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Author Topic: Left Wanting More  (Read 1395 times)

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« on: September 24, 2016, 12:19:50 AM »

Warning!  You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Story Invovles:   FF, rape, non-consent, vaginal, sex toys, party setting, short

Left Wanting More

I stood there in the doorway watching her as she laughed with her friends. Tall, attractive, long smooth legs. Brown hair, perfect length to grab ahold of if you wanted to. I could see she has decent sized breast as well under her form-fitting shirt. Just as teasing as her skirt, long enough to cover her secrets, but short enough to tease your imagination.

She appeared to be here with a mutual friend, as I don't seem to recognize her. My friend had decided earlier in the week to throw a party... Or what was originally planned to just be a minor get-together type of thing, since the weather had been good and in an attempt to kick off the warm weather on a good note. I keep looking her over though, I think I'll definitely be able to do exactly that as I smile to myself.

I make my way around the crowd, greeting people, socializing and dancing a bit always keeping my eye on her...I think about forcing her to lap at my juices and wonder how her tongue would feel against my clit. The more I think about it, the more excited I feel. Sensing the heat growing within me. Almost resonating onto my inner thighs. Watching her dance as her breast bounce just enough to be noticed, imagining her bent over. The thoughts in my head racing.

She begins to head up stairs, I slowly wander to the bottom of the staircase, briefly glancing around, slightly moving to the music, as she reaches the top of the stairs and leaves my view. She's either looking for the bathroom or being nosy, either way she's going to find more than she bargained for as I grin to myself, pushing my hair behind my ears a bit and straightening the top of my dress, I begin to ascend the stairs slowly. Gliding my fingers up the railing briefly glancing about as I reach the top. She's not within sight, and the bathroom door is open, I peek in. Do a quick make up check in the mirror, pleased with what I see, but she isn't in here. I slowly make my way down the hall, slightly creeping as I check each room. Slowly approaching the next room, the door is shut but I can see the glow from under the door of the lights being on, and a bit of movement behind it as a shadow dances in the light glowing beneath.

I grab hold of the door knob and twist as I swiftly enter the room to see her standing by the nightstand. She appears surprised and slightly embarrassed.

"I was just taking a moment by myself to gather my thoughts, I hope you don't mind." She says. She appears nervous as she stands there fumbling with her hands.

"Nooo noo, it's fine, I understand" I assure her as I smile. I slowly close the door behind me, leaning against it as I quietly turn the lock on the knob, she must think I also live here. Still able to hear the music from downstairs. She seems to breathe a sigh of relief. I slowly walk towards her asking her if she's enjoyed the party and make a bit of small talk as I think to myself where everything in the room is, trying to remember from having previous play dates with my friend. Sort of pleased how she found herself in the bedroom, making things much easier in my head. I shift the conversation asking her little questions. Like if she has a boyfriend. she informs me she does but that she's not sure for how much longer.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" I ask with a smile across my face as I watch her closely. She seems to blush and cover her mouth a bit with her hand.

"No...no I haven’t, it has been an idea I've sort of played with in my head but sort of jokingly..." She giggles a bit looking down to the floor. Wondering to myself what she's looking at or thinking. I take a few paces towards her and rub my hand over her shoulder while lifting her chin with my other hand. Bringing her eyes to meet mine as I smirk.

"Well it won't be a jokingly way when I take you" I say in a soft tone not breaking eye contact. She quickly blushes and slightly shifts her feet in a nervous manner almost tripping over her wedged heel, taking a step backwards closer to the edge of the bed.
"T-t-take me?" She asks in a bit of surprise, voice squeaking softly.

Knowing she was asking in reference to my statement I took it as more of an invite. I smile as I move my hands to her slim waist, trailing my fingers to resting on her hips. I kick off my heels behind me, followed by the other hearing them both land somewhere with a thud, I rub my lower leg against hers. Her leg feels toned and as smooth as silk. I further lift my leg, bringing my knee to the crotch of her panties. I reach my foot to the side bed frame and rest it there.  Rubbing my knee against her crotch, she quickly tries to move only further straddling me knee.  I bring my hands from her hips to her shoulders as I forcefully shove her onto the bed with my knee still firmly pressed against her, pinning her down to the bed as it bounces a bit, pressing her breast into mine.

She's quick to try to push me away, shoving at my shoulders kicking her legs, attempting to fight me off.   She flails her arms and one of her nails happens to catch the side of my face, scratching the hell out of me. I briefly pause putting a hand to my face to see if she had broken the skin. She has a terrified look in her eye as she draws her hands to her face. I feel a bit of blood on my finger tips and where my skin snagged on her nails. I look to her grimly as I pull her hands away, while I bring my own down harshly across her face.

The slap resonates throughout the room loudly. Almost instantly she bursts into tears, sobbing and pleading, apologizing. I reposition myself so that I'm more so mounted onto her hips.  I grip her shoulders shifting her enough so that I can reach a strap hanging from the bed post near the head of the bed frame. I grab her wrist applying it, tightly buckling it around her wrist. Appreciating the fear across her face, admiring the mark of my hand, still visible as the sound plays again in my mind.

I smile as I lace my fingers into hers, gripping her hand into mine, reaching it above her head. She begins to kick her legs again, wailing as I sit upon her hips. Enjoying her tussling, in a failed attempt to get away.  I grab a handful of her hair and pull her head to the side as I lick her neck, brushing my lips along her jaw, breathing in her scent. Moments go by she begins to tire herself out. I can almost see the thoughts on her face as she recognizes there's no hope of her escaping me.

I reach for the other restraint, applying it to her wrist, securing it. I slowly get off the bed, and stand there. Relishing the vision of her restrained to the bed, thinking of what I'd do next. I remove her wedged heels and toss them aside.  Calmly walking to the nightstand, I reach into a drawer and retrieve a pair of scissors. Humming a tune to myself I kneel onto the bed and trace her belly button with the scissors. Slowly opening and closing them, I reach for her shirt and begin cutting it, up the center to expose her bra.  Continuing to hum, I smile pleased with what I see as I return the scissors to the drawer.  I grab the bottom of my dress, pulling it up around my waist as I stick my thumbs into the band of my panties, slowly removing them.

I climb back onto the bed, crawling over her, towards the head of the bed, pausing just as I reach her face. I look down at her and grin as I see a bit of confusion, and a shocked expression.
"You're going to suck my clit, and if you do it correctly and well, we will move to the next part." I say as I lower my shaven warm pussy to her mouth, not giving her a chance to even say anything. Her eyes widen staring up at me as I raise an eyebrow and gesture my hand for her to start. I feel her feel her lips shift some as she tries to swallow. Almost as if she's trying to find the ability to do what I've told her. A lone tear falls from the corner of her eye, and then I feel her warm, wet tongue in my slit searching for my clit. Doesn't take long for her to locate it as she begins to lick it slowly, bringing her lips together, pursing softly around it. I softly moan as she slowly sucks my clit, rubbing her tongue against it.

"C'mon, I know you can do better than that," I state as I steady myself, reaching onto the headboard as I softly rock my body against her mouth.  She mumbles something, unable to make out what she's saying, I disregard it with a moan as her voice sends a vibration through my clit.  I begin to ride her face as she runs her tongue all over my sweet little bud. Shifting myself as I feel her tongue occasionally slip into my opening. I can sense myself moistening further against her face. I feel a bit of slip with each rock against her tongue as I ride her mouth for a bit longer.

Satisfied enough with the job she did, I remove myself from her and head to the closet. Reaching onto the shelf grabbing strapless strap-on dildo. I walk back over to the bed, setting the dildo down. As I reach between the mattress and bed posts for the final restraints, applying them to both ankles and secure them. Grinning to myself as she lays there, helpless. Can barely hear her weeping but can see her bra covered breast rise with each breath.

I climb back onto the bed, in-between her legs. I proceed to flip her skirt up as she shifts her bottom.
"Please, can we talk about this?" She pleads, as I rub my hands across her thighs. I grin as my hands roam to her pelvis, sliding my fingers under the sides of her panties, rubbing them softly against her skin. I ignore her plead as my fingers wander into her slit.

"Hmm. Not exactly sure what it is you want to talk about, since you're wet!" I say surprised a little bit.

"No, I can't be! That's not possible" she says as she begins to sob a bit. In that moment I push her panties aside and shove three fingers into her tight opening and thrust them deeply several times holding them in as I wiggle my fingers against her warm wet walls. She breathes in sharply, grunting as she tries to scoot away from my hand. I thrust my fingers in deeper with more force. Her pussy twitches around my fingers, as I begin to stroke inside of her with my fingertips. I see her tossing her head as if she's shaking it 'No’. I give her a few more strokes as I hear a whispered moan.

"Mhmm you seem to like that, huh?" I grin as I remove my fingers, reaching my hand towards her mouth, shoving my fingers into the insides of cheeks before wiping them off onto her lips.  I grab the strapless dildo, and twist the control on the end as it hums in my hand vibrating. I rub my own clit with it softly before switching to rubbing it just against the outside of her pussy teasingly.

"How about that?" I ask as I rub my clit with my other hand. Seeing her lay there, trying to not respond to it as I observe her breath quicken while she bites her lip.

I take the dildo and slowly work the handle into my pussy as I lick my lips. Slowly getting it into place as it vibrates, finally where I want it. I give it its final turn, setting it into place properly. I push her panties as far aside as they'll go as I line the head of the dildo to her opening. The slightest movement causing the hook to vibrate against my clit forcing me to moan. I hold it there as I study her face, almost seems like she wants it, like she's waiting for it as she blushes.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you!" I say sternly as I rub my hand up her stomach, under her bra. Fondling her tit before roughly pinching her nipple, waiting for her to respond.

" Please fuck me" she moans.

I harshly pinch her nipple, twisting it hearing her scream.

"That's not what I said...again... Tell me you want me to fuck you." I say as she begins to softly cry.

"I want ... You... To fuck me" she says followed with a sigh.

I moan softly as the vibrations are getting me so aroused and causing my clitoris to be even more sensitive. I thrust the dildo into her pussy deep.  Listening to her gasp loudly.  I quickly being to thrust as fast as possible. Feeling the vibrations against my clit with each thrust, driving me crazy as my pussy starts to throb. Causing me to ram her pussy even harder as I notice her moaning with me. Arousing me even more as I feel my pussy is on fire, with the handle rocking and stimulating me perfectly. I grind my hips into hers, bringing my hands to grip her pelvis as I yank her towards me, my hips lunging further into her soaking pussy.  I lean my head back listening to her moaning loudly, as I feel myself getting closer to orgasm.

Each pump driving my clitoris wild as it throbs, on fire.  I continue ramming the dildo into her welcoming pussy, whether she truly wants it or not. I feel myself close to coming to an orgasm. Moaning loudly as I grind deeply and slowly. Moving my hips in a swaying, twisting motion. My clit feels as if it has exploded, a heat soars through my pussy, throughout my body as I release a deep moan.  Followed with an intense shiver leaving behind a tingling sensation as my pussy twitches around the handle. Panting heavily, I pull out and move away from the bed.  Stumbling a bit, still having moments of shivers as I remove the dildo. I look over at her laying there, with a lost look as if she's waiting for me to continue or hoping I have something more for her. I grin as I straighten my dress out, and smooth it back over my hips and slide my feet into my heels again.
"Maybe I would have taken a little more time had you told me you wanted me to fuck you the first time..." I state as she stares at me in disbelief. I approach her once more, placing my panties into her mouth as a gag before leaving the room, closing the door behind me.

Giggling to myself, quite satisfied with my orgasm I head back downstairs to the party glowing.  I hang around for a bit, making some last-minute chit-chat before heading home.  A smirk almost glued to my face knowing she'll be found, gagged and restrained to the bed wanting more.  Panties pushed aside exposing her pussy to greet whoever finds her.
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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2016, 12:48:37 AM »

Phenomenal.  I could see it happen in front of me  Blushing  loved it

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« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2016, 04:09:37 PM »

Hope there's a part 2.  Thanks
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« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2016, 07:44:24 PM »

Intoxicating! great story.  Love your work.

"I was born an original sinner. I was born from original sin.  If I had a dollar bill for all the things I've done, there'd be a pile of money piled up to my chin."  Eurythmics

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« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2016, 11:14:34 PM »

Thank you all  emot_kiss.gif I will work on the next portion soonish.

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« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2016, 07:51:37 PM »

This story was initially written on a different site, person who it was aimed at had written a sort of installment from her PoV in response to it within the comments.  I will include it since I wrote my part 2 to sort of reflect it.

Installment written by: Leftwantng

"Panties pushed aside exposing her pussy to greet whoever finds her".........................

It was only a few minutes that I lay there with my head spinning, before he appeared in the doorway.
A grey haired old man, had to be in his sixties, stocky build, well dressed, distinguished.
He stood there in silence, just watching me, while I struggled and cried for help through her panties.
He was obviously shocked and confused by the vision.
A long moment passed before he reached for the light switch.

Light from outside the window fell across the bed as the room turned dim.
I saw his silhouette against the glow from the corridor; as he leaned back to check that we were alone, before quietly closing the door and locking us in.

At that moment, I knew I was fucked; my heart began beating harder, faster, my whole body flushed with a tingling of fear, the room felt like it closed in around me, my ears began to hiss, and I gasped for breath, every hair on my body stood up, I knew there was nothing I could do.
I lay still, weak from my struggle and breathing heavily behind the gag.

He seemed to be pondering the consequences of taking what was on offer, looking me over like I was the prize that he had always wanted.
He slowly moved towards the foot of bed, picked up my shoes and placed them back on my feet, running his trembling hand over my shins as he did so.

Our eyes adjusted to the low light, I could see him as he stood clutching at his cock through his trousers, while fixing his gaze between my open legs, my panties, still where she left them, exposing my pussy to him.
His breathing became heavier, as he seemingly continued considering the options and consequences.

I looked into his eyes with a pleading; I shook my head, and begged a muffled:
“Please don’t”
Trying to sway his decision, trying to influence any feelings of decency or sympathy.
It was to late.

He moved to sit beside me on the bed, and began toying his middle finger up and down the length of my, still wet, slit.
I renewed my efforts to break the bonds, as his finger slid inside me and curled firmly into the wall behind my pelvic bone, his thumb then slipping to and fro across my clit, causing me to stiffen and jolt with each passing.

He took the wet finger to his mouth and tasted my humiliation, while our eyes locked together.
Then he gestured with a finger across his pursed lips, as he took hold of my gag:


Slowly he pulled the material from my mouth, continuing to imply my silence.
I breathed grateful gasps, while he inspected the gag, and tutted:

“Are these Christine’s knickers?”
“ I saw her leaving the room, smirking to herself “
“ Are you two lesbians?”
“ Seems like you have upset her somehow!”

All I could do was plead for him to untie me, between his sarcastic toned questions and comments:

“ Hmm, not nice of her to leave you here like this, so wet and wanting “

I started to explain that I wasn’t a lesbian, and that she forced me, but he just held my jaw open, and replaced the gag:


He moved my bra up and ran his hand over my bare flesh, from the waistband of my skirt, and on up over my breasts:

“ You’re so beautiful, it’s been a long long time since I felt such firm tits, and such a tight, young, wet cunt “

I shivered at his words, and hopelessly begged him to stop.

“ Shhh, now listen to me lesbian, I’ll do you a deal, Cos there is no way that I’m going to let you go before I’ve fucked the shit out of you, I simply can’t turn down, this once in a lifetime opportunity”

He calmly waited while I made another futile attempt to break free, my struggling just adding to his excitement, he fingered me, while shushing me until I gave in:

“ Now, I could go downstairs and bring a few of the men back here, I know they would all love the chance of teaching you the error of your lesbian ways… Or I could just keep it between us, you and me, and even untie one of your hands when I’ve finished with you… To be honest, I don’t give a fuck about being caught; I’m on borrowed time anyway.”

“ To put it simply, there is no way on this earth that your cunt is leaving this room without getting royally fucked…  The question is how many cocks do you want?”

He waited for an answer:

“Now I’m going to remove Christine’s knickers, and the only sound you will make is, a quiet answer to my question, right?”

I closed my eyes in defeated shame, and nodded in agreement.
He took the panties from my mouth, and waited:

“ What’s it going to be, just me?”
I turned my head away, and whispered:


He leaned in and began sucking my left nipple as he pushed the panties back in my mouth:

“ Can’t have you screaming in pleasure, somebody might hear”

He climbed on the bed between my open legs, and began undoing his trousers:

“ They say that when you get a hard on at my age, it’s a terrible shame not to use it… I’ve got to tell you girl, it’s been years since I’ve been this hard,.. And you are the lucky bitch that it’s getting used on?”

He rubbed his cock against my open pussy, and applied pressure, I could feel the heat, he struggled to get it into me, god he was big:

“Ohh you’re so tight… Bitch”

I instinctively fought against it, squeezing as hard as I could, I couldn’t move away from him, I was still wet from her.

The thick head of his hard cock pushed through the entrance and I shuddered and gasped an involuntary moan as the rest of its length plunged into me, until he was buried to his balls.
His weight came down onto me, and his hands went underneath, clutching at my ass.
His teeth bit hard into the side of my neck, as he began fucking me with long hard forceful strokes.
The old bastard relentlessly pounded me into the mattress with the monotonous precision of an unyielding machine, his balls slapping against me as his pelvic bone crashed into mine with every deep thrust.
The vice like grip of his squeezing hands painfully heated the flesh of my buttocks, the restraints stretched my limbs with every hard thrust of his un-mercifully invading cock.

His bite released and my head rolled side to side as my body began to betray me.
The shame and humiliation of my screaming orgasm drove him into frenzy.
I convulsed and shuddered, underneath him, I cried and moaned while he continued driving me into a forced ecstasy.

He kept calling me a “bitch” a “fucking bitch” a “fucking lesbian bitch” over and over while he drove me through an earth shattering orgasm.
Then as he held his cock deep and still, inside me, I closed my eyes, dreading the humiliation of receiving his spunk.
He lifted and held himself above me on outstretched arms, while he watched the dying throws of my orgasm, still uncontrollably shaking me, the muscles of my pussy squeezing his cock, milking him with involuntary spasms:

“Oh no bitch, I’m not finished with you yet, not by a long way”
My eyes widened:

“ I can smell her cunt on your face! Can you still taste her?”

My eyes closed in shame:

“Now I’m really going to fuck the lesbian out of you”

I shook my head and he set about his mission, fucking me even harder than before.

By the time he’d finished with me, it was the early hours of the morning, the party downstairs had quieted, and I was totally exhausted, he made me come countless times, before he eventually spunked up me.

I ached all over; my throat was sore from screaming and my mound bruised and tender.
I saw his cock for the first time when he pulled it out of my beaten pussy, it was huge.
He tucked it away, released my left hand, and said:

“ Now you know what your cunt is for bitch”

He casually unlocked the door and left.

It must have taken me twenty minutes to get myself off of that bed, every move I made hurt.
I tenderly mopped his leaking filth, from my sore pussy, with her panties.
I found a shirt that wasn’t too large in one of the cupboards, and tidied myself up in a bathroom across the hall, before finding my belongings downstairs, and sneaking out before anyone saw me.
I could barely walk in a straight line, my whole body trembled, and I looked like a drunkard.
I sat in my car, my clitoris was throbbing, my heart pounding, my nipples tingled with electricity.
I was so ashamed with myself, for what he’d made me do; I had never come like that before, I had never been fucked like that before.
Why was I so alive, why did I feel so good, and yet hurt so much? 

I sat there in tears of confusion, staring at her spunk stained panties.

“ You’re going to pay for this ‘Christine’ I’m coming for you, I’ll find you.”

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« Reply #6 on: September 29, 2016, 07:54:27 PM »

New installment written by: Smirkin

Sitting at my computer I browsed different sites, was looking for a specific article I had heard about earlier in the day about something that had happened a couple towns over and wanted to be nosy.  I was not seeming to have any luck but then again it could have been because I kept getting distracted from paranoia.  Ever since that night at the party I have been feeling a bit on edge.  I may have taken things farther than I should have, though I don’t really regret.  I mean I did enjoy it, so what is there to regret?

Since the party I had asked a few friends about her and found out her name was Nadia, I suppose it is a fitting name.  I also tried to discreetly find out if she had said anything about what happened since then.  Of course that didn’t go over well, my friends took that as me being interested in her.

Which I would like to state for the record that I am not interested in her… well, okay maybe I am little bit.  That might just be that physical attraction speaking though.  The woman was nice looking, and had a body I could observe for hours and still be somewhat amazed by.

My friends said that they hadn’t even seen or heard from her since, as if she has vanished and no one saw her leave.  It kind of worries me because of the way I had left her.  I wonder what happened to her.  I’m sure she is fine, probably wanted to get out of there without anyone asking questions. 

I shrug it off for now and go back to searching the web and the night seems peaceful.  Raining, but peaceful rain.  The type that is soothing and causes you to just want to curl up on the couch with a throw blanket and watch movies.

The only issue with that is, is that soon as I begin to relax I feel like someone is watching me.  It’s been like this since the day after the party.  I assumed it was some sort of guilt perhaps.  Not quite sure now though, it still lingers and is more so at night.  I’m continuously glancing at my windows but in the evening it’s hard to see out of them.  Double paned windows and with the interior lights turned on only shows me a reflection of myself.  I am almost certain I looked silly the few times I tried to look out of them up close, there could have been something on the other side staring at me and the only thing I had seen was me!

How frustrating?!

I give up with the search on the computer and begin to shut it down while breathing a sigh.  Unsure of what to do next, or even what I want to do next.  All that comes to mind is…nothing.  Maybe I just need to go to sleep.  Nodding my head to myself as if agreeing with the voice within my own mind.  I push away from the desk and wander to the bedroom.  Truth be told I don’t even feel like changing into a pair of pajamas or anything.  Scrunching my face slightly as I pull the comforter of the bed back, I ponder the thought to myself.  “Nude it is,” I think to myself, I soon stepped out of my shoes.  Nudging them to the side out of the walk path I have set for myself, would hate to get up in the middle of the night and trip over them as I have in the past.  I remove my pants followed by my blouse leaving a thin black laced thong and matching bra.  Sliding my fingers behind the elastic I easily remove the thin garment and drop them on the other clothing that lays nearby on the floor and take a seat on the side of the bed.  I reach my arms behind and wiggle them while twisting my stretching at the same time to unclasp the hooks.  A sigh of relief slips from my mouth. 

There is nothing more relieving than the feeling of removing a bra.  My breasts are free, that is a comfortable feeling.  It doesn’t take long for the cool air to dance across my nipples though, quickly causing the skin the wrinkle and harden as they perk up.  Looking down at my round firm breast, I have to admit they are appealing.  Not trying to toot my own horn or anything.  I toss the bra across the bed and climb the rest of the way in and get comfortable under the blankets.  Lying my head against the cool pillow I relax and close my eyes.  The is still that feeling of being watched.  I try to push it from my mind and focus on something else which seems to quickly begin to work.

My eyes flutter softly, I keep hearing a light rummaging sound.  It reminds me of something but I just can’t quite place what it is.  Yawning I scratch my head, or would have scratched my head.  I tug at my wrists and something is holding them back.  Shaking my head briefly as I noticed the same sensation on the other wrist I look to both within the darkness of the room and can’t tell what is holding them back.  “What the…” leaves my lips without any thought.

“Oh, hello Christine.  So glad you could wake up.  Even more glad that you waited until I had you restrained.”

I hear the voice; I know that voice.  Where do I know that voice from?!  Closing my eyes, I take breath hoping this is some fucked up dream I’m having.  Opening one eye I peek around the darkness again and tug at my wrists.  “Dammit, what the hell is the meaning of this?” the sound of frustration and confusion shines brightly through my words, unfortunately it is not able illuminate the room.  A sigh falls from my lips as I continue to scan the dark room, I can make out a silhouette but not who it is.

“Don’t worry, it will be just fine Christine.  I have only come to return your knickers, I figured you would prefer them be returned in person.  Except it would be on my terms as when the day you left them with me was on your terms.”

The voice is cold and stale, but nagging at the back of my skull is my own voice screaming in my head that I know them.  Obviously they know me. 

“Perhaps I should rephrase that; I have come to return your panties… is that better? Does that clue you in more?”

Well fuck me… “N-n-adia?  Is that who you are?”  I feel like my stomach just crawled into my lungs and decided to make a new home there and rearrange the placement within my torso.  This can’t be a good thing.  My chest tightens and the sickening sensation in my gut intensifies. “This isn’t necessary, Nadia.”

“Oh but it is.  It really is. You took advantage of me after you tied me up, used me and then had the nerve to leave me there exposed! Do you even have any clue as to what happened after?  I was called a fucking lesbian and some random man had found me, and you do you think he just let me go? Nooooooo, no, no, no.  Not in the slightest.  I had to basically pay to be released and that payment came at the price of my cunt being used once again!... So, yes.  It is absolutely necessary.”

My heart sinks even more, it was one thing to have her in the situation before.  I want nothing to do with being in the same circumstances as I put her through.  Yeah, yeah I know, if it was good for her than it is good for me.  Wish that little voice in the back of my head would jump off a cliff sometimes.  This isn’t the time for it be chatting me.  The ties around my ankles were made known to me as she tightened them harshly, feeling them dig into my skin as my legs are yanked outstretched to the corners of the bed.

Each heavy breath I take inward I can see the faint outline of my breasts rising and falling.  I turn my head to the side in further frustration with myself for deciding to sleep in the complete nude tonight, all I did was make it that much easier for her.  “What do you want me to say? I did what I did, I can’t take it back or change it.  I felt bad for it, I did.”  No I didn’t, but does she need to know that?  Ugh this is frustrating.  “Please just let me out of here.  Untie my hands, c’mon.”

“What type of fool do you take me for?  If I untie you then you would just attack me.  I am not that stupid to know this.  You will stay right where you are.  And soon enough you will have my own knickers stuffed into your mouth.”

She began to laugh which sort of made me more nervous than I already was.  What have I gotten myself into.  She wasn’t lying when she said my mouth would be stuffed soon either.  I could hear the shuffling of her clothing against her smooth flesh as the sounds of her shoes fell to the floor.  Within the darkness the mattress top started to motion as she climbed onto it.  Crawling up the bed with each shift of her body causing the sheets and mattress to shift beneath me.  I could feel the insides of her thighs brush my skin, as much as I liked the sensation I hated it at the same time.  Several more movements towards me and I could feel her straddle my pelvis.  The warmth of her bare vulva pressed against my flesh told me she had already removed her panties.  I groaned to myself but loud enough that I’m sure she was still able to hear the sound. 

Before I was able to say anything smart next, her fingers had started to dig into the sides of my jaws forcing them to open.  My natural reaction was to pull away from her but I didn’t have far for my head to retreat to as I pressed it into the pillow. 

“Oh, don’t fight it.  It will only make it harder on you and there is still more to come that I’m sure will be more difficult.  Why not make this part easier on yourself?”

Despite the sing-songy tone of her words I still pushed my head back and attempted to twist my jaws away from her grasp.  It may have been a failure but what other choice do I truly have besides sitting there and taking it?  Her fingers only dug in more, and soon as she had my mouth right where she wanted it she hastily pressed her used panties pass my lips.  I could smell her, I could taste her, there was a bit of dampness to the fabric the landed directly against my tongue.

I wanted nothing more than to glare at her, for which I did but what is the use of a glare when Nadia can’t even see it.  I can’t even fuss or express my frustrations now, they’re easily stifled behind the fabric.  She offers to swift smacks to the side of my face, as if trying to cheer me up like a weak pat on the back.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

She brushed her fingers along the smooth flesh of my chest just above my breasts.  Trailing her fingers teasingly, taunting me with each motion they made as she worked them closer to each nipple.  I mumbled my dislikes of the situation to her, garbled as they were I felt I had to, I was compelled to.  Then all of a sudden a garbled scream seep from my mouth as she grabbed both nipples and fiercely twisted them and pulled sharply towards her.  It felt like she was trying to rip them from the delicate flesh that they were attached to.  The only response from her was a light laugh as she continued to twist them.  I lifted my shoulders from the bed trying to follow her movements, trying to lessen the pain and pull.  I’m not certain that it helped or just gave her more room to yank.  Another muffled holler came from behind the gag, and luckily for me she let go, the relief I felt as I dropped back flat against the mattress is hard to explain.

I closed my eyes and panted behind the gag of material trying to catch my breath.  Every inhale taking the aroma of her pussy into my lungs, I don’t know if I want to curl my lip in disgust or try to find some way to enjoy that sentiment just to get even with her on that note.  The mattress shifts again as she leans forward into me and lowers her mouth near mine.  The sensation of her breath against my lips is enough to make me with I could grab her face and shove her away.  Nadia softly kisses my lips and begins to scoot away to the edge of the bed.

“On the bright side, I won’t be doing to you exactly as you did to me.  I don’t have the interests to do such.  Although there is one thing I will do.”

I could almost hear the grin as I felt her lean over the edge of the bed reaching for something.  I could only guess what it was as I felt her lean back upward and felt the cool hard surface of something come into contact with my leg.  Soon after I heard the click, or maybe a snapping sound.  It reminded me of a cap to a bottle.  I mumbled more wanting to know what she is doing, what is it that pulled onto the bed, what did she grab?!

A sudden pain filled my body, most importantly filled the opening of my pussy. A mixed sensation captured my thoughts and held it prisoner as the feelings of pain, fire, coldness, wet, tearing and stretching flooded my mind.  A burst of sobs broke free from behind the gag as I shifted and arched in response to the pain that was being rammed into my unsuspecting opening.

“I had found the perfect thing for you, a mammoth of a dildo, just the right size to split you open ruthlessly.”

Her voice was cold yet again with a dash of amusement that lingered similar to an aftertaste.  She withdrew and plunged it back into me as if it was a battering ram and she were trying to destroy the walls within me.  She very well might have been.  The heat from it was almost unbearable and with each twisting motion I felt the churn of my stomach and the flutter of my heart trying to keep up with my breath.  The quicker my breath became the dizzier I had started to become.  Stifled scream and flowing tears seemed to only cause Nadia to brutally ram the monstrous dildo faster and harder into me.  I swear I can feel it pressing into my guts.  I feel almost like I will have no pussy when she has finished.  Her laughter fills the air, colliding with my muffled cries and pleadings.  Every pull against the restraints and movement I make only force it to be that much worse, but I can’t control it.

She gives one more final push of the faux cock, pressing all of her weight behind it.  It feels like I have no pelvis, the only reminded that anything is even there is due to the throbbing pain felt within my walls.  My muscles are tensed and twitching repeatedly around the disastrous girth, my lungs are tired from panting, my jaws sore of sobbing and screaming with failures. 

“Listening to you cry like a little Bitch was what I truly wanted, and for you to feel as violated as I had.  I’m almost sad I kept the lights off, I would have enjoyed watching your face.  I didn’t want to take the chance of changing my mind though.”

She left the object in place and removed herself from the bed, I could hear the shuffled sounds of her dressing again over my sobs.  I just wanted her to leave, to go.  Anywhere but here.  She could have at least removed the fucking thing she wedged into my pussy though.  I’m just glad it stopped, if only the pain and burning would cease. 

“I’m going to release one wrist; it will be up to you to figure out a way to untie the rest when you are ready.  If you try to report this to the police I can easily say this is just how we play, as I have a witness to how you had left me at the party.  I suggest you leave this to be a quiet matter as I had.”

I soon felt her near my wrist, untying it and letting it fall to the bed.  I was too exhausted to try move it, I was just glad it was free.  I laid there quietly to myself trying to catch my breath and calm myself.  I finally had reached my freed wrist to remove her panties from my mouth, the fabric had stuck to the surface of my tongue slightly.  It was so dry from the whole ordeal.  I had been so caught up in the moment to myself that I hadn’t realized that she was no longer in the room.  I didn’t see her silhouette anywhere.  I tossed her panties across the bed and leaned back against the pillow.  “Fuck…”

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