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Author Topic: Chritina's Nightmare  (Read 869 times)

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« on: October 06, 2016, 01:40:00 PM »

Work of fiction, written in response to a challenge on another site. 

Christina's Nightmare

Christina groaned as she rolled over.  It couldn't be 5:00 A.M. already.  She picked up her cell squinting in pain as the light hurt her eyes in the otherwise dark room.  It was 5:00.  She slid out of bed, padding into the bathroom to take a shower, cursing in her native Italian.  She felt better after her shower.  She watched  The Morning News, while having her breakfast.  Nothing of significance, to her directly, anyway.  She left her house and into the predawn darkness.  She got into her car and turned the key in the ignition.  Nothing happened.  She tried a second time and got the same result.  She tried a third time.  Nothing at all.  She got out, slamming the door, letting off another blue streak, again, in Italian. 

She called ahead, explaining why she was late.  She walked into the building signed in at security and traveled up to the 12th storey.  The law offices of Speigal, Trump (no relation) and Jones, where she was an up and coming Junior Partner.  It would be a long day. 

Christina got off the bus, around the corner from her house, walking slowly in her heels.  She hated taking the bus, but when your car won't start and you have to get to work, you don't have many options.  Darkness had begun to fall and the snow laden clouds began to take their position for the blizzard they were calling for.  She wanted to get home before it started.  She walked into the house.  She felt the blow to the back of the head and heard a laugh as the curtain of black fell around her eyes. 

Christina woke slowly, shaking the cobwebs of sleep from her head.  That made her head pound.  She tried to bring her hand to her face.  She was rewarded with a clink of chains.  She was suddenly wide awake.  She opened her eyes and screamed, albeit muffled behind her gag.  A stranger was in her home.  A redhead, probably a couple of inches under 6'0".  Muscular well-toned, standing in her bedroom, clad in his boxers.  Despite the fact he was probably going to rape her, she thought he was kinda' hot.  He looked her over.  Long dark hair, green eyes, a perky 34C rack, tight ass, taut tummy, and inviting pussy. 
   "I'm glad to see you're awake.  You don't want to miss the uhhh...festivities," he said with a chuckle.  She moaned in fear, into her gag. 
   "Don't be afraid.  You're going to enjoy it so much, at the end, you won't even mind that you're dead," he said with another chuckle.  She moaned again in fear.  He walked around her body, touching, prodding, cupping, stroking and smacking various parts of her body.  He stopped at the hem on her pants suit pants.  He plucked at it.  He removed a knife from his pants pocket and proceeded to cut away her pants.  He cut away all her clothes, before traveling down to her feet.  He sensually rubbed her ankle and dragged his finger right at the top of her designer shoe on her left foot.  As he slowly, and sensually slid the shoe off her foot, his left index finger slid over her heel and onto the sole of her foot, where it made small circles as it spiraled down to her toes.  She laughed in spite of her situation, as her feet were especially ticklish.  He grabbed each toe and played with it, causing pleasure and pain for his captive.  He moved over to her right foot.  He slowly grabbed the shoe, then tossed it away without any pretense.  He proceeded to tickle this foot mercilessly.   He thought her laugh, muffled as it was by the gag was strangely erotic.  He shed his clothes, leaving them a pile on the floor, climbed up on the bed and knelt between her splayed legs.  With a brutal thrust forward, all thoughts of pleasure were gone.  Her muffled scream, was far more titillating than her laugh.  It pushed him closer to the edge.  After about 10 minutes, he finally came.  Climbing off, he retrieved a key from his pocket and unlocked the chains holding her feet.  He flipped her legs up and plunged into her tight ass.  He loved how her sphincter muscles tightened in a vain effort to keep him out.  It's what made this more enjoyable for him.  It wasn't long, before he came, again.  He removed himself, again chaining her ankles to the foot-board.  He went back to his pants and returned with needle-nose pliers.  He made sure she saw them, even bounced the end off her nose. 
   "I'm gonna' remove that gag that that pretty mouth of yours.  You scream I start pullin' teeth.  Then you're gonna' clean me off.  I feel a single tooth, I start pullin' teeth?  Understand bitch?"  Terrified, Christina nodded.  He pulled out her gag.  She stayed quiet. 
   "Good girl, now, open wide," he said.  When she did, he plunged his man-meat in.  Having come twice, he couldn't go again but he did make sure she tasted her crapper. 
   "You like that bitch?  That's your ass you taste." He patted her cheek.  He pulled out and quickly sealed her lips with duct tape.  She closed her eyes thinking he was done.  He even undid the  chains anchoring her ankles and wrists to to the bed.  But then, using duct tape, he tied her wrists behind her back.  After doing the same thing to her ankles, he hoisted her over his shoulder.  She was deposited in the trunk of his car.  He drove for what seemed to Christina for hours, and finally arrived at an old factory.  He carried her inside and up three flights of stairs.  After hunting around for a while, he found what he was looking for.  A central load bearing pillar.  He used the chains to anchor her securely to the pillar. 
   "You're probably wondering why you're here.  This building is slated to be demolished tomorrow morning.  They're imploding it.  Don't worry honey, you probably won't suffer.  There's a bomb not three feet from you.  You'll likely be instantly incinerated."  With that, he turned and walked away from the bitch who had made sure his ex-wife got the house and the kids.  Now, Curtis was off to kill his ex-wife. 
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