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Author Topic: Filming  (Read 23635 times)

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« Reply #45 on: November 06, 2016, 06:36:19 AM »

Filming Vol. 2

Family set

Part 1


Her head hurt so much and the smell of chloroform was still in her nose to the point that she could taste it. Rosie opened her eyes but the darkness remained shrouding her in black. She panicked for a few seconds thinking she had gone blind before realising that there was a hood over her head. She tried moving her limbs but felt rough ropes which hogtied her still. A new sense of panic came flooding in as she realised that she was being kidnapped. She tried to scream for help as she struggled against her bonds. Some sort of fabric had been stuffed into her mouth which was duct taped shut.

How did this happen? The last thing she remembered was blowing out the candles that were lit on the cake celebrating her 18th birthday. Her mum and sister was there. Her sister Alice had just made it in time after finding someone to take over her shift as a nurse at the local hospital. She had rushed over where Rosie and her mother were waiting for her and then they sung happy birthday. Rosie blew out the candles and then the lights went out. The rest was just a blank.

Where were her sister and mother now? This was just a joke right? Some prank gone out of hand. Rosie took a moment to listen and heard the sound of an engine. She must have been in a car, no a van. There were people talking. What was going on?

"One of them is awake?"

"Yeah the youngest slut. I can't wait to fuck her. Going to make the birthday girl squeal like a pig when I poke her cute little ass."

"Just use the taser on her, you can turn into a fuck pig later."

Rosie tried to get away but a strong hand grabbed her and then she felt electricity surge through her body making her lose control of her muscles. She spasmed and yelled out through her gag before going limp and silent.

The man took off the unconscious girl's hood to look at her face. It was cute and yet sensual at the same time. He had taken the time to look at a family picture at the house they had broken into. This girl had the most innocent doe like eyes he had ever seen but had a smile that told him she would be a great fuck. Her ginger hair was a attractive shade between orange and dark red and she had a great set of tits on her that he groped. She was slim as well and would only get slimmer in the following weeks. His hand went down to her exposed cunt where he had ripped of her panties and stuffed them int her mouth. To his delight she was a still a virgin. His excitement grew right to his cock which became rock hard. A flash of anger made his face twitch as he realised he wouldn't be the one to take her virginity but her knew that her would have the chance to make sure it was his cock that she remembered.

A few hours later

There was a loud scream that echoed in her ears. A loud crack of the whip and another scream. Rosie opened her eyes and found herself in an well lit room. She blinked her eyes several times to become accustomed to the light. What was happening? She tried to stand up but the small metal cage she was in stopped her. It was cold and there was a drift of bitter wind. Another pain filled scream attacked her ears. She looked at her body and saw that she was completely nude. Shame filled her and her face turned red with embarrassment. The whip cut into the air and landed on flesh once again. Rosie searched for the source, looking out of both fear and curiosity.

"Don't look!"

It was her mother. She was locked inside a cage next to her also stripped naked. To her right was Alice who too was caged and completely nude. What was happening?

"Don't look Rosie!"

Her mother repeated her warning. She ignored it and her eyes widened in terror as she saw something out of a horror movie. A girl who looked only slightly older than her was hanging by her hands. Blood was dripping down her back and welts covered every ince of her skin. People surrounded her in a circle, each holding a whip in their hands. Rosie counted 8 of them, 7 men and one woman. They worked together with their whips striking the girl in unison. She hung her head back and screamed out in agony.

"Stop it you're going to kill her!"

Alice screamed out in rage. Rosie watched her sister as she tried to open her cage door, anger filling her like never before. They were powerless, none of them could do anything to help the poor girl being tortured in front of them. She looked like she had been through a lot. Her ribs were clearly visible as a sign of starvation and she was marked by ugly purple bruises all over her body. Her brown hair was tied back in a simple ponytail and there was a dog collar around her neck. She was a pretty girl with sad blue eyes that where filled up with tears. How could anyone do this to another person.

They whipped her again making her dance in the air before finally lowering her down. Rosie watched as they undid the rope that was used to suspend her. She hadn't been hanging from her wrists, they had tied the rope around her thumbs to hurt her even worse.

"So Tash did you learn your lesson or do we need to whip you for another hour?"

"No master this cunt has learnt her lesseon, thank you for giving me what I deserve. I'm so sorry I kept passing out when you branded me."

Rosie couldn't believe what she was hearing, the girl was thanking them for hurting her. Looking at her body more closely, there were letters branded into her skin just above her cunt. The words "PROPERTY OF SLUTS TORTURE ENTERTAINMENT" were burnt into her flesh.

"Good girl."

The man who was talking seemed to be in charge. He treated that girl like a dog. No worse than a dog yet it seemed like it was perfectly normal for her. She hugged his leg and rubbed her face on his trousers almost as if she was in love with him. It was then that they turned their attention to the set of caged redheads.

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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #46 on: November 07, 2016, 01:15:13 PM »

Still one of my favourite stories.  I have  a 'thing' for redheads  emot_thedrool.gif  Thank you for this amazing story and I'm super excited about the family set.  BRAVO!  Smiley
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« Reply #47 on: November 16, 2016, 09:25:58 PM »

Part 2


Elizabeth couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. There were tears in her eyes as she struggled to comprehend the level of cruelty and deprivation that had happened in front of her and her daughters. A girl who couldn't be much older than Rosie had just been suspended in the air by her thumbs and had been whipped for what must have been over a hour. Not the smallest shard of mercy had been shown as the sound of whip strokes and the girl's screaming continued to echo inside Elizabeth's head.

Even worse than being forced to watch and listen to that girl getting tortured was finding out why they were hurting her. The girl had fainted while these monsters were branding her like an animal. Seeing those hurtful words burnt into the girl's skin made her feel sick. Tash was her name right? That's what the man called her. The man she thanked for whipping her and whose fingers she was now sucking on. Surely that couldn't be how she really is. They must be forcing her to pretend to be such a slut.

The thought of what must have happened to that poor girl to make her into this terrified the attractive, redheaded mother of two. At 42, she felt old even if her body didn't show it. As an English teacher who taught at high school, she was the milf in many of her students' fantasies. Large but firm DD tits and an hourglass model like midsection which slowly widened to her childbearing hips. Her two lovely daughters took after her in terms of looks. Her two lovely daughters who were stripped naked and locked in cages either side of her.

Alice, her oldest was still trying to force open her cage door. Her face was red with anger. She wanted to help Tash. Helping people is all she knew how to do. Elizabeth remembered how proud she had been when she dropped Alice for work one day. They were walking through the reception room when a young woman came through the doors. Her lip was spit, she had a black eye and was clearly shaken. It turned out that she had just been raped a half mile away from where they lived. Alice showed such compassion, such kindness as she treated that woman's wounds and held her hand when she gave the police details of what happened to her.

Over to Elizabeth's left was her youngest daughter, Rosie. Such a sweet innocent angel. She was smart. Far smarter than Elizabeth could ever hope to be. Top of her class and always smiling but so shy. It was her 18th birthday as well, today was suppose to be about spoiling her before she left for college. Watching her crying as she hugged herself in sheer terror broke Elizabeth's heart. She grabbed her daughter's hand to try to comfort her. Why was this happening to her family? What were they going to do to them?

Without warning or reason, the man raised his hand and slapped Tash so hard in the face that she was knocked down to the ground. She whimpered but tried to embrace him once again only to be met with another slap. This time she optioned to stray down. The man and the woman walked into the centre of the room and then started to address an invisible audience. It was only then that Elizabeth spotted several cameras positioned all around the room. They were being filmed.

"Hello and welcome to a new episode of sluts torture entertainment. Unfortunately our last slut couldn't join us due to being in a coma but fear not for we have a real treat for you today. Meet the Gingercunts; Rosie, Alice and their mother Elizabeth."

They were addressing her and her family. Labelling them like cattle in the most degrading way possible.

"And of course we're joined by everyone's favourite punching bag, Tash. Remember to leave a comment as to what punishments you want to see Tash endure. Thank you to Sadist4life125 for last weeks suggestion of pulling out her finger nails, grounding them up and sprinkling them onto her dog food."

Elizabeth's heart sunk at the words the two host were saying. How could these people be so heartless, so indescribably cruel. The man walked over to her cage and shared her into her crying eyes with his.

"So momma Gingercunt, let me ask you this. Which one of your daughters would you like us to gangfuck until she's drowning in our cum? Alice or Rosie?

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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #48 on: November 16, 2016, 11:40:56 PM »

very nice...VERY nice!  I loved it.  I want to see the new girls tortured brutally.
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« Reply #49 on: November 29, 2016, 11:54:29 AM »

Part 3


The birthday girl watched her mother whimper as the man asked her to pick one of her daughters to be raped by a room of sadistic monsters. Her mother kept looking between her and Alice. They were asking her to choose between the two people she loved the most. Which one of her daughters she would rather see ravished and abused in the worst possible way.

"Please I'm begging you, fuck me instead. I... I won't resist, you can do whatever you want to me. Just please leave my daughters alone."

They laughed at her. Laughter at a mother's plea to protect her daughters.

"Looks like the mother is a real slut. I hope she passed down her whore genes to her daughters."

More laughter as Rosie started to weep with her mother. She was squeezing on to her hand so tightly.

"Now Elizabeth, that wasn't one of the options. Either you pick between Rosie and Alice or we're going to rape both of them."

Her mother went silent. She looked like she wanted to die when she looked up at the man and whispered.


Rosie looked over to her sister who had tears running down her face. Her beautiful angelic face.


"I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

Elizabeth reached out her hand to Alice. Her fingertips were agonisingly close the daughter that she had just sold out but Alice backed away from her mother's reach.

Rosie cried as she watched her family get torn apart.

"So you picked Alice. We're going to fuck Rosie instead."

"What no that's not want you said."

"We never said we would listen to you."

"No please not my baby girl."

All seven men approached Rosie's cage and started to grope the girl inside who was frozen like a deer in the headlights. She kicked out at them when her cage was opened but strong hands overpowered her and held her down. Her hands were tied behind her back using a leather belt before another was used to bind her elbows together. She cried out at the sharp pain as they made her stand by pulling on her arms.

"Leave her alone, please not my baby girl."

Rosie was bent over Elizabeth and Alice's cages to make sure her mother and sister had a good view. Her legs were forced open and she felt something press against the lips of her pussy. She felt a thrust and her world faded into a new life of misery. Sharp pain burned into her as her hymen broke. As her innocence was taken and her virginity was ripped away from her.

Thrust after painful thrust. Rosie felt every inch of her rapist's cock as he pounded her cunt raw. She stopped screaming after a while as he groaned like a wild animal. Her mother and sister watched in horror as cum leaked from her cunt after the man finally finished. They were completely powerless to help her.

She didn't move after he finished ravishing her. She couldn't move. All Rosie could do was close her eyes as more tears were torn from her very soul. She didn't even notice that another man had positioned himself behind her. She didn't notice until the man's rough hands started to grope her round pump ass. He spread her cheeks and lined up his cock before he forced his way inside her ass. Her eyes widened in pain and she started to scream at the top of lungs.

"No please not there. Please not my ass."

The two cages she was bent over rattled at the forced in which her ass was being raped. She was shrieking in agony and begging them to stop but her pleas only made them brutalise her even harder. When that man finished and buried his seed deep in her ass, another stepped up.

"Squeal like a pig you stupid cunt if you don't want your ass torn apart again."

They weren't just content with fucking her, they wanted to destroy her. Why her? What did she do to deserve this? The man pulled on her beautiful long red hear as he pounded her while she preformed her best imitation of a swine.

"Oink oink oink."

"Look at this stupid fuckpig. Hey momma gingercunt, keep your eyes open while I'm porking your whore of a daughter."

If she was lucky, she would be passed out. If she wasn't, Rosie would have to listen to her kidnappers taunting her as they took turns raping her. One after the other, each using her like a blown up doll. Each challenging the other to be rougher and more cruel.

By the end, they dragged her unconscious body back into her cage and locked her inside. Their cum leaking out of her and the last tears of her innocence slipping through her closed eyes.

"Happy 18th birthday slut."

A final insult of degradation to hurt her before the three redheads were left alone.

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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #50 on: November 30, 2016, 10:39:18 PM »

I loved it.  Making the birthday girl degrade herself was my favourite part.  Thanks for this amazing story.  Glad it going strong with the Gingercunt Family.   Smiley

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« Reply #51 on: December 22, 2016, 10:11:42 PM »

Part 4


Alice adjusted her naked body trying to position herself in a way that she could find some comfort inside of her cage. It was of course impossible as the cage was too small and cramped, designed to be unpleasant for the girl trapped inside its metal prison. She had tried to break each individual bar in an attempt to find a weak spot, there was none meaning that there was no escape for her or her family.

To her left, her mother was cooing Rosie. Her shaking tear stained hands were stroking Rosie's deep red hair. Alice felt fresh tears swelling in her already pink weary eyes and felt them sting again as she and her the rest of her family started to cry. She had been forced to watch helplessly as her sister had been gang raped over and over again. Powerless to stop it, Alice had listened to as Rosie screamed while their kidnappers fucked her in anyway they wanted. She sounds of those disgusting pigs grunting as they came while her mother begged them to fuck her instead were burnt into Alice's mind.

The hatch of the basement that they were locked in open and the fear of what was going to happen to them next stole the air out of their lungs. The feeling of dread was like a deep fog that was suffocating them. They were choking in complete fear when the girl who had been whipped in front of them earlier started to slowly drag a sack down the stairs. Alice tried remembering her name. Tara? No that wasn't it. Tash?

"Hurry up you stupid cunt."

A boot appeared through the hatch catching Tash from behind. She was knocked over and fell down the stairs. Her body roll down with her head banging against the hard wood multiple times. When she reached a stop on the floor, she wasn't moving and a small pool of blood started to form. After several terrifying seconds, Tash started to groan before she tried to get back up. Her nose was bleeding with the red dripping down to her dry lips.

"Look out!"

Alice was too late in warning her as the man threw the sack she was carrying straight at her. It landed on her ankle and caused Tash to scream. Alice watched as Tash grabbed her foot in pain. She was a pretty girl with long light brown hair that looked unkept and was messy with strands sticking to her face. Her blue eyes were sad and lonely as if she was constantly crying and it looked like she hadn't slept in days. Welt marks and bruises covered every part of her body and even from far, Alice could see some small scars that looked like the poor girl had been mauled by a bear. Her ribs were painfully visible beneath her abused breasts which had remained perky and supple. Her ass was deep red as if she had just been spanked for no reason other than just to hurt her.

Tash cried as she crawled like an animal while dragged the sack toward the family of redheads. She winced each time her hands grabbed the bag and Alice saw that her thumbs were at best dislocated from her hands. She made it about half way before she collapsed to the ground, exhausted from the pain.

Alice reached out to her. The tips of her fingers just barely managing to reach. Tash slowly raised her head and through her tears, she stared at Alice. The beaten slave lent Alice her hand which the nurse gently held, being careful not to hurt her. Alice felt Tash squeeze back, her grip was weak and up close, Alice could see that there was clear swelling. She could also see signs of even further abuse. There were burn marks all over her as if someone had used her like a human ashtray and she was missing all of her nails.

Doing her best to smile to reassure the girl, Alice tried to pull her closer.

"Hi Tash is it? My name is Alice and I'm a nurse. Can I have a look at your ankle?"

Tash looked at her for a while before she nodded her head. Before she could turn away, Alice stopped her to wipe away the blood from her bloody nose. Luckily it wasn't broken but Alice had to carefully apply a small amount of pressure to stop it from bleeding. She cleaned Tash's face, smiling to comfort her.

"Th...thank you."

Tash turned away so Alice wouldn't see the fresh tears that were forming in her eyes. It had been so long since someone was kind to her. She knew it was just pity but it still felt nice to not be treated like shit.

"Tash your thumbs are dislocated. I'm going to try to put them back but it's going to hurt. Do you want me to do that?"

She nodded before she screamed once again. It hurt like hell but then again, her entire body hurt like hell. Tash collapsed to the ground again drawing in quick shallow breaths. Crying, she turned around and let Alice examine her ankle.

"It looks like it's not broken but sprained. It's going to be really sore for a week or two. Try not to put any pressure on it."

Tash strayed still for a couple of minutes resting. Alice took in her beauty as she lay there on the cold dirty ground. She had a swan like neck that was bruised with choke marks. As Alice's glaze moved down her body, she saw Tash's breasts gently heave up and down as she breathed. Her round abused moulds looked so soft but firm at the same time while the cold air had hardened her nipples like cute little cherries on top of a treat. Her flat stomach looked like it had been used as a punching bag and were covered in sweat and dirt. The ugly burn marks from her branding spelling out the words, property of slut torture entertainment. Looking further down, Alice nearly lose her composure as she stared up Tash's long legs and saw her sex. It too looked like it had been targeted for torture being all red and swollen.

Alice continued to stare at Tash and felt more sad than she had ever felt in her life. How could anyone do this to such a pretty girl?

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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #52 on: December 23, 2016, 05:36:39 PM »

Just AWESOME.  I love this story.  Thanks Beater for such an amazing story. 

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We are the sum of our errors

« Reply #53 on: December 24, 2016, 04:52:12 AM »

Seconded, easily one of my favorite stories on this site and can't wait to see what dark path it leads down.

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« Reply #54 on: December 30, 2016, 05:04:01 PM »

Part 5


She remained still for a couple of minutes taking a moment to rest. Everything hurt so much and she felt so dizzy. Sounds came to her ears like loud bangs and her eyes stung from crying so much. Being denied any sleep for the past week while continuously being raped and tortured had resulted in a migraine that was pounding inside her head like a drum.

Tash forced herself to roll over from her back and then had to take another moment as nausea overcame her. She would have thrown up if she wasn't being starved for no reason other than for the amusement of her masters and their viewers. All she could taste was her own blood.

"Hey take it easy."

Tash looked up at Alice who had a concerned look on her face. She used to hate having to go to the hospital or any other form of health services. The staff were rude and the atmosphere was always dark and gloomy but she probably wouldn't have minded going to a hospital to be examined by a nurse like Alice. Perhaps it was simply because she had been beaten so much over the last few months that it felt nice to have someone look after her. She had forgotten what kindness felt like.

She could she that Alice was trying to act brave but Tash knew that look on the redhead's face, she had tried to fool herself into expressing it when she had first been kidnapped. It wouldn't last long as there was no doubt that Alice was really scared shitless. How couldn't she be, she had just seen her younger sister gang raped just inches in front of her and all Tash had done was lick Amanda's cunt and clean the rapists cocks so they were ready for another round. Looking at the mother, Elizabeth and her two daughters that all locked in cages like wild animals, Tash wondered how much they must hate her for not doing anything to help.

She then remembered the cameras that were in the walls, recording live to who knows how many deprived twisted individuals who had signed up to watch her and the family's misery. Her owners were probably watching too just looking for an excuse to beat the shit out of her. In the sack that she had been made to drag over to the barn despite having had dislocated thumbs, Tash took out three identical dog bowls before she found her own. Her's was lovingly labelled "fuckmeat" and had cum strains leaving streaks of filth along the cheap plastic. Unfortunately human cum was one of the more nicer things that she had been made to eat out of it.

The fact that she was being watched caused Tash's hands to shake in fear as she filled each of the three dog bowls that were for the redheads up. She wanted to be as generous as possible but knew that if she filled them up too much, it could lead to her being punished further. She shuddered as the thoughts of what they would do to her made her skin freeze. Tash then slid the bowls through the strips at the bottom of the cage doors and saw the same look of disgust one their faces that she once had.

"You expect us to eat this?"

The dog food smelt like dog food and it tasted like dog food. It was nasty and foul to most people's palates but Tash found herself not being to help herself but salivate as the smell wrinkled her nose. She had just been made to cook dinner for her masters and mistress. A roasted lamb with potatoes that smelled amazing while she wasn't even allowed to eat the dog food.

"Tash can't you get as anything else? Can you...can you help get us out of here."

It was Alice that was asking her. She had tried to help her and all Tash could do to repay her was this. She felt fresh tears building up as she had never hated herself more. It was unimaginably upsetting and destructive to realise just how far she had fallen.

"Please...please if you don't...if you...they're hurt me again and I just can't...I can't take any..."

"No no Tash. It's alright, this...it's not your fault. We'll eat it...look see?"

Alice took a hand full and slowly put it into her mouth. She turned pale as she chewed and struggled to swallow. Rosie and Elizabeth followed doing the same to try and calm her. Why were they doing this? It didn't make any sense to her, why would they help someone who was refusing to help them?

"Do you...do you need to pee?"

Tash dreaded asking them. She tried looking away from them as they all nodded. She took her bowl and slid it into Alice's cage and then turned away as the redhead tried to pee. It was uncomfortable and not at all what she would have been used to but Tash soon heard she sound of liquid tinkering into her bowl. Once Alice had finished, she handed the bowl to Elizabeth and then Rosie before retrieving it and looked at how full it now was.

She sighed before lowering her face to the dog bowl full of piss and tried her best not to smell it. She slowly struck out her tongue and started to lap up the yellow liquid.

"No Tash, what are you doing? Don't do that!"

"They...they're making do it."

"But they're not here. Can't you just go outside and empty it? They would never find out. None of us would tell, we swear."

"They're watching."

Tash watched as all three of their faces turned white. They searched around the room in panic as the fact that they were being filmed became aware to them. Their eyes found the many cameras that covered each and every angle and they realised that they were being recorded right this very instant.

"Oh my god no!"

Rosie cried out and quickly tried to cover herself with her arms. The fact that she had been filmed getting raped still hadn't hit her. Her mother held her face and started to cry.


And Alice, she froze still unable to understand. She stared at Tash as she lapped their piss in her bowl. What did they do to her. What were they going to do to them?

A couple of minutes later, Tash had finished drinking their piss and painfully limped towards them.

"You...you don't want to use me do you?"

"What...what do you mean."

"They said that if any of you wanted. I have to pleasure you. You don't want me to do you?"

"No...no you don't have to if you don't want to Tash."

"Can I...can I just rest for a moment?"

"Sure Tash, take all the time you need."

She curled up into a foetal position hugging her legs and tried to stop herself crying. She was scared to close her eyes. She scared to do anything until she felt Alice gently stroke her hair. It felt nice to have someone be kind to her.

It definitely felt nice to have someone being kind to her.

"Thank you."

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« Reply #55 on: January 02, 2017, 04:22:41 AM »

Part 6


The unpleasant sound of two pieces rusted metal sliding against each other woke Elizabeth. The noise was like a high screech and it echoed throughout the dark gloomy cellar that she and her family were trapped in. As she opened her soft brown eyes that were pink from her own tears, the sight of the nightmarish dungeon was partly blocked by the cold metal bars of her cage.

She hesitantly peeked inside the two cages that where positioned either side of her own and prayed that she wouldn't see what she knew she would find. The naked forms of her two beautiful daughters lay curled inside as all three of them were displayed like animals in a zoo. The hope that the day before had just been a bad dream was ripped apart from her saddened soul by an unmerciful and uncaring force. What filled up that deep void was an impossibly heavy weight that weighed down on her to the point that she couldn't breathe.

She looked at her two daughters again who were still asleep and felt herself turning into mud as if she was dirt washed away by the rain. On each of her daughters faces was a deep frown as uneasy sleep filled with night terrors threatened to wake them at any moment. Seeing the two most precious people in her world normally brought a bright smile to Elizabeth's face. Her lips couldn't but help smiling when ever she saw her two girls. They were her world since her husband died. Right now, no smile came to her lips. Only a terrible sadness. The kind of sadness that makes you feel like the world is about to end. Instead of smiling, Elizabeth covered her face with her hands and started to cry once again.

"Please...please don't...please don't cry."

A caring hand touched her lightly on her shoulder. Elizabeth looked up and saw Tash gently rubbing her back. The poor girl was wincing at every touch of her hand to Elizabeth's back. The horrors that she must have had to endure.

"Do you want me to...um..."

The girl looked away as she realised that there was nothing that she could do. Looking at her battered body, Elizabeth couldn't help but forget about her daughters and feel sorry for her. How can someone take so much? Tash had spent the most of last night pressed up against Alice's cage hugging onto her arm. It looked like it was the first time she had gotten any real sleep in god knows how long.

"It's okay Tash. Try going back to sleep."

She was nice girl. Kind and sweet. Why would anyone want to hurt her like this? Tash never got the chance to shut her eyes as the latch door opened and their tormentors entered.

The sound woke up both Rosie and Alice who were startled to find the crew carrying various boxes of heavy looking equipment. It was different from yesterday where they had simply gang fucked Rosie repeatedly for hours. This somehow was even scarier.

Once everything had been carried to the dungeon, they went to work setting everything up. Two wooden crosses were drilled into the wall opposite the cages in a x shape formation. Complete sets of bondage cuffs hung of the year ends of each wooden plank. They then positioned two cameras and aimed them at the make shift st Andrew's crosses before a team of four carried what appeared to be a throne down and placed it into a corner of the room. It was no throne that royalty would sit on. It looked heavy and uncomfortable with thick leather straps built into its sinister design. Two large philac shaped rubber dildos threateningly arose from the seat which when impelled into the victim in conjunction with the leather straps would prevent any movement.

Elizabeth saw Tash freeze up. She was shaking and her lips were quivering in pure primal fear. This had been her life for so long. The blonde woman approached her and Tash tried to scamper away. The woman simply trod her boot down onto her beaten toy's injured ankle and pressed her heel into the swollen joint. Tash screamed as excruciating pain spread through the bones and nerves of her foot and leg. She clutched her leg tightly when the woman finally stood off it and rolled over facing her back to the blonde in a futile attempt to protect herself. A man approached to join in the sadistic fun as he grabbed a handful of Tash's brown hair and yanked her to her knees. Without warning, his hand slapped her with brutal force causing their slave to yelp out in pain. The woman then squatted down to pinch and twist on Tash's nipples as a red handprint formed on her face.

"Did you enjoy spending time with the redheads?"

"Yes master."

Elizabeth could see that she was so scared. The cruel woman twisted even harder and pulled as Tash's tits were tortured by her vice like grasp.

"When they decided that you weren't good enough to be used by them, why didn't you crawl back to the house like a good whore? We would have treated you to a nice long fucking and beating. It's a good job Rosie was such a good slut yesterday that we were relatively content."

Rosie backed up to the back of her cage and tried to hide herself from the cameras as the memories of her birthday gang rape came flooding back to her. Her mother grabbed her hand as the men came for her once more. She held on not letting go of her daughter's hand. She knew she couldn't let go.

With time seemingly slowing down to a crawl. The sound of Rosie yelling out as she begged for someone to help her became muted. As did Alice's pleas for them to leave her sister alone. So did Elizabeth's own cries for anyone to help them. All that the mother could feel was Rosie's hand slowly being wrenched apart from her own. As their fingers tips were separated, any power she had to protect her daughter was lost. She watched helplessly as Rosie was dragged across the room and fastened in place to one of the crosses. They then came back for Alice.

"No please not Alice too. Take me instead. Please I'm begging you! I'm their mother!"

She grabbed on to Alice's leg and held on with all her strength but could do nothing to stop them as Alice was pilfered from her cage. The hands of the men groping everywhere as she tried in vain to fight back. She too was dragged to the cross where the cuffs held her, spread out and exposed.

Two identical boxes were then wheeled in front of the two bound sisters. Ballgags were forced into their screaming mouths before the boxes were opened and both grew silent. Elizabeth could hardly make out what the strange rectangular shaped devices were from the distance but they looked like car batteries. The jumper cables gave them away. The jumper cables that had strong clamps lined with teeth like groves. Clamps that were attached to her daughters breasts. Which bite caused them to struggle against their bounds and scream.

"Please don't! Please I'll do anything!"

"Good because depending on how well you behave. The less your lovely sluts are going to get hurt. Now put these on."

The man chucked a pair of handcuffs to her. Elizabeth locked them to her wrists, binding her hand together. Her cage door swung open and she crawled out when instructed. Fearing for her daughters, she remained still as they groped her, their fingers rubbing her cunt and squeezing her large full chest.

A laptop was switched on in front of her and Elizabeth realised that hell did exist. The screen was split with a live feed of herself filling the majority of the screen. Beneath her to either side was her Rosie and Alice. Text in an animated electrical current read "shock the bitches" which sent a chill down the milf's spine. That was when she saw the lines of text scrolling upwards and she realised that people were commenting on what was happening to her and her family. A robotic voice started playing from the laptop's built in speakers. The voice of one of many viewers enjoying the show.

"Anonymous22 says let's get this party started."

"Yes, let's get it started."

The woman finally finished hurting Tash who's neck she had been standing on, choking her under her foot.

"Welcome to slut torture entertainment's live special. Remember you can still buy tickets in order to have the chance to be chosen at random to control this sexy redheaded milf."

To control her? Elizabeth didn't understand. How could commenters on a laptop control her?

"If you're lucky enough to be chosen, then for ten minutes you can make Elizabeth do whatever you want her to our poor punchbag, Tash. She'll be your hands almost like your hurting her yourself. And if she says no?"

They smiled as they said it. Elizabeth watched as the mouse on the screen was dragged towards the image of Alice. It pointed to the text and then with a simple click, Alice and Rosie both started screaming.

"If she refuses, then poor Rosie and Alice get shocked by the car batteries connected to their tits."

Elizabeth dropped to her knees as her daughters finished thrashing under the current. Her tears flowed as freely as Rosie's and Alice's.

"Amorgan13 says that was so hot I might just keep shocking the ginger sluts and make their mother watch it."

"Qwerty says maybe after a few weeks we can get the milf to be hurting Rosie instead."

"Whitenut says Tash had better hope that I don't get picked I want to destroy her."

"K3fan says let's get sexy."

Just how many people were watching this? Why weren't they doing something to help? This surely couldn't be happening.

"And the first winner is...Gorean."

"Gorean says I want to see what we didn't yesterday. Tash licking some cunt."

Elizabeth just knelt there. She didn't even hear the robotic voice saying her commands. The evil world of sexual sadism and abuse suffocating her lungs and leaving her blind. Suddenly she felt a warm tickling sensation on her clit. Looking down she say that Tash had already crawled her way over and licking her clit, flicking using the tip of her tongue. Once she successfully snapped Elizabeth out of her trance, she started licking around the older woman's pussylips before her tongue made its way inside and caused a soft moan to escape Elizabeth's lips. She squirmed slightly as she was taken back unprepared for how skilled and talented Tash was with her tongue. The lessons she had learnt of pleasuring others had been often and painful more times than not.

"Gorean says hold on to the bitch's hair."

Elizabeth obeyed. She grabbed Tash's hair and pushed her cunt deeper into Tash's face. She wasn't normally as controlling as this in bed nor was she a lesbian but feeling Tash bringing her closer to orgasm with every lick, Elizabeth craved that sense of release. That feeling of weightlessness.

"Gorean says tell me when you're about to cum slut."

"Ohh god Tash, I'm about to cum."

"Gorean says cum while listening to your daughters scream."

As Elizabeth couldn't help herself but experience an orgasm, Rosie and Alice felt the painful unyielding voltage of the car batteries once again. The electricity flowed throughout their vulnerable bodies causing them to compulse as their muscles contracted uncontrollably. Pain filled their faces as sweat dripped down from their ample and round assets. Their young bodies turning into a cathedral of sufferering.

"Gorean says give Tash some hard slaps she's not pretty when she isn't crying."

Elizabeth was panting. Tash had caused her to have one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. She could hardly move. Still holding onto Tash's hair, she pulled her up so she could she the girl's face. Her eyes were tightly closed and her hands were to her side curled up into fist as she braced herself. Elizabeth didn't want to hurt her but she had to protect Rosie and Alice. Her first slap was pitifully weak with her hand barely glancing Tash's cheek. A soft humming of static electricity that was barely audible could just be made out before it was quickly drowned out by more screaming.

"Gorean says harder"

Elizabeth had no choice. She struck Tash again, this time making full contract. The force set her to the dirty ground holding her face in pain.

"Gorean says you must want to see your daughters fried."

"No no please I'll hit her harder."

She grabbed Tash by the hair once again and struck as hard as she could. Not letting go of her hair, Elizabeth slapped Tash again and again drawing out cries begging her to stop. When she was finished, Tash was holding her red beaten face with tears flowing down her punished cheeks. A small cut on her bottom lip collected blood and as she looked up at Elizabeth, she quickly looked away terrified of her.

"Oh my god no, I'm so sorry. No what did I do...I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

Elizabeth held Tash tight. She hugged the young girl she had just beaten bloody as tears formed in her eyes as well.

"Gorean says start fisting her."

"What...what's that? You want me to punch her?"

"He wants...he wants you to stick your hand into my pussy."

"But...but I can't. It won't fit."

Elizabeth watched shocked as Tash layed down on her back and spread open her legs for her. She thought about how she must have a mother as well and what she would be feeling if she saw this. Her first finger went in with relative ease as did her second. When slowly pushing in her third she felt the walls of Tash's pussy start to push back slightly and caused discomfort on the girl's face. Forcing in her fourth finger made Tash cry out and ask Elizabeth to be slower.

"Gorean says hurry up."

She quickly forced her thumb in and pushed her hand deeper into Tash's sex. The girl's pussy walls contracted around Elizabeth's hand that was invading her. She couldn't move any of her fingers that were no squeezed tightly together by Tash's tight cunt. With it already being tender and sore to begin with, Tash felt nothing but agony as Elizabeth fisted her.

"Gorean says fist her like you want to punch your hand through to her throat. If you're not doing it hard enough I'll shock Rosie and Alice and don't let Tash cum."

Elizabeth looked away as she fisted Tash. She couldn't bear to look her in the face as she hurt her. Forcing her hand partially out of Tash's cunt before driving it back in again over and over. Tash covered her mouth with her hands to stop herself from screaming. What came out was a muffled yell.

"Gorean's time has ended."

Relieved, Elizabeth pulled her hand out free from Tash's pussy and saw it glistening with pussy juice. She watched ashamed of herself as Tash held her snatch as it continued to ache and burn.

"The next winner is..."
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Only finished part of this um...part. Decided to post it anyway because it's going to probably be quite long. It could also be the nastiest to date by the end. Poor Tash

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You've made the volcano angry!

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Awesome!  Fantastic.  Getting mom to torture Tash or have her daughters fried was ingenious.   I love this story! 

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Part 7


Lines of text scrolled up the screen of the laptop with every comment being as hurtful and degrading as the last. From the small box in which the unnecessary vicious and pointlessly cruel individuals who were watching online took voice, Elizabeth was given a glance at the worst that humanity had to offer. The speakers played out their messages in a cold mechanical voice that was symbolic of their lack of compassion and mercy.

"Egglunged294 says I hope I'm chosen next. I want to see Tash whipped even more. There are some parts of her sexy body that isn't bruised."

"Makingtashcry says I agree. Tash needs to be beaten senseless for us. I absolutely hate that bitch."

"Batspider says do you think they will allow us to add some piercings to her? All girls love jewellery right?"

On the screen, above the messages was a small timer that was counting down the time until another viewer was chosen to take command of this twisted show. The numbers on the timer slowly ticked down to zero and a digitally programmed tool on the laptop randomly choose a raffle ticket from those that had been brought. Several hundred more had been brought since the live show had began by audience members across the world in the hopes of getting the chance to have a more personal touch to their sick entertainment.

"The next winner is...titwhipper5."

Elizabeth grated her teeth grinding them together before she softly bit her bottom lip and unconsciously encouraged the new controller. The body of the hot milf would be his to use under threat of hurting her equally beautiful daughters. Without reason and without typing a single letter, he moved his mouse to the live image of Rosie on his computer monitor.

The young redhead had just "celebrated" her 18th birthday yesterday in a film that he had gotten off to several times since he had downloaded it. She looked even more gorgeous now. Eyes wide open in pure terror with sweat glistening off her nude body. Her recently de-virginised cunt exposed for his eyes to enjoy and her perfect teen tits tormented by the painful clamps of a set of jumper cables.

Smiling to himself, he left clicked and watched as she squirmed with an extremely painful voltage of electricity jolting through her vulnerable body. He laughed as he listened to her screaming through the ballgag that had been jammed into her mouth. Rosie's head fell to her chest and she started to sob even harder. Titwhipper5 then turned his attention to Alice who was looking at her sister spasming from that last shock and mumbling something inaudible through her gag. Her tits were about a cup larger than Rosie's and were even better for whipping. He moved his mouse towards the button that would shock the both of them and was about to press when something caught his attention.

"No please stop hurting them! Please tell me what you want! I'll do anything! Just stop hurting them...I'm begging you."

God that milf was hot. It was one thing to watch a hot piece of ass like Amanda hurt a girl but making a woman who clearly didn't want to was even hotter. She was in her 40s but looked like she wasn't even 30. The things he would like to do to her. He then looked at the crying well beaten slave girl on the ground and snickered at the slight of Tash holding her sore pussy in pain. It was always amusing to see her suffering but humiliating her was even better.

"Titwhipper5 says do you have Tash's leash and that big strap-on that Amanda fucked her with a week ago?"

Elizabeth watched as the filming crew recording this deprived show searched inside the boxes that they had brought with them. They took out a black leather dog leash and then a large rubber dildo with a series of interwoven nylon straps.

"Titwhipper5 says make Tash to look into the camera and tell us that she's here to suffer for our pleasure."

"Tash um...Tash sweetheart, can you please look into the camera and...and...oh for fucks sakes she's a person not a plaything!"

Alice and Rosie started screaming as a jolt of current ripped through them. Elizabeth looked away, unable to watch her angels thrashing against their bounds in anguish once again.

"I'm...this cunt is here to suffer for your pleasure."

Tash had gotten up and had crawled closer to the camera. She starred into the black lens and looked at her own reflection. Her blue eyes were filled with tears that blurred her vision and her lips were trembling as she degraded herself for the entertainment of those watching her misery.

"Titwhipper5 says put her leash on and walk her like a dog. Then make the bitch bark."

The leash was thrown to Elizabeth. It landed in her arms and she felt the texture of the leather. Threading the length through her fingers, she stopped when reaching the metal clip that was used to attach the leash to the collar of an animal. Bending down and clipping it to the collar locked around Tash's neck felt so wrong.

She straightened up and held the leash in her hand as Tash strayed on her all fours. She took and step and then stopped as Tash started to crawl like a dog. Elizabeth wanted nothing more than to throw the leash she was holding on the floor and end this humiliating charade of dehumanisation that Tash was having to endure. She looked at her two daughters and forced herself to keep holding Tash's leash.

"Titwhipper5 says I don't hear any barking."

"Woof! Woof! Woof!"

What made it all worse was the way that it seemed like Tash had been made to do this before. She added a cute little whine and pant in every now and again in between her barks.

"Titwhipper5 says what breed of bitch are you Tash?"

"I'm...I'm a fuckpuppy woof."

"Titwhipper5 says lol your a stupid puppy dog. Listen carefully, you're going to get that strap-on from your masters and you're going to deep throat it whilst putting it onto the milf. Then your going to beg for a bowl of dog food and not that nice crap that you fed to the gingers yesterday, the disgusting kind that is still too good for you. Then you're going to spread your ass and beg Elizabeth to fuck you whilst you eat and bark."

Elizabeth couldn't take much more. She felt a sudden rush of guilt and shame overwhelming her as she remembered how she had complained when Tash had brought her and her family bowls of dry dog food. If that was considered "nice" then what could possibly be worse?The silver dog bowl that she had peed in and Tash had then drank from was kicked over to her and an old looking rusted can was rolled over. The aluminium tin can collided with the bowl making a gentle tink sound as the two metal objects connected with one another.

Elizabeth picked it up with her shaking right hand. With her nervous grasp, she nearly dropped it as it slid out of her fingers before she was able to steady herself with her left. The metal was cold and what was once a shiny silver was now shades of rusted brown and orange. There were the remnants of a paper label that used to coat along the ridges and a handle was on the top so the lid of the tin could be pulled back without the need of a can opener. She heard on to it tightly in her hands finding a tiny glimpse of comfort as it reminded her of a can of baked beans. Elizabeth wasn't much of a cook. Her poor daughters knew that. They were both a million times better in the kitchen than her but for some unknown reason, they still smiled whenever she made beans on toast for them.

Her small personal sanctuary away from what was happening was quickly invaded by the sound of Alice and Rosie screaming again as another bolt of electricity flowed through them. Tash crawled towards the strap-on that had been positioned on the floor in shot of a camera. Barking like a dog as she limped to it, she did her best to look away from the camera to avoid it capturing her tears as she cried from the humiliation. The rubber false phalis was massive and looked more like a tool from the medieval ages than anything that would provide pleasure.

Tash nudged it slightly with her nose before she took the tip into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around the head and she started to make her way down the shaft. About a third of the way down, she gagged as the tip reached the back of her throat. She kept on gagging as she choked on the fake cock. Her body made a that instinctive jerky heaving motion that comes before someone throws up as her gag reflex was repeatedly triggered. She amazingly managed to force two thirds down her throat before she struggled to keep it in as she crawled back to Elizabeth.

The straps were all undone meaning that Tash had to thread all the buckles whilst she choked. She successfully managed to buckle one when a couple inches escaped and spit shot out landing on Elizabeth's stomach and thighs. Elizabeth quickly helped fasten the strap-on to her pelvis in order for Tash to take it out of her mouth. She coughed and was desperate for air when the large rubber dildo slipped out of her throat. Retching and gagging in between breathes, she bowed hutched over at Elizabeth's bare feet. Her spit dipping down her chin onto her abused breasts.

"Titwhipper5 says beg."

Like a well trained pet, Tash raised herself up to her knees and positioned her hands to her chest like curled up paws. She stuck her tongue out and started to pant as she mimicked how a dog begs its owner for food. Looking at her human, sad and lonely eyes, Elizabeth could see just how much she hatred doing this.

She opened the can as fast as she could so Tash could stop. The smell was foul and caused her to cover her nose in order to not gag. Pouring the mixture into the dog bowl, the contents came out in glops which spodged as the landed down in an inedible heap. Tash looked up at the people filming her. Her eyes begging them not to make her eat this. She looked even more broken as she shuffled herself around in between Elizabeth and the dog bowl. Her hands went to her ass and she spread her spanked butt cheeks exposing her tight round asshole.

"Please...please fuck my ass."

"It's...it's way too big. I won't be able to fit it in her."

"Titwhipper5 says I don't care. Hate fuck that bitch."

Tash kept her ass spread as Elizabeth steadied herself. Looking down at the strap-on worn around her waist was an unsettling sight. The rubber felt horrid and rough in her hand as she aimed it at Tash's soon to be violated asshole. The tip pushed against the girl causing a loud pitiful sob. Elizabeth tried to be gentle but there was no way that something that size wouldn't hurt.

She pushed the thing in slowly and carefully rubbed Tash's shoulders to try and comfort her whilst raping her ass. Tash dropped her hands free from her ass and instead went to cover her face to preserve the smallest shred of dignity as a camera zoomed in for a closeup. Alice and Rosie both screamed again and kept on screaming after the shock had passed, their pain tolerances surpassed forcing Elizabeth to fuck Tash harder for the sake of her daughters.

"Titwhipper5 says start eating and remember to keep barking."

"Woof woof oh god please not that rough AAHH woof...woof."

Her daughters screamed again because she wasn't putting on enough of a show. Panicking, Elizabeth reached out for Tash's leash and started to pull on it choking her. Her other hand then went to Tash's body feeling her ribs before she squeezed on a handful of the girl's right breast and proceeded to molest her. Her hips began to move faster despite how difficult it was to force the cock into Tash's ass. The pace in which Elizabeth was fucking her sped up from a gentle slow approach to full on pounding causing Tash to release a mixture of pained groans and full on screams.

She tasted her own tears while her nose was assaulted by the smell of the aged dog food that leaked out a disgusting and smelly liquid as it sat in her bowl. She forced herself to open her mouth and she anxiously took a bite of her gritty mud like meal. The rotten remains of what once was dog food landed on her tongue and she physically shook from the repulsiveness. She completely stopped moving as she fought every instinct in her body that told her to spit it out. She stopped groaning as Elizabeth tortured her ass and couldn't chew or swallow the awful substance inside her mouth. She couldn't even blink.

"Titwhipper5 says does that taste nice Tash?"

The remainder of the ten minutes given to Titwhipper5 was spent with Tash going through an endless circle of choking on the dog food, gagging as she tried to not throw up followed by weeping as Elizabeth brutalised her asshole and then barking to satisfy his cruel demands. The entire thing would then start all over again. More eating dog food, more rough anal sex and more barking like a dog. She was made to slurp up whatever liquid it was that collected in her bowl before she finally finished and had just the ass pounding to endure. Her face was buried in the bowl as she was unable to lift her head up without being sick. A pool of her bile formed which ended up spreading as it covered her face.

"Titwhipper5's time has ended."

Elizabeth took her strap-on out of Tash's ass and watched as her asshole gaped open wide. It opened and closed slightly as if it was panting for air. The mother slowly inched away from her abused victim in the hope that it was finally over. From the laptop, revolting commentary played out of viewers congratulating Titwhipper5 for his ingenious thinking and artistic vision. A small electronic clock once again counted down until the next raffle winner was chosen.

She turned her attention back to Tash who hadn't moved. Her face was still in the bowl with her ass sticking up in the air, exposed for the cameras to capture which triggered more lewd comments to be typed. Elizabeth really didn't want to hurt the poor thing anymore. She had done enough to make Tash miserable but she turned to her daughters crying as the jumper cables continued to torment them.

Rosie was sobbing uncontrollably as she looked to mother for help. Her nude body was covered in sweat and a pool of her own pee had formed on the ground as it dribbled down her leg. Alice too was in agony. The young woman looked away as she cried. The sight in front and around her was too much for her to take. Slowly turning her head, she took a peek before gasping and quickly looking away again.

"And the next winner is...Doc."

"Doc says take off the strap-on and have Tash lick it clean. It is important to keep clean sex toys."

Close to having a mental breakdown, Elizabeth obeyed taking off the strap-on and placing it on the ground for Tash to embarrass herself further. Instead Tash didn't move. Elizabeth didn't even think she had heard or acknowledged anything that had happened in the last couple of minutes. Elizabeth yanked on her leash and forced Tash to crawl towards her. She then started to lick clean the rubber cock that had just been in ass. What was really sad was the fact that it seemed natural to her to do this.

"Doc says Elizabeth you need to prepare the princess' throne. I want you to spill out some thumbtacks onto the seat so Tash will have something comfortable to sit on."

There was no point in protesting. Elizabeth was given a small box of golden thumbtacks which she took over to the chair that they had brought over. She opened the box and emptied it onto the seat, around the two dildos that erected in the centre. Hopefully the fact that not all the points were facing upwards would spare Tash some pain.

"Doc says spread them out and make sure the points are sticking upwards."

How sadistic could these people be? The beautiful redhead turned around to look at Tash who was busy cleaning the strap-on that Elizabeth had used to sodomize her with. She watched carefully and worried as Elizabeth ignored the pleading look in Tash's eyes and sorted the sharp pin that lay spilled out on the seat.

"Doc says good Tash will enjoy sitting on them but I think we should make it extra special. Is there any hot sauce available?"

The blonde woman walked towards Elizabeth with a smile on her face. It was a pretty smile that hid her sadistic intentions. She handed her a small glass bottle. Its contents were semi hidden inside the black coloured glass but the label stuck on the front clearly identified it. A cartoon drawing of crying woman was hogtied along with a description of a devil holding a branding iron close to her ass. By the side of the artwork were the words "extra hot capsaicin sauce".

"Doc says pour it out onto the dildos so Tash can have some lube."

Elizabeth unscrewed the lid and the smell of the spices quickly caused her to hold the bottle away from her face. The heat burning her throat as she accidentally inhaled.

"This...it'll kill her."

There was a long lingering silence as Elizabeth received no answer. It wasn't that they disagreed with her or that they believed her statement, they just didn't care. She quickly poured before Alice and Rosie could be given another shock. Her unsteady hands shook causing more sauce than she had intended to drench the two rubber cocks.

"Doc says make Tash sit in it and strap her down. The doctor will now see her."

She looked over at Tash who had stopped licking the strap-on clean and was now just starring at Elizabeth in horror. She backed away as Elizabeth approached and was breathing heavily in panic. Her head swivelled from side to side as she searched for someone to take mercy on her despite knowing full well that no one would.

"Tash please...please I need you to sit down on that thing."

"No...please don't make me. Please don't make me."

She was crying hysterically which caused snickers and laughter around the room as the film crew enjoyed every moment of it.

Elizabeth grabbed hold of her and struggled to drag her across the room. Tash was laughably weak from exhaustion, salvation and pain. Her feeble attempts at stopping Elizabeth were pathetic like a small child throwing a tantrum. Elizabeth felt her fingers claw her front and legs and was expecting to feel scratches but remembered that Tash had her nails pulled out meaning her fingers just rubbed harmlessly against Elizabeth's sweat covered body.

Her hair was now being yanked as Elizabeth dragged her towards the hellish chair. Tash went down to her knees and looked directly into the camera as the mother kept hold of her brown hair.

"Please don't make me do this. Please I'll do anything you ask. I can be your dog or your...your punching bag. Don't you want to beat me? People are always commenting about how they want to beat me senseless. Just don't make me sit in that please."

"Doc says stop complaining and sit down before I make it even worse."

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You've made the volcano angry!

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Oh deliciously sadistic.  I'm loving this.  Will we see the family torture each other?  I hope so.  Loving this anyway.
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