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Author Topic: Turned out by Mark  (Read 4604 times)
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« on: April 26, 2016, 12:45:48 PM »

 I spent a little time in the county jail for weed possesion. Thats where I met Mark. I stand about 5'6" and weigh around 130 pounds and Mark took a liking to me and looked out for me which was a good thing because he was about 6'4 and 270lbs.When I got out I gave him my number and told him to look me up when he got out.                     About a month later I was at the crib and Mark calls me and says he's out and wants to stop bye. So about 30 min. laterI answer a knock and its Mark.I welcome him in with a hug. and he clasps my waste and  buried his head In my neck as he bear hugs me and walks inside I could  smell the Liquor on him. He started to kiss and lick my neck and as I resisted He grabbed my face and told me "Do you know how many times I saved your ass Literally!! when we were locked up? Hell I Almost MADE! you suck my Dick too a few times!!"                                                                                           IRelaxed and he brought me into his massivearms pressed me reluctanly to him and continued kissing and sucking on my neck but now he was kissing my cheeks and lips too.His huge Bear mitt hands held tight to  my lower back as he grinded against me.   "You Need to pay me Back. You kno what'm say'n?"          He took me by the back of the neck and led me to the couch. He told me to take off my pants as he turned out the Kitchen and Livingroom lights leaving only the TV. When he came back to the couch he pulled down his underwear and pushed me back on the sofa. The couch creaked as he leaned his massive frame down onto it. My Heart was beating So fast I thought I might pass out as he used his thighs to spread my legs around his giant waist. He was serious business as he quickly grabbed me by my thighs and pulled me into full missionary  posistion  . He reached down and put my hand on his rock hard thing "Stroke  it" he told me. So I grabbed hold of it and began to rub it up and down as Mark slowly pulsed his hips back and forth posistioning his hard  ( 9" )  dong dangerously close to my anus "You Ready?" Mark Whispered Breathlessly.                     "Mark, I don't want this to happen man" I pleaded. "Okay man I'll give you a bj Cause I owe you but Not this man . Come On! "                                           "Don't worry" man We gonna do This and it ai'nt even gonna take me that long."          "Mark Please...no" I whimpered.                    But Mark Only Moaned something incoherently as he leaned in and French kissed me. Forcing his toungue into my mouth as he became rigid and heavy on me.   He breathed his whiskey stained breath into my mouth as he reached down and danced the head of his dick around and around on my asshole for a few moments only before he Rose up and placed one meaty paw on my shouler,grabbed his meat with the other and leaned his massive frame Forward and Into me.   It did'nt hurt as bad as I thought it would as he Thrust again and again  heavily on top of my tiny frame   He collapsed on top of me and grabbed my shoulders and my face was buried in his hairy chest as he pounded my ass with slow deep strokes  Ass he began to kiss my ear i felt him grab ahold of my body tighter than ever and then I felt it Hot and wet dripping down my ass cheek and leg.  He had came in me like I was some little slut.  He got up, put on his clothes ,told me he'd call me and left.
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