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Author Topic: A new sotry of gay/rape  (Read 5024 times)

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« on: July 24, 2016, 09:48:15 PM »

I am new here and have a story of a gay rape that I would like to put on here but I need some assistance to post it.  I see no download file.  I will say that I read the beginning of one that Felipe started and abruptly ended.  I took the idea and went with it and would like to post a small portion of it to see if anyone likes it.  But I need someone to tell me how to post it.

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« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2016, 01:32:46 PM »

You copy and past, copy the text in the word processor and then past it in the same window you type in. Start your new thread in the area that pertains, put the title there, then past the story in.

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« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2016, 04:54:41 PM »

What she said :)

"I was born an original sinner. I was born from original sin.  If I had a dollar bill for all the things I've done, there'd be a pile of money piled up to my chin."  Eurythmics

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« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2016, 07:32:33 PM »

OK here is the first part.  I am not gay so this is all from what I imagine so let me know if anything is wrong and also let me know what you think.

The Lawyer's Long Weekend

   He was a divorced man with two high school kids, age fifty.  He was a corporate lawyer who traveled a lot for his firm.  This day he had arrived in Chicago for a series of meetings with a new client.  For Josh Doss, it had been a long flight as he took his cab to the Octogon Hotel, one of the Chicago's finest places to Stay.
   Josh had never stayed there before on his numerous trips to Chicago but he had heard a lot of good reports about it. Because of the flight being late, he arrived at the Octogon late, like 6 o'clock and he had a late business dinner meeting at 7:30.  So Josh checked in as quick as possible.  He asked the desk clerk if he would kindly bring his bags upstairs.  The young man behind the counter looked at the brash lawyer rather strangely, but told him not to stress about it, that he would take care of it.
   So Josh took the elevator up to the eighth, which was the last floor .  He noticed that it was very quiet as he got off the elevator, walked down to the last room on the right.  He was glad to see that it was across from the stairs.  Josh was on a week-long trip to not only Chicago but Milwaukee and New Orleans before heading home to New York City by the end of the week.  So he needed to get all of his Fitbit steps in each day and could run the stairs if necessary
   Josh was also pleased with his room.  It was a large suite with a king sized bed and big screen TV.  It opened to a nice sized desk with a business chair,not a swivel one but still as nice.  He drew back the curtains and saw the Chicago skyline   But he didn't care because he was either not going to be there except to sleep or work on the rest of his paperwork.
   “Hello, sir, here are your bags.”
   Josh comes back to the door and sees the young desk clerk standing there with his bags. 
   “Oh, thank you so much for doing that for me.  It is just I have to get ready for a dinner meeting at 7:30 at Pucchini's.  Could you also call me a cab for about thirty minutes?”
   “I can do that,  sir.”
   Josh goes over and hands the clerk a $50 dollar bill and the clerk goes on his way.  Or does he?
   Josh hears the door close behind him and he immediately goes in,  disrobes to take a quick shower.  As he walks into the shower, he has the fan on so he doesn't hear the clerk sneaking back in.
   Now the 50-year-old has a pretty good physique for his age.  He works out at a gym almost every day, watches what he eats and at 6 foot 1 inch only weighs 180 pounds.  The only sign of his age is the gray hair that is starting to cover his sideburns of his otherwise dark hair.  As this night unfolds, the good physical shape will come into importance.
   Josh doesn't see or hear him as the lawyer gets out of the shower and starts toweling off.  Suddenly  he turns and see the young man smiling at him and holding a gun.  It is a stun gun and he shoots it at the startled Josh.  The lawyer had no chance to defend himself as he slumps back against a wall half out of it.  The clerk had not meant to knock Josh out cold but rather just incapacitate him for a short while.

   “Hello, Mr. Grayson, this is Josh Doss.  Yes, I am here in Chicago but that is the reason I am calling.  I just got word that one of my sons was in an accident and I have to fly back home.  So I will have to miss our dinner meeting tonight.  Well, thank you for understanding.  OK, just send me the details and I will certainly give them to my partners.   Yes, I will give my son your thoughts.”
   The clerk takes Josh's cell phone and closes it since Josh's arms are bound behind his back.  He also has his ankles secured as well.
   “Now that went well didn't it.”
   The clerk pulls the gun back from Josh's temple where it was located during his phone call to his client canceling his dinner meeting and also his meeting for tomorrow.
   “Why are you doing this?  You won't get by with this.  Mmmmmppph.”
   Josh tries to talk to his captor but all he gets is a very large red ballgag that is crammed into his mouth.  It is so large that is fits tightly in his mouth to where there is no give at the side of his mouth.
   “Wow, that goes to the last hole.  That is a first for me. I guess lawyers are just gifted with big mouths.  Later we will see how big it really is.  Now I am going to have to go back to the front desk since my break is over.”
   Josh Doss couldn't believe that this is happening to him.  He had just arrived in Chicago and was looking to forward to a great dinner meeting and then a good night's rest.  Now he doesn't know what is going to happen as he was quickly and very tightly bound with rope that this guy had brought to his room with him.
   “OK, buddy, now here is scoop.  There is no one in the room next to you and won't be.  So no one will hear anything through our nice thick walls and in the morning I will put a Do Not Disturb sign out so the maid will not bother you.  So enjoy your time here and then prepare for a great all night experience. I have to return to the desk but will be back when I get off my shift at 10:00. ”
   The young man reaches down and pulls on Josh's dick before he gets up.  He leaves the room, turns off the light and Josh can hear the door close and the lock click.  Josh immediately tries to free himself.
   The lawyer is lying on the king size bed in a tight hogtie.  His wrists are bound behind his back with rope that has been wound about a dozen times around them.  In addition the clerk wound some black electrical tape around his fingers so even though his ankles are very close to his hands, he can't even feel the knots.  His legs are tied together at the knees and at the ankles again with about a dozen loops of the coarse rope.  Finally a hogtie rope has been tied from his wrists to his ankles that bend his legs back to practically touching his wrists.  Josh can't let out any cries for help because of the tightness of the ballgag in his mouth. 
   Josh is in pain but he is not giving up.  He rolls over onto his side and then after a little bit of a struggle, manages to go over on his back but he doesn't stay there long since it is very painful, placed in an arch.   All of that action results in a lot of sweating.  The room is actually air conditioned with central air but all of the struggling and the stress of the ordeal causes the heavy perspiration. 
   Time goes by very slowly for the captive lawyer.  He can hear some doors closing down the hall  but nothing close that he can hope for rescue.  Josh started thinking about his family and how he wished he had taken time instead of being such a work-aholic.  He prayed that he would survive this and do things differently.  But he had seen the clerk's face so that didn't bode well for him.
   Josh can agonizingly see a clock on the desk in the next room.   He can see that it was now dark outside from the little bit of a gap in the curtain.  The clock also told him it was a little past 9 o'clock.  He had been bound and gagged on the bed now for over two and a half hours.  How much longer until the clerk came back.
   Amazingly Josh fell asleep probably from the near exhaustion of his frantic rolling about and the sweat.  He was awakened by the sudden light.  He looks up and there is the clerk.
   “How you doing, buddy?  Whoa, I see you have been very active.  It is 65 degrees in here and you are all wet from sweat.  And here I thought you would wait to get all wet.  Well, just wanted to see how you're doing.  I will come back in a few minutes but I will need to go home, get a few things and then I will be back for good.  I have a few “fun” things that I need to get but don't worry I will take a cab back and walk in the back.  No one will even know that I am here and by the way, I have erased everything in the computer about you.  As far as anyone knows, you never stayed here.  Isn't this exciting?”
   The clerk once again reaches down, grabs Josh's dick but instead of only squeezing it, he bends down, opens his mouth and takes it inside.
   Josh tried to resist but couldn't.
   “Man, we will have to work on this thing.  You need an arousal and I will work on that later.  So enjoy a few more minutes.   I should be back by 11:00 and then it will be an experience you won't forget that is if you want to.  Now so you don't go to the bathroom in this bed, let's put one of these on you.”
   Josh is horrified when he sees the adult diaper in the clerk's hand.  He is in agony having the need to go to the bathroom for about an hour, but he didn't want this.  Unfortunately there wasn't anything he could do about it as the clerk untied his knees, spread his legs apart and put the diaper on him.”
   “Now if you go, it won't make the bed wet.  We have to have some fun in here later and I don't want to do it in a wet, smelly bed.”
   With that the clerk once again leaves the room and leaves his prisoner in darkness.  Josh's bladder soon explodes and he can feel the diaper getting wetter and wetter.  How is he going to get any relief from that embarrassment.
   Despite the diaper on him and his tight trussed up state, Josh decided he needed to take charge like a good lawyer and attempt to get help.  He works hard and manages to make it off the bed by actually falling off.  He hopes to be able to do enough banging on the floor that someone in the room below him will complain and send security up to see what is happening. 
   Josh lay there praying that someone would come up and see what the noise was coming from but after a number of minutes realized that he hadn't alerted anyone.  So the desperate lawyer started trying to roll toward his cell phone which was on the TV stand.  He felt that if he could somehow put his weight against it, that maybe his phone would fall on the floor.  Then he could dial 911 with his toes and get help.  But before he made it over to the stand, the clerk came back.
   “Well, I see that you have gotten some more exercise but I don't think anyone heard you downstairs since there is no one in that room.  In another brilliant move by my part, I rented that room to a fictitious person.  Now let's make sure that no one interrupts us with a phone call, shall we?”
   Josh watches in agony as the clerk picks up his phone, carries it into the bathroom and he can hear it being thrown into the toilet.
   Once the clerk comes back in, he pulls out a knife, presses it against Josh's throat and warns.
   “Try anything like that again and I will slit your throat wide open, understand buddy.”
   He then jerks Josh up to his knees and picks him up just enough to throw him back on top of the bed.  The lawyer bounces over onto his stomach.  He is in pain but the clerk doesn't seem to care.
   Josh looks over at the clerk who is quickly taking his clothes off.  Soon the young man is totally naked with his dick very, very large.  He climbs onto the bed and lays down beside Josh.
   “I have dreamed for a long while of a situation like this.  I have a nice desirable man alone in a room with absolutely no one to interrupt us.  Now I doubt if you have ever done anything like this before but who knows you might like it.  So maybe we should begin.”
   The clerk unties the hogtie rope and Josh is glad to be able to stretch his legs out for the first time in hours. 
   “Man, you really stink.  I imagine you went into that diaper.  Well don't worry you won't need it anymore tonight.  But I will want to clean you up.”
   The naked clerk gets off of the bed, walks into the bathroom and emerges with a wet wash cloth.  He rolls Josh over onto his back, and removes the soggy, stinky diaper.
   “Man, you really filled that thing.  I will need to put that in a paper bag to dispose of later.  Now let's clean your important parts really well.”
   Josh couldn't believe that a grown man was running a warm washcloth over his dick, his balls, down between his legs and finally after rolling him on his side, up in his ass.  The lawyer was at least a little relieved that he had that damned diaper off but he also knew what was coming next.
   “Man, you don't have much of an arousal so let's fix that right now.
   The clerk starts running his hands up and down Josh's dick.  He starts off slowly and then speeds it up trying to increase the captive lawyer's size.  He stops occasionally and runs his hands up and down Josh's sweaty chest.
   “You are a very attractive man for your age.  I do like older men because they are so mature.  And I like your hair even all sweaty.  I really like the gray on the sideburns.  You have a little drool seeping out.  Let me clean that up.”
   The clerk bends over and licks the corners of Josh's gagged mouth.  He then continues with his tongue as it goes down his chest.  Finally it makes its way down to his dick which is a little more larger.  The clerk takes Josh's dick and starts sucking it hard.  He goes at it for at least five minutes until white cum comes squirting out all over his face.
   “Alright, buddy, you did it.  Now that is a climax.”
   The clerk takes his hands and starts rubbing it up and down Josh's now slimy dick.  Josh is now squirting all over himself and the clerk's hands.  It is like he can't stop himself.  The kidnapper wraps his mouth over his dick again and is sucking up as much of the cum as possible.  Finally he stops and gets up. 
   Josh is relieved that he is done giving him the blowjob but his muscles are still going strong and he still comes a bit longer before finally stopping.  The clerk leaves the room but returns soon and he has a bag in his hand.
   “Ok, buddy, let's change some things.  That was fun but one can't live on cum alone.”
   The clerk laughs as he pulls Josh up to his ass and then forces him to his wobbly feet.  He then forces Josh to hop over to the desk chair which he had brought into the room.  Josh is forced to sit down and the clerk starts untying the lawyer's legs.  Josh wonders if this would give him the chance to do something but when they are finally untied the legs are so numb that he can't hardly move them let alone try to kick his kidnapper and run towards the door.
   Without saying a word the clerk grabs Josh's left leg, pulls it back to the rear of the chair and starts winding rope around it again.  Soon he ties the rope around the left rear chair leg .  He then tied rope around his left knee and secures it to the front leg.  He repeats it with the right leg and right knee as well.  Now Josh is literally sitting with his legs spread apart, wide open for anything the pervert wants to do. 
   Next Josh is secured to the chair.  His bound arms are forced over the back of the chair which causes some pain.  The clerk goes over and grabs some more rope out of his goody bag.  He starts winding rope around Josh's chest.  He winds rope above and then below his breast area and then brings rope down to hold the rope in place.  He finally winds rope around his waist and then to Josh's shock takes the rope down between his legs, through his ass and, after forcing him off of the chair,  ties it back to his waist rope. 
   “OK, about ready for another new experience.  But first let's change that gag.  I imagine you are ready for something else.”
   He goes behind Josh and unbuckles the ballgag which has been in Josh's mouth for over five hours.  Needless to say,  Josh can't even speak.  The clerk has some water nearby and puts the bottle to Josh's quivering, parched lips.  The exhausted lawyer takes as much water as he could.
   “Please let me go.  You've had your fun.  I won't tell anyone.  I would be too embarrassed.”
   “Well we are not done by a long margin.  Just want to change the fun.”
   Josh looks on as the clerk puts the bottle of water down, walks over and picks up his underwear.
   “I think you will like these better than that damn ballgag.”
   He holds his fingers over Josh's nose forcing his mouth open and the clerk then crams his thong underwear in Josh's mouth.  The lawyer makes a horrible face from the awful taste but can't spit them out as the clerk manuevers them around until they fill his mouth.  He then picks up a large roll of gray duct tape and plasters a few pieces over Josh's mouth.  Once he has it secure the clerk then starts winding the tape completely around his mouth.  He doesn't stop until he has wound it about ten times around Josh's mouth.  The lawyer can't make a sound now and it is worse than the ballgag with the foul tasting underwear in his mouth.   
    “Let's see where we want to put these.”
   Josh could do nothing as the clerk comes back from the bed carrying a pair of nipple clamps.
   “Let's put them where they belong, shall we?”   
   Josh screams into his gag as the clerk places the first one on his left nipple.  He tightens it on and then does the same with the right one.  Josh is sweating more now from the stress and the pain.  The clamps undoubtedly hurt a lot but the lawyer can do nothing about it.
   Next the clerk comes over with twine in his hand.
   “Now let's get some action going down here.”
   Josh again watches in helpless torture as the clerk starts winding the twine around his exposed balls.  By the time he is done, the lawyer's balls are little orbs where the blood flow is threatened.   Finally the clerk brings over a large vibrator.  First he pleases it against Josh's dick then he grabs the duct tape and completely tapes it to the now rather large dick.  He goes over and plugs it in the electrical outlet.   
   “Now while you are having fun, I have to leave for a little while.  I will be back in about an hour and we can really go at it.”
   So the clerk turns the vibrator on and then leaves.   Josh sits there in pain wanting this nightmare to end.  He has given up on getting anyone's attention since the only sound he hears now is the low hum of the vibrator.  How much longer can he last?
   It was closer to 1:00 before Josh hears the door open and sees the clerk in the doorway.
   “I am sorry that I am late.  Got caught by an old friend at the gay bar and had to catch up things.  He actually asked me if I had any action going.  Thought about telling I did but I don't want to spoil our fun.”
   The clerk was talking as he took his clothes off.  He walks over to Josh who is totally spent.  The clerk turns the vibrator off and dips his fingers in some of the cum that has accumulated on his tied balls. 
   “Wow, you have come a lot.  Well I guess you are definitely ready for what I have planned next.”
   Soon the clerk removes the vibrator, the twine tied balls and the nipple clamps.  He unties Josh's legs from the back of the chair but leaves the wrists tied, the crotch rope and after pulling Josh's limp arms back over the chair, the clerk walks him over to the bed.

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« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2016, 01:04:22 PM »

   So a violent and loud thunderstorm rolled through downtown Chicago around 2:00 a.m.  The thunder occasionally shook the building especially on the eighth floor.  But none of that even mattered in room 801.  For Josh Doss it was a rather nice distraction from the hell he was going through in the middle of this night. 
   The captive lawyer is now lying across the bed from side to side on his stomach.  He is tied down spreadeagled with his ankles bound to the top right and bottom right bed legs.  His wrists are tied together in front of him and are secured by rope that is tied to both of the other bedposts.  He once again has the ballgag secured extreme tight in his mouth.  The clerk is on top of him with his dick firmly and painfully inserted in Josh's rectum and he is pumping  in and out.  Josh is in pain since his rectum was not made for a huge, elongated dick to be in it and was inserted without any kind of lubricant.  The 50 year old lawyer has been used to having sex the old fashioned way not anal sex but he could do nothing about it.  As the thunder cracked outside the window, the clerk was having a wonderful time.  While he was pumping he was also licking Josh's sweaty body.   This rape went on for almost an hour until the clerk finally started getting small.  He pulled his wet dick out of Josh's rectum, walked around to the front of his captive.  Josh sort of knew what was coming next.
   The clerk pulled the ballgag out of Josh's mouth but before he could even lick his parched tongue and speak, the clerk crams his wet, smelly dick into his mouth and orders.
   “OK, I expect you to satisfy me and do it well.”
   Josh had never given a blowjob before but he did have a girlfriend who did so he knew what to do.  He never expected that he would have to give one to another man but this night was a bunch of firsts for him.
   The poor captive lawyer had to give the blowjob for about twenty minutes until there was white foamy cum dripping down on the sheet and then the floor.  The clerk was in ecstasy by the time it was done.  The storm outside had subsided but the storm inside of Josh's captor was still raging.
   Finally the clerk pulled it out and immediately shoved the ballgag back in Josh's mouth.
   “That was wonderful!  But we are far from done.  We still have tomorrow since you already informed your business client that you wouldn't be making it to the meeting in the morning.  So why don't we get ready for bed.  I have already put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door so the maid will not bother us.”
   Josh laid there still trying to recover the last few hours and the violent rape that he just had to endure  How much more could he take?
   The clerk comes over and shoves a foul smelling rag over Josh's face.  It is chloroform and despite his futile efforts, he is out cold in a matter of a couple of minutes.  The clerk  scoots Josh's unconscious body over to the other side of the large bed.  He unties his hands and moves them above his head and cuffs them together to the bed frame.  He then ties his ankles to the bottom of the bed.  The clerk removes the ballgag and replaces it with a folded up handkerchief held in place with one of Josh's ties.
   Satisfied that his captive is totally incapacitated, the clerk climbs into bed, turns off the light and falls off to sleep.  Since the do not disturb sign was on the outside of the room and a fictitious name was listed on the computer for that room, no maid will come to bother them.
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