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Author Topic: Reverse Conversion Therapy  (Read 3214 times)
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« on: March 14, 2016, 04:25:35 AM »

((This story is for entertainment only, contains adult subject matter, must be at least 18 years old to read))

Most of the time I did this for money, but  this time...  This time it was for pleasure.  His grandmother was my boss' client; a bigoted rich woman, the kind that give birth to terms like "white privilege".  She dotted on her grandson, Troy,  he was everything she wanted him to be: athletic, gorgeous, built, blonde hair and blue eyes.  I began to research the boy, I liked what I saw.  He was just barely 18 and sculpted like a greek god, I could see he'd been working out for years.  He was enrolled in every sport he could possibly do in high school and before that as well.  He even did gymnastics and martial arts outside of school, everything he could to keep his body in peak physical condition.  He could have been a fitness model, but he wanted to be a marine.  His family enforced a lot of patriotic values into the boy, but not many other ideas. Joining the marines was a good idea, Troy wasn't very bright.  One of the only ways he could be useful, at least in the family's eyes.  It also meant he was just perfect for what I wanted to do to him.  It might even teach that old woman a valuable lesson.

I spent time learning his schedule, it wasn't hard.  He worked part-time at a gas station, he had few expenses beyond food, gym membership and travel.  He was enlisting soon and that would give me the perfect chance to snatch him up.  I began to work out at his gym, kinda working my way into the background.  I knew he went late into the night on weekends, his focus on his body left him little time for girls.  There were girls, he showed off at the gym for them.  But the sauna in the bathroom was his alone time from them.  He didn't mind the other men, most of the time they didn't talk.  But on Saturday nights, it was empty and Troy had the place to himself.  He laid on the wooden bench, a small towel draped over his face and a larger one over his waist.  He was deeply breathing the steamy air, his body glistening with sweat.  Sometimes, you just gotta do something for yourself.  I just had to drop the towel of chloroform onto his face, Troy did the rest himself.  He was out like a light and ready to be moved.


I am an anesthesiologist by trade, but it's just a means to an end.  I have been slowly perfecting my techniques of conditioning through applied anesthetics, a sort of better living through chemistry.  Usually I get paid very well to change someone's mind against their will, but Troy is special.  I injected him with a paralytic before we got to our secluded, new home.  I had rented the place to work in privacy.  The paralytic made sure he could feel what was going on, but can't do anything about it.  I laid him in the tub and began to wax every inch of his body.  I made sure his young, strong body was absolutely hairless.  I turned on the water and began to wash him carefully.  Each touch was made intimate, paying special attention to his erogenous zones.  I felt every crevice, every contour, I couldn't help myself as I took a few licks of himself.  After I dried him off, I began to lotion his body.  I wanted him to stay lovely as we worked.  I made sure to knead his balls and massage the lotion onto his shaft.  He may be paralyzed, but he was still feeling it.  His eyes rolled into the back of his head, involuntary spasms made some of his muscles twitch despite the meds.  Without control of his body, he was having a hard time fighting the arousal.  I whispered into his ear, "Don't worry, only a man knows how to make you feel good.  You'll understand soon enough..."  as I jerked him off and made him watch his cum slide down the drain as I got his room prepared.


I started the day by hitting him with a hypnotic tranquilizer, it kept him docile and compliant as we started our first lesson.  I traced a finger over his thigh, the muscle flexed.  He certainly wasn't afraid of working out his legs, they were thick and powerful, each one rising up to meet into the most perfect ass I've ever seen.  It was round, firm, a fantastic bubble of warm muscle and unblemished flesh.  He whimpered a bit as I cupped his buttocks, I grinned.  Troy protested, his hands feebly fumble at me as climb between his legs "I know you want some more of this."  as I dragged a finger across the length of his shaft.  It sprung to attention.  Troy flinched and looked away.  I lifted his semi-yielding ass up off the bed and pressed my member against his anus "This is your first time, isn't it?  Trust me, it won't be your last"  as I shoved my dick further into his ass, bareback and no lube.  His toes curl as he cried out.  I taunted the wannabe soldier's manhood as I fucked him.  I licked my lips as I looked down at his prone body, muscles flexing as they fight the pain.  I rubbed Troy's body slowly as I enjoyed violating his virgin asshole.  The hypnotics tore down his resistances, he had a blush to his cheeks and a mix of betrayal and arousal in his glassy eyes as I grin, reached down and wrapped my fingers around his dick.  I took his face with my other hand and forced his mouth open and fear bled into his eyes as I jerked him off and shot his load down his throat.  I finished myself off and casually threw him onto the bed.  As he curled up into the fetal position, I took a few pictures.  We did this off and on all day.  Sometimes I sucked him off or just jerked him off, but I worked hard to learn his magnificent body.  At the end of the day, I didn't need the paralytics, I just dragged his shell-shocked self into the bathroom as I bathed him, intimately.  He mumbled incoherently to himself as we sat in the tub together.  He was worn out, mentally and physically, he was violated and defeated.  I whispered discouraging thoughts in pleasant tones as I lotioned his body, telling him how if he really didn't want it, he wouldn't have came or if he wasn't a pussy, he would have fought me off.  He drowsily tried to complain about being drugged, but then I kissed him and gave him a wink as I jerked him off to sleep...

The next few days were the fun and often necessary ones.  I fucked him, jerked him off, sucked him off every chance I got.  I filmed it all.  I used the hypnotics, the paralytics, narcotics and even hallucinogens as I fucked and kept him clean.  I took Troy in every position I could get him in, used toys and vibrators.  I would even feed him viagra occasionally, a four hour erection was always fun to deal with.  I would play back the films for him as we rested.  I'd critique his performances, pointing out the times I learned when to play him like a fiddle or when he broke a bit under the constant ravaging.  I made fun of the way he cried when he came too hard, caressing his body with each insult.  Sometimes I would just jerk him off to the videos and make him tell me what he liked the best.  He loved it when I would take the plastic wrap and bind his arms across his chest and jerk him off, he struggled so much but he got so hard so fast when that video came up, I fucked him as we played the video on repeat.

Troy was starting to get used to the idea of being a gay fuck boy.  It was taking less drugs to make him pliable and even began to find comfort in our intimate grooming sessions.  I kept him in check with rough sex, the cock ring also made an excellent leash for the boy.  He would look so forlorn as I put it on him, he looked so beautiful in his defeat.  Sometimes he would try to fight it, but he couldn't stand up against me very well.  He feared my retribution, he lost every fight.  I always gave him enough hope to fight back, it made it so much more satisfying as I shoved my finger up his ass, massaged his prostate and watched him get a hard-on and locking that cock ring into place.  All against his will, but loving it all the same.

He had such a beautiful cock.  It was thick and stood straight up, the kind that keeps over his pant waist if he's not careful.  I forced him to lay down as I played with it.  I gave it a little lick and he flinched.  It gave me an idea as I climbed on top of him and eased myself onto his cock.  He winced as he got harder, I could feel him getting even bigger.  I fucked himself on top of him and it was amazing.  I had complete control as I had him inside of me.  He tried to avoid my gaze, but I grabbed his hair and force him to look into my eyes.  I carried us higher and higher, each one looking into each others eye's.  I dominated him, even as he was inside of me, I dominated him.  He came hard, his eyes filled with shame and tears of betrayal.  I was grinning down at him.  Troy wept.  He was broken, a shattered and tattered remains of a boy who wanted to be a warrior.  Troy understood that person was dead now.  He was not strong, not enough to overcome me.  Now the real fun began.


Troy was still not allowed to leave the house, but he was allowed to move about.  Troy was not allowed to wear anything other than his exercise gear, and he could only shower under supervision...  Which meant that I showered with him and we would clean each other.  I would give him enemas when I was displeased, which was when he wouldn't submit to my advances right away.  I made sure he kept his workout schedule again, fucking him occasionally in the middle of his work out.  I made sure to sully every aspect of his last love.  We even started going on field trips to the sauna I originally kidnapped him from and fucking him in there, on the very spot I snatch him from.  He doesn't fight, just tears as he comes.  Or the look of shame as I covertly jerk him off on the gym floor as he practices on the machines.  We always went in the middle of the night, when the gym was empty and the attendant was easy to pay off.  I was bouncing him on my dick in the sauna, one night, as he collapsed from shame and pleasure that he reached back and stroked my cheek.  I grinned and punched him in his side and fucked him like a bitch.  It was timed to escalate.

I mixed up a cocktail and shot it into his vein.  He whimpered as he felt his muscles loosen and his cock harden.  "Don't worry kiddo, you've almost understood what I've been trying to tell you."  as I stroked his dick, he inhaled sharply and pleaded for me to tell him what's going on.  I pulled him off the bed by his dick and lead him to the door.  "If you have any compassion..."  as I opened the door and revealed a couple of naked boys, still in high school.  Troy remembered them, they went to school together.  They played sports together, he knew their families.  And they were so delicious.  Slender, supple, fit, they could have been popular with the girls... or some of the boys.  "You'll have first crack at these boys instead of me, you know how it is when I'm your first time."  Troy was shattered again, fuck these boys himself or let me do it.  He looked at them, they were coming out of the drug haze and coming to.  Troy could feel the concoction I gave him taking a hold.  The boys were athletic but not as dedicated as him, erections giving their dicks their best displays.  He was stronger than them, but more importantly, he wanted them.  He could feel saliva build in his mouth as he watch the two boys stir awake.  He looked at me and then frowned as he stepped into the room.

The two boys didn't know what hit them as Troy descended on them and began to suck on one's cock and jerk off the other.  They were confused at first and relented before they realized it wasn't a filthy and twisted dream.  Troy was ravenous as he scooped them both into his strong arms and fucked each boy in turn.  They scratched and tried to scramble from him, but Troy was too fast, too strong.  He ass-fucked one and sucked off the other and then would switch.  I couldn't let him have all the fun so I joined in.  We forced the two boys into 69 as we raped their asses.  We made them drink all of the cum as we jerked them off and fingered their asses.  Troy and I raped and forced intimacy on these formative boys.  I coked them up to their eyeballs and we dumped the boys naked, by their car in the school parking lot.  Troy returned with me.  He wrote home about how he backed out before he finalized his enlistment and can no longer be part of a bigoted family.  He came out as gay to them and broke his grandmother's heart.  Not only did I get that bitch, but I got the best fuck boy around out of it too...
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