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Author Topic: I am looking for a writer. (Paid)  (Read 1161 times)

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« on: August 18, 2016, 04:46:25 PM »

Not sure if I am posting this in the right place but this forum looks like on of the best places to look for a person for this project. If I posted this in the wrong place I apologize.
I am looking for a writer, I am making a fetish rpg game. I need a writer who is good at writing characters with personalty. The game will be full of dark perverted humor as well as pop culture references.

The game is set in a original fantasy universe including a few sci-fi elements. The game will include a series of different monsters and fantasy races like Elfs.

This is some rough concept art done for the game but we might go for a more traditional anime look to the characters, but that is undecided.


Content in the story the writer most be ok with.
Mild guro (No guts)
Non consensual
Forced impregnation
Girl on Girl
Consensual sex
Racist themes

And other things might show up as the story progresses.
I have written a progression chart for a starting Demo of the game I will send to interested writers.

If you are interested please contact me with a sample of your writing either on this forum or send me an e-mail: verog_the_dervish@outlook.com

Hope to talk to some nice people Wink

- Verog

I am a game maker and a professional 3D artist.

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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2016, 05:27:36 PM »

The game concept sounds fun.  I like dark fetish fantasy and RPGs (I'm a geek, I like Dungeons and Dragons).  I'm a writer and character creation, not my thing.  If it's dark backstories you want, I'm your guy.  I hope you get what you're looking for. 

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« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2016, 04:29:29 AM »

The game concept sounds fun.  I like dark fetish fantasy and RPGs (I'm a geek, I like Dungeons and Dragons).  I'm a writer and character creation, not my thing.  If it's dark backstories you want, I'm your guy.  I hope you get what you're looking for.  

Hi there let me go in to a bit more detail about the project. My main goal right now is to complete a short demo for the game that showcases themes and characters for the story. I plan on circulating this demo all over the net in hopes of generating interest in the story Wink

Basic backstory for the world.

"The guardians of knowledge talk about the before times. A
long forgotten age before the dark ones attacked and threw
the world in to chaos. The world ones filled with lights trough
the power known as technology all went out in a century of
darkness under the rule of the dark ones. All lights but one,
the goddess of light worked in silence at first slowly
gathering her forces. It was her that turned the first of the
darling over to the light and who gifted the plantings with

The darkness was driven from the land and its leaders
imprisoned. It seemed like the world could go back to the
way it was but stragglers of the defeated army's of the
dark ones kept running raids on the smaller villages
taking slaves and raping as they went on. The goddess
saw it her duty to defend the people she had freed and so
she instructed all the people in need of protection to build
shrines in her honor. The temple of Illum was built to train
the defender, her angels. Chosen from the orphans and
beggars of the world they where raised and trained in the
temple until they reached an age of physical perfection at
witch point they where gifted with a portion of divine power.
The power freezes their physical form in time making them
immortal, and granting them one of the 9 divine powers.
You grew up in this temple, you have trained all your life and
today is the day of your final trial. If you succeed you will
become one of this world mortal guardians.

From the temple the guardians can teleport to any Goddess shrine."

The characters for the Demo.
(Note all these character designs are sketchy and non final. The characters at this point are also in need of more development)

Main Character
She is named Eliri Kelzana. She is an Elfling. She is a bit short for her
race, she is about 1,65 Meters tall. Some other elfs migth make fun of
this as many elfs are often quite tall. She compansates with a
saracastic witt. She is either good or evil based on player choices.

New Character
Her name is Thelma Fink. She is a human. She looks up to the
protagonist character and takes most comments from her even
if they are sarcastic and mean spiritied as good natured humor.
She is a bit of an ear head and a lot of things goes rigth over her head

New Character
Her name is Leonor Nance. She is a elf. She looks down on the
main character. She is very arogant. She is really skinny and has
to her anoyance very small breasts. She dose her best to put others

New Character
Her name is Nikruma Idowu. She is a human. She is very cind and
forthcoming making exuces for her rude companion.

New Character
Her name is Despina Haris. She is a human. She is the mentor of the
girls and she knows them. They all respect her to a degree. She is
strict but fair.

And finally here is the story planed for the demo so far. Nothing at this point is final and if anyone has input or good ideas I would love to hear them Wink
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I am a game maker and a professional 3D artist.

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« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2016, 05:08:35 AM »

Hey V. You need FIVE POSTS before people can Priv Msg you.

A couple of samples of my work:




Would enjoy exchanging ideas, as an unpaid volunteer, if it seems good to you...

Hi I took a trip around the forum and increased my post count :)

I read your stories and I very much enjoyed them, I would love to hear any tough or idea you might have :)

I am a game maker and a professional 3D artist.

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« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2016, 08:26:28 AM »

The next logical question is what will the game look like? How will it work? What game engine will you use?

For example, will this be like a comic book, where you click boxes at the bottom of the page, and that decides where to take you, for your next page?

Or do you envision actual 3-d characters the player can control? Then again, what engine will you use?

You seem to be offering GIRLS a chance to be submissive, or a victim, or a dominant, or an avenger, or a soldier - each of these at different intensities.

What's your goal? For the "player" to explore "your world", and read "your words"? Or to offer the player a unique "play experience"? Or to allow the player to "create their own story"?

Or more fundamentally, let me ask THIS WAY: Will YOU be creating "CONTENT" and serving it up to the "USER"? Or will you be facilitating the "USER'S CREATION OF CONTENT"? And if the LATTER, will you attempt to capture that user's content, and repackage it into a "deliverable" in an expansion to THIS GAME, or in a FUTURE GAME?

The game is an 2D RPG, asset and graphic production for it is in full swing.

When speaking to a character a avatar with a variation of expressions will show up similare to this game.

The sex scenes will be image sequences similar to many visual novels, some of them with a few choices trough out.

The game has a main story line with choices trough out. There are also a bunch of smaller stories side quests.

I am making a demo of sorts of the game I am going spread all over the net where its appropriate including a link to a patreon page I am working on hoping to generate support for the game. Top teer Patreon supporters will be able to help design a few mini quests as long as they make sense inside the game world.

The ways to play your character is based on a Karma or good and evil point system. If you do a lot of bad and get a big evil score a few more options will show up in conversations like for example selling your companion to a monster. A good score is similar often meaning more self sacrificing character. There are also a few places I will give the player the option to simply give up but this usually leads to a scene and game over.

There is a lot of rape and non con in the game, but it is not super dark in its telling more humor based except a few serious scenes.

I hope this covers a lot of it.

The sex scenes will be 3D. We make all the art assets for the games our self including these models, I will post work in progress of them in not to long.

I am a game maker and a professional 3D artist.

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Accepting Writing Commission

« Reply #5 on: September 16, 2016, 03:04:06 AM »


Do you still need help with the writing?

I am accepting writing commission, if you're interested.

Here are my details: http://stellapurple.deviantart.com

For faster replies, my email address is: codegeassstella@gmail.com

Accepting Writing Commission

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....I'm here for your soul

« Reply #6 on: January 31, 2017, 10:18:52 PM »

Still looking for writing help?

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