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Author Topic: Wicked Annabella by Sleazy Gonzalez  (Read 954 times)

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« on: June 04, 2016, 06:02:00 PM »

(Warning: The author does not condone the acts in this story. This is pure fantasy.)

Story Codes: Mf, Ff, fant, horror, non-con inc,

Synopsis: A young Puritan named Annabella is put on a trial for witchcraft.

Wicked Annabella by Sleazy Gonzalez

Annabella was being paraded naked through the streets of the village. The reverend pulled her along with the rope tying her hands together. She kept her head down in shame. Her face was hot read and tears ran down her cheeks. All the people of the village were gathered around. They jeered and threw rotten food at her. She barely flinched when it hit her. She was too humiliated, too afraid of what was going to happen to her.

“Witch!” the people screamed. “Whore! Little slut! Trollop! Satanic bitch!”

It's all true, isn't it? Annabella thought. It's my fault. All of this is my fault. I tried to be good. I prayed every night. But Satan still got to me. That must be why this is happening. Please, God. Please forgive me! Please don't let me burn in hell when they hang me! Help me keep the Devil out so I can come to you!



The musket goes off. The hare runs away. I see it bleed as it runs off. I have grazed it. I run after it. It is sure to bleed to death. It leaves a trail of blood. I can catch it. It has been awhile since my family had hare stew. I am not a great hunter and we don't have much money to buy meat. I follow the crimson trail the hare leaves. It goes to a broken down shack in the woods. The trail leads inside. It must have been abandoned for a long time. I enter the shack. There in the room a woman sits in a chair. She is naked and clutches a wound in her side. She looks at me smiles. She is incredibly beautiful. Her breasts are heavy, her hair is dark black, and her skin is pure white. She points to some cloth on the other side of the shack. He asks me to help dress her wound. I grab the cloth. I wrap it around her waist. She smells so wonderful. I feel my loins stirring. I pray silently for God to forgive me for looking at her with lust. Even with her bloody wound, she is an enticing woman. I have not lain with my wife since our second child died. She rubs my face. She strokes my beard. She thanks me for dressing her wound. I ask her how she got it. She does not answer. She says she wants to give me something in return for my help. I tell her she need not. She presses her mouth to mine. I should refuse. I should think of my wife. My daughter Annabella. But her kiss tastes too sweet. I silent pray that God will forgive me. I let her pull me to the floor. I try to be gentle to avoid hurting her. She acts as if she has no wound. She pulls me into her. She tastes better, smells better, feels better than my wife. I am ashamed to admit this. At the same time, I do not care. I abandon myself to my lust. I thrust into her. The way she moans like a whore spurs me on. She wraps her arms and legs around me. She tells me that my manhood is like a donkey's. I can not stop. Her vulgar speech does not slow me. Even when she utters blasphemies. I spill my seed inside her. I lay on top of her. I should feel shame. I should pray for forgiveness. But I do not. She whispers something in my ear. She tells me to go back to my wife and my daughter. I do not question how she knows of them, even though I have told her nothing of myself. I leave her shack. As I walk through the woods, I feel different. Even after what I had done with her, I still feel haunted by an intense lust. I feel as if she is still with me in some way. I fall to my knees. I try to pray. The words do not come out. Something holds my tongue. I feel as if the Holy Spirit has abandoned me. I feel as if the sin I have committed is unpardonable. Yet, I do not feel despair. I feel a sense of freedom. As if God himself no longer has power over me.


It all began not too long after Annabella had just turned 14. It was the middle of the night and she was fast asleep in her bed.  She awoke when she felt her bed shift. She felt a hand placed on her hip. Through her nightgown, she could feel it was large, rough, and callused.

“Papa?” she said.

Her father shushed her. “Do not speak,” he whispered. “You will wake your mother.”

Her mother was still asleep in the bed next to hers. The curtain around it was pulled shut, hiding her from what was going on. He grabbed her hand and placed it over his hard cock. She froze up. She didn't understand what was going on. She tried to ask her father what was going on. He just shushed her again and told her to pull it like she was milking the cow.

She did what he told her. Her father was breathing heavily, his cock warm and rigid in her small hand. It felt like she was doing something wrong, but her father whispered to her to keep going. Her father told her to pull it faster. She kept doing as he said, too afraid to say anything. She felt his cock swell in her hand and his hot cum shoot against her nightgown. She let out a cry of surprise.

When her father finished cumming, he whispered to her to wash her clothes and sheets first thing in the morning and to say nothing to her mother. The next morning she did the laundry in the yard. She didn't understand what her father had her do last night. Her father was acting like nothing happened, tending to the crops and livestock as he always did. He had warned her, but she had no desire to say anything to  her mother. She felt too ashamed, but she didn't know why. She prayed, asking God to forgive her, but she wasn't sure what He should forgive her for. She dreaded going to bed that night, but her father didn't do anything. She felt relieved and thought it would just have been a one time thing.

She was wrong. A week later her father came back into her bed again. She froze up. She knew that it would be useless to ask him to go away. This time her father took out his hard cock as he stood by her bed. He told her to take it in her mouth and suck on it. Annabella shut her eyes tight. She started mumbling prayers. Her father bent down and grabbed her face.

“The Bible demands you obey your parents,” he said quietly. “Now obey me.”

Annabella crawled to the edge of her bed. She kept her eyes closed and took his cock in her mouth. She struggled to get her mouth around the head of his swollen cock. She sucked on it, trying not to think about the taste. About the shame she felt. How she felt like she was sinning. She followed her father's orders when he told her to lick and suck it harder. She kept hoping her mother would wake up. That she would make this stop. Her father grabbed her head. She felt his cock swell in her mouth and shot his cum into her. He held her head until she had no choice but to swallow all of it. It tasted so foul to her. Her father went back to his bed. Annabella stared up at the ceiling until she fell asleep.

She had a dream she was walking in the woods at night with a lantern. She felt scared and alone. She came across a white gown in a heap on the ground. She bent down and picked it up. She help it up and examined it. Even though it had been on the ground, it had no dirt on it. It was bright white as if it had just been made. She held her lantern to it to examine it. A spot of blood appeared on the dress and spread out, as if an invisible woman wearing it had been stabbed in the stomach. She screamed and dropped the dress. She woke up and realized she had cried out in her sleep. Her mother emerged from her bed and ran to her side.

“Annabella! What is wrong? Did you have a nightmare?” her mother said.

“Yes, mama. Twas just a nightmare. You need not worry.” Annabella said.

She didn't want her mother to question her further.

A few days later, Annabella's mother had gone to visit a friend on the other side of the village. She'd been walking around in a daze, doing her daily chores as if her body was acting on its own. She went into the stable to milk the nanny goat. As she sat there filling the bucket with goat milk, she heard someone enter. She turned and saw her father. He approached her stone faced.

She stood up and backed away. “Please papa! I do not want to do those things anymore! They are sins!”

“How do you know they are sins? It's because you are a whore! The Devil has possessed you and is making you tempt me into unnatural acts!”

“Please papa!”

Her father grabbed her and threw her to the ground. He tore all of her clothes off. She tried to struggle away, but her father held her too tightly. When she was naked, his father pulled his hard prick out. He forced her legs apart and pushed it against her cunt. She begged him to stop. He kept pushing his cock into her until it gave way and swallowed the head. Annabella shrieked in agony as her father tore into her virgin pussy. He slapped her across the face.

“Shut your mouth, whore! You have forced me to do this! Your Satanic wiles brought this upon yourself!”

She cried as her father fucked her, her small pussy bleeding. She wondered if it was really her fault. If she really was possessed by the Devil and that she was forcing him to this. Even if she wasn't doing it consciously. She knew that Satan worked in ways no one would expect. Maybe she hadn't properly repented for her sins and the Devil had taken control. The thought just made her cry harder.

Her father clamped his hands around her throat so tightly she couldn't scream anymore. She thought she was going to pass out, but before she did, her father groan and poured rope after rope of his thick cum inside her. He let go of her neck and climbed off her. A pink mixture of blood and semen leaked out of her cunt. She lay there on the floor of the stable. Tears ran down her cheek. She couldn't find the strength to move.

Her father grabbed some rope from the corner and tied her up. He left the stable and came back with an ax. Annabella closed her eyes, expecting it to come down on her. Instead, her father went over to the ram on the other side of the stable. He brought the ax down on the ram over and over again. The ram cried out until it died. Its carcass lay on the ground, split wide open. Annabella's father came back over to her and picked her up. He brought her over over and pressed her into the ram's torn up body. She shut her eyes tight, holding her breath to keep from smelling the blood and intestines. Her father threw her down next to the ram's body and walked out of the stable.

Annabella lay there, covered in the ram's blood. She could feel its spilled organs press against her. She wondered why her father had done this. She stared up at the ceiling of the stable, waiting for what was going to happen to her.



The fallen branches snap beneath my feet as I walk through the woods. Besides the wind, there is no other noise here. I am away from the creaking of wagon wheels, the chatter of the village women, the other men of the village stopping me to speak to me. I am surrounded by nothing by the sounds of noise created by the Lord himself. Ever since my wife died in childbirth, it seems to be the only thing that brings me comfort. This and my books. My family back in England sends me books from Europe whenever they can. The volumes printed in the colonies are somewhat sparse, though the ones that have been written are enthralling. I hope to contribute to the books of our King's colonies when my own volume of poetry is finished. These walks in the wood are an inspiration to my writing. I know that I will write plenty by candle light tonight. I walk further into the woods, listening to the wind shaking the branches of the trees. I come upon a clearing. I gaze into it and see there is someone there. It is a raven haired woman. She is naked and dancing in the forest like a ballerina. I found myself staring at her. It is obscene display, but it entrances me. The way her beautiful, pale body moves makes my loins stir. I know to look at woman like this is a sin, but in this moment I do no fear divine retribution. I watch her dance. She stops and she looks right at me. She smiles. She waves to me to follow her. She runs off into the woods. I know I should not, but I follow her. She leads me to a shack in the woods. The shack looks run down and abandoned. I enter it. Inside, she is dancing even more sensually. The sunlight that peaks through the window seems to gleam off her pale skin. My body feels frozen as I watch her. She beckons me to her. As I approach her, she throws her arms around me and kisses me. It tastes sweeter than any wine I have ever had and far more intoxicating. I run my hands down her smooth back and rest them on her perfect buttocks. I find myself unable to hold back. I push her to the floor and enter her. We rut there on the floor of the shack like animals. She moans and begs me to push into her harder. It is not long before I spill my seed inside her. Despite that, I remain inside her. My lust is so great that I desire more. She whispers in my ear. She says that she will allow me to sodomize her if I do something for her. She asks me to commit an awful act of treachery. I do not hesitate to agree. I know I am already damned. She turns over and presents her perfect buttocks to me. I enter her from behind. She cries out in ecstasy like a slut. She begs me for more. She tells me it feels even better to her than when I had rutted with her from the front. I tell her I will fulfill her request. Somehow the idea of committing this further sin makes sodomizing her all the better. I spill my seed inside her again, it feels like there is even more than before. She kisses me again. She tells me that if I do as she asked, I may return to do this whenever I wish. I leave the shack. I feel myself eager to commit tell the lies she wants me to. The thought of what will happen to that young girl somehow enhances my lust for her. I walk back to the village. I take no note of anything in the forest. I only wish to return home to write of this in my diary to relive it.


Annabella sat in the courtroom. She was tied to a chair. Her mother and father sat in the crowd, her mother's face buried in her hands. Reverend John stood next to the stand. Judge Standish stood up and addressed her.

“Annabella Doty! You are accused by your father, Peter Doty, and by Thomas Hawthorne of witchcraft. How do you plead, young lady?”

“N-not guilty, your honor.”

“Very well, we shall hear the testimonies. First of Thomas, then of Peter. Thomas Hawthorne, please take the stand.”

Thomas did as the judge said. Reverend John presented a Bible to him. He placed his hand on it and swore to tell the truth.

“Mr. Hawthorne, please tell the court of your encounter with Annabella.”

“Your honor, it did happen on a night which I was up late. I was writing by candle light, when I heard a knock my door. The hour was late, and I was not expecting any visitors. I opened the door, and Annabella stood before me. She wore a heavy cloak, though it was not a cold night. I invited her in and asked her what brought her here at this hour. She said that she had something to give me. A present. I told her to give it to me and run home to her mother and father. They must be missing her at such a late hour. She let her heavy coat drop to reveal that she was naked underneath!”

There were murmurs among the crowd. Annabella's mother cried louder and her husband shushed her. Judge Standish banged his gavel and demanded order.

“I was shocked that this young girl was doing such a thing! I told her to put that cloak back on and go home immediately. But she did grab me. She promised to do things a Christian woman would never do. She said she would allow me to sodomize her, to beat her for my pleasure. She used such language that I will not repeat in this court. I could smell sulfur as she said all this to me. I could not take anymore. I threw her out with her cloak, I locked my door, and I began to pray. I could feel there was a presence of evil. I prayed for the Lord to cast out whatever had come into my home. I have no reason to believe naught else but that young Annabella Doty has given herself to the Devil!”

The murmuring among the crowd began again, and Judge Standish banged his gavel. Annabella hung her head. It was all lies. Why was he telling them this? It had never happened. She had never once even been to Thomas's house.

“Now,” Judge Standish said, “We shall hear the testimony of Annabella's father, Peter Doty. Mr. Doty, please take the stand.”

Annabella's father stood before the court. He took the oath to tell the truth on Bible.

“Now, Mr. Doty,” Judge Standish said, “Please tell this court how you found your daughter in the stable.”

“I went in the stable. I expected my find daughter milking the nanny, as I had told her. Instead, I saw a most awful sight. My own daughter was naked and copulating with the ram!”

There was a gasp in the crowd. Annabella's mother clasped her hands over her ears. She rocked back and forth, screaming in despair with tears running down her face. Judge Standish banged his gavel and demanded order.

“I will clear this court if there anymore such outbursts! Please continue, Mr. Doty,” Judge Standish said.

“It is hard to recall all this. I approached her. I was confused how she could do something so foul and evil. I tried to pull the ram off her, but some unseen force sent me across the stable. She flew into a frenzy. She tore the ram apart with her bare hands. She displayed strength unnatural for a girl her age. I said a prayer and was able to pull her off the ram that she tore apart. I wrestled her to the ground and tied her up. That is when I went to consult Reverend John.”

“A disturbing testimony, Mr. Doty,” Judge Standish said. “You are a brave man to present it to us. Please be seated.”

Annabella's father took his seat next to his wife. He put his arms around her, trying to comfort her as she cried. Annabella shut her eyes. How could her own father lie like that? Why were they doing this to her? Had she really committed these acts and the Devil was toying with her memory?

“The court will now allow Annabella Doty to defend herself,” Judge Standish said. “Bailiffs, bring Ms. Doty to the stand.”

Two men picked up the chair Annabella was tied to and brought to the front of the court. Reverend John placed his Bible in her lap.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help you God?”

Annabella hesitated. She was still to shocked by what Thomas and her father had said.

“Annabella,” Judge Standish said, “are you going to defend yourself? Or do you want to change your plea to guilty?”

“N-no,” Annabella said. “I do swear to God I will tell the truth.”

Reverend John picked up his Bible. “Hesitating to swear before the Lord does not reflect well on you,” he said.

“Now,” Judge Standish said, “do you deny the testimonies of Thomas and your father?”

“Y-yes,” Annabella said. “I have never been to Thomas's house. I did not do anything sinful with our ram.”

“What reason do you have for them to lie?”

“I...I do not know.”

“You do not know? These are men of good standing in our community. You mean to tell me they accuse you of these horrible things for no reason?”

Annabella said nothing. She had no idea what to say. How could she defend herself?

“Your honor,” Reverend John said, “to keep us from wasting the court's time, I recommend we simply perform tests on her. They will show whether or not she truly is a witch.”

“Very well. You may perform them, Reverend,”

Reverend John knelt in front of Annabella. “Recite the Lord's prayer, Ms. Doty.”

Annabella began to rattle off the prayer. She stumbled and stuttered as she said. She stopped as she finished saying, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Her mind went blank. She couldn't remember the rest, try as she might. She didn't know why she couldn't remember it. She had said it so many times, how could she forget it now?

The crowd began chattering. Her mother began crying loudly in the audience. Her father lead her mother out of the court. Annabella wanted to cry out for her to stay. Knowing her mother was there was the closest thing she had to comfort in this court.

“I see the Devil is holding your tongue, witch!” Reverend John said. “We shall prove for certain that you are in league with Satan! Bailiffs, remove her clothes!”

The two men that had carried her up untied her from the chair and tore all her clothes off. She had a flash back to when her father had raped her and began crying. The Bailiffs stripped her nude in front of the entire crowd. They held her up and forced her legs apart. Reverend John pointed to the birth mark on her inner thigh.

“Do you see! This is the mark where Satan has branded his whore!”

He spread her pussy with his fingers, showing it off to the entire crowd. Annabella's entire body turned red. She cried even harder.

“Look at what has happened to her! The damage to her womanhood! How it resembles a whore's! She has clearly copulated with something nonhuman! The ram! And Satan! Your honor, is there anything more you need to see? This young woman is clearly in covenant with the Devil!”

“I find Annabella Doty guilty of witchcraft! I sentence her to hang tomorrow at noon! Take her to the stocks!” Judge Standish banged his gavel.

The bailiffs tied her hands together. Reverend John grabbed the hanging rope and lead her out of the courtroom. The crowd yelled at Annabella. They insulted her. They called her every name they possibly could. It was like that all the way through the village to the stocks. Reverend John forced her in and closed it.

The crowd gathered around. They yelled for Annabella's blood. She was a witch. A curse on their village. They wanted to kill her right now. Reverend John signaled for the crowd to be quiet.

“My fellow villagers! As much as we want to rid ourselves of this Satanic trollop, we must wait until tomorrow! We are servants of the Lord, and thus we must be just! We will follow the law of God, and make an example of her! None among us who consorts with the Devil will be suffered to live!”

As the reverend gave his impromptu sermon, Annabella was overwhelmed. The humiliation, the fear of death, the fear of hell, and everything that happened in the courtroom ran through her head. The only way her mind knew how to cope with it all was to make her pass out.


Reverend John

I am lost. I am trying to find my way home. I had visited another village to met with other ministers in the area. Now I am lost on my way back. I pray that God will help me to safely find my way back. I remember where the river is in relation to the village. I listen for the sound of it flowing and head towards it. As I come upon the river, I see a dark haired woman is bathing there. I know I should turn back, but the way her black hair drapes over her pale back holds my gaze. I stand and stare at her. She turns around. Her breasts are heavy and her face is so beautiful it takes my breath away. I know I should leave. To look at a woman in lust like this is a sin. The Bible says to pluck ones eye out if you do such a thing. Yet I have no desire to. I do not want to stop looking upon this woman. She smiles at me. She asks me if I am lost. I tell her I am and do not question how she knows. She invites me to come bathe with her. Despite knowing I should refuse, I remove my clothes and climb into the river with her. She hands me her rag and asks me to wash her back. She parts her hair over her shoulders. I rub her back with the rag. It is like unsoiled porcelain, like she never needs to wash, like nothing could ever stain it. The sweetest scent comes from her hair. I feel my loins stirring. Her hand reaches back and feels how rigid I am. Before I can push her hand away, she turns around and presses her mouth to mine. I know I should pull away, but I don't.  I welcome her deep kiss. I run my hands down her beautiful back. All of my lessons of God's wraith, of the sin of lust are far from my mind. I want to take her right then. She seems to know this. She whispers in my ear and tells me I can have her under one condition. Not only then, but she would also become my wife. She tells me what I must do. I do not consciously understand what she wants, but I somehow know. How I am to be sure some young girl is to be found guilty of a crime she did not commit. There are other things. It does not matter. I somehow know I will know what to do when the time comes. I agree without hesitation. She pulls me back. We make love there on the bank of the river. I am a man of the cloth. This kind of behavior is abhorrent for a man of my calling. Yet such thoughts are far away. We make love there for what seems like hours, yet too short. After my emission has poured inside of her, she washes my genitals. She sends me off with directions towards my village. I head towards it. I have my task ahead and somehow I look forward to completing it. I feel as if I should pray, but something holds my tongue. The word of God is back in my thoughts, but the Holy Spirit is gone. It's been replaced with something far stronger. Far better than any promise of salvation could be.


Annabella awoke to the sound of Reverend John's voice. For a brief moment she thought that he was still preaching to the crowd, but she realized how dark it was. Reverend John was knelt down to her, holding up a lantern.

“Did you sleep well, little witch?” Reverend John said as he smirked.

Annabella started to cry. “Please, Reverend! I am not witch! I promise! I am so scared! Please do not let them hang me!”

Reverend John shushed her. “Don't worry, little witch. I am going to help you. I am going to take you away from this village in the dead of night.”

Annabella's face lit up. “Thank you! Thank you, Reverend! I know not what I did, but I will find a way to make God forgive me for all I've done!”

Reverend John scrunched his face up. “God willl never forgive you, witch. I need to teach you what you really are before I take you way.”

Reverend John went behind her. He started feeling up Annabella's bare ass. She tried to struggle, but there was no way she could get out of the stock. The Reverend spread her ass. He felt him push his cock against her tight, puckered asshole.

“No! Please, stop it, Reverend!”

Annabella's begging was useless. Reverend John pushed his cock inside her ass. She screamed out in agony. She hoped she would wake someone in the village and they would come to help her. But nobody came as Reverend John thrust his cock in her asshole. The pain was unbearable to her. She wanted to pass out again, but she couldn't. She begged Reverend John to stop, but he just shoved his cock deeper inside her. She felt her ass tear and bleed. She kept screaming in agony. Finally, the Reverend poured his cum up her ass. When he pulled his cock of her, Annabella went limp in the stock.

She didn't react as he unlocked it and let her out. He grabbed her hand tight and lead her out of the village into the woods. She didn't pay much attention as the Reverend pulled her along. She didn't know how long he lead her. Her bare feet were cut and bruised. The wind sent a chill through her naked body.

They came to a shack in the woods. Reverend John lead her inside. Annabella started coming back to her senses. The Reverend held up his lantern. A naked woman with pale skin and dark hair stood in the middle of the room. He set the lantern on a table and threw Annabella to the floor.

“I have brought her like you demanded. Now, be mine. Become my wife.” Reverend John said to her.

The woman approached him without saying a word. He threw his arms around her and kissed her hungrily. She said to him, “I will, Reverend. Just do one more thing for me. Renounce your God for me. Repudiate him.”

“I do repudiate him!” Reverend John said. “I renounce my God and my religion! You are far more important to me! Jesus is nothing but a long dead man to me! The Holy Spirit has no place within me! I do not recognize any power of the Lord!'

The woman said, “Good man.”

She started kissing his neck. Then she sunk her teeth into it. Her teeth seemed to be as sharp as hatchet blades. She tore his throat out. Reverend John gurgled, struggling for breath as blood spurted out of his neck. He fell to the ground next to Annabella. His blood splashed all over her. She screamed, covered her face, and rolled away from him. Reverend John twitched on the ground a little more before he stopped moving entirely.

Annabella lay on the ground crying. She wanted to disappear. She wanted it all to stop. She wailed in desperation. The woman came over to her. She placed her palm on her face and whispered something to her. She couldn't understand the words but it made her feel calmer somehow.

“It is alright my child,” the woman said. “I will take care of you from here.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is not important. You must be so miserable. My poor child. You will be alright. I will take you under my wing. Those horrible men in the village. They are so vulnerable. Such hatred and lust in their hearts. They try to hide it under their piousness. But all it takes is a small nudge, and they will commit the most awful acts. I have been watching you my child. You show great potential, but you were a servant of the Demiurge. You were sincere in your worship of it. I had to show you what beasts his other servants were. So I could bring you here and make you my pupil. To show you the correct path of the left hand. I am sorry that I made you suffer as I did. I will make it up to you, my child.”

Annabella had several questions, but before she ask any, the woman kissed her. Any questions or doubts she had evaporated. The woman's kiss was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. The woman covered her budding breasts in kisses. Annabella moaned and squirmed. The woman kissed down her torso to her cunt. She licked and sucked on her cunt. Annabella's body trembled. She cried out in ecstasy.

As the woman's tongue pleasured her cunt, she looked at the dead eyes of Reverend John next to her. It didn't disgust her. It made her even more excited. Violent images filled her head.

Her old village in flames.

The women of it dead with their wombs torn out.

The men castrated and beheaded.

Her father and Judge Standish hanging from the trees, their intestines bursting out of their bellies.

Babies with their heads bashed open against the rocks.

The desecration of Reverend John's false church.

She saw herself in there, before the destroyed altar. Thomas's torn up body lay across it, a smashed cross stabbed in his throat and torn Bible pages stuffed into the bloody opening in this belly. She was giving herself to her new Master. Sucking on His enormous cock, as the woman knelt behind Him and licked out His asshole. Her mother naked, rocking back and forth in worship of this sight.

An orgy in the blood of those murdered.

The slaughter of the Lamb of God.

All of these thoughts should have disgusted her. She didn't even think her mind could picture such things. But she felt no guilt. No shame. It all made her feel more free. More horny. Her entire village deserved it for the pain and humiliation it put her through.

The way the woman was attacking her cunt with her mouth was so amazing. She could feel herself building to an orgasm. The first of many she knew she'd have from here on.

As the woman pushed her over the edge and she came, Annabella let out a cry of blasphemies she would have never before even dreamed of uttering.

"Eroticism is assenting to life even in death." - Georges Bataille
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