much for him ans soon Sam was forced to swallow his first orgasm of the night as he held her in place with his cock deep down her aching throat until he finished. He pulled out letting a torrent of cum and saliva drip down her chin and upper body as he lifted her up by her hair.

Sam cried in pain as he stood her up using a handful of her golden hair. He smiled at her naked body as her breasts glisten partly covered by her drool and his cum,the clown reached down and rubbed her smooth pussy. She let out a startled yelp as he fingered her and slowly made her get turned on. She wiggled around as she felt herself let go and then it ran down her thighs and dripped to the concrete. Sam was being fingered and getting off to it over and over.

''Perfect....just like how imagined you'd be.'' He laughed as her squeals echoed through the park.

He had four fingers sliding in and out of her and his thumb was rubbing the clit hard keeping her cum flowing. Sam never had such a vicious fingering and she seemed very receptive,he smiled at the pool below her. He felt her pussy tighten and more of her girly juices flowed out and down.The pheromones he had put in Sam's bath had worked all too well.She was horny and ready for the taking. He released her hair and she fell to the concrete floor and lay on her side as she looked around,she knew she had to do nothing if she was to escape the inevitable.

''I wouldnt think you'd cum so much after the fun you had on her own in the bathtub Samantha...''He laughed as she tried to crawl away.
''I bet you were thinking about this....'' the clown said as he moved over her and stepped on her legs making her cry out in pain.

He towered over her skinny body and she looked at the huge cock that was rock hard and ready for fucking. He pinned her back to the dirty concrete floor and lifted her athletic legs. Sam tried to fight back as he exposed her pussy. He rubbed his angry looking dick up and down it as she whined for him to stop.The 6ft tall clown just pinned her arms above her head as he looked deep into her scared eyes.

''No...dont...dont do this...'' she pleaded.

The evil clown didnt pay any attention to her begging as he moved into position and when he felt a slight moist feeling,he smiled. He slipped inside her tight pussy with one hard thrust and began to violate her small body. Sam cried for help as he began to thrust hard and deep into her. The evil clown was pounding her body as hard as he could. She cried and cried with every deep thrust he delivered into her tight body,her legs were bent up as far as he could get them as he continued his attack while she tightened her grip around his cock and released her juices one more time. She moaned as he grunted and went faster and deeper. Somehow that psychotic clown knew that Sam's body was capable of being abused in that way,her years of training made sure she could take the beating.

Sam had never been taken advantage of like this and the problem was, her body welcomed it. It felt surreal that minutes earlier she had a wild sex dream of being raped like this,and now it was really happening.She simply couldnt believe this.Her thoughts were interrupted when she was flipped over and her ass was now up in the air. The deranged clown held her head down as he began to fuck her even deeper making her groan out in pain. She felt his cock go deep into her as it grew about another inch around, stretching her pussy more and making her wetter.

''Fuck your pussy is amazing Samantha....i knew this would be all worth it.'' He laughed as he pounded her with a steady rhythm.

She had never believed that a man could overpower her like that, especially a freaking masked clown. He was turning her body into his fuck toy and using every bit of energy he had. Sam was growing weaker as her attacker grew stronger and went faster. He was picking up speed and depth as his thrusts were literally shoving down into her body. Sam felt herself give in and her orgasm flowed as he went even faster yet. She cried for him to stop as the large cock was violating her so deep, you could see her stomach move with every thrust. The clown was grunting and panting as he gave it to her.You could feel this rape was not about sex,it was about revenge.

Sam's eyes rolled back as her body gave up and she almost fainted. Her pussy tightened with one last orgasm and then he grew stiffer as he finally exploded deep inside the body of the young girl. He began to fill her up with his psycho seed.Sam was out cold as he pumped her small frame full of his cum,filling her stomach until she looked nine months pregnant.The evil clown pulled out his still shooting dick from the unconscious girl as she fell to the ground limp leaving her gaping pussy leaking his cum.The clown moved to her beautiful face and finished his vile act painting it as more of his cum ran down her cheeks and onto her open mouth.The psycho was content with the sight of Sam covered with his seed but he was far from over with her.

The next day Sam woke up tied to a chair in the lodge back inside the screening room,the last night was a blur,she looked around and she was alone.She cried for help but noone answered.Sam was getting worried for her friends too.Her question would soon be answered when the video started playing on the wall.Sam immediately recognized the faces of her friend,Ashley,Emily and Jessica.

''Glad you're awake Samantha...i didnt want to watch this alone....'' the psycho clown said to a surprised Sam as the movie begun to play.
''I hear your little friends performed as wonderful as you''

The end?
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