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Author Topic: A Twisted Game  (Read 1716 times)
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« on: May 21, 2016, 09:16:38 PM »

Synopsis:  A lesbian catches female joggers and forces them at gun point to strip while she assaults them.

Anna loved heading out to the old jogging trail, but it was not for the exorcise or communing with nature, it was finding a cute victim to rob, strip, and have her way with.  She chose her victims well, and without fail the act of having to walk home naked, as well as the humiliation of another female abusing her sexually prevented them from calling the police.  She always got away with it and made her game all the more fun.

It was a comfortable, but overcast day as she made her way up a secluded trail and found a place to hide until her victim came along.   It was nearly an hour when she heard the approaching footsteps and took her stance.  She was in luck once again. A lone female jogger approached.  A cute, raven haired girl with a slender body came into view.  Her big tits jiggled under  the blue tank top and her white shorts revealed tight, muscular legs.

Anna bolted from her hiding place startling the jogger as she stopped dead in her tracks.  Anna smiled and slowly reached behind her pulling out her pistol and aimed it at the startled jogger.   The girl looked at the gun, her eyes wide in horror and shock.

“I...I don't have any money,” she remarked nervously.

“I can see that. I will just take what you do have.  Get your clothes off!” Anna demanded.

“What!??” “My clothes?  “Why do you want my clothes?”

“Shut up and strip!!” Anna barked as she held the gun closer to the victim.

As the frightened girl began stripping Anna took closer inventory of her cute victim. Large eyes, cute face with pouty lips, and well groomed dark hair.  As the top fell to the ground Anna's eyes widened at the huge tits on display.  She watched in eager anticipation as the girl slid the white shorts down her legs and worked them over her feet.   As the sheer panties came off Anna gazed at the beautiful bare pussy now on display.

Anna clutched the girl's tits with her free hand and squeezed them gently before teasing the tender nipples then repeating the same procedure with the other hand.  She then ran her hand down the girl's slender waist stopping just above the crotch.

“Turn around,”Anna ordered as she waved the gun to motion for the girl to turn.

“Nice ass!,” Anna hissed as she walked forward and ran her free hand over the fleshly mounds of the girls rear.  “Now bend over!” she ordered.

“Please...stop!” the girl wept shamefully before feeling a stinging slap across her bare ass from Anna's hand as she slowly bent over, exposing her pussy and asshole to her attacker.  Her legs shivered as she felt Anna spread her butt cheeks and run her thumb along the puckered nub, then slip a finger along the lips of her vagina and began rubbing them both sensually.

The girl gasped as she felt Anna slip a finger inside her and began finger fucking her.  “Stop!!”  “Please stop,” She sobbed.

“Stop?  But you are getting so wet down there.  I think you are liking it,” Anna quipped.

“Nooooo!! Please stop!” the girl whined.

“You cum real nice and hard for me and I will think about letting you go,”Anna replied as she rammed her finger in and out of the girl's cunt feverishly, all the while running her thumb over the girls asshole. She listened to the labored moans of her victim and felt the hot juices soaking her finger, and knew she would be cumming soon.  The girls legs trembled and she wailed as the powerful orgasm racked her body.  Her face flushed crimson with shame as the hot tears flowed down her cheeks unstopped.

Anna slipped her finger slowly out of the girl's drenched pussy and put it in against her lips, tasting the savory juices.  Anna gave the girl's bare ass a firm slap and told her to stand back up.   She ordered the girl to turn and face her.  Pointing the gun at her, she pointed to the distant path that was the long way out of the area and ordered her to start walking.

“Please give me my clothes. I can't walk out of here naked like this,” The girl sobbed.

“You can and will,”  Anna barked.  Now start walking!”

Anna watched the girl's shapely ass move seductively as she slowly walked away, sobbing and trying to cover her nakedness with her hands.  It would be hours before she could find a way home and by then she would be too humiliated call the authorities.   Anna looked at her watch.  It was still early.  She had time to catch another victim and she returned to her lair and lay in wait.

"There ain't nothing like regret to remind you you're alive" The Difficult Kind Sheryl Crow
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