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Author Topic: Amber's Defilement (f/d rape incest, fucking)  (Read 5957 times)

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« on: March 12, 2016, 08:48:23 PM »

Amber's Defilement

F/d Incest, Rape, HARD fucking

Fourteen year old Amber gets raped by her Dad and ends up cumming all over his huge cock.

Fourteen year old Amber wasn't expecting anything big to happen when she walked downstairs to the basement recreation room to ask her Dad if she could go out late tonight with some friends.  It was a hot, summer Saturday night and Amber was bored stiff and wanted to go out and have some fun.

Since it was so warm, Amber really wasn't wearing much at all as she walked down the carpeted stairs on her bare feet. Her Dad never kept the house cool enough so she had to wear her skimpiest clothing to try to stay cool.  Tonight she wore only her very thin bright pink elastic halter top and shorts so brief they showed the bottoms of her ass cheeks in the back.  It was the kind of clothing that any man would notice on a female as the slender fourteen year old went down the stairs and entered into the semi-darkened recreation room.

Amber blushed uncontrollably when she saw her Dad was watching porno on his big screen TV.  Her dark brown eyes were immediately drawn to the scene of a man and a woman very passionately mating, with the woman bent over a table of some kind and the man brutally taking her from behind.

For reasons Amber couldn't explain, a feeling of arousal came over her that made her shiver as she heard the loud moaning of the woman and the loud grunting of the man. It shocked her to see her Daddy watching a hardcore porn movie but it also kind of excited her.

Looking at her Dad, she saw he was shirtless as he laid sprawled back on the big black wrap around couch. Amber saw her Dad's big muscles and the arousal she felt from seeing and hearing the loud porn movie grew stronger. Confused and anxious because of the unusual arousal she felt growing inside of her pussy, Amber decided it would be best if she quickly interrupted her Dad's porn movie to ask him for permission to go out before running back upstairs to quickly masturbate.

Like most teenage girls her age, Amber masturbated frequently, whenever she got the chance.  Her hormones were at their peak and the summer heat seemed to make her aroused all the time. It didn't take much to push Amber's arousal up to a dangerous point as the hard fucking on the big screen was loud in her ears.  She wanted to masturbate now, but she had to wait until she was back upstairs.

Amber knew her Daddy was drunk just from looking at him.  He was an alcoholic and there were empty beer cans on the floor around him and a large half-empty bottle of liquor on the coffee table in front of him.

Amber wasn't a very smart girl and she was pretty uninhibited around her Dad. She didn't think anything about the possible consequences of interrupting her big drunk, horny Dad in the middle of his hardcore porn movie.  She'd been taught that she had to ask permission whenever she went out, so she thought she had to interrupt and ask him if she wanted to go have fun with her friends.

Speaking loudly to get his attention, Amber said "DADDY!"  She had to say it several times, each time louder than before, before he finally took his eyes off the big screen TV and turned to face her.


John Taylor had been really into  hardcore fuck flick when his daughter got his attention. Inside his pants, his cock was hugely erect and he had just been waiting until his sexual arousal reached its peak before pulling out his big hard cock and masturbating. 

Masturbation was the way John handled his arousal since his wife died a little over two years ago.  He hadn't had real sex since then, so hardcore porn and masturbation were his only sexual outlet now.

He was watching a rape scene because rape is what got John off the most. Taking someone by force against their will was very hot to John.  It was the wrongness and the forbidden nature of it that made it so hot to him.  But what John liked the best is where the woman responded to the rape and submitted to her defiler, getting off with the man as he raped her.  That was his number one sexual fantasy. John's obsession with rape seemed harmless, but sometimes fantasy finds its way into becoming reality in ways we least expect.

He'd drank four large glasses of whiskey that night, more than he had drank at one time before. He was feeling it really strong when his daughter's voice suddenly got his attention and he turned to look at her.

It surprised John to see Amber down here so late at night, when he was watching a man rape a woman bent over a coffee table in the nasty scene on the screen.  His drunken eyes immediately took in the sight of his teenage daughter's slender tanned body. 

John liked it that his daughter dressed so skimpily inside the house where they were the only two living together with each other.John saw that his daughter was dressed in practically nothing, as she did all the time now since he was keeping the house a lot warmer than usual.  His electric bills had been going through the roof and he'd enacted the rule that the temperature could not be set below eighty three.

Amber had not been happy about this and in response she had started wearing her skimpiest clothing inside the house trying to stay cool. His daughter wasn't shy or inhibited around him and she wore as little clothes as she could without being naked. John saw that tonight Amber was dressed in practically nothing as she stood in front of the couch looking down at him.

Her shorts were so tiny and tight John could see Amber's camel toe and the bright pink halter top was so tight across her small breasts that he could see Amber's stiff little nipples poking up through the thin fabric.  His little girl was almost naked as she stood beside the sofa timidly facing her Daddy.

Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but his daughter looked better to him in that moment than she ever had before. For the first time John noticed Amber in a sexual way as his drunken eyes took in all the tanned, bare skin she was showing him.

He saw she was blushing as her eyes kept looking over at the porn movie before returning to him to acknowledge her presence and turn off or turn down the loud porn movie so she could talk to him.

John turned the porn movie down but kept it loud enough so the moans and groans and grunts from the sweaty couple on the TV screen could still be heard as he waited to hear what his daughter had to say.

"I'm going out with Jazmine and Mellony tonight.  I promise I'll be back before morning. I won't stay out all night" John heard his daughter say but he didn't understand what she said.  He wasn't listening to her as his eyes stared at her fourteen year old body.

He'd never had a sexual thought about his daughter before that night, but suddenly a very strong urge to fuck his daughter  came over him. All the alcohol and unsatisfied lust and the sight of his daughter's nearly naked tanned body, along with the sights and sounds of the rape video all came together in a way that John hadn't expected and was totally unprepared for that hot, humid summer night.

John knew he should resist these thoughts and feelings he suddenly had about his daughter, but he chose to do the opposite in his drunk and horny state.  He gave the incestuous thoughts free reign inside of his brain.  The alcohol had reduced his normal inhibitions to a fraction of what they were normally.

And that's when John Taylor's thoughts about his daughter suddenly changed.  The rape videos he'd watched for years and all the alcohol combined with the incestuous thoughts he was having about his daughter's body resulted in the sudden, inexplicable urge to rape his daughter right now, when he was in the mood to do it.  It was a spur of the moment feeling, totally unexpected and unplanned, but John gave into it fully.  It felt so right and so natural for this to happen that he could not help himself.

Calling his daughter over to him. John watched as she hesitantly and reluctantly moved closer to where he sat shirtless and erect on the leather sofa.  For some reason she was being all shy with him now and didn't want to come to him, almost as if she somehow already knew what he planned to do.

After a lot of coaxing, she finally got close enough to him. Suddenly John was up off the sofa and in less than a minute he was down on the floor in front of the TV with his daughter wrapped very tightly in his arms.

"DADDY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" Amber said in surprise and shock, stiffening in protest at the feeling of her Dad's arms wrapped tightly around her, holding her in an uncomfortably intimate embrace.

What was he doing??  Amber really didn't have a clue what was happening at first as she felt the hardness of her Dad's muscular body pressing against hers as they lay together on the floor.

Amber didn't like this level of closeness with her own Dad, in fact it repulsed her.  Being held this way was too close to incest in her innocent, young fourteen year old mind and she rejected it as wrong and unnatural.  She wanted nothing to do with her Dad sexually.  She wanted him to let her go.

"What's the matter, don't you love your Daddy?" she heard her Dad's slurred words hot in her ear and she could smell the strong alcohol on his breath.

"Daddy, you're drunk!  Let me go!!" Amber started to protest, beginning to struggle in her Dad's strong arms.  She really didn't like what her Dad was doing right now.  It was making Amber very uncomfortable and anxious.  Her desire to be let go became stronger and her struggling increased.Her Dad was real strong and he held her so Amber couldn't escape and she suddenly stopped, seeing it was futile. And then Amber got the shock of her life when her Dad started grinding his big, hard hot body against hers and she heard him say into her ear "I think you look so fucking hot right now!"

Amber's heart skipped a beat as she suddenly realized her own Dad was coming on to her. Ironically, she'd heard of this happening before to some girls at school.  More than once she'd heard stories of girls getting raped by their own Dad's. She'd never dreamed in a million years that her own Dad might be one of those perverted fathers.

"Fuck off, Daddy!!" Amber said angrily as she began to struggle again even harder than before, but once more her Dad was too strong for her and he held her as he ground against her.

And then Amber felt it pushing against her and she immediately knew it was her Dad's hard cock. He's fully erect!! her young mind screamed in shock.  He wants to fuck me!! 

"NO, Daddy, STOP!!"  Amber said loudly, suddenly in a panic and not wanting this to go any further than it had already gone.

Instead of stopping, her Dad increased the tempo of his thrusting against her back side, and Amber could feel his hard cock grinding against her pussy through their clothes.

Suddenly alarmed and angry, Amber said "LET GO OF ME, YOU FUCKING PERVERT!!" and began to struggle a lot harder against her Dad's arms.

And that's when everything changed and her Dad got up and slapped her in the face so hard she saw stars. Dazed and stunned at the hard, unexpected slap, Amber was unprepared as her Dad began to forcibly undress her.

It happened so fast that she couldn't stop him as his rough fingers unsnapped and unzipped her jeans shorts, and then shorts and panties together were yanked down her long legs and ripped off over her bare feet.  Her halter top was ripped off next, leaving Traci's fourteen year old trembling naked body completely exposed to the lusting eyes of her drunken daddy.

Her father grabbed her up off the floor and the next thing Amber knew she was face down over the edge of the coffee table and her Dad was on top of her holding her down.

"DON'T MOVE!" she heard her Dad say into her ear in a voice she'd never heard him use with her before. Terrified over what was happening, all Amber could think about was what her Dad was going to do to her.

"I'm going to let go of you for a second, but if you try to get up you're going to get hurt bad.  Understand?" Trembling in fright, Amber nodded  and then her Dad suddenly stood up. Afraid to get up because of what her Dad said, she looked back at him and a loud gasp suddenly came from her red lips. Her Dad was taking off his shoes and pants, getting naked, just like her.  They were going to be naked together!!

The thought of being together with her own father completely naked made Amber feel nauseous.  She didn't want to be down here with him, naked together in the darkened room. It felt very wrong and very unnatural to Amber as she saw her Daddy's huge erection for the first time.

Amber observed the very solid looking eight inch cock hanging stiffly down between her Dad's hairy thighs. Suddenly terrified, Amber thought seriously about making a run for the staircase despite her Dad's stern warning of what would happen if she tried to get away.  Amber thought it was her duty to try to get away from her Dad so he couldn't fuck her, so she tried to get up off the coffee table but before she had a chance to even stand up her Dad had her bent back down over the edge of the table and this time Amber could feel he was completely naked.

And then Amber felt it against her inner thigh, the hot, hard cock of her own Dad.  He had her legs spread wide apart, holding them open with his own, which fully exposed Amber's fourteen year old vagina.

Amber could feel her father's cock was mere inches away from her trembling vaginal lips and she cried out suddenly "You can't!!!  I'm your daughter!!!" stiffening in her Dad's arms as she felt his cock head sliding hotly over her skin up to the lightly hair covered lips between her thighs.

"DON'T TOUCH ME, DADDY!!! DON'T TOUCH ME!!!"Amber screamed, suddenly struggling wildly. Her struggles did not stop her Dad, and Amber felt her Dad's hot cock head suddenly pressing up against her pussy slit.

The incestuous sexual contact with her own father shocked her and shamed her and filled her with fear and disgust that their genitals were pressed so tightly together.  Amber knew this wasn't supposed to be happening between a father and a daughter.  What her Dad was doing was doing was wrong and unnatural and illegal.  Her Dad could get in bad trouble for this!

Amber's young, fourteen year old mind reeled in shock at the thought of having sex with her own Dad. Her heart starting to race, her body broke out in a sudden sweat as panic and fear and revulsion shot through her completely naked body.

But among the negative emotions she felt, another emotion, a very unexpected one, chose this time to make its presence known: lust. Amber had never had sex before but she'd been wanting to.  One of her friends had given her a dildo and she'd been masturbating with it for months. When she masturbated with the dildo, she thought about getting fucked by the hottest boys at school.  The dildo made it hotter, but Amber still wasn't satisfied just imagining getting fucked.  She had been wanting to get fucked for real, with a real dick, and now here she was, about to get fucked by a real dick, except it was with her OWN DAD!!  It totally blew Amber's mind and made her reject what her Dad was doing inside her head while at the same time her pussy responded to what was happening as if it had a will of its own and didn't care what she thought about it.

Amber was shocked to discover that her pussy was suddenly drenched with her fluids and her clit suddenly came all the way out of its hood and swelled up to hardness as she thought about having sex with her own Dad.

A hot streak of lust suddenly flashed between her pussy and lower belly when Amber felt her Dad's cock sliding harder up and down her wet slit, pre-cum and pussy juice mingling as the two body parts slid together hotly and intimately.

Suddenly her Dad's hand was clamped down very hard over her lips, squeezing her face so hard it hurt, just before his huge cock pushed all the way up inside her. The pain was so intense Amber screamed and screamed into her Daddy's hand, her face scrunched up in a pain-filled grimace as she felt his cock head up inside of her lower stomach. Amber couldn't believe he had fully penetrated her in a single stroke.

It felt like a big, hot thick baseball bat had been shoved all the way up into her pussy, but Amber knew it was her Dad's huge penis. Her pussy was clamped down hard onto her father's cock, holding it in a tight embrace. She was shocked and surprised that her pussy knew how to handle such a huge dick.The thought of all that meat  up
inside of her shocked and shamed her. Her Dad was a very big man, and now he was all the way inside of her as deep as she could take him.

And then suddenly Amber felt her Dad's huge cock thrusting in and out of her vagina in hard, brutal strokes. 'My Dad is RAPING ME!!! Amber's mind reeled in shock and confusion at their forbidden sexual union.  It was so unnatural, so wrong in every way for this to be happening between real father and real daughter. Only people who were in love with each other should do this together. Amber felt anything but love for her father at that moment, with his hard cock thrusting hard all the way up inside of her fourteen year old pussy.  He was nasty and repulsive and disgusting!!  He was also a criminal because of what he was doing, and Amber felt a deep hatred of her father suddenly course through her.

But along with the hatred, that other emotion made itself known again, even stronger than before, and Amber suddenly felt lust of the flesh for her Dad.  It surprised and shocked her that she was feeling lust for her Dad's hairy naked body pressed so tightly against her that their skin stuck together in the hot room as they mated doggy style on top of the coffee table.

This wasn't supposed to happen! a part of her mind screamed as Amber allowed herself to experience these new feelings and sensations with her Daddy.  Suddenly she was thinking about the way her Dad had looked as she was standing in front of him trying to get his attention. He wasn't wearing a shirt and Amber liked his muscles and all the black hair on his chest and stomach.  Amber had never thought about her Dad that way before, but suddenly she was seeing her Dad in a whole new light.

Amber felt her resistance to what was happening suddenly decrease and her body that had been very rigid up to this point began to relax. Giving in to her own Dad sexually made her feel really strange inside but the sexual passion she was beginning to feel for him became stronger as flesh slid against flesh.

It was the very intimate thrusting of flesh against flesh deep inside of Amber's pussy that changed everything for her and made her an active participant in her own rape.

The amount of lust Amber felt inside of her pussy for her Dad shocked and shamed the fourteen year old girl as she suddenly began to thrust her pussy back hard against her father's sweaty pelvis.

Their hard thrusts met in the middle, with the cock in Amber's pussy suddenly going very deep and rubbing against her in all the right ways inside.

Amber felt butterflies in her stomach and her heart raced in excitement as she felt her Dad's masculine eight inch cock sliding hotly against her inner pussy flesh, sending wild nasty forbidden thrills coursing through her slender tanned body. 

Amber and her Dad were lovers now as the deep, intimate passionate fucking went on for almost ten minutes before before Amber suddenly had a very wet orgasm on her Dad's cock.  It came upon her suddenly and Amber was moaning loudly and pressing herself back against her Dad as hard as she could as the explosion of pleasure between her legs made her scream.  Amber got off hard with her Dad. It was a very messy cum, with Amber literally cumming all over her Dad's huge cock as they fucked.

"FUCK, DADDY!!" Amber screamed out as the orgasm went on and on, until it finally died down and she went limp over the edge of the coffee table.Her Dad went right on fucking as if she hadn't just come all over his huge cock fucking her pussy.

Laying over the edge of the table with her eyes closed, Amber could feel her nipples were rock hard now pressed into the wood beneath her as she felt her Dad's cock going wild inside of her pussy. Amber knew her Dad was really horny for her.  She could smell his testosterone in the hot room as they mated hotly on top of the coffee table, both of their naked bodies saturated with sweat now in the hot room.

The amount of lust Amber felt inside her pussy for her Dad changed her inside.  Amber had never been close to her Dad before tonight, but suddenly she wanted to be with him all the time so they could just fuck and fuck and fuck.

It wasn't long before Amber had a second and a third orgasm on her Dad's cock, each time moaning loudly like a bitch and demanding her Dad do it harder.

They fucked for five minutes more before Amber felt the first hard squirt of semen shoot up inside of her extremely sensitive pussy.  It was followed by three more very large squirts, Amber could feel she was drenched by the stuff, which she knew to be her Daddy's semen.

Amber couldn't believe her Dad had really fucked her and shot all his "stuff" up inside of her.

We really fucked!!  Never in a million years had Amber ever thought she would fuck her own Dad. Even though it started out as rape, at the end of it they fucked each other like lovers.

Her Dad kept his cock in her for a long time after he came as they lay together on top of the table, both of them sweaty and panting for breath after all the hard fucking, both father and daughter basking in the afterglow of very hard sex.

End of Part 1

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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2016, 11:23:56 AM »

Part 2

Amber's body was wet with sweat as she lay bent over the edge of the coffee table with her Dad's huge cock still buried as deep inside of her as it would go, leaking the last of his semen high up inside of her stomach.  Her Dad's naked body felt hot and sweaty and sticky pressed against hers as they lay together, both of them still breathing hard and not saying anything.

Afraid to move, Amber's mind was filled with confusion as she tried to understand how this had happened between her and her Dad.

She hadn't been expecting anything to happen at all when she walked downstairs and now here she was, bent naked over the coffee table and her entire pussy flooded with her Dad's warm semen.

The huge father-daughter creampie she felt up inside her belly shocked and shamed her as she thought about the possibility of her getting pregnant with her own Dad.

Amber didn't even think that she had brought the rape on herself by dressing so provocitivly in front of her Dad, sometimes even walking around naked in front of him after she just got out of the shower and felt too hot to get dressed until she cooled down. Amber didn't know each time she did that around her Dad she was planting seeds of incestuous lust deep inside of his subconcious mind that was just waiting to be triggered by something. The event that triggered it was Amber coming down to the recreation room dressed in her skimpy clothes when her Dad was wasted on Jack Daniels and beer and while he was getting off on a rape scene. Amber didn't know that her Daddy got off on rape but she had found out the hard way tonight how her Dad really felt about her.

Although Amber didn't blame herself in any way for the rape, what she did blame herself for and what bothered her very much is that she had cum with her Dad three times in a row. She felt so nasty and ashamed that she had cum all over her Dad's cock as they were fucking. Amber thought she must be a really nasty girl to do something like that with her own father.

As she was thinking these thoughts, she felt her Dad suddenly withdraw his long, hard cock from her slime-drenched pussy and pull out of her, before standing up.

Amber felt suddenly chilled as the air from the fan blew over her sweat-covered naked body and she shivered uncontrollably as she sat up and turned around to look at her Dad.  She saw him putting a new porn DVD into the slot of the video player and starting it. Amber heard him turn it up real loud. Looking up at the giant TV screen, she saw two older men double-teaming a girl in pigtails who didn't look much older than her and she blushed uncontrollably.

Amber felt confused and ashamed and nasty that her Dad was playing a hardcore porn movie right in front of her that showed people fucking. A part of her wanted to run upstairs and wash off all the sweat and semen from her Dad, but Amber didn't move.  Somewhere deep inside of her pussy, Amber wanted to know what her Dad was going to do next. 


John Taylor started the DVD entitled "Daughter likes it Double" and cranked the volume up loud before turning around to look back at his daughter. He'd never expected that he would rape his own daughter, but now that he had, Amber's reaction to it had shocked him and aroused him much stronger than he had anticipated.

Amber had moaned like a bitch the entire last half of the very hard fucking over the edge of the coffee table and she had also fucked him back!  Even though he was drunk, John was very well aware of how passionate his daughter became and how hard she fucked him back at the height of it. 

But the thing that had completely blown John's drunk, horny mind is Amber having multiple orgasms on his cock.  He had never dreamed that Amber would be nasty enough to get off with her own father and it shocked him to his core.

Seeing how much Amber had liked it, John didn't feel any remorse over what had happened.  Instead he felt raw, hard lust that he had lived out his hottest sexual fantasy with his own daughter.

As her father, John hadn't allowed himself to see it before, but Amber was a little fox!  He felt lucky that he had such a hot looking fourteen year old daughter as his drunken eyes stared down at her.

John felt raw lust of the flesh for his own daughter's body as he took in the sight of her naked tanned body gleaming with sweat in the hot, semi-darkened room.

Still very drunk and very horny, his inhibitions were very low now, in fact almost non-existant as the drunk, horny father plotted his next move.  After exclusively masturbating for so long, fucking a real pussy, even the pussy of his own daughter had felt incredibly good. His huge cock was ready for "Round 2" with his daughter's tightly clenching fourteen year old pussy.

Without saying anything to her, John walked up to Amber and grabbed her suddenly and drug her out into the middle of the carpet before forcing her down onto her back. Holding her down tightly with his strong hands, he just watched her, to see how Amber would respond.


Amber started to protest but no sound came from her red lips as her dark brown eyes stared up at her Dad's masculine, hairy naked body, quickly settling on the huge, hard erect cock sticking out from thick, curly black pubic hair. Amber blushed uncontrollably as she once more took in the sight of her Dad's heavily veined monster cock that had been forced all the way up inside of her.  The thought of all that meat being up inside of her made her feel ashamed but it also kind of excited her.

Amber saw her Daddy's cock was rock hard as he stared down her silently and despite her feelings of shame and confusion over the nasty things that had happened between them, she felt lust for her Dad.

Amber had never thought about her Dad sexually before, but suddenly it was all she could think about.

The three orgasms she'd had on her Dad's cock had felt fantastic, much better than anything she'd ever felt before when masturbating herself with the Dildo.  She had discovered that there was nothing like being fucked with a real dick. And cumming on a man's cock, even on the cock of her own father had been extremely exciting and thrilling to Amber. Despite how nasty and wrong it was to do it, Amber secretly loved cumming on her Dad's very masculine cock.

Even though she had just gotten off three times with her Dad, Amber felt an itch way deep inside of her semen-filled pussy that demanded satisfaction on this hot, humid summer night.  Masturbation would do nothing for this itch.  It could only be satisfied by hard cock.

Staring back up at her Dad's hairy naked body, Amber took in the sight of all his muscles and his black chest and stomach hairs. Despite herself, Amber liked the way her Dad's naked body looked.

Amber looked up into her Dad's eyes again and silent communication quickly passed between them right before a nasty, forbidden excitement suddenly filled her pussy.

Although she didn't understand the information that had been communicated to her from her Dad's hard stare, Amber was suddenly mysteriously filled with the strong desire to fuck her Dad again.

Amber knew it was wrong and unnatural for them to fuck, but she was beyond caring now. The itch deep inside of her horny fourteen year old pussy was calling the shots now as her young teenaged body gave in to the strong lust and horniness she was feeling between her legs.

Amber's clit and nipples quickly swelled up hard and her heart sped up as the fourteen year old girl suddenly made a decision that was to solidify her newfound sexual relationship with her father.

Amber looked up into her Dad's face and didn't see him as her Dad anymore.  He was a male and she was a female. Amber blushed uncontrollably as she stared up at her father and made her final decision. Her need for hard cock sealed her incestuous fate with her own Dad.


John could sense Amber's arousal as she lay naked on the floor held down with his strong hands.  He'd purposely just held her down without saying anything to see how his daughter would respond. Any female who'd gotten off as hard as she had would want to experience more intense orgasms like that. Although he'd had to rape her the first time, John was counting on Amber being a completely willing participant this time, in fact he was betting on it.   

He was so sure that Amber would react the way he expected, that he suddenly stopped holding her down, to see what she would do.  If he was wrong, she would get up and try to run back upstairs. If she did that, he would stop her, but John didn't think Amber was going to do this. He thought his nasty little girl would stay and try to get fucked by her Daddy again.

Watching his daughter closely, John saw her dark brown eyes looking over at the staircase, as if she was thinking about making a run for it, but she didn't move. She just stared unblinking up at him him with her dark brown "fuck me" eyes, as if she was daring him to do it.

Staring down at Amber's completely naked body, John saw Amber's dark red nipples were completely stiff and swollen now and between her thighs he saw streaks of fresh pussy juice suddenly running down the tanned skin of her inner thighs.

It was even better than he had anticipated.  Not only was his little girl staying down here with him voluntarily, she was hot for him too! The realization that Amber was suddenly ready to fuck him had John's huge cock quickly back at full erection as prepared himself to give his daughter what she wanted but in a way that would please him more than her. 


Without warning, Amber felt her Dad's hot, heavy naked body force its way on top of her and she realized they were going to fuck again. And then her Dad pressed his lips onto hers and began kissing her hard on the mouth over and over again as they lay naked down on the floor together.

Amber moaned into his mouth as he kissed her in a way that no father should ever kiss his daughter over and over and over again.  She could smell the alcohol strong on his breath as their lips pressed tightly together, her Dad's tongue trying to go inside her mouth.

'My Dad's in Love with Me!' Amber thought excitedly as she kissed him back and even let him french kiss her.

Finally her Dad pulled his mouth off of hers and she felt him kissing down the side of her neck.  Even drunk, her Daddy knew how to please a female.

"I love you, baby girl!" she heard her father's slurred words hot in her ear and Amber felt butterflies in her stomach.  She loved her Dad too, but in a way she never had before tonight.  It was a dirty, nasty kind of love, a love based entirely on incestuous sex between a real father and daughter. The unnatural love Amber felt for her Dad shouldn't exist, but it did. Amber's lust sealed her fate and made her into a sex slave for her own Dad.

Then Amber heard her Dad ask her if he could fuck her. Amber felt really strange being propositioned by her own Dad like this.  She knew she should say No.  It was wrong and dirty and illegal for them to fuck.  But the need to be sexually satisfied with a huge cock made her say "Yes!"

Once she had given her consent, her Dad didn't waste any time as he quickly repositioned his hairy naked body on top of hers. She felt his hot, strong hands suddenly raise her legs all the way up and fully exposing her vagina. Closing her eyes tightly, she felt her Dad's swollen cockhead make incestuous contact with her semen filled pussy.

"Oh Daddy..." Amber moaned loudly at the sensations of her Daddy's naked, private flesh rubbing up and down against her just before his huge cock pushed all the way back up inside of her again, so deep his cockhead was in her belly.  The first penetration had hurt like hell, but now that she'd been fucked once and her pussy was fully lubricated with her Dad's first huge load, it didn't hurt her at all.

Once more Amber's fourteen year old pussy clamped down hard onto her father's hard, masculine shaft, gripping her Dad's erection in a very tight, intimate embrace.

And then her Dad was fucking her again, but this time much harder than anything he'd done over the edge of the coffee table.  Amber gasped as she realized her Dad was violently raping her!

It hurt so bad she cried a few tears before she got used to the very rough, hard fucking she was getting from her Daddy.  Her Dad's huge cock stabbed very deeply in and out of her and it took it long time until it started to feel good to Amber.

As the deep, hard fucking went on and on, Amber felt the masculinity of her Dad's big hairy naked body on top of her and she responded to it as any female would.  A loud, very feminine sounding moan soon escaped Amber's red lips as her Dad forcibly took her pussy down on the floor of the recreation room.

The repeated sensations of her Dad's huge cock sliding and rubbing against her sensitive inner pussy flesh caused fireworks to go off inside of Amber's young teenaged brain as her pussy was fucked silly by her Dad's rock hard cock.

Her sexual arousal and lust were soon on fire and Amber lost all the rest of her sexual inhibitions with her own Dad. Without a word, she wrapped her long tanned legs very tightly around her father's waist, squeezing him tightly. Her hips raised up off the floor and began to meet his hard thrusts.

"Oh, Fuck me, Daddy!!!" Amber moaned like a bitch in heat as their sweaty, naked pelvises thrust hard against each other, sending his cock in extra deep and sending wild, nasty thrills all through her pussy. It wasn't long before Amber had another huge orgasm on her Dad's cock.

"FUCK ME, DADDY!!!  FUCK ME HARD!!" she screamed out, her voice filled with hot excitement as she got off hard with her father. Amber loved the huge orgasms she was having on her Dad's monster cock.  She wanted to have a million of them with him, making her feel this good all the time.

The extremely intense orgasm passed and Amber went limp beneath the hard pussy pounding she was on the receiving end of. This was very hard sex but Amber loved it now. She liked to be raped by her Dad.  The hard, violent sex made her orgasms much stronger.

Amber had a series of orgasms that took her breath away before she suddenly heard her Dad's grunts loud in her ear and her very well fucked fourteen year old pussy was flooded with a huge amount of her Dad's hot, slimy jizz that splattered everywhere inside of her high up inside her stomach.

"Oh, It feels SO GOOD when you cum inside me, Daddy!" Amber moaned passionately as she felt her Daddy's hot, thick "love juice" fill her entire pussy to overlowing a second time.

Her Dad cumming inside of her made Amber into his woman. All the hard fucking and the repeated heavy ejaculations inside of her pussy had changed the fourteen year old girl inside, and she was completely sexually bonded with her own Dad now, as strong as any female can be bonded to a male through sex alone.

Afterwards father and daughter lay together for a long time with cock fully enveloped in tight, fourteen year old pussy.  Amber's pussy seemed to have a mind of its own as it expertly squeezed and milked all the rest of her Dad's semen deep inside her womb.

Amber didn't realize what was happening inside of her and what was about to happen. Amber was fertile, and already there was a race between hundreds of millions of very aggressive sperm cells to see which one would get to impregnate her. Her mind totally fried by all the hard fucking and orgasms, she didn't think that nine short months later she would be giving birth to her father's son.

After awhile her father got up and said, "I'm going to bed!" and he turned and staggered up the stairs, leaving Amber alone in the recreation room to clean herself up.

The End

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Very nice.
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« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2016, 12:27:34 AM »


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Thoroughly enjoyed reading this one

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Wow I really loved this. Especially how he fucked her into submission and came inside her.  Sexual tension between dads and daughters always fascinated me.


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Well, hello.


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Wow I really loved this. Especially how he fucked her into submission and came inside her.  Sexual tension between dads and daughters always fascinated me.

Indeed.  This story hit on a few arousal triggers for me.  Incest, impregnation, rape that turns willing...

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