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Author Topic: A New Life  (Read 1189 times)

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« on: June 03, 2016, 12:45:30 AM »

Julia was excited as she drove her beat up chevy to her call back, this would be her first real role since coming out to California with dreams of becoming an actress. She had dreamed of making it big in Hollywood since she could remember, but her dreams were put on the back burner because her mother was ill and she was the only family she had. She worked as a waitress in a local cafe at night while attending school during the day just to make ends meet. The life insurance from her Father's untimely death had only gone so far once her mother became sick. What should have been enough for them to survive comfortably was eaten up by medical bills. She sighed softly remembering the last few days in Kansas at her mother's side. Her mom was a wonderful woman and made her promise as soon as she was able to go after her dreams.

As she continued along she shook her head trying to chase out the memories and focus on her future. She was large and in charge and would make it happen! She could hardly believe out of all the people she saw at her audition that they had called her back. When she got the call, the woman on the other end had told her to be prepared to leave immediately for an on location shoot. The production was already in progress and those chosen would be whisked away to an undisclosed location to begin shooting. As instructed she had brought an overnight bag and two forms of identification. She couldn't help but think this was a good sign. How many others were called back with those instructions?
The office building of the production studio was fairly new and the smell was that of fresh paint. Upon reaching the fourth floor she stepped out of the elevator and turned toward the production office suite. The door was heavy as she pushed it open she could see she was not the only one to arrive early. There were already five other girls there though none of them had her look. She was a raven haired beauty with striking blue eyes, slim of build and tall. The other girls seems to each have their own look. There was a redhead, two blondes, and 3 other brunettes of various shades. They were all very attractive and looked to be in their early to mid twenties. As Julia moved to the reception desk to sign in she noticed that they each had their own overnight bags as well. She signed to herself and though, "Oh well, maybe I read too much into it". The girl told her to have a seat and someone would be with her shortly.

As she waited two more people entered, a very young blonde girl who could not have been more than 16 and a woman who must be her mother as she bore a striking resemblance to the girl. Julia could not help but think that although the mom  was older than the rest of the girls already there the woman was still very attractive and young looking. As the pair settled in a man who Julia recognized from the audition walked out into the lobby. He was an attractive man, maybe early thirties with dark hair and green eyes when he smiled there was a hint of dimples in his cheeks.

He smiled and cleared his throat before speaking to the group, "It looks as if you have all arrived so there is no reason to delay. You have all been cast in a role in our production which is already underway. Today we will be taking you on location to begin preparation and will begin shooting some scenes today and some tomorrow.  These scenes will not be over taxing but are important to get the full cast together to see how the chemistry plays out. After tomorrow we will give you your schedule for your individual shoots.  If you will bring your bags with you and follow me I will show you to the limousine that is waiting to take you to the location". With that he moved toward the door they had just entered and held it open as one by one they each walked out, a bit surprised but noticeably delighted and excited.

As they reached the front of the building a white stretch limousine waited for them. The man smiles again as he opened the door of the limo "You can just leave your bags here and we will load them for you then we will be on our way. The women all got into the limo one by one and settled down. The seating was spacious but considering the amount of people was a little close quarters. As Julia looked around the limo she smiles seeing the array of beverages and snacks available. She was starving. Since moving out to LA she existed on ramen noodles and water to afford the crappy loft apartment she was lucky enough to have found.

The trunk of the limo closed and the driver as well as the man got into the front. The man turned to face them that boyish smile reappearing. "Ok, we are ready to get underway. I have a few business calls to make and some things to get settled so i am going to close the window but if you need anything at all please just hit the intercom and let us know. The trip should take just under an hour. Any questions?"

One of the brunettes cleared her throat and thankfully asked what Julia had been racking her brain to remember "You are Mike right?", she asked and he smiled in return answering with a nod "Yep, that's me!" He turned abruptly and closed the window dividing the back and the front seat.  As soon as he did the girls all of a sudden broke out in nervous chatter exclaiming how nice the limo was and wondering where they would be shooting. As they did they hardly noticed the soft mechanical whir emanating from under their seats or the fact that the air had been shut off.

Within 10 minutes all of them had succumbed to the gas that had been pumped in. The limo pulled into a warehouse where a large moving van and two men were waiting. The drive and Mike emerged from the limo and began unloading the bags first then opened the door to the limo. One by one the men unloaded the unconscious women from the limo and laid them facedown onto the concrete floor.  They tied their hands behind their backs and their ankles then placed a gag in their mouths before placing a chloroform rag in front of their noses to insure they would remain unconscious for the remainder of their journey.

The women were then loaded into the moving van and placed inside a false floor which was then covered and large furniture moved on top of it just to give the appearance of an actual move in case they were stopped. The men then went through their bags and purses methodically removing their cell phones. The phones were then placed in bag and handed to the limo driver before Mike and the other two men loaded up into the moving van.

The trip was a long one, from California to somewhere in the mountains of Colorado, but they made record time and stopped only once to quickly check on the women and give them each another nice long whiff of the chloroform soaked cloth. Upon reaching their final destination the men drove into what can only be described as a compound, surrounded by a concrete wall and guarded with the top of the line security equipment. They pulled the van inside a large building and began removing the contents and women. They placed them inside a large cell concrete cell just inside the first building and locked it tightly before leaving them to make their arrival known.

Julia and the other women awoke with a start as ice cold water was being sprayed on them. She and the others tried to scream out in protest behind the gags in their mouths  through their confusion and the brash treatment only to find they were unable to move as their hands and ankles were tied. The water stopped when each one had been revived and only then could they see where they were.  A concrete cell with two men standing in front of the bars. One still holding a water hose and the other she recognized as Mike from the production office and limo. They simply stood there for a few minutes before Mike spoke again his tone now calm, but cold and harsh. "Your production starts now and you will be starring as the lead role in your very own movie about your new life as a slave. You will each be processed and categorized. You will follow every command given to you immediately and without question or you will be severely punished. You no longer have a choice in anything. You question nothing, you simply obey." He stood there a minute more allowing his words to sink in before unlocking the door and grabbing one of the brunettes by the hair and pulling her roughly to him. The other man chose one of the blondes in the same fashion. They then closed the cell door locking it behind them and left dragging the two women with them.

After what seemed like forever the two men returned to choose another two women. This time the man named Mike zeroed in on Julia and yanked her up by her hair. The pain was unbearable! She screamed out in protest but only a chocked mewing emerged from behind the gag. He took no notice of her protest and dragged her forcefully out of the cell. She trie her best to walk but with her ankles tied firmly together she only stumbled, fell and was dragged out of the room along with the other girl chosen.

When they entered the next room Julia's saw what looked like a medical office with a few extra contraptions. The other girl was placed inside a small cage while the men both focused on Julia. They untied her hands and feet but kept close. "You will obey every command or you will be punished" they removed her gag and he continued "Do you understand?". She weakly nodded her head and replied softly. "Yes". Mike and the other man smirked at one another and then proceeded to rip her clothes from her body leaving them in rags on the floor. They weighed her, measured her height and recorded these things then checked her teeth and eyes. "Why.... what are you doing?" she asked hoarsely as the bent her over a small table. For a reply the other man pressed down on her back and yanked her head up by her hair only to deliver a painful blow across her cheek. "Your job is not to question us, you are to obey only. Now shut the fuck up". She could only sob in response the tears she had been holding back came rushing out and the men laughed. Mike moved behind her and before she could guess what was happening he had shoved three fingers in her pussy. "Very nice, tight cunt", he remarked "I'd say an 4". then as soon as he pulled them out she screamed as he then shoved two of them up her ass. "Oh? I am going to give this on a 5" he proclaimed and promptly removed them.

The other man Julia could see was making notes then pulled out a folder. He opened the folder as she recognized her application, head shots and medical background paperwork she had filled out for the audition. He placed the notes in the folder and stepped toward her. "Mike, I think this one is ready to go. You want to take her?". Mike nodded and grabbed her hair and yanked her roughly to stand her back up. "Come on, slave. Time to start your new life"

The darkness calls and I must obey its command. Gothic dreams, sadistic desires & sensual pleasures rock my world.

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« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2016, 07:45:48 AM »

Very good story.  emot_wow.gif

Will there be more to cum or are we left to our own dark phantasies ... ???  emot_thedrool.gif

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« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2016, 08:09:47 AM »

More More More,,, great start!

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You've made the volcano angry!

« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2016, 03:30:29 PM »

HOT!  Uhh, I mean: More?  PLEEEEASE?

« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2016, 09:31:00 PM »


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« Reply #5 on: January 14, 2017, 03:32:13 AM »

Off to a good start!
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