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Author Topic: Out of Town  (Read 806 times)
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« on: October 28, 2016, 08:37:26 PM »

Synopsis.  A business woman forced to stay over in Chicago is raped by another female in her hotel room.

As with all stories, this is a work of fiction meant to satisfy adult fantasy.  Rape is a crime and the author does not condone it.

“Another Mojito please,” Carrie relayed to the bartender as she adjusted her seat at the bar.  She was on a business trip in Chicago and was supposed to be heading back home tonight but the flight was cancelled at the last minute. She hailed a cab and rushed to book a room at one of her favorite hotels downtown.  Informing her that a room would be available in about an hour, she decided to relax with a drink in the lounge.

She was still wearing her grey pants suit with white shirt and black heels from the days meetings.  A brunette with a slim but curvy figure, she got more than a few stares from the patrons, but her only concern now was getting out of her clothes and into a hot shower, then she  could order room service.

A blonde girl took a seat beside her and Carrie could not help but notice how beautiful the girl was. There was just something unique about her.  A beautifully sculptured face with almost hypnotic eyes. Her coiffed blonde hair looked as if it had been professionally done as it swirled in golden strands down to her shoulders.

She looked at Carrie with a smile that was hard to ignore. “I love that outfit. It looks so good on you, the blonde remarked as she complimented Carrie. “Name is Missy,” She informed.

“Thank you Missy. Nice to meet you.  Business trip you know,” Carrie replied in a friendly tone. “Can’t wait till they get my room done and I can get out of these things.”

Carrie noted the girls eyes seem to sparkle at the mention of her getting out of her clothes. “I can relate. And if you look as good out of them as you do in them that must be a sight to see.”

Carrie blushed and gave a shy smile as she returned to her drink.  While sipping on it, she could not help but hear the girl in a conversation on her cell phone.  It sounded like a heated conversation with her boy friend or something and she got up to go to the ladies room.

When Carrie returned she was informed that her room was ready and the bartender went to get her keycard.  Carrie told Missy goodbye and headed for the elevator.  She ordered room service and took a nice hot shower.  After eating she brushed her teeth and turned on the TV.

An hour later Missy strolled down the hall towards Carrie’s room.  She had memorized the number as the bartender handed it to Carrie.   As she neared the room a cleaning girl came by pushing her cart.

“Honey can you be a dear and open my door. I left my card inside,” Missy replied with a warm smile.  The girl had no reason to suspect her and quickly swiped the door open and hurried down the hallway.

Missy slowly opened the door and smiled at the sight of Carrie lying on top of her bed asleep as the TV played.  Carefully closing the door and locking it, she crept over to the side of the bed and stared down at Carrie.

The smell of perfume awoke Carrie and she batted her eyes open.  She gasped and started to sit up when seeing Missy standing by her bed.

“Wh…Wh.. How did you get in here?” Carrie rambled, her voice confused and alarmed.

“Wasn’t hard,” Missy remarked as she leaned over and planted a kiss on Carrie’s lips before she could react.

Carrie recoiled in shock, pushing Missy away. “What the hell are you doing” get out of my room right now!”

Missy quickly grabbed Carrie’s arm and Carrie was surprised at her strength as she shoved Carrie back onto the bed.  It all happened so quickly as Missy covered Carrie’s mouth and nose with the soaked cloth.  A heavy odor filled the room, Carrie struggled for several minutes before drifting out of consciousness.  Finding a plastic bag, Missy stuffed the saturated cloth inside, tied it off to prevent leakage and stuffed it back in her purse.

From her purse she retrieved the nylon ropes she carried for just this purpose.  She had done it before on several occasions actually.   Women rarely, if ever, report being raped by another female for shame and embarrassment.  Chicago was like Disneyland to Missy. Never a lack of vulnerable woman to take advantage of.

Missy removed the robe Carrie was wearing, happy to find that she was not wearing underwear.   She then skillfully tied Carrie spread eagle on the bed.   Missy then stripped naked, poured herself a drink and scanned the naked body of her victim as she pulled a chair next to the bed.

Missy took a mental guess at C-cup breasts, a flat tummy with a cute belly button and a mound of well trimmed black hair adorning her pussy.  She opened the plastic bag from the adult store down the street and retrieved the strap on dildo, KY jelly, Hitachi wand, and sat them on the carpet beside her chair.

A half hour went by before Missy saw the first signs of Carrie coming back around.  She rose from the chair, walked to the foot of the bed and leaned back against the dresser.  As Missy blinked her eyes the cloudy haze slowly gave way to sight.  

Her eyes widened as she stared at Missy who was complete naked and grinning wickedly at her.   Carrie immediately tried to sit up but found she could not move.  Assessing her own situation she gasped as she saw that she too was naked and tied to the bed, her legs spread wide and giving Missy an unobstructed view of her sex.

“What’s going on? Let me up, untie me!” Carrie growled as she struggled against her ropes.  She watched Missy slither her way towards her, her ample breasts rising up and down with her steps.  The pinkish nipples were hard and erect.

“Relax baby,” Missy remarked as she leaned over and began caressing Carries’ breasts, teasing and taunting them with her tongue, squeezing the nipples between her fingers.

“Stop it! You can’t do this. I’m not a lesbian. This is rape!” Carrie whimpered.  It took Missy just a few minutes to get Carrie’s nipples fully hardened.   Missy then let her tongue slide down the center of Carries stomach, swirling it around in her navel and proceeding down towards her pussy.

“Ohhhh. Don’t..Carrie pleaded, her voice broken as she felt Missy’s warn, wet tongue glide along the lips of her labia.  Carrie’s mind was tormented at how her body was responding; betraying her like this.  The faster Missy flicked her tongue over her heated sex, the more she could feel the wetness form inside her.  “Please stop. I beg you…please!”

Missy brought Carrie to the edge of orgasm then abruptly stopped, instead she lowered her body atop of Carrie’s and began rubbing her tits against Carrie’s in a slow, circular rhythm before leaning in and locking her lips around Carrie’s mouth for a hot, steamy kiss.

When Missy broke the kiss, Carrie gasped for air.   Missy then straddled Carrie’s face and slowly lowered her shaven pussy to Carrie’s mouth.

“Noooooo..mmmphhhh” Carrie moaned.

“Lick it bitch. Lick it good for me if you want to breathe again,” Missy growled as she fingered her own nipples.

Carrie’s mind was conflicted and tormented. She hated the idea of licking another woman’s pussy, but desperation and fear soon had her moving her tongue rapidly over Missy’s wet cunt hoping Missy would cum quickly to give her some fresh air again. The aroma of Missy’s sex filled Carries’ senses as she worked her tongue the best she knew how to do.

“That’s it baby. Make me cum!” Missy groaned as she ground herself into Carrie’s face.  Missy shook and convulsed as the orgasm rolled over body.  As she rose, Carrie took a deep gulp of fresh air, panting heavily as her face glistened in female ejaculate.

Missy leaned over and picked up the dildo from the floor. “Look what we got here,” She said as she began putting it on.

“Ohhhh God no…Nooo,” Carrie spat, her head shaking defiantly from side to side.   She watched helplessly as Missy put the lube on the head and rubbed it in good.  She then slipped between Carries legs and pressed the head of the cock against Carrie’s slit.

Carrie sobbed in shame and humiliation as the cock slipped inside and Miss began fucking her.  Torturously, Missy would bury the cock in Carrie then pull it all the way out repeatedly as Carrie wept and moaned wth each thrust.  Missy pile drove Carrie mercilessly; Her juices coating her thighs and soaking the bed beneath her.  Carrie could feel the warm liquid seeping under the folds of her ass.

As she felt the stirrings of an unwanted orgasm, she wanted to scream. She didn’t want to cum. Not from this. Not from another woman raping her.  Missy pummeled her until a gushing stream of cum came squirting out of Carrie, soaking everything.

Half conscious, she saw Missy loosening the bonds and breathed a sigh thinking the ordeal was over.  Instead, Missy rolled Carrie onto her stomach and slapped her bare ass playfully as she reached under and helped hoist Carrie to her knees.
Carrie was too weak to fight as she felt the head of the cock, slick with her own juices, press against her puckered hole.  A weak, but agonizing moan slipped from Carrie’s lips as  Missy forced the dildo into her dark passage.   Carrie’s hands and legs trembled as Missy sawed her asshole with the black cock.   Carrie’s body rocked back and forth as the hot tears flowed down her face.  She felt something pop inside her and a shot of intense pain soared through her as she knew Missy had drew blood from back there and she wept all the more.

 When Carrie awoke, she was on her back again. The droning sound of something buzzing filled the room and then she felt the vibration against her cunt.  She looked down to see the Hibachi wand had been taped to her pussy and turned on.

Missy was sitting by the bed grinning sadistically. “Was hoping you would wake up. I want to see you cum real good before I go,” She quipped.  Carries’ hands and legs had been tied again and her panties taped over her mouth.   She felt the maddening rush build in her once again.

“Awwwwww!! she moaned against her gag as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.

Carrie lay panting, her body spent, and her holes sore and aching as Missy put everything in her purse and sack, and slowly dressed.

“Well Carrie,” She remarked as she paused by the door. “It has been a wonderful evening.  Don’t worry, the staff will untie you when they come in to do the beds in the morning.  Try to get some sleep darling and I hope you don’t pee the bed,” she laughed as she opened the door and strolled out, locking it behind her.

“MMMPHHHHHH!” Carrie was heard screaming before the door shut and her screams droned out.

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