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Author Topic: The Wall  (Read 2183 times)
Story Teller

« Reply #15 on: October 19, 2016, 12:03:26 AM »

Mm, three times the submission. Very sexy.

« Reply #16 on: November 06, 2016, 06:50:40 PM »

The Wall - cont'd.

The blonde in charge came back, carrying a large, black strap-on, and a bottle of jelly. She put the fake cock on, strapping it tightly, then used a spoon to remove some of the jelly. She filled the reservoir that fed the phallus carefully, holding the rubber ball that she would pump to make the jelly spurt out of the big cock.

“This is my own recipe,” she began, walking towards Jenny. “Took quite a while to perfect, I don’t mind telling you,” she explained, standing in front of the frightened girl. “The problem was not the peppers; no, the habaneros worked just fine. But as a liquid, it tended to run and drip too much; the effect was not what I was looking for.” She gently stroked Jenny’s bare slit, and the little lesbian jumped as if shocked.

The boss walked around behind the girl, and continued describing her invention as she played with the young blonde’s firm breasts. “You see, it burned all right; the poor girls I used it on would cry and scream like crazy – at least for a little while. But I wanted something that lasted longer,” she explained, rubbing the tip of her black phallus on Jenny’s bottom as she continued teasing her stiff nipples.
The young prisoner pleaded with her captor not to torture her. “Please, no, please don’t,” she whined, the tears coming again.

The blonde bitch continued as if Jenny had not spoken. “The breakthrough came after watching a documentary that mentioned napalm – that is when I realized that if I could make a jelly that would coat and stick, that it would coat the insides of her pussy, or her ass, and burn until extinguished with milk and yoghurt,” she whispered into Jenny’s ear.

She walked around to the front, and prepared for Jenny’s punishment. The captive started thrashing wildly in her bonds, desperate to avoid being raped with a cock spewing burning pepper jelly, but the men stood on either side of her, and held her still.

“Oh God, please, please don’t,” she begged, promising to improve her skills. Having helped with this routine before, Frank jammed a rag into Jenny’s mouth, and sealed it with some duct tape. The girl watched wide-eyed with horror, as the woman in charge grabbed hold of her bound ankles, and positioned the black cock in front of her vagina. Jenny shook her head, pleading silently.

The blonde played with Jenny, as a cat plays with a mouse. She eased the cock inside her victim, who flinched at the contact. But she did not start the jelly yet; she moved her hips, rocking back and forth, fucking Jenny slowly. The boss ran her hands up and down Jenny’s smooth, muscular legs, and kissed her calves. When Jenny started to relax her guard, the boss began squeezing the bulb, and started fucking her for real.

In seconds, Jenny began to scream. Despite the gag, her cries echoed throughout the basement. She fought wildly to escape the iron grip of the men holding her, but to no avail; the evil blonde lady rammed her hips again and again into Jenny, forcing the cock to spew more of the searing jelly inside her. Satisfied, the boss pulled out of Jenny’s pussy, and promptly started pushing the tip of the cock against Jenny’s tight asshole.

Nikki and Alex finished their meal, unable to tear their eyes away from the spectacle that was unfolding in front of them. Jenny trembled and howled in pain as the woman forced the punishing cock up her ass, so she could fuck her with the burning jelly.

Alex was horrified. “Oh my God,” she murmured. “That poor girl.” She swallowed nervously, watching Jenny suffer.

Nikki was transfixed as well. She had never contemplated that such a thing could be done, let alone see it in action. She bit her lip and tried to put on a brave front. “Better her than us,” she whispered, watching the blonde finish her work. She quickly left the room, while the men stepped back from the writhing girl, taunting her as she cried and begged for relief.

After returning to them, the men uncuffed Nikki and Alex, and allowed them to clean-up a little. Each was provided with a bowl of warm, soapy water and a clean cloth. Not wanting to anger anyone at this point, they said nothing as the men leered and watched them clean their naked bodies. Afterwards, they were allowed back to their beds, and again cuffed by the ankles to prevent escape. They lay there trying to rest, while poor Jenny sobbed and occasionally shrieked in pain for the next 20 minutes.
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