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Author Topic: Laws of attraction  (Read 689 times)
Henry Beernose

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« on: October 26, 2016, 05:24:05 PM »

I walked upon my lonely road through the dark shadows of the nightly city on my quest to get drunk. As all the liquor stores seemed to be closed at this time I entered a bar. Through the wicked laughter of partying women in a ladies' night and all the godly beauty of young female bodies dancing I made my way to the bar. The bartender, who seemed a bit nervous was at least able to get me a beer and a scotch, pausing some seconds from flirting with all the ladies and surfing on the wave of female sexuality that flooded through the place. I ejoyed my drinks and lit a cigarette.
It sure was not allowed to smoke in here, but those about thirty women and the young bartender were engulfed in theirown kind of game, nobody really was noticing my behavior. The music was crap, but the bar stool kind of comfortable.
After some minutes, there was a kind of change in the mood of the whole situation, it got more aggressive. The ladies yelled obscenities at the guy that served them their drinks, becoming more aggressive. He seemed to be a bit scared, being the only male but me around. Things escalated quickly. A couple of women gathered around him, punched him and dragged him to the floor. Finishing my scotch, I saw them undressing him and while some hold his limbs, another one got his penis out and started oral manipulation. It seemed quite obvious what they were about and a short time later the first one sat down on him and started to ride him. The whole room cheered. It made me a bit horny and I spoke to the girl next to me, a blonde 20 years old that was really enjoying the rape in progress.
"Excuse me, madam?"
Irritated she looked back.
"This reverse rape thing going on made me kind of hot", I said, "I guess I am the next victim then? Because there are no other men here."
She now seemed really disgusted.
"Ewww, that's really awful. We are some women raping a man here, not a fat old drunken German fart like you. I mean, look at that huge belly of yours, I would have to puke if I had to jump you. And your ex girlfriend spread the world all around town that you are not circumsized and that you disgusting pig never shave your pubics. Nobody would touch that."
I was a bit disappointed.
"Well, we don't have to go all crazy clown time", I supposed. "But I am pretty good at licking pussy, even with my
fingers alone on a clit."
She looked at me in a way that would have fitted to a bunch of rats from the sewer that just killed and ate her newborn baby.
"You awful old pig!" She yelled. "I am really feeling offended by your disgusting ramblings!"
I tried to apologize and to explain that I only wanted to participate as a second victim of the male rape just happening, but it made things only worse and in the end they called the police and I was arrested for sexual harassment.
"I would just shoot you if I were not wearing uniform right now!" one of the cops claimed.
I was cuffed and led to the police car while the other people in the bar got back to fun.
After some words with a detective at the precinct I was put into a cell with two black tattooed hunks. When we were left alone, I tried to look the toughest way I could and shouted:"If you assholes try to fuck with me, I will kill you right on the spot, faggots!"
They looked at me in a strange way.
"Wut you mean fucking?" one of them asked. "I hope you do not want any of us touching you fat ugly old guy."
"If you try to rape me you are dead meat", I stated.
Both of them grimassed.
"Dude, that is really disgusting!" one of them shouted. "I mean look at yourself, why would any person on earth ever want to touch that body? You make me really uncomfortable, you old German fart."
I relaxed a bit.
"At least my hairy white old german butt is safe", I said aloud.
One of the two thugs started to puke, the other one jumped on his feet and started rattling the bars.
"Help!" he yelled in desparation. "Guards! This guy is harrasing us! Rape!"
If I would not have taken a dump in the cell some minutes later I might have avoided my death sentence.
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