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Author Topic: The Wall  (Read 2005 times)

« on: September 18, 2016, 08:30:41 PM »

M/F, MM/F, F/F, BDSM, Rape - fiction

The Wall


That was the last thing Nikki remembered. The parking lot. Getting groceries.

There was a woman, she needed help. She gave her a hand.

And then something stabbed her.

It was all coming back now ...

She was in the grocery store parking lot, putting her bags into the trunk, when she heard a woman swear behind her.

"Aw shit," the woman yelled, watching her disintegrating plastic bag shed cans of food onto the pavement. "That's just great."

She looked like a college student, probably having a bad day Nikki thought, as she stopped a runaway can of peas with her foot.  Nikki was running late for her yoga class, but she had enough time to help the poor student out. She stooped to pick up the peas, and then caught a can of soup rolling towards her tire.

The attractive soccer-mom brought the cans over to the stressed looking blonde, who was hastily grabbing her groceries and swearing under her breath.

"Here, let me help you with that," Nikki offered, bending down to gather a package of noodles.

The girl looked up. "Oh jeez, thanks ... sorry about that. It's just one of those days," she added, standing with her arms full of packaged food.

"Don't worry," the older brunette woman said, smoothing down her sundress. "We all have days like that," she added.

The blonde gave a small laugh, and blushed. "Yes, I guess we do," she replied, fumbling with the hatch of her old Civic.

"Can I get that for you," Nikki asked? The student smiled, embarrassed.

"Yes, thank you, I appreciate it," she answered.

The unsuspecting Milf went to release the handle, and as her back was turned, felt something sharp jab into her ass. She spun around, shocked by the sudden pain.

She stared at the girl in confusion. "What the ... what did you do?" Nikki asked, her hand rubbing the injection site.

The poor little student was now laughing at her victim, as two men got out of a dark van that was parked right beside them.

"Don't worry you stupid cow," the girl replied, "time for a nap."

Before Nikki could figure out what she meant, her vision became fuzzy, and she felt weak. "Please," she moaned, grasping for something to hold onto as she fell to the ground.

And now she was here. Wherever here was. She was on her back, looking up at the ceiling. It was a dark room. Something was holding her down by the wrists and ankles, she couldn't move.

She felt naked. She tried to see how she was tied, but something was preventing her from doing that. Then she realized that something was also around her neck, holding her down, and that moving her head up resulted in banging her chin on something flat and hard. Her eyes were adjusting now, and the fog was receding from her brain. She gasped when she realized what she was looking at.

It was a wall. Her head was on one side of it, and her body on the other. She lay on a padded bench of some sort, but she was also tightly bound at the thighs and upper arms with straps, from the feel of them.

Oh shit. Oh God. What is this?

She looked to her right, and saw a door, with some light bleeding underneath. She could hear the faint sounds of music. To her left, was another wall, only a couple of feet away. Straining to see what was behind her, she caught the dark shape of another wall. The only light in the small room she was in (or that her head was in) was a dim, red bulb set high up on the ceiling.

Nikki pulled at the ropes and straps she could feel holding her prisoner on the other side of the wall.

That bitch! I felt sorry for her. She did this!

The door opened, and the light from the hall blinded her momentarily while someone stepped in and closed the door again.

"Hello Nikki," a familiar voice said, as a woman bent down to look at her. It was the student from the parking lot.

"What the fuck did you do to me?" Nikki screamed. "Let me out of here," she spat, fighting desperately to free herself.

The blonde woman had changed, she no longer looked like a cash-strapped college student. In fact, she looked down-right businesslike now. She smiled at her captive, and lashed out with her open hand, slapping Nikki hard across the face.

"Shut up bitch," the woman commanded, grabbing Nikki's face and forcing her to turn her gaze up. "You are in no position to demand anything," she explained. "You cooperate, things will go easier on you here."

She grabbed a handful of Nikki's dark hair and wrenched her head hard enough to bring tears to Nikki's eyes. "Don't cooperate, and things will get very nasty for you, very nasty indeed," she added, smiling. She let go of Nikki, and stood back.

Nikki glared at her kidnapper. "Fuck you!"

The blonde laughed, then turned towards the door. "Maybe later, hon. But first you have some clients to satisfy first," she added, exiting through the door and leaving Nikki crying in impotent fury.


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« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2016, 08:48:23 PM »

oo me likey plz contine

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« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2016, 03:00:45 PM »

Indeed.  A rocking start.

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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2016, 03:18:42 PM »

Amazing start.  Please continue...soon...maybe...please?

« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2016, 04:10:52 PM »

Thanks for the feedback. Will try to add another bit to it tonight.

« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2016, 06:41:04 PM »

The Wall - cont'd.

A few minutes later the same door opened, and a man walked in. He closed the door, and went to stand at Nikki’s side. He didn’t say anything, but reached down to a space beneath her head. He pulled out some dark material, and placed it over her eyes.

“Wait, what are you doing? Why are you doing this to me?”
The man placed the soft fabric over Nikki’s eyes, and began to tie it tightly behind her head. “Sorry, but I need to do this,” he said. He almost sounded like he was sorry.

“You don’t have to do this; you can let me go!” Nikki cried, really afraid now she could not see what might happen to her. The man who blindfolded her sounded young; maybe she could appeal to him to help her.

“Sorry, it’s my job,” he said, making sure she could not see. He turned and left her without a word.

This is insane! Who the fuck are these people?

Nikki listened in the dark for clues as to where she was. She heard music every time the door opened, so she thought she might be in the back of some bar. She heard a few bumps and scrapes from the other side of the wall, where the rest of her body was hidden from view. She was getting cold without any clothes on.

Suddenly the door opened again, and a different man entered the room. He sounded heavier than the young guy before. He walked slowly up to Nikki, and stood beside her.

“Who are you?” Nikki asked. “What do you want?”

The man chuckled in response, and she heard the unmistakable sound of pants being unzipped. She heard fabric rustling, and then something soft and warm hit her in the cheek.

The man studied the woman’s head. Nice face, beautiful dark hair. And this thirty-something milf had a luscious pair of lips. “Suck,” the man commanded, rubbing his dick on Nikki’s chin.

She was scared. But defiant. “Are you crazy? No!” Nikki turned her head away.

A strong hand grabbed her face and squeezed, making her lips pucker. The man leaned down to whisper into Nikki’s ear. “Suck my cock,” the man warned, “or you will be sorry.”

His finger got a little too close to the sexy mouth he wanted on his dick, and Nikki clamped her teeth down on the dirty digit hard.

“OWW! BITCH!” the man screamed, holding his bleeding finger. “She fucking bit me!”

Nikki only had a few moments to lick the blood off her lips before the door opened and the blonde woman escorted the pervert out of the room, telling him to have a couple of drinks on the house while she sorted this out.

The woman sauntered over to Nikki in her high heels. She was not pleased, and stood looking down at her newest employee with arms crossed. “What are we going to do with you, Nikki?” she asked, tapping her foot. “That is not how you satisfy my clients here,” she added.
The captive’s lips quivered. She desperately wanted to remain strong, but her fear was getting the best of her.

“Please,” Nikki began, “please let me go.”

The blonde sighed. “I’m sorry, but that is not a possibility. You belong to me now, and you have a job to do. All you have to do is satisfy the client that walks through that door; it’s pretty simple. I’m pretty sure you’ve sucked your share of cock in your 36 years, haven’t you dear? Boyfriends, lovers, husbands – this isn’t rocket science,” she explained.

Nikki fought back the tears. “Why? Why me?” she asked, stifling a sob.

Again the blonde sighed, and tenderly brushed Nikki’s hair. “Because you’re special,” she replied. Nikki was trying to figure out what that meant, when the woman pressed an intercom switch by the door, and spoke to someone on the other side of the wall.

“Educate her for me, please,” she said, speaking into the box.

A few seconds later, a male voice came back over the speaker. “With pleasure, boss.”


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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #6 on: September 20, 2016, 01:41:51 AM »

More coming?  I hope so.

« Reply #7 on: September 22, 2016, 06:06:47 PM »

More coming?  I hope so.

Yes, definitely. When I have time, I will be adding to it.

« Reply #8 on: September 28, 2016, 08:53:20 AM »

The Wall - cont'd.

Mike looked down at the body of the newest recruit. She was older than some of the girls that showed up here, but she had a nice body – gorgeous tits, long, smooth legs and tanned all over. Those legs squirmed feebly after he finished buckling the belt above her knees. He attached the hook to her ankle cuffs, and nodded to the big black man to start cranking the winch.

George smiled, and started turning the crank. His partner Mike was loosening the strap across their captive’s waist so there was some slack to work with. The bitch’s legs were being pulled up by her ankles toward the ceiling, giving them free access to her ass and pussy so they could teach her a lesson. Mike ran his hands down the woman’s legs, and slipped a finger inside her slit as her ass rose off the bench.

“Damn, don’t you want a piece of this George,” the older man said, licking his finger.

The big man chuckled. “Sure, but I ain’t breakin’ them rules,” he said, locking the crank in place now that the woman’s lower body was in position. “Just have to be satisfied with whuppin’ that ass,” he said, grinning.

“Yeah, fuck, I know,” Mike replied, going to the wall and taking down the cattle prod that hung there. He looked down at their victim, who was pulling at the heavy cuffs that bound her wrists to the bench. Her sexy tits jiggled, and her big, dark nipples were growing hard from excitement and fear. He stood to her side, ready to begin her lesson. “Let’s give this bitch something to think about,” he said, licking his lips in anticipation.

George looked at the heavy, leather prison strap in his hand and nodded. “I heard that,” he replied, and stood on her other side, lining up the strap with the bottom of Nikki’s ass.

The younger guy returned, closing the door. Nikki begged him to let her go.

He pulled something out from underneath the bench again, and suddenly Nikki felt hard rubber pressing down between her lips. The kid had gagged her with a cylinder of rubber slid onto a length of rope, that he pulled between her teeth and held in place with his weight, crouching behind her head. She tried moving her head, but it was held tightly in place.

The terrified housewife squirmed and whimpered, trying to beg through the gag. They had attached something to her ankles on the other side of the wall, and she could feel her legs rising off the bench. Her legs were held tight together with a strap of some sort above her knees, but she tried resisting anyway. Someone was fondling the backs of her legs, and then she felt a finger slide inside her pussy. She squirmed her hips, and then it was withdrawn. Her heart pounded as fear blossomed again inside her.

Oh my God, what are they going to do to me?

"Don’t fight. Just do what they say," the kid whispered by her ear. "It will be better for you if you don't fight," he added, then looked up at the corner where a small video camera was mounted. He nodded, knowing the men on the other side were watching the monitor.
And that's when her ass exploded in pain.

Nikki screamed, as much from the shock as the pain. A wide, red stripe appeared where the prison strap had hit her. And then another blow was delivered to her bare ass, this time slightly above the first one.

The victim cried out as heavy blows fell on Nikki's ass and thighs, and the men punishing her were pleased to see her body shake and writhe as it tried to evade the burning pain delivered by the strap.

Suddenly a jolt of pain ripped through her left breast. For a moment, Nikki couldn’t breathe, but then the full force of it hit her and she screamed. She had no time to contemplate what had just happened though, as the strap whipped across her thighs and pussy, making her shriek.

Nikki sobbed uncontrollably, crying out with each wicked blow. The man wielding the strap whipped his way up her legs, punishing her thighs and calves with strokes that left her body quivering from the pain. As if that wasn’t enough, someone else was torturing her with a cattle prod, delivering devastating shocks to her in random places; her belly, thighs, and even the bottoms of her bare feet.

Finally, they were done. Nikki's entire backside felt like it was on fire. Red marks covered her tanned skin from ass to heels. The tears ran freely down her cheeks, and she moaned softly as the hard rubber tube was pulled from her mouth. She had never experienced anything like that before in her life, and she never wanted to again.

The blonde had returned to see the end of her "education", and now crouched down to talk to the weeping woman.

"Now, are you ready to try this again? This time without pissing off my clients?" she asked. "Or do you need more convincing?"

Nikki’s lip quivered as she nodded toward the voice of her captor.

The blonde gripped her chin forcefully as she snarled, “I can’t hear you!”

“Yes,” Nikki whimpered submissively.

"All right then Nikki," she said, "this time do a proper job, or the next lesson won’t be so pleasant. Clean her up," she said to the kid, who nodded and grabbed a damp cloth.


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« Reply #9 on: September 28, 2016, 10:15:27 AM »

I can think of a certain lady I'd like to have right now. Good story
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« Reply #10 on: September 28, 2016, 10:17:30 AM »

Attractive brunette that bites gets kidnapped, tied down, strapped and then used!??  Be still my heart.  I love the way you think Wink  

A strong intelligent mind has always done so much more for me than a bicep ever could.

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« Reply #11 on: September 30, 2016, 12:36:13 PM »

The Wall - cont'd.

Soon Nikki was alone again in the dimly lit room where she was held prisoner for men to fuck her face. And that is exactly what happened.
The first man was not the same one she had bitten; this one was older and fatter, not to mention drunk. He pulled out his hairy dick and waited for Nikki to open her mouth.

“Open wide, honey,” he said, stroking himself, then pushing the tip past Nikki’s lips as soon as she obeyed.

He wasn’t particularly large, but he was aggressive in his thrusting, pushing his cock deep into her mouth until he brushed her throat. Nikki wasn’t used to taking a penis that deep; she barely went down on her husband any more. She gagged and gurgled as the cock flailed around in her mouth, and she prayed that the pig would cum quickly for her sake. She started using her tongue to help him along wanting this to end. A minute later she felt him spasm, and the man’s salty cum flooded her mouth, and spilled out on to her face when he pulled back with a sigh of relief.

Nikki forced herself to swallow the bitter fluid. She had been warned of the consequences of spitting it out – clients didn’t like that. By the time she felt the thick, sticky mess dripping down her chin, the fat man was gone. Josh, the young kid who cleaned her up earlier, returned with a cloth and got her ready to service another client.

By night’s end, 8 different men had raped her mouth, forcing their seed down her throat. She cried a little after the 3rd one – he had been rough and forced her head to move back and forth on his cock the whole time, then had shot his load all over her face and hair. But Josh always returned to deal with the mess, and encouraged her to take things “one dick at a time.”

Finally, sometime after midnight, the blonde returned to talk to her. She learned from Josh that she definitely was the boss around there, and not to fuck with her.

“Not bad for your first night, Nikki,” she said, removing her blindfold. “Only a couple of complaints about your performance, but that’s normal for the first time,” she added. “And some of these pricks will complain no matter how good a blowjob they get,” she said, looking at something on her phone.

“Please, please … let me go, I won’t tell a soul,” Nikki pleaded softly.

Her blonde kidnapper laughed. “Wake up and smell the coffee bitch, you are mine now. You are an investment, and one I need to get a good rate of return on.” She bent down so she could look into Nikki’s deep brown eyes. “Girls that don’t turn a tidy profit for me; girls that become too much trouble – they end up cut into little pieces and thrown into the river,” she explained. “This is your life now. But don’t worry – I have plans for you besides just sucking cock in a dark closet,” she added.

Nikki closed her eyes. She was a captive, held prisoner against her will. They were making her some kind of whore. She could still feel the pain of her ass and thighs from the whipping they gave her, and it was still uncomfortable. They had left her legs strung up, feet facing the ceiling all night.

She looked up at the blonde, who turned as she was leaving. “Nighty night, Nikki.”

« Reply #12 on: October 02, 2016, 06:58:40 PM »

The Wall - cont'd.

Nikki woke the next day, and rolled over to reach for the alarm clock. Only there wasn’t one. For a few moments, she was disoriented, not knowing exactly what was wrong, and then the clank of the chain locked around her ankle brought her back. She was naked, lying on a flimsy mattress in the basement of the place she had been brought to after being kidnapped. She spent last night sucking strange men’s cocks.

There was a chain locked around her right ankle, which ran to a metal bar that seemed to run the length of the room she was in. It was still dark, there being no window in this room. She looked to her left, and saw a huddled shape on the mattress next to her. Another woman, like her, she supposed. And on the far side of that girl, another woman, also chained, her naked breast showing above the ratty blanket she had been given to sleep with.

Throwing her own blanket aside, Nikki looked down at the padlock that held the chain on her ankle. It was very solid and secure; she was not slipping her foot out of it. She turned on her side, and ran her hand gently across her buttocks and down her legs. Despite the pain she had experienced from the strap yesterday, it did not seem too bad today. Her ass was a little tender, but not so much that she could not sit or lay down. They had used some sort of electric device on her too, which she figured was a cattle prod. No marks from it, but she sure as hell remembered the pain of the shocks shooting through her.

She heard a door being unlocked down to her left, and soon the lights were one, making her blink from the brightness.

“Wakey, wakey, bitches!” yelled a short, Italian-looking guy who came in carrying a pot of something hot. He set it on a small table, and took a key from his pocket. He strode over to the woman furthest from Nikki, and unlocked her ankle chain.

“Come on, Jenny, move your ass,” he chided, giving the young woman a hard slap on her ass. Jenny gasped, and sat up quickly, rubbing her backside. She had short-cropped blonde hair, and a lithe, muscular body. Probably a college girl, she thought. Nikki noticed that she was not quite comfortable in her nakedness, as she tried to position herself where the man could not see her bare pussy.

The redhead that lay on the mattress between her and Jenny sat up as well, waiting for their jailor to come and unlock her. She was older than the athletic blonde, who looked in her early 20’s, but Nikki was guessing that the woman was younger than her – she looked 30 something. This one had a very light tan, and freckles covered part of her back and shoulders. Her thick red hair hung down just past her shoulders, and her small breasts sported erect, pink nipples. She looked over to Nikki, and gave her a shy smile.

Suddenly the redheaded woman slid down the mattress, pulled down by the chain on her slim ankle. The man with the greasy hair held her ankle in his hands, and looked down lustfully at the neatly trimmed patch of hair that sat above her sweet, pink pussy.

“You’re looking very juicy today, Alex,” he said, fondling the woman’s foot. “You must have sucked every dude in the bar last night,” he added, as Alex turned away, red-faced with shame. She did not respond, but only sat still as he produced the key and freed her from the chain.

“And now you, new girl,” he said, grabbing Nikki’s tanned leg. “How’s that ass this morning?” he asked, ogling the woman’s naked body. “Georgie really went to town on you, didn’t he? But I just gave you a few little jolts, didn’t I?” he said, grinning. “Just a few little taps to make you jump.”

So he was the one giving me the shocks!

The chain was unlocked from her ankle, and slid to the floor with a metallic clank. She held the blanket across her waist, not wanting him to see her. But of course, he already had, the whole time he had been on the other side of the wall.

« Reply #13 on: October 16, 2016, 07:46:49 PM »

Two more men entered the room – a big black man that the little guy called George, and another that Nikki had not seen before. George was smiling as he entered and clapped the Italian on the back.

“Another fine day for the girls to practice their dick sucking, huh Mike?” he drawled in a deep baritone.
Mike laughed and nodded. “You bet your black ass, Georgie,” he replied, cupping his balls. “I can’t wait for little Nikki to get her mouth around this monster,” he said lewdly, grinning at the woman who arrived yesterday. Nikki looked away in shame, not wanting to give this guy any satisfaction.

“I think the blonde will do me today,” said the third man, coming down, to look at the women. Jenny looked up defiantly, but still tried to cover her naked body. He was tall and lean, and had a hard looking face; the nose had been broken, and never healed correctly.
Mike laughed, and took hold of the prison strap, swinging it menacingly towards the women.

“I don’t think she is looking forward to that Frank,” Mike said. “Ok bitches, line up in front here on your knees now, before I have to use this on your pretty, little asses,” he threatened. Quickly, all three moved before the men and got on their knees. All of them looked down, not wanting to think about what was coming.

“Cuff ‘em George,” Frank said, tossing a collection of metal handcuffs to the big man. George went behind each of the kidnapped women and cuffed their wrists behind their backs. Nikki felt the tight pinch of the cold steel on her wrists, and felt the tears start welling in her eyes.
A loud crack filled the room, and the girls looked to where the greasy Italian guy had slammed the strap down flat on the table hard.

“Pay attention ladies,” he began, pacing back and forth in front of the lineup. “You are going to suck our cocks, and suck them well. This is your chance to impress us,” he said, enjoying his role. “If you pass, you get to eat,” he said, pointing to the still steaming pot of porridge. “But if you fail,” he said ominously,” you are not going to enjoy the consequences.”

Alex swallowed nervously, and looked over at Nikki. The brunette looked back, trying to project strength, but the fear in the redhead’s eyes made her stomach do flips. Meanwhile, Jenny’s bottom lip quivered, and she choked back a sob. None of the women wanted to blow these cruel bastards, but the alternative was certain to be worse.

The men lined up facing their victims, and pulled their cocks out. Alex gasped, staring at the size of George’s big, black cock, which even soft looked huge. Frank had freed his dick, and was slowly walking it towards the blonde, who looked at it like it was something she had never seen before. She cringed at the thought of putting her mouth on his foul smelling dick.

Nikki moaned softly, watching as Mike let his hard cock spring free, and turned her head as he moved forward and slapped her cheek with it.
“Your test starts now, you have 5 minutes,” Mike said with glee, pushing his throbbing penis into Nikki’s half-open mouth. He put his hands in Nikki’s soft, brown hair, and pulled her head back onto his dick.

Nikki nearly gagged when his cock rammed the back of her throat. He didn’t pull out however; he just left his cock sitting in her mouth. With a muffled groan, she realized that she was going to have to suck it like she meant it. It would have been easier for him to just fuck her face, the way most of the men had the previous night. But this was different.

The poor redhead gave a muffled cry as she took the big black man’s cock into her mouth. She felt her mouth stretching wide around his thickness, and her eyes started to fill with tears. The only man she had ever gone down on was her husband, and this was nothing like that experience. Her husband was gentle and loving, letting her take her time getting used to his cock. George was not likely to be gentle or loving.

“Come on, suck it girl,” George coaxed, easing his dick back and forth in Alex’s warm mouth. “Use that tongue girl, I have a whole mess of cum waitin’ for ya,” he said, grinning as her tears rolled down her cheeks. He felt the woman’s tongue lick tentatively at the tip of his cock, and then down his shaft. George moaned in pleasure.

At the other end of the room, things were not going well for Jenny. Frank had his dick sitting in front of the lithe blonde’s sweet lips, and was waiting for her to move her head forward to take him. Jenny trembled, afraid to move forward and take the one-eyed alien into her mouth. It smelled, and was leaking fluid out the end. She knew what pre-cum was, but had never experienced it – Jenny was a lesbian. She had eaten pussy since high-school, but never touched a cock before. She had only been here 2 nights, and so far, had been raped several times. She had taken several cocks into her pussy, and even her ass, which had made her scream into her gag from the pain. She had never sucked a cock before.

The room filled with masculine moans and loud slurping noises as Alex and Nikki did their best to satisfy the men raping their mouths. Frank was growing impatient with Jenny’s reluctance to touch his dick, so he finally grabbed her head and said, “Open your fucking mouth.”
The blonde shook her head, crying. “Please, I can’t, don’t make me do this,” she whimpered, turning away from his dangling cock. Frank laughed, and pinched Jenny’s nose shut.

“Open your goddam mouth and blow me bitch,” he said coolly, “or you’re going to regret this.”

Jenny whimpered in fear, not wanting to open her lips with Frank’s hairy cock pressed against her mouth. Finally, she had to breathe, and the man’s tool rammed inside hard. She squealed in disgust, trying to spit the cock out, but only succeeded in having it slip in further against her throat, threatening to choke her. Jenny thrashed and wailed, humiliated as the man held her in a vise-like grip and thrust his cock into her mouth. Jenny’s mouth was crammed with cock, and she began to panic as she tried to pull her head away from the foul-tasting man flesh.

The sounds of licking, sucking and balls slapping the women’s faces was soon overridden by the sounds the men were beginning to make. They moaned, enjoying the feel of their shafts being worked by feminine tongues, and were preparing to blow their loads. Nikki, trying desperately to picture her husband as she swirled her tongue all over Mike’s rigid shaft, felt it pulse and then the familiar feel of gooey thickness filled her mouth, and dripped onto her chin.

Moments later, George let out a primal roar, his cock jerking and spurting thick gobs of semen down Alex’s throat. When he pulled out of her mouth, he wasn’t finished, and ended up covering her frightened face with his seed as she choked down the mouthful he had given her.
Finally, with a loud curse, Frank pulled his dick out of Jenny’s mouth and slapped her hard across the face. “Worthless slut!” he yelled, looking down at his cock, which had still not shot its load. He grabbed his dick and pumped furiously with his hand, holding the wailing blonde’s head still with his free hand until he came violently all over her face.

Only when Frank was finished, did the mouth-fucked trio, look up and see their captor staring at them, looking unimpressed.

« Reply #14 on: October 18, 2016, 07:17:46 PM »

The Wall - cont'd.

George was wiping his seed off of Alex, who remained still and silent. “This one did ok boss,” he said. “She just couldn’t swallow fast enough.” Alex turned beet red, ashamed that her performance was being discussed openly like this.

The blonde strolled over to the kneeling woman. “Ok Alex, you’re off to a good start,” she said, lifting the redhead’s chin and looking at her. “Most girls have trouble with George; he’s a little on the big side,” she said, as the other men laughed.

Then she came to Nikki. “Well Mike, what’s the verdict?” she asked.

Mike grabbed Nikki by the hair, pulling her head up. “This bitch is a natural boss. Definitely knows what her tongue is for,” he added, running his finger across her lips. Nikki tried to hold in her disgust, not wanting to hear any more from him.

The boss moved to stand before Jenny. “And how about you my dear?”

Jenny stifled a sob, cum still dripping down her face. Frank laughed, and took an old rag to her face, scrubbing. “The reason I’m having to do this is, this cunt can’t suck dick worth shit.” Jenny bit her lip, crying silently.

The blonde knelt down to examine the girl. “Hmm. I was afraid of this,” she said. “Good with pussy, but not with dick, eh?” she said. Jenny looked at the floor, too cowed and ashamed to answer.

“That’s too bad, Jenny,” she said, moving to the table. “Get her hoisted up boys, she needs some time to reflect on her performance,” she said. Immediately the three men surrounded Jenny and started preparing her. “You two,” she said, pointing to Alex and Nikki, “eat your food before it gets cold.”

The two women looked at each other.

“But, we’re still in handcuffs,” Alex said, meekly. “How do we eat?”

The blonde looked at her for a few tense seconds, as if considering her fate.

“Very carefully,” she said, and left the room.

The room filled with the exertions of the men and Jenny’s cries as they removed her cuffs and bound her in ropes. Her wrists were already tied together in front of her, and Frank finished looping more coils around her ankles. George pulled the girl’s wrists up over her head, placing them either side of a large hood dangling from a pulley overhead. Finishing the last knot, Frank grasped the poor blonde’s ankles and pulled upward, until her feet were level with her head. Jenny cried out, her body bent almost in two. With a last thrust, Frank pulled her bound ankles over the same hook, and Jenny swung from it, helpless. George now held the rope that went to the pulley, and effortlessly hoisted the squirming girl off the ground, until she was about 3 feet off of the floor.

Meanwhile, Alex and Nikki had crawled over to the table on their knees, and were taking turns carefully licking bits of porridge from the pot. As hungry as they were, they couldn’t take their eyes off of Jenny, whose pink pussy and puckered asshole were on full display as she swung by her wrists and ankles. They knew this could not be good.
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