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Author Topic: After School  (Read 2636 times)
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« on: October 17, 2016, 10:06:39 PM »

Authors note: This is the first story I have written in this category.  Hope it is not too lame or boring.

As always this is a work of fiction and meant to satisfy adult fantasy.  Rape is a crime pure and simple.

Synopsis: A boy peering through a hole into the girl's locker room is caught where he is humiliated and abused by two older females.

Jerry had hit the jackpot.  Sarah and Brittney were in the locker room alone.  Jerry’s uncle was a custodian at the school and he overheard him talking one night about a peep hole into the girl’s shower and dressing rooms.   Jerry made it a point to visit often, but usually was rewarded with only an underwear pageant as the teen girls strutted back and forth.

Now, here were senior girls, both luscious blondes, with towels in their hands!. He was finally going to get to see some tits and ass up close and personal.  No one would believe him.  As Jerry maneuvered for a better position he clumsily knocked over some loose mop handles that were stored against the wall. The racket caught the attention of the two girls who rushed out of the lockers and came face to face with a wide eyed, and embarrassed Jerry.

“What are you doing?” Sarah barked as both girls surrounded him.  A freshman, Jerry was at a loss for words, and in wine truth, he was intimidated by the two older females.

“Damn peeping tom!” Brittney blurted out.  “You were looking through that hole in the wall weren’t you?”

“Is that true? Sarah remarked sternly.  “We could get you expelled for that shit.

Jerry was a babbling mess as he tried to assure the two girls it was not his intention to spy on them.  They didn’t buy it and Jerry found himself forcibly shoved into the girl’s locker room.

“Tell you what we are going to do, “ Sarah remarked as the two girls paced around Jerry. “We report you to the principal first thing in the morning or you do as we say right now.”

“Anything…I will do anything, please don’t tell,” Jerry stammered.

“Well, we know we are the last ones in here tonight,” Brittney chimed in. “Everyone else has left and the janitor will not be here for a couple of hours, so you let us have some fun with you and we will keep this our secret.”

Jerry nodded his head in agreement not knowing what was coming.

“Good. Get your clothes off you little perv. Let’s see you naked!” Sarah blurted as the girls gave a menacing laugh.

“My..clothes?” Jerry remarked nervously.  He had never been naked in front of a girl before and was quite shy about it.

“You heard her. Strip. Now!” Brittney yelled as she grabbed a clump of his black, curly hair in her fist.

Jerry clumsily shed his clothes and sheepishly stepped out of his underwear, quickly cupping his cock and balls with his hands, but was quickly reprimanded by the two girls.

“Let us see it,” Sarah teased as the two girls pulled his hands away.  Jerry was a tall, lanky teen with an average size cock and balls for his age.  His body was just growing hair and the the girls laughed and teased as they pulled at his matted pubic hair.

“Let me get a picture,” Brittney laughed as she fetched her cell phone and pointed it at Jerry’s cock. “Stretch it, pull it up or something,” she yelled to Sarah as she focused the shot.

Sarah demanded Jerry put his hands behind his back and she wrapped her hand around the head of Jerry’s dick and pulled it upward towards his stomach, stretching it up from his balls.  As Sarah took the shot, Jerry’s face was flushed and his mouth wincing from discomfort.

“Take another one, “ Sarah chimed as she released his cock and struck his balls with her open hand causing Jerry to moan in agony.  “Awww, does it hurt?” she teased as she smacked them again just as Brittney took another shot.

“What’s your name stud?” Brittney teased as she laid the camera down and took her place on his other side.

“Jerry,” he remarked in soft voice.

“Well, tell me Jerry. How many times do you jerk off thinking about all of us girls in here naked and wet,” she continued to tease.

“Yea, I bet you get real fucking hard thinking about a girl’s hot mouth wrapped around the head of that cock, her tongue gliding over your piss slit, “ Sarah added.

The combination of the girl’s dirty talk, the closeness of the presence, and the scent of their perfume had Jerry’s cock twitching to hardness; a fact not missed by the two teasing bitches.

“Oh look, he is getting hard now,” Sarah quipped.

“We didn’t tell you you could get hard now did we?” Brittney scolded as she slapped his cock roughly.

“Lay down on the fucking bench!” Brittney ordered. “Sarah get me some of the nylon gloves on the desk over there.”

With Jerry laying face up on the bench,  Brittney slipped a nylon glove. “I was reading a sex magazine the other day. You know you can get a guy hard, even make him cum just by rubbing his prostrate?” she quipped.

“No shit,” Sarah replied. “I bet the little faggot would love something up his ass!”

Before Jerry could react, Sarah had pulled both of his legs back by his head giving Brittney a unobstructed view of scrotum and tight asshole.   Having no lube, she licked the finger with her mouth and slowly pressed it against his anus.

“Tell us your secret Jerry. Ever had another cock up your ass?  One of your buddies dicking you  when he slept over with you?” she teased as she slid the finger through the perineum and began rubbing the prostrate softly.

Both girls delighted in Jerry’s moans as they watched his cock spring to life.

“Oh my god! look, it’s growing,” Sarah quipped as she held his legs firmly.

“Oh yea, he likes this,” Brittney added as she continued to massage it.  “You know what I like about this position?”  The head of his dick is pointing straight at his mouth,” she stated with a grin as she looked at Sarah.

The humiliation of having his ass reamed by a hot blonde who was fully dressed was compounded by the fact that his cock was responding to the stimulation and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

As Sarah saw the pre-cum forming she urged Brittney to make him cum and she rubbed the prostrate more vigorously until Jerry was moaning.  He felt the load building but just before he shot, Britney pulled out, intentionally denying him release.

“How do they feel now, all full of cum,” She teased as she rubbed his balls vigorously.

Both girls then hauled Jerry to his feet and made him bend over and touch his toes.  They then took their places behind him and began smacking his bare ass with their open palms as they laughed and teased about how his balls looked hanging down between his legs.

“Disgusting little perv.  Must be embarrassing getting your ass spanked by two hot chicks.  If you were a man you would be fucking us now!” they teased.  After a lengthy session of humiliating spanking and ball slapping from behind, They searched the room until they found some nylon rope and once again made him lie face up on the wooden bench.  This time they bound his arms and legs to it and looked down at him menacingly.

His eyes widened as he watched the two shapely blondes lift up their skirts to their waist and drop their panties.  Both girls had shaven cunts and the smell of their sex filled the air.

“Let’s see how good you are at licking pussy and eating ass,” Sarah snarled as she straddled his face and lowered herself to his mouth.  “Start licking bitch,” She growled as she rubbed her pussy along his face making sure to rub her asshole over his nose.

“You interrupted our shower, so you will have to smell our unwashed bodies,” Brittney stated with a sadistic smile as she watched Sarah grind herself over his face and watched Jerry’s cock get harder and harder.

Sarah writhed and gyrated madly as the orgasm overtook her, leaving Jerry’s face with a fresh coating of her juices as she slowly rose to her feet.

“My turn,”Brittney quipped as she lowered her gorgeous ass to Jerry’s face and began rubbing it the same way Sarah had.   As Brittney ground herself over Jerry’s face,  Sarah clutched his engorged cock in her fist and began stroking it slowly, making sure to rub her thumb over the sensitive slit of the head.

Jerry could feel the massive load in his balls pressing for release at any minute as he worked on Brittney’s pussy and ass until she too exploded, soaking his face in her hot cum.  They then knelt down by each leg and began taking turns masturbating his swollen cock.  A good thirty minutes of tease and denial and Jerry was delirious, the shaft of cock burning from their coarse stroking.  They jerked until he couldn’t take it anymore and bead after bead of thick white cum shot from the head of his cock.  Brittney held her open hand under the head catching a thick load and when he had shot the last of it she stood and rubbed it all over his chest laughing.

“Ewww, you need a bath,” The girls teased as they forced him into a shower stall.  Shoving him onto the floor, they both aimed their pussies at him, soaking him in their golden nectar.

“Good luck getting home loser, “ They teased as they picked up his clothes and headed to the door. “We are taking your clothes with us.”  The two switched the lights off and Jerry sat in the shower stall soaked and humiliated by the two buxom blondes.

He quickly showered and found a towel to wrap himself in and got out before his uncle arrived to clean.  The next day at school was hell as the two girls had posted polaroids of his debasement all over the girl’s restrooms and showers.   All day long he was teased and ridiculed relentlessly by every girl in school.   Many told him that they were not done with him yet.  He had more punishment coming if he didn’t want the principal finding out.

Girls can be so cruel.  A group of four cornered him and ordered him to come to one of their homes later that evening.  The four took him out to a building behind the house, stripped him naked and tormented him sexually for hours, stroking his cock, torturing his cock, and inserting things up his ass as they forced him to cum over and over before letting him go.

It was going to be a long school year for Jerry.


"I was born an original sinner. I was born from original sin.  If I had a dollar bill for all the things I've done, there'd be a pile of money piled up to my chin."  Eurythmics
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« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2016, 10:48:21 PM »

 emot_mrhappydick.gif emot_mrhappydick.gif emot_mrhappydick.gif Good job darklord!

I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2016, 08:40:51 AM »

nice story
got me playing
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« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2016, 11:01:38 AM »

And I though guys couldn't sink into the cruel psyche of the female. Proves me wrong and give me hope for the future!

it's only rape if she understand that she has to say no,orates it clearly and sign that she said no!
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