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Author Topic: Blackmailed Into Lesbian Sex  (Read 1913 times)

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« on: August 21, 2016, 09:05:22 PM »

Jenny could not believe she was standing buck naked in the living room of her boss, Liz.  She bit her lower lip nervously and lowered her head in shame as Liz sat on the couch soaking up the view of Jenny's naked body.

“I am glad you came to your senses and agreed to my proposal. I really would hate to see a beauty like you in prison.  Those nasty girls would do vile things to you day and night,” Liz sneered.  “But do keep in mind that I have all the information, including your confession, and I will not hesitate to press charges!”

Jenny had gotten herself knee deep in debt and thought she could cipher a few thousand dollars from the multi-million dollar bank account she had access too, but carelessness led the auditors back to her. Liz was going to fire her and send her to prison but Jenny broke down and begged for a chance to repay it and make things right.  That is when Liz locked the door and told Jenny if she really wanted to avoid jail there was only one way. A private deal between the two of them.   Liz was a dominant lesbian and had often fantasied about having the vibrant blonde Jenny under her thumb.  Now fate had made it possible

To avoid prison, Jenny must spend the weekend at Liz's house, doing anything Liz demanded.  Any refusal and she would be terminated and arrested.  Jenny knew the agreement masked sexual submission, but she swallowed her pride and agreed.   Now she stood naked as Liz leered at her exposed flesh in a lustful and domineering way.

Liz rose from the couch and softly removed her own gown, revealing her own naked body.  She turned her back towards Jenny, leaned over the couch and rested her hands on it. “I want you to worship my ass!” Liz growled.

A nauseating feeling churned in her stomach as Jenny stared at the bare ass of her boss. Liz was a raven haired beauty with a curvy body and round ass, but Jenny was not a lesbian and fought the demand.

“I...I...can't” Jenny whimpered, shaking her head.

Liz gave a sigh of frustration as she slowly rose from the couch and  turned to face Jenny again. “I don't like being told no, especially by a slut that owes me!” Liz barked as she grabbed Jenny by the hair and marched her towards the wall shoving her face against it.  Before Jenny knew what was happening Liz had her hands behind her back and fastened at the wrist with a zip tie.  She heard Liz fumbling around behind her and then walking briskly back towards her.  A moment later she felt the first searing strike of the wooden paddle against her ass.

“AWWWWW!! Jenny exclaimed as she tensed her body.

“Stand still slut!  You have it coming.” Liz hissed.   The ivory round mounds of Jenny's shapely ass soon began to turn a deeper shade of crimson as Liz expertly applied the paddle to each cheek.  After six painful licks, Liz stopped and ran her free hand between Jenny's legs, caressing the lips of her vagina.  “I'm glad your shaved my pet. Saves me from forcing you to do it,” she cooed as she rubbed Jenny's pussy vigorously.

“Please....please..stop!” Jenny sobbed at the unwanted invasion to her own sex.

“Stop? Oh my dear Jenny. I have just begun,” Liz fired back.  If I wanted to I could make you cum right now and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.  That is the first rule you need to learn. I own your ass now.  You obey me!”  Liz barked before withdrawing her soaked fingers and shoving them against Jenny's mouth.  “Here bitch, taste your own cunt!” Liz hissed as she forced her fingers into Jenny's reluctant mouth.

“Lick them damn you!” Liz shouted angrily.  Hot tears flew down each side of Jenny's face as she sucked the fingers that had been rubbing her pussy.  After a few moment of the degrading finger sucking, Liz withdrew her hand and returned to the paddle.  “Now let's see just how red we can make that pretty little ass of yours get,” she teased.

Strike after strike was laid to Jenny's shapely ass until she was a quivering mess, begging Liz to stop. With her ass flaming hot and a dark shade of red, Liz relinquished, stepping back to admire her work. “That's only for starters. If you know what is good for you, you will do exactly as you are told from now on!” Liz growled as she walked away to put the paddle up.

When Liz returned, Jenny could feel her cutting the tie from her wrists and she welcomed the felling.  Liz whirled Jenny around to face her. Ordering her to keep her hands at her side, Liz began rubbing and kneading Jenny's breasts.

“Such nice tits.  Tell me, do you play with them when you masturbate?”

The question made Jenny blush. “I...don't...do that,” she stammered.

“Is that right? Well, we will see about that,” Liz growled as she withdrew her hand and crossed them in front of her.  “Do it now!” she barked.

Jenny looked at Liz questioning the demand.  A minute later she felt the sharp sting from Liz's open palm as it struck her face.  “Masturbate you stupid bitch. Do I need to write it down for you!”

Jenny gasped at the lewd order and trembled as she slowly inched her hand towards her crotch. She sheepishly rubbed herself, which only infuriated Liz and earned Jenny another slap in the face.

“A high school girl can play with her pussy better than that!” Liz barked. “Get that hand working on that cunt of yours!”

Jenny closed her eyes in shame as she began rubbing herself more fervently.  God, she did not want to cum in from of Liz, not like this.  Her thoughts were interrupted by another stinging slap from Liz. “Use both hands dammit.  Torment that clit of yours too!”

Liz watched in amusement as Jenny began to show signs of arousal.  Her nipples grew erect and her breathing became erratic.

“Keep going!” Liz shouted.  As her lustful moans signaled an approaching orgasm, Liz clasped both of her hands and pulled them away.

“Enough!” “You have to earn the right to cum! Liz barked as she grabbed Jenny's arms and led her towards her bedroom.  Once inside, she locked the door and ordered Jenny to lie face up on it.  “Now let's see if you are willing to follow orders,” Liz growled as she straddled Jenny's face and lowered her pussy to her mouth.  “Lick it bitch! And you best make me cum. I want to see my cum all over your pretty face!” she sneered as she held Jenny's head down with both hands.

“MMPHH!” Jenny exclaimed frantically as she grasped the sides of Liz's ass in an effort to lift her off.

“Shut up and lick whore!”

Jenny knew now that she was trapped, and all efforts to fight were futile. She slowly began running her tongue over the fleshly lips of Liz's pussy.  Liz pressed herself more firmly against Jenny, delighting in how Jenny fought for air.  “That's it, get that tongue to work.  Make me cum!” she barked as she ground her hips against Jenny's face.

Jenny worked her tongue feverishly, trying to get Liz off as quickly as possible and hopefully end the ordeal.  As the orgasm rolled over Liz, she locked her legs squarely against the sides of Jenny's face, soaking her with spent cum.

“Mmmmm, not bad my little slave,” Liz murmured  lustfully as she slowly arose. “You can act all innocent if you want, but I think you have eaten pussy before, and I think you like it!”

Liz walked over to a drawer and returned.  Jenny's eyes widened as Liz began to fasten a dildo over her mouth and tied it off under her neck.  She watched Liz again straddle her face and lower her gaping cunt to the dildo and start riding it.

“I'm going to ride this fucking dildo till I cum again, and then I am going to squirt all over your face,” Liz growled.  Liz pinned both arms of Jenny to the bed with her legs and Jenny could only watch as Liz fucked the dildo furiously.  The pungent smell of Liz's sex filled her senses as Liz grew more and more aroused.

“Fuck!! Liz finally yelled as she rose from the dildo and aimed her pussy at Jenny's face for a squirting orgasm. The cum flowed from Liz like piss, soaking Jenny until she was drenched and glistening in it.

“Damn, that was good,” Liz moaned as she slowly arose and unfastened the dildo from Jenny's mouth, tossing it onto the bed.  “Now are you ready to worship my ass?” she remarked as she looked down at Jenny.

Liz bent over on the bed with her ass up in the air.  Jenny sighed deeply before placing her face against it and began rimming the puckered hole with her tongue, all the while trying to suppress the guilty shame of such a degrading act.   Liz delighted in the sensation of Jenny's tongue and It seemed forever before Liz allowed her to stop.  Jenny breathed in the fresh air hoping Liz would be satisfied and the ordeal would be finished.  She gasped when she saw Liz walking towards her with a strap on dildo tied around her waist.

“On your hands and knees,” Liz growled as she approached the bed.

“Nooooo,” Jenny pleaded. “No more.  Please let me go.”

“I'll tie you down if I have to, now assume the position and stop whining.  You got yourself to blame.  You should be grateful I am keeping your little ass out of prison!” Liz fumed as she rubbed a little bit of Vaseline onto the head of the dildo.

Despite the warning, Jenny continued to sob as she shifted position and got onto her hands and knees. She grimaced when she felt the head of the dildo press against her anus, and moaned when Liz plunged it inside and began fucking her in a steady rhythm, even slapping her ass to drive home the fact that she was in charge.  Jenny gripped the sheets and moaned as the dreaded device filled her with uncomfortable pain.

“Please stop!!” Jenny wept, but Liz ignored the pleas and continued plowing her.  When she finally did pull out Jenny's asshole was raw and aching and she collapsed onto the bed in a sobbing heap.  Liz grinned sadistically as she wiped the dildo off  and placed it back into the drawer.   It was going to be a wonderful arrangement.  She would let Jenny rest up then take things a little further.  Having a naked little sex slave would make life so much more fun.

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