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Author Topic: Teaching Her a New Sound  (Read 10660 times)
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« on: June 18, 2016, 09:22:57 AM »

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Teaching Her a New Sound

An original story by Vile8r

 Ivy Newton loved music! Ever since she was a little girl sitting on her mom's lap and watching music videos on MTV, Ivy had decided she wanted to be a musician. She idolized singers like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Adele, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Rihanna, and many more.

"Some day, Mommy, you'll see me on TV," she told her mother. "And I'm gonna sing just like those girls!"

Not only did Ivy love music, but she discovered she had a good talent for it. As young as 6 and 7, her parents were putting her in talent contests and she was winning prizes for her singing. She took piano lessons and flute lessons and was very good at playing both. Ivy always had the best marks in music class at school.

It was not surprising Ivy had a talent for music. Her dad, Steve, played guitar and he was very good too. He had some friends he played with on weekends in bars. They had a band called 'Desperado'. They were sort of an Eagles tribute band, doing lots of covers of that band's music, as well as other classic rock too.  

They practiced quite often in the Newton's garage and Ivy would hang out there and listen to them. Sometimes for fun, they'd even let her sing a song or two.

Ivy's mom, Amanda, never really liked her husband's band, and she certainly didn't like Ivy hanging around with them. She felt it was a big waste of time and money and that the guys in the band acted like immature high school boys who had never really grown up. In Amanda's view, they were wannabes, who never quite made the big time, but yet, still hopelessly clung onto their dream.

In addition to the money she said he was wasting, the band was also very disruptive to their social life. Amanda would often find herself sitting at home on weekends, while her husband was off playing in some dingy club.

Amanda began pressuring Steve to break up the band and call it quits. He, of course, refused to do that. It came down to an ultimatum from Amanda.....break up the band or say good-bye to their marriage!

Steve gave her his answer. One day Amanda came home early from her job at an accounting firm, when she wasn't feeling well. She was really not feeling well, when she walked in on her 35 year-old hubby fucking a 22 year-old big-titted bar waitress named Missy, right on the kitchen counter. He was gone and the very next day, Amanda filed for divorce.

Later on, she would discover that Steve had been cheating on her for a long time, fucking young women that he was picking up in the bars his band played in. Needless to say, Amanda had even less good things to say about Steve and his band after that incident!
But even in spite of all that had happened, Ivy still looked up to her dad, and wished she could be in a band like him someday.

Amanda didn't mind that Ivy liked piano and flute, but she didn't care for the idea of her daughter playing in a band with a bunch of scuzzy guys. Amanda also didn't like Ivy being around Steve's band when she would visit her dad. Too many bad influences.
At any opportunity, she was constantly discouraging Ivy away from a career in the music business.

Shortly before she was going to turn 16, Ivy decided she would like to play the guitar. She had been around guitars all her life, seeing that was what her dad played. Amanda was opposed to her getting one. But Ivy was able to persuade her mom that she wanted it for the church musical group she played with after school. Her mom relented, and on her 16th birthday, she received a guitar from her dad. Amanda was still not impressed, but there wasn't much she could say.

It was a beautiful six-string acoustic guitar and Ivy couldn't wait to start playing it. Her dad began giving her lessons and it was apparent, right from the moment she struck her first chord, that just like her other instruments, she would be good at it. Her dad was very impressed with her playing, and could see she was a quick learner.

For several months after she got her guitar, Ivy would practice nearly ever day. After school, on weekends, whenever she had a bit of spare time, Ivy could be seen strumming away at her guitar. She was getting really good, and her dad even let her play a few times in the band when they were practicing, without her mom knowing, of course!


Now, not only was Ivy a talented young musician, who had a bright, promising future, but she was also growing into a very pretty, teenage girl. Something her mother was all too aware of! Amanda was also a very attractive woman, and it was obvious, as Ivy grew older, that she was going to follow in those footsteps.

Ivy was short, only about 5' 3", and 112 lb. She was beginning to develop the type of body that would get her a lot of attention from teenage boys. She had slender, curvy hips and a little bubble butt that looked perfect in tight jeans or shorts. A cute cherubic face with a small nose and pretty, brown eyes that matched her brunette hair, made Ivy look younger than 16.

Ivy, however, didn't think of herself as being that attractive. When she looked in the mirror, she didn't see a cute teenage girl. She was a tomboy who liked wearing jeans and t-shirts more than pretty dresses.

While her friends were reading Vogue and Seventeen magazines, Ivy was checking out the latest issue of GuitarWorld.  She couldn't see how any boy would be interested in her and she had not been on a single date yet. Ivy hadn't kissed a boy or even held hands.
And she didn't really care either. It's not that she hated boys, it was just that, at the moment, she was much more into her music, practicing her guitar and trying her hand at writing songs.

  It was Ivy's ambition to record a CD by the time she was 18. Her dad said he'd help her out and he even had a friend who had a small recording studio. So having a steady boyfriend, just seemed like too much of a distraction to Ivy.

She saw her friends with their boyfriends, and all the drama and relationship problems they had, and decided it was just too much hassle for her. Although, it did make for good songwriting material! Ivy knew, someday, she would probably want to find a boyfriend, but for now it was a low priority.


It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, and Ivy was downtown, on her way to one of her favorite places, Bruno's Music Store. Bruno was a good friend of her dad's. Ivy was going there today to buy a new string for her guitar. She had been practicing so much lately, she broke a string.
Ivy wore a white t-shirt with a pair of tight pink denim jeans and running shoes. She walked along, humming a song, oblivious to the looks she received from older men and other teen boys.

Ivy never intentionally dressed up to make herself look good, but she had the kind of cute body that, well, it just looked good on its own! She liked these jeans because they were comfortable, but she certainly never wore them to make the boys smile.
As she entered the music store, she heard a familiar voice. It was Bruno. He was behind the front counter, going through some stock invoices.

"Ivy! My little cupcake! How are you today? How is your dad?"

Bruno had known Ivy since she was a baby, and he always called her his 'little cupcake.'

"I'm doing good, Bruno, thank you. And dad is busy today. Desperado has a gig tonight and the guys are getting their equipment loaded up."
"Oh good!" the older man replied. "How may I help you today?"

"I need a string for my guitar, but I know where they're kept. I'll get one," Ivy said, with a grin. She knew Bruno's store like the back of her hand. She was there at least once every week.

"Okay, well if you need anything just holler," Bruno laughed. He went back to his work behind the counter.

Ivy found the guitar string she needed and then she spotted the guitars hanging along one wall. She stopped to admire them. She was getting really good on her acoustic guitar, and figured that soon, she might like to move up to an electric guitar.
One guitar caught her eye immediately. A pink 1963 Total Tone Stratocaster!

She ran her hand  along the neck and sighed. "Mmmmm, I like this one," she muttered softly.

"Oh, nice guitar!"

Ivy jumped as she heard the voice behind her. She spun around. Two young men stood there, smiling. They both looked to be in their early 20s. The guy standing closest to Ivy was around 6 ft. tall and quite skinny, with long, shaggy blonde hair that hung down past his shoulders. He wore a tattered Pearl Jam concert t-shirt and denim jeans. Ivy could see he had several tattoos on his arms.

His companion was a little shorter, but dressed very similarly and with dark hair that was a bit shorter. He had two large rings in his nose and one in his lip as well. To a young girl other than Ivy, the two men may have appeared rather intimidating. However, Ivy saw guys like this in Bruno's all the time. To her, they were just your normal, starving musician types. Ivy could also detect the faint aroma of what she figured was likely marijuana, coming from the two. That also didn't surprise her.

"Yeah, it is," she agreed.

"Do you play guitar?" the taller guy asked.

"As a matter of fact, I just learned, a few months ago," Ivy said. "But I've been practicing a lot, and I'm thinking that soon I want to move up from my acoustic to an electric."

This time the shorter fellow spoke up. "Well, you can never go wrong with a Fender Stratocaster! Good guitars, man."

"Oh, I know," Ivy smiled. "My dad has two of them!"

"Your dad's a musician?" the tall guy asked.

Ivy nodded. "Yeah, he is! Not like full-time or anything, but he and some of his buddies have a band and they play in bars on weekends."

"Cool," the short guy replied. "What's their band's name? Maybe I've heard of them."

"Desperado," Ivy said. "They play a lot of old stuff from the Eagles. My dad really likes them."

"Hey yeah!" the short guy acknowledged. "I think I have heard of them. So that's your dad's band, huh?"


"Are you into music too?" the tall guy asked.

Ivy blushed a little. "Yeah, I want to be anyways. I sing and I play piano....and well, guitar too."

"Right on, man" the tall guy said, looking over at his buddy. "She's cute and she's a musician!"

Ivy felt herself blushing. It hadn't escaped her notice, that the two mens' eyes had been roving across her body as they stood there. Ivy could tell she was being "checked out."

The taller guy spoke up.  "Oh, hey, my name's Des, and this here is my buddy, Gord. We got a little band going too. Nothing too major yet, we just mostly jam. But we're hoping to get some gigs soon and maybe do a demo."

"Well, I'm Ivy," she said. "Nice to meet you and it was good talking to you. But I better get going, my ride will be waiting for me."

"Very nice making your acquaintance too, Ivy," Des said, giving her a fist bump. "Hey, you oughtta come by our shack one day and listen to us play. We do some pretty rippin' tunes!"

"Yeah, it ain't far to go," Gord piped up. "Just a couple blocks from here. It's always nice to have a few fans, especially when they're cute girls like you. Maybe you can even play a couple songs with us."

Ivy didn't respond to the last comment, but she did say, "Yeah, I might do that some day. Thanks!"

"Maybe this afternoon?" Des offered.

"Well, I can't today," Ivy said. "But, hey, maybe next Saturday?"

"Sounds good to me, man!" Des smiled. "We'll see you then. Here, take this!"

He handed her a small piece of an old napkin out of his pocket. He had written his phone number and address on it. "Whenever you wanna come over, just gimme a call."

"Thanks, I'd love to hear you guys play. But, hey,....I can't bring my guitar. My mom's like a hawk, if she sees me leaving the house with my guitar, she's gonna want to know where I'm going. She'd freak if she knew I was going to hang out with guys from a band!"
Des chuckled. "Yeah, I know where you're coming from! Why is it moms hate us so much, Gord?"

Gord also laughed and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, man!"

"Don't worry, 'bout it, Ivy," Des said. "I got lots of guitars at my place, I can let you use one of mine."

"Oh, that'd be awesome!" Ivy gushed. "Okay, well, I'll see ya 'round soon then!"

Ivy headed to the front of the store to pay for her guitar strings. The two men watched her as she walked away, their eyes lingering on her cute little butt in her tight pink jeans. Des looked over at Gord and gave him a wink. Gord nodded back, knowingly.


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I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!
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« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2016, 01:42:30 PM »

Oh vile. Another great story in the making.  That broken string may open many doors.

P.S. I hope she gets that stratocaster.

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« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2016, 02:58:52 PM »

Excellent start, I'm looking forward to further installments.

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« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2016, 12:57:17 AM »

Good start. I am sure the shack will be soundproof ...  emot_thedrool.gif

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« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2016, 06:15:31 AM »

This one already has me going..... Damn this is gonna be a lot of fun
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« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2016, 04:14:14 PM »

The next week came and went. It was a rather uneventful week, with Ivy just going to school and practicing music. But she was looking forward to the weekend, to getting to hang out with Des and Gord and listen to their band. Ivy didn't even tell any of her friends what she was going to do. She didn't want anything getting back to her mom.

Saturday finally came and after lunch, Ivy approached her mom.

"A couple of my friends are going to the mall, and I was wondering if I could go and hang out with them?"

"You? Hang out at the mall?" her mom asked, in an incredulous tone. "You never hang out at the mall, like a normal girl."

"Well, I know, but there's this talent contest thing going on there and we want to watch it," Ivy explained.

"Yeah, I should have known music was somehow involved," her mom smirked, with a playful smile. "But at least it's better than you holed up in your room all day, practicing that stupid guitar again! Yes, you may go, but be home in time for supper."

"Oh thank you, mom!" Ivy smiled as she gave her mom a peck on the cheek.
As soon as she got outside, Ivy sent a text to Des.

<hey it's Ivy, remember me? from the music store last weekend?>

She received a reply in just a few seconds.

<Ivy???? oh yeah for sure. I remember you! the cutie lookin at guitars!>

<well i was thinking of coming over today to watch you jam>

< for sure yeah! u still got my address? me n the boyz just gettin ready >

<yep i'll b there in a little while>

<ok cya then!>

Ivy headed down the sidewalk to the bus stop. It was a beautiful, sunny day and she had dressed for it. She wore a pair of khaki shorts and a blue t-shirt. The shorts showed off her cute legs and were rather tight-fitting, hugging the soft curves of her butt. The shirt also fit her snugly, her perky little breasts stretching out the cotton fabric. On her feet was a pair of sandals.

The teen girl was a sweet sight as she walked down the street, receiving approving glances from passing motorists.
Ivy boarded the #58 bus to Whitewood Avenue. She looked at the piece of napkin that Des had written his address on. 5204 Whitewood Crescent, that was the place!


"Who was textin' you, dude?"

Des looked over at his friend, Rudy. The tall, gangly 24 year-old was the drummer in his band. At the moment, he was stretched out on the ratty old couch in Des' living room.

"Oh, a little hottie who's coming over! Me and Gord met her at Bruno's Music last weekend. You gotta see 'er! She's a sweetie!"

"How old is she?" asked another guy who was there. He was quite tall as well, nearly 6' 5", and had a fit, muscular body. His arms and chest were covered in tattoos. This was Mack, the lead singer of the group. He was 21.

"I'm not sure," Des replied. "But I'd say not much more than maybe 16."

"Mmmmm, sixteen!" Mack smirked. "Ain't nothing better than young pussy! You think she'll fuck?"

"Oh, all them teeny-boppers love musicians," Gord piped up. "Never takes too much to get them out of their panties!"

"That's gonna be the plan," Des grinned.

Mack gave him a high-five. "Awesome, dude! I can't fucking wait!"


After about a fifteen minute bus ride, Ivy was standing at the address on the napkin. It didn't look like much of a house. It was a single-level bungalow, not very big. Someone had sprayed graffiti on the side of the house and she could see a couple windows were boarded over. The lawn was not mowed and a couple beat-up cars and an old Ford van sat in the driveway. Empty beer cans and other garbage littered the ground.

It was definitely one of your typical rock n' roll party shacks. Not the most respectable-looking place for a young teenage girl to be wandering into. But Ivy had met Des and Gord already, and she figured they had looked like fairly decent guys. There was nothing to worry about!

Ivy walked up to the door and rang the bell. She could hear somebody inside the house tuning an electric guitar. The front door opened and there stood Des.

"Hey Ivy! Good to see you again!" Indeed, as he checked her out in her shorts, it was very good seeing her again!

"Hi Des," she smiled. "I made it!"

"Well, come on in, just don't mind the mess. I'm a guitarist, not a housekeeper!"

He had that right, Ivy noted as she stepped inside the house. The place was littered with empty pizza boxes, fast food wrappers, beer cans and ashtrays everywhere. The kitchen sink was overflowing with dirty dishes. The walls were adorned with posters and flags featuring half-naked women and various rock bands. The whole place reeked of stale beer, cigarettes and marijuana. Ivy wrinkled her nose.

"So you got past your mom all right?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, she has no clue," Ivy giggled. "You know what they say, what she doesn't know, won't hurt her!"

"Cool! We'll head downstairs," Des said, pointing towards some stairs on the other side of the kitchen, that led to the basement. "That's where the band is hanging out."

They reached the bottom of the stairs and Ivy saw that the small dingy basement had been converted into a practice studio. Along with a couple couches and chairs, a large drum kit was arranged along one wall, flanked by amps and speakers. Ivy could see guitars and microphone stands. A large stylized banner hanging on the wall behind the drums read, "SLEDGEHAMMER".

Des noticed Ivy reading the banner.

"Yeah, that's the name of our band. You like it?"

Ivy shrugged. "Yeah.....I guess it's.....kinda catchy."

Ivy also immediately noticed the other four men in the room.
"So, these fuckin' idiots are the guys in the band," Des began to introduce them.

"Well, you know Gord. Him and I play guitar. This here is Mack, he's our singer. This dude is Rudy, and he's the drummer."

Des turned to another shorter, blonde-haired man. He had a scruffy beard and a large nose ring. "This is Cal, he plays bass.....or at least he tries to!"

He laughed as Cal flipped him a middle finger.
"All you guys, this is Ivy!"

The men all had to shake hands with the young girl. "Nice to meet you, Ivy," Mack said.

"For sure," said Gord. "Glad you could make it!"

"Ivy plays a bit of guitar too," said Des. "Maybe later we'll get her to do a tune with us."

They were all intently checking out the teen's cute face and tight body, as she stood there in her shorts and t-shirt. The girl had no idea how worked up she was getting these guys. It certainly wasn't the first time they'd ever had girls there to hang out, but most of the girls they knew were nowhere near as cute and young as Ivy. Mack felt his cock harden in his pants as he thought about pushing it up inside the little honey.

"Yeah, I wanna hear her!" Rudy smiled.

They gave Ivy a place to sit on one of the dusty old couches and the guys prepared to start jamming. Soon they tore into a cover of Pearl Jam's "Evenflow". That was followed by an assortment of songs ranging from older stuff by Soundgarden and Nirvana to more current material from the Foo Fighters and Five Finger Death Punch.

Ivy knew some of the songs and some she didn't. One thing about all the songs.....they were very loud! They even threw in an original song of their own.

It was called "I Saw You First". Ivy was too naive to catch onto what exactly the lyrics were about. Here is a small sample:

"I saw you first,
just standing there.

Didn't know your name,
and didn't really care.

I loved you the first time,
I really loved the last,

Never heard a thank you,
guess that time had passed!"

It had been nearly an hour the guys had been playing, with a few little stops here and there between songs, when Des announced it was time for a beer break. The men wandered over to a small fridge in the corner of the basement and helped themselves to cold beers. Someone lit up a joint and began passing it around.

When it came to Ivy, she politely declined, but she did take the can of beer that Des handed her.
"I guess I can have just one," she said.

"Of course you can," Des chuckled. "Don't worry, we won't tell your mom!"

Des plopped his tall frame down on the couch beside Ivy, with Gord sitting on the other side of her. Ivy felt a little uneasy, sandwiched between the two men, but said nothing.

"So, Ivy, what did you think?" Gord asked.

"You guys are pretty good," Ivy nodded. "I noticed Cal was off time on a couple songs, but otherwise it was all pretty good!"

"Heyyyyy, this girl knows her music," Des laughed. "Cal, I noticed you were off a couple times too! Good catch, Ivy!"

For the next little while, they all talked about the jam they'd just done and what they were going to play next. Then Des looked over at Mack, sitting on the other couch. He gave him a little wink, a signal that the fun was about to begin. Mack winked back. Des turned to Ivy.

"Well, you wanna join us for a song when we get going again? We'll play whatever you want, as long as it ain't country!"

Ivy smiled. "Yeah, I'd love to! Can I use one of your guitars?"

"Sure you can, Ivy. Just one little thing...."

"What's that?" she asked naively.

"Well, I kinda got this thing about other people playing my instruments, especially girls. I kinda like them to pay first."

As he said that, he moved his right hand, stroking along her left thigh. Her soft, smooth skin felt awesome and Des felt his cock instantly jump to attention. Ivy pushed his hand away from her.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Not much, sweetie. Just what I said.....you wanna play my guitar.....you gotta pay!"

His hand went to her thigh again, stroking a little higher this time, his fingers almost slipping under the leg of her shorts. This was too much and Ivy jumped up off the couch.

"Whoa right there!" she yelled nervously. "I think I know what you're getting at, and I can tell you right now, I am not looking for that kind of thing! I have an idea what kind of girls you usually hang out with, and I am not that kind of girl!"

"Well then, what kind of girl are you?" Mack asked her sarcastically. "Seems to me, dressed like that, you are looking for it! You think you come here, wearing booty shorts, to hang out with a bunch of guys, and we're not gonna want a little bit?"

"These are not booty shorts!" Ivy protested.

"Ya know," Rudy piped up, "you should be a little more appreciative. There's a lot of girls out there, would like to be where you're at right now!"

"Okay, well you can have those girls," Ivy said angrily. "I am not interested......AT ALL!"

"Ahhh, settle down," Des said, reaching out to grab Ivy's hand. She quickly pulled away from him. "I was just joking around. Tell you what, all you gotta do is flash me your tits and I'll be happy."

"Y-you guys are all s-sick!" Ivy stammered. "I'm only 16, you know? If I did want to do something.....it sure wouldn't be with guys like you! You're all older than me!"

"Age is just a number when you're having fun," Cal laughed.

"Like I said....you're all a bunch of perverts! I'm sorry I came here.....I'm leaving now!"

Ivy spun around, only to find her way blocked by the large bulk of Mack, who had stood up from his couch.
"Can you please move?" she asked.

"I don't think you're going anywhere, sweetie," Mack growled. "At least not until we get a little action from you!" He reached out and picked her up under her armpits. Easily lifting her right off the floor, he threw her back towards Des and Gord, who were also now standing up.

Gord caught her, wrapping his strong arms around her.

"Baby, we are gonna teach you a new sound! We're gonna teach you how to scream!" she heard Des say.

Ivy opened her mouth to do just that, only to have Gord slap his hand over it. He wrapped his other arm around her neck, still lifting her feet off the floor. She kicked and flailed uselessly, screaming through his hand.


 Des stepped in front of her and quickly ripped open the button and zipper on her shorts. In a matter of seconds, he had his hand pushed down inside them, sliding along the smooth skin of her tummy and into her panties. Ivy let out another scream as he pushed a finger inside her pussy.

"Holy shit, she's a tight one! Let's get this little hottie upstairs and get her naked!" Des said excitedly.


I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!
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« Reply #6 on: June 20, 2016, 09:39:25 AM »

Mack grabbed both her legs and Ivy was hauled up the stairs between him and Gord, frantically fighting and squealing, the sandals flying off her feet. But the men had her tightly in their grip. Their little toy was not getting away from them. They took her down a short hallway into a messy bedroom.

She was thrown down onto a bed. With Mack still holding her legs and Gord pinning down her arms, the others began stripping her of her clothes.
Des yanked her shorts down off her hips, exposing the blue and white panties she was wearing. At the same time, Cal and Rudy went to work pulling her t-shirt up over her titties and over her head.

"NOOOOO.......NOOOOOOO........LET ME GO!" Ivy bawled.

It wasn't long before both her shorts and t-shirt were on the floor and her bra and panties were being removed.

"Oh man....look at that sweet little cunt!" Mack exclaimed, as Des rolled her panties down her legs.

They could see the small nest of soft, brown curls between her legs surrounding a little pink slit. Des' cock was ready to explode in his pants at the thought of being the first to burst that tight little fuck tunnel wide open.

All the guys admired her tight body, their hearts pounding with the anticipation of getting to fuck such a young, cute girl. Tears streamed down her face and her eyes were wide with terror, knowing she was about to be gangraped! Her mom didn't even know she was here!

"Who's gonna do her first?" Mack asked.

"Me, of course," Des snapped. "It's my fuckin' house and I was the one who invited her over."

"I get second fuck!" Gord piped up.

"All right then," Mack said. "I'll go third." He looked over at Cal and Rudy. "You two can have what's left after I'm finished."

Des began stripping down. "You guys get her legs nice and wide! I wanna pound that little cunt good!"

Mack and Rudy each grabbed one of Ivy's ankles and yanked her legs wide apart, causing her to cry out in pain. Her tight virgin vagina was completely exposed to Des as he climbed on the bed.

An evil grin suddenly spread across his face as he spit in his hand and rubbed it around on the head of his erect cock. Ivy was trying to wriggle and squirm loose, but the petite girl was no match to the older men. She was absolutely horrified seeing a man's erect penis for the first time. It seemed huge!

"Man, you're fuckin' lucky getting to pop her cherry," Rudy remarked.

Des grabbed her hips, held her down against the mattress,  and pushed forward with his hips. “She ain't gonna be a virgin anymore!”

Slowly, as his cock entered her, Ivy screamed for him to stop. As the head of his cock pushed only a short way into her slit, he suddenly did just that. Looking down at her, Des smiled as he looked at the circumference of his hard cock being gripped by her virgin tunnel. It excited him to know her virginity now belonged to him. Ivy would lose it to him, and she would lose it.....now!
Shifting forward he grunted and pushed until, on the third thrust, her pelvis shifted and her tight slit spread open, allowing him to enter.

Des rammed his hips forward and groaned, as his cock tore through her hymen. As her membrane tore and blood flowed down his shaft, he pushed deeper, causing her sweet, young body to convulse and shake.


Ivy let out a shrill, sharp scream as she lost her virginity. She lurched under him and screamed in more agony. Then, as blood dripped from between her legs, collecting on top of the bedspread, Ivy’s screams turned to sobs. As her eyes closed, and she threw her head from side-to-side, she whimpered “Mommy! Mommy! Help me!”

"Sorry, baby! Your mommy ain't here to help you!" Des smirked.
"Pound the little hottie!" Mack urged him on.

Des drilled Ivy, his blood-streaked cock sliding in and out of her like a piston, her tight little twat clutching his shaft like a death grip. He knew her tight cunt had a long ways to go before it was loosened enough to handle a man’s cock without bleeding or causing her discomfort.

As the bedsprings creaked under the violent bouncing of the two bodies, Ivy emitted sharp screams of pain as his thrusting cock moved inside her. Des rotated his hips on each downward stroke, pressing Ivy into the soft mattress, as if he was trying to drive her body all the way through the bed.
Since the day he'd met her at the music store, Des knew he wanted to fuck the teen cutie. Today, he was accomplishing that!

As her tight fuck tunnel continued to grasp tightly onto his cock, Ivy’s cunt opening made a sucking sound with each upstroke. So tightly was this small-framed high school girl’s cunt holding him inside her, that her hips literally lifted upward at the top of each stroke, and the wind was nearly knocked out of her with each downstroke.

As the violent rape continued, Des watched her young tits jiggle and shake in rhythm to the convulsions of her body. Ivy could hear the other men loudly cheering him on.

Nearing orgasm, Des groaned and pulled Ivy’s hair, lifting her head up off the bed and pulling her face towards him.
Smiling into her eyes, he slowed his thrusts and said, “Get ready, you little whore! I’m gonna give you a gift.”

Suddenly, Des grunted and collapsed onto her with all his weight. As his balls slammed into her mound, his cock exploded its contents into the depths of Ivy’s cunt.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Ivy wailed.

She was perhaps naive about sex, but Ivy still knew enough to know the consequences of a man cumming inside her. She was terrified, knowing he could make her pregnant!

Des continued writhing on top of her, his thrusts slowed, but his cum continued to flow inside her. The thrill of taking the little tease's virginity, through such brute force, had provided him with powerfully increased sexual stimulation, and he felt like he was pumping a gallon of cum into her battered young pussy.

Ivy lay under him, gasping hard to catch her breath. Her tight young body had never gone through anything like this, and she was bathed in sweat. Her face was wet and small streams of perspiration ran down her breasts. As she squirmed beneath him, Des could feel her slippery, sweat-drenched tits pressing against his chest.

He pulled out of her and climbed off the bed.

"Shit, the little bitch is bleeding. You popped her cherry good!" Rudy exclaimed.

Des smiled. "You got that right, boys! She is good fuckin'!"

He traded spots with Gord, holding her arms down. Gord was busily tugging down his pants. He was short and skinny, but Gord still had a good-sized cock and it was rock-hard.
Gord got himself positioned between Ivy's legs. He felt for her pussy hole and rubbed the point of his cock across it. He pushed in forcefully. It was kinda tight.

"Oh you little hottie, you got a small hole!"

"NOOOOO! Please! It really hurts!" she sobbed.

Gord just ignored her and shoved a bit further until he was all the way in. She was very tight! He slid a little way out, then back in. Her tight twat almost made him blow his wad right there. He slammed in, pulled out, slammed in.  Again....again....again! It was so tight. He rammed Ivy’s naked young body over and over. So good to have something tight for a change.

He felt his balls ready to explode, her tiny cunt was wrapped around him so tight. He sped up his thrusts and let out a loud sigh as warm cum rushed up his shaft. As she felt his semen pump inside her, Ivy pleaded with him to pull out.

"No.....no.....no....not inside me.....please!"

Ivy threw her head back and shrieked a loud, agonizing scream. Gord slapped his hand over her mouth, muffling her shrieks. After a couple minutes, he let his cock slip out, hearing it make a little 'pop' sound.

“Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.” he chuckled.
 Mack had his pants off and ready for his turn. Gord took hold of her leg and the large man climbed on the bed. Ivy was crying and blubbering even more as she saw the horrible sight between Mack's legs.

His cock was very large. A good nine inches. It looked like a third arm.


Smiling at her, Mack rubbed the head of his massive cock against her opening. Ivy's look of fear had changed to one of complete terror, she began to whimper and the tears again began to flow.

 As he rubbed his cock against her tight slit, Ivy shrieked again. "No! Please don't!"

Pushing only about an inch into her little slit, Mack slowly parted the opening of her cunt with the head of his cock and held it there.
"No! No! Stop! Please........stop!"

But Mack just pushed further, stopping every inch or so, to allow her tightness to close around his shaft. As her young pussy clamped onto his cock, he pushed again and again, stopping each time and pausing for several seconds. Finally, once he had fully penetrated her, he pushed against her battered cervix and held his cock against it as she grimaced, in anticipation of the pain she expected him to inflict on her.

She pleaded with him in a pathetic whimper. "Don't hurt me!......Please, don't hurt me!"

"What's the matter, little teen bitch? You don't like my dick?"

Ivy closed her eyes and sniffed back tears as she shook her head, side-to-side, indicating a definite "No!"

Taunting her more, Mack said, "You know, my nickname's Pussy Destroyer! I love ripping the hell out of young cunts like you."

Still holding his cock fully inside her, he said “You’ll like this better than any of those skinny-ass school boys that want to get into your sweet pussy!"

I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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« Reply #7 on: June 20, 2016, 04:25:18 PM »

Love it when she begs him to stop and she kind of hope he will. Only to get brutally banged again :)
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« Reply #8 on: June 21, 2016, 09:54:24 AM »

Her tight opening (still sore from the abuse she had taken from Des and Gord ) stretched to accommodate his massive dick, her pelvic muscles strained as her fuck tunnel held him like a vise inside her. Ivy groaned in pain.

Mack slowly began to pump his cock up and down inside her. He stroked her soft cheek. Her firm, young body bounced up and down under the rhythmic thrusts of Mack’s pounding hips, and tears streamed down her face. Her agonized moans and sobs filled the room.

Slowly and deliberately, Mack stroked his cock, up and down, inside Ivy’s pussy hole. With each downward thrust he rotated his hips in a circular motion, causing his shaft to penetrate her in a way that resembled a large auger, drilling down into the soft earth. As his rotating movements stretched her opening, Ivy bawled in obvious discomfort.

The guys holding her legs had let go of them, and Mack had them pushed straight up in the air.

Gord laughed and pointed. "Hey guys, watch her toes!"

They could all see, as Mack's cock lunged into her, her toes would curl up, then un-curl and then curl up again, in rhythm with his cock.
The men laughed loudly, seeing that. Mack smiled to himself, knowing he was hurting her.

Mack had once worked as a stage roadie for a fairly major rock band. He had many fond memories of fucking young groupies looking to get backstage passes to meet the band. Some as young as 13 and 14.

Working a tight pussy like Ivy's was nothing new to him. He loved the sight of his blood-streaked cock fully inserted into her battered cunt.
“Take it, bitch! Take my fucking cock!” he yelled, as he fucked her with his massive tool.

His weight driving her body down into the mattress, Ivy emitted agonizing groans from deep in her lungs and pleaded desperately for him to stop! Mack's pounding dick continued it's vicious assault on her insides. Closing her eyes, Ivy quietly prayed for someone to come and save her.

Mack grunted like an animal as he dumped his cum into the teen girl.

Ivy gasped and cried out helplessly. "Stop! Oh please stop!”

Pressing his heavy body against her, Mack just laughed “Too late now, little girl!”

Mack withdrew his dick slowly, liking how Ivy's pussy seemed to suck and pull at his thick meat.

"Damn girl, you got one sweet cunt!” he exclaimed.

It was now Rudy's turn to have a go at her. The tall, lanky drummer had his pants down, showing an erect 7-inch cock. His long, stringy hair hung past his shoulders. As he climbed on the bed, he pawed at Ivy's, small round tits, squeezing and squishing her cute nipples.

He wasted no time pushing his cock into her. Withdrawing slightly, he slammed it back into her. “Oh baby! Ain’t nothing better than young cunt! I wanna make you hurt!”

As Rudy began a hard, steady fuck of the pretty teen, she sobbed hysterically. Ivy couldn't comprehend why these men were doing this to her? What had she done to deserve this?

Rudy pushed into her harder, the tightness of Ivy’s cunt wrapped around him feeling so good! As she groaned in pain, Rudy collapsed on top of her and used his weight to force his cock even deeper into her sweet, young pussy. He grunted and groaned on top of her, enjoying each stroke.

As he prepared to cum, he pulled out and stroked his cock, spurting jizz across Ivy's flat tummy.
“You love getting fucked, don’t you?”  he sneered.

Ivy didn't reply, but as she saw Cal pulling down his pants, she cried out. “No! No! Please stop!”

"Sorry Ivy," Des said. He was taking a turn holding her arms. "You're taking everyone's cock today!"

Cal climbed on top of the teen and easily slipped his thick cock between her battered pussy lips. Ivy just whimpered and shut her eyes as he grabbed her by her hips and drove his cock inside her. He wasted no time in picking up his tempo, slamming himself up into her again and again.
Of all the men, Ivy considered him the creepiest. He had these narrow eyes that for some reason, reminded Ivy of a snake. As he rapidly thrust in and out of her, she couldn't even look at him, she just turned her head to the side.

“Oh no you don't, cutie!” He grabbed a fistful of her brown hair and yanked, hard, turning her face to his once again. She winced and squealed as he continued to send her whole body shuddering with each hard thrust.

Her body felt amazing. Warm, soft... he just rubbed his hands over her body up and down, caressing every curve, every line of her toned little figure. It only encouraged him to grind his hips with more fervour, driving his cock deeper.

He settled comfortably, kneeling high. He had to wrap his hands around her slim waist to hold her hips up to the level where he could keep slamming into her. He kept himself mostly steady, thrusting only a little, while he used his firm grip on the small girl to move her body to do the rest. He feasted on the sight of her naked, teenaged body, sliding her forwards and back on his cock, faster and faster.

He pulled out moments before he finished, allowing more cum to spray across her belly. This time she barely even reacted. He climbed off her, working to catch his breath.

"Whew! Quite the workout, boys! Gave that pussy one sweet poundin'!"

Ivy curled up on the bed and sobbed, her whole body shaking. The guys all left the room, going to the kitchen to get cold beers. They knew they'd be back.

Knowing they likely planned on hurting her some more, Ivy realized she had to get away. Her body was so sore and unable to move. But she finally got the strength to swing her legs down on the floor and stand up. At just that time, the men reentered the room.
Ivy tried to run, but she didn't get far. Des stuck his foot out, tripping the teen and making her fall flat on her face on the dirty carpet.

"Where the hell are you going, little girl?" he sneered.

"What are we going to do with her?" Rudy asked. "Are we going to bang her again?"

Gord saw something on top of the bedroom dresser and picked it up.

"Hell yeah!" The others saw he had picked up a tube of something. It was K-Y jelly!

"I got my motion lotion and I think we should give her some back door loving!"

"Shit, I forgot that was in here," Des laughed. "But yeah, that's the perfect idea!"

 Ivy was yanked to her feet and dragged back to the bed, in spite of her cries and sobbing. She was thrown facedown and, once again, her legs yanked apart. The poor girl had no idea what was about to happen, thinking the men were going to rape her in the pussy again. But she suddenly had an idea of what was coming!

Gord squirted a bit of the cool jelly between her tight little ass cheeks. Ivy immediately began struggling more. It was becoming apparent what the men had intended for her now! Ivy didn't know a lot about anal sex, but she did know one thing......it would be very painful!

"NNNNNOOOOOOO......Pleassssse! Stoppppppp......Noooooooooo!" she begged for them to stop.

"You got her cunny, Des! I'm busting her ass cherry," Gord said.
"Be my guest, buddy," Des replied.

Slowly climbing onto the bed, Gord opened the tube of KY Jelly, and coated his cock with a liberal amount.

With the sheen of the lubricant, glistening along the length of his shaft, Gord shifted his weight and positioned himself inches away from Ivy's tight, virgin ass. Cal and Rudy held her legs.

He leaned forward and lay down on top of Ivy, pinning her to the bed under his weight and pressed his crotch against her ass. As she began to struggle under his weight, he reached down to his crotch and manipulated the head of his greased dick along the crack of her ass. Then, once in position, he worked it in between her snug cheeks until it was barely touching the tightly puckered opening to her rectum.

Giving a slow, deliberate thrust, he forced it inch by inch, into her vise-tight asshole. As the head of his dick slid partially into her rectum, Ivy suddenly gasped and held her breath. Pushing further still, the puckered little anus opened further, allowing more of his cock to slide inside her. As he pushed further, Ivy began to squirm and cry under him. Gord held her wrists out in front of her.


A scream ripped from Ivy's throat as Gord continued to work his cock into her, until he was finally, fully inserted into her no longer virgin asshole. Once inside her, he held his cock within her, allowing her violated asshole to close tightly around his shaft. Holding it momentarily, in the depths of her rectum, he grimaced slightly as it clutched so tightly around his shaft that it felt as though she was cutting of the circulation to his cock.

Now, having fully inserted himself into her, he withdrew slightly. Then, thrusting forward again, he met resistance as Ivy, trying to keep him out of her, clenched her cheeks tightly together. Her attempt to obstruct him from re-entering her ass served only to make Gord work harder and, ultimately, caused Ivy more pain. Throwing his weight forward, he forced his cock deeper, pushing further into her tightly clenched butt, until he had fully penetrated her, again.


Ivy kept screaming, each time louder than the first. As her ass stretched wider, to accommodate the diameter of his shaft, a small tear occurred in the tissue around her opening and she began to bleed. That just made Gord thrust more rapidly. Ivy squirmed under him and bit into the mattress, clenching her teeth. Fortunately, the fact that her mouth was now pressed into the thick mattress, served to muffle her screams.

Gord continued to work his cock into her now bloody asshole, allowing his cock to slide more easily as he pumped her tight rump. Ivy continued to squirm violently beneath him, pressing her body into the mattress as if she were trying to push herself all the way through it in order to escape from the pounding ass fucking he was giving her.

He let out a bellow as he finally came, spurting a good load of cum into her bowels.

"Goddamit! You broke that ass in hard!" Des exclaimed.

"Oh yeah!" Gord agreed. "Ivy was way better than the last ass I had!"

Ivy barely caught her breath and she heard Des climbing onto the bed. He also smeared a bit of the KY jelly onto his erect dick.

He pushed in, and pain slashed in her anus as he tore her open. An agony blasted through Ivy. She thought she was being ripped apart, her ass being shredded. He pushed again and the pain went deeper inside her. He thrust forward, burying himself deeper. Des started a series of short, quick strokes, giving her his inches.

“That’s it bitch, gonna work that ass,” he grunted out.

I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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« Reply #9 on: June 21, 2016, 08:31:49 PM »

Poor girl really seems like she needs a harder work over like she isn't really into making that sound.
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« Reply #10 on: June 22, 2016, 09:29:27 AM »

 Ivy thrashed about under him, desperate to get away. He held her in such a tight grasp, his thighs slapping her hard. He pulled back, way back, almost out of her again, the fat head just inside her. Then adjusting his body, he drove inside hard and began raping Ivy's poop chute. The enthusiastic laughter of the other men filled her ears.

Des had sweat running down his face from the exertion of fucking Ivy's tight shitpipe. 

"AHHHHHHHHH!" he yelled out as he came inside her ass. There really was nothing else like fucking a young 16 year-old's barely-broken-in ass.
Rudy announced he wanted to be next, and he climbed on the bed to mount Ivy.

“Please.....stop.....I’m not like this, I beg of you.......don’t hurt me......don’t do this,” Ivy whined in a small voice.

She heard the zipper and felt him struggle, as he worked to free his prick from inside his pants.

“No.....please,” she begged, pleaded and cried as he adjusted himself on top of her.
“Noooooooo......aaaiiiiieeeeeee!” Ivy squealed. Feeling the pain, she could barely breath.

“Gonna fuck you hard and fast.” Rudy said, as he bucked into her, driving in deeper with each lunge. Pounding the brunette girl into the bed, he reached under her, and gave one of her titties a rough yank. Her little body jerked and jumped on the cock impaling her.

Rudy didn't last long and soon his cock twitched and spilled his cum into her again. Ivy felt such shame.

When Cal's turn came, his shaft slid more easily inside her. Ivy's screaming grew quieter, although that didn't mean the pain was any less intense. Her screams subsided to groans, then agonizing moans, and finally deep gasps for breath. Cal, the scruffy, blonde bass player, reached out and grabbed hold of her brown hair. Yanking violently on her hair, he snapped her neck back and held her head in position until she was looking towards the ceiling. As tears continued to flow from her big brown eyes, Cal smiled as he watched a river of drool and saliva pour from her mouth.

Watching her eyes, as they stared blankly at the ceiling, Cal taunted her and said, "You must be the biggest slut in your school, Ivy! Only a real whore would enjoy getting fucked up the ass. You like having my dick in your ass, don't you, slut?"

Ivy tried to shake her head side-to-side to indicate, "No", but before she had the chance, Cal started yanking on her hair, making her move her head up and down, as if she was nodding "Yes".

"I knew it" he laughed.

Cal's cock throbbed inside her rectum, ready to explode, as he pumped in and out of her ass.

Slowing his strokes, Cal suddenly grabbed another handful of her hair, and held on like he was gripping the reins of a horse. Then, with Ivy's head tipped back, almost to the point of it touching her back, the men watched her eyes roll back into her head, as Cal exploded into her brutalized rectum.

Cal withdrew from her blood and lubricant-soaked asshole, with a loud smacking sound. Then, letting go of her hair, he watched her head snap forward, as she shrieked in agony. Ivy buried her face into the mattress, let out a deep groan, and passed out.

"All right, you losers," said Mack. "It's time for me to show you boys how to pound an ass!"

His massive erection jutted out, ready to assault the unresponsive girl on the bed. Hovering over top of her, he shoved his monster cock into her guts.  Ivy's eyes flew open and she let out a piercing squeal as she felt Mack's punishing lunge. Her body rippled with pain at the large man’s cock tearing into her asshole.

Mack began smacking her ass hard, leaving red welts on her pale skin. The bed creaked and shook as he slammed his body against the petite teen. The other men could literally hear the wet sound of his rod sliding in and out of her. Ivy was sure the large phallus was ripping apart her insides. Over and over, he thrust and pumped inside her tight channel. The air was being pounded out of her lungs and she couldn't even scream.

Within a few more minutes, Mack was cumming in her ass, his engorged dick buried inside the cutie's perky little butt! He collapsed on top of Ivy, sandwiching her between him and the mattress.

"Goddamn!" he exclaimed, pushing himself off Ivy. "A tight teenage ass! Pure heaven!"

"Yeah, well I doubt if it's as tight now, after you got finished with it!" laughed Gord.

"Could run a subway train through that," Rudy added.
"Damn, let's grab some more beer," Des said. "Then maybe we'll have some more fun with this little honey."

They all left the room, leaving Ivy curled up on the bed, sobbing. She was so sore she could barely move at all. Ivy wondered how she could endure more abuse at the hands of these men. Why had she ever decided to come here? She should have known better.

Des was just about out of beer, so he sent Cal and Rudy to the liquor store just down the street. It didn't take long for them to get back. After enjoying a cold beer and a couple joints, the men were ready for more action.

They entered the bedroom, to see Ivy still curled in a fetal position on the bed. She barely lifted her head as she heard them come in.
"Ready for more?" Des sneered. "We've used two of your sweet holes, I guess it's time to see what you can do with that third one!"

Ivy shook with fear. She knew what they were talking about, making her suck their cocks! Ivy had never had a guy's dick in her hands, much less his mouth. The idea sickened her. But suddenly, rough hands were pulling her off the bed and onto the floor. She was pushed down to her knees.

"I-I w-want to go h-home....!" she whimpered pathetically. "Please?"

"Uh, uh," Des shook his head. "Not often we get a prime little piece of fuckmeat like you, sweetie. You're staying for a while."

"Can't wait to feel that mouth around my dick," Mack said.

"Mmmmmm, I wouldn't mind nailing that tight little cunt again," Gord added, licking his lips.

Des had his pants down and his erect cock only inches away from Ivy's face. She tried to look away, terrified.
He grabbed her head and twisted it back forward. She found herself staring right at his throbbing cock.

"Come on, little bitch," Des ordered. "I want you to stroke it for me."

Ivy bit her lip as she raised her hand and wrapped her fingers gently around the pulsating penis. It felt so warm and......weird. She leaned back on her heels as she slowly slid her cupped hand up and down his dick.

“Now....open your mouth and put it in” he said.

“I-I can’t.......I haven’t.....ever....done that. I-I don’t know how,” Ivy tearfully stammered.

Des was uncaring. “You are going to learn.”

Ivy realized that she didn’t have any real choice, She opened her mouth and leaned forward a little, guiding the tip of Des' dick towards her mouth ever so slowly. She looked like she was afraid that it would burn her tongue, the way she was acting. She guided the tip in ever so slowly as she stretched her mouth wider. She jerked her head back suddenly, as she tasted a drop of precum.

Des slapped her head lightly, and she stuck it in once again, as she made an awful face. The taste of his organ was terrible. Des looked down with excitement as his rod slowly disappeared into her soft mouth. Ivy had heard other girls at school say that giving a  blowjob was like sucking on a big popsicle. Remembering that, she gently sealed her lips around it and began moving her head back and forth.

Glancing up at Des, she continued to very slowly move her head. He placed a hand on the back of her head and started guiding her head faster. Ivy put a hand on the front of his leg in an attempt to slow the pace and also control the depth that he was shoving.

"Oh baby, your mouth is good," Des sighed. He looked down at their little sex toy, kneeling in front of him.
"Fuck, she looks hot!" Mack said, rubbing his cock.

"I can't wait until my turn," Rudy gloated.

Ivy continued, her lips sliding over his throbbing member like velvet. Having the big piece of meat in her mouth made it difficut to breathe.
It wasn’t long until Des felt his balls starting to ache.

“Rub my balls gently,” he told her.

She lifted one hand and began gently rubbing his sweaty nut sack, as she still kept one hand braced against his leg.

Des felt his testicles burning more, as his dick throbbed. He braced himself as he shot a load deep in Ivy’s mouth. Panicking, she tried to jerk her head back but Des held it firmly in place.

“Relax and swallow,” he instructed.

Ivy was gagging on the hot liquid shooting into her throat. The other men could see her throat working to accommodate the sudden torrent of fluid. Saliva and spunk was dripping from the corners of her mouth.
After a few seconds, he pulled back. Ivy was holding her knees as she coughed and wheezed, trying to clear her throat of the sticky liquid. Des stepped back and admired her pretty face.
"Yeah, that's a pretty cute mouth, boys!" Des smirked.

"I'll have to check this out for myself," Gord beamed, as he pulled his hard cock out.

"P-please....not again," she begged.


I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!
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« Reply #11 on: June 23, 2016, 08:29:48 AM »

Looking down at the pretty girl, Gord didn't really care. He just wanted his cock in her mouth.

"Let’s see those pretty lips around my dick," he said.

Ivy hesitated, his cock rubbing over her lips leaving a trail of pre-cum. "I won’t tell you again." Then made her humiliation complete, when he added, "and smile as you do."

Ivy opened her mouth, his cock sliding over her slick lips. She felt it jump as her hot breath blew on it.

"Wrap your lips real tight around it, Ivy. Show me how good you can suck cock," Gord said, as he watched it disappear into her mouth.

Ivy felt her mouth full of his cock, tasting the foul residue from her ass rape. She bobbed up and down on his cock, her tears flowing from the humiliation. Gord forced her to look up when he tried to jam it in her throat, causing her to gag.

"Yeah, that feels good." Her muscle spasms felt incredible around his cock. Gord held Ivy’s head tightly, fucking her face like it was a pussy. His cock was slick with her saliva and it ran down her chin.

Gord grabbed Ivy by the sides of her head and started pumping her face back and forth over his cock. He was thrusting his hips which made the motion even more violent. The teen girl’s face looked like a ball being bounced on the pavement, it was shaking  back and forth so fast.

He let out a low moan, as he held her head firm and kept pumping his hips.  Soon he unloaded into her mouth, making Ivy cough and gag. Gord pulled her off him, letting her spit cum out of her mouth.

"Little bitch ain't much of a swallower, is she?" Gord taunted. "She wants to make it in the music biz, she better learn!"

"I'll get her practiced up, " Cal grinned.

"Yeah!" said Rudy. "We got something we want to try."

"Oh God, no more......p-please.....no more......I can't. I can-uuummppphh!" Ivy was cut off as Cal, kneeling above her head, stuffed his dick into her mouth. He grabbed Ivy's head and forced himself deeper into her mouth.

 At the same time, Ivy felt Rudy moving between her legs, pushing them apart to expose her vagina. OH GOD NOT AGAIN!! Once again, Ivy felt a hard cock being forced into her body. It seemed as if the dick in her throat and the dick in her pussy were going to meet in the middle.

"AAARRRUUUUGGGGGGG!!!" She tried screaming around the dick that was filling her mouth, as Rudy drove into her body.

Now both of them were raping the young cutie. Cal was choking her as he drove his dick into her mouth, while Rudy caused her body to jump and twist in pain with every vicious thrust deep into her. The other men laughed and cheered as they watched the vicious double rape. It was also extremely cock-hardening to see the nubile 16 year-old sandwiched between the bodies of the two men.

Cal and Rudy were thrusting into Ivy with increasing ferocity. Her gagging and attempts to scream, along with her twitching, trembling body, was driving them to the peak of arousal. Both of them were ready to cum.

"Oh shit.....Oh shit.....NOW, Rudy......NOW!" Cal yelled.

Ivy felt both men blowing their loads into her. She gagged on Cal's seed spurting across the roof of her mouth, her cheeks bulged out from the thick meat filling her oral cavity. Rudy drove his hard dick completely into her and shot his come deep into her body. They continued driving into her, choking her and hurting her, until they finished depositing every last drop of their semen into her.

 Slowly, with a sigh of contentment, Cal pulled his dick from her mouth and stood up. Rudy laughed as he also slowly pulled his dick out of Ivy. She collapsed on the floor, her body drenched in sweat.

"Yeah!" Mack whooped. "Now that's using the little tramp! But now.......she's gonna suck my dick!"

Ivy knew that she was going to have to deal with Mack and his large erection again and that scared her.
He pulled her up off the floor. "Kneel!"

Ivy complied, staring up at his cock. He yelled at her again, "Start sucking!"

She struggled to stretch her mouth wider as she gazed up at Mack’s face. “Tip your head forward; just let it go in,” he coached.

He watched as his dick slowly disappeared inside Ivy’s wet mouth. He slid his hands gently around her head as he continued.
 “Just keep going; just a little bit more.” Ivy ignored him, trying to concentrate on breathing as the big fuck rod filled her mouth.

Her head began bobbing up and down on his cock.  She could smell and taste her own ass still on him, just like she also had with the other men. She slowly moved her mouth along his shaft, fighting back the urge to gag. Ivy kept her eyes closed, afraid that she would begin crying if she opened them. She could hear Mack's moans of approval as his thick tool slid in and out of her mouth.

He rocked back and forth on his feet, with the young girl's lips firmly wrapped around him. With the warmth of Ivy's mouth, he could feel his balls tighten and knew that he was going to shoot his load soon.

"Keep your mouth open," he said as he withdrew his cock. "Now, milk my cock with your hands. I want you to catch my cum with your mouth."

Ivy put her small hands as far around his big cock as she could. She stroked it fast and kept her mouth open, her eyes tightly closed. Suddenly, a white ropey glob of cum shot out and hit her lower lip. Ivy put her mouth closer, as more cum blasted out and landed in her mouth. Mack watched the sour face she made when she had to swallow the thick, salty semen.

Mack smiled contentedly. He hadn’t had this much fun with a young girl in a while. Des had been watching all this while sitting on the side of the bed, and now all he could focus on, was what was right in front of him. Ivy on her knees, sucking on Mack’s big cock. Her incredible little ass that he had been admiring, was right in front of him. The ass he had just broken in not too long ago.

Her position also gave him a great view of her tight pussy. But he wanted that ass again. Des felt that raping a woman’s ass was even more degrading than raping her pussy.

"Hey guys!" Des said. "I've got the perfect thing for little Ivy next!"

"What's that?" Gord asked.

"Let's make the little slut airtight!"

"Hot damn, yeah!" Rudy exclaimed. "I haven't had my dick in her mouth yet, so I get that!"

"I want her cunt," Gord grinned.

"Fine with me," Des said. "It's her ass I want!"

Ivy was confused at first, about what was happening, as the three men surrounded her. Gord laid on the floor and Ivy was pulled over on top of him, straddling his waist.

"Owwwwww.....noooooo....nooooo!" she protested, as Gord pulled her down onto his swollen cock.

"That's right, little girl," he said. "Gonna teach you to ride cock!"

As Gord pumped his meat up into her tight hole, Des knelt behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart with both hands. He got an excellent view of her puckered, little hole, still red and swollen from the earlier rapes. He pushed the tip of his rock-hard dick into Ivy’s asshole. He received a sharp scream from her, but he just continued to penetrate her roughly and forcefully.

Gord, at the same time, thrust himself deeply inside her. Ivy let out a loud grunt of pain. She felt the two cocks spreading her holes open, filling her body to the point of ripping it apart. At least, that was the way it felt. Des pulled back and pushed himself roughly again deep inside her ass, another scream exiting her mouth. At the same Gord pulled her body down onto his, forcing his thick meat deeper into her juicy cunt.

"Come on, Rudy!" Des yelled. "Get that other hole plugged!"

Rudy turned Ivy's head towards him and began feeding his cock between her lips.
"Yeah! That's fucking hot!" Mack exclaimed as he watched the young teen be gangfucked. He loved the sound of the three mens' sweaty bodies slapping against Ivy, her gagging and gurgling sounds as Rudy proceeded to fuck her mouth.

"How does it feel taking three cocks?" Des asked as he continued to ass-fuck her. Her tight ass channel felt so good around his dick.

"STOP! Stop raping me, you’re tearing me up!" was what Ivy wanted to scream out. Her body felt so weak as Des and Gord sawed their cocks in and out of her. And at the same time, fighting for breath while sucking on Rudy's meat.

His hands gripped her hair and her face was forced into his crotch with each thrust. Rudy loved how the cute girl's warm mouth felt around his hard cock. Her head moved in rhythm with the thrusts of the other men.

Gord was the first to blow his load, arching his back as his dick drove up inside Ivy's teenage cunt, depositing yet another load of baby batter. Des came shortly after, pulling out of Ivy's turd tunnel, and letting gobs of jizz splatter across her back and ass cheeks. When it was Rudy's turn, he pulled out and blasted her in the face with a thick stream of cum.

It was all over her cheeks, lips and nose as Rudy coated her face. The men left her on the floor, drying cum on her face and her pussy still leaking cum.
Mack walked over to her. He hoisted the small body of the girl off the floor and threw her on the bed. Ivy was like a limp doll. He climbed on the bed, his large cock fully erect.

"You boys worked her pretty good, but I ain’t letting her go until I get one more fuck outta that sweet, sweet little pussy!" Mack said.
Ivy was pulled up onto her knees, her ass and pussy sticking in the air. Positioning himself behind her, Mack rubbed the head of his dick across her pussy opening. He knew it was going to feel good to once again sink his meat into the little darling.

Ivy's head was down on the bed, her eyes half-closed. But she came to life as Mack's rod spread her open and pushed inside. She tried to scramble away, but he held onto her hips and pulled her back towards him. The bed groaned as Mack began plowing into Ivy doggy style.

"Unnnh.....unnnh.....uuunnhhh.....uunnhhhhhh!" she moaned in agony, as her pussy was invaded by Mack's thick shaft.

Mack used her shoulders to pull her back against him with each thrust. Ivy could barely breathe from the force of Mack's powerful strokes. It was a very rough, punishing fuck. Des, Gord and the others watched with amazement as Mack's heavy body drove Ivy back and forth on the bed.
"Damn, you're gonna break her in half!" Cal laughed.

"This little slut's just made for hard fuckin'!" Mack panted. "Goddamn, she's got a tight pussy!"

"St-stop........please.....e-enough......I've had.....enough.......please....st-stop!" Ivy managed to squeak out in a hoarse whisper.
Mack's big cock felt like it was pushing right into her stomach. He was being relentless, his hips slapping against her loudly. Ivy was sure he was going to fuck her until she died.

But, finally, mercifully, she felt Mack's cock give a small spasm and she knew he was likely getting ready to cum. He pulled out at the last second and the warm, slimy spunk shot across her back and into her hair. He gave her a hard slap across the ass as he climbed off the bed.

"I do believe we've gotten you broken in now, honey! You'd be a good little backstage slut!"

Ivy curled into a little ball on the bed and sobbed uncontrollably. How had this afternoon turned into such a nightmare?
"What now?" Gord asked.

"I'm hungry," Cal said. "Let's get pizza."

"Sounds good to me," Des said.

He picked up Ivy's clothes off the floor and tossed them onto the bed. Except for her panties, which he kept.
"You can use my shower," Des said. "Clean yourself up and and then get the fuck out of here!"

"But hey, anytime you wanna hang out again, don't be a stranger. You know where we live!"

"Don't be blabbing to anyone about this," Des said, his voice a little more threatening this time. "Remember, you came here yourself. Your mom will be really impressed if we tell her you just came here to bang some guys in a band!"

Ivy knew Des was right. Her mom would be furious if she knew Ivy had snuck out of the house to be with a bunch of guys in a rock band. It would be her word against theirs. Ivy knew she'd never be able to live down the humiliation and embarrassment of telling someone she'd been so naive.

She gathered up her clothes and staggered down the hallway to Des' shower. She didn't know what she was going to do, but she just wanted to get home.


I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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Ivy certainly learned to make a few new sounds.

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I wonder if she learned enough....maybe there is more music she can learn    emot_rotf.gif emot_rotf.gif Evil Grin

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as usual another good one..
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